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An Oracle

Carnal Knowledge

About the Author





Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to perceive. Is this true? We would say the origin of the paraphrase is apt. Deception leads to more lies until the liar becomes entangled in his own mesh of deceit. Abraham Lincoln supposed only God was wise enough to be a good liar. And is not the road to hell paved with good intentions? Well, then, is not the road to heaven paved with good intentions? Why so? Are we not contradicting our saws, sawing at cross purposes? The road to hell is paved with deeds, actions intended for the good but leading to the bad. There is a way that seems right to a man, but it is not so. Surely, there are no good deeds without good intentions. This separates thought from action in the man, if so. Man is both thinker and doer, one agent and one integrity of thought and action. What then?

Barring serendipity, the intervention of God or guardian angel, good deeds require good foresight, prudent action in the process of manifesting the deed to fruition, adherence to truth in perception. There can be no wisdom without truth, and truth is only the darkness of ignorance in the mind inclined toward wishful thinking and self-justification. I think that when we act with good intentions, we often fail. When we think with good intentions, that intention being the truth no matter which way the blade cuts, we are more often on the road to paradise than not. When the matter is hazy, we do not act and do no evil deed by default. When pressed by circumstances to act, he who hesitates prior to acting on an issue clouded in fog, is much more likely to come to a good end. He who hesitates is generally saved. Conmen must rush the mark into precipitous action, lest time for consideration reveal the fraud. And if you miss an opportunity, it is still better to be safe than sorry. He who is safe today may try again tomorrow. He who is lost may never have another chance, or go into the next round, maimed, impoverished and weakened.

Is it true what that Irish jackass, Edmund Burke, says about evil? For evil to succeed, good men need only do nothing. If these men are not doing anything good in life, why call them good? They are not. If they are doing good, why accuse them of doing nothing? There is a time and place for everything under heaven. We see the movie in our eyes. The two gunslingers grab Ma to clear the farm for the corrupt railroad. Her loving sons rush out bravely to save their mother without considering the matter. The boys are shot down, mother raped and murdered afterward. What good men only need do for evil to prosper is to behave rashly without wisdom. It is better to wait and do nothing than to compound evil with your own unjustified demise, furthering the cause of Satan. We must be both good and of good judgment to avoid suffering. Two pillars hold up the entrance lintel to paradise, one righteousness, the other wisdom. One is perfection, the other is light. The oracle of God is revealed and evil exposed. In God is strength, so obey him. He established creation by wisdom. As his image, be perfect and a child of the light. Job may have been perfect in righteousness, but hardly in wisdom. Does the wise man who knows the answer ask the question? Or is he being rhetorical if so? No, he asks because he is ignorant, the contrary state to wisdom. Why contrary? Well, if you are ignorant of something, you need not be ignorant of everything. If you know something, what an ocean of things you are still ignorant of. Back to Table of Contents



An Oracle

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to perceive
Where have we heard, where read where seen
Déjà vu preface or obscene?

Occult or obscene the same fault?
If not why not bare the occult
A stripped whore, a witch disrobed nude
Déjà vu, objet d’art, étude.

Étude nu, what revelation?
The House of Joseph is a weed
Bitter grapes, poison vintage crushed
In Satan’s wine press, drink for whores.

Babylon’s poisoned cup of graft
Drunkard merchants fit for God’s wrath
Out of the sea you came to Rome
Foreigners and thieves per the tome.

Again you came merchants of death
Sons of Satan to steal life’s breath
From Japheth and from your own kin
Burn to ash in Gehenna’s bin.

Half heathen when hell sent afloat
By turns full blown worship of goat
Gods of nature, perverted sprite(s)
For all God’s grace and love despite.

Twisted vine serpentine monster
Beast of the abyss, chaos stir
Foaming abomination formed
Reason, justice, truth, love deformed.

Chaos occult, hidden by laws
Of nature, logic and science
False love of God caps it all, awes
Man with messianic insolence.

The beast of the earth native bred
Seizes the day his power gives
Beast to beast, earth to sea, this dread
Form swells his image that he lives.

Dead Jew beat down to life again
False Christ, false church, false worshipers
Desecraters of God’s house, den
Of thieves set up in Rome whispers

Lies, whispered confessions concealed
From the host for blackmail and treason
Pagan holidays for God wield
Curses upon men by this reason.

Six hundred threescore and six’s
Dark reign of what beast, sea, land, thing?
First, second, the image vexes?
But spare me the number games thing.

Beast of buy and sell, trade controller
Glorious wisdom regal splendor
His tribute takes, the Lord betrayer
Peacemaker without true valor.

Heavenly choir, fallen angelic
Celestial musician formed
How like Solomon in his glory
Yet one man and one angel born.

Ah, but that man of sin possessed
Of both, so wiser than King Sol
Though man in appearance so blessed
Yet curse of darkness marks his fall.

Why do you brag Jew of your king
Who broke you, robbed you with the rest?
Joseph and his witch wife, enslavers;
Reuben and Dan were better men

You cursed Egypt for your bondage
Yet no pity for her enslavement
No golden rule for you then, Jew
God says otherwise as do I.

666, six sixty six falls
Keep not many horses oh king
You bankrupt Israel with stalls
Take not many wives under wing?

Your heathen brides despoil the throne
Silver but dross in Jerusalem?
Bethel cries out for tax relief
While long haired fifty riders trot.

Where is your wisdom oh great king?
Satan still wiser it would seem
What do you expect Jacob’s brood?
Swapping King of kings for a fool.

David a man after God’s heart
Excepting Bathsheba the tart
Adulterer, thief of a wife
Murderer too, Uriah’s life.

Traitor to Israel! How so?
How many died with Uriah?
Advancing with him toe to toe
Darts by treason from David’s bow.

What an admirable man that!
I think not, but hey Columbus
Gem of the ocean Satan spat
To save the Carib straight to hell.

And some say he was part Jew too
Portu-jew trader wraith from hell
District of Columbia here
Washington D. C. British town.

Whore Babylon City reviled
By God and prophet righteously
No more, no more this hope self styled
Last best hope said salaciously.

District of the Dove of Peace now
Spiritus Sanctus Town renowned
George Washington Carver D. C.
Middle names too a town can found.

I heart GWC D. C.

Bumper stickers for a slave once
Old Dominion mansion trash move
Aside for your better, Brit spy.

Middle sons rise greater in life
Middle name cities may follow
Parallel lives, the least made first
The greatest made last says Jesus.

Switcharoo? Split the difference
First last, last first, middle man then
Middle what? first? last? Humph! Amen!
Jesus will straighten it all out.

Weed of Joseph choking the vine
Vine divine Bible defined mine
Weed for the burning lest ye graft
To the true vine and end your graft.

Dan, Rachel’s first born of her house
He shall judge Joseph and his house
As Jacob foretold in times old
The sheep have wandered from the fold.

Who is Jacob to make first last?
His name stinks in Canaan and so
Levi, Simeon cursed for naught
A stench in God’s nose we should fear.

Reuben visits in Bilhah’s tent
Stench in Canaan Jacob abhors
Harmless indiscretion, that’s all
Though rabbis claim adultery.

Reuben strove for his usurper
In face of his angry brethren
Put his life on the line in trust
Of God’s mercy for the just cause.

No adulterer or dishonor
Lies on this man’s door
Careless? maybe in innocence
Reuben was the better man chosen.

Who is Jacob supplanter sly
To annul God’s law for his own choice?
Supplant Esau, Reuben, Manasseh
Satan would supplant God and Adam.

Well, mighty Jacob bested God
We know his name far famed all spread
What is the name of his foe, God?
And what of triumphs and defeats?

God says be good and prosper thence
Many oppose his wish and win
A laurel of hell fire from whence
Their souls be damned for this bold sin.

God loved Jacob and hated Esau?
If your base story is your thanks
Better hated by God than loved
Esau no more and Jacob lives.

Yet Esau lives despite, not Edom
God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
God of the living not the dead
What that profane fornicator?

Esau and his heathen wives cursed?
And lying Rachel and her idols?
Tucked beneath her ass, Leah too
Their mandrake roots their witchcraft spells.

Abram believed and counted righteous?
By faithlessness Sarah gave Hagar
Though God’s promise assured her womb
As fertile though old and barren.

By faithlessness grief and strife came
Upon Abraham’s house and kin
By faithlessness Sarah laughed at him
God’s angel sent to assure them.

By faithlessness Rebekah deceived
Isaac through Jacob though God’s word
Assured her Jacob, the birthright
That Esau honestly promised.

Her demise, not worth the mention
Her grave but vain speculations
If Esau’s wives pained her heart so
What of Abram and Isaac’s wife?

He sent for Rebekah from hence
Why did Isaac not obtain Leah
For Esau, and Rachel for Jacob?
Rebekah’s spells clouded his soul.

She favored Jacob and sought strife
Divide and conquer is the plan
Of war most certain to win fields
Of battle in clouds of deception.

Veiled Rebekah her harlot wiles
Flirt with death for base ambition
For Esau was the better man
Isaac knew as would Abraham.

What tarts did Esau consort with
In scripture reports, naught but wives
To sate desire and children rear
Where is the crime? God’s ordinance.

Esau deemed life more precious than wealth
As Jesus would bless, commend this
Despise his birthright indeed, fool?
Jacob was the vile one you fraud.

But Edom spent and what of Herod?
Wicked Herod, would be Christ killer
Like you Rabbi, and what of Ishmael
Part Arab, part Jew was Herod.

Ishmael violent, Jew supplanter
I see no Esau but you cousins
But captains of ships take the blame
And God hated Esau as said.

The rabbis say Rome is Edom
But Rome is you Israel vile
Apostate Jew sailed West from wrath
God’s sent ire, and for greed as well.

Hebrews says Esau is profane
Who is this scribbler profane?
Barnabas, Apollos, or Saul?
Who cares, Christian of faith unsure?

Are Paul’s opinions his or not?
Why say God’s word if Paul says not
If he says neither then Christ rules
Is it Christ or Paul who saves men?

King Sol says woe comes with wisdom
Sol is a fool who knows little
But it is in the Bible, man!
In that he said it, not that’s true.

Epistles are not prophecies
By default, nor apostles God
God says and scribblers opine
Not the same thing, sir, not the same.

Nations are vile, the chosen too
God’s purpose demonstrates this truth
As the barren tree parable
So the Jew, ingrate rooted up.

Christ is the vine, true king divine
Babel’s tower was vain and now
One nation or many just filth!
Just human family sanctioned.

The one true organic unit
England but filth, a lie, evil
Cast to perdition and the Jew
Jew first and the rest to follow.

God is your king, your father sent
Who sent you salvation and grace
Nobility of blood a lie
Whether by family or nation.

A man leaves his parents to wed
But never God who is spirit
Nor Wisdom who is truth revealed
Forever child divine, or damned.

Cast out thy wife before wisdom
From thy house if peace you desire
This mother-in-law remains, bride
If your father turns you from God.

Reject your father as Satan
Satan’s snare in flesh disguised, blood
Defiled, base born, vile seed, deformed
For all good things come from above.

Therefore, because of Joseph’s house
I will speak no more through Shem’s line
Japheth will be my oracle
And dwell indeed in the house of Shem.

Who claims he is my final prophet?
Who subverts my word, distorts me?
Are you prophets? Was not Balaam?
I destroyed him, and you Shem’s kin?

Heed Balaam’s oracles, Semites
Are you better than Ham, rabbi?
Oh, Noah was righteous, you say
Was, does not count, but only is!

Who with drunkard hangover’s curse
Condemns the innocent progeny?
Canaan wicked? And you worse, Jew?
Who knows the issue but God stern?

Three times, I, the nations ordained
First Adam before the flood came
Noah after the deluge sent
Even Abram, and they turned wicked.

Three strikes and you’re out goes the saw
Christ is Israel and naught else
I’ve kept my promise, not you Jew
Is it David’s house that saves men?

It’s mine and David my pledge made
In faith to Abram for faith rendered
That by faith encouraged, men come
To me, true king, eternal father.

Therefore, Dan shall judge Israel
As Abraham crushed Babylon
As Cyrus crushed Babylon next
Now Ham’s son shall crush man’s nemesis.

Peter bar Jona, least apostle
Your bones polluting God’s house built
By criminal conspiracy
Against God and man, your just desert.

He said each man pick up his sword
For the shepherd is cut down now
He said put down your sword, Peter
I must obey my father’s will.

When he told you put down your sword
You picked it up and cut the ear
When told to pick it up, you died
Without sword in hand or God’s grace.

No one put one hand on Christ’s robe
Though they sought to beat and kill him
He walked through them without violence
Until his time to die came for man.

Revelation tells us: who leads
Into captivity will go
Who kills by the sword will be killed
John wrote this to his flock on Patmos.

Your foes took them and flogged them sore
They bragged on it, though Christ walked through
They led you into captivity
You were led though Christ walked through them

He opened prison gates for you
You refused to learn or heed him
They took you but Christ walked through them
You let them crucify you there.

Now Christ begged God to spare him death
While you and your pals slept nearby
Though he begged you to help him pray
One man died for all, for all time.

Your death was not needed but you
In false humility played martyr
He knew it, predicted it so
But you gave no glory to God.

Paul was another of like sort
Suffer for what Christ lacked in death!
Shut up, you fool! Wolf to the herd
Before Damascus, murderer.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing afterwards
You lost them all bad shepherds two
Murder by martyrdom, vainly,
Big apostles, how humble you!

This man said: he who kills by sword
Will live by the sword. But who lives
By the sword will die by the sword
How is that and what of John’s saw?

An old runner tired on Heartbreak Hill
Opined: “I’m going downhill, runner.”
A young girl said: “No, uphill, sir.
You are running uphill, look, see.”

The old man thought on it and said:
“Young lady, you are right, my dear
I am running uphill. You’re right.”
For sometimes words have two meanings.

If you did not wish to kill, sir
Why did you not walk through them?
If duty called, why not the sword?
Condemned in either case, Peter.

Christian, walk through in peace to live
Or as an officer in state
Pick up the sword: warn them or kill
As according to the cases.

Caesar was sovereign back then
Democracy makes all sovereign
All officers in state empowered
By God to walk by or to kill.

The youngest, John, the least excels!
His eagle, wise the serpent low
House of Dan shall judge, the twelve too
And Rabbis, as in Edom’s coast sere.

God’s wrath by serpent sent with fire
Angel of Death to dispatch you
Think not Eden’s serpent a viper
But a constrictor seeks the child.

Great python seeks woman weak too
Man eater, chokes God’s spirit as
The weed of Joseph would choke Him.
I will break your back House of Joseph.

He is too strong for you, subtle one
Not with truth’s poison do you kill
But slow death through drunken vices
Lechery, doubt, lust incited.

You would choke Kittim’s coast by guile
But he will destroy you and Ishmael
Your brother in vice, vile churches
Patriarchal will die with you.

One simple command, one dictate
Call no man father but God high
In heaven, and you rabbi scum
Will you teach men, teach me, vile man?

Thus ends the oracle of Japheth
Conceived through the Bible discerned
From the House of Shem written down
Europe more faithful than Israel.

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Carnal Knowledge

Why seek carnal over knowledge?
Pleasure at price of ruined lives
Is folly, assured misery
With psychic pustules and hives.

Yin and yang, sixty-nine, AC/
DC devil’s juice electrocutes
Hexagram pederast star form
Worse than that, vampire of boys’ souls.

Life is wisdom energized here
Below the vaulted heaven’s high
Get wisdom girls and boys in clear
Of daylight, moonlight, starlight divine.

Not by Pisces did Christ come down
Ass licks, cunnilingus, BJ
Lust without bastards, OK, hey
Get wisdom by love, flipped down clown.

69, 96 reversals:
Of fortune and shame, humbled low
Mirrored 9’s make the heart of love(s):
Female left, male right in kind blow
Kisses face to face, dove toed dove(s).

Five verses pentangled lines true
Reveal the numbers of loved minds
Minds love wisdom, bolts from the blue
And here the gift that true love binds.

Cockblocker witch and knaves enchained
Plot to emasculate sexes
Failing that 69, 96
Kinky pleasure with some hexes.

Find pleasure through wisdom my child
Wisdom through lust is upside down
Serious sex not for clowns wild
You will soon rue jokes with a frown.

The wheel of torment goes like this
Anger to sarcasm cools fires
Then to lust to warm, stoke your bliss
Lest cold despair light funeral pyres.

The stand-up knows jokes fly with anger
Nothing’s funny and that’s the joke
Pain, folly, vices? Laughter? Grrr!
Ah, laughing’s heart healthy, you see.

Discharges burning rage to save
The flesh from consuming itself
Or kill and then hangman’s slave
Bonded to death or jail’s bed-shelf.

Rage with impotence and folly
In mind, a joke for all that, fool
In the bathroom mirror jolly
Safe from hangman and jail time yule.

Christmas in Upstate Pens aren’t cool
30 Rock Downstate, SNL show
Or screw it. View the fir tree yule
Ice skater pairs. Now that’s a show.

Have sex when depressed or masturbate
If alone. How to get Miss Right
An urgent urge you must incubate
As you ponder weary at night

People who knead people, massage
People, are the luckiest people
Knead’s better than need, a message
For the ages, for young people.

For the old too, ‘cause sex turgors
May wane with old age but stiff necks
Go on and on for arthritic fingers
To knead, to soothe digits and necks.

It’s all part of God’s plan of life
Old aching bones cut like a knife
Horny youth’s urge cuts like bull’s horn
Through the heart, needles soul to porn.

Get wisdom child. It pays bills too.

Better than gold, whores; did you know
Massage in French is like knead here?
Anglophone bread dough. Sex and dough!


Commentary: Nine (9) was sacred to the Pythagoreans, because they saw three (3) as a foundation number. Triangular numbers such as 1, 3, 6, 10, 15 were mystical as in Kabbalah. One (1) is only perfunctorily triangular, and perfunctorily odd numbered according to many ancients. One cannot be broken down into two groups of whole numbers. It is the first number and divine in the sense of the One, the whole. It is the beginning as God precedes his creation. Triangular numbers are in the form of row followed by row with one additional item. The bowling pin formation is most famous now. You have four rows, from 1 to 4 pins adding to the triangular number of 10 (10 pins.) The pool rack has 15 balls in 5 rows, another triangular number set. But the square of 3 is 9. The square is fundamental to measurements. It is precise, unlike circles and curves that are hard to precisely quantify. Squaring the circle was an Ancient Greek pursuit. In the ten pin formation of mysticism, if the first pin pertains to God, you then have the remaining 9 pins.

From a biblical perspective and in general, 9 is of dubious distinction. Here we use the 9’s in reference to the sexes. You see the yin and yang symbol often in the form of two inverted teardrops, the 69 form in usual or reversed Arabic numeral form. Six (6) is an even number and nine (9) is odd. Even is feminine and odd is masculine. Curiously, the Chinese view the masculine as active and the feminine as a passive principle, while the Indian Hindu culture see the feminine as active, the masculine passive. This flows from the idea that the eternal, timeless, immaterial realm is masculine, while the natural world of ebb and flow is mother nature. In general, the right side is masculine, the left side is feminine.

Here in my two mirrored 9’s forming a heart (Book cover looks more like a pumpkin due to my limitations in available fonts and rudimentary graphics capabilities.), we have two nines, masculine numbers. This is not homoerotic in intent. You may note that the yin and yang concept is quite arbitrary in assigning gender, has the idea of bisexuality embedded in it, 6 and 9 are upside down images of each other, the order often reversed, head to heel having an oral sex implication, a bisexual activity as both sexes can do it on either sex. You have the head to butt of the Pisces fish symbol, somewhat disconcerting. But we note that the 9’s are mirrored images of each other. The reversed image is on the left, the feminine side. When we look in the mirror, we see one image projected from a source, so there are two manifestations of the same type. Male and female made he them. Since the source is the first and odd, the mirror is even and feminine. Carnal knowledge is more of wisdom and head to head rather than sensuality of sex divorced from procreation, the pleasure bond. The pleasure bond is prone to failure, unless pleasure is used to obtain wisdom and true union through wisdom. How many marriages with OK sex break up due to money quarrels, diverging life lines and other matters? Wise people tend to avoid these things by marrying the right mate and then working on the intimacy of understanding.

Two 9’s add to 18 which is not a good number. It is the sum of three sixes: 666. The square of nine adds to 81. In playing with the digits (gematria and such), we note that 1 plus 8 equals 9 in both 18 and 81. We note that 81 is the reverse sequence of 18. We note that 18 is even while 81 is odd. Subtracting 1 from 8 gives 7, a fortuitous number of perfection. We note that when Satan was in good standing, there were most likely 8 archangels, and may be again should God find a replacement. The Eastern religions see 8 as a good number. Some in the West see it as a bad number. Circumcision is on the eighth day. This sheds blood and is painful, but unites the child to God’s people, that would be seen as fortuitous. If the disruption of heaven through Satan’s rebellion were mended at some point by God, this might be seen as fortuitous. Since Satan has usurped and continued to attempt to usurp man, how fitting for God to choose a man to replace his former position in heaven. If we divide 8 by 1 we still have 8.

We have 2 and 3 as feminine and masculine numbers uniting in 5. This is the marriage of the sexes. Both these numbers are prime, the first two prime numbers, if you exclude 1 as a prime. Two (2) is the only even prime number. If you jump ahead to the next numbers in even/odd sequence, you have 4 and 5 that adds to 9. We note that 2 and 5 have disturbing symbolic significance. Two is the number of the feminine represented iconicly by Venus, the planet Venus, the second planet. The moon is the second of the greater lights, and obviously receiving light from the sun. We also note that Venus is both the morning and evening star, along with Mercury. Venus is also the star of Lucifer, generally a masculine personage. There is a disturbing sexual ambivalence about Venus and 2. The two morning stars are united in the concept of hermaphrodite (Hermes & Aphrodite the Greek equivalent names). This is a perversion of God’s creation, or a malformation brought on by human imperfection. It is not for nothing that the godless are pushing transsexualism today, ramming it down our throats, so to speak. Again, we note that 2 is the only even prime number, a feminine number in the masculine prime realm. This is in the order of things but can be used for perverse connotations in symbolism and allegory.

As for 5, we note that it is a symbol for the Vitruvian man. Look at a human. He has four limbs and his neck and head form another obvious branch. The pentangle is a symbol of this. The penis of the man is too small to be readily perceived at a distance. And women are humans as well and lack this. But six (6) takes on a masculine aspect when the penis is considered. We note that things often come in threes. You have: solid, liquid, gas; three dimensions of space; body, mind (soul), spirit; the Trinity; past, present, future in time; the comparatives: good, better, best; bad, worse, worst; two endpoints and the midpoint. We note that the material world consists of matter, space and time.

Be that as it may, we also note the fourth and even the fifth element coming into things. We have things taking up space in three dimensions, but the substance of matter is the fourth component, and the motion of matter gives a fifth component to the world. Since motion is meaningless and impossible without time, the sequence of events, we might consider a mystical union between motion and time. They both flow in their own particular senses. An event is both of change in things or ideas and of time moving from past to present to future. If we take the triad of time: past, present and future, we note that the timeless or eternity is ever present in the background. A point on the timeline has no extension or measurable time, but surely the immediate moment must exist in some absolute, timeless sense. This is a fourth component. We note that time is invariably combined to define events. An event is a measure of time from past to some future point that in turn is in the past. We see the flow of time in threes states is frozen into events in memory or mechanical recording on paper, audio or pictures. This is a fifth. With space, we have the three dimensions. We note that space goes on indefinitely. So we have distinct, definite states of things and distances between things. But we cannot bound space in any rational way. So we have space as definite and infinite. These two states coexist but are not a sum of parts. Definite things add to definite things. Trying to divide the infinite leads to infinite parts which is nonsense and clearly not true. So the bounded and boundless distinction is a fourth component of space. We note that measurements and distinctions and conceptualization of space is always within the context of matter. Matter has space as an integral inseparable part of its nature. No space, no object. This is a fifth component. Things interweave in existence. If you consider this material aspect not relevant, we must note that three dimensions invariably add up to a volume, the volume being distinct from the separate dimensions in thought, though bound inseparably in nature. And volume is absolutely essential to matter.

Because of its relationship to carnal sexual union, certain motions of the planet Venus, the union of the first two prime numbers with 2 the only even prime (1 is actually prime.), it is a symbol of witchcraft. This is particularly true if the pentangle star is turned upside down. That is, you have two points pointing up with one point pointing down, corresponding to the human head.

When we jump to 4 and 5 as the next even and odd numbers, we note that 4 is a sacred number, the basis of the mandala, the four beasts about the throne of God in Ezekiel’s vision, the four humors, and the four cardinal points. Moreover, we have the Trinity but also Wisdom as manifested in feminine form in the Book of Proverbs. So 4 surrounds the Godhead and inextricably bound to it, these being eternal in form, certainly God’s wisdom is an eternal aspect of the divine mind, should you wish to quibble about things in creation. And all these things existed in the mind of God before what you call creation.

The two numbers have a product of 20, twice the sacred number 10 of the ten commandments, the value of Solomon’s temple in the Holy of Holies, twice the 10 cubits of the Tent of the Covenant. Humans have 20 digits of fingers and toes. The numbers 4 and 5 subtract to the divine unity of 1. The division is of 1 and a quarter, the quarters of the fourfold quadrant of the world.

Anyway, four and five double the values of 2 and 3 and doubling generally turns bad numbers into good numbers, and good numbers into even better numbers. The heart of true love is a purer form of true love than the kinky 69. Head to head bespeaks of a more spiritual love than head to bottom. The mirroring of the feminine 9 makes it an even number by default, since any odd number adds to an even number when doubled or mirrored. The matter of penis and vagina is of minimal importance, since it is the fusing of the distinct attributes of the soul that pertain to the totality of man: male and female. I have already explained the even/odd aspect to whatever degree this numerical stuff signifies anything. If the circle is the head and the tail of 9 the body, we see in that the relative importance of thought and command over flesh and the obsessive impulse of lust. Back to Table of Contents




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A brief preface talks about deception and folly, about when and when not to act. The first poem: An Oracle: is a dissertation on biblical prophecy and the current state of the world, or the current state of the world for the last two thousand years. It is complex and not easy to outline. The second poem: Carnal Knowledge: deems knowledge gained as the most important thing in sexual intercourse, rather than sensual, carnal satisfaction. Wisdom is the chief thing that ensures happiness, not the pursuit of pleasure. It is a bit suggestive, some half naughty words, but not in context. I will not use the Adult Content here. Certainly nothing worse here than the kids will not hear out in the street. And this is philosophical, encouraging virtue through wisdom, not promiscuity, recommending any sexual peccadilloes in particular, more in the manner of admonishing against the less conventional. But sexual techniques is not the point; wisdom through love is the point. In place of the naughty 69, we have the two 9's mirroring each other that makes the Valentine's heart. Get it? Imagine mirrored 9's in your mind. See the Valentine's heart? NOTE: My bookcover heart looks more like a pumpkin due to font limitations and inadequate graphics capabilities.

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