One Biker's Prayer Book Cheatsheet

One Biker’s Prayer Book



By Rev. Floyd Cryer

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This cheatsheet is a prelude to an upcoming book. Even though this cheatsheet has a few prayers and they can be used in and of themselves the One Biker’s Prayer Book will have prayers that you will want to have with you so that you can have a prayer for many occasions.

This is based on my personal prayers that I have used throughout my time on the road.

The results are truly astounding. Through Faith in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and what He accomplished on the Cross of Calvary you will find that these prayers will find their way to God and be answered By Him in such a way that there will be no doubt in your heart and mind that it was God who answered them.

These Prayers are no more holy than the ones that you pray every day. What you will find in these prayers is that they address certain things so that when God answers them you will know it is Him that answers them and not just some fluke.

Because of the nature of these prayers you will see that they will become your most ULTIMATE TOOL in your Prayer Toolbox…


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The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father Who Art in Heaven; Father, I praise Your Name in every way, and may Your Name be glorified in all my duties today…

Hallowed be Thy Name; May Your Name be hallowed and glorified always in Heaven & on earth…

Thy Kingdom come; May You rule in my life Father as You rule in Heaven…

Thy Will be done; in everything that I do this day… As Your Will be done in Heaven…

Give me this day, my daily bread; for my physical and spiritual needs that are needed this day.

Forgive me of my sins; as well as the actions, intents, & consequences of my sins. Father, help me also to forgive others as you have forgiven me.

Lead me not into temptation; Father, I ask this day that you let not my sins overwhelm me, but give me victory.

Deliver me from the evil one; Protect me Father from any spiritual and physical harm.

For Thine is the power; I know Father in my heart and mind and soul that you have the ability to do these things.

For Thine is the Power & the Glory; I will in everything give You all the credit in every answer.

Forever & Ever In Jesus Name

Amen & Amen



Lord Help My Prayer

Heavenly Father, I come to You now in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. As you know Father, I have never been a praying person, but I know in my heart that you hear my cries and I ask You Father to help my prayers so that when I pray I can know that I am allowed to come boldly into Your Throne Room and pray my praises at your feet.

Father God, help my prayers so that I may pray the prayers that gladden Your Heart, and find favor in Your Sight. I pray Father that You help my prayers so that I pray the prayers of wisdom that can only come from You…

Father, I come to You humbly so that Your strength will shine through my weakness as I walk through this day You have given me to teach the Good News of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

In Jesus Name,

Amen & Amen



Learning to Know God’s Voice

Father, I come to you boldly in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, I come to You with a troubled heart. I go through my day traveling and spreading Your Word, yet I find it hard to hear Your Voice.

It is Your Voice that I long to hear. I know that You are with me, for the blessings I receive from you are many, but Your Voice seems far from me.

Father, I pray in this hour and every hour afterword until I hear Your Voice. You speak Father in such a still calm voice that it escapes my ears. I pray Father that You open my ears so that I can hear when You speak to me.

I come to You Father, seeking Your Face and Your Voice so that as I go through this day You will be Glorified in everything that I do.

In Jesus Name,

Amen & Amen


Psalm 67 Prayer

God be merciful to me and bless me and Father cause Your Face to shine upon me. That your Way may be known upon Earth, Your saving health among all nations. Let me praise You Father, let me praise You Father. Let me be glad and sing for joy for You shall judge me righteously, and govern me upon this Earth. Let me Praise You Father, I Praise You Father… Then shall the Earth yield her increase; and Father, even my own God, shall bless me. God shall bless me; and all the ends of the Earth shall fear Him…

[Much of the world presently is plagued by drought, famine, and starvation. This prayer is actually meant for us to Praise God for the coming Kingdom Age. With Israel where God had planned in the first place, and every kingdom that is in this world Praising God, “then will the ‘Earth yield her increase,” and there will be more than enough for all…

I have added this prayer so that you may have abundance now through God’s Will… I cannot explain it, just pray this prayer with your whole heart, mind, and soul… Be persistent, God will hear your cry and see your heart, and will answer you. I did not substitute any of the words to change the meaning of the prayer, but to pray to God in the single form because there is only you praying and not more than you.]


The first 50 subscribers will win the complete E-book version!

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One Biker's Prayer Book Cheatsheet

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One Biker's Prayer Book Cheatsheet One Biker's Prayer Book Cheatsheet