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One Hundred Short Sleeps

One Hundred Short Sleeps

by Peter Morgan

© 2016 Peter Morgan

All rights reserved.

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To my friends who love/hate to be reminded how close Christmas is.

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About this Poem
One hundred short sleeps

This poem was released on Friday 16th September 2016, or in other words, one hundred sleeps until Christmas day. It’s a jolly and festive reminder that the days can pass by quite quickly. Be prepared!

There’s one hundred sleeps, until Christmas Day.

You may think there’s no rush, it’s still ages away.

But please, if I may, just impart some advice,

Sort out a jobs list (and then check it twice).

Soon we have Autumn in five more short sleeps,

Those leaves falling down to be raked into heaps.

September then gone and October is here,

The nights drawing in, the days soon disappear.

By the end of the month there’ll be ‘ghosties and ghouls’.

They’ll yell “trick or treat” (you know that’s the rules).

With a whiz and a bang, you find it’s November

And on bonfire night, you might soon remember,

In fifty more sleeps, it’ll be Christmas Day

Still you think, there’s no rush, it’s still ages away.

Then there’s writing out the present list

And planning out the shopping trips.

The frosty air is lovely but

You’re cursing now

“The car’s iced up!”

Your flashing lights need some repair,

The tinsel’s gotten everywhere.

“I’ve written all my cards” you boast,

Then wonder

When’s the final post?

The wrapping seems an endless task,

Don’t forget old Santa’s flask.

Soon it will be Christmas Day,

Believe me,

It’s not far away!

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One Hundred Short Sleeps

There's one hundred sleeps, until Christmas Day. You may think there's no rush, it's still ages away. But you'd be wrong. This poem strives to show you just how close it is until Christmas! Best start working on that presents list then.

  • ISBN: 9781370395439
  • Author: Peter Morgan
  • Published: 2016-09-16 09:20:09
  • Words: 319
One Hundred Short Sleeps One Hundred Short Sleeps