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Once was Born Again - A Short Story Series by Jimi Alan

  • Once Was Born Again *

By [_ Jimi Alan_]

Part One

“Waking up in a place you can’t remember. To some people, that would be tariffing and completely unseen. On a planet that reached across the distanced, was the world like no other. On this world where  monsters and chaos. From the darkest and outraces parts of the galaxy, many monsters are struggling for their existence on the planet.” muttered an old man.

An older man was sitting around a campfire, on a log. He threw a log into a fire from the stack that was to his right. The fire started to spark as cinders flew up into the night sky.

A layer of snow was covering the cold earth’s floor. Small village huts made out of logs were standing behind the old man. His short dark black straight hair blew in the breeze, which danced in front of his face.

The old man gripped his black leather gloved hands, around his black fur jacket. His jacket covered around his black shirt that was underneath. The man had black leather boots with black fur laced around the top.

His legs were covered by his black leather pants that kept the wind from ripping at his body. He stares out at the fire that glowed with heat in front of him. There were a two more logs around the fire.

Young kids dressed in warm grey fur jackets and grey leather pants. They all had black leather shoes on their feet, with grey fur around the top rim of the shoes. The kids were no more than ten and no less than five. There were four of them, sitting on a log.

One of the kids were seating between the two logs, with the cold snow covered ground below him. The older man grabbed a stick from the log pile to his right. He held the stick in his hand, with the end poking into coals at the bottom of the fire.

The kids all stared at the fire that flickered in the fire pit in front of them. The kid on the ground was the only one that stared at the ground. He was playing in the snow, drawing some kind of a circle.

He whipped the circle away with his hand after he was down. He kept on drawing circle after circle like they meant something. The old man played with the fire as he gazed at the child, which was playing in the snow.

A kid to his right that was staring at the fire snickered, “You and your old tells. Are any of them true?”

The old man smiled at the boy that snickered at him, “You should have respect for your elders little one.”

The kids blue eyes widened, “ You’re  nothing but a storyteller.”

The man glared at him, with the fire flickering in his grey eyes, “And you’ll become nothing but a boy. You need respect for growing in this village.”

The kid’s eyes stared down at the snow, “Maybe some of us don’t want to stay in this village.”

The boy was still playing in the snow mumbling, “Or maybe you’re just too stupid to care.”

The kid glared over at him, “Continue drawing your stupid circles. You’re just a pathetic excuse for a child of the chosen one.”

The boy continued to play in the snow, “I want to know more about that story if you don’t mind Slay.”

The old man smiled, “Sure, if Cater will leave the circle then we can continue.”

The kid was no more than a little boy, with blue eyes and short black hair.

He whined, “Why do I have to leave?”

Slay told Cater, “Because, you’re getting on my last nerve.”

The boy that was playing in the snow snickered, “Leave at once Cater.”

Cater got up from the log and matched through the snow. He mumbled as he walked towards a hut, “Old man shouldn’t be able to call us little once.”

He headed inside one of the huts, with his head staring down at the floor.

The boy asked, “Can you continue?”

Slay smiled, “Thank you Gran, you can take Cater’s spot on the log.”

Gran had short black hair, which floated straight down in front of his pale face. He stayed in his spot, “What if I am fine right here?”

Slay looked back at the fire, “Suit yourself. So, where was I?”

A seven-year-old girl, on the log to Slay’s right, giggled, “The monsters struggled to exist on the planet.”

She had light brown eyes like the grass when it turned in the fall. Her eyes appeared right through her long straight black hair, which flowed down to her shoulders. Her pale skin was covered, but her face was free to the wind.

Slay smiled over at the girl, “Thank you Marline.”

She giggled, “ You’re  welcome, Slay.”

He continued to stare into the blazing fire that roared in front of him. The fire was glowing onto the pale faces of the young once, which sat around the fire.

Slay smiled, “Yes, they all tried their hardest. But legends have said that some of the monsters live in our world today. This is a tale about a boy that was around your age. He looked normal, but his eyes were slightly  un-human, for he once was a monster.”

Gran stopped drawing in the snow. He glared up at Slay with his black hair floating in front of his face. His blood pouring eyes flickered, with fire blaring in a side of them.

Slay continued his story, “He looked un-human or just something that’s not seen in this world. He was great with a sword and faster that the best knight. Some say that the kid had yellow eyes like the sun. Others have said that his eyes were green like the sea, or black like the night sky. But the power of the monster can kill millions, for there’s never just one.”

Marline asked Slay, “Could anyone be a monster?”

Slay smiled at the fire, as the flames danced in his eyes, “No, it takes a strong solder to see a monster. But don’t be confused with the chosen one’s tale.”

Gran smiled at Slay with a question, “Can you please tell us the tale about the chosen one once more?”

Slay laughed lightly, “Just one more tale and of the bed you go.”

Gran nodded, “Yes, agreed.”

Slay looked into the fire, “The tale of the chosen one. Well, long ago in a village much like this one. There once was a great knight. He was strong and willing to do anything, for the power within. But the only thing he didn’t know was that the power wasn’t for anyone.”

Slay seat back on the log. He kept himself up with the stick he used to poke at the fire. He held his hands on the top of the stick. The peak was in the ground, right between his two feet. He leaned on the stick.

He continued to tell the children the tale of the chosen one, “The power he seemed to want was never given to any villager before. Only kings and queens are able to give the power to the chosen one. There were many challenges and a journey like no other, which the chosen one had to overcome, alone. It’s said that if the chosen one brought a follower along, the follower will die a painful death, along with the sacrifice from the chosen one.”

Marline stared at Slay, “But who will go for that kind of power alone?”

Gran glared down at a half made circle in the snow covering the ground, “A man that has no past and sees no future. Just like my father.”

Marline looked over at him with sympathy in her face, “I am so sorry, I forgot what happened.”

Gran glared up with his eyes in a haze, “Don’t worry, there are more important things to worry about.”

Slay cleared his throat, “Well, you little ones  should be getting home.”

He picked up a handful of snow, and through the snow onto the flaming fire. The snow vaporized before they touched the flames into the fire, with a sizzling hiss. Slay kept on throwing the snow onto the fire. The flames were started to die out and snow began to grow over the fire pit.

The children all started to head towards the huts. Gran was walking down the snow that was between each of the wooden huts. Marline ran from behind him, with the snow up to her ankles.

Marline got up to his side, “Sorry about your father, I heard this morning.”

Gran reminded her, “What’s done is done, I should get home?”

Marline walked on his left side, as they passed a couple of the huts, “Well, can I walk you to your hut?”

Gran stopped and stared down the along the snow. He gazed up at a naked forest of trees, with red flames roaring through them. Gran started to head back towards the fire pit.

Marline walked close to his side, as they went back towards the fire pit. She couldn’t see what he could see, but she got a feeling it wasn’t good.

Gran told her, “There’s a fire in the forest, go tell your parents.”

Marline looked over her shoulder, “How could that be?”

Gran looked over his shoulder, at the forest behind them. He stood in his footsteps. He got a feeling that something was wrong with him.

Gran was stunned and confused, “But there was a fire.”

Marline told him, “There’s no fire.”

The forest was still standing, with the naked trees. The snow started to fall around them, and the breeze was starting to pick up. Gran’s body started to tremble in fear.

Marline reached her hands for his. She held his hand and put  her head onto his shoulders, as he trembled. He was staring up at the empty starlit  sky of darkness, as the snow flickered down towards the ground.

She whispered into his ear, “ You’re  fine, just the way you are.”

Gran still the shock, “Some things wrong.”

Marline slowly lifted her head off of his shoulder. She gazed into his red eyes that flickered like fire. Gran was caught in a gaze.

She squeezed onto his hands, “You’re here with me.”

Gran mumbled, “It is coming.”

His eyes were wandering around the night sky. Marline was just trying to read the expression on his face. She knew that he was gone.

Gone to the place he always went to. She always asked him what that place was like. She was curious about what he could see, all of the crazy things that he could see. They all could be something or nothing, all at the same time. But most of the things he sees are evil and sick. She couldn’t remember the last good thing he saw.

The gaze just takes over his body, till he wakes up. Sometimes Marline worries that one of these times he will never wake up. He will just be stuck, gazing up at the sky above, forever.

Marline started to walk him towards a hut that was back towards the forest. She kept on hand around Gran’s back, and another hand on his chest. They got to the wooden door on the hut.

The roof on the hut was just like the others. The roof was a row of logs that covered over more logs. Smoke came out of a little hole that was in the middle of the roof.

She pushed up against the door, swinging the door towards the wall, which the door was nailed onto. She walked into the log hut, with Gran over her shoulder.

Marline looked around the one room hut. There was a bed made out wood and leathers in the corner. There was a fur blanket on the bed.

Marline made her way  towards the bed. She dragged him through the dark cold hut. She got Gran onto the bed. She tucked him into the bed, with the fur blanket over his body.

She walked back to the other side of the hut. She touched the door, with her cold pale hands. She looked around the hut.

Marline muttered, “You shouldn’t have to deal with everything yourself.”

She closed the wooden door of the hut. Marline made her way to the middle of the hut, where a black empty fire pit was. She grabbed some wood from beside the bed. She started grabbed some rocks and started to make a fire. She waited for a spark; she tried over and over again until she got something.

In no time, there was a small, but warm fire in the pit. She looked around the hut, with the flame of the fire lighting the hut. She could see a wooden table for two in the corner. The table had a row of logs for the top. A larger log was in the middle of the table, for support.

Marline stood up from the fire. She pictured Gran seating at the table by himself. He would eat some greens for breakfast on a grey clay plate. There was an empty cup on the table in front of the wooden chair. Gran was carved around the cup like the cup was made just for him.

She started to walk around the fire pit over towards the table. There were some knife carvings on the surface on the top of the table. The carvings were lines of four in a row, with one going across them.

Marline guessed that he would seat in the chair, and stare down at the table top with a steel knife. He would be waiting for each day to go by, that he didn’t hear any news. She knew that’s what he did. There was no guessing about it.

Marline looked over to the wall by the door. There was a small kitchen on the wall. The sink was a rock that was hollowed out in the middle. The middle of the rock had clean water that floated in it.

There was a wooden bucket, which is used to get clean water from outside. There was a row of logs for the kitchen counter. There was nothing on the counters, not even a plate.

She touched her hand onto the wooden chair. She remembered a day that wasn’t too long ago. The day of the news that would change Gran’s life forever.

He was sitting in the chair when she walked into his family’s  hut. Marline had no clue what was going on. Her parents kept her out of the news that was going around town like wildfire.

She could remember that day like no other. Gran was staring down at the table with a knife in his hand. On the counters were shattered clay plates that even flowed onto the floor.

Marline could remember what she asked him, “What happened in here, was there a storm?”

Gran glared straight the wall in front of him, “Get out of here.”

She didn’t know better than, “Wait, did you make up this mass? Your parents are going to be so mad when they get back.”

Marline could remember everything that happened next that day. The knife fell onto the floor, the tip of the blade split from the wooden handle. Gran looked up at the wooden roof of the hut. His eyes were hazy and red like a sunset.

His arms fell off of the table and draped down to his sides. The blood started to pour out of his wrist, like a rushing stream of mixing blues and reds. The blood mixed together as they touched the ground floor.

She ran over to him, screaming for help. Marline never knew, she could scream that loud in her whole life. Slay came running into the hut.

Marline grabbed the wooden knife handle in her right hand. Slay ran to the sink, he grabbed the bucket of water. He scored the bucket into the sink, trying to get enough water.

She held the knife up to her leather pants. Marline quickly started to rip little strips of her leather pants off. Slay got some water in the bucket.

He took his jacket off and started to take his black shirt off. Slay grabbed his shirt, and stuck the shirt from his back into the bucket of water. He started to wash the blood away from Gran’s arms.

Slay yelled, “Get someone in her right away. This boy is injured very badly.”

He wrapped his shirt around the shoulder of Gran’s left arms. Marline didn’t know why he was doing that. She wrapped the strip of her pant leg around Gran’s right wrist, like a bandage. She tied the strip as tight as she could.

Slay asked her, “What happened?”  

Marline remembered what she told him, “He’s bleeding a lot. I didn’t see what happened.”

He asked her again, “Marline, tell me.”

She was shaking from the shock of seeing her friend. Marline went back to slashing and her pant leg. She had to get another strip ready. The blood was staining the strip that was around Gran’s wrist.

Marline told him, “Not now, we have to keep a focus on him.”

She stepped out of the memory of that painful day. Her body was shaking just like they were that day. She walked back over to the fireplace.

Marline kneeled down beside the fire pit. She grabbed a log of wood. She tossed the log onto the top of the fire.

She looked over her shoulder at Gran, “Wake up soon.”

Gran was gazing up at the sky. She kept the fear that he wasn’t going to wake up, close to her heart. But she was hoping for his eyes to flicker back with life.

Once was Born Again - A Short Story Series by Jimi Alan

A story to some can be much more to others. This tale occurs multiple times in one lifetime. The people with the power to change their forms are seen as monsters. But there is a hidden truth behind these creators...

  • ISBN: 9781310465857
  • Author: Jimi Alan
  • Published: 2016-06-03 16:05:07
  • Words: 3031
Once was Born Again - A Short Story Series by Jimi Alan Once was Born Again - A Short Story Series by Jimi Alan