Oh! My Soul If Only I Could See!




Oh! My Soul

If Only I Could See!



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This Book is dedicated to Our Father in Heaven, whose divine grace has been my life source. 

My grand daughter Ava Melissa Johnson

Debbs Stotts



SEEING IS BELIEVING – 2 Kings 6: 8-23 8






I would like to take this moment to say thank you to my dear friends, family and associates. Special thanks to the Mixon’s and their families, Shante, Thomas and Josef for allowing me to be “Your Crazy Mother”. Your strength has been my encouragement.


Furthermore, I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Elsa Berhune and Aynalem Baykeden, bless you for the friendship you provided me is on a level of kinship. You’ve been with me through the fire, cultural shock and other related crisis. I will always be indebted to you for your loyalty and strong devotion. True Warriors Indeed!


Last but not least my deepest and humbled gratitude to Frida Mwangi who invested her time and wisdom to this work. I greatly appreciate your input and wealth of scriptural knowledge. I pray for blessed success in your endeavors.



My name is Debbie. I am a blind woman of African descent living in the Middle East. I’m writing this book to address my blind brothers and sisters out there that are living and struggling with eye diseases.


Eye diseases are known to cause visual impairment and sometimes blindness. Blindness has been an umbrella term that is used to represent many other eye illnesses or sight impairment.


My greatest desire is to share information that pertains to societal concern over people suffering from eye diseases. I also want to go over some questions that I have been asked by the blind community about their personal and family life.


My answers and thoughts pretty much come from a biblical perspective because most of what happens in our communities is affected by religious, spiritual and cultural traditions. I will be coming from a Hebraic biblical perspective.


The importance of this is due to language, history and context of quoted scripture verses. My desire is to respect and honor the biblical text. This can assist with personal application.


In this eBook, we shall address these issues freely while allowing you to make comments and share your opinions. This information is important as you could as well be helping someone else.


SEEING IS BELIEVING – 2 Kings 6: 8-23


As stated at the forward, my aim is to address specific issues that affect our blind communities. Self-esteem being one of them, it is therefore vital to start right from the basic step.


How does Adonai see me as a blind person?


This is a question that many people living with some form of visual impairment ask themselves. It can be the beginning of either loosing or gaining your self-confidence.


I come from a family that was afraid to talk about my blindness or even eye illnesses. From the time I was a young child, my family knew that someday I would become blind. Much of my time as an infant was spent with all types of eye specialists, retinal specialist and corrective lens specialist.


My family spent so much money in trying to get the most upgraded corrective lenses and many other things just so I could fit in the “normal way of life” as the society sees it.


As a child it was very traumatic having to deal with issues that no other child dealt with. As I grew up, my family’s efforts gave me strength in knowing they loved me and wanted everything to work out right. This is a very vital step for a person dealing with disability.


My family was in denial about my eye health and refused to accept that I could end up blind. They figured out that if they could get the right kind of people to pray and spiritualists to lay hands on me, my sight could be restored.


They believed that by engaging in some kind of prayers, I wouldn’t have to wear my thick coke bottle glasses anymore. Instead, my eyesight would not be restored to see clearly not even at night.


Throughout this process of praying, I felt weird and very uncomfortable. I felt as though there was something wrong with me spiritually. I felt as though there was a demon in me or I was being oppressed or worse still possessed more so the reason for my blindness.


I cannot even begin to tell you how disturbing and unsettling it was growing up under that type of thinking and pressure to get healed. The simplest most formal answer my family could have adopted is to accept that I am blind and enroll me in a school for the blind to learn braille. They should have allowed me to be with other kids who are like me to help me cope easily and accept my condition.


Too bad, it did not happen like that, I was always the outcast! Have you ever felt that way? Has your family members always used spirituality to expose your problem or to try and fix it?


I want to share a few truths I have learnt from this experience. I lost my eyesight just a few years ago so I’m pretty new to being blind. I am living my life now as a blind person in my adult age. Biblically, I wanted to show you what Adonai has to say about blindness.


Walk with me through this book as we lay a foundation that will give us the answers we have been looking for. The Bible will help us get the right answers and apply them to our various situations not according to how our society wants but according to the immovable Truth.


2 Kings 6:8-23 –

The King of Israel has a plan, he is warned about the King of Syria and he flees. The Syrian King hears about it and asks how that could happen. To his shock, he learns that Elisha, the prophet tells the King of Israel everything the Syrian King is about to do. Elisha knew everything the Syrian King was dreaming in his sleep and all the plans he was laying down.


This revelation disturbed the King of Syria so much that he decided to go after Elisha, hunt him and kill him. He sends troops and chariots to look for Elisha and capture him.


According to verse 14, Elisha knows this and he watches them come to capture him. He knew they were coming but he did not have a plan as to what he would do. Elisha’s disciple was very scared. He wondered loudly “Woe, they are coming after us. What are we going to do?” Elisha’s response in verse 16 and 17 startles his disciple. Elisha prays for his disciple’s eyes to be opened to see the army of angels that the Yehovah had assigned to them.


This is what is known as spiritual blindness and Elisha was determined to help his disciple see in the Spirit. They could not see what Elisha was seeing in the Spirit that made him so confident.


Elisha’s disciple could see well in the physical but his spiritual eyes were sealed. Elisha saw the vision. He saw everything that was to take place.


He saw the army of angels that were with them and became encouraged. As they turned and saw the army of the Syrians coming, in Verse 18, Elisha prayed “Yehovah strike these people with blindness.” True to Elisha’s prayer, they were all struck with blindness.


One question I would like us to ask ourselves is, was this spiritual or physical blindness? Notice how Elisha goes forth towards them then directs them away. He says to them, “You’re going the wrong way, this is the way. Let me show you the way.”


These Syrian men were blinded. The Word of Adonai does not tell us anywhere that they were groping around trying to find their way, they could physically see. Yehovah struck them with a spiritual blindness because of what manner of spirit they came in to attack His servant.


Adonai protected Elisha from that particular spirit by blinding them with a spiritual blindness. These scriptures simply tell us that Adonai is in control of everything both spiritually and physically. When we talk about blindness, there are two types, Spiritual and Physical blindness.


This Army was blinded with spiritual blindness and was led by another spirit. You see what happens when you are spiritually blind. You are led by another type of spirit. Elisha led this army into their enemies place and then Adonai opened their eyes. Once their eyes were opened, they realized they were in Samaria.


They were in a place they did not expect to be or had not planned to be. They were in the hands of their enemies but the response of their enemies who loved and feared Adonai was very different from what they expected. They sent them home and told them, “Go back to Syria.”


The biggest lesson you can learn from this scripture is that spiritual blindness really affected these people. For the enemies of Adonai, their spiritual blindness led them into a trap. They came to this place to conquer but ended up becoming victims.


Adonai had the power to finish them off at that point in their blindness but He wanted them to go freely and acknowledge His power. For the servants of Adonai, their eyes were opened spiritually to see His protection, His provision and His guidance. Adonai wanted His people to know that He was with them to comfort them and to care for them at all times.


You see the difference? Spiritual blindness can be more fatal than physical blindness. Either you are spiritually led by Adonai or you are going to be led by your enemy. Even if you don’t have a physical enemy like Elisha, trust me you are going to walk into that place of entrapment and bondage with your eyes wide open.



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Oh! My Soul If Only I Could See!

Two women of African Descent one sighted the other blind address issues facing persons of African descent living with blindness or Visual Impairment. First, by defining blindness as an umbrella term representing sight or vision impairment. Then explaining how Blindness/Visual impairment often causes spiritual degredation. Emphasis is placed on societal ignorance, cultural and traditional views toward persons living with blindness/VI. These views are filtered through the lens of biblical and hebraic perspectives. You are presented with experiences and insight into different forms of blindness. Persons of African Descent living with blindness or impaired vision bears many questions of the soul. With this in mind, Oh! My Soul If Only I Could See! encourages personal growth. Do you know how persons living with blindness contributes to society? Have you talked to a person living with blindness? Have you share moments in time with a person living with blindness? How about exchanging ideas? Your answers should be reflective and thought provoking. Culturally sensitive issues are addressed along with traditions. In hopes of bringing about a better understanding of Spiritual and Physical blindness affecting our communities. Much care is taken to avoid ambiguity when refering to the Creator of the Universe.

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Oh! My Soul If Only I Could See! Oh! My Soul If Only I Could See!