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One last dance


One last dance[
**]-Short story-


Copyright 2016 Eva Fairwald

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The room was quiet and the flickering flames on the windowsill made Kara’s eyes gleam like a demon’s. She looked outside, wondering about her choices, knowing that every mistake was going to come back and haunt her, sooner or later. Torn between the official laws she constantly broke and the ones set by blood and trust, she was dragging him deep into her life of deceit and he didn’t even know. Did she have to write Axel von Steinfeld on her list of missteps? How could his presence be so wrong, when everything they did together was simply too fabulous too give up?

“Can’t we just stay here?” he asked, kissing her neck and wrapping his arms around her.

“You’re the son of the duke, Axel, and he’s hosting this ball for his friends and associates out of Faerie… without actually showing up. This leaves you in charge,” Kara answered.

Axel was still shirtless and his heart and fay lines throbbed against Kara’s back, left naked by the long dress. Skin to skin, the tingle of magic made her shiver and sweat at the same time. He was always there when she needed him and she wasn’t going to bail on him. However, her secrets were like a trashcan full of lies, ready to be dumped and crush their already confusing relationship.

“So? You are my ally,” he whispered to her ear, “I don’t need the others.”

“I’ll always support you, but I cannot be the only one. The war for the throne will begin one day, the help of a dealer might not be enough and…”

“I’ll rise with a crown on my head, love,” he answered making her turn around, “and I’d have you by my side, if only I could.”

“I know, you’ve said that before and I already believed you at the time.”

“And you’ll hear it again because it’s true.”

“Yes. True, inconvenient and impossible.”

“It doesn’t mean I won’t be yours forever.”

Kara stared into his electric blue eyes and the clarity pushed through her armor of false detachment. A romantic involvement with her wasn’t really the ideal exposure for a royal fay such as Axel and, yet, staying away from each other had been more challenging than planned. They knew they could never officially be together, but interrupting the communication wasn’t an option. It didn’t matter how hard they tried, how many times they had promised they weren’t a couple: their hearts always crawled back together, tangling their paths and revealing their weaknesses.

“I thought we’d agreed on never saying again things which are not compatible with our lives,” she answered.

“Like you, ignoring that you love me just as always, if not more?”

“Maybe. Or like you, disregarding the fact you have to be more careful.”

“I’ll be fine, I have guards and magic.”

“My sources tell me that you’re being watched.”

“By you when I sleep?”

He grinned and Kara rolled her eyes. Axel’s number one skill was being a jerk, he had already fooled her once with that attitude, masking how smart he really was.

“I’m not a creep, sweetie, I’m serious.”

“So am I. I think you observe me while I’m asleep, so I can feel your greedy stare, wake up and…”


“Just say it ain’t so.”

Kara ran her fingers on a fay line, a thick purple vein that carried magic instead of blood. It stretched out from his neck to the right hip, crossing the torso and curling around his navel. The vessel pulsated and glowed under her touch. She felt the waves of desire expanding from his aura and reaching out to her… remaining away from Axel was difficult, especially when he stood half undressed in front of her.

“They’re everywhere, that’s how they can enforce their laws,” she whispered, distracted by his bare chest going up and down.

“Well, they’re not in this room.”

Kara quivered, but not because his hands were wandering down her spine. Part of his future was inevitably attached to her ability to dissimulate and keep her mouth shut. Things weren’t going to change and loyalty wasn’t prone to gray areas. Was she going to pick Axel or what was left of her past?

“They’re out there, waiting for you to make a mistake.”

“The Tidssons can stalk me as much as they want: what happens in Faerie is none of their business,” he answered pressing Kara’s hand on the fay line.

“But the consequences will influence the human dimension and they have their own agenda.”

“And I have mine, love.”

The fay line glimmered and grew livelier under Kara’s fingertips; his magic always reacted to her presence and he wasn’t able to stop it. Axel leaned in and kissed her, hungry and afraid she was going to slip away one day. Kara worried too much and he just wanted her to forget, for a second, who they were and how their lives had become so complicated. He wished to go back to that night, when they had first met and he had no idea of what was going to happen. Back then, Kara was only a girl with exaggerated ambitions and he didn’t know that reaching for the stars and trapping them into her schemes was going to be her specialty. Was he more than just another project to her? Was his personal war going to get her killed?

“Death follows our steps,” she murmured, parting his lips with hers, “but we lead the way. You can count on me to keep my Tidsson cousins off your back.”

“Thank you.”

He kissed her again. Her lips were moist and he had to savor them as much as he could, because the rest of the evening was going to be stressful. He hated to be burdened with his father’s responsibilities and Kara knew how to be a good medicine. His fingers traveled along her thighs and felt something coarse under the silk.

“Are you wearing a dagger at my ball, love?” he asked, locking her gray eyes.

“As I said: death follows our steps. If I turn around to face it, I want to be prepared.”

Axel forced a smile, but she wasn’t wrong. He knew that his father’s idea of having such a gathering was rash and changing his mind had been impossible.

“Tonight is just a harmless social event.”

“Yeah, as harmless as a bunch of conspirers.”

“I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I can take care of myself, I’ve been doing it for a while now.”

“Oh, I know. But saying this stuff makes me sound so manly.”

“Right… now you can go fix your hair again.”

“You, implying that my hair needs fixing is outrageous!” he said glancing at the mirror on his left. “I still look amazing, love, even after last night.”

“You must have a talent for that,” she said walking to the bed and handing him his clothes. “Get dressed, go downstairs and show everybody who’s gonna be the next ruler of the German Realm of Faerie.”

Axel nodded taking her advice. Kara wore a black mask and left him alone. She walked down the stairs covered with blue velvet, letting the jeweled stilettos sink into the fabric like a silver comet in the dead of night. The white dress made her rosy cheeks stand out and her blonde hair was disciplined in a braided updo: she wasn’t going to deceive anybody, Kara Schwert was too well-known to pass unnoticed. The masquerade was just another silly farce to conceal the real purpose of the evening. Nobody was going to be completely disguised, since the point was actually exhibiting how many friends supported the von Steinfelds. Kara shook her head, it was too late to disappear and abandoning Axel wasn’t an option anyway. Her right hand caressed the polished wood of the railing and soon ditched it to stride through the hall.

Many of the guests had already arrived and diligent waiters were offering glasses of blue champagne. Everything had been decorated with blue and white accessories, the official colors of Axel’s family; blue for magic and white for the pureness of their lineage as direct descendants of Freyja. Some of the centerpieces placed between the long buffet tables even mimicked a field filled with stone circles and compositions representing their symbol: the passageways connecting Faerie and the human dimension. The von Steinfelds had been wardens of the gates since the beginning of time and nobody was allowed to forget it. It seemed only fair that the doormen wanted now to guard the entire territory.

Kara took mentally note of every face, walking from one point to another, checking and avoiding every chance to mingle. She already knew most of the people there, but they surely didn’t want to be publicly associated with her. Her dealing services guaranteed the maximum level of discretion and she only worked with the highest standards. However, knowing that the von Steinfelds could rely on her was still reassuring; it meant they were rich enough to afford the best available supplier to fit every mystical demand. Axel was putting her on display to acquire indirectly more prestige in that dimension and she thought she was succeeding in her mission. Somebody winked at her, others cautiously ignored her when she passed by, just to greet her in some shady corner a few minutes later. She tasted the food and tried to keep her drinks alcohol free… a real struggle for her. Kara didn’t trust that crowd of mixed supernatural beings and felt it was like a powder keg ready to explode. A pack of werewolves was represented by his alpha male and three clueless betas, the Crimson Fang Society had sent some envoys as well and the witches had just arrived. Mediums, fays, shape shifters and even bounty hunters chatted quietly in the same room, as if they weren’t going for each other’s throats more often than not. Kara was fairly surprised by the number and the variety of the alleged allies and hoped they were impressed too. She was about to load her plate again, the salmon sushi rolls were addictive, when four deafening trumpets cut any conversation and absorbed everybody’s attention. A crier with a white and blue livery stood on the balcony and announced Axel’s entrance.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your host, Axel von Steinfeld, son of Ragnar von Steinfeld, Duke of the Northern and the Western Jurisdiction, Supervisor of the Southern and the Eastern Jurisdiction, Warden of the Gates, Keeper of the Borders and High Counselor of the King of the German Realm of Faerie.”

Axel appeared at the top of the stairs, enveloped by a cone of blinding light and blue sparkles. He walked gracefully, with long steps of calculated slowness, giving his guests the possibility to bask into his magical radiance, as the theatrical lighting disappeared. He stopped halfway through the stairs, where he knew the crystal chandelier would make his white shirt shine against the navy blue jacket anyway.

“I am grateful for your presence here tonight,” he said, scanning the multitude in search of the only face he truly cared about. “I’m thanking you also on behalf of my father, who appreciates your efforts and signs of friendship.”

Axel paused and they all stared at him holding their breath. His aura radiated waves of reassurance that reached everybody like a sort of subtle warmth. A series of thin golden chains clinked on his jacket as he proceeded on the marble floor, ready to give his attention to every single guest. The assembly closed around him, eager to confirm its appreciation and to get a private talk with him. Only Kara maintained some distance, leaving Axel to his job. Meeting each supporter personally was crucial and she had no doubts he could charm his way through their hearts and resources. Every race had something different to offer, no matter how big or important, diversifying the allegiances was a good tactic. The witches were flattered, since fays usually despised them; the hunters saw new opportunities on the horizon; werewolves yearned for more solutions to keep their transformations in check; vampires craved to see if commercializing fay blood could become a real thing and so on. Nobody had attended the party without expectations and Axel had to mediate every position, granting enough to bind them to his cause and keeping enough power to stay superior.

Axel talked and delighted every creature he could intercept for more than one hour, before deciding he needed a break. Only then, he allowed himself to lurk around the corners and join Kara. She seldom wore white, her nights tended to get bloody while taking care of her business, the SWORGE Club & Lounge. However, he believed that color suited her, it least tried to give back some of the innocence she had lost too soon. Axel approached her and brushed her wrist, the cold pat of the golden bracelet he had given her reminded him of when she had been defenseless and alone. Things had changed and she had ascended… higher than he had imagined.

“At least half of the guests is or has been a client of mine,” she said turning around.

“So much for wearing masks…”

“Your father’s suggestions suck, Axel.”

“Oh, trust me, I know.”

“You’ll repair everything. I have faith in you.”

“Will you dance with me?” he asked her.

“Of course, my Lord,” she answered with a wicked smile.

“You really are a bitch, love.”

“Me? Why?” she asked, as wide eyed as a doll.

“I recall the first time you called me that.”


“You still don’t mean it. You never have and never will,” he said with some bitterness.

“Well, I figured that tonight requires some extreme measures. You’ve been a wonderful host and deserve a little more…”


“I was gonna say encouragement, but let’s stick with respect, if it makes you feel better.”

“Getting the hell out of here would do the trick,” he whispered, dragging her to the dance floor, as the waltz guided their steps.

“Is it so bad?”

“Their demands grow by the minute and I fear my father will disappoint them and turn them all into enemies.”

Kara let her fingers caress his shoulders, they were tense under the jacket and his voice was full of rage. She felt the fay waves crashing against her stomach, now that he wasn’t trying to contain himself anymore.

“It’s too soon to complain. At least let them believe you’re taking their proposals under evaluation. Keep them on the hook,” she said.

“The vampires want to sell our blood. How does that sound?”

“Delusional… they’d better stay out of my market, before I bring some sunshine into their lives.”

“Shit, Kara!” he said tightening his hands on her hips.

“That’s why you have me by your side. Send them to me and I’ll find a middle ground. It’s my job, Axel, just let me do it for you.”

“There’s no way I’ll allow you to sell fay blood.”

“But they don’t have to know. I can have it synthetized in my labs, we can modify it as we please and say that once the blood is out of the body it loses its magical appeal. There are thousands of excuses. We’ll pick one together when the moment comes.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“I’m the only ally you don’t need to impress, you’ve done enough for me when I couldn’t stand on my feet.”

“You don’t owe me anything, love.”

“It doesn’t matter. We’re partners in crime,” she whispered.

Kara noticed how his grip became lighter and how his fay waves gradually changed intensity. They were both impatient and with a bad temper and, for that reason, one knew exactly how to soothe the other.

“It’s gonna be tough…”

Axel was about to say more, when suddenly all the windows exploded in a high-pitched shriek. The shards of glass hit flesh and stone like infernal arrows, scattering blood and splinters on every surface.

“Stay down!” Axel screamed pushing Kara on the floor.

“Someone is crashing your harmless social event!” she shouted pointing the finger to the right.

Groups of slender shadows flew through the openings landing among the crowd. Their faces were hidden under layers of black cloth that left out only the eyes: luminous and with unearthly colors, nestled in faces painted with black. They hit the guests with red lightning bolts to make them go faster, rather than to kill them.

“Fays,” he muttered like a curse standing up. “Don’t move, act dead.”

Kara nodded, but she longed to do something. All those who weren’t lying or severely wounded tried to run away, without even thinking about helping their host; great allies, she thought. She watched him walk toward the nearest attackers, as his personal guards closed around him with large magic absorbing shields. He was going to play the hero and there was nothing she could do to assist him; she had suggested mixing some of her men between the guests, but he had said no or they might have felt threatened. Now they were clearly outnumbered, a bad position to pick up a fight. His eight soldiers were going to have a hard time defeating the at least twenty intruders storming all over the place.

“Freeze where you are!” he ordered.

The figures turned and a tall one left the side of the hall barking commands with a dry, deep voice.

“Group One and Two, pick up the bodies, they’ll be our perfect messengers. All the others secure the entrance.”

“Who are you? What do you want?” Axel yelled, stepping forward from behind the oval shield; its layer of liquid magic buzzed, ready to capture and store any aggression.

“I am no one and everybody, von Steinfeld,” the enemy answered, standing still a few meters from Axel. “Your family won’t be sitting on the throne anytime soon.”

“Our people need a fresh start.”

“We agree on that. The future calls for a Republic!”

Axel saw the yellow eyes of the opponent turn spirited and veiled: something was out of place and he had to know what.

“Who is spreading this nonsense?”

“Swear that you’ll stay out of this war and no harm will come to you,” the enemy answered ignoring the question.

Axel burst into laughter and gathered his inner energy, he had to be vigilant, he needed information and killing wasn’t the way. From the corner of his eye, he saw the other shadows making the unconscious creatures levitate out of the windows, but he couldn’t take care of it right away… he could only hope that Kara wasn’t one of them.

“You mean a bunch of commoners arguing on everything, with no notion of how to rule the most rebellious folk ever?” Axel answered, sensing the vigor dilate his fay lines. He decided to provoke him and make him discharge his strength.

“You’re a fool, just like all the other aristocrats!”

“Be ready,” Axel ordered to the soldiers, “I want them alive.”

The stranger closed his arms and launched a carmine thunderbolt with both hands. Two guards jumped to protect Axel, but he eluded their valor and captured the electricity in his palm. He felt it twisting like a trapped snake, biting and hissing, trying to penetrate his thick shell of inner power. It sizzled around his fingers and created a dark fog; the sparks enlightening the mist disappeared as he waved his fist. He wished that a simple demonstration of his skills would be enough to scare them.

“You don’t stand a chance against me,” Axel said. “Go tell your master that Faerie will be in safe hands and stop this madness!”

“There is no master, we breathe as many but we will rule as one!”

“Then you’ll also die as one!”

“So will you and your little title!”

Fifteen other foes quickly joined forces with the one who had spoken, creating a circle and holding hands.

“For the Republic!” they cried crazed.

A colossal lightning took shape among them like an expanding atomic mushroom cloud, developing white hot and throbbing as if it had been alive… draining those who had produced it. Axel stepped back welcoming the protection of the shields and prepared to endure the hit. Purple fibers of magic crept from his body to the guards and the palisade, linking everyone and everything like tentacles. He was pushing his fay lines to the limit, but his superior knowledge enabled him to master magic in ways still unknown to the others. It was time to show what he was capable of and it was only thanks to Kara, if he had gained access to such a technique. He used the last second before the impact to turn around: she observed him, still lying, as one of the shadows harvesting the bodies advanced. His heart skipped a beat, undecided between duty and the urge to save her; then his brain reclaimed full control over him to survive the fight, kicking love out of his mind.

Kara had reached for the dagger secured to her inner thigh as soon as Axel had left her. The ivory hilt had embraced the touch of her long nails, sliding between the fingers and welcoming the secure grip of her hand. She heard the footsteps of one person coming nearer. There were no other bodies around her, the glass shower had been milder in that portion of the hall and all the guests had run away. She knew she was the designated prey, however she had been in risky situations before and was sure she was going to find a way out. Her thoughts were clear and her senses heightened by the adrenaline rush. She trusted her own skills and confided in the enchanted steel forged by her ancestors. Kara tried to inhale and exhale as slowly as possible and her warm breath condensed in tiny beads of humidity on the floor: not ideal for a corpse. Also the pounding disaster in her chest wasn’t the perfect companion for dead woman.

“I know you’re alive,” the fay said crouching next to her, his voice sounded very young.

Kara stiffened and raised her head to look at him; his uniform wasn’t that thick around the neck, she had a real chance there.

“I’m just a human… a prostitute for the after party,” she murmured to confuse him with her puppy face, “I don’t even know anybody here, I’ve never…”

“I won’t take you anywhere,” his teal eyes shone against the black paint full of ingenuity, “if you just swear fealty to the Republic.”

As he said the last word, the pupils widened wild and the irises dulled, as if shrouded. Kara had an idea of what came next and wasn’t keen on living it. She jerked the dagger from under her body and stabbed him in the throat. The blade cut through him until the hilt, brave and voracious. The blue fay blood gurgled out of his mouth, muffled a cry and glided down the neck, joining the gush pouring out of the wound. Kara retrieved the weapon and the fay fell on his back abandoning his warm sap on her manicured hands. She looked around, fearing the others would now come for her and she was right. The closest one darted in her direction and launched a lightening bolt. Kara rolled in the gore and dodged it hiding behind her victim; the current fried the blue liquid and made the dead fay twitch with violent spasms that squeezed out even more of it. The stench made Kara’s eyes itch and the next blow came before she could avoid it. She heard the bolt cutting through the air like a rabid whistle and instinctively held the dagger in front of her. She parried, barely seeing what she was doing. The weapon heated up and shuddered shaking her arm to the shoulder; the hilt flashed and the magical blade reflected the struck, sending it back to its owner. The fay, stunned, got electrocuted and collapsed against a pillar like a pile of dirt. Kara switched hand; blood clung gluey to her dress and skin, her entire right side was sore, the grip was overly warm and the blade was smoking. She checked again her surroundings, not too sure she was capable of enduring another attack without the aid of magic. A washed out shade under the chandelier had his cracked gaze fixed on her. Kara stood up; the pressure of the moment hammered her ears and hardened her muscles. The figure lifted his hands but suddenly stopped to behold the fury of the scene in front of him.

The group of Republicans unchained the spell. The power struck with roaring anger, overcharging the shields and jolting through the connections. Axel’s personal energy distributed the force evenly between the soldiers and the fay lines trembled under his skin and on the floor. Every fiber of his body juddered, as if taunted by a hesitant needle in search of an artery and sweat trickled along his neck like scraggy fingers. The electricity scorched him from the inside, testing his defenses. He wanted to scream the pain away but he couldn’t afford scaring the guards, so he withheld the ache of hostile magic trying to tear him apart cell per cell. Axel von Steinfeld simply stood there, filling his lungs until they almost exploded.

The blinding post magical detonation reflection still lingered around them, the soldiers were shaken but operative.

“Respond with a trapping vortex for each of them,” he commanded with a growl. “I’ll get the leader.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

The aggressors moved backwards, incredulous. Axel and the others should have been injured to say the least! They had practiced that combined attack for weeks and knew that the shields couldn’t absorb the magic fast enough. The concentration of that lightning bolt had been calculated to breach even a block sustained by more than twenty fays. How had it failed? Why was that von Steinfeld so resilient?

Axel and the guards took advantage of that moment of weakness and advanced with magic erupting from their palms. Their steps echoed in the unnatural silence, followed by the terrified screams of the intruders. Their energy levels were now too low to react and, by the time they got to their guns, the twisters were all over them. Small tornados of blue electricity enveloped each fay, spinning so close to their bodies that any movement meant burning. Only then, Axel turned around and saw Kara drenched with dark blood; the other enemies behind her incredibly stood still, instead of trying to escape.

“Victory or Valhalla! Long live the Republic!” shouted the leader.

Axel sprang to him but, before he could do anything, a long sword appeared above every Republican and swiftly descended through their necks into their hearts in a decisive downward thrust. The lifeless fays fell into the blazing energy with the metallic thud of the hilts against the hard surface. The fay blood flooded the white marble, painting it with a perfect sequence of von Steinfelds’ colors.

“Call back the vortexes!” he ordered, eliminating his own.

Axel kneeled to examine the closest one, he was about to unravel the black fabric, when they all dissolved under his eyes, including the swords.

“No!” he shouted, punching the floor, finally freeing his suffering. “Four of you go outside and search for clues. The others stay here, collect the survivors and identify the dead. Call some backup.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Axel snorted and stood up. What kind of Lord was one unable to protect his guests at a party? How was he going to…

“It’s not your fault,” Kara said putting her arms around him.

“Sorry I left you.”

“I’m fine, you knew I was gonna be alright.”

Axel nodded and held her close.

“Who the fuck are the Republicans?” he snapped. “Who controls them? That’s a whole new level of crazy!”

“We’ll find out.”

“They’re all gone!”

“Their bodies are gone. The one I killed left a lot of DNA around, on me and on my Prada dress… that lunatic had good taste.”

“And what do we do after you have it analyzed?”

“I’ll tell you when the results are ready,” she said kissing his cheek. “Come with me outside, let’s get some fresh air.”

Kara took his hand and led him to the patio; the broken glass screeched under their shoes and black, red and blue blood streaked their path. At least the vampires had gone at the first sign of danger.

“It was social suicide,” Axel said sitting on a bench. “They’ll never speak to me again, everything is lost.”

“Has it occurred to you that nobody lifted a finger to help you?”

Axel lowered his head and Kara sat on his lap.

“Yeah… not even the other fays.”

His body was hotter than normal and the prickle of magic was frenzied, so Kara opened his shirt. The usually purple and neat fay lines were now black and swollen, with blurred enflamed rims that reddened the skin. She lightly traced the one crossing his stomach and Axel flinched: he urgently needed to be cleansed.

“That’s not the kind of crowd you want around anyway.”

“My choices are limited and I’m not in the mood to argue.”

He raised his chin and the moonlight shone into his eyes, turning them into deep watery mirrors. The tears threatened to fall and he wasn’t able to control them.

“Then don’t. Just shut up for once.”

Kara brushed his lips with hers until Axel responded to her touch: his last anchor before falling down the abyss of self-pity.

“Why do you still believe in me?” he asked in hushed murmur.

“Because I know your heart,” she said running her fingers through his hair “and I understand your soul.”

Axel kissed her again, tasting the saltiness of his own tears, melting into the only love he was never going to lose.




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