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One Hundred Secrets of Success


100 SOS

One Hundred Secrets of Success

(Ravi V. Melwani)

100 SOS

One Hundred Secrets of Success


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The Story

behind this book…

For nearly 20 years, I followed a fixed ritual – every Sunday

morning, I gave a talk on success. A keen team – the

Kempians – at my retail store Kidskemp would gather

around me while I gave the talk. These sessions, known as

“RVM’s SOS”, focused only on one topic: “How to

succeed”. For 20 years, I studied and researched the lives

of successful people and discovered the secrets behind

their success. This book is a collection of my talks and

research done during those years. And now, you have in

your hands a hundred of my time-tested Secrets of Success


In fact, success is easy to achieve. It is well within the reach

of each and every right-thinking person, yet it remains

elusive and difficult for most people to achieve. There are

no secrets to success, but there certainly are principles and

set of rules to follow in order to succeed. When we sideline

these necessary steps, success eludes us.

I have been tempted to call these sessions “Principles of

Success”, but I settled on “Secrets of Success” because while these are actually principles, they were unknown to

most of the people I spoke to at my retail store. These

principles turned out to be interesting revelations to them.

Hence, each week, I would take up one principle or Secret

of Success and elaborate on it. At the end of the session,

the techniques would no longer remain a secret; they would

become success principles that could be used and

implemented by the team in the days and weeks that


In all humility, I must say that hundreds from my team and

many others who attended these SOS sessions regularly

have benefitted from them and moved up the ladder of

success. I don’t claim that these SOS are my own

discoveries. Rather, they have been around for some time

and used by many great achievers and successful people all

over the world. I have just put them down in simple words

and easy-to-follow steps. Each principle has been carefully

thought out and put across, in such a way, that it is easy to

remember and implement. If you look around, you will

find that there are more than a hundred secrets of success

available for just about anybody. However, this book is a

compilation of 100 of the most important of these

otherwise scattered secrets.

I can assure you that anyone who implements these

principles can become successful. This book will motivate,

inspire and guide you to be successful in everything.

However, the choice to execute the plans and follow the

principles is entirely yours. If there is no voluntary

intention to succeed, do not expect anyone to push you

towards success. In case of sheer lack of will, this book

could just as well be another “time-pass” read for you.

However, if this book is taken seriously, it has the potential

to become a magic formula or “mantra” for success. This

guarantee is not just mine alone, but it is from all those

hundreds of successful people who have implemented

these principles in their everyday life and achieved success.

These principles are not confined to gain success in a

business or career alone, but can be applied to achieve

success in everything.

The success mantras in this book can be used to achieve any

career aspiration and short-term goals of our day-to-day

life. Are you ready? If yes, continue reading, and then, do

not forget to use 100 SOS by RVM in your life to guide you

in the path to success!



1. Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams


2. Bury “BUT” and Forget “BIBS”


3. Jot It Down


4. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail


5. A Little Difference Makes a Big Difference


6. Vaccinate Yourself from “Excusitis”


7. Tame the Monkey in Your Mind


8. Check, Double check, Re-check


9. Change Your Pace to Win the Race


10. The Day You Stop Dreaming, You Start Dying


11. Believe in Miracles


12. Not to Win is Not a Sin


13. Don’t Play the Blame Game


14. Life is Not a Joyride


15. Birds Fly Because They Think They Can


16. Success Means Succeeding Again and Again


17. Success is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration


18. There’s Always a Better Way… Your Challenge is


to Find It

19. When You Can’t Direct the Wind, Adjust Your



20. Today, Not Tomorrow


21. Make Your Work Exciting


22. Be Busy


23. You Get What You Give


24. “Good Enough” is Not Good Enough


25. Don’t wait to Die… Fly in the Sky!


26. Don’t Just “Try” to Succeed


27. Dare to Fail


28. Write Out Your Obsession Statement


29. Don’t Waste Time


30. Work, Worship and Wait


31. Ducks Quack, Eagles Soar


32. Create a Reason to Succeed


33. If You Keep on Doing What You are Doing,


You will Keep on Achieving What You are

Already Achieving

34. Horse or Elephant? It’s Your Choice


35. Discover the Power Within


36. What the Mind Thinks, It Believes and



37. I Shall Never Fail Because I Shall Never Quit


38. Focus on Solutions, Not on Problems


39. Unleash the Power of Enthusiasm


40. Stop Chasing Butterflies and Start Digging



41. Brick by Brick, that’s the Trick


42. Don’t Be a Bubble… Be a Ball


43. Don’t Destroy the Morn by a Past that is Dead


and Gone and a Future not Yet Born

44. The Magic of 5+1


45. 99 Percent Right is 100 Percent Wrong


46. It’s Not the End… It’s Only a Bend


47. Pilot Your Plane to Success


48. Be a Winner, Not a Whiner


49. The Secret of the Mastermind


50. No One is Born Successful


51. You Need Volition, Not Just Motivation to Win


52. Skill × Will = Success


53. It’s Only a Game


54. Cope Through Hope


55. The 8 Factor


56. Make God Your Partner


57. Work Made Fun Gets Done


58. Innovation Works


59. None of Us is as Smart as All of Us


60. A Passion for Perfection


61. Failures are Milestones on the Highway


Called Success

62. Every Day is a Holiday


63. The Magic of the Superconscious Mind


64. Flip Over from NEP to PEP


65. Live with FAITH


66. There is Always a Better Way, Your Challenge


is to Find It

67. Know Where You Want to Go, and Then Go


Where You Want to Go

68. Kaizen


69. Readers are Leaders


70. Decade, Pentad, Annual, Quarter, Month,


Week, Day

71. KOKO – The Stonecutter’s Secret


72. Program Your Mind to Succeed


73. Replace Fear with Faith


74. God is on My Side


75. Make Happiness the Goal


76. Lift! Don’t Drift!


77. The Power of Surrender


78. Curiosity Can Conquer


79. Prepare Before You Push


80. Play the Possibility–Thinking Game and Win


81. Don’t Inflate Your Problem Balloon


82. Convert Obstacles into Challenges


83. Don’t Just Achieve… Transcend Your Goals


84. Do You Have a Life Philosophy?


85. Willpower will Power You to Success


86. Put Your Energy in Motion


87. Practice Does Not Make Perfect


88. Don’t Miss the Bus!


89. Luck Goes to Those Who Pluck


90. Build Habits Bit by Bit


91. You Deserve to Succeed


92. Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?


93. What is Your Paradigm?


94. The Diamond Rule


95. The Magic of Imagination


96. Don’t just Work Hard… Work Smart!


97. The Science of Attraction


98. Attitude of Gratitude


99. Making the Ordinary Extraordinary


100. I Know Nothing




SoS 1

Don’t Let Anyone

Steal Your Dreams

The Secret of Success is to have dreams and the

drive to make them come true, come what may.

Many people have dreams, but unfortunately, their

dreams are stolen by dream stealers! Yes, there are

robbers all around, who come to steal your dreams.

Who are these dream stealers? Sadly, they are

sometimes our closest friends and relatives – our

very near and dear ones. When we set a dream that

may seem impossible to fulfill in the beginning, they

discourage and tell us, “This dream is impossible!

How will you convert it into a reality?” These people

are, in fact, the dream stealers who come in from the

back door and steal our dreams without our


To be successful, it doesn’t matter if somebody

steals your wallet, credit cards, or cash, you can still

go ahead without these. But by letting someone steal

your dreams, you let them steal your success too!


SoS 2

Bury “BUT”

and Forget “BIBS”

Success can be achieved provided you learn to bury

the word “but”. “But” is a failure word. When you

use “but” in your life very often, it actually stops you

from succeeding. Hence remove the word “but”

from your vocabulary completely!

People sometimes say, “I would have succeeded,

“but” because of certain reasons, I did not do it”; “I

also would have succeeded, “but” the markets were

not right at that point of time”; or “I would have

succeeded, “but” my family didn’t support me”.

These types of statements with “but” are sure to

hold us back from success.

To be successful, BURY BUT, and along with

burying “but”, forget “BIBS”. We all know that bibs

are for babies, but the “BIBS” I am referring to here

is an acronym for “But, If, Because, and Someday”.

Many people use all of BIBS, which is another cause

for their failure. Stop saying “I would have

succeeded “if ” I had the money”; “I did not succeed

“because” I fell sick”; and “I will succeed

“someday””. Once you forget and bury “But” and

“BIBS”, you will surely be on your way to success!


SoS 3

Jot It Down

A simple secret of success is to write down

whatever is important. Very few people have this

good habit of jotting down important pointers or


For instance, at a seminar you can see two types of

people in the audience. One group listens

attentively and jots down the important points in

their notepads or books. The second group may

also listen to the seminar attentively, but they do not

care to take notes of the important ideas they have

heard. Two days later, the latter would have

forgotten what the seminar was all about. They may

try to remember the ideas, but the mind is just like

the sands on a beach – whatever you draw on it gets

washed away by the next wave.

To be successful, remember this simple secret – “Jot

it down”. Jot down the ideas that come to your mind

and jot down the noteworthy points in a meeting or


Jot down anything and everything that is important

because the pen and the paper are your best friends.

Long after the mind forgets an idea, the pen and

paper makes you remember it from what you had

written. Successful people will tell you that one of

the best ways to be successful is just to “jot it down”.

Jot the ideas down and soon you will be on your way

to success.


SoS 4

Failing to Plan

is Planning to Fail

I love this SOS because it’s a simple and

straightforward secret that helps you succeed.

Those who don’t want to plan don’t want to

succeed, just as those who want to succeed make

sure that they plan. In simple words, if you do not

have a plan, then you plan to fail.

Can we construct a building without a blueprint

plan? Can any business succeed without a plan? Can

any government run a country without a plan? Has

anybody succeeded ever? Ask successful people and

they will tell you that if you fail to plan, then you

surely plan to fail. Remember this Secret of Success

the next time you want to succeed. Start with a plan

and you will soon be seeing success!


SoS 5

It’s a Little Difference

that Makes a Big Difference

Some people think that success comes from

working a lot more… double or triple an ordinary

person. Success doesn’t just come from working a

lot more, “It’s a little difference that makes a big

difference”! This is one of the Secrets of Success.

How does a horse win a race? It doesn’t win the race

with a huge lead. Sometimes, just by a nose length, a

horse can win a race. Do you want to succeed? Then

just work a little harder than your friend, work a little

smarter, put in longer hours to better your work and

soon you will be ahead of others.

An Olympic champion may have won his race not

because he was able to run faster than the runner

who came second, but may have won by just a

fraction of a second. The champion would have

overtaken the runner at the second place by a

difference of 0.1 seconds. Yes, that’s all it takes! It’s

just a little difference that makes a big difference.

That little difference decides whether you’re going

to be a success or failure. What do you want to be?

Do you want to be successful? Then, make that little

difference, and you will see yourself succeeding!


SoS 6

Vaccinate Yourself

from “Excusitis”

One of the biggest failure diseases is called

“Excusitis” — the deadly disease that makes us give

excuses. Instead of working on success, strategizing

ideas and executing plans, people look for excuses

when they are asked why they did not do it. Yes,

many people have a bank of excuses; one after the

other they give an excuse for their non-


Do you want to succeed? Then Stop! Vaccinate

yourself from Excusitis! Don’t let this disease of

giving excuses be a part of your life. Eliminate

excuses! When you make a mistake, face the fact and

admit you are wrong. Improve, change and don’t

repeat the mistake and soon you will be on the way

to success. Remember SOS no. 6: to be successful,

“Vaccinate yourself from Excusitis” and eliminate

excuses from your life.


SoS 7

Tame the Monkey

in Your Mind

Successful people tell us that the mind is like a

monkey. It keeps jumping from one thought to

another and one idea to another. The mind is

attracted and distracted, but well, that’s the problem

with everybody’s mind–mine and yours. All our

minds are like monkeys. Just like a monkey jumps

from branch to branch, the mind jumps from

thought to thought. To be successful, learn to tame

the monkey in your mind. Once you do this, you will

learn to focus and to concentrate. Stop jumping

from one thought to the other! If you have a

thought, write it down, come back to it later, and

don’t “jump” to another thought till you do justice

to the current thought. Don’t let your mind get

distracted and let it think of multiple thoughts at the

same time.

People use meditation, concentration and focus to

help tame the monkey in the mind. But well, if you

want to be successful, cage this monkey in your

mind! If you don’t, you will not be achieving success

and failure could be jumping all over you.


SoS 8


Double check,


I have been successful in my life because I

implemented this secret called “Check, Double

check and Re-check”. This is best explained in this

small story.

Several soldiers were injured in a war. While they

were being flown from the air base to their country,

90% of them were dying as they landed. The Chief

General ordered to follow a process of “Check”,

wherein the patients were checked before they were

shifted to the aircraft. He found that instead of

90%, only 50% patients were dying. He was not

satisfied and introduced a “Double Check” process.

Patients were checked twice: When they were taken

right up to the aircraft and before they boarded.

This second process reduced the death rate to 20%.

People were really impressed, but the General was

not. He said, “Let’s not just Check and Double

Check, but also do a Re-Check”. The patients were

checked thrice: Before shifting, at the time of

boarding and after boarding the aircraft. Several

times, critically ill patients were deboarded. This

reduced the death rate to 4%. Eventually, 96% of

the patients who landed were alright!

I follow the system of “Check, Double Check, Re-

Check”, and it has been the backbone of my

success. You can succeed too if you “Check,

Double Check and Re-Check”!


SoS 9

Change Your Pace

to Win the Race

Are you not succeeding? If you are not succeeding,

there are chances that you are either too slow or

maybe too fast. You have to be at the right pace to

win the race. Therefore, change your pace!

If you are lethargic, you need to speed up your pace

to get till the end of the race. Sometimes, I found

that I was too fast, and then, I had to change my

pace and slow down. Successful people accept that

one of the Secrets of Success is the pace because it’s

the pace that makes you win a race!

Find out what your pace is. If you have to run faster,

if you have to work harder, or if you have to work

longer, then you just have to start doing it! You have

to be willing to pay the price, and sometimes, the

price is just that you must change your pace to win

the race!


SoS 10

The Day You Stop Dreaming,

You Start Dying

Success comes to those who not only just dream

once, but also continue to dream. When one dream

is achieved, they dream another. Sometimes when

the dream is not achieved, they still dream another

because they know that the great dreams of great

dreamers are not achieved, but they are

transcended. They evolve from one dream to


When people stop dreaming, they stop succeeding

because dreams and success go together. This

Secret of Success says that the day you stop

dreaming, you start dying. Yes, the body and mind

start decaying, and this decay will take you to defeat

and death.

Today, make a commitment to dream! Never stop

dreaming till you die because the day you stop

dreaming is the day you start dying.


SoS 11

Believe in Miracles

To be successful, one has to believe in miracles.

Most often, people get discouraged because to

succeed, it really needs a miracle to happen, and they

think that it’s not possible. The moment they think

“It’s not possible…”, their efforts, thoughts, and

actions become half-hearted.

Just change this attitude and believe in miracles. Just

say the magic words “It’s possible” to yourself, and

then the efforts are multiplied, and thoughts start

getting created in areas that we never knew were

possible. We get creative ideas, imagination starts

working and success happens.

If you don’t believe in miracles, then you would be

left with living a mundane life because you will just

think ordinary and achieve the ordinary. Therefore,

believe in miracles, and when you do, miracles will

happen, and soon, you’ll be on your way to success!


SoS 12

Not to Win is Not a Sin

Many people think of failure as a big sin. When they

don’t win, they begin to feel that it’s nothing less

than a sin. But successful people know that “Not to

Win is not a Sin!”

Any successful person would have passed failures

on the way to success. Ask successful people, and

they will tell you that one key to achieving success is

being able to deal with failure.

It’s okay to fail, learn, improve, and move on.

Success will be yours if you learn to deal with failure

with a positive attitude, and that will happen when

you believe in this secret: “Not to Win is not a Sin!”

In fact, be happy that you failed, just like Edison

who failed thousands of times before he invented

the electric bulb. You too may invent success after

many, many failures. Keep moving forward after

every failure!


SoS 13

Don’t Play the Blame Game

If you look around, you will find many instances of

failures. You will be able to find a common attribute

among those who fail. People who fail tend to

blame. Instead of accepting the responsibility for

not being successful, they put the blame on

someone else and make it look like they did their

best. When in reality, there was scope for them to do


To be successful, don’t play the blame game. It’s so

easy to play the blame game. It won’t make you win

the game, but you will fail for sure. Therefore,

accept the responsibility of any failure in your life.

When there is a problem, face the problem. Try to

understand the cause of the problem.

To win, don’t play the blame game. Accept your

fault. Nobody is perfect. It’s ok to make mistakes,

but it’s not ok to blame. This will stop you from



SoS 14

Life is not a Joyride

If you ask successful people, if it was easy to

succeed, they may say something on the following

lines: “Well! It’s really not so difficult, but it’s not a

joyride either!” This means that you just can’t take

the journey to success in an easy way and think that

success will suddenly come to your lap.

Success has a price to pay. You have to plan, work,

create teams, think, strategize, think different,

innovate, and add something more! Therefore,

success is tough, but it’s not a joyride either! That’s

the idea behind this secret.

Some people think that success is achieved easily by

people. They think, “This person is successful. So I

can also achieve success because success is easy to

achieve”. Understand the fact that success is not

easy to achieve. It’s not a joyride that anybody can

take and arrive at Destination Success.

Do you want to be successful? Be ready to work

hard, be ready to pay the price, and be ready to go

that extra mile, knowing that success is not a Joyride.


SoS 15

Birds Fly because

They Think They Can

Have you ever thought, “What would happen if

birds thought that they cannot fly?” You would have

millions of birds on Earth, flapping their wings but

staying on the ground. Yes, it’s true that birds can fly

because they think they can! Hence, young birds

open their wings and they discover flight. They are

up in the air, enjoying the breeze and the trees.

Why don’t we succeed at times? Because we don’t

think that we can succeed and we don’t believe in the

same. Most successful people started achieving

success just because they thought they could. Start

thinking “you can” now, it may take time, but you


If birds can fly because they think they can, you too

can succeed because you think you can! Open your

wings, you too have the power to fly. Start thinking

now that you can! Then, success will follow.


SoS 16

Success Means Succeeding

Again and Again

Success is not a one time achievement. People

misunderstand what success is. Therefore, the

secret “Success means succeeding again and again”

teaches us what success truly is.

One-time achievements can be a fluke; they can

happen just by chance. But true success is achieving

success again and again. You may succeed once and

next you may fail. Eventually, if you let it become a

habit, success will soon escape you.

Remind yourself that success means succeeding

again and again and again. Make success a habit!

Build the attributes of a successful person, learn the

tricks of the trade, and you too will be a success for

sure. Know that you have to succeed not just once,

but every time or most of the time. Yes! Once you

start succeeding, success will become a habit. That’s

why they say, “Success is a habit… so is failure!”


SoS 17

Success is 1% Inspiration

and 99% Perspiration

Many people think that success is just inspiration.

They go about seeking motivation and inspiration,

thinking that if only they are motivated and

inspired, will they be successful. Yes, motivation

creates an action due to a motive and inspiration

creates its inner spark, which in turn creates energy.

Both motivation and inspiration are very important

for success.

However, over the years, I have learned a secret that

Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

The “99% perspiration” part implies that success is

hard work, and you must be willing to really sweat it

out. Of course, you need to be inspired to create

that spark, but it’s not just inspiration.

There are so many people who just believe in big

talk. They talk big and achieve small. The big

achievers are inspired and they really slog hard like

there is no tomorrow. So if you want to succeed,

remind yourself of this success secret: “Success is

1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”


SoS 18

“I’m Possible”

“Impossible” did you read it right? Those who fail,

read the word as “Impossible”, but successful

people read the word as “I’m Possible”. Yes, this is a

simple Secret of Success – a principle that makes

successful people succeed.

The principle is simple – Believe that anything is

possible! It’s so easy to think that something is

“impossible”, but the moment you think the same,

the mind shuts down and the actions stop.

Just try to utter the magic words: “It’s Possible”.

You will find flutter in the air, you will find

enthusiasm in your hand, and you will find your feet

moving and heart dancing. So remind yourself of

this simple secret – the word “Impossible” is not

read as “Impossible”, but as “I’m Possible”.

Believe that you are possible and you can do it!

Remove the word “impossible” from your life, from

your dictionary and vocabulary. Eliminate the word

“Impossible”, and live with the words “I’m

Possible”. Soon, you will be on your way to success!


SoS 19

When You Can’t Direct the Wind,

Adjust Your Sails

Often in life, we may be in situations where we feel

pushed down. It’s like being in a boat that can sail,

but you are unable to control the winds. The wind

may start blowing in all directions. What would you

do? Would you just give up?

All you have to do is adjust the sails. This is SOS no.

19–“When you can’t control the winds, adjust your

sails”. What does this secret mean?

There will be situations in your attempts to achieve

success that are impossible to deal with. There

would be some things that just can’t be changed.

Sometimes, in life, there are some parameters that

cannot be changed, but there are always some

parameters that we can change.

For instance, we can’t control people’s actions, but

we can control our reactions. So successful people

know when they can’t control the wind, they can

adjust their sails. They know what is possible and

what is not possible. They work on what is possible.

There is no point in trying to change what’s not

possible. Do you want to be successful? Remind

yourself of this secret and execute the truth that

when there is an uncontrollable situation where you

can’t control the winds, just adjust your sails. Set the

sails in the right direction, and you will be



SoS 20

People who fail often reverse this Secret of Success,

and they simply say, “I’ll do it tomorrow, not today”.

Have you heard this very common statement? You

may have heard it, but have you heard a successful

person saying that he will do something tomorrow?

In reality, successful people say “Do it now!”; they

say, “Today, Not tomorrow!”. They don’t know the

meaning of tomorrow.

In fact, they imply that what can be done tomorrow

must be done today and what can be done today

must be done now. Not just “today”– they say, “Do

it now, do it now, do it now!”. Do you want to be

successful? Then, develop the “Do-it-now habit”.

When someone says that they’ll do it tomorrow,

remind them that tomorrow never comes. If you

want to be successful, believe in doing things today,

not tomorrow! “Today” is your cash in hand. Catch

hold of your “Today”, give it your best shot and you

will be successful.


SoS 21

Make Your Work Exciting

If you really want to succeed in life, you cannot do

that with a job that’s boring. Therefore, either you

must do what you love or you must love what you

do. This means that if you’re not doing an exciting

job, better change it! If you can’t change it, you

better make that job exciting.

The reason why successful people succeed is that

they enjoy what they do. They do not just enjoy their

job, they find it exciting! They look forward to

waking up in the morning, jumping out of the bed

and going to work because they just love it! They are

so happy and excited about what they do, but if

that’s not the case with you, then there is no way that

you can succeed.

The Secret of Success “Make Your Work Exciting”,

therefore, implies that you need to find a job that’s

exciting or you need to make the current one

exciting. You must have excitement at work. To me,

I always do something exciting. I have always

chosen things that have excited me, and without

doubt, I have always been successful in what I have



SoS 22

Be Busy

Successful people don’t know the meaning of

taking it easy when it comes to time. For them, life is

about being busy. For them, a day doesn’t have 24

hours, but 1440 minutes, and they try to make the

best of every minute! In fact, to them, time just flies,

and they feel like there’s not enough time at all to do

whatever they want to do.

Look at those who do not want to succeed. They are

trying to kill time and pass time. How about your

life? Do you have a lot of time to pass? Are you

trying to kill your time? Then, there is a something

wrong in your success formula.

To be successful, we need to keep ourselves busy.

We must value the time we have got in our lives. We

must keep ourselves occupied, doing meaningful

things so that there’s no time left to waste.

If you look around, many people who do not want

to succeed have so much time, but successful people

are busy, busy and busy always. So, start valuing your

time, and soon you will be on your way to success!


SoS 23

You Get What You Give

This is a universal law that’s converted into a success

principle – a secret that most people don’t know:

The “Law of Cause and Effect” works in success.

What you give, you get; therefore, the more you

give, the more you get!

If you are creative in your thoughts, your success

will come to you in a creative manner. It’s a matter

of what quantity, quality and speed you put into life

– that’s the measure in which success will come back

to you. However, there are some people who just

relax and hope that success will walk to them. Well!

This doesn’t happen. If they don’t give life all

they’ve got, they won’t get all of success. Success

comes to them in bits and pieces, just enough to

struggle throughout life.

It is a simple secret! Remember that if you plant

mangoes, you won’t harvest tomatoes. If you want

mangoes, then plant mangoes!


SoS 24

“Good Enough”

is Not Good Enough

This is a success principle that I have used in life to

achieve success again and again. Mediocrity is never

a formula for success. In my life, I have never

compromised and I was never satisfied. I was always

hungry, wanting to do more, always trying to be a


If things were good, I would say “It’s not good

enough!” because when “better” is possible, then

“good” is not enough. Therefore, “good enough” is

not good enough.

If you want to be successful, then keep improving

your best performance – add a little here and add a

little there. Keep checking. You’ve dotted your ‘I’s

and crossed every single ‘T’ of your life. Not just

that, once you have finished doing it, add a gleam of

excellence. Make it sparkle! Make it shine! Then

you’re on your way to success because for you,

“good enough” is not good enough.


SoS 25

Don’t Wait to Die…

Fly in the Sky!

This SOS is the motto of a successful person. If you

really want to succeed, then open your wings and fly

in the sky, and don’t just wait to die.

There’s enormous opportunity as vast as the sky

above, and you’ve got wings. What are you waiting

for? Are you waiting to die? Well! Eventually, we all

have to die. So, why wait to die? Instead, why not try

and fly in the sky?

Yes, that’s what successful people do! They don’t

wait to die; they don’t wait for things to keep

happening, eventually nothing may happen! They

just make it happen; they open their wings and fly in

the sky!

They have courage, they have faith, they achieve,

and they attack impossible opportunities and make

it possible because they believe they can! In short,

successful people have the faith to take that leap up

in the sky only to get unlimited success! So, to

embrace success, dare to open your wings and fly in

the sky!


SoS 26

Don’t Just “Try” to Succeed

If you really want to succeed, don’t just stop at “try”

because success is made up of a two-syllable word

“Tri-umph”. If you just try, you’ll stop at “try”.

You’ve got to triumph, which means that after you

try, you’ve got to finish it with triumph. Don’t be

satisfied with your efforts until you triumph.

A lot of people say this, “You know? I’ve tried my

best. It didn’t happen….” Well, they are the ones

who never achieved success because they stopped at

“trying”. For those who want to achieve success,

they know that success is not just their main goal,

but their only goal! They are willing to die for

success; they are willing to give it their all.

They don’t just “try” to succeed; they succeed no

matter what. That’s their “Success Attitude”. To

them, what matters is success, not just “trying” to

succeed. Succeeding in their life is the top priority

of their life. Hence, don’t just “try” to succeed, but

make success your only priority in life in order to

achieve it!


SoS 27

Dare to Fail

Look at successful people. On their path of success,

you will find that many of them have faced big

failures. Why? Because they had the courage, they

had the guts, and they dared to fail. You have got to

pay the price of failure before you receive the

reward of success.

There’s no question of achieving success before

passing failures on the highway of life. But the

problem is that people don’t fail because they don’t

try. Where is the question of failing? You can only

fail if you try, but they lost the first battle when they

didn’t even try. They didn’t dare to fail.

Unless your dream is big enough, where there is a

fear of failure, it’s not a dream at all. Unless you have

a plan that dares you to fail, and a plan that pulls you

out in case of failure, how will you succeed?

Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must have

the feeling, that emotion of daring to fail. Then, you

will know that success is around the corner.


SoS 28

Write Out Your

Obsession Statement

For the last 30 years, I have written out my

Obsession Statement every year – a statement that

states my obsession, my passion and my burning

desire. What do I want? By when do I want it? How

will I see it? I don’t just write out this obsession

statement, but also put it up in my room, bathroom,

toilet, and office. It’s on my laptop, desktop, mobile

phone, and even in my wallet and pocket – it’s


My obsession statement is so actively present in my

life that the obsession actually gets at me. Well, to

me, success is not about vision statements and

mission statements; success is about an obsession

statement. If you have an obsession statement that

clearly states what you want, when you want it, and

how you’re going to attain it, nothing can stop you

from achieving success!


SoS 29

Don’t Waste Time

Life is just a minute—only sixty seconds in it.

Forced upon you—can’t refuse it.

Didn’t seek it—didn’t choose it.

But it’s up to you to use it.

You must suffer if you lose it.

Give an account if you abuse it.

Just a tiny, little minute,

But eternity is in it!

Successful people have never wasted time. They can

lose money but they cannot lose time, because they

know very well that with time, one can make money,

but with money, one can’t get time.

Time is the most important ingredient in the recipe

of success to people who have succeeded. Yes,

successful people never, ever waste even a minute.

They know how to multitask, they know how to

eliminate time wasters, they know how to delegate,

they know how to make the best use of the time

they have, and they know to create more time in

their life.

What do you do with your time? How do you

manage your time? Do you have a plan? Do you

make the best use of every minute? If you do,

expect success to knock at your door soon!


SoS 30




The 3 simple steps that can help you achieve success

are Work, Worship and Wait. “Work” as if

everything depends on you, “Worship” as if

everything depends on God, and “Wait” knowing

that it’s going to happen. Don’t lose patience! A

combination of work, worship and wait is an

absolute guarantee of success.

Anybody who uses the formula of faith and toil

backed by patience cannot just fail because this is a

magic formula that many successful people have

used to make their dreams come true.

Do you want to succeed? Then, check these 3 steps:

Do you really work? Do you worship? And do you

have the patience to wait? If you are following these

3 steps religiously, then there is no way you can stop,

and you’re absolutely going to achieve success in a

short time!


SoS 31

Ducks Quack, Eagles Soar

If you look around, you’ll find people with different

characters and so are the creations of God. If you

look at ducks, they go quack, quack, quack. But if

you look at eagles, they don’t quack. They just soar!

So, what do we learn from them on the path of

success? We can choose to be either ducks or eagles.

We can be like ducks and just keep quacking till our

life is over, or like eagles, we can open our wings and

fly high in the sky.

We have an attribute that is common to both ducks

and eagles. They both have wings. We too have

wings that can give us success, but what do we use

our wings and special gifts for? We have skills and

talents that life gives us, but what do we use them

for? Are we just whiling away our time – gossiping,

talking, and wasting energy? Or are we putting our

strengths to good use? Successful people make the

best of their skills and their will and they achieve

success! Learn this secret!


SoS 32

Create a Reason to Succeed

If you look at successful people, most of them

succeeded because they wanted to succeed. There

was a compelling reason for them to achieve

success. Do you have a reason to succeed? Is there

any compelling reason that is making you want to

succeed? Do you have a burning desire inside you

for success? Well, this compelling reason acts as a

fuel to take you into the success orbit.

If you really want success, look at your compelling

reason. Either the reason must be compelling

enough to make you move or you need to create a

compelling reason because success doesn’t happen

to anybody and everybody. It happens to those who

really want to succeed – the ones who really have a

reason for wanting that magic called success!


SoS 33

If You Keep on Doing

What You Are Doing,

You Will Keep on Achieving

What You Are Already Achieving

This is a very simple secret. However, it’s a principle

that many people miss out on the success journey.

They want success, but they keep doing what they

are doing. They live a routine life. They wake up at

the same time, they dress up in the same way, they

drive in the same vehicle, they go on the same road,

they go to the same office, and they do the same

things day in day out, week after week, month after

month, and year after year. Then what do they

expect? Success? How can it happen? Success is

impossible this way.

If you keep on doing what you are doing, then you

will keep on achieving what you are achieving. If

you want to achieve more and if you want success,

then change! Do something extra, do something

different, do something more, and soon you will

find yourself galloping on the road of success!


SoS 34

Horse or Elephant?

It’s your choice

This secret compares people to either being a horse

or an elephant. You can straight away say if the

person you are looking at is a horse or an elephant

from the basic characteristics they project and what

their philosophy or character is.

Some people are like the elephant: Elephants walk

slowly, they wonder, they don’t run, they are calm,

they are poised, and their success also may come

slowly to them.

However, some people are like horses. They are

impatient to move, you can see their legs rearing to

go, you can see them wanting to gallop and the

minute you let them lose, they gallop and run

because they want to get ahead. They know where

they want to go and so it is with people who want to


What are you – a horse or an elephant? If you want

to be successful, be a horse, not an elephant!


SoS 35

Discover the Power Within

A very few people understand this secret that there

is a power within – a power that creates the heart to

beat and gives us life. This power is often referred to

as Prana, Shakti, Chi, _ or _Ojas – there are so many

names. Basically, this power creates life, and it is the

same power that can create success.

Unfortunately, some of us are able to transmute

that power into success, and some of us lose it

because we don’t use it. Yes! There is tremendous

power within, but we have to discover it. The power

already exists inside us, but it is covered by various

sheaths of the body. We have to uncover and

discover the power and then use the power to



SoS 36

What the Mind Thinks,

It Believes and Achieves

We often hear about the law of attraction and

“believe and achieve” theory, but what does this

mean? The mind is a very powerful tool. We can

either use it to succeed or to fail. The choice is ours!

We must program our mind to think the right

thoughts because whatever the mind thinks, it is

followed by action, and then from action to habit,

habit to character and character to destiny. If we

make the mind think the right thoughts, we will

believe and achieve. However, if we let the mind

think negative thoughts, we will be discouraged.

Then we will never believe and hence fail.

The choice is ours. Know that we can control the

mind and through the mind, control our thoughts,

actions and destiny.


SoS 37

I Shall Never Fail

because I Shall Never Quit

This is a statement of a successful person. He says,

“I Shall Never Fail because I Shall Never Quit”. It’s

very simple and it means that as long as I don’t quit,

I’m still trying.

Successful people just go on trying and they never

quit. They know the minute they quit, the game is

over, success is over and failure has captured them.

So if you want to succeed, just tell yourself “I shall

never fail because I shall never quit”, and follow the

statement with that resolution of never quitting.

Just keep on trying. If something doesn’t work, try

some other way. If it still doesn’t work, then keep at

it. You have to pray, you have to work hard, and you

have to take help, but don’t quit, for quitters never

win and winners never quit!


SoS 38

Focus on Solutions,

Not on Problems

Do you focus on solutions or do you focus on

problems? Well, everybody has problems… Who

doesn’t? The difference is that successful people

don’t focus on the problems; instead, they focus on

the solutions.

Once you fail, if you keep on rehearsing the

problem, you repeat the problem. At times, people

who have failed let the problem occupy their mind

and life. Those who want to succeed understand

and analyze the problem and focus on solutions.

This is the way to succeed and live.

Do not let your problem blow up like a balloon and

then make it look so big that it looks impossible to

solve. Yes, keep your problems in proper

perspective and then don’t focus on them. Instead,

focus on the solutions. Those who focus on the

solutions get them, and they are on their way to



SoS 39

Unleash the Power of


Enthusiasm has great power. We all know it because

enthusiastic people are inspired. They are full of

energy, they walk, they talk, they move, they achieve,

and hence, they are enthusiastic.

However, the challenge is “How do you become

enthusiastic?” You can become enthusiastic and

learn this Secret of Success by understanding that

enthusiasm is born from two words: “En Theos”,

meaning “In God”.

What happens when you believe in God? When you

believe in the power that has made the entire

creation, it creates faith, hope and trust in you.

Faith, hope and trust together are the ingredients

for enthusiasm. So it’s a simple way to believe and

build enthusiasm. Once you have built enthusiasm,

you will build the energy that is needed for your

much-wanted success.


SoS 40

Stop Chasing Butterflies…

Start Digging Gold

When I look at successful people and those who do

not want to succeed, I find a very distinctive

characteristic that differentiates the two groups.

Successful people are busy digging gold: they go on

and on and on. They are focused, they are

persistent, they know what they want, they do it,

they don’t get distracted, they just keep at it, on and

on and they get it!

What about those who do not want to succeed?

They are chasing butterflies; they are doing this and

that. They are doing everything else except focusing

on the success that they seek. No wonder they are

not successful.

Therefore, if you want success, follow this simple

and true Secret of Success: “Stop chasing

butterflies… Start digging gold! This secret can

make you achieve success; it can give you the much-

wanted focus, determination and energy that are

required for success to happen. So, why wait? Start

digging gold!


SoS 41

Brick by Brick –

That’s the Trick!

Those searching for success must learn a simple

principle: success is not an instant product. You

don’t get success at the snap of the finger. It’s not

like how you make an order at one of the

McDonald’s outlets, where you can go and get a

burger in a moment.

Success takes its time, like building a monument

such as Taj Mahal – it was not built in a day.

Therefore, those who have achieved success know

that success is a trick that happens brick by brick.

Your success evolves. It grows.

At first, it starts with a brick, cement, and then

another brick. Next, you wait for it to cure, and then

you put the next block. Likewise, success happens

step by step and bit by bit till you eventually see the

beautiful picture of your success. So remember this

important success secret, “Brick by Brick – That’s

the Trick!”


SoS 42

Don’t Be a Bubble… Be a Ball

Some people will understand this Secret of Success

from the statement itself. How can success be about

a bubble and a ball? Well, it’s simple. What is the

difference between a bubble and a ball? The

moment the bubble touches anything, it just bursts,

but a ball doesn’t burst. It bounces back!

Successful people bounce back. When they hit

resistance, they don’t burst. When somebody

touches them, they don’t burst – they are like a

tough ball! Whatever happens, the ball just keeps

bouncing. Similarly, successful people keep on


If you want to be a successful person, remember

that you have to bounce back, no matter what.

Regardless of the problems, resistance, difficulties,

and roadblocks, the moment you hit a roadblock,

don’t stop! Bounce like a ball! Because you don’t

burst like a bubble, you will be on your way to



SoS 43

Don’t Destroy the Morn by a Past

that is Dead and Gone

and a Future not Yet Born

What does this secret principle teach us? It teaches

us that to be successful, you must make use of the

present moment. All we have are the present


We don’t have the past – it’s gone. We don’t have the

future – it’s not yet born. We have the present in our

hands. Hence, “We shouldn’t destroy this morn by

the past that has gone and the future not yet born”,

that’s the secret!

People who live with this secret make the best of the

present moment. By doing so, they have a yesterday

that was great and a tomorrow that’s going to be

superb because when tomorrow comes, it will be

the today that they will be making the best of.

Are you living in the present moment? Or are you

living in the past or future? If you are living in the

present moment, then you know that you’re on your

way to success.


SoS 44

The Magic of 5+1

I have used this success principle over the last few

years to make my dreams come true. It’s a secret that

challenges us to sleep only for 5+1 hours. Many

people sleep for 7 hours or even 8 hours.

What happens when you spend too much time

sleeping? You lose that much productive time,

which can be used to make your dream come true.

Therefore, audit the time you sleep. How many

hours do you sleep in a day?

Successful people, on an average, sleep for less than

6 hours. They sleep for 5 hours in the night, and

most of them take a quick afternoon nap. This is a

kind of recharge – something that helps one to

achieve success. Try it! It may work for you!


SoS 45

99 Percent Right is

100 Percent Wrong


On the way to success, don’t stop at 99 percent

because this Secret of Success tells us that “99

percent right is 100 percent wrong”. There are

many, many, many people who are 99 percent right,

but they end up failing. What made them a failure?

It’s that 1 percent, which was a missing link between

failure and success.

Who invented the telephone? We all think that

Graham Bell was the one, but in reality, Johann

Philipp Reis was the first one to build a device that

could produce sounds. He named his device

“telephon”. But the device was not commercially

viable and the sound quality was poor. Graham Bell

further improved on this invention, making a device

with a much better sound quality. He was the first

one to apply for a patent for a device that

transmitted sounds.

Credit of the invention of the telephone goes to

Graham Bell, not because he did 100 percent of the

invention, but because he did the additional 1

percent and made it work. Learn this secret – doing

or achieving 99% is not enough. You need that extra

1% percent that makes you the winner.


SoS 46

It’s Not the End…

It’s Only a Bend

When you’re walking down a road, you often think

that it’s the end and what do you do? Either you stop

and turn back, or you go towards the end to check it

out. Successful people never accept the end of a

road in their life as the end. They keep going

because they are sure that at the end, there will be a


This means that in life, no challenge, no opportunity

- nothing has an end. There’s always an opportunity

– a scope for us to create a bend, to create a turn, and

to create an option. Those who are successful find a

way where there is no way. When it’s the end, they

find a bend – this is finding success! It is the ability

to be committed towards making your dream come

true. The next time you think that your success is

showing you a board that says “The End”, don’t

stop! Go ahead and find the bend!


SoS 47

Pilot Your Plane to Success

You are the pilot of your own plane. Your plane is

your life, and you are in command of your plane.

You are in the pilot seat, and you have the controls

in your hands. Just like a pilot can take his plane to

any destination, you can take your life to any

destination because it’s your life and you have to

make the choice of what you want.

You take off, cruise, and land the way you like. Don’t

blame others for the course of your life‘s journey.

You are the pilot of your plane, if you give the

charge of your plane to a co-pilot or to anybody

else, it’s your mistake. Don’t let anybody take charge

of your life.

You take charge of your own life. You pilot your

plane to a destination of your choice. Know where

you want to go, choose the right direction, put in the

right fuel, take off, land, arrive, and succeed!


SoS 48

Be a Winner,

Not a Whiner

There are many people who keep on whining,

complaining and repeating questions like why they

couldn’t do it, what stopped them from success,

why it’s not possible, why it’s so difficult, and why

the world is so unfair. Well, this is called whining.

They keep on whining, but those who are whining,

are never winning.

So, success is a choice between whining and

winning. Why? Because whiners lose their entire

time and energy whining and winners do not have

any time to whine at all! They are just focusing on

winning; they focus on the secret of success and

think about their plans. They work on their dreams

and their teams, and together with the focus on

winning, they achieve success.


SoS 49

The Secret of

the Mastermind

A mastermind is a group of minds that work

together for a common objective. Most successful

people never depend on their mind alone. They use

a mastermind, a group of minds working together

for a goal that they wanted to achieve. Yes. Most

successful people have not achieved success alone.

It’s always a group that makes success possible, and

this group is generally a mastermind. They may call

it by different names, but if you look at most

successful people, this is what makes their success a

reality. A mastermind is nothing but minds that are

merged and are thinking together, working

together, and strategizing together to achieve a goal.

Do you have a mastermind? Or are you working

alone? If you’re working alone, you may take a long

time to get what is called success, but instead, if you

build a mastermind, you can be sure that you’ve got

one more success secret in your hand.


SoS 50

No One is Born Successful

When babies are born, do they have a tag in their

hand stating “Success” or “Failure”? No, no one is

born with a tag of success or failure. In fact, we all

are born like a Tabula rasa or a “blank slate”, and

then we grow up. Till our teenage, we hardly have a

command of our life. But the moment we are adults

enough to take charge of our lives, it’s up to us to

become successful.

Nobody is born successful. You may be born rich,

but it doesn’t mean that you are going to be

successful. In fact, most of the success stories are

of those who are born poor and in the most

challenging situations. Then, what makes them

successful? They realize that their birth doesn’t have

to decide their destiny. They realize that it’s not

about being born successful, it’s about becoming

successful! They use the Secrets of Success to

become truly successful.


SoS 51

You Need Volition,

Not Just Motivation to Win

Many people do not reach the destination of

success because they are waiting for external

motivation. It’s common to hear statements like “I

need to be motivated” or “I need motivation”. But

is it motivation that creates success? Not always.

The real ingredient of success is volition. Volition is

nothing but voluntary intention. Unless there is a

voluntary intention for one to do something, it will

never happen. How many times can somebody

force you to do something? If you really want to do

something, it should come from your heart. You

should want to do it; it should become your

aspiration and your resolution.

Resolve to succeed, desire to succeed and create that

voluntary intention or volition to succeed, and this

is one of the sure secrets to get to the top!


SoS 52

Success = Skill × Will

How do you get success? Success is got by

multiplying two key ingredients – skill and will. If

you really want to achieve something, find out what

are the skills needed to achieve that and then acquire

those skills. It’s not difficult to acquire skills,

provided you want to succeed. Of course, if you

have the will to succeed, you will go that extra mile

to acquire those skills.

But the skill itself is not enough to achieve success.

Success is equal to skill multiplied by will. You need

to have a strong will – a will that creates a power to

make the skill into success. Many people have skills,

but they don’t achieve success because they lack the

will. Those who have a will and don’t have a skill

often use their will to acquire the skill. But finally,

you need to have both skill and will to truly achieve



SoS 53

It’s Only a Game

What is life? Life is just a game. If you have a

philosophy that life is only a game, then there are

great chances of you achieving success. Why does

this secret become a principle of success? You don’t

worry about failure and what’s going to happen

because after all, life is just a game! In a game, it’s

okay even if you win or not.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the same

attitude towards life. Therefore, we are not able to

take risks and try out new ways to make it happen. In

a game, we have a sporting spirit; we have that spirit

to take risk, try, and experiment because after all, it’s

only a game.

If you want to succeed in life, believe in and adopt

this philosophy that life is only a game and if you

don’t make it, it’s okay. With this attitude, you may

lose the game once or twice, but eventually, you will

achieve success!


SoS 54

Cope Through Hope

To achieve success, To achieve success, one has to

face the storms of life and cope with the gales and

aftermaths. We face not just storms in life, but even

hurricanes and tsunamis – things that will actually

defeat us and put us down. We can cope with such

adversities by using the magic called “Hope”.

Therefore, this Secret of Success says “Cope

through Hope”– which means that you can cope

with such difficult situations through hope if you

know what hope is.

What is hope? Hope is the acronym for “Having

Only Positive Expectation”. When you have hope

and only positive expectations, even when the

storm comes, you know that the storm won’t last.

Live with Hope. Don’t let negative expectations rule

your life. Be positive always. Live each day with

Hope. With this hope, you can cope, and this way,

you can achieve any success that you dream about!


SoS 55

The 8 Factor

Many successful people use the 8 Factor to take

them to success. I have used the 8 Factor very often.

The 8 Factor is simple. We all generally work for 8

hours a day. We sleep for 8 hours, take a shower and

get ready, and still, there is a balance of 8 hours, that

makes it altogether, 24 hours in a day. These balance

8 hours are referred to as the “8 Factor”.

What do you do with your 8 Factor? What do you do

with those balance 8 hours? These balance 8 hours

or the 8 Factor generally determines whether the

person is going to taste success or not. If you waste

these 8 hours, loitering away time, just watching

movies, reading magazines, and doing things that

don’t matter, there are little chances that you will be

able to make it to the top. However, if you use these

8 hours to do a course, learn something new, or

pursue a hobby that can make you stand out from

the rest – then you’re using the 8 Factor to your


Discover your 8 Factor, analyze your 8 Factor and

then change that 8 Factor so that it will create

success for you! If you use the 8 Factor effectively,

success cannot escape from you!


SoS 56

Make God Your Partner

While this may sound like a spiritual secret, it’s

actually a success secret. Who is God? God is not a

distant, unknown being. God is the Creator of the

Universe. We don’t know where God is, who God is

or what God is… but God is! Obviously, there is a

Creator of the Universe – a Power we call God.

Therefore, this secret calls for us to make God our


What happens when we make God our partner?

When we do so, we are actually making the Creator

of the Universe a part of our success. When the

Creator of the Universe becomes our partner, how

can we fail?

The Creator will create imagination and intuition in

the superconscious mind. The Creator will give

strength, courage and confidence. The Creator will

show us a way, when there is none. The Creator will

be with us not only in our good times, but also

during our tough times, holding our hands and

taking us across. Therefore, making God our

partner, spending time to connect with God and

becoming stronger is a sure way to success!


SoS 57

Work Made Fun

Gets Done

This is an amazing secret that simply states that if

work is just work, it may never create success, but if

work is made fun, it gets done and it leads to success.

Is your work fun? Do you enjoy what you do? If

you’re dragging yourself to your work, how can you

achieve success?

If your work is something you truly enjoy and you

have fun while doing it, how can you fail? Therefore,

this becomes a Secret of Success. It becomes a

principle that leads to the truth that if work is

interesting, enjoyable, and something we love, then

along with that work, we will achieve success and

there would be achievement in what we are doing.

So, either do what you love or love what you do, but

make sure that you enjoy your work because work

made fun gets done. Success happens!


SoS 58

Innovation Works

What is innovation? Innovation is nothing but

doing something in a new way; thus, it is called

innovation. What does this success principle mean?

It means that whatever you are trying to achieve

success in, try something new. Try doing it in an

innovative way. Don’t keep doing what has been

done. It won’t work! The world salutes anything that

is new and accepts it as successful.

The human psychology appreciates something new.

It’s taking the same ingredients, but cooking it in a

new way; it’s taking the same words, but presenting

it in a new way. It is up to us to create innovation in

our field of endeavor because whenever there is

innovation, success follows!


SoS 59

None of Us is

as Smart as All of Us

If you pay attention to this statement, it seems to be

such a simple fact of success, doesn’t it? None of us

can be smarter than all of us because in all of us, the

one who we think of as the smarter one is already

included. Each person is an inclusion in the team

and a single person cannot be smarter than the

entire team he or she is a part of. Therefore, use this

principle to achieve success.

How do you use this principle? We use this principle

by not trying to achieve success alone. We use this

principle by trying to create a team. We use this

principle not to just create a team, but also to make

the team feel that we value and consider them as

strong individuals.

If you want to succeed, remind yourself that you

may be smart, very smart but none of us is as smart

as all of us.


SoS 60

A Passion for Perfection

Look around and you will find one common quality

in successful people. They have a passion for

perfection. What is that passion for perfection? It is

an attitude to make things better till you reach the

level of perfection. Of course, the truth is that

nobody is perfect – neither me nor you. However, it

does not mean that we shouldn’t have a passion for

perfection. While we know that just the Creator is

perfect and everybody else on Earth has

imperfections, it should not stop us from having the

ambition of trying to do things perfectly.

When we put in an effort to do things perfectly, it’s

actually making improvements in what’s already

been done, and hence, this is a sure principle of

success. If you keep improving what you are doing,

you keep getting more and more results, which take

you up the ladder called success. Learn this secret of

success and develop a passion for perfection.


SoS 61


are Milestones

on the Highway



Do you want to achieve success? Then, think of

yourself as someone speeding down the highway

called success. But can you reach the destination

without passing several milestones that come on the

way? These milestones are failures. They are various

things that will come across to test you and to try

your strength, perseverance, persistence, patience

and your ability to succeed.

Problem comes from the word “probállō,” which

means to throw or lay something in front of

someone. So, on the highway, there will be so many

problems thrown in front of us. These are the

milestones. If we can’t deal with the milestones, we

will never arrive at success. Therefore, if you want

to achieve success, as you’re speeding towards it,

accept problems as a part of success. Then, you will

be successful!


SoS 62

Every Day is a Holiday

How can every day be a holiday? Those who have

learned this success secret know that every day is a

holiday. Typically, people like to work from Monday

to Friday or Monday to Saturday and then comes

the holiday they have been waiting for. Can they

achieve success this way? Absolutely not! This is

because the attitude of discriminating between the

work day and holiday is a killer. It kills success!

Those who are successful don’t know the meaning

of holiday. For them, every day is a holiday; every

day is a day of excitement and fun and a day that

must be celebrated. Of course, there may be a day

when they rest, but the mind doesn’t stop working.

The mind wants to celebrate every day, think every

day and achieve every day. The mind goes on and on

because the mind knows that there’s nothing like a

work day and a holiday. This discrimination defeats

success. So celebrate every day of your life as a



SoS 63

The Magic of

the Superconscious Mind

Successful people discover the superconscious

mind. Normal people believe that there is a

conscious and a subconscious mind and if you ask

them, what is the third mind? They’ll say the

unconscious mind. Of course, when the conscious

mind is sleeping, it becomes unconscious.

However, the third mind is the superconscious

mind. The superconscious mind is that domain of

the mind which is responsible for imagination,

intuition, sixth sense, and telepathy. Just like a SIM

card connects to a satellite, the superconscious

mind connects to the GPS – God’s Powerful Signal

(not the Global Positioning System). This GPS

receives ideas, thoughts, and creative flashes from

the Universe that makes success happen. Discover

your superconscious mind if you want to discover



SoS 64

Flip over from


NEP is Negative Energy Poison. Negative energy

creates poison. Hatred, worry, jealousy, anger,

impatience, doubt, and fear are all negative

emotions – together they are called NEP. You must

learn to flip over from NEP to PEP!

What is PEP? PEP is Positive Energy Power.

Positive energy has power just like negative energy

has poison. Positive emotions include faith, hope,

love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, and patience.

These positive emotions create power; therefore,

success goes to that person who flips over from

NEP to PEP – from negative energy that’s creating

poison to positive energy that’s creating power!

These positive energies create power in the lives of

those who choose to flip from NEP to PEP, and

this power creates success. In contrast, for those

who are content with NEP, the negative energy is

strong enough to keep them in the failure mode

forever. Choose to flip over from NEP to PEP to

achieve success!


SoS 65

Live with FAITH

Successful people live with faith. The acronym

FAITH stands for “Full Assurance In The Heart”.

Faith is living with optimism and with positive

expectations; knowing that good things will

happen. Faith is the assurance in the heart that

makes one have positive thoughts. It is the positive

thoughts that lead to positive feelings, positive

actions and positive choices. When you have full

assurance in your heart, then you’re on the way to

success! But when you don’t have faith, you start

doubting yourself. DOUBT paralyses and makes

the possible impossible.

When you choose to live with faith, you start the

success journey step by step. You tread on the path

less travelled and explore a territory which was

unknown to you. You live with courage and

confidence. You get an adrenaline rush. You acquire

the energy that makes you move ahead with

positivity. Something that was thought impossible

becomes possible just because of your self-

confidence. To be successful, live with faith!


SoS 66

There is Always a Better Way…

Your Challenge is to Find It

Do you want to be successful? Then believe that

there is a better way, and know that there’s a better

way. The problem is because we don’t believe and

know there’s a better way, we don’t make an effort to

find it. What does the secret state? There’s always a

better way; so when there’s something holding you

back from success, tell yourself “There is a better

way; I have to find it!”, instead of asking or

questioning yourself if there is a better way at all.

The moment you start questioning yourself and

doubting the fact that there is a better way, you stop

looking for that better way. When you do that, you

can never achieve success.

Are you stuck? Is something not happening in your

life? Is there a road block? Is there a wall between

you and your success? Always remember that there

is a way to jump across this wall or there is a way to

break this wall.

Remember The possibility thinkers’ creed: _When _

[_faced with a mountain, I will not quit! I will keep striving _]

_until I climb over, find a pass through the tunnel underneath _

_or simply stay and turn the mountain into a gold mine with _

_God’s help. _


SoS 67

Know Where You Want to Go,

and Then

Go Where You Want to Go

SOS 67 has two parts: 1. Know where you want to

go and 2. Go where you want to go-both the parts

are required to achieve success. Some people don’t

know where they want to go; therefore, they are

wandering here and there aimlessly. How can they

achieve success? On the other hand, there are others

who know exactly where they want to go, but they

sit down and do nothing. They don’t go where they

want to go!

Success has these two parts. First, you must know

where you want to go, and be absolutely clear about

it. You must know exactly what you want, how you

want, when you want, and where you want it. Once

you are clear of what you want, then start going

there. Take the first step, the second step and the

third step and before you know it, you will be there!

Yes, those who know where they want to go and go

where they want to go become unstoppable.

Nothing that they seek stays away from them

because they know where they want to go and they

go to where they want to go.


SoS 68


I learned this Japanese principle, and I call this a

Secret of Success because many people don’t know

what Kaizen is. It is that total quality management

skill of the Japanese, which states that if you want to

achieve success, then do small, seemingly

insignificant, continuous, ongoing, never-ending


If you take small, seemingly insignificant steps and

develop an attitude of continuous, ongoing

improvement, you will never fail. Don’t try to build

a mountain in one day. Don’t try to achieve all your

goals in a moment!

Take those steps, which may appear small and

seemingly insignificant. When we say continuous

and ongoing improvements – it means that you

must continue your ongoing, never-ending

improvements. If this is your attitude, i.e., if you

have the attitude of Kaizen, how can you fail?


SoS 69

Readers are Leaders

Look at the successful people around you, and

check out their attributes. You will find one

common attribute in successful leaders: they are

readers! They keep reading because curiosity is the

foundation of their success. When there is the

curiosity, desire and aspiration to learn, that is when

people keep on reading and reading to know what is

happening in the world. What are the

opportunities? What are others doing? What is your

competitor doing?

When you keep on reading, you develop the habit

of reading. Then, you are automatically leading

because you create a circumstance around you

where you are in command. You have a grip on

what’s happening in and around you. But the non-

readers… Well! They are too busy with the other

pleasures of life that they have no time to read;

obviously, they have no time to lead and succeed. So

this Secret of Success says that it is important to

take time to read so that you can lead and succeed!


SoS 70

Decade, Pentad,

Annual, Quarter,

Month, Week, Day

When I first wrote Goals for my “Decade, Pentad,

Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day”, my secretary

asked me “How can this be a success principle, a


I asked her: “Tell me! What is your goal for today?”

She answered, “I have no goal for today”. Then, I

said, “What about the week’s goal?”. She replied: “I

want to do some things, but I have not set a goal…”

I continued, “What about the month’s goal?” She

showed me a few notes, which she had scribbled on

her pad, and then I said, “What’s your goal for this

quarter, this year, the next 5 years or pentad and the

next 10 years? She looked at me in horror and said,

“Do I have to set 10-year goals??”

I said, “No, you don’t have to set 10-year goals if

you don’t want to succeed. But if you want to

succeed, then you must start setting your goals for

the Decade, Pentad, Year, Quarter, Month, Week,

and Day. If you have goals set right from 10 years to

1 day, who can stop you from succeeding?”


SoS 71

KOKO – The Stonecutter’s Secret

I call the next secret “The Stonecutter’s Secret”.

What is the stonecutter’s secret? When nothing

seems to work, the stonecutter keeps on hammering

at a rock again and again and again. Although there

is no sign of any result, he doesn’t stop – 10 times,

50 times, or even 100 times – till finally the rock

cracks into two. Then, one may wonder, “Wasn’t it

the final blow that did it?” No, of course not! It was

all that hard work that went before.

The stonecutter’s secret is called KOKO which

means “Keep On, Keeping On”, and “Keep On,

Keeping On”. Success goes to those people, who

keep on, keeping on. Use the stonecutter’s secret to



SoS 72

Program Your Mind

to Succeed

We all program our computers, mobiles, and

gadgets, but how many of us program our mind?

This is a Secret of Success which states that you can

program your mind to success!

The mind is also a device that needs to be

programmed; it works depending on how we

program it. If we program our mind to be negative,

fearful and hesitant, our mind will function that way.

However, if you program your mind to think with

faith and hope, to think big, to be optimistic, to be

cheerful, and to build a mastermind, obviously, your

mind will function in a way that you will achieve


Remember to spend more time programming your

mind than programming your gadgets, phone and

laptops because while those may improve your

skills, programming your mind will lead you to



SoS 73

Replace Fear with Faith

In the journey of life, I realized that our life can be

filled with one of the two emotions – fear or faith.

Those who live with fear never achieve success. So,

what is the secret? The secret is to replace fear with

faith. Before fear occupies our mind and our lives,

we must eliminate and completely uproot it and fill

our life and mind with faith.

Believe that it will happen! Have the assurance and

trust and live with hope. When you keep living with

complete faith, you eliminate fear totally out of your


Successful people succeed because their actions are

backed by faith, not by fear. They don’t let fear

paralyze or hold them back from dreaming big

dreams. Their faith helps them jump into an ocean

of opportunity that creates success!


SoS 74

God is on My Side

SOS 74 is one of my favorite secrets: “God is on my

side!” I used this secret to achieve all my big dreams

and goals because when God is for me, who can be

against me? When I realized that God – the Master

and the Creator – is on my side, I feel more powerful

than anybody else on Earth, and this power creates


Is God your partner? Is God on your side? If God is

on your side, you will have all the power that you

need to achieve success. Don’t live a lonely life.

Don’t live a life of hesitance and fear because you

don’t have the Creator on your side. Make up your

mind to have God on your side, build a connection

with God, tell yourself that God is with you, and

feel the presence of God!

God is nothing but the Master – the Creator. We are

not talking of God as an idol or a religious leader,

but as that Power who created you, me and the

Universe. Believe that this Power is on your side,

and soon you will find success!!


SoS 75

Make Happiness the Goal

Do you want to truly succeed in life? If you do, then

make happiness the goal of your life. As I always say,

if you have learned everything in life but haven’t

learned that the goal of life is to be happy, then you

have learned nothing. Isn’t it true?

What is life all about? What is success all about?

Success is all about achieving something that gives

you joy, bliss, contentment and fulfillment. If you

have achieved something, but that achievement

does not bring joy, then it is not an achievement at

all. It is an empty feeling – a feeling of being useless.

If your goal in life is happiness, then success will

surely come your way and make your dreams come

true. This goal will push you in the direction of

great achievements. You will have the energy and

the power to make the impossible possible.

Those who don’t realize that the goal of life is to be

happy do not set goals that will lead them to

happiness. Since their achievement does not give

them that satisfaction and contentment, they stop

aspiring. Therefore, if you truly want to be

successful, you need to first understand that the true

goal of life is to be happy.


SoS 76

Lift! Don’t Drift!

Many people just drift through life, which means

they give up… Whatever happens at work, they let

people control them. They let fences, farces, faces,

and forces take charge of their life.

However, successful people don’t allow this to

happen. They take charge of themselves, and they

don’t drift, rather they lift! They go from one level to

another level. They climb; they go up the ladder step

by step. To them, they cannot drift to failure, and

they must lift themselves to success. Thus, slowly

but steadily, they climb the ladder of success.

What about you? Are you lifting yourself,

improving, growing, succeeding, or taking maybe

one step at a time or are you drifting through life?


SoS 77

The Power of Surrender

While it is very important not to drift, it is equally

important to surrender. We mustn’t succumb to the

circumstances in a society, but we must surrender to

the Universal Power. We must be able to

differentiate between drifting and surrendering.

Surrendering is the ability to trust. Surrendering is

the ability to know that there is a Creator – a Power

that made us. This Power can make the impossible

possible. This Power can bless us with ideas and

create imagination that can make our dreams come


But are we ready to surrender? Are we ready to

trust? Are we ready to let go like a feather in the air

or a leaf in the sea? Are we ready to surrender? To

achieve success, sometimes you just have to

surrender and then suddenly, the impossible

becomes possible and a failure turns around to



SoS 78

Curiosity Can Conquer

One key element to success is curiosity – the desire

to know, the desire to want to understand. Many

people are curious: they keep on seeking, asking,

checking, reading, and probing. This curiosity

defines their ability to achieve success.

Others, they don’t really want to know more than

what they already know. What happens to their life?

Their life is slowly moving, inch by inch, to

nowhere. But for those who are curious, every day is

a day of learning! They improve their knowledge

day by day. They discover something new. They

create greater opportunities, and all this

undoubtedly leads to success.

Are you curious? Do you seek to learn something

new every day? Or are you satisfied with the

mundane and ordinary?


SoS 79

Prepare Before You Push

Some people mistake success to be all about

pushing, pushing and pushing. So what do you see

them doing? They are just slogging. Is it true that

people who work the hardest win? Of course not!

You’ve also got to work smart. Just working hard is

no way to succeed.

Of course, when you work smart and hard, there’s a

formula, but what is this secret about: “Prepare

before you push”? This secret tells you that before

you push or before you work hard, you’ve got to

prepare. You’ve got to “prepare” means you’ve got

to get yourself ready and organized. You’ve got to

make the ground set for the launch. You’ve got to

get your ideas cleaned and cut before they are

cooked. You’ve got to prepare, whatever your

subject is. You’ve got to prepare in such a way that

the idea is ready to be launched into success!


SoS 80

Play the Possibility-

Thinking Game and Win

I learned this secret many, many years ago. It’s called

the possibility-thinking game, and I would like to

share it with you. Whenever something looks

impossible, this simple game will help you.

Take a sheet of paper, and write your “impossible”

problem on the top of the sheet. Enter the numbers

1 to 10 below it. Next, one by one, write down 10

ways to achieve the impossible. Then, start striking

out what just can’t happen and start working on the

others. If you’ve struck out 3 – 4 ways, try to refill

those blank entries with other ways that come to

your mind. Finally, you have 10 ways to achieve the

impossible – that is, 10 ways to make the possibility


This Secret of Success is simple: it’s just a review of

10 ways of possibly doing the impossible. One of

these ways will surely work. Try doing this, and you

will see magic happening in your life. Once you play

the possibility-thinking game, following this SOS,

you will see the impossible becoming possible!!


SoS 81

Don’t Inflate

Your Problem Balloon

To be successful, we must learn how to deal with

problems. Everybody has problems. A problem-

free life is an illusion. It’s like a mirage in the desert,

which doesn’t exist.

So, how do you deal with your problems? Successful

people keep their problems in the right perspective.

They don’t inflate their problem balloon. What

about you? Do you contain your problem, or do you

blow into your problem to make it big – much

bigger than it is, only to make it look like you’ve an

impossible problem in front of you? How can you

succeed if you keep blowing up your problems,

inflating them to larger-than-life size?

Learn to compress your problems and keep them in

your fist so that you are in command of your

problems. Otherwise if you let your problems get

inflated, they will be in command of you and you

will not be able to achieve any success. Learn this

secret: don’t inflate your problem balloon, rather

learn to deflate it and succeed!


SoS 82

Convert Obstacles

into Challenges

One very famous success secret followed by most

successful people is that they converted their

stumbling blocks into stepping stones. They

converted their obstacles into challenges. So, to

learn this secret, what you need to do is to never

look at an obstacle as one.

Look at the obstacle and find out how you can

convert an obstacle into a challenge. Never look at a

stumbling block and stumble over it. Look at the

stumbling block and then climb on top of it, step

over it, and convert it into a stepping stone and soon

your obstacles will be converted into challenges and

opportunities of success. When you are on your

success journey and you find an obstacle, consider it

to be a challenge, and attack it. You will win. Yes, all

successful people have done this. You can too!


SoS 83

Don’t Just Achieve…

Transcend Your Goals

Some people don’t understand this principle of

success. This SOS is a secret that tells you that great

dreams of great dreamers were never achieved.

They were always transcended. Therefore, when

you set goals, don’t be obsessed with achieving the

goal. The journey of success will help you transcend

goals, which means that when one goal is not

achieved, it helps you exit, create and achieve

another goal, maybe a goal even bigger than what

you had planned.

When you can’t climb one peak, you climb another

peak. Life will not let us achieve all our goals all the

time, but those who are passionate and committed,

they achieve much more beyond the goals they set,

not by achieving the goals but by transcending the

goals, and by evolving and moving from one peak to

another. That’s the way to succeed. Set your life in a

way that you transcend your goals too!


SoS 84

Do You Have

a Life Philosophy?

Do you have a life philosophy? This question is a

Secret of Success because it provokes us to have a

philosophy of life – a way of life. The problem is

that most people try to be everything for everybody

and trying to be everything, they become nothing…

We must be clear about what we want to be. We can’t

be everything and we can’t satisfy everybody, but we

can choose our way of life–our own life philosophy.

Once you have your life philosophy, you’ve set a

path. You’ve set the highway and now you’ve got to

accelerate towards the destination.

But when there is no highway, however good your

car may be, it will just come to a grinding halt. Do

you have a clear path? Is your highway set to achieve

success? Do you have a life philosophy? If not, it’s

not too late. Start now! Decide what you want your

life to be. Get together your ethics, values, and

principles and create your own life philosophy!


SoS 85


will Power You to Success

Every venture or endeavor that is successful needs

power, energy, and a force to push one to cross the

finish line. How does one get this power? This

power is not an external source. This power lies

within us – it is called willpower. Not everybody

develops willpower, but successful people do!

Therefore, develop your willpower that will power

you to success. You can develop your willpower by

creating a strong resolve within you. You can train

yourself to have a strong will, which means that you

don’t succumb to temptations and circumstances.

You can create a strong resolve that makes the

backbone of your mind and intellect strong.

Once you create your willpower, when you want it,

you will have it! Nothing can stop you from getting

to where you want to go. When you develop this

kind of willpower, the power becomes unstoppable

and it will take you to success!


SoS 86

Put Your Energy in Motion

What does putting energy in motion mean? It

means taking charge of your emotions. Emotions

are nothing but energy in motion. If you want to

succeed, it’s not just enough to have energy, but it’s

also important to put your energy into motion. You

need to understand that positive emotions

correspond to positive actions and negative

emotions cause negative actions. You must be like a

pendulum that doesn’t stop – just keep moving and

moving with positive energy.

Have you chosen the correct emotion? Do you have

energy? Do you have inspiration? Do you have a

power within? Unleash it, make it move and that

power will pull you towards success. Fill your life

with positive emotions of love, joy, hope, courage,

faith, trust and courage. Look at successful people,

and you will realize that they were simple people

who chose positivity, put their energy into motion

and became successful! Just beware that your energy

in motion is not negative.


SoS 87

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

“Practice makes perfect” – have you not heard this

many times as a child? Somehow you have believed

this statement. Unfortunately, it’s false! “Practice

does not make perfect” – that is the next Secret of

Success. Successful people know that perfection is a

goal, but perfection is more aspirational.

Nobody is perfect, except the Creator, and practice

will not make perfect. Practice leads to

improvement, and more practice leads to more

improvement. Remember this secret so that when

you practice, you keep improving and making your

performance better, and when you do this, you’re

moving inch by inch closer to success.

The next time somebody says practice makes

perfect, remember this secret: Practice does not

make perfect; so, work a little harder to become a

little better and you will succeed!


SoS 88

Don’t Miss the Bus!

How often have you been left at a bus stand because

you were late by a minute? The bus just left, and you

saw the bus going. Now you have to wait for a long

time for the next bus to come. If you miss the bus,

it’s OK. But in life, if you miss the bus, then you’re

missing success!

Successful people know this secret – “Don’t miss

the bus!” This means – don’t miss the opportunity

and don’t miss striking at the right time. Successful

people are alert; they come before the opportunity

comes. They are ready for the opportunity when it

comes, and when they’ve got to be there to make it

happen, they are there. They are never late. A

successful person is punctual, ready, and alert, and

never misses the opportunity. They catch every

opportunity and convert it into success. Do you

ever miss the bus? Remember that if you miss the

bus, you will miss success!


SoS 89

Luck Goes

to Those

Who Pluck

Good luck. Isn’t this a very common phrase? Yes,

we use this phrase as if luck is everything. People

who don’t succeed – what do they usually say?

“Plain bad luck…”

Well! Successful people don’t believe in luck. The

principle that they follow is: “Luck goes to those

who pluck” – that’s the next Secret of Success. Yes,

it’s true that successful people are those who don’t

wait for luck; they pluck!

The spelling of luck to them is not L-U-C-K, but it

is P-L-U-C-K. They put the ‘P’ before the luck and

the ‘P’ is their personal effort, perseverance,

passion, patience and power. All these Ps put

together turns luck into pluck. Therefore, if you

really want to achieve success, remember it’s not

luck. Its “pluck” that can really make it happen!


SoS 90

Build Habits Bit by Bit

Successful people build successful habits, but first

they learn the Secret of Success, which is that you

have to build habits bit by bit. Habits are concrete

structures; they can’t be built by the waving of a

wand. That’s why it’s called “Ha-Bit”. In “habit”,

you have a “bit” – several such “bits” together make

a H-A-B-I-T. Therefore, habit is a bit-by-bit story.

Successful people build positive habits, and they do

it constructively bit by bit. They keep constructing

pillars of positive habits, which become the base,

the foundation of their success. Look at failures.

They to build habits, but sadly, negative bad habits.

Are you building some positive habits? If you truly

want to be successful, start with the foundation –

the foundation of positive habits, then you can have

a skyscraper of success!


SoS 91

You Deserve to Succeed

The first step to success is the belief that you

deserve to succeed – your own self-worth, self-

esteem, and belief that you are worthy of success. If

you don’t believe that you deserve to succeed, then

how can you succeed?

Your own inner voice and inner system is working

against your success. Therefore, first of all, audit

your inner voice. What is your inner voice saying? Is

your inner voice saying “You deserve to succeed”?

Or is it saying “You deserve to fail”? If your inner

voice itself is misguiding you, first work on it before

you work on any other success principle or secret

because no principle or secret works if you don’t

believe that you deserve to succeed.


SoS 92

Is Your Glass

Half Empty or Half Full?

You may be familiar with this secret because we

have learned as children that optimists look at their

glass as half full, whereas pessimists look at their

glass half empty – that’s fine! It makes you

understand the meaning of optimism and

pessimism, but the question is what about your

glass? Are you looking at your glass as half full or

half empty?

Successful people always believe in optimism. To

them optimism is a pre-requisite for success. So,

whenever there’s an opportunity or whenever

there’s an idea, they don’t shoot down the idea

saying that it might not work. They shoot up the

idea saying that it might just work. This attitude of

optimism converts probabilities into possibilities

and into success. Therefore, if you want to be

successful, always look at your glass as half full even

if it is half empty!


SoS 93

What is Your Paradigm?

What is the meaning of this secret – “What is your

paradigm?” You will understand this secret by first

understanding the meaning of paradigm. The

meaning of paradigm can be explained through a

simple example, as follows. Suppose I give you red

sunglasses and when you wear them, how does the

world appear to you? Everything looks red, right?

When you take off the glasses, how does it look? It

will be like how we see it everyday – natural. Next,

put on green sunglasses. How does the world look?

It looks green. You remove the green glasses, again

it’s natural. What does this show? By changing from

red to green, is the world actually changing its color?

No, the world remains the same! You are changing

your paradigm. You are changing the way you are

looking at the world. To be successful, you need to

have a paradigm of success. You have to look at the

world with successful eyes.

You have to see everything through the glasses of

success. Therefore, whenever you look at

something, you look at it and see how it can make

you successful. You look at it and see how you can

become wealthy and an achiever through it.

Therefore, when you look at life with a success

paradigm, you become successful!


SoS 94

The Diamond Rule

We all have learned the golden rule as kids. I’m sure

you have too! “Do unto others as you would like

others to do unto you” – this golden rule really

works, but the problem is that while everybody

knows it, some follow it, and some don’t, and it may

help you to achieve success.

However, there’s a diamond rule that not many

people know, which is sure to make you successful.

The diamond rule is this: “Do unto others as others

would like to be done unto them”. Wow! If you start

doing unto others as they would like done unto

them, what happens? They are going to love you

and they are going to do anything and everything for

you. If people around you just love you because

they love the way you behave towards them, they are

all going to behave in the same way to you because

life is a boomerang, and they will all start making

things work for you. This way, before you know it,

you will be successful!


SoS 95

The Magic of Imagination

Imagination has magic. Imagination is the child of

the superconscious mind that connects to the

Universal Satellite. Not many people have learned

this principle of using imagination for success, but

truly, it is a secret and it’s up to you to tap the magic

of imagination.

What does imagination do? Why is it so magical?

Imagination comes with very creative and

innovative ideas that is born out of the

superconscious. They are so innovative that they

have never been realized before. These ideas are so

new, virgin and fresh that they will be immediately


Therefore, imagination creates magic! It’s magical

to see a wireless phone for the first time. It was

never there before, but somebody had that

imagination and made it happen. One of the

instances of the magic of imagination is the

airplane, from which you can see everything outside

- the sky above and the ground below. Wow!

Remember that imagination can create success

because it is magical! So build your imagination to

create success!


SoS 96

Don’t Just Work Hard…

Work Smart!

Successful people use this as probably one of the

first secrets and principles of success. They don’t

just work hard, they work smart too. Of course, they

do work hard. Without hard work, you just can’t

succeed, but everyone who works hard doesn’t

succeed. So, what do they do? They work hard and

smart too!

This is a magical combination for those who work

hard and who work smart. They just can’t be

conquered. Do you work hard? Do you work smart?

Audit your work. If you truly work hard and work

smart, either you’re already successful or you’re on

the way, for this is a Secret of Success that works all

the time!


SoS 97

The Science of Attraction

Everyone talks about the “Law of Attraction”, but

this success secret can be slightly changed to be

called as the “Science of Attraction”. It is called so

because there’s a scientific way to attract success.

What is it? When you start understanding the mind

and you know that thoughts are popping out of the

mind just like popcorn pops out of a popcorn

machine, you realize that these thoughts are the

ones responsible for your success.

What do the thoughts do? Thoughts – they create

action, repeated actions create habit, repeated

habits create a character and character creates the

destiny. The Law of Attraction says that if you have

thoughts that are based on attracting success into

your life, these thoughts scientifically become

actions and the actions become habits and the

habits make you achieve the destiny.

Therefore, attraction is a science that works all the

time! So, if you scientifically understand that you

can control your actions by controlling your

thoughts, then you will use the Science of

Attraction to attract success.


SoS 98

Attitude of Gratitude

Before nearing the end of this book, the ‘‘100

Secrets of Success, we mustn’t forget this secret

because I always believe that the attitude of

gratitude raises your altitude! If you want to be

successful and want to climb up in life, learn this

secret. Develop an attitude of gratitude.

Your behavior and your response should always be

one of gratitude. Always be ready to say “Thank

you,” always appreciate what people do for you, and

always be grateful to God who has given you a

beautiful head, strong heart and working hands!

We have everything that we need to achieve success.

Sometimes, we don’t have the attitude of gratitude,

and hence, we don’t find the right opportunities

coming to us. We don’t find the universe working in

our favor because we are not really grateful for what

we have…. Therefore, why should we get more?

But if you change your attitude and behave with

gratitude, for sure your attitude of gratitude will

raise your altitude!


SoS 99

Well, do you want to be successful? Then, this is a

very simple secret – “Don’t be ordinary!” The

question is that how can we not be ordinary? We can

avoid being ordinary by being extraordinary. It’s

very simple: just add those little extras to the

ordinary and when you do that, you become


Whenever you do something in an ordinary

manner, stop! Add something extra, polish it, make

it special, and do something more to make it

different! This way, you’ve changed the ordinary to

extraordinary. It is a secret that not many people

use; therefore, they live and die ordinary. A person

who is constantly changing from ordinary to

extraordinary is bound to succeed because it is

principle of success!


SoS 100

I Know Nothing

The SOS “I know nothing” is a success principle. I

have often used this principle to succeed, and I call it

the humility principle. If we are humble and if we

have this attitude of “I know nothing”, then we go

into the world as a student who wants to learn. By

doing so, we start succeeding because people love to

teach learners. The world is happy to teach the one

who wants to learn. Therefore, it starts teaching us

and because the world teaches us, we learn and we


Those who do not want to succeed go into the

world with a thought: “I know everything!” The

world doesn’t stop to teach such people because of

their attitude, they already claim to know

everything! So the world thinks, “Why should we

stop and teach them when they already think that

they know everything?” This is a guaranteed SOF

Secret of Failure. So remember that if you want to

succeed, adorn the attitude of “I know nothing”

and success will flow to you.



As I conclude this book, I wish you all the very best.

I wish that you use all the 100 SOS in your life!

I have talked about the SOS to various people, and it

has helped many achieve success. Moreover, it has

made my life successful as I have implemented these

secrets in my own life. These secrets have worked

for me in the same way as they have worked for all

the successful people from whom I picked these. I

have discovered them and put them together in

easier and simpler words so that you can also read

and implement them.

I hope that you will implement all the secrets soon!

Even if you implement a few of them, I am sure you

will achieve success. If you implement all of them,

there is no way you can fail. I can guarantee it! You

have to implement these secrets in thoughts, words

and deeds, and surely, you will be on your way to


Keep this book, 100 SOS, beside you. Every time

things are not happening, remind yourself that it is

the result of not using these SOS. If you have failed

to achieve success, it doesn’t matter because you

always encounter failure before you reach success.


Change yourself for the better, learn to be obsessed

with success, upgrade your thoughts, implement

these secrets and move on. I hope that one day, you

will say that the 100 SOS helped you climb to the

peak of success! All the Best!



Ravi V. Melwani was India’s first innovative retailer who

started the retail revolution in India, much before

modern retailing hit the country. From 16 to 40 years of

age, Ravi Melwani worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week,

to launch the first mega store Kids Kemp, and then Big

Kids Kemp and finally Kemp Fort. His innovative

retailing techniques included bringing entertainment into

retail, innovative customer service and training people to

achieve high levels of customer service and sales targets.

Every Sunday, he would address his team of Kempians

and teach them his secrets of success. Not only did Ravi

Melwani use these secrets, but he also went on to discover

more secrets by time. Inspired by many successful people

around the world, he assimilated the principles that

helped them reach the pinnacles of success. Today,

people around the globe use his Secrets of Success to

achieve success.

After making millions after millions, Ravi Melwani

decided to change his path with the aim to lead a life of

fulfillment. He transformed to RVM, and as the first step,

he shut down his business and decided to make a

difference in the world through his inspirational, spiritual

and humanitarian initiatives.

As a part of his humanitarian initiative, he started the

125-bed RVM Foundation Transit Home and 200-bed


RVM Foundation Hospital, which is now being

converted into a 1000-bed hospital under the RVM

Foundation Trust, offering free medical services to the


Being a staunch believer in God and armed with the

mission to spread the power of faith through his spiritual

initiative, RVM built a Shiv Temple with a 65-feet-tall

Shiv idol on Old Airport Road, Bangalore, which is now a

center for spiritual awakening for devotees and people all

around the world.

RVM has authored many books to illuminate and inspire

people and to spread his unique RVM philosophy and

message through his inspirational initiative. Some of

these books are “I Wanna Be Happy”, “Succsex (on

Success through Sex Transmutation)”, “Power Your Life

with PEP (Positive Energy Power)”, “100 Diamond

Quotes” and “A Power We Call God”.

After 8 years of living a life of fulfillment, RVM felt that

there was more to life. He went on a quest, a Talaash, and

realized that as human beings, we are not the body, but we

are the soul. RVM, therefore, now calls himself AiR –

Atman in RVM.

As readers, you can be assured of the fact that Success is

not difficult! If you wish to succeed, apply the principles

explained in this book to your life and be ready to take off

on your journey of success!


Success Secrets Revealed!

Have you ever wondered what made successful people successful?

There is no mystery and there are no real secrets, but just simple principles that they used, which guaranteed success. Yes, success is difficult, but not that difficult if you use the success principles. I call them “Secrets” because most people are unaware of these principles,

and therefore, they remain secrets for years together.

Do you want to succeed? This book compiles the success principles that

were used by many successful people to achieve success. These

principles are not complicated. Just knowing the success principles won’t grant you success, but you have to execute them to be successful.

Put them in action! Start implementing the secrets one by one. When

you do this, there is no way that you can fail. If you implement all the

100 secrets, it’s impossible not to succeed!

Start the journey now! These principles

called 100 SOS are time-tested principles of

success used by Ravi V. Melwani for over 25

years to achieve all his dreams and goals.

Not just Ravi V. Melwani, but several others

who have followed the 100 SOS have

achieved success and made their dreams

comes true. You can too!

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to serve suffering humanity.

One Hundred Secrets of Success

Do you want to succeed? This book compiles the success principles that were used by many successful people to achieve success. These principles are not complicated. Just knowing the success principles won’t grant you success, but you have to execute them to be successful. Put them in action! Start implementing the secrets one by one. When you do this, there is no way that you can fail. If you implement all the 100 secrets, it’s impossible not to succeed!

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One Hundred Secrets of Success One Hundred Secrets of Success