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Observation - Perspective Generation, The Artist's Creation


Observation – Perspective Generation, The Artist’s Creation


© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing

ISBN: 978-1-910774-84-7


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “What’s in a nose? The Tentative Inception Grows” 2016.


A look like no other – unique perspective discover

the artist’s line in singular incline


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The simplest smilie for me, sets inspiration free, the moment just to be, caught up memorably.


As eager as a puppy’s nose, to where the fresh wind blows!”



Observation – Perspective Generation, The Artist’s Creation


I wanted now to be through

with all I had set out to do

but there the moment knew:


a simple smile so true,

and there perspective grew

to just appraise the world anew


by living it through

the moment grand and new

that helps me see again

my own vibrant plane

of unique perspective

that I gain


by looking forward

once again

beyond the plain

drudgery of

‘what I see, I see’;


and instead taking that moment

just to be, enigmatically free

of what you wish to see


and then,

to rest awhile in your gentle smile


Music poetry created space for me

and gave a place for me to show

the value of taking it so slow…


Music energy whittled through

the grandest queue of what to do


and in the end, my busy friend,

I discovered the respite of

turning once more

to the light and shade


and so to capture time

in aid of what good

observation made


laid out as before

a ceaseless perspective

now explore


and shades that align

a new perspective to define

come slowly now to hand,


whilst the music helps

me understand


that dwelling in a time

needs space for perspective to

now just fully align


and as the music played to close

I stood in awe of what life shows

when it all slows down,


perspective wears a new crown

of perfection:

the simple moment resurrection

as an accurate reflection of,


when I start to see what’s right in front

of me, there…


shades of harmony


shades of destiny


hidden in the view

that lets the light

whittle through


and lets me see

once more

that I am dancing

on the floor

of perception’s

endless store -


to always look

and then refrain

from ever thinking it

so much the same


and in that plain


the artist’s great connection,


to always ever see,

the world




I could always be

as explicit as I want to be


and give as many lines

to thousands of designs


but in time, I see that



it is always the single moment

that matters most to me

to bring a new perspective

moderately – as though by design:

I am a conduit to that time,


and in that way, I always know

as perception now has space to grow

that I can always get to see


perspective generating slowly


so what I free from my imagery,

starts developing in front of me

quite naturally


as though I just need to see

“what’s right in front of me!”


A slumber to awake

A moment fresh to shake


The Artist’s Generation

Borne of Perspective Creation


That slow meandering river

That shoots my eye like a quiver

right into view

(and hits the bull’s eye too!!!)


A long-standing persuasion

without the need of segregation

of all I wish to do…


I simply now let perspective generate

anew, and there my hope is too:


That in the length of time

I discover my design


Observationally incline

To what I fundamentally wish



The simplest sense to rhyme

how perspective develops

naturally over time


when we give observation

moments to design

what creates an artist’s

line (the simplest breath

of time).


Observational time

An accuracy align

That new perspective

Now define.


Purple Eyes Publishing

A heart-felt energy to take it all quite slowly and envelop the smilie in front of me.


As eager as a puppy’s nose, to where the fresh wind blows (there new perspective shows!)”


I am looking – see – I’m cooking quite a heady stew; just right in front of you, so wait a moment, do! And then discover worlds anew that in fresh perspective brew a vibrant flush of blue (the water coming through).


In the eye of seeing through, the breath of what you do, always shows too!


Observation - Perspective Generation, The Artist's Creation

Tentatively in blue, loads more colours now come through: shape and form find there too, expression in a world that grew, as observation knew to hold a little breath, and look longer now to see... what holds the moment memorably.

  • ISBN: 9781910774847
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-10-19 16:05:24
  • Words: 773
Observation - Perspective Generation, The Artist's Creation Observation - Perspective Generation, The Artist's Creation