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Our Deepest Sigh - We Deify (The Nature Of Our Lives - The Image That Singularly


Our deepest Sigh – we deify

(The Nature of Our Lives – The Image that singularly Thrives)


© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz

Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-61-8


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “aka King of the Hill (Hiking bliss – who can match: All of this!)” 2016, and it is about reaching a peak and enjoying the view at the top, including the ardour of getting there.


Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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For those who continue indefinitely – may your memory free the singularity of your defining imagery.


This is dedicated to my friend Stuart, for his wonderfully accomplished journeys, and those yet still to come – may he always have some fun and enjoy outdoor hiking in the sun !




Our deepest Sigh – we deify

(The Nature of Our Lives – The Image that singularly Thrives)


Ever-expanding me: alive to Nature’s Harmony

Antinous – theos – heros

A bust to my true friend

for ways that part and mend

are their own godsend


My living legacy -

behold my final ecstasy


Crumble charcoal sense divine

the brittle sense of time

to simply implore: I won’t do it anymore


I wondered if you’d drip

with the fresh spray blast of it


You often came alive – the image

that I seek to thrive


The sense that I’m alive

when as a busy bee hive

I while the hours away

in deadly life

in deadly play

to let the golden stay


And an echoed sense now true

the echo that surround you


Crumble nature shrine

to capture the divine

in this, my summertime


and know in final flow

this is the love I choose to know


and yet tinkling at my feet

the magic sweeps me off to leap

much higher than before

much wider I cannot ignore

the salutary tune

that whistles a harpoon

and ensnares me in its wake:

this is the valley that we shall snake


and juddering along

I heard a happy throng

“we shall not prolong or

detain you

whatever wish now aim you

high into the sky

for you were born to fly”


the nonsensical in me

is a mighty humming bee

coming closer, I can’t flee

this moment of singular destiny

the trumpets than now sound

the cymbals that resound


an orchestra is coming

to sweep away all the loose

null-summing – all the hum-drumming

and lo, I start to see


the moment opened up to me!


Image sense divine

you move beyond time

to capture a rhythm sublime

and eat away the ardour of a yesterday


The axis revered – new life appeared

Natural light unaided


Gold dust played it back at me

The sense that I can see:

All around me

and feel my spirit flee

beyond confines and memory


Such exhilarating energy

Primary blue pushed back to

light that encircles you


However much I grew

enchantment has a hold of you


Innocence blue

however much I confound you

you affix anew

a memory true

(and the fresh air blew

haystacks through you)


The final straw

the nothingness of all

that made it all fall

and let me stand tall


in the knowledge that I am free

when the mountain beckons me


The sense to hack away

A portal now in play

That what regresses yesterday

Is merely million miles away


The portal play a role today

In what we do

And what we say

Resurrects to yesterday

When graphite image sweet array

Yields to any way


Any way, you used to talk

You used to play

Recorded snapshot say

What you wish to hear today


And yet in all the coming and going

Snapshot opportunity growing

Lives now seeding and now showing

Where the future now is flowing


The nature of our lives:

The moment that now thrives


Something new – a little more of what you knew

Oh how the energy queue

When all around your life flew

Opportunity anew


When you set out to do

Adventurer, the horn that blew


‘She left her harbour and sought to

Discover worlds anew’


The nature of our lives

The gumption that now thrives

In ever increasing bee hives


Oh lives of yesterdays

No matter what the future says

You are ready, warm

When wings of compassion born

With which the while we adorn

What we once thought so forlorn


A steady force of hand,

The tiller I now understand


A steady force of show

And as the fresh wind blow;

We have new lives to know


The nature of our lives

And all that dives for free:

A brand new source of destiny


The humming bee – deep inside me

Never stops to see

But carries on regardlessly

To the best that it can be


I had bitten off enormously

A final groove

To make the water fast and smooth


Oh lives of melody – it is the very sea

Calling out in front of me


A siren call

And false hope dashed cannot forestall


That I simply enjoyed it all

And stand tall in my realm

For I am captain at my helm!


Back away back away

What would discourage yesterday

For as the waves roll free,

I am at life’s mercy


And here I simply knew:

Joy has the power to come through

All I ever set out to


So steady turn of pen

The simplest future I now hem

For I am well again

To openly explore

What had had me in such awe


The sea sickness roar

The sense of own death’s door


When you are riding through

The portal you once knew

To discover worlds anew


And out the chimney blew

The liveliest smoke,

The thickest stew


Of memories that renew

The steamship age of you!


Searing clearing hot ash appearing

Do you ever know

Of worlds that hidden far below

Come to surface what we know


And let our hearts flow free

With a trillion memory


Steamship of our lives

Oh how the engine thrives


We’ve come to be alive

And all sense lost of desperation

A life in open fascination


A figure at the helm

Sailing into a new realm


Oh figure stand and fall

With the greatness of it all


A life in full grown pelt

Where waters now the ice can melt


And crash as to a river

Fascination life source giver


A quiver now my bow

I got my dreams on (full) tow


A quiver in my midst

The luckiest I can not miss


For I now steam and hiss

Full seasons cause in this


After years of preparation

The voyage now of exploration


Life and love divine sensation

Here my journey’s (own) creation


To sail the seven seas

And know exotic memories


Await for my return

When in moments solitude

That will now forever burn

(Delighted) at what I chose to learn


A simple moment true

All worlds glisten anew

With what the voyager set out to do


“Come openly explore!”

The chimney funnel roar


The sail of exhilaration

A simple source of joy sensation


And I am left to see

“Out to sea! Out to sea!”

The waves that lap magically


Enraptured enthralled how I can see

This moment now so perfectly

Captures what was meant to be


And the roll of the sea

Rejoiced in echoed harmony


Symphonic mastery

A ship that sailed to sea

On a wave of harmonic poetry


The allegory beneath me


Took great steps to sea

An open harmony


Embers change of life

Embers dying out of strife

Embers laid to rest

When source adventure I possess


Symphonic allegory

The tide that turned against me

And brought me further in

The shoreline I now win

When yesterday a dying hymn

Of what cause the future bring


The nature of our lives

The thoughts of sacrifice

To a higher cause

The sense that now ignores

What once the future roars


And steady on my brow

The confidence somehow

To simply ignore

What once had tugged

And sought implore


Why go there

Where once before

It had lead to barren door?


Barren door and cause of grief

Why would I now leaf

Your joy-thief reef

Of dying creed

You are not in need

If you yourself deceive


And in amongst the bones

The grappled energy intones

“You are not as before -

Stronger now for sure

To simply know to say

‘Enough for today’”


You had closed in

On all that once thought to win

And punctured resignation

Turned golden proclamation

No more was there to say:


We’ll do that later, one day


Here and now you see

The adventure is free

To move forward indefinitely


The nature of our lives

The new that always thrives

Good reasons energise

The wisdom of what lies

Beneath our eyes

And bids our heart tries


I rummaged from the past

the final sense to last

that would not bid away

what I had promised for my yesterday


It was here to stay until I bid in open array

to bid life live another day


Another day, so many thoughts I had to say

but the tones of melodic owns a different sense

for me to leave my own heresy

and deny my own truth is not forsooth

for here I know and here I say

I shall live my way open to today

and open to today, the flow shall have me anyway

and rush me fresh and new

to other work to do


other work to do …

why define what we knew

with life coming through?


and steadily she shows

how the ripple current grows

the steps in-between

a sway forth now serene

when so much has been

why would the last season be

other than green


other than green

farewell my summer queen

you danced so serene

and light on your feet

drove you to depths complete

in ecstasy and movement harmony

echoing simplistically

I cannot see nor truly tell

for I am bound by another spell

the seasons have me in their wake

the slow that undulate

and cause me to shake


shake shake away

the last droplets of yesterday

for all now in play

when would I wish to harbour

or say


the echoed memory

the final moment flee

what reverberates naturally

that I now take my leave

on the stage I now reprieve

all seasons sought in solitude

for the fresh air I exude

can no longer exclude

human companion food

for the soul

we need our lives lived whole

in each other’s company

the waltzing demands an energy

we can best repair

holding each other

gently there


mid-air assumption

walking life function

echoed of a memory past

here my home at last

open to purview

open simply to

live life anew


and the cymbals flew

with the joyous voices that called you out

from the deep

the fresh air that seep and tide away

whatever I say

is echoing around

I no longer hear my own sound

in the echo of the voices

so many choices

so many simple ways

so many energies,

and all that sways

encapsulates musicality

life’s true actuality

is in the sway of each beat

pitter patter on our feet

we are moving forward

finer now a thing to hear the choir

and rejoice at everything


the pounding of the beat

the rhythm swift and neat

is unbeknown to me

and yet captures me quite easily


the voices beckon clear and free

be where you can see

music tree as glistening reality


the sluggishness in my head

thought my heart was fully dead

but in the moment I could see

my spirit laughed free

open at enormity


and as I listened next to

the sounds of music coming through

I could not predict where next the passage

would depict

I thought an eclipse would be a final part

of mystery

but in my very veins

the echo holds my heart’s reins

and it is music coming through

Jollity I welcome you!


By Jupiter, I know

the gods are mixed in all the flow

and every passage sow

a seed of understanding

a simple sense of countermanding

and in the twilight zone of what I think

and what I own

I am no longer home

in where I used to dwell

I am part of living spell

and see the seasons come to wake

all of life I now shake free

Come embrace new destiny


and the piano played such sombre keys

accurate moments touch the breeze

and in a seize of what I do

I no longer ‘chunter’ like I used to


the discipline is in the beat

not too hurried not too fleet

not too laggardly I go

for I have entered music flow

(and it fills my heart so)

a simple rest to grow

a simple space to know

the echo


and quickly it soothed away

what had been in former play

and whisked in the air

the lightest atmosphere

it rejoined me to know

here and now ‘enter flow’


but I could barely keep up though

every beat had its own echo

but not every sound could rebound

further out to sea


further out to sea

the echo used to call me

but now I am grounded

in the womb of summer’s passing tune

and it is joyful in its flow

it is the apex that I know


and whether one relates to another

I no longer seek to discover

for in this moment clear and bright

the beat to all ignite

a simple sprite of water

dropping down below

the rhythm and the beat

a pull to worlds that flow

and steadily I know

the rhythm carries on

the restlessness in every song

is to carry on and harbour

in each day the nature of what

our lives now say


echo speciality

echo sense that meant for me

a final shake of the tree

when love cascaded to me

I barely knew what torrents I had come through


the rapids in my heart had shaken such a quick-start

and now just standing there

the movement is the voice I share

that in the echoed tribulation

it is the sound of creation

that will always reverberate through

all we each shall do

when we learn anew

how the echo flew


universal call

we are oft so very small

but then stand in awe

of what life is really for


and in the corner of my dwelling

the simple truth I am now telling

we are vessels most divine

alive in summer time

when we hear the winds that chime

with our hearts’ sublime

feasted on a different rhyme

that lets us know

the good earth below

is vibrating merrily

to what it is we now can see

oh good moment well and true

when nature turned to worship you


pastoral scenes and tones

and a strength that slowly hone

a different memory zone

why would you ever be a stranger to me

further than you see

the valley resounds magnificently

and all around I see

pastoral magnificently


I paint a picture and a scene

true moments lost or never-been

and yet in amongst it all

why should I shake

why should I fall

now absolved into it all


the deepest tone

such melodic treasure

hone away

the zone is now in open play


and the music reaches depths

I cannot say

for here and now

my life reverberates

in easy movements

and steps and the traffic


as I envelop in a pastoral


the truth I have seen


arise a monumental Queen

of each moment serene

in a heart of green


I cannot begin to describe

the harmonic that derive and drive

swiftly to the trumpeting voice

I knew for

last roses I recall for you


here I brandish all in all


the sonorous song – strong

carried me along

in a march of triumphant pace

there was no haste or waste

of action, a moment

held in its own attraction


processional I recall

the dignity that shall hold stall

with every heart beat and footfall

- the echoing hall (where you stand tall)


and kept each to its time

disciplined and clear

the sublime voice I hear

in each echo (joyously) appear


I hardly know what to do

except to keep through

the music pulse

to words now lost

that once I knew


I bid you to

forget what you once knew

and in a swirl of energy

no more labels fell for free


the music grew

so much louder than you


and in the intervention

a voice in swift ascension

started to raise and sing

an elaborate faster sort of thing

an echoing free

suspended truth reality


and in the flowing tone

the music and the voice

intermingled as by choice


and so the echo knew

it had completely absorbed you


and in each note held strong

it reverberated life as to prolong

the strength of every show

the depth of flow carried on

beyond what I know

or could easily define


a simple passenger

a (holy) breadth of time


and slowly beating heart

there was not much left to start

but the music trickled through

and filled my senses anew

and the penetrating harmony

could at once see

the resonance that surround me


harmonic energy drops ecstatically

in deepest harmony

and the echo could see


music in its own time

is a sense too divine

to ever conjure with simple rhyme


and basic as I am to understand

I paint with sweeping hand

the joyous lay of the land!


and see, the mesmeric

accomplish me


music tree ~

a final destiny

to live life’s harmony


and jarred by many former tones

I entered bolero zones


an enchantment of sorts

the music cavorts


to its own rhythm and own time

and echoes simply through

that carries on its march

(whatever I do!)


seduced I thought to say

but the sway is much stronger

and tugs anyway


the heart strings that play

in a special way


and in brush strokes of expression

I have no words of ascension


I simply play along

there is no right or wrong

but as the beat is strong


and the music becomes a power zone

and lets me own a piece of me

humming free


simply energy

and joyfully I see


the marching’s for me

back to former destiny


of never quite knowing

never quite showing

always ever growing

and blowing clean away

what I held on to tight

in my yesterday


and as the music plays

I am the beat that sways

with all our yesterdays


there is a rhythm and joyful rhyme

(to catch us out each time!)


and as my soul as pan pipes soar

I have an altitude I cannot ignore

the roar beneath my feet

the sense the mountain speak

when its depths I have climbed

and reached the top of its terrain

I sink to good earth again

and reclaim the sea

is vast and beneath me


soul of breathless energy

soul of once such memory

soul of my desire

it is the music that catch fire


and puts into words

the swiftness occurs

so free


for finally…

I have reached my great terrain

and I am mountaineer once again


and on each grassy fell and slope

the fresh breeze spoke:


oh such moment simply see

the end of memory

when sunken to the ground

it is the apex (of joy)

I have found


the nature of our lives

the energy that thrives

on the day we made it our full way.


Resonating tones

it is the music zones

that whistles in and out

and causes me to shout

with glee


and helps me see

joyful energy


reverberating tones

the depth of joy in all my bones

calls out in ecstasy


to worship free

the god in me


and know that the nature I see

is just a little part

of a greater



the nature of our lives

the joyfulness that thrives


when we know to say

I embraced my treasured god today

for I embraced each moment true

when I worshipped the life I knew


out on the road

the magnificence I behold


when all around me

I breathe the fresh air free


and the mountain could see

I had reached my destiny


to rest at the point where nature call

here is my final joyful stall


to see apex harmony


and in the valley below

forces mobilised show


that they move with one beat

with strong and steady feet

they sing in harmony

of desire


Fortuna they inspire

and ask to see


the stronger sense of destiny


I hear the sound bounce

and penetrate

the strength that agitate

and can no longer wait


it sings in one great choir

and lifts life to ‘speared’ desire


and in the medley I could not see

how one voice could be

the sound of (many) armies approaching me


and in the quiet interlude

I spoke no longer of what exude


for all to preclude

was the simple sense

viewed, and arisen:

harmonic incision

harmonic overtone

harmonic memory

the truth that I now own


“I am not alone

and I live for me

as a spearhead for humanity”


the deadly sense I knew

the music stronger than the view

of what we think our lives are coming to


and in each moment’s restful pose

it is the journey that now shows

the sense that the divine is linked

within our time to restfully declare


“To the top of the mountain: yes, we made it there!!!”


and resounding all around

it is the heat that rebound

and keeps our hearts warm


shorn of the journey -

a simple sense now early:


we see a grand new dawn,

for each memory spawn

the grandest yawn

(and joy! the simplest method I employ)


for a journey well done

is the touch of sun

the sum of what we become


by lying on a mountain still

and knowing such fresh air journey thrill


each moment’s journey is in its final accolade

for it was the journey that we so consummately made

that left us content and exhausted,

and completely unafraid


a moment conquered true

when the sun smiled at you:


at the top of your desire

the mountain now conspire

to bed within to sing a deeper soul

something special and something whole


the nature of our lives

when each journey thrives

in knowing all too well


we (each) have our own journey to tell


healing spell and wishing mind

to help to bind


such moments’ sanctity

and call it a simple piece of divinity


and the rhythm blew

fresh holes in all you do


movement in your wake

had a chance to hesitate


and recall, the joy of it all:


each footfall is what I am coming to


the journey that made you

fresh and new

(to worship the god in you)


and let nature renew

all the joy you once knew


mountain meditation

what greater love sensation


to conquer reality and see

physically an apex harmony


drip drip drop

the plucking strings that pick and plop

a singular sound

like rain drops falling down


oh elemental weather

how joyful, life gets oh so clever


what would you wish to sever

when all around you see

a myriad harmony

come waltz with me


the energy is joyful to recall


the journey’s making it all


come stand tall and walk again


a seductress refrain


the symphony of soul


the music beat that has me whole


and I rise as if to one


the heart beat that prolong

the plucked strings that prong

a tuning fork

the nature of the stork


to bring on words of flue

the chimney’s hot (and so are you)


the mystic mountain rain

the smokey voice that calls to see

a smell of my own destiny

the senses intermingled

the voice that energy tingled

the sense that I could see

the mountain that now mastered me


a reverence and desire

to catch at once what could aspire

when the mountain called to me


I arose in energy and conquered

what remained in me

to come to free life’s instancy


the glory of the terrain

that’s what’s calling me again


mountain in your wing

how my soul can sing!!!


the wondrous elemental ring


the sea, the land,

the voice and air at my command

when to greatness I stand

and simply see:

the mountain welcomed me!


I took where I had been

I took what I had seen


The perfect screen:


To a joyful mountain scene!


Gold dust lust – the tip of the crust:

the greatest nature that lies in us.


For those who were with me on this journey

thank you!



Purple Eyes Publishing


Epic poetry – at last I meet my destiny!



Large or small – just to rise above it all -

and the cherries on my table spoke a different fable.


A Confident Storyteller:

Encantado (the Encore before I have to go…)


Encantado – the mystic river flow

Creativity Expansivity: the Joy of Simplicity

Sparking Design – I took each step a mountain to climb

and in time, I fell into the sea of a myriad destiny!


Jollity – you reached me at the end – a fine good time:

my fine good friend

and as the river wend and turn

see each image burn away

the certainty of yesterday

and what of yesteryear (what was left to fear)


and slowly as I drive away

the image now of all at play

a horizontal blue reaches out to fall on you


mountain sky I bid you to cry

I bid you fly for me


(for I am a growing tree

beckoning to liberty


but grounded at my roots

see each opportunity shoots

in all of life cahoots)


and take me there

where the birds of the air

a simple joy of life share


sommar år lugt!

Summer summer sunshine runner

streaking fast and free

the energy of destiny


Alles Froh und Gut: jeder kriegt jetzt Mut!


Reverberation Joy Sensation


Encantado : the bewitching life I know

to bathe in summer’s flow and let the mystic

river flow …


horizontal blue – how far you stretch out to

the mystic sound I knew:


the vibrancy come through when all our lives anew

a picture book of life in lieu.


(in lieu of what came before – for that was a closed door).


Hummingbird epiphany (teardrop amber see)

graphite harmony

in life’s perfect memory.


Weathered from each storm

Here new life could adorn

(What had kept a heart warm)


Shorn from understanding

No further countermanding

Just a mighty thrill

In the fresh air still!


Hiking bliss – who can match

All of this?


Our deepest sigh – left to mystify

when our lives we deify.


Golden smooth

each every notch – each every groove

(good wood bud a joyful cud of ‘digest-ation’

joy of life within our nation)


Verona – how you save

from the very grave

the operatic wave

and give each credence call

to rise and stand above it all


An element perfection

in life’s own resurrection


It was the music call

that stood above it all.


And swaying energy,

mesmeric as a bee

moved entirely free

to musicality.


I let you follow through

you had so much work to do

and in the end I knew

the music would draw you in,


an entirely different image win


Soul music tree

discover now new destiny.


Our Deepest Sigh - We Deify (The Nature Of Our Lives - The Image That Singularly

However grand or short our tale, it is the moment we set sail, when all the former pale away, a fresh new wind come into play, that lets us see in grand array: it was the entire journey, that made our perfect day! Hurry, scurry, there now in summer's flurry come and walk with me, and on a mountain see, the view eclipse magically, the ardour of our century.

  • ISBN: 9781910774618
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-06-17 10:50:10
  • Words: 4612
Our Deepest Sigh - We Deify (The Nature Of Our Lives - The Image That Singularly Our Deepest Sigh - We Deify (The Nature Of Our Lives - The Image That Singularly