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Off The Road

Off The Road


Dean Moriarty

Copyright 2015

Published by Create Space

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This book has been designed to put you to sleep. I made it for all the insomniacs who find it hard to drift away. It comes from an old secret formula that was used on me when I couldn’t sleep and that I have tweaked over the years.

And in this place that is closed there are only dust devils at play in these circles we put ourselves in to rise above the floor for just a moment…you do know, don’t you, that we cannot fly here…oh, bring on the strange then…

But I am glad you can smile…in and out of the dreaming…but look, here I am and here I am not, says the dreaming in your smile…

And now we will fall dear children to wake up to go to sleep…

Can we fly here? Yes, but only if we let go…ah, but how?

Now that is a really good question…

I am made to come to you as you question and will fly with you through your dreams to answer you all you ask…

You can escape if you want to, just go; and like that you are gone.

Outside of the dust of this nothing matters but this where you fall into that that accepts you to fall into the dust of this…

And now that you have fallen you are accepted…

You can find yourself somewhere in these stories where your heart has been broken into ten thousand pieces and each of them a map to a worn room of used memories, and like the dust of the desert can be stirred up in the reading of them.

In this place you can walk through dreams, scattered and rusting in dark corners where in some rooms a naked light illuminates particles of ideas and in other rooms a raging torn ghost screams to be let out, but mostly you can dance in the firelight poems and stories where little hints have been laid like rustic paths to your heart of moonbeam excursions and love-trust delights to take as my gift to you, whoever you are.

I would like to present you with an idea that will only make sense after you have heard all of it, so bear with me until the ending comes where all will be revealed.


1 Keep breathing for as long as you can.

2 Nothing is as it seems long enough to be permanent.

3 When all seems lost keep going, you still have you.

4 Remember your true nature.

5 Travel light, take only what you need.

6 The time to look behind is after the finish.

7 Everything you encounter will either drain you or empower you.

8 Don’t believe everything your senses tell you.

9 Hope comes after the courage to begin.

10 Trust in your-self; if it feels right it probably is.

11 Beware of pickpockets.

12 Ignore barking dogs but carry a stick anyway.

13 Take note of your intuition, it’s there for a reason.

14 Don’t horde or you’ll have to de-clutter often.

15 Be aware of what you think, your thoughts have energy.

16 Wisdom comes after the learning, not before.

17 Gratitude comes with gratification.

18 Love comes in its own time.

19 Believing something to be true will not always make it so.

20 Knowing comes from an experience not a belief.

21 When in doubt, stop, until clarity reveals itself.

22 Meditate to find your true self.

23 Remove yourself from all that weighs you down.

24 Knowledge gives you the tools to understand you don’t know much.

25 Stand away from a problem to find perspective.

26 In a relative world all things are relative.

27 Wisdom may bite you on the leg but only you can accept it.

28 Rock bottom is a solid place to look upwards from.

29 When falling off a cliff, hold on to something.

30 Broken eggs can make an omelette.

31 When venturing out into deep water first learn how to swim.

32 The wound is where the light gets in so don’t dull it with stuff.

33 Fear is your concern, it’s made by you.

34 Surrender usually comes when you have no other option.

35 When a door closes on you then you have two options.

36 Only by leaving where you are can you get somewhere else.

37 When you run out of options then refine your imagination.

38 It’s better to have a little bit of what you do want than a whole load of what you don’t.

39 Not all pears are lemons.

40 A solitary explanation is usually better than a split infinitive.

41 If the past is still bothering you then maybe you’re still living there.

42 No two stones turned are exactly the same.

43 When riding a motorbike keep your mouth shut.

44 Don’t dye your hair with soot because it washes out in the rain.

45 If the house catches on fire, call the fire brigade.

46 More often than not, less is more.

47 On a long journey take a book.

48 When the road is filled with holes and stones, go carefully.

49 When you wake in the morning it’s the start of a new day.

50 When the end comes accept it gracefully.


“I’ve come to learn about meditation.”

Come in and welcome. Sit over by the window and we can talk first.

“I’ve been feeling so drained lately and then I saw your leaflet that said meditation can restore my energy.”

There are over seven billion people on this planet and most of them are eating each other.

“What about those that live alone?”

They eat themselves from the inside out.

“Where do you get these funny ideas from?”

Not so funny really; just look at the energy signature of anyone and you can see it attached or attaching to something or someone and feeding.


An exchange of energy; it’s a cord of attachment that energy flows along; watch a woman walking by and you’ll see men shooting out threads of energy and latching on to her and feeding.

“Wouldn’t she become drained?

Energy flows both ways, she feeds off them too. But yes, sometimes it only goes one way, such as in a bad relationship where one partner feeds off the other.

“Like a vampire?”

Right, like a vampire, but instead of blood, energy is transferred.

“And you can see this happening?”

It’s plain to see.

“I don’t see it.”

In time, as your energy becomes lighter you’ll see it, first in the physical and then on the energetic level.

“Maybe ignorance is bliss.”

Once the doors of perception have been opened you’ll begin the journey, the deeper you go inwards the more you will understand, and once you’ve begun you never really stop learning.

“I’m not sure I want to see vampires or go on a journey, I just would like to find out more about meditation.”

Until you’ve learnt how to control your energy and channel it then you’ll eat and be eaten without even knowing it, the same as everyone else who is lost and being stirred in this soup that everyone calls life.

“What about love?”

There’s no energy higher than love.

“So falling in love is good?”

It may seem like falling but actually it is your heart being opened with the right key.

“It sounds a bit mechanical to me.”

In a way it can seem that way, but it’s really organic. Take for instance a pond; for a pond to settle and become still you need to stop throwing stones in it and then quite naturally it will become still.

“What’s a pond and stones got to do with anything?”

Well, you can liken the pond to your mind and the stones are your thoughts; when your mind is not distracted by your thoughts it becomes still, like the pond, and then when it’s still you can see deeply into what’s there.

“And what is there?”

You of course.

“But I can already see me when I look in a mirror.”

This is another kind of seeing, one where you can see what you really are without any confusion.

“I don’t understand, I thought this was me and who I am.”

That’s just your body and the changing seasons of your living. What you really are is not subject to time and space, but dances in the winds of the eternal and for a short period inhabits the body you find yourself in.

“So what you’re saying is I don’t know who I really am?”

You are what you know now, but as you go deeper your understanding and knowing will increase until you find your real self and then you’ll know for yourself.

“What will I know for myself?”

No one can tell you that, you will feel it when you know it.

“Why can’t you tell me what it is?”

Because if I told you my concept of what it is then you would be looking for that.

“What’s wrong with that?”

It’s not a concept, and so when you look for a concept you don’t find it.

“So what do I look for?”

You don’t look for anything, if you look for something you won’t find it for it’s not something and can’t be found that way.

“You’ve lost me.”

In the world you’ve grown up in you’ve used your mind/intellect to find everything you’ve wanted, but what I’m talking about is not of the mind and can’t be found by using it; your mind can only take you so far and then you have to let it go, and fly.

“Fly? Fly where?”

To fly you have to let go; and the where is not a place but an unlearning of all you’ve been taught so that you unbecome to become what you really are, and in that is freedom, and in that freedom you fly on wings of joy and your heart feels to burst in total love.

“So it’s a wild ride then?”

Sometimes it can feel energetic and other times it is bliss in stillness and silence.

“You sure you’re not on drugs?”

Drugs won’t take you there. You could spend an eternity on drugs and never get there.

“Some drugs are immediate.”

That’s just the rush.

“What is eternity?”

Eternity is now.

“But how can that be?”

All that’s outside of now is subject to time and time is not eternal. Only in the now can you experience the eternal.

“But eternity is a long time.”

Eternity has no time; if it did it would not be eternal.

“What is time?”

Time is an illusion and a figment of your imagination.

“But I have a clock and it tells the time.”

It tells you what you have been taught to see. When you were a child and impressionable you made a contract to understand a part of the illusion by learning how to measure it with a mechanical construct. The real time is now and is immeasurable because it’s timeless.

“This is a hard concept to understand.”

Well I did say my concepts are subjective and that you should understand for yourself.

“I was never taught how to understand these things in school.”

Right, you were taught to know set patterns of the illusion as they would have you know.

“Do you mean that my way of thinking has been taught to me and is not my own?”

But of course.

“Can I change this way of thinking? And what’s this illusion you go on about?”

Yes you can change your thinking but first you have to find what’s real. Once you know that all things can become clear to you and then you’ll see the illusion for what it is.

“What is the illusion?”

The illusion is what appears to be real but is in fact only a passing image that is changing into something else.

“That could be everything.”


“So nothing is really real, it’s all an illusion?”

Yes. We inhabit bodies that will turn back into dust one day and we reside on a ball of rock that was once molten that flies around a sphere that is constantly igniting and sending out from itself in all directions a stream of energy, one part of which we call light and this light bombards the planet and enables all life as we know it to be and expire in cycles that perpetuate themselves over and over.

“So it’s all an illusion because it’s all in a state of constant change?”

Yes, that’s one way to see it. Another way to see it is that nothing is solid, everything you see is made up of a few small particles whirling around so fast, things appear as solid but if all the tiny particles were to become still and stop moving then everything would wink out of existence.

If all of the actual solid matter of the whole planet was condensed together so that there was no space in between these tiny particles then the whole world would be the size of a football, that’s how solid this planet is; everything appears real but it is all made up of a few particles whizzing around incredibly fast in a huge space to make it look real, but it’s all an illusion.


It would be if it wasn’t all held together by something we can’t see.

“It sounds a bit far-fetched to me.”

Quantum science has proven all this to be so; it was even known by enlightened ones that came here long ago.

“How so?”

Well Buddha for one said: ‘time and space’ are not real.

“But how could he or anyone know, they didn’t have scientific instruments back then that could see tiny particles?”

As it is within, so it is without. Once you know the inner world the outer one holds no mystery that can’t be known.

“I need some time to digest all this, let’s have a cup of coffee.”

Good idea.


Let’s take our coffee outside, it’s a beautiful day; we can sit under the trees in the shade.

“I’d like that.”

We can practice meditation if you like.

“You’ll have to show me how.”

It’s very simple.

“Maybe for you but I’ve never done it before.”

You may have done it more than you know.

“I don’t see how.”

In a way, everything is a meditation, or can be. When you allow yourself to listen, to be a part of all that’s around you, and then you find yourself becoming quiet, that’s going within and becoming a part of the whole. It’s an awareness with little or no chatter from your mind, an expanding of your consciousness without any fixation, but a letting be.

“That sounds a little bit too esoteric for me.”

Sit here under the tree.


This will be your initiation into meditation.

Now, relax, close your eyes and just breathe. Let go of the thousand things in your mind, let all the cords of attachment drift away.

Listen to the wind sighing in the leaves above, and the loud bee passing by. Hear the birdsong.

As you expand your senses become aware of yourself experiencing all this, and then gently bring yourself back to you.

“Wow, it’s amazing, I feel so alive.”

Don’t say anything, just experience.


My dumpling daisy.


Did I say that?

Yes you did.

Why say it?

It just slipped out.

What do women know that wear so much black?

I don’t wear black.

Maybe you should.

I did have a thingy that I beat to death for being so useless.

What black thingy?

My braless strap that cried: “Come biggy, biggy here.”

I’m not going to talk to you anymore.

It was invented by a woman in black who fell off a bus.

The mind boggles.

Let’s talk about cotton picking toads then.

Let’s not.

You’re in a bad moon.

I’m not just listening to you.

Well I don’t see how you can’t, we are stuck together.

You’re stuck together; I’m here against my will.

Same difference.

I want to read a dictionary now.

I don’t.

You’re mean.

I’m so tired of you.

You don’t mean that.

I get the hard shoulder from you all day long.

Well I get your hair in my face all day long. Why don’t you tie it back?

Because then I’d see you.

What’s wrong with that?

I don’t want to see you.

But we’re identical twins.

I don’t care.

Is it that time again?

Shut-up and leave me alone.

One day we’ll be free.

The sooner the better.

You know, sometimes everything you say seems synthesized from an old dustbin.

Maybe you’d like me to get on my electric broomstick and fly away.

Sometimes I wish.

But then you’d be all alone with no one to talk to.

You know that’s not true.

You’re thinking of that girl who smiled at you down Plasticine Alley.


She smiled at me too you know.

That was different.

Not so much.

You mean…?

Let’s go see her and find out for sure.

It’s not fair, you’re always finding someone.

Brother dear, believe me, she’s not for you.

How come you always get lucky and I never do?

Because I’m the pretty one.

But if you weren’t a girl we’d look exactly the same.

You appal me sometimes by how naive you can be.

I want to meditate now.

Don’t let me stop you, my dumpling daisy.

Stop calling me that.

I’m getting changed and then I’m going out, dancing.

But I was looking forward to a quiet night in.

Oh boo hoo you.

Are we going to Plasticine Alley again?

It’s the best place in town.

Why can’t I choose where we go?

We did choose once, remember?

You can’t blame me for the library being on strike.

But I do my dumpling daisy, I do.

I’m not a dumpling, I’m thinner than you.

No you’re not.

Yes I am.

Now you’re being babyish.

So burp me.

If you don’t stop talking I’ll kill you.

I’m too young to wake up dead.

Where do all the words go?

They don’t go anywhere they just fall flat on the ground.

I feel like we’re talking into a huge void and all our words are being taken on the winds of grace straight to the ears of one who listens to all we say.

I don’t see a void, and you need a bath.

I’m not a girl you know.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

You don’t believe in god.

Just because I don’t believe in god doesn’t mean to say I’m going to rule out the possibility of one.

That means you’re godless.

Who needs a god when I’ve got you dear brother?

Why do you have to be such a misanthrope?

I sometimes wonder if you’re an alien planted on me to drive me mad.

I’m hungry.

I hate you.

I know, I hate you too; let’s go eat.

Alley alley oh.

Alley alley oop.


I’m a virgin for answers most of the time give or take a nap or two so when he said: “wake up and take me to England,” I had to ask: “how much?”

“Eleven francs an hour,” he said, pulling out a map.

Eleven francs an hour didn’t sound too bad and there’d be perks too for sure.

“Do you know the way?” he asked, staring intently at his map spread out on the driving seat.

Seeing as I’d just woken up and hadn’t had my coffee yet I just mumbled something.

“I’ll take that as a maybe,” he said and looked around. “Where’s the nearest coffee shop?”

“Hop in and I’ll take you there,” I said and started the engine.

After a good coffee and pouring over the map a bit I began to realize my little worn out tuk-tuk would never make the nine thousand four hundred and fifty one kilometre journey as the crow flies and so I began to nod back off to sleep remembering a phrase from somewhere that only mad dogs and Englishmen wandered about in the midday sun.

“Wake up,” he said.

“I’d rather not,” I mumbled back at him wondering why he didn’t fly there.


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Off The Road

This book has been designed to put you to sleep. I made it for all the insomniacs who find it hard to drift away. It comes from an old secret formula that was used on me when I couldn’t sleep and that I have tweaked over the years. And in this place that is closed there are only dust devils at play in these circles we put ourselves in to rise above the floor for just a moment...you do know, don't you, that we cannot fly here...oh, bring on the strange then... But I am glad you can smile...in and out of the dreaming...but look, here I am and here I am not, says the dreaming in your smile... And now we will fall dear children to wake up to go to sleep...

  • ISBN: 9781311326980
  • Author: Dean Moriarty
  • Published: 2015-12-01 13:40:06
  • Words: 28933
Off The Road Off The Road