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NZOMBIE - The Living Dead


Edward Warrior


The Living Dead

A researcher in the middle of nowhere, the biting cold, deep well and a virus with a 15 million-year-old ended the depths of the lake. Extinction will be soon!

1st edition

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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Original title: NZOMBIE – The Living Dead

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Antarctica 9

The Return 46

Chapter II 61

Threatened 61

Death Experience 79

Concordia Base 90

Chapter III 111


Casey Station 119

Australia 133

Chapter IV 146

South Africa 146

Chimera 163

Amsterdam 182

Chapter V 196


Escape To Nowhere 208

Drammen 222

Chapter VI 240

Sleepers 240

Instincts 255

Apocalypse 265

“A part of our existence is based on what we assume to know, another in totally unknown. Imagine that we have all the answers is a presumption worthy of the human being, but also their greatest defeat in the evolutionary process.” Edward Warrior.


The frozen continent and further south of the equator kept a secret trapped inside for millions of years. From the past, brought a deadly message to all those who were on the way and Nick Frost was one of them. The discoursed drilling as planned and that they were all extremely competent all was under control, that was the big mistake of Sven Urland, open the Pandora’s Box.

Nadja Romanov had grand aspirations and dreamed of a prince passing through it every day and not realize it was as if there were not at least thought so, however, the fate put them in a breakneck race so that they could survive. A day like any other, a light breeze that cut through the frigid cold and dull white and irregular landscape. A deadly mist traveled without haste to change the history of the human race and the concept of life we knew up to that point.

Just a man and his innermost secret could be the answer that would save mankind from Revelation as announced in the Holy Books. During the ancient times there was always the threat that the dead would inherit the earth, much more than a myth frightening reality that persisted in extinguishing the human race in such a way as if it had never existed, but persevere was among the greatest qualities of this kind and do not let defeat without a fight, though inglorious.

Oliver McQueen always been a man of principle until the moment to fight for survival and their way of life have become the biggest reason for living and it would not scruple much less condescending. An empire built with dubious reputation in the search for cures for diseases that only the most remote tribes in the world knew their secrets. NOMAD was born the Corporation and its global domination interests, but that was not the privilege only of them, the world had always been so. The strongest subjugating the weakest, but this game was about to change hands.

Vladimir Timochenco was a man of war, he had witnessed the horrors of which men are capable of doing against each other when they need to achieve a specific goal. There was no forgiveness for the crimes he had committed in the name of ideologies that in the future would prove wrong and dead, in any case, his services in the service of the Corporation were invaluable and without question …

At the end, humanity had succumbed to the power of an invisible enemy that aimed to begin a new era of development for the human race, but to make this possible, it is necessary to be extinct before anything else and there was no method efficient than father against son and brother against brother. It was a one-way delayed for an eternity. They stayed behind and condemned to oblivion all the great achievements of the race believed to have been made in the image and likeness of the Creator, not knowing if he actually ruled Heaven or Hell.


[] Antarctica

The extreme and bitter cold of the Antarctic continent not discouraged biologist Nick Frost and his exploration team in an attempt to get samples in the depths of Lake Vostok. The drilling of the thick ancient ice layer about four kilometers thick had taken two months to complete, from damage to steel drills, which did most of the service and due to the intense cold that stiffened, snapped like glass , while the internal pressure of glacial walls of the immobilized depths. It was difficult and strenuous work also involved the removal of the cuttings and transport to the surface.

It was not the only one interested in the content that sampling capsules reveal after perhaps fifteen million years under the ice successively compacted over that time. Lake Vostok is located at coordinates 78 ° 27’00 “S 106 ° 52’12” E, possessing an area of two hundred and fifty kilometers long and forty kilometers wide shaped ellipse. It comprises an area fourteen thousand square kilometers with an average depth of five hundred meters and fully protected the Earth’s atmosphere, the extensive layer of ice that covers it completely. A real time capsule.

After all this drilling work, it is still necessary that after collection of sedimentary material and biological there care to preserve the samples in a totally isolated environment sterile, contaminant that was not in any way…

Nick Frost worked for the Corporation for Biological Studies NOMAD, a private entity that had as its main mission to study biodiversity environments forgotten by time, so the difficulty of access to the total ignorance of existing places. At thirty, finished to complete, athletic without exaggeration, 1,96m tall, inheritance of his Viking ancestors liked to consider a new Viking times, therefore the blond and long hair usually hung from her shoulders at this particular time left them stuck in the shape of a long “ponytail”, for greater mobility in that harsh environment. It was quite possible that at some point remember one of the many gods of Norse mythology in the sight of foreigners.

Descended from a family of researchers, his grandfather had been a “Iceman” whose main occupation was based on lead expeditions to the center of the North Pole and the countless times that there was, in one of them it was in some so remote that even today not you know the true whereabouts. For the same reason, the disappearance of the grandfather he had chosen to be an adventurer, with a little luck maybe not find the remains of his ancestor. I thought that possibility…

It was not uncommon that after the missing persons thaws in these environments reappeared in considerable preservation conditions to the point where they can be recognized and buried with dignity and his grandfather could be one of those people “lucky” for sure. I remembered the story of Ötzi, the mummy of a possible European inhabitant of the Copper Age with about five thousand three hundred years old and had been found in a reasonable state of preservation in a glacier near the Similaun mountain on the border of Austria with Italy.

It tells the history of paleontology, that when he died, wore rudimentary clothing to protect him from the cold, with three layers of clothes made of deer and goat skin, and a lined hood fiber from the bark of linden, typical tree in the hemisphere north. It was still surprising that these things could happen and at the same time be found most often in a haphazard way, as was this particular case and true.

Nick was the curiosity of the facts to his father, a writer who despite not get much literary success, practically wrote for himself, his books addressed fundamental issues of human society, the mysteries of the world by uncovering and uncertainty if we are the First Race human on the Earth’s surface, or just another cycle that repeats itself endlessly, a circle that is born, grows, thrives and is extinguished completely, or almost…

The love he had for the profession, biology, came through the mother who was also a biologist in the area of molecular genetics and also exercised the profession, but not as a researcher, gave himself up to the bureaucratic service after he realized that all his work It aimed only astronomical profits for their employers, and not necessarily the cure for the disease that for centuries still plagued humanity.

He sat on a nearby aluminum box where he was watching every movement around the ice drilling, resigned, realizing that another drill was breaking in the depths of that infernal ice. – Here we go again … – said to the charge of drilling piling steel drills side of the drill. – It is too early to give up! – He forced a smile that had not, but he needed to animate your team that increasingly seemed exhausted. As quickly as he had forgotten the Iceman for a moment, and returned with him to thoughts.

It considered incredible that all the time Ötzi remained frozen human history had passed him without the bother. During this period Egypt became a power echoing through time to the present day extolling his great achievements and their personalities, enslaved Hebrew people and lost the battle to Moses, and said the holy scriptures and although it was not at all indeed, he knew that the stories told or written always has some basis, so no matter if the Red Sea had been opened for the passage of the slave or not people, the case was that the story persisted for thousands of years.

Greece had achieved glory days in the hands of Alexander of Macedon, Achilles, Helen and other personalities also passed by Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, among many that came to mind him as lights went out and lit fast, but just as others succumbed to time and other civilizations, Greece was no different from any of them. Rome ascended centuries later and formed a thousand-year empire, however, Ötzi was still asleep in frozen sleep in the Italian Alps without being noticed, while most of us just turned powder in that it was born, lived and died without leaving tangible traces , except those bound for destination account or wiles perpetuated their names in the history books.

Continued careful will slow and monotonous boring, but also knew it was the best technology available to them and the rush was the enemy not only of perfection as well as science, knew it … He looked at the sky and could see the bright moon as a cheese Swiss looking at him, there was one of the things that pass by time and humanity without being disturbed. Because the Moon was created when a very young age a time schedule, recalled the story; He asked his father to arrange you a wider slice of tree trunk he could find and did not disappoint, in less than two weeks he was given a circular wooden slice with 1,20m in diameter and ten centimeters thick.

To everyone’s amazement, no one had any idea to what it would do unless it was to make some sort of old vehicle still would need a couple for this and it was not the case. Possibly a table top for studies, but only he, the future biologist, had different plans for the strange and peculiar object, that would be your Time Calendar. After so long was still posted on the wall of his room at his parents’ house in Drammen, near Oslo in Norway.

With all the care and talent he possessed at the time, was fifteen only mustered up thin and soft sandpaper and quietly began to polish one side, the one that seemed most appropriate to what he would do and had no hurry to leave so smooth, it was impossible to see any kind of ripple that was. He let his hand continuously walked and over again for that soft surface, I felt satisfaction that the fine dust slip through his fingers without any resistance.

Provided a place to put a huge slice of wood that was now completely polished and smooth, wiped with a damp cloth and then immediately waxed it with a mixture of animal wax whale oil and so that the wood stay darker and more visible concentric rings, had the desired effect without doubt.

- Dad, how old do you think this tree had before being overthrown? – I wondered if at least be close to the estimate of required time.

- From the size of this wood slice you both took the trouble to polish, I believe that at least two hundred years! – Smiled to see the enthusiasm of the child with that big piece of wood in the middle of the living room, on the coffee table. Occupied almost all free space. – But still I do not know what you want with it all! – Was curious and knew he did not reveal to him, at least not yet, it was not like you only show the result after it’s done, that experiment would be no different.

- Well, it’s not what I expected, but will have to do! – I said furrowing her eyebrows a little.

He waited almost two days for the oil to completely infiltrate the wood and were absorbed leaving only the dark tone that really pleased him. He went to the office where his father used to write, could have saved a few minutes if I had asked just what you were looking, but gave up work to look for himself, it was more than just finding what he wanted, was a holding unknown location and harsh, his father did not tolerate things got out of place, this learned to always leave everything as it had found. Finally there was the case with adhesive labels.

He sat close to his mother, Martha Frost, who enjoyed a scientific book with some relevance to him at the moment not interested, it was about botany, more precisely the naturalist Charles Darwin and anything on a ship called the Beagle which traveled around the world, only later recognize the real importance of such literature.

- Mother! Can I interrupt for a moment? – He did not wait for her to give consent and handed him a packet of labels with a black pen thick tip.

- Apparently I do not have much choice is not it? – She smiled at her son, was the one who had the courage to bring the world and still with some difficulty, but it seemed, the complications had been overcome. I thought that with so many diseases on Earth was almost a miracle that the human race was still alive. – What happens now? – I was as curious as the father of the young Nick Frost on the other side of the room watched in silence, while making some notes.

- I need you to write in some of these labels relevance of things that have happened in the past, let’s say … Five thousand years! Can it be like this! – His eyes glistened for what was then the anxiety to find out what are the historical revelations that his mother would make him. – I like your letter … – he added. Much more than that, he wanted to preserve something of his mother for an indefinite time, if possible for eternity.

I looked at her askance recording in his memory all traces of the perfect face, pale and smooth, now had forty-five, a few wrinkles that once existed not begin to be present in the corners of the eyes and on the forehead as she wrote something on small labels he had given her, her arched eyebrows insinuating a radiant light face. I loved the mother of a very different way of how he loved his father, Eldar Frost in this particular case there was an imbalance of feelings, but love for her was serene and sweet, quiet and very tender. No less loved her father, but defiantly as both lived together became a mixture of dispute space and approach cautiously, like two males of a species delimiting their spaces.

That was their safe haven, the calm and the storm together in one place and he was the mediator of these two unruly and conflicting elements.

- How many do you need? – She smiled again realizing that took the candy from the mouth of a child.

- Maybe thirty? – Was not sure of the amount had not counted the rings inside the wooden buckler, but find a way to fit the maximum of events that could.

- Let’s see … Five thousand years ago, is not it? – Gained time to think about historical events of the human race. He did not realize that her husband had come close in the hope of being invited to participate in the game, for some reason, he felt attracted to that experiment.

- Can I participate? – She said in a low voice, fearing be deleted.

- Of course my love! Sit down here and help us tell the story of the human race through the ages! – Martha always came out in his defense. They laughed once more have found something in common to do.

- The birth of Christ! This may be the first? – Was the father who took the joke.

- Yes you can! And no need to ask, let’s just write the labels! – Nick Frost would make the best and most beautiful time clock that would never see in their lives.

- The siege of Troy! We can take advantage and put the estimated dates, is not it a good idea, Nick? – The mother also begins to have fun with all that movement.

- Yes, Yes! The story of Helen and Paris. This will be even better than I had planned! – Took the first labels and aligned on wood without even paste them.

- Alexander the Great and conquer the known world! 356 BC – said the visibly excited father.

- Second World War! 1945! – Nick remembered best of newer things and that were required in the classroom.

- The Crusades! 1100 A.D.! – Again the father was a suggestion, the mother was more focused on doing a good letter writing labels.

- The Great Discoveries, Century XIV! – Nick smiled satisfactorily, always wanted to be a browser, those well adventurers. Perhaps a pirate…

- Fire of Rome, Nero! 68 A.D. – Martha wrote before any of them could say anything and looked at them severely.

- My turn! – Then he smiled then to everyone’s satisfaction. – The Black Death in the fourteenth century! – I was a biologist and had to leave something of their knowledge that child labor.

- The arrival of man on the moon! 1969! – Eldar still pondering matters intervened without even listening to what the others said.

In a few minutes a lot of fun and with the help of parents, Nick had not only thirty historical events of relevance, but at least fifty in all, spread across the wooden wedge.

- What will you do then, darling? – The mother ran her hands the silky hair of the child gold color noting the interest he had in group efficiently the whole sequence of events written on the labels.

- Now I can make my time schedule! I’ll paste the labels from the center, which would be the oldest age of the tree and to arrive until the edge using the rings as markers … – still arranged the classification as historical dates. His parents looked at each other for discovering that the child had a magnificent idea to be able to tell the time, to tell the truth it was so that he himself could be located in space and time in which he lived. – After step a layer of varnish or resin over if you can buy and hang on the wall of my room! – I was satisfied, and became even more when his parents began to help with glue.

Everyone wanted to participate in that single moment.

Was awakened thoughts of distant childhood to hear the screams of the men who still pierced the thick layer of ice that would take them to the sleeping Lake Vostok in the depths of that inhospitable glacier, he had no idea how long he had been rambling about his past. The charge of the drill, Victor Orloff, ran to where he was and with a broad smile that obtained the absolute success gave him the good news.

- We managed to Dr. Frost! – Hugged him tightly, almost causing the Nordic giant come out of the ground. – The drill was free under the ice, it means that we have reached the water in the lake in liquid form! – Was still elated to have done a thorough job and that had taken months to get to that moment.

- If this is true we cannot remove the bit yet! We must position ourselves a containment chamber around the hole so that there is no sort of contamination whatsoever! – He looked toward the drill site realizing that the latest drills were being taken, ran as he could, but in vain. All work expected and the result could be committed to one fatal error.

- What the Hell, Sven! – Sven Urland was another member of his team and as he Norwegian by birth and have approximate ages, and his right arm in command of the expedition, was more than aware of the containment and safety procedures to be taken in any excavation. – Where is the containment chamber? – I was angry with such academic failure of their team. This proved to be inexcusable at the time, would no longer be relevant with absolute certainty, after the events that would follow.

- Sorry Nick, we were so excited after so long that only thought about taking the samples, nothing more… – Sven had a vast mixed beard gold and black and appeared to be slightly lower than he understood perfectly the subject question, just did not make sense to have forgotten the main reason for which was hired, it was the security of the samples.

The last hollow drill down on the ice camp prospecting and drilling with a loud metallic noise, the sample they needed was inside, supposedly in great condition, but would be the only one dark mud too thick and coarse was throughout around the object and soon had to be absolutely sure that the hole in the depths again to close by compressing the ice exerted on the sides. Nick had hoped that the lake water was not contaminated by anything of the drill tip except for surface and which was properly prepared and sterilized. On the other hand, also not wanted vapors or gases of any kind and contained by millions of years in those depths loose stay in the atmosphere, the effects that could be catastrophic and devastating.

- Isolate the sample and to make sure, that is not contaminated by any foreign agent! – The words were quite severe and harsh; his name was a scientist and sponsorship of their employers who were involved, no one else. The sample should be transported as quickly as possible to Vostok so that the studies were initiated procedures. It took a few hours until everything was ready.

Anton Pavlov paleontologist admired the interior of the large glass box 1.5m wide by 2.0m long, with glasses of 2 cm thick and 90 cm newcomer drilling field. Inside was the only sample taken from deep in Lake Vostok, unfortunately for all other samples or even sending an independent probe as they had planned into the glacial lake was no longer possible, at least until they decided to make a new attack prospecting.

This required another drilling and more demand time and money and that there was no certainty of the lake is completely sealed and unscathed from external agents. He hoped the presence of Nick Frost to give you start opening shows collector capsule inside the glass box. Unlike other more common capsules that simply picking the material to be analyzed later, this new equipment was specialized in collecting samples in hard to reach places that could not suffer contamination from external environments.

It was essential that when the capsule was opened was free of any type of contamination that could be a full understanding of the ancient world and the conditions under which the planet was in at the time that sample was produced and already forgotten by time. The whole environment inside that box would guarantee them that. It was scientific fact that the deeper layers of ice imprisoning the weather conditions in the form of air bubbles of thousands of years ago when the freezing, a natural and very simple process, the snow rushing on the ground or a river brushing her precious liquid and at some point due to low temperatures is solidified.

After this happened, the successive layers of snow falling on the local compacted over thousands of years that soil until it formed a compact ice sheet of spectacular size and hardness and that was the case in which that sample had been collected, with difference in the extensive ice layer there was a lake in liquid state and possibly had bacterial life within it. It had been nearly twenty four hours from the sample collection and preparation to examine it.

- Are you ready for what we will find out then? – Nick who had just arrived interrupted thoughts coworker.

- Yes! Just waiting for you as the legitimate guiding the research takes the first step! – Anton moved closer to the great biological containment box, noticed that Sven that always accompanied the biologist, and made a routine check of the containment apparatus.

- Make sure there are no leaks, Sven, otherwise we will lose the sample or contaminate the external environment so I open the box! – Nick still gave the security orders, this time with greater severity.

- Everything is ready Nick; the vacuum test did not show any leak or rupture, you can open the sample whenever you want! – Was initiated sample opening procedure harvested in the depths of that icy world, under the guidance of Nick Frost.

The metallic and shiny cylinder stainless steel eighty centimeters long and fifteen centimeters wide had a screw cap of the same diameter at one end, the other only a hole was closed by back pressure impact when the sedimentation Pickup lake bottom. It would be necessary to open the screw cap so that the entire contents were dumped on a sort of concave glass bowl slightly larger than the metal tube.

The two apertures on a side of the glass allow the arms to be inserted within the chamber protected by a kind of rubber gloves fixed on the edge. With the care and the necessary experience to have done this procedure dozens of times, Nick thrust his arms in rubber gloves will prey containment box and with a single twisting motion, unscrewed the lid.

It did not take much effort to make the content inside the leave cylinder to the basin, the gravity-in charge of this issue and quite easily. Interestingly there was mud on the inside; a viscous liquid of sharp green color much like seaweed filled completely the bottom of the basin of collection of material for study. There was no water in the collection which was very strange for that depth and purpose of search, the assumption was that it was a freshwater lake, perhaps time and the organic sedimentation decomposing have created that undefined mass that he and his colleague work would soon unveil next.

- What do you think Anton? Decaying organic material and mixed with water? – Nick was curious to know the opinion of his colleague.

- I do not believe! If that were the case, I think we would have found oil and not that green and undefined composition! – The estimate was that the Lake Vostok could be sealed for at least twelve perhaps fifteen million years would be enough time to be other chemicals that would give evidence that probability.

- Is it me or green and gooey thing is moving? – Sven leaned a little more on the glass chamber to see better. The two scientists who led the experiment did the same.

- No, you’re not wrong! Something moves within that liquid thick and uniform, which is not water… – Anton saw a worry line on Nick Frost’s forehead.

Biologist took an acrylic spatula that was inside the chamber and open with slowness rather green and thick viscous liquid, the spatula did not return whole, he had melted the part that touched that strange substance taken from the depths of the prehistoric lake.

- This is not right! There should not be any sulfur element in these conditions and further showing that cohesion! – Nick realized that the liquid remained uniform and regular; it was like a single mass. Water also behaved as well as other elements, but that, in a very specific way, approached more of mercury properties. – Anton, a review by the spectrometer and see what the results we found for this substance! If something is nonstandard let me know! – Withdrew to search Nadja Romanov, although he had the surname of the Russian royal family, had no kinship. It took some time to find it was not the right time, but it was later than supposed.

- Nadja! – She found her into the bedroom to gather for a moment imagined that was not fully dressed. She even turned around with the blouse just take over his chest stuck between the arms. The pale skin contrasted with black hair over her bare shoulders.

- Nick! What a fright! – Blushed suddenly making the cheekbones stay slightly red, then he thought then that he and I could have gotten a few seconds later when she had no option to cover the body, it would have been very interesting, I thought, but it was not habit he went to the accommodation where they used to sleep at that hour.

- Sorry… I was not intended… – I had not been able to fully divert the eyes of the top and bare the beautiful woman ahead of him. Twenty-five years, brunette with long, straight hair and light green eyes that contrasted nicely with the color of red lipstick she wore, long legs, but plump and shapely, was not low, perhaps 1.70 m and large breasts, but not exaggerated. That he had noticed on other occasions and that at that time they were absolutely trapped against his chest by the shirt and arms crossed Nadja Romanov.

- What brings you here at this time and so suddenly? – I was still curious and while some malicious thoughts passed through his mind. He was breathing with some difficulty by being in his presence almost as desired. The place where were confined for months, could be very lonely sometimes, or often…

- Do not worry we talk tomorrow! Again sorry for the interruption … – I turned away from turning back to her “guard down” and could finally relax. I imagined that the blush on her cheeks was the difficulty her breathing with his own chest pressed by the arms so vehemently.

Nadja sat on the bed letting the blouse finally fell on her lap covering her legs, she looked down and saw the breasts themselves, had nothing wrong and maybe it was the part he liked most in his body, but did not seem to attract Nick Frost. He lay still dressed in the rest of the clothes and covered the body until the head, did not know if he wanted to wake up the next day. - "You are a perfect woman Nadja! Never let say to the contrary... "- thought before falling into a deep sleep.


- Are you sure that these results are correct? – The biologist did not believe that the report presented by Anton spectrometer showing the graphics of the chemical composition of that dark green mass, submit at least five elements that had no rank, so were not in the Periodic Table.

- Absolute! I made them twice for safety tests, not considered necessary to make a third time … – Pavlov could not be the best paleontologist in the world, but was competent at his job and was sure of the results obtained and as the colleague did not have the responses.

- Sven! Look for Nadja Romanov in Ward Three and bring here urgently! – Could still smell the scent of bare skin under her blouse, a former night view of memory. He regretted that it was so inaccessible to I live among them. – Anton, it might be interesting we use some kind of guinea pig to see the behavior of the chemical elements inside the box since we can not predict what will be the reactions in external environment! – I am looking at him expecting some kind of approval.

- Yes, we have some white mice that we subject the biological experiments, but as use canaries to detect atmospheric changes inside the coal mine because of toxic gases, we subject them to this end without irritating the animal advocates… We also need precautions! – Motioned to one of his assistants would get a guinea pig on Noah’s Ark, was once called the Department where they kept the animals alive for testing in adverse conditions of the Antarctic continent. The agreement provided that were not used in any experiment that could cause suffering or congenital anomaly, were not these the local research objectives.

- Good Morning Nick Frost! – Nadja did not hide some frustration in his voice for what happened the night before. Pavlov and Sven looked at him curiously, but did not dare to make any kind of comment. – Then! Where we stopped after last night? – Again he was the target of prying and curious glances. He coughed a little to disguise the embarrassing situation. Sven gave a shy and discreet smile in favor of his friend.

- Its area is biochemistry and the sample we collected yesterday seems to be “alive” and somehow these results do not give us the answers we want, thought to hear your opinion … – still I thought best to keep away from her, at least for now . Maybe it was ovulating or something and therefore more sensitive to male presence, in any case and certainly not risks it.

- Let me see … – He looked carefully all the elements and reviewed once again the notes of Anton Pavlov, was a paleontologist, was not directly related to the biology area, but his comments proceeded. – Yes! I agree with Pavlov, can be a new way of life! – First looked viscose and green mass which seemed gelatin, but denser and undulated without there being any kind of booster agent for this purpose, even the interior was vacuum knew the containment device, itself already had used similar, each department had its, so once sealed and sealed everything there existed came from the sample taken.

- What do we do now? – He still felt uneasy with her presence, at another time would be able to want to try it, but not now.

- There is only one way to do it and will enter a living element inside the camera to see the animal’s reaction! – It was common procedure in this type of case and Nadja would be able to stay ahead of this experience if they do not feel comfortable with the attitude. At that moment the Pavlov aid came with a cage containing four white and small mice, which would fit easily in the palm.

Pavlov stepped back, he would not condemn those creatures to death if it were the case, Nick Frost liked the animals and feed them rather often that food served to an undefined thing and alien appearance. Sven then shook his head looking at Nadja not believing what he saw stuck his hand through the opening of the cage and grabbed two small mice. Never been afraid of them and even sympathized with some still avoided giving them names, even if I wanted too, felt it was best not to create a relationship with the guinea pigs.

- Here are my beautiful! – He held them with all the care that the time required and entered through a side opening 10×10cm box that did not communicate with the other larger and which remained the viscous and unknown substance. This process would only be completed after the small outer door was completely sealed and oxygenated environment. – Ready! Now just press this button, decontaminate our brave little friends and to internal small door opens! – It seemed taught to a class of children, her maternal instinct always spoke louder.

After two hours nothing had changed in the table watching the rats were still alive and apparent health, commuted across the box including through green sustenance, which began to call Frost element, which he readily acknowledged and thanked the prestige of his colleagues. The comments of Nadja, the only difference between this and other similar substances, was that this element did not adhere to the bodies of guinea pigs. It was as if crossed inside a swimming pool and come out completely dry on the other side.

- Dr. Frost … – Victor Orloff had requested permission to enter the lab and how it was not under quarantine or something else, there would be any objections. – Some men did not return from drilling field yesterday, I do not know if we should go there, but they did not touch! – Pushed the bearskin cap he always wore when he left the research station vigorously with your hands, nervousness seemed unaware that Nick and his voice was deep and slow. He acknowledged that the matter required serious.

- Prepare the snow vehicles, are almost two hours to reach the place, I’m sure it’s all right, it may be a failure of the equipment! – Things were beginning to happen very quickly, the problem of lack of containment of drilling and well seal that did not appeared to have been very effective, so that group had stayed behind, but that did not justify the absence of news.

- Sven! Make sure that nothing here out of place! I must not take and I hope to find everything as I left! – He looked at Nadja he was worried about seeing him so uneasy. He walked away before she could say anything.

- Did something happened Sven? – She had a good relationship with him, did not make his kind of man, but was good colleagues and could even say that they were friends. It was also a way to get closer to Nick Frost, as their bodily attributes did not seem to be enough.

- Things have been very strange Nadja; it looks like a run of bad luck round this camp since we can drill the well to the sleeping lake! – I was once called the “Lake Asleep”. He picked up the cage was still on the table with the other two guinea pigs and handed it to the Pavlov aid that had brought. – Take it back to the Ark, these two are here yet! – It also ended his participation in the experiment, because Nick would be out for a few hours. I wanted to take the time to take a hot shower and maybe get some sleep.

- What happens now? – She asked the Russian paleontologist.

- We hope! We have nothing to do here until Frost returns as news and I hope they are good! – Left the biology lab and each went to the department to which he belonged.

The two men who were going the way of the drilling field not opted for the snow motorcycles for the journey they would have chosen the Piston Bully a vehicle with displacement mats and where the two would travel together, did not appear, but the shift in the snow and icy plains were monotonous and time consuming. The overall appearance was a very barren extension and devoid of life, one could walk for days without encountering another living being no matter how small. But contrary to popular belief, the prolific life there abundantly.

- Do you think something happened to them Victor? – The question had merits, glaciers were a treacherous place.

- The first rule of our business is to keep the contact, if it did not, good thing is not! – I was sure that something very bad had happened, the ten men who had stayed behind, none of them had returned or given news. – Well, well not budge! The ice layer is too thick, so this possibility is ruled out! – Thought a little more to remember the options. – Wildlife would not be the case, in addition to being prevented, are ten strong, healthy and well-armed men! – I was still trying to find a plausible explanation.

- It could be any other corporation or research station interested in your discovery? – Orloff thought that possibility too, would not be the first time conflicted with stations from other countries or even private corporations in contention for prospecting areas.

- Victor, what is there for thousands of years and is public knowledge, anyone can come and drill! The case is that no one wanted to do it before, but I do not believe that this could lead someone to commit any kind of crime only to steal a sample of “there know what” we have withdrawn there from the depths! – Concluded his explanation, turned on the radio to listen to some selected music, was one of the few times that allowed this kind of luxury.

At the end of nearly four hours and travel half the icy plains finally saw the drilling camp, there was not a soul in the place. It was completely empty with all the equipment still in place as they had left the day before. Blew the horn several times to see if anyone appeared or if there was evidence of where they could be.

Nick Frost came down from Piston Bully that had brought them up there on the ground; many footprints in different directions as if they came with haste, had a bad feeling to realize that all converged on the center of the well they had drilled. He had no hurry to walk there, was after the equipment were scattered around the circle shape, the drill was still in drilling position with the drill pointed to the ground at a suitable angle. He did not need to get closer to see what was happening.

- Victor! – Hastened to call your travel companion and responsible for the drilling.

- What happened Doctor Frost? – Victor Orloff came as quickly as he could.

- Look! – He pointed to the center, a green layer and thick that he knew now with Frost element was everywhere like a stain around. The center also poured the viscous liquid that emerged from within the depths of Lake Vostok slowly shuddered to imagine that lake that was supposed to clear, sparkling fresh water could have a volume of 5,400 cubic kilometers of green mud and could cause an environmental disaster. A faint greenish mist was rising that unknown substance to the extent that some rays of sun to hit. – You found someone? – Still had hope of knowing what had happened, but one thing was certain, the well had not been sealed and the moment he did not know how to do this.

On the other hand, avoided getting close to that unknown and viscous substance and possible toxic vapor exhaled from the center.

- No one! And the nearest station, the Concordia Base, is at least three hundred miles from here, I do not think anyone could survive a walk in this extreme temperature, but whatever it is that scared them, good thing it was not! – Orloff knew the Vostok Lake was considered the coldest place on the planet coming to eighty degrees Celsius, no one would survive alone and equipment suitable for long.

- We need to return quickly to the research station! – The green mud was recalled contained in a glass chamber and if this had been the disappearance of the reason for his men needed to warn others urgently. – We have to organize a reverse split and rescue! We will not leave anyone behind! – Those men were up all his responsibility.

- We will take the same time to return that it took us to get here … – said Victor clearly seeing the urgency of Nick Frost.

- This thing has a radio, we will try to make it work! – Primarily concerned himself with the safety Nadja which surprised enough, after Sven finally Anton Pavlov and other researchers at the Russian station that served as a support base for their research. – Mobile unit for Vostok base! Answer Exchange! – He paused and repeated the message every minute while advancing the icy plain. After nearly three hours got the first return, his heart soared like an arrow.

- Nick! They’re all dead! – It was Nadja who repeated the message uncontrollably. – Sven died trying to save me from Pavlov, who disappeared, now I’m hidden in Noah’s Ark! Help me Nick, I’m afraid … – were the last words he heard and immediately after the radio was completely silent, only static could be heard, probably because of the mountains around the ice valleys crossed.

- I’m going Nadja, I’m going! – Put in a superhuman effort not to take the direction of Victor Orloff and then full speed to the research station, but recognized that the prospector was best to move in that inhospitable environment than he ever would.

It took just over an hour of intense agony until sighting the Vostok base, the day was bright and clear, there was no wind and much less bad weather of any kind, a typical summer day Antarctic. The base seemed abandoned, the fully opened doors out, what was not common and no human activity nearby, there worked almost fifty people, it was not possible that all had disappeared.

- Watch Victor! If something really bad is happening, all is not careful! – Down the Piston Bully and they followed side by side until they again at the station. – Let’s split up, so we will have better chances of finding someone! Do not touch anything, do not take risks! We may be the only ones here for a long time! – This idea haunted him. Frost was preparing for the worst case scenario of the situation. Orloff just nodded.

Know where you should go from the start, Nadja had indicated that it would be in relative safety in Noah’s Ark, where they kept live specimens and it was there that moved. Opened all security doors and searched for other individuals on site, he found four completely inert Russian scientists drawn on the ground, apparently were dead, but there was no physical violence signal. Entered another laboratory advanced research and found two more people leaning over the tables as if they were just sleeping, one was a fellow scientist of Iceland who shared with him the interest in the mysterious Lake Vostok and that this time was beginning to seem to real Pandora’s box, referring to the Greek myth of the jar that held the world’s ills.

He took her pulse and got no result, took the two fingers will jugular also no sign of life. I did not understand how this was possible unless the sample was such a toxic form that all died by direct contact or inhalation, betting on the latter, but if it had not been contaminated, could be a good chance to get out alive.

Nadja had to find as soon as possible, two more rooms and would be before the Ark, hoped he had survived, anything would be possible if at least she was at his side, otherwise the hopes of survival were slim.

He entered the lab that ran and saw the body of his friend Sven lying on the ground next to the containment chamber to what remained intact, did not imagine what could have gone wrong, in any case wanted to look more closely. The doughy and green sample had completely disappeared, as if it had evaporated without leaving any traces, he came a little more and realized that rubber gloves were gnawed at the ends where the fingers were, had been a big mistake putting rodents that confinement, they were the reason the camera has lost the contention. He remembered the green mist that turns the drilling of Lake Vostok.

He went through the last door that would lead to where Nadja was and could not open it, it could be a good sign if it was alive, but then someone other than she could have her locked inside, the anxiety took hold of his heart I had no idea until that fateful moment he liked it so much. He knocked twice and got no response, wait a bit and again hit twice. He heard a creak along with unlocking the door, I was sure that the other side was the one expected.

- Hug me! – She jumped on him leaving nest still shaky and pale in his strong arms. – This is not safe, we have to go out! – She held him by the hand and pulled him hard making that giant partially unbalance. His body fell on her pressing her against the cold metal wall, Nadja looked deep into his eyes and for a moment was lost in that blue immensity. I was more breathless than normal. He just stared at her mouth, the intense cold that had felt until then had passed completely. Recomposed with some difficulty.

- What happened Nadja? Where is everyone? – Followed by a guided small, thin hand that tugged insistently.

- All dead! After you left with Victor, the guinea pigs were strange, made high pitched whistles and began to gnaw rubber gloves! – Unlocked another door to be able to change room – could not get them in time and before we could realize the air came through the containment chamber, with this green element turned into the same green color of that substance gas and in seconds all those who were near dropped dead, I think dead! – It was almost outside lacked just one room.

- And where does Pavlov this story? – I wanted to know how Sven had died and apparently the culprit was Anton Pavlov.

- Pavlov tried to close the laboratory door so none of us got out and Sven stepped between him and the exit, but was no match for the Russian and decided to run away! When I looked back Sven was lying on the ground and Pavlov came after me, I hid behind the door in the Ark and when he spent locked it until you arrived! – Nadja stood to see the man who spoke before them brandishing an automatic pistol blocking the passage to the outside.

- Stay calm … Anton Am I … Nick Frost – The Russian had a cold and distraught appearance, almost gray, as if suffering from hypothermia, but it certainly was not that. – Put the gun down and we’ll talk … – Chances were few, but worth a try.

- You do not understand … we cannot get out of here! None of us! – The voice was tearful, but there were no tears, looked more like a plea. – When the restraint broke tried to seal the lab to stay safe and not let it contaminate the rest, but Sven, that crazy Norwegian, did not understand that way and lose the opportunity… Now we are all dead… – Pointed the gun to Nadja.

- Do not do anything you will regret Anton … We’ll find a way to manage to contain the contamination … – For a moment I thought it was a very harmful biological agent could be at serious risk. If they had disappeared and were infected somehow arrive at some nearby station could be fatal, even if the possibility time it seemed remote. Hopefully this does not happen by the distance they were in.

- The well was sealed Nick? – Still had the strength to ask you one last question. I expected an affirmative answer.

- No Anton and that green stuff poured from the depths to the surface abundantly … – Do not lie to a man dying even if it was the last thing to do.

- We’re all dead, Nick… – He looked again to Nadja. – What is turning into gas on contact with the atmosphere and will head towards the big cities … The dead shall inherit the earth, Nadja … – He looked at her again before taking the gun in his hand will mouth and shoot. None of them had reaction to prevent it. Anton Pavlov was dead; she committed suicide right there before them.

- Why did he do it? – Nadja cringed at Nick Frost’s chest that held her as she listened to her softly crying.

- Do not know! But apparently he knew a lot more about what’s going on than all of us! – This time really worried that that could well shed all that cloistered toxin millions of years ago in the depths of the earth, the earth’s atmosphere and create a toxic cloud that might destroy all wherever he went. Before leaving need to get to radio room. – Come on, we have to ask for help and warn the continent! – They considered themselves an island for always being so isolated.

Victor Orloff lay inert on the chair still holding the radio in his right hand, had apparently thought the same thing, but still would be that he would have to end this transmission. He took his friend’s hand transmitter, but not before collecting their vital conditions, as well as all others, was dead. He pressed the PTT button (Push to Talk) radio equipment – Vostok base for the continent! Answer Exchange! – At the third attempt was answered.

- Vostok Base, Continent listening! Tell your situation, Exchange! – Static between them was bad; he remembered that there should be a satellite phone for emergencies somewhere.

- Nadja, lock the door and look for a black bag with a satellite phone! – He pointed to the door that was still open and there would be no means of escape if some other crazy enter therein for that room. – All dead! Two survivors! I ask immediate extraction! Exchange! – In any case this was the only means of communication so far.

- Repeat the message Base Vostok… Exchange! – Nick felt the break in the received message and did not see it as a good sign.

 - All dead! Two survivors! I ask immediate extraction! Exchange! - She waited again to confirm receipt.

- Way to Extraction! Do not leave the place, will be redeemed within twelve hours … – Exchange, turn off! – There was terminated transmission and it seemed without having made many friends, I would still need to try the phone, if met, to communicate with the central NOMAD.

- Did you get them? – Nadja wanted to get out as much as he did not like the idea of being surrounded by corpses.

- Yes! Take away here in twelve hours! – I was optimistic at least with this news. – He found the phone we’re looking for? – He looked around not expecting the answer. He turned to see Nadja still looking at him intently.

- Nick… It is a biological research station… – still looked at him with suspicion to see if he could see his thoughts.

- Yes! And what’s that? – Answered back to look for what could be in there somewhere, had ever seen before.

- They will not take risks … – She sat in an empty chair next to Victor Orloff to that as others began to acquire a grayish pale color.

- What you mean? – Turned realizing that she had given the situation, you could even say that given up to save.

- Go to bomb all this here and say that there was a similar storm or something … The world will never know the truth of the facts! – Put her face in her hands and sobbed.

- Look Nadja, may even be that this will happen, but if we arrange a way to seal that well that continues pouring this toxic substance and what we have seen happen in such a short time, there will be no world to live! Just as Anton told us! – Did not doubt what she said and made sense, but he had to warn the nearest research station and ask for assistance, it was a matter of life or death for that continent seemingly godforsaken.

- Found it! Now we go far away from here! – Held the communication briefcase in one hand and Nadja with the other, they went out the door into the hangar where were the vehicles protected from snowstorms, this time take the motor car, was ample, could put enough things in your interior, had a set of eight balloon-type wheels and moved swiftly over the snow. Moreover, it would be great to be able to spend the night and would need to be much rested to follow trip until the nearest base.

- We have to fill this vehicle with all that will be missed by the way! I’ll find weapons and thermal clothing, make sure that no one gets near it or we will be irretrievably lost! – Left it locked safely inside the vehicle and reentered the station, searched all the rooms where he stopped and separated everything needed leaving near the exit door in this way would be easier to carry to the end. After nearly two hours considered that had gathered everything he needed, called Nadja to help you.

- We have another problem Nick! We cannot just go around with a car of this size on top painted red, sightings in the sky, will bombard us too! – I had seen enough movies to know how it worked. Wrong or was not a good hypothesis.

- Let’s find a way! For now just focus on what we are doing, or we will not end! – It took a few bags with provisions into the big car, do not forget the precious fuel, would be your next step. Fill the tank and it would take a few gallons of reserve, the distance to go was very long, but the climactic moment in this respect was fine and should not have great weather surprises along the way.

- All right, Nick! You are in control of the situation, just be sure to think about what I told you … – It took half the time he had taken soaking it all to fill the car.

- How will you do to not see in the sky? – Cost nothing insist, it was his life that was at risk, in addition to it.

- I got some white nylon protections we use for outdoor camps, two of them will be enough to hide in snow! – Had it all figured out, just needed to get out of there as quickly as possible. If his calculations were right, twelve o’clock promised to the rescue would be shortened at least by two thirds, and four hours they had left, had already lost three hours making travel arrangements.

- Well intelligent … I knew he would think of something! – She smiled kissing him on the cheek. It would be safer at your side from now.

- Lets Nadja! Or we die here soon, very soon! – Helped her up in the car that was almost one meter high from the ground, was soon turn. He turned the key and smiled at the powerful diesel engine, shifted into first gear and distanced as much of the Vostok Station. About an hour’s drive stopped the vehicle and climbed the roof of the large car tour that served to make short trips in the neighborhood when receiving guests.

With the help of Nadja covered it completely with white nylon protections that looked like gigantic sheets and both lay inside the vehicle on some mattresses that he had provided, now was wait. He hugged her warmly leaving the bodies met; the warmth was still the best feeling I could have at that time. He loved the smell that Nadja skin gave off, it seemed an exotic perfume, but soft and heady, it was like that all the senses stay on standby and it was impossible that she would not notice.

Nadja who had waited for this moment for months did not flinch feeling the masculine heat that he transmitted to him and even in the cold room, he noticed he was beginning to sweat under the clothes he was wearing, an uncontrollable heat washed over her body and face were pink. The sleek and chiseled body that fit millimeter to him as if they were made for each other, suddenly pressed against his to hear the first explosion, as he let out an almost inaudible whisper.

- Nick, I’m afraid… – finally said. He hugged her tighter and kissed her face will next ear, found it interesting that it was so hot.

Nick Frost knew well the icy regions where sought samples since becoming a biologist and one of the things most appreciated was the solitude of places. As natural barriers were few sound tended to spread with enough amplitude and because of this effect, I could hear the distant rumble of explosions at Vostok Station. Nadja was correct in asserting that their employers will not be at risk of any kind, being a Bio hazardous station and when to realize that their bodies would not be found among the become popular as targets.

After about thirty minutes, the silence was present again. Nadja remained asleep in his arms like a fallen angel. I wanted to take a little more that time and could not stop stroking the long black hair, the skin still pink contrasting with very white skin, the heat between them almost unbearable…

[]The Return

- NOMAD command center! Alpha Team standing by awaiting confirmation to cleaning procedure, Exchange! – The leader of the Tails Black squad commanded six KA-52 Alligator helicopter with two crew members each properly prepared for any confrontation or military intervention in this particular case, they were in charge of housekeeping, according to informed orders, a biological spill high dangerousness had begun and had to be contained at all costs.

- Alpha leader, confirmed the cleaning action and eradication of biohazard! Be sure to fulfill the mission full! Acknowledge, Exchange! – NOMAD Operations Center was equipped with the latest technology to monitor all research fields that had around the world, a satellite at this point was positioned on the Vostok base for real-time transmission of the activities of the Black Tails.

- Received confirmation! Exchange, turn off! – Vladimir Timochenco was a military career, in other times had rendered outstanding services will Soviet Union in Afghanistan occupation since the last years of the war in 1985, but after that there was the dissolution of the socialist republics, a large part of the military were not well received in their countries and for this reason many sought other business segments. In your case, it remembers that had been difficult times and never forget, however, survive was his premise and good men who had served with him in the battle front and now made up the squadron of Black Tails.

The KA-52 Alligator helicopters purchased scrapped Black Sea Fleet years ago were now why they lived, did not belong to NOMAD as a corporation, but were in the service full time for those who pay more. He did not like to be compared to mercenaries since the end of the war had not done military operations belligerent intervention, but only the transport of scientists and support materials between the bases in the service of NOMAD and others of lesser significance corporations.

Vladimir surprised that there was no ransom demand for the scientific body that he himself had helped to carry and not by chance remember Nadja Romanov, used to call her Princess because of the aristocratic surname which referred to the royal family of the Czar of Russia but actually was a compliment to the physical size of the beautiful woman who even had half his age, inspired many primitive desires. She wished that she was safe.

- Alfa Leader for Black Tails! Panthers two, three and four take the cross position! Exchange! – He waited for his subordinates answer him one at a time while watching the helicopters being positioned as if they were the cardinal points with the Vostok Base to center. – Panthers five six keep the rear in ascending altitude! Attention to the gusts of wind! Exchange! – I did not want surprises in that inhospitable place that often had the surprised.

Vladimir remained in his helicopter combat and forehead to the second in command was in the air about a half mile away and three hundred feet high, it was the default standard for the region. Although the aircraft were robust and powerful, it was the fact that the extreme cold made it difficult to support, the problem in this case was not land safely, but have enough atmospheric density so that they could take off again or die frozen. It had been his first lesson as soon as it took over the transport system and security Vostok Base; do not make the same mistake again.

Realized by peripheral vision than the other two who were in charge of it was standing-rear diagonally up to six hundred feet high, was much better to be prepared for any kind of surprise than to be surprised. He looked down better examining the perimeter of the base and noticed that two continuous and parallel lines on the snow evidenced that some sort of vehicle had come out recently, but could not specify exactly when, in any case, his orders were restricted only to the base that it would target the missiles that had just been unlocked. Changed the communication channel so that they were isolated from Central NOMAD.

- At my command to fire at will! Exchange! – Slightly cocked his helicopter tail that had a better angle for the shots that follow, felt the adrenaline tensing all the muscles and pleased to be running something in which it was considered pretty good, maybe the best in that profession. – Fire! – His voice was almost interrupted by the whistling howl of the first missile and explosion that occurred just then a great glow ascended into heaven while the other aircraft fired together.

Did not take more than five minutes for all that complex were reduced to ashes, but nothing was as simple and need to wait until everything was under control, to verify whether there would be possible survivors. In this case the orders were clear, but he hoped not to have to keep them, never killed anyone who did not deserve it or that had not put his own life in danger, these people were scientists, but in any case the information was not sufficient and there was still the possibility of hostile intervention of other corporations. He remembered again the marks of the vehicle in the snow.

The explosions were now triggered by equipment that existed at the station, alternately exploded a gas container, sometimes other propane or oxygen, that chain of events would take at least another twenty minutes until it was over and there was a concern with the fuel of aircraft, did not want to lose any even for such a primary failure.

- Leader two! Stay ready, I do recognize the perimeter! Exchange! – I do not wait for an answer he knew would, made an angle and upslope, also called “Curve Dead Man” because it requires controlled skill combination of low altitude and power, otherwise the aircraft loses sustainability by sharp angular movement and plunges to the ground. It did not need more than five minutes in cruise flight following those tire tracks that ended nowhere.

Carried out a sequence of flybys spiral expanding the search area until he was satisfied. Whoever I knew what he was doing and if the intention was not to be detected had been very successful. It took a little more altitude and managed to see something that caught his attention, but it was soon diverted by the call on the radio.

- A Leader! We have a problem, Exchange! – Was his second in command and the tone of voice was not good news.

- Leader one on the way! Exchange! – Rose a little and increased the angle of the blades that supported the aircraft and sped off to the place where he had left minutes before, approached carefully noting that the initial training had changed and three helicopters were profiled with fifty distance meters between each and the low altitude lower than would and had recommended. He could not see the helicopter support. – Leading a listening, Exchange! – I needed new information.

- Vladimir, look down there! – There ended the formalities which they submitted in the missions in general did not use names not to be recognized in any way, but in this particular case the situation was different. The commander looked at the distorted figures coming out from inside the rubble of what had previously been the Vostok research station, but what most impressed him was that even burning and maimed still walking on the snow as if nothing was happening.

Said a total of eight individuals following in different directions in slow and monotonous steps, it was not worthy of normal human beings, something was very wrong and still had a mission to check the casualties that possibly had existed, would need to land safely and evaluate the situation.

- Panthers, expand the area of the perimeter and not lose sight of, any of them! – Confirmations are in sequence.

Far away in the center of Amsterdam an emergency meeting of top executives NOMADE Corporation began. At the center was Oliver McQuenn the president of that research complex, in front of you on the table lay a report of a few pages that he would rather not have to read at any time, but it was inevitable that this happened and calm peculiar to him He flipped through the main pages in absolute silence. He left the more technical data for the background.

- As a tragedy like this could happen in a maximum security station! – He slammed his fist on the table noting the arrest of its executives.

- The discovery of Dr. Frost was unexpected … – Stuart Hershel vice president of the corporation, just over fifty, short and stocky looked nothing through its spacious glasses while trying to find an explanation for what happened.

- What were our losses? – McQueen was restless with so much amateurism in a development that will surely eventually claim him millions of dollars and it could also cost the reputation of the corporation. His business, credibility was all and as far as he remembered, had not built an empire based on human of any failures.

Of English origin, just over fifty, slightly graying hair and the time on the face, had willingly immigrated to South America to thrive with its small pharmaceutical laboratory, as fate that their scientific explorations by unknown Amazon to become in a few years a rich and prosperous man. The methods by which he had acquired various formulations of drugs that lifted to success were questionable, but as he said – “They have been there for thousands of years in waiting for someone to find them!” – Which was not the case.

For two decades in various tours of the dense tropical forests, he had become acquainted with several Indian tribes, some hitherto unknown. These still primitive peoples in the twentieth century had very advanced knowledge of the use of natural resources for curing various diseases and ailments still afflict much of the rest of the world. It was an almost inexhaustible supply of pharmaceutical products based on what the local nature offered its inhabitants and once proven its effectiveness, save billions of dollars on research. It was just the opportunity he was missing and not lost.

Sokrid a leading shamans of the Xavante tribe was the one who revealed to him the first drugs that cured almost all his tribe of disease, but had to be careful to see that the lack of contact with the white and civilized peoples limited Aces diseases of forests still it was considerable possessing so much knowledge of the biosphere that inhabited. For both made use not only of the plants they supplied them as well as the powerful poisons that extract toads or frogs, in other animals, as we do today with snakes and lizards.

In short, it had been the adventure of a lifetime to understand and understand the use of all that limited knowledge of tropical forest and then turn it into industrial products for the global human consumption. Some called him a biological pirate that he never recognized that his knowledge and business success were arising from people who never received a nickel that was for his contribution to the development of such remedies, on the other hand, others called him a sorcerer, for have given the world new hope of life.

Anyway, it was God and the Devil in the same person.

- What else do we know about the Vostok Station? – Leaned back in his executive and comfortable chair in the hope that the loss was not total.

- We lost everything from the scientific body to the premises … – Hershel paused to sigh – and still have to explain to the Russians why bombed and destroyed those facilities … – That would be the biggest problem, after explain to the global media that research station had accidentally exploded. He seized the moment it was as good as any to put a second report with a few pages more than the previous in front of McQueen, who furrowed his brow surprised.

- What is this? Have more? – I thought that nothing could be so bad that it could not get worse, he was used.

- Our satellite captured images that are attached to our knowledge not managed to contain the spill drilling and apparently, this has expanded to a hundred and fifty meters diameter surface! – Hershel separated them so they could have a better view and distributed by other executives who accompanied the meeting. – According to our best experts, this is due to corrosion effected by this mud pouring from the depths and evaporates to atmospheric contact … – He looked around to make sure that everyone understood the gravity of the situation.

- And how close this thing definitively? – Urd Wessel chief scientist of the corporation, who attended the meeting and sat across the table was the one who asked.

- According to Holland information, we cannot contain this leak … – Hershel looked at the man in front that would be responsible for the next statements.

- Gentlemen! – Simon Holland paused and rose from his chair so he could explain. Was of Irish origin, with aggressive stance and rude appearance, his specialty was in contention engineering and drilling, were his men who accompanied the search Frost, as they called it and as far as he knew, all were dead. – We are facing a catastrophe that may turn out to be global if not urgently think a way to stop this threat! – He raised his fist strongly and looked at McQueen.

- Calm down, Simon … What the gravity of the facts and what can we do? – McQueen knew that if anyone could give you answers was the Irish in front of you.

- It is one hundred and fifty meters in diameter of a hole that increasingly deepens, I’m not sure if we can just implode it using Vladimir Timochenco skills, but it’s a chance! – He turned his open hand in the air as if he suspected that there would be little success in this intervention. – The Research Council states that this mud we see in the pictures is extremely corrosive and can even benefit from the heat of the explosions, on the other hand, suggest that close the hole with the ice itself around, but do not guarantee the success of this enterprise, plus we need move the equipment needed to make it happen! – I thought it was well explicit in their arguments.

- And why not we are doing now? All of these efforts, since they are necessary, are urgently! – This part of the logistics was not the responsibility of Hershel vice president, but it was logical that was provided as soon as possible. McQueen nodded in agreement.

- Now comes the worst part … – the last photo and Simon had saved only for himself was thrown on the table. – This is an aerial photograph taken just before I enter this room, shows a dense and thick cloud with almost three kilometers in diameter and about two kilometers high moving toward the base… Concordia – sat back in his chair and leaned forward with his arms crossed over the large oak table where the meeting discoursed.

- What are the odds? – McQueen had already lost too much time in trying to resolve the issue within his office; it was time to act on the field.

- We cannot stop it and do not even know how! – Urd Wessel who was familiar with the photography content from the beginning was the one who took the floor. – We can only try to inhibit the arrival of this toxic cloud the rest of the world! – Ended with little hope that they were to succeed in this endeavor.

- Gentlemen… Meeting adjourned! – Oliver McQueen took his portable phone device that was on the table and thumbed repeatedly with one hand before making a call, hoped it was answered – Bonjour Mon ami, comment êtes-vous? – The conversation would follow with the Prime Minister of the French would not friendly certainly, but told that the long years of friendship common interest between them could appease the spirits. The next call was to Italy; after all were those two nations are responsible for the Concordia Base.

- I have bad news mon ami … – The Prime Minister made a full report of events without hiding any fact that was and quietly waited for the interlocutor across the line. An even more regretful response was that he heard.

- I had no idea that they had lost contact with the Concordia Base when it happened? – I was curious to know what happened.

- We could not communicate for at least six hours, but now we know the reason is not Oliver? – The premier was not happy with the news that you were offered.

- The next will be to Casey Station, disconnect and contact Australians; I hope it’s not too late! – Come back to tell us so have other news! – Contrary to what he thought would be the last time that Oliver would speak as his friend.

He pressed a button intercom and asked the secretary to make him another link connection, more urgent than this first. – Call me with the CCD in Atlanta as soon as possible; tell them it is an emergency EEM (Mass Extinction event)! – Did question to emphasize the last words. Soon he had the return so eagerly expected, took a deep breath before saying the first words. – Robert? Our worst nightmare is coming true… We have a toxic cloud the way to the continent and not know how to stop it… – The voice was slightly choked because he was giving the news about this event, worse for being your corporation causing so ominous tragedy, but he knew the damage was done and would only admit him to repair and he hoped to have all the help possible.

- I was waiting for your call… – Robert Weis CEO of CCD already knew that something had gone wrong in the Vostok Station. – We were warned by a NORAD base in Antarctica had been destroyed and that a gaseous body is underway on the surface… – I waited for some more information were you last.

- We do not know what it is, but it’s there for at least fifteen million years … It is quite possible that it was the element responsible for the extinction of wildlife in this period… – There was not much else to say, they exchanged some final words and said goodbye to his friend. Prostrated in the chair, the human loss would be irreparable if the toxic cloud arrived ace inhabited areas. He hoped for the best.

Still needed to make two connections, but before that it was impossible not to remember a phrase that echoed in his subconscious and he had heard long ago, in the early days of his youth in the voice of Julius Robert Oppenheimer when completed the Manhattan Project - "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds "- and smiled wryly. - No my friend! I am the destroyer of worlds and it rehabilitates its name to the story!
The reception from the Italian authorities shared with the French responsibility for Concordia Base were no better than the previous ones, no one wanted to receive news of this magnitude and dangerousness, but was done, now missing only talk to Yuri Antonov of Russia.

- Yuri, we have a problem! – Gave a brief account of the events and waited one general response that answered the research facility in the Antarctic continent.

- It will cost us very dear Oliver, if things are in the proportion that were said, this requires a nuclear intervention and for that to happen will require other countries approve! – Yuri Antonov was a military career and had dealt with similar contingency situations, but never with such extreme attitudes, in any case, the matter required more attention and needed to be put to the knowledge of the Russian armed forces, in theory the incident would be their responsibility. – How do you know this is an international research area, no one owns anything there or even have absolute jurisdiction! – Still trying to coordinate thoughts. – I’ll call later, for now I will give knowledge of the facts to the Ministry of Defense… – was sacked without delay, but had prepared himself for life to a similar apocalyptic situation, there was always the risk of biological warfare but he never imagined that the enemy would not have an address known to answer.

Oliver McQueen walked to will the large office window made sure that it is well lit, opened the long, narrow glass letting the fresh air invade the whole room, looked at the blue sky with a few scattered clouds, closed his eyes leaving the oxygen get in your lungs for a long time until he muttered to himself;

- It could have happened to anyone Oliver! It is not your fault and all is not lost! Humanity has always perseveres and there is no reason not to believe that this time will be different! – He opened his eyes and looked at the long lines that ran throughout the city in the form of streets and avenues – We may have triggered the Last Judgment, but if it does then it will be by the will of God that you think you’ve accomplished our mission in this planet and now just ended our adventure. I’m just the instrument of his will… – He left the room with so silent steps that not even he listened to around people kept their jobs ants carrying and bringing things from one side to the other. None of them knew the truth of the facts and that many wanted to be in his place, certainly not want your responsibility.

[] Chapter II


Nick Frost still admired the simple beauty Nadja Romanov, the fine lines that crossed his chiseled face and targets as the cold snow outside, contrasted with the red and appetizing color of lips together, waiting to be tasted by man of her dreams. It could be him, but this was only a hypothesis and against all odds, there were just the two embraced and lying with the bodies so close together that could become one.

- Wake Nadja … – Nick spent his finger affectionately indicate by her lips feeling the warm breath she exhaled. It took some time before she shook the comfortable position it was in.

- Good morning my love … – stretched a bit and snuggled back into his arms as those who do not want to leave where I was. Well that dream she was living could go up in the morning before returning to the lab at Vostok Station. He liked what he was doing, was lucky to be able to choose a profession he loved, but life in the icy lands was very lonely and hoped to find someone with whom he could share his bed and Nick Frost was the first of a very short list, actually with only two names, but at least had the dreams.

Nick smiled slightly as she realized she had not realized the real situation, amused even more the way she greeted him, but knew he could not postpone any longer the stay in the place where they hid, in any case there was a thing had to do and had to be now, here, now.

Very calmly he approached his lips from hers and remaining asleep in a deep sleep and let her respond to his subtle touch. Do not have long to wait until it was matched to stimuli that had begun, he felt the beautiful woman’s arm under his body ensnare his neck and kiss him passionately, but in the same way he felt happy to kiss her, felt the pain bite the tongue and the push that followed it away sharply.

They looked at each other for a moment and it was impossible that he would not notice the astonishment face that Nadja was trying to realize where he was and what had happened. – Where are we? What happened? – She did not leave the position in which he found under his body, but remained with the palms of both hands on his chest as keeping a safe distance.

- Sorry, did not mean to scare you … – He ran a hand through her hair letting his fingers opened a few rows between them was soft and silky and had a mysterious air, wanted to know what would follow. – It was the best way I found to wake her from her deep sleep so… – It was the best he could say at the moment.

Nadja already was aware of the previous day’s events and tried to restore but was still confused by the surprising kiss he had received, but did not care to show this concern. – Nick Frost! You kissed me while I slept? – He said in a harsh tone, but with gentleness.

- Sorry, it was a spur of the moment and I confess that I liked to be called “my love”… – He was disconcerted at being rebuffed so readily, even fondly.

- I said that? – He looked askance at him, but knew it was quite possible that it had, after all he was in his dreams just before having a stolen kiss.

- Hum hum! – She nodded smiling at her who was still lying with hands on his chest and now lost strength, but he did not insist, even if he wanted to, he would not dare again.

- Well Nick Frost, you were a bad boy and I should apologize… – That bright smile disarmed completely leaving it vulnerable, not let him could reply it was, with the same hands that repelled pulled him you and took full advantage of the kiss that followed, now aware of what he was doing and loved taste him in her mouth, he knew he was being matched, after the initial impudence out of it, smiled as they kissed.

- Why are you smiling? – Nick wondered what reasons might be those that made a moment that felt as intimate as fun.

- That’s my secret and who knows if one day tell you? But for now … It’s just not my … – She smiled again running her fingers lightly across his lips just as he had done while she slept. Smile knowing that was matched and that the suggestion had not left her, but the man she sighed in the night cold when he retired. I loved him ever since.

- Well, once we have defined our fields and relationships, it’s time to leave. I wanted the words and when things were not so hard, that way, but had remained so long in the same place he was afraid that very soon they were discovered.

- Where do we go now? – Nadja knew the answer but wanted to hear from him again and make sure that once again he was in control.

- We go to the Base Concordia which is the nearest and there should get help! – Was a valid possibility for this to happen to the distance, all in Antarctica was thousands of kilometers away and it served as a guard for incidents like what had happened to them, at least I thought so, although it was not aware of all the events that took place. He left to take the coverage hidden snow vehicle the previous day, which then folded and properly accommodated inside again to serve for similar events if necessary, was concerned to know the seriousness of the situation.

- So come on, it’s a long way to go and a very hard way! – Nadja sat beside him while he was starting the engine and felt the entire vehicle vibrates in response to commands that followed. She hugged him lovingly letting fall head on the shoulder of the man she loved and who had stolen a kiss while sleeping – “cheeky” – smiled silently as he relived the delicious moment alone. In his intimate I wanted more than just a kiss, much more. Comfortable warmth through her again the whole body, not even the snow rushed quietly on the ground could appease this uncontrollable desire he felt.

Not far away Vladimir Timochenco tried again see the parallel tracks he had seen at the beginning of the operation, but the thin occasional snow that was still falling on the vast frozen plain was covered up completely any hint that it was a likely flight of Vostok Station. Wished they had success and Nadja Romanov was among the fugitives.

His boys and best men that ever had the pleasure of seeing in action in combat, were in charge, the finishing touches of the biological laboratory cleaning operation, now a pile of unrecognizable debris of what was once one of the most important research bases Antarctica. Decided it was better to meet the commander of the group again, the few misshapen individuals who had left the premises still on fire, were now only bloody stains on the floor.

The powerful machine guns caliber 50 mm left no doubt of its efficacy, on the other hand, there was no remorse, that he and his companions saw walking wandering way could in no way be considered humans and perhaps this was the main reason the urgency of their mission. Now only left them to return to the base to support two hundred miles away, for refueling and then trip to Concordia Base, base point of all transactions made in that forgotten continent, but coveted by men in discovering its secrets and riches.

- Well done gentlemen! We closed our cleaning mission and eradication of the problem, let’s go home! – Did not need any answers in unison movement all turned the aircraft to the opposite side and let the leader take forward and as quickly as they arrived, they departed leaving behind what would be called the incident Vostok.

On the path and not far away, Timochenco flying over the drill field that oozed a kind of light green mist, almost the color of emeralds its center, around a thicker circular layer and green olive agglutinated by lightning that estimated at nearly a kilometer in circumference. It seemed, that was the initial reason for all the military apparatus that was asked to cover up human error, but wondered in silence if the problem after all had been controlled its military intervention. He did not get a definitive answer and certainly the Corporation was aware of what was unfolding in that place, for it had the best communications technology for the world’s satellites.

- Gentlemen! Not a word about what we’re seeing here or we just do! – Broke radio silence to the astonishment of his companions. – That’s an order! – Was incisive in his commentary so that there was no misunderstanding. The silence that followed was loud enough in his ears to realize that everyone had understood his order. Now it was a matter of time to be safe and protected from the weather site, nothing more was said, but Timochenco could not stop thinking about the possible end would have Nadja Romanov in his intimate expected her to find what he had left behind unscathed, or there would be no chance there.

- You’re awake Nadja? – Nick was surprised by the sound of his own voice after so long just listening to the noise that the powerful diesel engine was. He waited for a response that was quick.

- Yes dear … I’m awake. – It felt good to his side and still remained with his head gently lying on his shoulder; he felt protected like never happened at another time and enjoyed immensely this feeling.

- In a few minutes we shall go through the lab, I hope we do not find any unpleasant surprises! – I felt that would not be so lucky as needed and if things had been as Nadja you described, would still be a long and arduous road ahead in very inhospitable land.

- You should not have much left Nick! – She knew Vladimir Timochenco was a ruthless man in his work – “The best of the best!” – So had told him when he entered the first transport that arrived at the base, not by chance had attracted felt for him, second of his list, though appeared to be older than her, but there was a mix of seduction and paternal desire that man almost, for very little, not seduced her completely.

He remembered that at some point come to compare the two men who attracted immediately, without reaching a definitive conclusion, although they were very opposite. – “Nadja, Nadja! More sinful thoughts these yours! It seems like you have an uncontrollable desire to be possessed as if the two were the last men on earth! “- thought In totally different thoughts of those who have imagined a delicate situation like that was, but she knew it was not a normal person never out.

- Vladimir is a meticulous man and above all a soldier applied! – Concluded his argument without showing that it was favorable to what certainly happened to the station. I did not approve of any kind of violence it was, even those that could not control, or even have a chance to fight back. It was an advocate of fair and non-asymmetric conflicts.

- Timochenco? – Nick Frost looked first to Nadja now settled in the chair beside her. – I thought he was only responsible for transportation and security station! – Needed to know more about the possibilities of events, it seemed, he knew a lot less than it in these matters and perhaps the reason was due to be involved with the research and not the human relationship directly.

- Vladimir is a man of responsibility, is this team for at least six years and is the first in the contingency list of subjects. – Paused a bit to mentally visualize the man who now, for her, was the face of the inevitable evil. – Pavlov said he was a great hero in his country before dropping the “Iron Curtain” and that after this event, is now hunted by both sides, friends and enemies… – That’s all I knew about the mysterious warrior from heaven flying over the glaciers independent of weather conditions. If there was someone who could help them certainly would be it, I thought, – “But how do you know which side he would be sure?” – For it had no answer.

Nick was silent pondering how best to deal with the situation that was unfolding before his eyes. I spotted the long black column of smoke rising to the sky as far as the eye could see, in about ten minutes would again be in the vicinity of the station that had once been his favorite research space, made an urgent need to discover a way to take control of situation, in any case, make contact with the NOMAD was out of the question. Still he rambled about the events when they could see what was left of the laboratory of biological studies.

- Look Nadja! – Om pointed his right index finger to the debris before him. – Not much left is not it? – Imagined for a moment the military power to do all that damage that was before them.

- I did not expect less than that, Nick … – I felt bad for always being so sure about things he thought and said, knew it was a person above the average human in general was two or three steps ahead of best minds who knew and at least ten of those considered normal and that only proved he was right, as always.

The transport vehicle stopped close to that war zone after both made sure that did not run the risk of being killed as seemed to have happened to the remnants of the survivors, although none of them had seen some during and after they left the station, much less the men who worked in the drilling of Lake Vostok. Initially walked furtively, but soon realized they were not at any risk of being approached, everything was very quiet, there was no longer fire, but dense and thick smoke.

- I do not understand Nick … What are these red stains on the floor? – He looked around and did not need him to answer the question. Pieces of bodies were scattered everywhere, legs, arms, saw a head that could not recognize, startled by the macabre scene, and ran into the arms of her protector sobbing.

- Calm down dear … all will be well… – I was not sure of his own words, but he had to give you hope and himself that would come out of there alive. For a moment he thought of the safety of his home in Norway and in the company’s comfort her parents, regretted that he did not see them for so long. A huge anguish through her whole body, not the woman in his arms would be able to restore the courage he needed. He looked at her very deeply in the eyes and told him: – We need to know what happened here, to understand what we’re dealing with, or we will not have a chance! – Took her delicate hand and even with some resistance pulled her closer to see what happened.

Nadja knew it was not time for weaknesses, moreover, did not want to show that he had been afraid and repulsed by what he saw, more than that, he needed to show that it was a strong woman and above all it was a scientist and the best he knew with all modesty that was inherent, if it had any.

They observed a moment the arrangement of human parts, noted that had been shattered by heavy weapons and very effectively, walked for a few meters and noted that they could count the bodies would reach at least forty people, but it was impossible. During the return of the excavation in search of the workers had not found a soul on the premises as well as Nadja, all others had succumbed mysteriously to that poured gas element Frost to contact with the atmosphere, so where would have been those people and what reason had been murdered by Timochenco and his men? That would be the question to be answered and from there could start getting some answers.

- Look Nick, come closer to see! – The keen sense of researcher who blunted in Nadja overlapped to fear and irrationality that had touched moments before. – See this arm is here beside … – pointed a finger not wanting to get too close. – Has a blue and almost translucent color, but do not believe it because of the cold environment! – Walked a few more steps looking for other human remains that could somehow give you a light on the subject.

The researcher took a metal rod that was not twisted, carefully manipulated what looked like a chest of someone and searched inside something to show him the “bane” of the individual, and, of course, of all punctures suffered by the shots he had received, but he knew beforehand that there would not much, it was necessary to do further analysis with appropriate technical equipment and had preserved some in the vehicle with which they moved, would certainly give a good makeshift laboratory.

- Help me Nadja, we collect some samples and study them on board our laboratory on wheels! – She nodded even unwillingly, but knew of the need to understand the problem and did not blame her dear Nick Frost for successful events somehow had prepared my whole life for this moment a monumental fatality could happen and leave control.

- Look Nick! – Pointed once again to one of the buildings which inexplicably had not been destroyed by explosions and much less by heavy fire from attack helicopters! – The fuel depot was spared! – Smiled knowing that all was not lost, but knew it was a military strategic mistake that quite possibly Timochenco not be allowed, unless it had a hidden plan in the sleeve of his pilot jacket, after leaving resources to the enemy was almost to mark the death itself.

- I believe that they did not see or did not know what was inside stored, or otherwise be just rubble now! – It was a very simple thought for a scientist, not to say completely devoid of reason.

- Maybe… Maybe… – Nadja knew things did not work well, but allowed to leave believe in those words he had just heard, felt gratitude for Vladimir, was not sure if he knew who had evaded the facilities that it had destroyed a few moments before, in any case deserved the benefit of the doubt. After all maybe he was not the ruffian who until a few moments ago had imagined.

They spent almost two hours between refueling and survey of what could still be used to follow trip with some caution set up a small laboratory inside half the car party through until the back, leave the other half until the front of the form they could have some privacy and comfort.

Nadja was concerned with the accommodations where they could rest along the way and was not willing to sleep alone, not only for fear of waking up and not find his beloved, but also because he had other intentions.

- Time to go my dear! – He kissed her tenderly on the forehead which made her pucker a little forehead.
- That’s the best you can do? – He was surprised by the question that had just been made.

- No, it’s not! But if we want to survive we need to let this kind of stuff for later! – He pulled her by the hand and forced it to turn his back with both hands and the powerful muscles that had lifted her by the waist and put on the first rung of the car that kept the heated engine.

- “That sort of thing?” – Nadja thought the last words he said – “As well, this kind of thing?” – Still had not absorbed completely what he had heard, but he hated that he referred to his feelings that so, I was sure that sooner or later surely he would pay with his tongue and it does not take long. She blushed and smiled enigmatically without being perceived to remember his last thought – “With language, Nick Frost!” – She laughed quietly and restrained.

- I’ll prepare the samples, follow the GPS signal that will take us to the base Concordia, are at least three hundred miles of open countryside, so if we do not have any mishaps, so walking! – He felt the mission command and not wait for an answer.

- Yes General! – Nick shifted into first gear and put the vehicle in motion by taking the foot clutch abruptly knew what would happen and looked slightly askance to see if his calculations were right, smiled when he realized that Nadja lost his balance without falling, if supported, one of the horizontal beams that protected the windows. He took the opportunity to turn on the radio and even if they could not capture any station, had always get something to being able to hear, then immediately the melody Celtic and smooth invaded the room leaving the “climate” mildest among them. She was a formidable woman; I should not have lost opportunities as they crossed casually through the halls of Vostok Station…

Nadja had done a theatrical effort to hold on and not fall, did not look back, had realized the intention once felt the excessive rush of the vehicle, knew he was not as bad driver, so out purposeful, but not enough to hurt -over there. In any event, the marked body waddling certainly have the desired effect. He would still beg for your caresses. - "You will have back, Nick Frost! Wait for me! "- His thoughts now were a killing machine, ready to fight and this was a confrontation that she wanted to.

Let the thoughts changed of place and give rise to speculation as all that apocalyptic environment had happened, gradually making a history of all events so that they could be listed. It started with his approach in the room, tried to pass to the next memory or return to the original thoughts, then his call to read the analysis by Pavlov, who believed to be correct, followed the experiment with rodents and have been unsuccessful immediately until those little animal experiments were restless inside the containment or incubator box as she liked to call and finally out of control.

There was no reason for that something went wrong, at worst guinea pigs have died and would be replaced by others, but it was not happened. – Now the chamber was sealed vacuum with the biological sample inside, to insert the guinea pigs had to be pressurized with oxygen… – He spoke to yes same.

- You mean alone Nadja! – Frost broke off sarcastically.

- Yes Nick Frost! – He answered without turning to him. – When you need to talk to someone intelligent, I talk to myself! – Completed satisfied with the answer he had given and feeling better than ever.

The scientist felt that response as a fist tightly closed in his stomach, followed by a straight punch on the chin. There was actually a woman of few words, but admirable. His silence said everything needed to be more kind to her or would eventually lose it.

On the other side, the beautiful woman was still developing the chronology of events; irritation of animals after uncontrollable way as gnawed rubber gloves inside the chamber and finally direct contact with the outside world. Not remember if they had time to recapture the guinea pigs, probably not, would be extremely useful at that time. He proceeded to examine the human remains that had gathered in the camp. What interested him most was the chest of the unknown that at some point was his co-worker, but he avoided thinking about it or would not do what was needed.

After putting the gloves with a scalpel and steady hand he opened the top, the meat was tougher than I was accustomed to work, was not the first time he did, after all was part of his activity do autopsies, but imagined it could be due to the intense cold that the corpse had been submitted. He opened the entire front and with some difficulty managed to leave all quite open external.

The vital organs were blackened and a putrid appearance, but in its most intact which surprised her. – “… It does not make sense” – concluded, in that between them and placed within similar containers with large glass bottles. It took about twenty minutes for everyone to be accommodated and well packaged, did not know if there could be contaminants in these samples, in any case it was too late to think about it.

Nick Frost left to absorb other issues soon after receiving a withering response from Nadja and for a while did not realize that she was part of the expedition. I thought about what he had seen at Lake Vostok and the way that green stuff has expanded across the surface soil, thought that perhaps the military group containment had managed to seal the drill hole, at least so expected, so the biological incident would be restricted to where they were, over a distance of two hundred miles, than for that deserted immensity, it was nothing.

Took the decision to change the route and look to dig one last time, I wanted to be sure of the facts and a better understanding of events. He thought it would be smart to somehow contact the Concordia Base before you get there, but did not seem to be a very wise idea, after all the possibility of being sought for escape of a biological hazard area, certainly would not have a good reception, it was just a hypothesis, think about it later and ask for help Nadja.

He remembered looking at her that she was bent over a microscope and shook his head.

- What goes Nadja? – Asked in concern tone, I wanted to know the progress she made in an attempt to find something that elucidates the contamination.

- This fabric was dead before being killed by helicopters… But that does not make sense! – He turned to look at him again. – Do not shoot dead people and this one at least had been dead for more than twenty-four hours ago … – he tried to convey the serenity of maximum in his revelations, by his calculations the incident now was forty-eight hours of happened.

- It is possible that someone has brought out in an attempt to save him and possibly died of infection or extreme cold! – Was a plausible assumption.

- I thought about it, Nick … – He looked again at the microscope and again shook his head. – But what surprises me most is that we still have cell activity, but not as we know it! – Regulated for a few moments the powerful lenses of the microscope.

- What are you saying? The tissue is dead, but that there is life in it? – He looked at her over his shoulder with some incredulity. – This is impossible! – He shook his head. This theory was playing on the ground of academic lessons they had learned and complete madness.

- I am many things in my life Nick Frost, less an incompetent scientist! – I told her gruffly. – What do I have before my eyes is another way of life that challenges all our scientific knowledge here! – She took a syringe with a fine needle at the end and poured a drop of solution on the fabric “dead.” There was an immediate reaction of the sample that expanded and contracted by a row as trying to free the captive that was under observation meticulous eyes. A faint cry reached the ears of Nick Frost stepped violently on the brakes.

- What happened Nadja? – He asked afflicted.

- Is alive! The sample is alive! – I was horrified by what he saw and knew it challenged everything I had learned in the field and the best scientific books and your library was quite extensive.

Frost ran to hug her, she had to comfort her and tell her she was not alone. On the other hand I wanted to see with their own eyes what looked like such a moment of madness and hysteria of his partner who had imagined minutes ago.

[] Death Experience

Oliver McQueen remained in the comfort of your living room in the apartment in Amsterdam in the Oud Zuid district, overlooking the Vondelpark, looking at the external landscape, still absorbed in thoughts of the latest developments, expected Vladimir Timochenco had succeeded in control , I knew him personally and considered him one of his best men. There was difficulty in admitting that research under their responsibility and with all the financial and technological apparatus that had had failed monumental form, moreover, was not the first time I was in a similar situation, however, the outside dimensions as large spill that the limits of its company, the Corporation NOMAD.

It was interrupted by the mobile phone touch that was on the table, walked toward him with no intention to meet anyone else. He took the calming device and read the name of Yuri Antonov on the display, do not want in any way to receive that call, but after a few seconds that seemed like endless hours pressed the call receive button.

- Hello Yuri… I hope you have good news… – waited for the answer of the Russian general was positive.

- There is no easy way to communicate this Oliver, our satellites as well as their should be showing indicate that the contaminant cloud moves to Australia and must arrive there in little more than twenty-four hours! – The tone of voice was bitter and sullen. – This hourly event we cannot stop, but there is still time for to contain the origin of what we now call Biological accident, as did countless victims from different countries at the source… – I paused to listen to the another man would tell him.

- I did not know the size of the contamination, I’m out of the office … and tried to find a solution that met us completely … – It was a vague and uncertain response and his voice showed that uncertainty.

- We have permission from the UN Security Council will proceed nuclear solution … – She sighed, it was not exactly what I wanted to do and that his country had the reputation of being extremely belligerent, such clashes have always avoided at all cost. – As the base is ours, we will be doing the intervention. I regret that things have reached this level of risk … – He paused again and declined to further comment.

- I do not know if it will be the best solution, but I recognize that I am not in a position to challenge! – Resigned to being an enterprising man and not a career politician, for that paid his advisers so that took care of foreign policy. – How and when will it be done? – I asked bluntly.

- One of our submarine K-329 Severodvinsk is on the way and should arrive in about six hours, after that will be a matter of minutes … – Do not be conformed to make a nuclear intervention in international territory and exclusively research. It was not like confronting a likely enemy, this was only the eradication of a problem.

- Keep me informed Yuri is all I ask you! – Then hung up the phone without saying goodbye. What would happen soon forever shake their relations with the government and, in addition, there was a huge financial loss on both sides. He picked up the phone again and made a new connection to Urd Wessel, the chief scientist of your corporation. The world they knew would never be the same.

- Wessel! Any news about Frost Element? – I waited for it to be answered.

- Good day to you too Oliver! – Did not like the tone in which the call was received; he was a scientist and the man on the other side of the line your boss undoubtedly preserved but good manners above all. – We are to receive a sample taken at Concordia Base that was delivered to Casey Station in the coming hours and needless to say that the military is in our pursuit to know what is, perhaps for use as a biological weapon! – Responded to the question asked.

- Sorry, you are absolutely right. The happened is no reason to lose civility! – I had understood the message. – In any case, how do you expect to handle it? – I wanted a positive response and not assumption events.

- Apparently Frost element is a type of highly toxic substance that kills people by inhalation almost immediately! – Reviewed the notes for a moment – this is nothing new in biochemical weapons, however, there are some inconsistent reports that some of the people found in Concordia Base were “alive”, but in a violent state and therefore were slaughtered! – I did not believe that there could be a direct link to what was happening, but as a scientist, knew that a possible pandemic of animal rabies transmitted to humans could trigger this kind of reaction.

- In any case, they are bringing one of the bodies for examination … – so concluded his report the known facts.

- Yuri revealed that the cloud will advance toward Australia and will do everything possible to contain the spill … – Oliver McQueen would not reveal the entire contents of the conversation he had just had with the General, I was tired of talking about this subject the running out literally exhausted his strength. Moreover, sometimes more difficult as things stand information.

- I did not expect less! – Made a disapproving noise across the line. – We lost Casey Station also four hours ago … – Wessel did not hear anything on the other side that was not the noise of the broken connection. He looked at the phone’s display and was sure that the connection was closed. He thought for a moment that it might be interesting to see the family, was absent for longer than you would like and that seemed like a great opportunity, but before that, I needed to wait for the contaminated sample Concordia Base, it was a human body. At least until that time thought so.

McQueen fell heavily on the bed and closed his eyes, wanted to escape a little from reality that was submitted and that seemed like a good time. Past memories and happy times ravaged his mind and peace asleep believing that better days would come, could not be more mistaken.

Vladimir had just received orders to move along with their helicopters to Mirny Station, Russian property located on the coast of the frozen continent and borders the Indian Ocean and which would receive new orders to do if contamination expanded, but noticed something different the behavior of his men, something was not right. He triggered the siren called everyone to the Flight room where they used to before the meetings of the missions and waited until everyone arrived. Four of them did not show up.

- Where are the members missing? – Vladimir noticed the absence of four of his men, two crews and was not habit that to happen. He gestured with his chin for the second in command, who left the flight room expeditiously. They had been seventy-two hours from the beginning of the biohazard. After about ten minutes of waiting there was only silence, before he heard the cracks of standard Glock Special Forces. He rushed to the exit in time to see Andrei Livanov, his second in command, running to the inside of one of the helicopters. Behind a human mass ten individuals ran in after him, among them four members absent at the meeting.

- Come in and lock the doors! to ensure that no one from this room! – He looked through a crack in the window concerned with Andrei. I could not understand what was happening, however, he spotted the uniforms of scientific teams of Vostok Base, – “But how was that possible?” – I thought. They were at least a hundred miles on icy lands to the extreme; no human being could make such a journey in those conditions. Anyway I knew there was absolutely failed in containing the contamination, if those people were able to get here devoid of resources against the cold, certainly would reach other places, it was urgent to come out of there.

Load is a pistol and two magazines full of bullets, ordered his men to do the same. Weaponry was not lacking. An explosion called him again the attention, looked again the window opening, Andrei struggled inside the aircraft with one of his men who was now unrecognizable and bathed in blood, the explosion had been caused by the accidental firing of a missile left wing, thus the dormitories were destroyed, but the worst was to come, the other missile pointed directly to where they were, the Flight room. He prayed that nothing worse happened, but their prayers were not heard. – Get down! – He threw himself on the floor of floorboards that helped in space heating, so saw the propulsion rocket being fired. The impact was fulminant and devastating, the whole complex collapsed.

The deafening noise of the explosion was still echoing in his eardrums, the slightly blurred vision showed the rubble of what was once the Flight Room of the NOMAD support base, figures ahead of him fought fiercely with each other, but could not distinguish them, needed back a little body down than before off the roof to his senses, but this was not possible, passed in silence immediately afterwards. The time has passed.

A metallic, monotonous sound echoed in his brain, not displeased him, but somehow began to bother him. He opened his eyes with some difficulty, I was not sure where he was until that moment, his training in the special forces would be what now need to survive, closed his eyes and remained silent trying to listen to all the surrounding environment.

Has identified the metallic sound like some piece slamming against another under moderate wind passing through the ruins, he became aware that he was totally unprotected from the cold glacier and was lucky not to have died frozen. It was time to wake up to reality, with all the caution peculiar to him, he slipped through the powerful beams that prevent him from being crushed and looked around. A few meters away was the body of the pilot Mikhail crossed by a thick iron bar, little can further see the head of Mischa copilot who was out of the body, the whole identified four of its completely disfigured team, although it could not knowing they were for sure the uniforms denounced.

He made a quick and had knowledge that lost in the final nine a team of twelve of the best men that had fought account, imagined they could have suffered a terrorist attack other stakeholders in corporate research, but that it was still in field case, the best would go out to confront reality. His goal was to get a helicopter, preferably your to be more used, but under the circumstances anyone would even needed was to get out of there, otherwise, or the cold would kill him or those things that attacked their camp would end the service. That could be the mother of all wars was discovered they were victims of a terrorist action.

It crept stealthily through the snow banks and some remains of the destroyed facilities, the standard black clothing Tails Black did not help to camouflage, but not expected to be just attacked the camp, a next time, if it were to happen, I would be prepared. He opened the side door to enter the aircraft, but he knew he could not give the match immediately needed first trigger the melting of the entire fuselage systems, I was able to use almost all the available energy of the helicopter, in general missions they were programmed and the thaw made with the help of ground power units, but in this case would have to risk it. He remembered he had an APU system (Auxiliary Power Unit) on board and would be their last hope if things went wrong, to rely on the luck he had had all his life, would certainly wrong.

The total process took about twenty minutes that remained hidden inside in absolute silence, a positive thing was that at the same time thawed all the aircraft out, the internal heating also went up, it made him feel better and renewed hopes.

- Come on Vladimir… What do we do now? – He muttered under his breath to hear his own voice. Reviewed again air cards that knew by heart.

- Well, airline cards are more detailed maps, with so we will see what will be my next destination … – Via the autonomy of the helicopter a problem to be overcome, I did not want to land out of fuel in the middle of nowhere and not as had restocked after the mission to the Vostok base, which could be considered a mistake, your options were limited.

- Then that’s it! Concordia, here we go… – It left him no other alternative, only hoped not to be shot down in midair, though it was international territory, no basis liked to surprise visits.

He sat comfortably as he could in the pilot’s seat and triggered the checklist buttons; leave the starting buttons to the end. He made sure that the APU was ready to add auxiliary power and took a deep breath after five minutes check. Everything was ready, pressed the start button and knew it would make a diagonal rise of low altitude and low power, but it was not the first time I needed to use this feature, I was sure that would not fail.

The sound of the powerful rotor was heard across the plain and waited to be approached by the enemy, who at this point was invisible and dangerous, but saw nothing to tell her that she was in danger. I regretted having to leave so beautiful aircraft abandoned in the middle of nowhere, but come back with a new team or what was left of his men to rescue them. Took off as the flight plan and was soon on the way to Concordia Base, hoped he had logistical support to allow him to head to Mirny and know what was going on. It would be a solitary journey of almost two hours, below could identify traces that far into the icy plain, surely some had survived, he might redeem them by the way, I thought.

It did not take more than thirty minutes to see down a dozen black spots that followed pell-mell in the opposite direction that moved, made a half turn to lower flutter and see if he could rescue them, knew how cold debilitated people including mentally. – Probably in shock and lost … Let’s see! – Maneuvered again spiral leaving the aircraft almost touch the ground, positioned himself in front of the group ran toward him.

The view we had was worthy of hell itself, the greyish, almost blue of those people was not normal. One of the first still had a piece of metal stuck in his chest, just behind came another which noted the absence of an arm torn off at the shoulder and the circus of horrors did not end each was more mangled than the other, but they seemed no pain, just as they had seen the hikers left the Vostok Station when destroyed. The contamination was much more than just biological risk was a new kind of enemy.

What more was terrified to see among those human remains, dying and wandering some of the best men who had known and that until a few hours ago were in his company. I did not dare to shoot bursts of 50 mm, tried in vain to convince himself it was the right thing, but there were many stories of lives involved and did not want it to end that way.

Vladimir saw the flash in front of where it was located, he did not believe it was true, but the glowing fire mushroom ascended to heaven that left no doubt that it was a nuclear explosion of low power. The Vostok station had to be eradicated from the earth. Definitely were at war against someone or something, I needed to get as quickly as possible to Concordia, was too far away to be hit by the shockwave, but if there was a nuclear detonation in Antarctica possibly others would follow.

[] Concordia Base

- What was that noise Nick? – Nadja hugged him hard to hear the reverb sound slightly shook tourism vehicle they were traveling in and stood still now as he examined carefully the sample that was “dead”, but for unknown reasons the cells indicated the opposite.

- Look Nadja! – Pointed to the back of the snow vehicle, the immense pillar of fire appeared to them a second sun, but this was not possible because the sun was precisely the opposite.

- It’s what I’m thinking? Will were all crazy? – Snuggled a little more in the arms of the man she loved and now to protect the world’s ills.

- No Nadja … – hugged her tightly. – This is the end of my research … – he kissed her lightly on the forehead as if accustomed to do. – I hope you have not done anything crazy! – I was apprehensive as to the location of the explosion, if the epicenter had been in the drilling of Lake Vostok everything would be irretrievably lost.

- But why? – I had not understood the scale and seriousness of the problem.

- They do not want the contamination reaches the continent and an explosion of this magnitude here is just a side effect … – But this contention explosion that he did not foresee could be more harmful than supposed, needed to reach the Base Concordia urgently. – Let my dear! We have no time to lose! – Sat in the front seats and out into a run to the base, were little more than an hour and would soon come.

Stuart Hershel took off his glasses that allow close and threw them across the table in front of him, took both hands to his face and sighed for a long time until picked up the phone on the table, shook him two or three times before calling Oliver McQueen.

- Oliver? – He waited for the voice on the other end of the line to speak. – Hershel talking, listen … detonated the bomb on the perforated field … – Made a short break.

- Yuri tried to call you but could not, however, the recommendation was that the detonation is that the source of the leak, but the NOMAD not agreed, out of our hands the problem. – He concluded with some bitterness in his voice at the news he had just communicate.

- For what reason was the NOMAD against? – Oliver knew they were not experts in warlike interventions of relevance or nuclear magnitude, were in the pharmaceutical industry and the like, but not bother with the incoming news. Despite the mistakes, and respected scientific body of the company.

- We concluded that an explosion on the ice could enhance the problem and not decrease it… – He was being as objective as possible and without any detours. – It is quite possible that the final solution that the Russians have done is the start of a bigger problem… – I waited to hear something, but got no response that satisfied.

- I’ll call Yuri, that bastard! – I was angry in his voice, not only for what happened, but by unilateral decision. The base was Russian, but the search was his and no one else. He hung up the phone and tried quickly the number of general in the contact list, was not slow to find. He failed on the first attempt, but was answered on Monday.

- Yuri, what the hell! – Were his first words. – What do you think you’re doing? We had a deal! – His voice exuded authority he had and the reason for their discontent.

- I tried to talk to you Oliver, but it seemed that it was easier to talk to the Pope than you! – Yuri Antonov was not a man to be intimidated, was General of the Russian forces and a lot of respect patent in his country although he knew he should explain Corporation will NOMAD, all this in the best interests of both.

- What the hell did that place to detonate an atomic bomb? – This time must collect as much detail to find out what the next step would give. Still I did not believe that the battle was lost at all.

- Our experts understand, after much study the problem, it was necessary to re-seal the farm field that your corporation left open and not left in the alternative but to increase the blast radius of action! – He waited for Oliver told him something else.

- What do you extend the mileage? What do you mean by that? – I did not know what the words meant that Russian imbecile, but needed reliable information to know the extent of the problem.

- Detonation was raised to two hundred and fifty meters at ground level! Thus the impact on the ground is higher and there is a broadening of the thermal action radius, elementary physics! – Was satisfied with the explanation given, the high detonations were very efficient and the shock wave and thermal propagated by almost twice the perimeter, which was usually done by a deep detonation.

- You idiots! – Oliver sighed, did not understand much of detonations, but his agile brain ran through all the possible variables within the field of physics to reach a simple conclusion also. – A heat wave on that glacier will only increase the diameter of the hole … – paused for a moment – you still there? – He asked.

- Yes Oliver, continue … – Yuri was aware of what was told him, respected the intelligence of the other man’s side of the line several times had already proved his intellectual ability.

- The most accomplished was melt all that ice and compacted mass protecting the surface of the frozen lake and most likely vaporized every one element we call Frost to the atmosphere… – If his calculations were correct, it would be the beginning of the end . An unsuccessful operation that aimed to investigate the Earth’s climate in the past and most likely could in time be contained, was now in the hands of God, that if it exists. Were his last thoughts.

- See your satellites again Yuri and tell me I’m wrong! Please tell me I was wrong completely in my deductions… – A long silence was all we got, it seemed the Russian General would review his disastrous plan.

- All right, Oliver, we will tell us… – They turned off at the same time, there was nothing more to say at the same time that there were no words to appease the evil done. Now it seemed, was all a matter of time.

- We’re coming in Concordia Base Nadja, wake up… – Nadja Romanov was physically exhausted and mentally, left to take the dream world so that the reality which was now subject was a distant and unreal memory.

- Where are we? – Still sleepy, he rubbed his eyes with both hands closed.

- Concordia! – The biologist was surprised that she was so absent the objective of the mission, in any case, it was magnificent even with messy hair and visible fatigue of the last few days. He looked at the clock and saw that four days had passed since it had all started to go wrong, but it was not a good time for lamentations, had other priorities now and was the first to report the whole matter to the French. The right not even know where to start and certainly had seen or been informed by other means that the Vostok Base had succumbed in a nuclear explosion.

- I remembered … – He looked intently as he walked the perimeter of the Concordia Base of the French flag. No one came to greet them, which was very strange, there had already been two other times and always been welcomed in a friendly way, because his credentials as a scientist proceeded.

- There’s no one… – Nick looked once more while surrounded the base slowly to the car. – Look! Traces of blood! – The western entrance several brands in parallel lines indicating that possibly bodies had been dragged somewhere and roamed several meters in different directions. He turned off the engine and waited.

- What do we do? – Nadja was apprehensive.

- Let’s wait and see if there is any suspicious movement… – His eyes were now like the Raptor, the most sagacious eagle could exist at that time.

- It is possible that the contamination has come here? – He asked the beautiful woman felt in her mate salvation that hellish place. I had not given up seducing him in a different way and more audacious than he had in recent days.

- I do not know… I do not know for sure how it spreads and to date we have not seen other contaminated, even on the road. – Stuck to what we knew and avoided conjecture fanciful hypotheses. I did not want to get fancy and certainly had a lot to it. I thought about how I would be lying in the safety of her room at that moment, just looking at the big wooden clock that was done in adolescence. Although it appear smaller to the extent that grew and became a full man.

- As all this was happening, Nick? – She was still stunned by the latest developments.

- We playing God and masters of the world we are passing… – I thought about it for nights on end, how the human being was fragile to the environment in which he lived. They had the protection of large and robust exoskeletons of other animals did not have a speed that could be considered suitable to escape the big cats and even the vision determined from predators. Mankind was merely living by chance…

- Did you hear what I said? – Nadja had to give him a pinch in the arm for him to return to normal.

- Sorry… I think I got lost in thought! – He looked at her curiously. – But repeat the question! – Waited a few seconds only.

- Is not better go and find out what happened? – I was restless curiosity and wanted time away from the panic he felt the unknown. That transportation vehicle no longer protected as initially thought.

- Yes for sure! – Here we cannot no answer. Come on! – He pressed a button that activated the hydraulic system opening the front door, down unceremoniously and swiftly. Nick made sure that the door stayed closed again, cranking the handle on the front of the vehicle. I did not want surprises in the back if returned.

He held her hand and walked stealthily to the side of the icy walls of that complex. It was a little larger than the station where they came from, maybe even better equipped, but not for scientific purposes for which they were determined by the Corporation NOMAD. – “NOMAD…” – thought closely wondered for what reason had been left on their own without even having the defense power.

Nadja was the first to look at the narrow and fogged window, with one hand wiped the maximum that can accumulate ice in the glass. He needed a little help from his companion to rise half a meter the missing and entire body lightness owned and feminine delicacy, silently peered inside the station. He held a cry with his own hand in the mouth, leaving the body fall on Nick Frost caught her while she strongly entwined by the neck.

- Let’s go Nick! I do not want to be here anymore… Please, let’s go! – It was almost a plea before becoming completely hysterical. Frost had to put his hand heavily on her mouth so she would not scream in terror. But still did not know what all the horror in the eyes of the woman who accompanied him in recent days and remembered them inviting and sparkling on other occasions.

He took her back to the car of snow in which they had arrived, making sure it did not receive any guests, laid it on one of the makeshift beds that have not had the pleasure of experiencing, which deeply regretted, but the successive events They did not allow them moments of greatest intimacy, in any case was not the time for lamentation. He made sure she was comfortable and protected. He came down again and went to the window that had explored initially. Nadja shrank by slightly biting full finger bent window with his fist, did his best not to scream but was panicking.

Nick Frost was tall and burly, still could not reach the window height. He took a kind of transport aluminum box that was next and positioned in such a way that could climb noiselessly and do not present any risk of sudden fall. The last thing he needed was a fracture or injury that made it difficult the journey that it seemed, was just beginning. Concordia did not seem to be a “Safe Harbor” as the plans were drawn and the options from there would be to Casey Station Australian or McMurdo Americans.

The Dantesque scene impressed in every way. It was a large room with three doors that he can count, one was closed the other two completely destroyed at some point someone tried to isolate the place, as had happened at the base, but it seemed no success which made no sense, since they were experienced people and prepared even for illegal interventions. In any case, this was not the worst of it, the scariest and worthy of a horror film were the people, if I could call those walking corpses of people.

The bluish color of the skin was already known and Nick knew very well what the source of the problem, the Frost element, but as he had arrived there in such a short time? That was the question a million dollars. He watched for a few moments without making any sudden movement, did not want to draw attention in any way. Whatever had happened, the contamination was higher than expected and thus, knew Vladimir Timochenco had failed considerably in their mission.

- Come on Nick Frost, think… – had been a superhuman effort to get unravel this trap that fate had prepared him and on top, was not happy that the reason for all the problems of the last few days took its name . This was not the way he wanted to go down in history.

- We have a harmful element to the human race that spreads and kills people, but they are still alive for some unknown reason… – I could not help sketch a slight imperceptible smile to remember that he was talking to himself. He thought of Nadja and the answer she had given. – Very expert! No doubt had answers for everything … – Worried that was safe and looked back. The car was safe.

- Gray, then blue skin… – I reviewed what he had seen in recent days without forgetting any details. – So we have two stages of the disease … Yes because it is a disease! – Mentally revised its lessons incubation and spread of viruses, including the time it takes to be able to trigger the reaction in the human metabolism. – The first phase of the contamination, the body dies feebly without offering resistance, perhaps choking… – He walked a little from one side to the other on the basis of the outside – then get the blueness and returns to life… But how is that? – I knew it was a rule against nature and all the teachings he had received. In your mind, you’re dead, you’re dead, just like that!

Thought it best to join Nadja inside the car and tell him what he had found, moreover was getting very cold out there and it was not the places he most admired in all his years of research, Antarctica had been a bet very tall. It made sure that would not be seen by anyone to get Nadja and it seemed, until then, had not been perceived since the arrival did not know if there was any way to detect, but the less higher noises his chances. One of the first rules of hunting that his father had taught him, though not like the sport, but his teachings showed to be very useful at the time.

He pulled the lever and was surprised to see Nadja sitting in the armchair of the driver as the radio in hand. – What are you doing, Nadja! – I told him harshly removing him PTT of his hands. – Are you crazy? They will kill us if they find out we’re alive! – His irritation was evident, while a voice calling the frightened woman ahead of him let out a sob and tears flowed down her pale cheeks and well-shaped face. He cringed back in his chair and sobbed for a few more times.

- Sorry… I… I do not know what went through my head… – Frost was surprised himself and the violent attitude that had to have. – Just thought I’d save us, nothing more … I do not want to lose her, Nadja! – I was sincere and very sorry with the sharp and elegant nothing response which was not compatible with his creation, but understood that extreme situations required extreme measures. He came out of trance that was to hear again the voice in Russian language radio other side insisting on talking to Nadja. He hoped that all was not lost.

- Who is on the other side of the radio? – Wanted to know without delay, things tended to get worse and it did not like.

- Vladimir Timochenco… – Nadja did not move, he looked like a mortally wounded and cornered animal waiting for your hunter parting shot.

- How did he find us? – The answers were urgent and had no time to comfort her even wanted too.

- It’s coming here… He lost all his men and did not know that this place had also been contaminated. – She wiped her tears with the back of his right hand and tried to compose, also understood that need to be in control of the situation, at least in regard to his own life. – I asked you to come pick me up … Find us … – he tried to correct his words more was too late and it came slowly and painfully as the tip of a sharp knife in his heart.

- I see… – he understood, but did not understand for what reason had made the decision alone, without consulting him, but knew instantly that it was not only in the life of Nadja, I had competition and a respectable opponent. He avoided thinking about those details immediately knew he had a chance alone with that spectacular woman for longer than necessary, but always had an excuse for himself when he was not working, was the work, always would be. – Maybe it’s better this way … – He sat down beside her and returned her to the PTT to talk to Timochenco his rival.

Nadja exchanged a few words and now and then looked askance at Frost remained his careful hand in everything they said, but not speak anything Russian who were not the most common words from day to day, never keep a conversation for long periods, but was good at reading body and noticed the signs indicating that there could be a strengthening of ties between the two parties. Nadja pressed his fist against his chest and smiled lightly now, now was more serious, but it was noticeable that he was worried about whether Frost would understand some of the conversation. The hand that has the long black hair and was played gently on the left ear said all he needed to know. Finally turned off.

- Then? – His question was a relief to her to know that I did not understand the content of the conversation, it would be terrible to have to explain that it had referred to him only as “a friend” in your company and who had fled the Vostok Station.

- Arrives in about ten minutes, it is not far away! – Composed himself now definitely and their spirits were more visible, almost smiling. – Lost crews in what he referred to as element of surprise and was glad we found the fuel left intact allowing us to come here, otherwise we would have turned gray with the station and the drilling field… – It was all he needed to know for the time being would ever say that you hesitate to say that Nick Frost was an important part of his life. That secret she would take to the grave. He decided to change strategy and conversation. – What did you think of what he saw through the window? – He asked.

- There are two stages of contamination, first body apparently dies naturally, caused by biological contamination, so that gray look that we saw in all bodies in the station! – Made a pause to compose himself and better accommodate the chair. – Therefore, we get what we call “life” and that stronger blue color should be the intermediate time between infection, incubation and development of the virus, but it was unclear what happens next that leaves them in a state of sale… – None of them even had witnessed the fury of the living dead, but they were to find out very soon.

- Believed that managed to seal the farm field? – Was a reasonable question for the moment still does not make much difference in the events that took place, but it could be relevant for the future.

- I doubt it! If they did what I think our problems are just beginning! – Had no doubt that the detonation would expand the Vostok Lake hole very broadly, but worse than that would be to add more energy to that unknown element and vaporize it in the atmosphere. He remembered the words of Anton Pavlov; – “The dead shall inherit the earth…”

They heard the distant gleam of powerful blades of the helicopter approaching and making the resonance throughout the environment, was the time were separate everything would find necessary and take what they could to find other answers and fight what appeared to be the end of the world. He did not know that his thoughts were so certain.

Insofar as the aircraft approached, they began to hear screams coming from inside the Concordia Base, more like howls of wild animals and cornered than human voices. strong beats were felt even in the distance where they were and that meant imminent danger, were to discover the worst side of contamination by Frost element. Nadja was quick to play everything needed in a backpack that was almost half its size, did not want to forget anything to repent later. He was careful to isolate the sample had left the microscope and put it in one of the side pockets, otherwise, the rest were survival items.

- We need to run Nadja! I believe that things tend to get worse! – His instinct told him that those hideous creatures who were imprisoned at the base would not be contained for much longer and as he had predicted, the noise drew them like the song of a mermaid.

- I’m going as fast as possible, do not rush me! – He spoke harshly to the point where he realizes that the relationship between the two was colder than ice outside the car, but that was a worry for another time, not now.

The helicopter headed by Vladimir Timochenco was visible on the horizon and looking for a suitable airfield to rescue the two survivors, while the outer doors of Concordia Base were expelled by the violence of the muscles of the creatures that now gained freedom. Nadja let out a terrified scream and threw himself again in Frost’s arms who was ahead of him and saw in horror that the mob running towards the car that remained perhaps for longer than they should. Certainly they would be lost and there was no way to get to the helicopter. It was the end for both.

- I love you, Nadja, from the first day I saw you, wanted you to know even if this is our last time together… – He held her and wanted to protect her with his arms as much as he could, but it was not enough for what was to come. Creatures played now fiercely against the snow transport bodywork and opened deep wounds that did not bleed, on the contrary, spent some time healed leaving a well protuberant brand. Were it not for the moment, that would have been a wonderful and revolutionary breakthrough for human medicine.

- Nick… I’m sorry… – She could not say anything else, I was sorry not to have more risky with it and above all for not telling the truth Timochenco, but now it would not matter. His thoughts were interrupted by the glass of the front door of the noise being shattered and one of the creatures get stuck between them, the cuts were deep and just as Nick had seen a few moments before, not bleeding. The helicopter noise was deafening and both had the perception that was on them, Vladimir had not given up them, or her…

- Let’s go to the roof through the ventilation openings! – Frost gave a strong push in the trap doors that were distributed in three parts on the roof and got one of them to open completely; time was short and other creatures trying to enter the door, now almost fully open. With a push the muscular man invoked his strength and threw the luggage up without Nadja could say a word it was, took her by the waist and threw the opening until it was completely the ceiling, just missing him and would have to make an extraordinary effort, jump and lift the body by the force of arms, but that would be no problem. In seconds they were back together waiting for a way to get on the helicopter.

Timochenco knew that this type of aircraft was not meant to be piloted by only one crewmember, while I could not leave the cabin controls to help them rise. He pressed a button and his voice sounded throughout the environment, the creatures stopped immediately, but for a few seconds, were a new and was soon assimilated then noise.

- Put the bags in the back, I will lower the crane cable! – It was his best solution, using the side cable to hoist them and then worry as you would to enter the aircraft. – “One thing at a time!” – Thought. Nadja spent the instructions to Frost at his side trying to close the lid that gave access to the snow vehicle’s roof, but that was not enough, powerful hands with long, bluish fingers and sharp claws that replaced the nails loomed on the edge of the roof indicating that everything could end badly for them in a matter of seconds.

Heavy cable with the hook at the tip, used to transport heavy loads down as the anchor of a ship and hit violently in the next ceiling where they were, Nick Frost took the first sense his right hand burned by friction cold steel against his skin, pressed jaw not making clear the searing pain, as if holding all helicopter force with his only free hand. Nadja pulled with the other hand and wrapped the two bodies with the cord to make a loop, closed it using the hook.

- Get ready! It will hurt! – Were the only words before being hurled into space by the lifting force of the wire rope pulled violently by Timochenco helicopter. Nadja felt all flashing around and almost lost consciousness. Nick Frost let out the air that was contained in his lungs expecting the worst that rescue attempt and then coughed. It was the exact time for some of the creatures and throw the empty fell to the floor in an attempt to grab them, so they were pulled.

- This was a close one… Are you okay? – Nadja was almost unconscious fully secured by cable and resting against his body as if they were one and more than saw attempts to Nick to hold the stretched portion of the cable to relieve the weight, it was useless, figured if they did not die of a way, die another, by asphyxiation. She looked at him again and fainted. In a last attempt Frost wrapped her legs around her body and with both hands free hold the cable above his head and pulled strongly. I could not take the weight for a long time, but hoped it was enough that they could be safe.

Vladimir who watched all the glass floor inside the cabin, was distressed to see the situation in those two had managed to be rescued and hated every moment to know that he is an experienced man, could not be more enhanced features than that I had found, in any way, were safe at least for now, but he had to land urgently and as far as possible from Concordia. That site was lost.

There were three long minutes at full throttle, rotor blades cut the wind as if they were thick slices of thick clouds, the display indicated that had flown almost ten miles, would be enough to land safely at least expected it to be without surprises, wanted to see Nadja. He looked down and noticed that both bodies hung faint at the end of the cable, it was urgent that landed, but would have to be careful not to accidentally crush them under the weight of the aircraft.

Decided by a lateral maneuver and thus approached the ground until the two inert bodies to touch him, with the ability that it was inherent and the experience of many missions, was slowly descending diagonally, but it was inevitable that Nick bodies Frost and Nadja Romanov were pulled over the snow. He prayed that the cable did not run and would eventually hang them. In less than a minute he landed on solid ground. He released his seat belt and jumped nimbly out, approached the two scientists who had just saved and with great difficulty undid the tie.

The first to be carried into the aircraft safely was Nadja, but there was no time to see the state of her health, it was urgent to come out of there, they were closer than he would like Base and this time would not run risks. Up Nick Frost and put it on board was not even a shadow of what he had done with Nadja, that guy was heavy as lead, but even that has gone through your mind, do not leave anyone behind. He threw his body faint Norwegian on the floor and closed the door tightly, without wasting more time, sat in the pilot’s seat and headed toward Mirny, the other Soviet base on the shores of the Indian Ocean. There was a problem, would not have enough fuel to reach the destination, had supplies of Concordia did not happen, it forced him to go to the Australian base at Casey Station, with a little luck get there certainly.

[] Chapter III


Oliver opened the expensive label Bourbon bottle and poured the liquid into two cups almost to the edge of the counter, did not have the habit of drinking in the workplace, but this time make an exception. One of the glasses was to stop the hand of Hershel who played the satellite photographs of the Antarctic continent sent by Yuri Antonov few hours earlier on the table, a greenish stain covered little more than sixty percent of all the ice territory.

- We are celebrating something, Oliver? – Stuart Hershel, the vice president did not understand immediately what it meant that friendly gesture.

- Yes, yes we are … – She sipped a long sip and time consuming causing the taste to stay more pronounced in his mouth. – We’re celebrating what the human race has tried for thousands of years and never succeeded the total extermination of all living things on this planet! – He smiled bitterly – and you know what? All this is due to our collective effort of wanting to earn more money than it was for us … – God had a sense of humor that he had difficulty understanding and considered an intelligent man, but in divine things was very ignorant.

- Do not be so pessimistic friend … I’m pretty sure we’ll find a solution together… – I lied knowing the seriousness of the situation it was considerable and never a nation or corporation had dealt with such a problem, but was within him support his boss and friend in all circumstances and this was one of the most needed this gesture, both needed.

- Wessel received the sample from Casey Station? – I had no idea how she would come to their fields, but it hardly mattered hear of positive results and preference.

- Yes received and should not be long to present us a full report, it’s been more than twenty-four hours from arrival. – This time it was he who needed the drink and made a point of expelling nostrils the vapor of alcohol tasted in his mouth, liked the feel and aroma.

- Terms authorized intervention in Base Vostok was a very big mistake, if there was an answer would surely be there! – Shook the rest of the drink was the cup bottom and swallowed once, the cowboy style letting the whole head was back. He decided it was not enough and again filled the glass to the brim, pointed the bottle to Hershel, but he refused.

- Take it easy, Oliver… – He had to be tactfully at the time, did not want animosities between them and much less say that the president of NOMAD should not do. – We have a cool head and agile thoughts! – He felt the silence of the room and briefly wondered if the time had stopped, no, it was not that, it was the beginning of a storm that began with the sound of glass shattering against a side wall.

- You made me mess up a good deal of Bourbon, Stuart… – He stood with both hands on her hips looking at the sun shining on the lake in front of the headquarters of the Corporation NOMAD. – How did the situation of the first cloud was heading to Australia? – Loosened his tie with one hand until removed completely, was strangled and tired of wear uniforms to look like someone important.

- Reached the western part of the continent a few hours ago… – Hershel did not want to be him to answer the questions that follow, but if that was his mission, but needed a little more encouragement. It was his turn to go to the bar counter and get a new cup for friend, completed them with the precious liquid to half, did not want to hype and was salutary to that bottle render as long as possible, not that there were no other, but that was special; Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select twelve awards on your resume. – Information is still very vague, but apparently the CHAOS is installed! – Received reports were inaccurate and unreliable, had to make sure first of all the truth of the facts and the intensity of the damage, in any case would be permanent damage.

- CHAOS! You said it all, Stuart! – Took the glass it was served his time, he was already missing that friend of his fingers. – The sacred scriptures say that “In the beginning there was Chaos, a matter that existed in indefinable way …”, thinks the find, Stuart? – He turned to look at his friend sitting lightly on the top of the conference table – believed that Frost element is CHAOS?

- I looked at the golden liquid inside the cup while swinging between the toes and around in circles.

- I do not know… – Without realizing it was the same movement as the friend with the drink in the glass, but in the opposite direction. Two strong beats sounded throughout the environment. – In between! – He said authoritatively and loudly so that they did hear the other side of the door was not surprised to see Urd Wessel, was looked forward to the autopsy report.

- Gentlemen… I have good news… – He waited for someone offered you a good dose of that Bourbon marvelously flavor the environment, but nothing happened, the two men remained where they were looking at him with all the attention that the time required. – The sample, so the body has cell activity even though “dead” in the form as we know it! – He made a gesture with both hands and both middle and index fingers to emphasize what he had to say. Finally he forced a cough that did not.

- We do not know how, but the process in question is that the toxin, also called Frost element is a substance annihilating and fast effect! – Rose from the chair where he sat to stand on an equal footing with others, it was not inferior in any case not sympathized with the subaltern position. – The most curious of all is that after the virus incubation, yes, because it is a virus, that is, after the dead host, the body begins a regeneration process, but for some unknown reason causes irreversible brain damage, leaving its host with a deep dementia… – it was the best conclusion he and his aides NOMAD scientific circle could arrive. He coughed again unwillingly. Oliver waved Hershel with the index finger holding the glass and it was readily understood, walked to the bar and picked up another glass, found better soon take the bottle, would be terrible hours. Wessel gave a smile of triumph without being noticed.

- And not only that… – received with gratitude the cup that contained only two fingers flavored liquid and aged for decades in some appropriate place. – There are two ways of contamination, the first by direct physical contact since there is an exchange of human material and… – It was stopped before completing the sentence.

- What do you mean “exchange of human material”? – The explanation needed to be more objective and less technical, were businessmen and not applied biology students. – Be more specific, Wessel! – Was enough to again put the chief scientist at the right place, it was not a meeting of fraternization.

- Yes, yes, of course… – He sat back in the chair recognizing the hierarchical difference between them. – This is direct physical contact where there is exchange of cellular material; I suggest violent clashes as the main cause. It is inevitable not become contaminated in a direct confrontation with these ZOMBIES! – Only wet his lips and prepared to give the second explanation needed.

- ZOMBIES? – Hershel had never heard such an expression that was not in literature or films about voodoo rituals. – Where the hell took this grotesque name? – Took the opportunity to sit in the chair across the table, was tired of standing and it was likely that the Bourbon was doing some effect.

- Well… – He hesitated for a moment, but considered better to speak the truth – we did a vote, there was the Golem name alluding will creature created from clay, like Frankenstein was obvious and others have chosen similarity … – Oliver laughed in a way that could be heard on the ground floor of the headquarters building floor which had more than twenty floors.

- I would have chosen Golem for sure! – I was surrounded by idiots, but recognized that Urd Wessel was a brilliant scientist for scientific things, not so much for the human society. – And what is the second form of contamination? – Already now receive all the bad news at once, at least I thought so.

- The second… – Wessel continued after a pause to moisten her lips again – is that the virus spreads through the air when expelled by the lungs of ZOMBIES… It’s the perfect enemy! – There was no rhetoric; neither had time for it, the phone on the table rang insistently until Oliver took the base.

- Yes, I’ll get it… – I listened carefully to what they said on the other side of the line. – Yes, we also have a sample … – not completed the reasoning trying to absorb the information that you were sent. – We expected an official position of NORAD… – He sat on the table leaving one leg stay positioned on the floor and the other completely in the air. – We had no idea it would be so fast… – She sighed and shook again the glass making the rest of the circular drink again on herself. – Some immediate solution? – The whole body tensed in the hope that there was some solution. – Okay … I’ll ask the doctor Wessel that you send all the information already collected… – He said goodbye to leaving the hand stayed on the phone for almost a minute, the silence was absolute.

- Oliver? – Stuart Hershel broke the monotony of the moment.

- It was Robert Weis CCD Atlanta… – Did you know the name mentioned dispensed larger presentations, but wanted to inform the origin of the information received. – McMurdo base is being evacuated, as well as others which have not been contaminated received samples of specimens and want to share the findings with us… – He sat at the long conference table headboard and made the glass slide Hershel who hesitated to provide more alcoholic beverages. – The largest cloud that originated from nuclear explosion get to South America in eight hours and estimated to reach Central and North America no later than four days. Shortly after the Japanese coast. – He gestured with his chin so that the glasses were refilled; Hershel was now the official bartender function.

- That is all? – Wessel wanted to know more, you interest every step that this toxin out of your knowledge, on the other hand, the exchange of information with the CCD could be advantageous to both parties, although it was not a regular attitude.

- No… – I inhaled briefly the noble aroma of bourbon and drank a good deal more left to come down burning throat. – There will come to us in less than a week crossing the Atlantic Ocean, rising for Africa. – Alternated his fingers on the tabletop as if touch a piano.

- There’s more, is not it? – Hershel began to make plans to find family and find a safe place to hide until it passed.

- Antarctica is being evacuated and the CCD does not have the slightest idea of how to stop the virus… we asked for our help. – Could not help thinking how it was comical the situation it was in, the world’s largest virology center for help just for those who caused the apocalyptic disaster. Wessel cleared his throat for a few seconds causing the two men who until now had ignored return attention to it again.

- We found the second stage of contamination by two scientists who were doing the autopsy … – She looked at the two understand they did not understand the explanation, needed better its dialogue with the remaining of the human race wanted to be understood. – We have three specimens for study now! – He remained where he was without moving one millimeter to be.

- Get out of here! – Oliver was deeply annoyed by that Message, all had received and none of them was smaller than the other, lose people from your team hurt deeply. – Go to work, man! and bring me a definitive solution as soon as possible! – Wessel did not finish the last sip of beverage yet to repent of it as he left the room, but the first punch closed on the table had been more than a warning, was an ultimatum.

Hershel who had been only heard the report of them, rose from his chair and drank the last sip. – I’m going home, I need to see my family… – Posed the glass on the table and pushed what was left of the bottle closer to Oliver McQueen. He left without reproaches. As he closed the door again heard a familiar sound of glass breaking behind him, but this time the volume was greater. The bottle had fulfilled his mission with praise.

[] Casey Station

- Control Casey Station! Control Casey Station! Alfa Romeo 217 requesting emergency landing! Exchange! – Radio only emitted the static sound in response.

- Control Casey Station! Control Casey Station! Alfa Romeo 217 requesting emergency landing! Exchange! – Vladimir repeating the message every two minutes while making the approach of the Australian station already discerned on the horizon, beside the beautiful Nadja Romanov remained silent attentive to all external movements. During the trip had observed several hikers who scattered in all directions, was able to meet some of them, but the altitude did not allow him to have that certainty and fairness, not wanted.

- I think it’s abandoned. The ground control does not respond, we arrived late! – The experienced driver knew that the lack of communication, including for emergency aircraft could be fatal, moreover, had no idea if the place was safe, hoped so, but it was imperative to land or fall a few kilometers ahead. Nick Frost remained unconscious wrapped in a kind of thick canvas in helicopter fund for cargo transportation.

- How do you get out? This end of the world and find civilization? – Remain in wandering and chaotic situation they were in was not an option.

- Let’s land and try to refuel, this is one of the largest stations of the continent and should have plenty of fuel! – Circled twice around the perimeter and with the exception of two opposite points where visualize what appeared to be human remains, there was not a soul. – There is a supply zone, will land as close as possible! I think it is better to see the physical condition of his friend back there; he made a great effort to the cable sustain all the weight of the two without smothering them! – Vladimir said as he pointed to a typical building next supply of one of the hangars.

- Yes, I will see how it is! – Nadja released her seat belt and was until Frost rehearsed regaining consciousness. – Calm down, Nick… – He ran his hand over his forehead was cold, contrasted with the heated internal environment of the aircraft. He raised a hand to touch her, but was stopped just so Nadja can see the raw flesh of the palm of the hands and fingers that had left the pasted skin freezing cold steel cable. – My dear… – I wanted to hug him, but for some reason did not, perhaps a warning or sixth sense to call. Only covered a little more and stayed at her side until you feel rested on solid ground. In a few moments the noisy side door ran the side.

- The station is empty, was abandoned hastily! – The pilot still had the gun in his hand and unlocked. – Come on! I need your help to refuel! – Held out her hand she did not refuse, he liked to feel the warm touch that experienced and manly hand, could even say almost gross, but soft. He jumped up with the agility of a cat out and followed him to the large fuel tanks.

- I’ll turn on the hose and you press the pump button on my command! – Vladimir was in control, never ceased to be. As a precaution left the weapon with Nadja. – You know use? – He asked.

- Yes I know! Do not worry! – Left the heavy weapon hangs with his arm, was not any he knew, but the beginning was certainly the same and she quickly learned.

- I’m not worried! – Vladimir held the long and heavy hose with both hands and with some difficulty connected helicopter will feed mouth. Made calculations at the speed of light of the fuel needed to reach the Mirny station, there find refuge and his compatriots expected had not evacuated that place too.

He raised his thumb so that the winding woman who had accompanied him as copilot could trigger button that connected to the fuel pump. He was pleased the engines are silent; this was one of the differences between the almost obsolete equipment used in the support base and the cutting edge technology that was before his eyes. – Thank God! – He sighed. They were safe for a while, thought it best looking food and water, maybe something else they needed.

Nadja stood guard next to the control of fuel pumps to now and then his attention was diverted by the inputs and outputs Vladimir between a door and another that interspersed the outside. He tried to make a brief analysis of what appealed to her about that man, but to no avail. He thought it might be a security which he passed, she was a little girl next to him needing to be cared for, who was not next to Nick Frost, in this case it was more astute and mature than him, in a way, a boy spoiled, but did not blame him for it.

On the other hand, it could be physical attraction, after all she was a woman in the bloom of youth and very lush, did not hide the hungry eyes of men wherever he went, but chose the finger and whenever wanted. It could be the set of all this, this was the final conclusion arrived. He felt certain nervousness to realize that the whole body was shivering, but was not sure to be because of the cold, it certainly was not. A few meters away, Vladimir pulling a sled with you live and other utilities for the next trip they would.

- Looks like it’s ready! – Told him with a wide, engaging smile, Nadja reddened.

- I… I do not know… – He tried not to disclose his thoughts, but it seemed he could read his body like an open book.

- The aircraft! You must be ready! You can turn off! – Vladimir was a little confused by the answer he received and even more when he noticed the sigh of relief that she had then perhaps the anxiety out there soon. He also wanted to leave as soon as possible that place. Nadja recomposed himself and made sure that there was shaking cold account, but that was not right, loved Nick Frost, and knew it.

- Get ready! In a few minutes we take off – told him as disengage supply nozzle. It only remains to put the supplies on board and hope that Mirny is not a ghost base! – Turned and started playing all that was taken into the cargo bay, not noticed Nick Frost wrapped in thick canvas military. I had completely forgotten about him, but in time would remember.

The helicopter took off toward you Mirny base with some difficulty, it was all added weight plus the low air density. Needed to raise the device to the maximum altitude to follow the corridors of wind, it would help a lot in displacement and at the same time save fuel. Nadja was not beside him, wondered if he had not left the ground.

He looked back for a moment.

- Nadja? It is on board! – He spoke loudly despite the deafening noise of the rotor.

- Yes! – She has moved to sit in the reserved seat that was now his. – Nick Frost is very pale, perhaps with hypothermia! – I could not call it by another name, just in front of Nick Timochenco, it irritated her deeply. He gritted his teeth for a moment. – “Hell!” – Thought.

- Come back and see if he has no fracture or something! – He motioned for her to come back and see the real condition of another passenger, even though it was now considered crewmember. Nadja got up again without taste to relax for a few moments. She knelt beside him and felt the pain that bothered him constantly, took off her snowsuit and raised thermal and fair blouse until the height of the underarms, you can see a purple and horizontal mark on one side to another, was surprised by the voice of Timochenco.

- This is the effect of the steel cable! – He watched, but not devoured her with my eyes, like it, took to download the blouse again, wanted to look better the bruise that rescue him occasioned, or maybe it was not that. Perhaps I wanted to feel wanted and forget the entire nightmare that lived a night of love could perhaps solve all your problems.

- "Come, Nadja! Focus on priorities! This is not a priority "- thought.

Carefully he took the thick canvas and let the hands of Nick Frost stay parallel to the body with wounds palms up, lowered the zipper of the jacket that was much thinner than her and found her breast, heard some groans man who was lying still and unconscious. He lifted his shirt and noticed right from the beginning the pronounced marks of broken ribs, bruised outline denoted that at least four to six of them were broken. He prayed that there had been no internal perforation, bleeding at that time would be certain death.

He ran his hand across his face fondly, understood that there could be love between them, but had doubts about the wild sex they wanted. At least he had found the answer you were looking for in Timochenco that was it, nothing more than wild and unashamed sex. He turned his thoughts back to the man she loved leaving aside all lasciviousness that crossed his mind. However, nothing justified the pale, almost cadaverous condition Frost, could be the shock, had seen this symptom before, but the pallor was beginning to frighten her truly.

Gradually he was looking for other clues that might give you an accurate diagnosis on the health of it. He turned a little and realized the same mark she had in the back, as if they had been beaten by some sin committed in this particular case knew they were completely innocent. He felt his arms one at a time, nothing seemed out of place or party, the head did not present any kind of concussion, missing then the lower limbs.

The left leg was perfect as ever, never had a chance to see them natural, but wondered how would the right leg as well, except the detail to near the ankle that was bleeding, probably the impact on the ground during landing while still They hung the cord.

It made sense that like all the weight was on him, could have suffered a fracture. He searched his backpack that could contain first-aid kits, but not found, was confused about it, thought that both had gone up in the steel cable with their backpacks, however, that explained quite why he had had more impact she had nothing to protect him, in his case, the backpack has avoided major damage to the chest.

I was certain that this helicopter war had emergency resources, and no mistake, a red cross on a white bag under one of the individual seats of the back contained what she needed. He pulled twice without success until he realized a small lever pressed and the object detached itself completely without resistance, opened it and took a scalpel in the absence of scissors, needed to cut the pants to better see the extent of the damage caused Nick Frost.

If it were a fresh wound, it seemed, he would treat her right not to infect, other care would be needed, but the Mirny station would have everything they could need even to do a little surgery. He cried out to unravel the gray ankle Nick Frost. He dropped back with his hand in the mouth so that it was not heard, but it was too late, Timochenco was a soldier, anything out of the ordinary called her attention.

- It’s okay, Nadja? – Vladimir looked back in time to see her hand in mouth.

- Yes… Yes, it is… – Nadja yet still made a superhuman effort not to rush out, which prevented her was the fact that before his eyes was his Nick Frost and not anyone else, and after the discovery I had done moments earlier, expect her feelings, not abandon him. Overbalance and I felt the pain… – He returned to near the biologist who increasingly paled, to do something. The pilot-satisfied with the response received, and there was no reason to distrust.

Nadja looked more closely at the open wound with three parallel lines, conjectured on what might have caused it and with utmost care, still using the scalpel, then scraped the blood still oozed slowly. Some brands were well clear of what could be, but only had confirmation when found a blackish bluish nail still stuck in the flesh of him and so deeply that needed to make an incision to extract it power. Nick Frost did not move for a second.

Now more than ever needed the devices that were in his backpack, identified it with the supplies they had collected Timochenco, took in being able to get to it and was in a hurry. He opened one of the side compartments and took a microscope, took care to remain in full-time back to the pilot that issue was only between her and her patient. His hands were trembling and quietly cursed.

What Hell, Nadja, control yourself! – Nervousness was such that almost dropped the sample on the floor, but it did not, sat down cross-legged and put the microscope on the flat base of the back that was in the bag, could now make a more thorough examination.

The shake aircraft by wind gusts side did not help at all, I felt he could throw up at any time trying to keep the focus, but with little success. After ten minutes of observation and repeated attempts to justify his diagnosis the verdict was that Nick Frost, his dearly beloved Nick was dying parts, that flesh was dead, so the gray tone. I did not know how long he had before becoming a walker. He played the microscope to the side and got rid of the backpack, embraced her legs with both arms and wept silently. Life was not fair, I thought.

- Nadja, in about two hours we will be arriving at Mirny Station! – I waited for her to answer, but heard the absolute silence. He did not repeat the statement, maybe she had fallen asleep and well I needed after so many tribulations.

On the other side of the aircraft she did not regret any day of his life, but he felt guilty seeing his beloved dying have saved her from a fate worse than death itself. But the conformity of the facts was not inside, had thus not been established despite the adversities, however, always saw opportunities where others failed and there was no reason why the situation was different. I needed a Plan B for what was before his eyes, with some talent that had could try to save Nick Frost.

The first thing to do was to isolate one form of injury that no one found out he was infected, it was apparently easy, had enough bandages and a little mercury or iodine above would remove that skin color, might work. Skillfully bandaged around the ankle and the foot to the knee repeatedly exaggerated the as found necessary and made an appearance of broken leg, was now only play some of the antiseptic solutions on the bandages and would be ready. Was proud of his creation, he felt like Mary Shelley while writing his masterpiece Frankenstein, about bringing life to the dead, but needed to be more relaxed so that no one suspected his feat, in any case, no one would take Nick Frost of their hands if he could help.

Vladimir did not mind the delay of Nadja, I knew the Frost wounds could be very serious and expect the best result. He did not understand the work that scientists were doing, nor was interested in learning more, its function was exactly the one that was proposed and was achieving considerable success. Nadja settled quietly in the chair beside her, and a smile that seemed to be too forced, but due to the events was more than natural.

- Get some rest, so we are close to Mirny station I notice! – Those words sounded almost like an order in his ears, in any case, it was great advice, was exhausted and let the exhaustion win for a few hours. I hoped not have nightmares, was already living large enough to be ignored.

The helicopter of Tails Black scratched the sky at high speed toward the Mirny station below the icy lands were only white desolation everywhere you looked. Some mountains further south were the only difference in the landscape, yet the pilot, more than experienced on the continent kept his eyes on the instruments and the beautiful Nadja Romanov asleep beside her. Still a certification gesture looked back over his shoulder to get a better view of Nick Frost who was still unconscious under the thick canvas that covered.

He did not understand how could such a catastrophe befall put that inhospitable place, but knew in advance that much of the blame was the unconscious passenger carrying. Around sunset, it was quite reasonable to assume that if there was someone who could have an answer to how to stop that apocalypse approaching undoubtedly was one scientist. He asked several times if there was any major kind of intimacy between him and Nadja, but decided not to want to know the answer.

Nadja could be unreachable for him.

The activity in question, not called her profession, never left spaces for other part of your life, not for lack of trying, but all eventually prove disastrous, consecutive absences, conflicts of interests and ideologies and little or no love involved, that it had been his life. Prized above all the friendship and loyalty of his men who were now mostly missing or killed brutally and inexplicably, the whole scenario seemed to be part of any final category of film.

- “If there is a God, surely not condemn us to such a devastating event that could lead the human race on the brink of extinction, unless he had different plans for the planet…” – It was just a thought that made us constantly last days. Often he doubted the existence of a higher entity controlled the “stuff” of the universe, but life had shown him the two sides of existence, whether in times of war and its horrors or in absolute peace and the magic that enveloped in Any way it was to be assumed that there was a heaven and hell, counting from what was happening in the last days.

- Do not worry Vladimir; if you die … you have friends in both places! – She murmured softly, noting that the scientist at his side it is disturbed during sleep, perhaps because of his words.

He checked his watch to estimate the arrival at station and mentally tallied about an hour, maybe even slightly less, if not find someone at the base would be in serious trouble, there would need to go to one of the continents and return to their home countries, or perhaps to the headquarters of NOMAD, which seemed to be the right thing. He turned on the radio board, try to listen to any type of transmission, but nothing got in the regular channels allowed to broadcast in the Antarctic Continent, changed the frequency to the emergency channel and waited. Nothing could be heard but static, some musical interference from nowhere passed through the speakers and then ceased. He remembered the military channel, but its use was subject to sanctions as a pilot if there was a good reason to use it and that seemed like a good reason.

He turned the button several times until he was satisfied, amplified a little more frequency driver on the outside of the aircraft and finally managed to contact. Remained silent listening to the conversations transiting between various places, one of the transmissions was the Mirny station that promoted some reports about the evacuation that was in progress and expected to close in just over thirty minutes. Not arrive in time, it was worth making contact.

- Control Mirny! Control Mirny! Alfa Romeo 217 requesting emergency landing! Exchange! – The radio was sending only a static sound in response.

- Control Mirny! Control Mirny! Alfa Romeo 217 requesting emergency landing! Exchange! – Nothing could be heard, or was too out of reach or ignored altogether.


The first densely populated continent to be hit by the toxic cloud that had formed in the drilling field was Oceania in 00h45min Zulu time. At first, it was believed to deal with some kind of Aurora Borealis effect nothing unusual at this time of year and if I have an interesting appearance, death rode on it in very broad hazing as if they were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Hobart in Tasmania succumbed as if nothing had existed before that and the speed of events has not allowed that there was any kind of reaction.

Soon after came the Australian continent, through Curie in King Island and finally contributing on land. Another dense cloud, but of lesser intensity was separated from the first and was blown toward New Zealand, it seemed, looked like a very well-designed and strategically led plan, but it was more likely that urban concentration centers human were the main reason. OS smaller coastal towns, did not report any incident during its passage, but did not leave a human survivor even that could alert others to flee and could take refuge in a safe place. The cities of Cape Otway, Glenaire and Wattle Hill on one side and Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Wongarra another, were killed.

From that point it was only a matter of time until you reach the large capital Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, or the immense deserts would be an impediment to the Frost element to complete your goal, the total annihilation of those who considered themselves until then Land lords.

Long before reaching the destination once the panic was installed in large cities. Reports of thousands of deaths where the dense green cloud passed became recurring news in all communication systems, social networks passed in real time the devastation of images that messenger of death left behind him. A massive exodus began towards the center of the country, but that it would be useless, just do not know. Further study could reveal that the Frost element had a pattern of intelligent behavior; its main goal was to look for ways of life that could colonize and establish new patterns of evolution.

Contrary to what was supposed to be not at all a biological agent of mass extinction, but a seed propagated life when he realized that his evolutionary pattern marring completely ecosystem. It had been like on early Earth and there was no evidence that does not perpetuate until the end of time. Other races had collapsed completely during the millions of years the Earth followed its evolution and as such, it was time of mankind pay for their mistakes, as well as other creatures in the past had done, maybe even other said races humanoids. There was no way to know for sure.

The Pattern recognition that the virus used was simple enough, everything was based on genetic markers making no distinction that they were slow or fast among individuals. They were called in the scientific community Alfa markers, all humans possessed them in the genetic code and had been passed down from parents to children for eternity, but by no means all primates were benefited.

The use of molecular markers allowed the selection and new crosses were performed in the same generation, which greatly increased the efficiency of a breeding program of the species, for this reason and above the other existing on the planet, humans were the only ones who protruded and occupied the top of the food chain.

More likely it was that the latter were a kind of matrices that remained dormant for countless ages over time until they were activated in the correct sequence and give rise to other species.

It was an efficient way to explain why many species of animals were still being the same for millions of years, they were not yet ready, however, the human race had been activated recently and it seemed, the experience was still ongoing, just do not know exactly who controlled it. Nadja in her academic thesis, had explored in depth this matter, for her, was a complete mystery how many species could go through millions of years, some several hundred without that there were significant changes in their metabolisms.

Used to it some very specific examples, such as crocodiles, turtles and even cockroaches. There was something in the evolutionary process that did not match the other species and especially the human race, it seemed, while some remained lethargic, other overlapped including the nature. Humans were a good example, not known for sure when the first specimen appeared, could have been for sixty million years or so four or five, the case was that human dominion over other species and the environment itself in which he lived was his total domination. A temporal and evolutionary paradox.

On the other hand, his rise had been meteoric in nature and now she took its price if the virus had enough intelligence to know that, no one was sure, but the mission was to extinguish all this humanoid species so that others could take their place at the food chain. But things do not always go as planned and even the nature at some point in charge to persevere and find the means to establish the ecological balance, in other words, always finds a reason to change the rules of the game.

In this case, it would be different, it was only a matter of time before there was a spark of hope for humanity and that would certainly come in the most unusual way. Perhaps the most unlikely way.

The general headquarters of NORAD – North American Aerospace Defense Command, at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, monitored with the help of satellites advancing great deadly cloud over Oceania. It estimated that in just over seventy-two hours every continent was devastated and passed to be only a desert region ravaged by the living dead, or ZOMBIES as they came to call them at the suggestion of Urd Wessel, chief scientist of the Corporation NOMAD, contact with CCD, in the sense that this way they could both speak the “same language” when they referred to the problem that certainly would take global proportions very soon.

The International Space Station ISS, monitoring the other cloud, much larger and thicker than had originated the mistaken nuclear explosion on field surveys and drilling of Vostok Station, a mistake that would cost dear to all who were in his way. The best predictions were that in less than twelve hours would reach the coast of Ushuaia Argentina in South America, while that would advance by Chile towards Central and North America.

global alerts were even started that the information was not very accurate, for sure no one knew what they were dealing with and take a long time so they could come to get a reasonable answer on that caused those mutations that let humans transformed into irrational creatures but with greater resistance to the adversities of the planet. But it was useless if there was no control over the species and this was a task that seemed impossible, because even among the mutants, the clashes were regular and inevitable. Apparently, it was the beginning of the end in itself.

- General, we do not have the solution to the problem and Frost do not even know where to start! – Robert Weis CCD attending a closed-door meeting at the Pentagon with the highest leaders of the United States of America. They were present in addition to the main commanders of the General Staff, the vice president and the state and defense secretaries. – Even with all known technologies at our disposal, we still cannot identify the nature of the virus… – distributed the files with the latest photos and reports that had about Frost accident.

- Doctor! How was it possible not to have known that such a threat could become a reality with all kinds of technological controls that we have? – Vice President folhava the dossier occasionally reading some sentences and observing carefully the photographs of collected and dissected specimens.

- I always knew that this could be a possibility and we believe it would never happen since the probability was very remote! – He looked at all the gifts were silent waiting for the continuation of the explanations. – It could have happened anywhere and at any time! We cannot condemn the Corporation NOMAD and even its discoverer, researcher Nick Frost, for his discovery! – Robert Weis rose to encircle a little room as he spoke, was a man of attitudes and not a bureaucrat.

- This event, which may have happened in other eras… – He paused for a moment. – It could have begun with the fall of an independent meteor the size it had provided to bring inside the interventor agent. This is how today we explain the origin of life on Earth and in a way, why not, the extinction of it too? – I was being reasonable with those people and the most didactic possible, aware that they were a different and demanding public. – And it’s likely that this was its origin, moreover, and if it has happened in the remote past, was dormant for countless geological ages until it was again “on”! – He sat down to revise some notes.

- So you’re telling us that all the time we were on a time bomb about to explode? – Defense Secretary intervened.

- Not only are we always on this “time bomb” as unceasingly seek every day of our lives in this particular case, we took the chance to meet her! – Almost smiled at the answer given, those arrogant military spent a lifetime trying to create better weapons to subdue their enemies, and he knew that if they had the opportunity not hesitate to turn the Frost discovered in a biological weapon of considerable proportions, but controlled , so that it did use at some future time. – Whenever drilled a new oil field, a coal mine or diamonds, or something similar, we risk we encounter something that we are not looking. He pulled a hand of one of the specimens were examined and placed inside a bell jar. Now I was on the table in full view of all present.

The hand of bluish color and sharp nails had movements, although she was not attached to anybody or anything else that would allow you the stimuli, but to everyone’s surprise, had life. – What are you seeing, it’s just a sample of what has been studied so far and as you can see, does not need a body to keep “alive”, but the fact is that it is “dead”! – Including himself as a scientist had difficulties to clarify how it could make a distinction between the concept of life and death the way they were used to know.

- Continuing… – He left all to see closer to the specimen captive the bell jar. – The question Frost was just a misfortune! With the speed at which the ice millennial layers of the Polar Regions melt, it would be only a matter of time before the virus was released from Lake Vostok… – This time the intervention came from the General Staff.

- But how is this possible? – They were masterful in the art of war, but inconclusive in other areas, especially scientific. The military are practical and objective people and Robert Weis knew it.

- Gentlemen… – He paused to breathe a little deeper, I felt a little melodramatic, but it was part of the show, after all that was what was happening in that place, a show behind closed doors and a very selective audience.

- We know less about our own planet than on the moon and yet, whenever we are sure we master everything, but that’s not the truth! – Took a long drink of clear water that was in front of the dossier.

- Ice Polar is nothing more than oxygen trapped for millions of years, a layer on the other and in such a compressed form that creates a huge and almost insurmountable wall, but if it were not for artificial aspects would certainly be by natural means this plague that devastates us today to deliver! – An assistant you entered new copies of the survey, read superficially, to know the contents and passed the rest to the group followed him and struggled in silence the steps to be taken.

- In the last hours the ZOMBIES gained greater power of regeneration and physical strength, almost triple of an ordinary human being. If holds while there is time, we are all doomed to the same fate or worse! – Needed to get out urgently return to the lab, I had to be a way out and he would find, if it was the last thing to do.

- Gentlemen, I do not know what is the estimated time for the virus to reach us … But we need to act now! – As a scientist they were not passed on information about NORAD’s strategy situations, but in this case made an exception.

- In five days the cloud will have doubled in size and cover all of Central America and the border states… – The vice president did not see reasons to omit information that could be vital, moreover, would be public knowledge very soon. – Two days later will be on Canada! – He ended his involvement with the scientist CCD making use of that information.

- Well… If you do not need more of my explanations, I have an important job to do and I would not put it off any longer… – With the consent of those present, he took their belongings and withdrew. – “Damn bureaucrats!” – Thought as he left the high security room, did not expect to have to go back to the site, but worse would be if not this place had to return in the future. After a few minutes he was back to his private room in the CCD.

- Get me the NOMAD! I want to see Oliver McQueen… – It was his last order before turning to look at the piece of human tissue examined in a small glass container. – What makes you live after death? Huh, little freak of nature? – He asked himself in the solitude of the office knowing that would not get any answers.

- What Robert discovered? I hope you have good news! – Oliver McQueen received the telephone Caller Line unexpectedly, but in the situation it was in, all the help or criticism were welcome.

- Unfortunately, Oliver… I am hoping that you had something to share… – It was a last attempt to join efforts and as good as any other, but their hopes were also nearly zero, but worth a try.

- We lost so far nine of the scientists who worked with the specimens and seal all laboratories of the lower floors, who stay underground… – deeply regretted the loss of more men in their team. – We’re out any type of access… – He paused. – Urd Wessel is down there with other confined scientists and trying to find a solution… – Wessel had unilaterally decided that no one would come out of that underground complex until they found a cure, otherwise die trying, but the main reason out of the virus could have other forms of transmission and the speed at which he lost his colleagues, would not risk a break quarantine.

- I see… – Weiss knew that the research facilities of the NOMAD in Amsterdam were deep, reaching almost fifty floors beneath the surface, was a strategically positioning high-risk laboratories and an intelligent decision of its builders, although it was a very radical attitude of Urd Wessel in being caught along with all the scientific body of the company involved in the research specimens. – They’re getting stronger and uncontrolled … They are a force and resistance amazing! – There was a mixture of admiration and resignation in his voice.

- Yes! We obtained the same results here. Wessel believes that in a few hundred generations this mutation could become so adapted to the world that the forces of nature, illness and other things that affect us today will no longer be a problem! – It was a very extreme assumption, but according to its chief scientist, that accidental transformation taking place now in some places on the planet, it was more an evolutionary stage caused the human race than mere chance. After thousands of years it was quite possible that humans thrive again in more favorable conditions, the error of this theory was that the moment this harmful agent would end the way of life the way it knew and that was unacceptable.

- I just explain about this to the General Staff, I agree with Wessel, nature is giving us a push to the next stage, but not the way we wanted! – Was an irony to become better and stronger we needed to die completely to return to live something we were not. – We want to colonize the universe, but we forget how fragile the eyes of the Creator! – Again God changed the questions to those who thought they knew all the answers.

- The UN Security Council is emergency meeting at this time… – One solution would be taken by that advice, a contingency plan would be put into practice without doubt, just had no idea what would be, but Oliver feared might be similar to that used by Yuri Antonov and his government solution.

- Yes, I know… We have five days to be achieved, but for now this information is still confidential … – I knew I could count on his discretion. He hung up then there was nothing to do but go back to work and urgently. The Urd Wessel solution did not come out of his head and drew a similar plan calling the best we knew the areas I needed and used the credentials that had to block the exits. Or would come out of that place with healing or would his grave and his companions for the rest of eternity. He regretted that a successful career with her had an end so pathetic.

The thick steel doors CCD containment system rumbled noisily to the electronic lock. It was impossible not to think of the great pyramids and tombs that held the Pharaohs to resuscitate for life after thousands of years asleep. There they were repeating the ancient practices that enabled the contemporary man learn more about how these people lived.

Weis hoped that at least his death was not in vain and certainly rather be safe, although dead, in a place that others could not desecrate what will their fate outside of that steel fortress. Who knows, with time, an archaeological dig could find what’s left of him and his companions and reveal to the world the last war efforts.

Start your email account at that time. He called the digital recording system that had in his office.

- My name is Robert Weis director head of CCD Atlanta…

[] Chapter IV

[]South Africa

- Alfa 217, Mirny Control listening! Exchange! – After nearly thirty minutes of the first trial and the insistence on the radio on the way to Mirny, Vladimir received the first contact ground control.

- Control Mirny, Alfa 217, reporting from Casey Station! Calls emergency landing! Exchange! – The pilot made a supernatural effort to control your emotions and be able to keep control of the situation and the aircraft began to introduce mechanical fatigue. In general, the aircraft were made for short flights and he was flying in that there are at least fourteen hours of short takeoffs and landings.

- Alfa 217, declare the emergency reason! Exchange! – A long pause before it was anticipated receiving intercom signal that the line was open for responses. That the surprise picks.

- Control Mirny, Alfa 217, carrying survivors of Vostok Station, Exchange… – You did not think was their best response and even strategy, it could turn against him soon after, after all it was not supposed that there were survivors of that specific basis in question. A longer pause than the previous radio system took account.

- Alfa 217, Login pilot! Exchange! – The communication was fast, rough and direct, something was not right, that people knew with absolute certainty who he was, but did not seem to care. Needed urgent change of strategy or were hopelessly requests that continent.

- Control Mirny, Alfa 217, dead Vostok Station, Concordia Dead Season! – He paused for breath for what to say next. – Casey Dead Season! Pilot Vladimir Timochenco, Tails Black, Corporation NOMAD! Exchange! – Ended the transmission. – “What the Hell!” – I thought, noting that Nadja awakened at the mention of his name.

- What’s going on Vladimir? – It was the first time she called him by his first name to what their culture meant a little more intimate than actually had.

- Apparently not want our company! – There was no better way to give you requested information and all the board needed to know exactly under what conditions and situation were. It was soon interrupted then.

- Alfa 217, denied permission to landing! Confirm receipt of the message, Exchange! – Only the rotor sound over their heads could be heard, Timochenco looked at Nadja and pressed the button again. I hated having to do that would follow, but were his strengths in the sleeve.

- Mirny Control… Nick Frost Vostok Station in custody… Exchange – hung while she looked at Nadja and noticed on his face surprise and indignation. A deadly gaze was directed you in the certainty that had applied a very low blow to passengers saved.

- He’s not your prisoner … Neither do I … – She was still stunned by the last words I heard and again began to doubt his judgment on the character of Vladimir. Could it be that was so wrong about that man who by sometimes thought to have on your bed?

- Sorry, but it was that or we would be condemned to die in this desolate place and forgotten by God… – As expected the answer he needed soon followed and had a safe conduct to pass would be the scientist on board.

With absolutely sure he was a great bargaining chip, if there was someone who had been the object of attention at the time, was certainly him.

- Alfa 217, have the aircraft on radar, permission to land! Track Two, do not go the route! Confirm receipt of the message! Exchange! – This time the voice on the other side was direct and objective.

- Message received, arriving in about ten minutes, Exchange! – Of two, one. Or would land safely, or would be strictly still slaughtered in the air, but there was no way of knowing which of the two options would work out to be within sight.

- What’s going on Vladimir? – Again the tone that Nadja was used approach, but in its intimate a restlessness beginning to take care of your body. He looked at the bottom of the aircraft to make sure that Nick Frost was still with them on board. For a moment imagined that could have happened terrible things in his sleep. Nothing had changed it seemed.

- They’re evacuating the Mirny station as well as the others have already been evacuated, moreover, do not know the extent of the problem and this may be our last chance to get back home … – He looked back at the skyline where now discerned the complex of Mirny station. That was a good sign, they had come so close, would certainly not slaughtered.

In a few minutes were already the orbit of landing on the helipad, a wide brand and quadrangular between two flight lanes properly identified and defined. Two cargo planes identified as Tupolev Tu-95, also known as “Bear” and they were with the turbines connected and ready for takeoff. Below the heliport, a significant contingent of military systems surrounding the entire perimeter which would land, it was certain that they wanted to make sure that nothing would flee there without permission. Some people dressed in yellow or red costumes waiting near own vehicles for quarantine, that should be his destiny and his two crew members, but it was better than the “lucky” that waiting times before.

It landed without difficulty noting that the last fuel cells were exhausted, even if he wanted to take flight to get out somewhere else could not. Let the blades that turned an extraordinary speed remain for a few more seconds linked and approached Nadja. – Pretend you have no idea how things happened! If they know we were in contact with the infected we will all be sentenced to death! – Shook her a little so she internalizing what had just said.

- Yes… I understand… – He looked firmly in his eyes. – In any case, thank you for bringing us … – It was the least I could say without the man in control would never have made it out alive snow transport, was now taking care not to discover the truth about Nick Frost.

The first to go was Vladimir Timochenco; strong hands gripped both his arms and were escorted to one of the quarantine car. How totally unaware of how the virus was acting and was spreading not made any objection, but he hated being locked up somewhere against her will, it needed to change. Then it was the turn of Nadja Romanov who identified himself as biochemistry scientist at Vostok Station and even if they wanted to give you the same fate as the pilot had insistently objected until it was heard.

- I’m Nadja Romanov! I have under my care Nick Frost who suffered a serious injury in the explosions Station! – He felt truly in the role of Vladimir and was ashamed of herself and the attitude he took, but always known that people tended to exaggerate when survival was at stake. I used the weakened scientist in question as own safe conduct, but also needed to keep the secret he had kept up there for as long as possible. – He’s under my personal care and needs to be removed to a unit of mobile intensive care! – Was directed to containment group with authority in the hope that worked and did not disappoint.

It was the advantage of knowing how to deal with the opposite sex, even in the chaos that reigned in that place because of the evacuation.

A mobile treatment unit was moved to the helicopter as request Nadja Romanov, a kind of camera the size of a topping human and glass cover, some instruments on the side were in charge to monitor what was inside and the body Nick Frost had to be removed to the interior of that wrapper. Only Nadja perceived excessive paleness of Frost and grayish tone that protruded on the right hand was discovered.

- Where will take us? – Asked the man behind the mask that he wore the uniform of biological risk.

- Will be forwarded to the sorting center and later taken to the mainland. She was not surprised the way the man spoke, many of the working groups referred to Antarctica as if it were an island any and the rest of the world as land.

- Come to Australia? – Asked curious to know what the true destiny and that mentioned place seemed the most obvious, this New Zealand or by proximity, all the information was vital at the moment. The man looked at her incredulously.

- Australia, New Zealand and the other islands fell two hours… – He took her arm to help her up in the car, but that was not all the information that would give you. – Go to South Africa in less than twenty minutes! The Corporation NOMAD has been informed of your arrive… We had orders to rescue anyone who survived the Vostok Station. – It was all he could say at the moment. The military apparatus surrounded them as escort to the sorting center who was in charge of shipping them on the next flight.

Nadja realized that the damage element Frost was much larger than I had imagined and had crossed the boundaries of the frozen continent, but one thing in all this was puzzled, Nick had all the symptoms of infection, in any case he had not become a walker like everyone else that watched before. Many of them were still seen as they crossed the icy plains of helicopter, so the pilot had told him in the last moments before landing and was sure were heading to inhabited areas.

In any case and despite the luck so far, still ran the risk of being discovered and killed Nick Frost, or worse than that, as scientists who were most likely dissect entirely, dead or alive and not allow his beloved had an end so tragic. Ultimately she herself would undertake to put an end to your life, just do not know if I would have the courage to do so. He felt weakness in his legs as he walked down the car and was sent next to the containment cap to the sorting center, was received by a military that seemed career you and representing the maximum authority of the place.

- General Ulianov, Nadja Romanov! – Presented himself extending his hand cordially, she returned the greeting with shyness. – How is the health of Dr. Frost? – I wanted to know right away.

- Requires health care… presented high fever and unconsciousness by injury account in the leg caused by the explosion of an artifact as evacuate the Vostok station … – Not a lot of conviction that the excuse do had much effect, but it was all which it had at the time. It had the advantage of being evacuating the place and do not have time to do further evaluation using the local medical staff, which apparently was already absent from the base.

- Yes Yes! We heard on the radio that was on board, but we had no injury severity idea … – Ulianov struggled not to be impolite, even though he hated living with civilians, but that case was a rare exception imposed by his government, as remembered – “Every conceivable effort…” – These were the watchwords in your mind. – We will arrange shipment it as soon as possible in Tupolev in your company, of course, and to arrive safely to Johannesburg! – Started to withdraw, but Nadja was not finished.

- Please… What is the extent of contamination? – I wondered what would be facing in the coming hours. The General looked deeply into his eyes to understand what that woman seemed frail and fragile to what was happening would such information. He saw no reason to hide the truth.

- We are losing the battle, Romanov and she has not even started yet, but already done enough damage to understand that all we now have a common enemy! – Soon withdrew then leaving her with your thoughts.

Nadja had won two great victories at the time, the first to be able to deceive everyone and everything hiding the real person who loved conditions and was in a situation that not even she understood as a scientist. The other to know the truth of the facts and what to expect from now on, urgently needed to know what had happened to Vladimir Timochenco.

There was a delay of over time until they were inside the Tupolev 95, although separated, biochemistry could see Timochenco exchanging information and laughter with the rest of the crew thought it would be very smart from him sagacious man to make friends and get information only time would answer these questions. For now, I needed to stick to the health of Frost and will camouflage that had concealed the wound as a common side effect.

The trip to Johannesburg would probably eight hours of the Indian Ocean and not hurt to take a look at the portholes of the huge bomber who once served the war of resources and today limited only to transport logistics. He recognized immediately that it was a great flying machine and it should have been feared at the beginning of its operation, regretted that he was so far from Vladimir who could tell you wonders about the aircraft, in any case curiosity about the outside world was infinitely superior to remain seated in the waiting get to distant destination.

The outside view was frightening, on the ocean, an infinite number of vessels crossing the seas toward uncertain places, some burned with sparkling fire and explosions could be seen but not heard because of the altitude and noise of the powerful turboprop engines that complemented the long Tupolev wings. There seemed to be a migration necessary to leave the conflict zone and find refuge in “safe haven”, but in this case she doubted any place on earth was safe.

a little loomed and could make out in the distance the Australian coast, the transport plane described a sharp acurva to stay as close to the land in case of emergency, which was no good comfort due to the apparent contamination that locality had, but in any case, it was still better than nothing. On the continent now lost the giant glowing mushrooms caught his attention, could count four in all in very distant and different places, assumed that desperate situations called for desperate measures, but a nuclear chain reaction on the planet certainly would not be the solution more right. Still, it was done at the end the enemy had no face or flag.

The giant plane shook several times due to the effects of distant shock waves and felt lost altitude, a sharp cold in the stomach warned him that possibly would fall anywhere in the ocean. I was wrong, then immediately the altitude was taken, but served as a warning that should remain seated in the place that had been assigned. I had to process the chamber where Frost was still asleep, in this case, due to the artificial conditions inside the capsule, but at the moment it would be all he needed to arrive safely until the NOMAD Corporation, which also was the thousands of kilometers away and in the middle of Amsterdam, in the center of the European continent.

Tiredness eventually won anxiety and she slept for more than four hours, woke up with the warning that they approached the African coast. He rubbed his eyes again and times and to his surprise he noticed Vladimir beside her, had somehow persuaded his companions to obtain free movement within the aircraft. It would be very grateful for it in the future.

- Welcome Romanov will come true! – Timochenco acquired a more authoritarian and defiant, never called him by his last name that denoted ceremony, but it was understandable that not showed greater intimacy between them that was not between pilot and passenger, in addition, there had never been a real intimacy between them. I did not know whether to be pleased with the new more formal or disappointed treatment. The conflict of feelings inside her still troubled her.

- Apparently he managed to make new friends and I can even say that remarkably quickly! – He used a sarcastic tone that left in the air the question if he was being sincere or just hiding the situation. No matter, there were a number of other important questions to be answered.

- Do not be fooled by appearances, comrade, not everything is what it seems! – The pilot who saved them accentuated the chin toward the guards distractedly talking about banalities of everyday life, but kept the AK-12 Kalashnikov ready to spit fire at the slightest challenge authority. – Folding and folding butt stock, better ergonomics, Picatinny rail, support for additional equipment installation; night vision optical collimator, red dot sights, rangefinders, grenade launchers, flashlight, target designators laser equipment among others… – rambled about the firepower of tactile weapons the Russian military wielded. Nadja was impressed.

- This means that we will have no chance to escape? – He asked then looking absently for the rest of the aircraft.

- No! Means that the odds are not in our favor in every sunset, did not know we were prisoners… – I played the game of words and information from the “enemy” so was the art of war.

- We’re not … yet … – Nadja contained to not talk too much and to imply that something was wrong, but Vladimir was an experienced man and a professional soldier.

- If you will need my help, Nadja, you’d better tell me what’s hiding! – He did not look at the beautiful woman while talking and pretended disinterest in the conversation while he disguised be busy with something else.

- I do not know what you’re talking Vladimir, but I appreciate the vote of confidence … – I was not sure that the dribble with the words spoken, but it was still a cat and mouse game and tell by the way used Nick Frost for your goals, no information that passed you would be safe.

- If they find that the Frost Doctor is “dead” we both have a lot of problems… – I looked at the reverse side of which was Nadja so that neither noticed her reaction nor was surprised. He smiled monotonously for a few more seconds for the comrades in arms waving his hand until he felt the gentle squeeze of Nadja’s hand on his. It was warm and soft as it should be for such an attractive woman like her, so often dreamed of seeing her lying under the covers of his camp bed exchanging deep secrets and love confessions, but what was happening then and there was else, complicity.

- How did… – It was a mixed question and confession, had no idea how he could have discovered after all the effort made to cover up the infection Nick Frost. Did not let go of her rescuer for a moment that touch gave him tranquility.

- By the time you cried silently as I drove … – It would be enough for her to understand that he had watched more than ever imagined.

- The answer to a cure can be in it… – He pretended to be accommodated in the uncomfortable chair she was sitting, she started to take the hand offered to Timochenco but was strongly prevented. That scared her. – He is contaminated but does not have the same behavior of others, I cannot explain… – I let the arm and the rest of the body relax was a prisoner of the situation and that raw and seductive man.

- Do you really believe in the possibility that response? – It was almost impossible to believe that the same person who had revealed to the world the worst catastrophe since the Spanish flu, was at the same time the solution of this problem.

- It is possible, but it is also imperative that come to life with NOMAD Corporation or all will be lost … – She’d just hand over the plan that had drawn aboard the helicopter since discovering that Frost was a walker.

- OK! Count me in for the best and the worst! – A quick and calculated move changed the hand position and laced his fingers with hers send to it the maximum security that was possible in that situation. Nadja felt comfortable warmth coursed through his body and let that manly and virile touch if perpetuated for almost the entire trip.

After a few hours and almost ready for landing, Vladimir Timochenco believed it was time to put into practice their acquired authority as a field military over the years and make its command post, although the reserve was respected. With a few words short and to order, straightened the soldiers who guarded them and took indirectly landing guidelines.

- Soldiers! – Firmly stamped his foot on the aircraft floor. – We’re fighting an invisible and implacable enemy! If we want to survive we need to ensure the safety of the Doctor and his patient! To make sure that reaches the destination safely! Understood? – I was not sure if it would work, but worth the risk.

- Yes Colonel! – Heard in unison all present pay him obedience, for something had to serve his vast years of military service. He was not surprised with the result; after their fame as a leader of the Black Tails preceded and many of those there were now aspired to one day join him.

- It’s done, Nadja, do not let me or be shot for it! – He raised his hand with hers and laid it gently on the right leg of the beautiful woman who did not react negatively to your touch. He pulled it out and then walked toward the cockpit, needed to know how far Johannesburg’s military airport was.

- Comrades! If I pilot planes believe that sleep most of the time! – I knew from experience that the rivalry between pilots with different architectures aircraft was “ancient” and so would divert attention from the main subject.

- Yes Colonel! But if we had to fly an aircraft without wings would be better to stay on dry land! – Laughed for several minutes exchanging “abuse” among them at the end the goal had been reached in less than thirty minutes would land in relative safety in South Africa.

The South African coast flashed bright projectiles night was thick, but the top you could see the fighting on the ground between local troops and maritime civil invasion that made a point of entering into sovereign territory of that country. Seafarers refugees from other places were pressure on the soldiers to be accepted without restrictions, the problem was that there was no way to control the indiscriminate entry and the risk of contamination was very high. Moreover, governments have always been prepared militarily to defend its borders against hostile and armed hordes, never against a civilian invasion of monumental proportions.

Either exploded vessel releasing debris into the sea which later served as lighting for new offensives were made in total was a war without winners or losers, the two sides were fighting for survival guarantee, but there was no support from any of them to substantiate this theory. The Tupolev made a downslope toward the military airport that signaled the runway, the apparatus around was magnificent and denoted that the interests in the aircraft that would land were superior to anything he had seen in the last minutes. If there was any chance to get out of that hell alive would keep the man capsule under his gaze.

The landing gear touchdown was the signal that from that moment the rules would change and win one who had the best hand after taxiing on the runway and stop completely, the Tupolev originated from Mirny station was completely surrounded by troops UN peacekeepers. This was an early preventive measure requested by NOMAD, so that the virus discoverer was conducted as quickly as possible to the center of expertise and control of infectious diseases of the Corporation, however, none of them knew the real situation in which Nick Frost found. They discover this much later.

- Brigadier General John Lee US service and the UN, please follow me, please! – Harsh words and order were heard without resistance. Nadja and Timochenco landed followed by paramedics carrying the containment chamber where was Nick Frost. – All must pass the health examination so as not to enter the continent with any kind of contamination! Understood? – The General still was heard as he walked toward the inspection hangar. Timochenco thought it best to intervene or all would be lost.

- General! – Stopped avoiding the whole entourage that came from behind to continue the path, including the men who show him obedience on board the aircraft and stood with guns drawn, every care was little. – We will not give another step until we have assurance that the Frost Doctor will not be exposed to outdoor conditions in which it is! – It was all or nothing. It could be the perfect excuse for the delicate situation.

 - Calm down soldier... I know who you are and this war is not between us! - He looked straight into Timochenco eyes although it was slightly lower, but it was not a man to be intimidated. - We have orders to take the Doctor and Mr. Frost safely to Amsterdam... - I thought that would be enough to calm tempers.

- The colonel will accompany us on the trip, General… – Nadja was not sure whether his proposal would be accepted, but had nothing to lose.

- All right… – observed with greater curiosity that group escorting, it was not quite what he wanted, but had been ordered and it was up to him only obey them, was not there to make decisions that did not fit him. – The three follow for NOMAD, the others are. The private plane is waiting on the runway, the board will find the necessary conditions to restore! – He looked at the two that looked like ragged refugees from a war zone and were just that.

- The board will have medical care, hot shower, food and information you need! Have a good trip! – Its mission ended there as this group, the most, was to contain the maritime invasion that approached the African coast.


Nick Frost regained consciousness while being transported to the particular plane NOMAD the exclusive service of the Corporation, Oliver McQueen had personally recommended whole apparatus rescue and safety to ensure that your fieldworker came in unscathed ace facilities and could contribute to the resolution Frost problem, but completely unaware of the health situation in which it appeared.

- Blood Null … Chimera… – Nadja noticed a whisper and lip movement from inside the biological containment chamber.

- Stop it! Wait a moment! – The entourage carrying the coffin for nefarious living stopped and stood still while Nadja was looking for more than heard. Biochemical put his ear to the circular cover glass that prevented him from playing Nick Frost and waited.

- Chimera… Look… – Nothing could be heard at that time, the Tupolev that brought lifted flight making a deafening noise and the man in the containment chamber was again unconscious inside.

- What was Nadja? – Asked Vladimir resumed while walking trims the interior of the private jet plane, face a new journey of over twelve hours were traveling for at least twenty four hours in several different types of aircraft and with little sleep. The physical exhaustion was evident.

- Nick told me something about chimera… – She herself did not know the meaning of words, but needed to find out. Nothing more was said after that, the containment chamber had been accommodated inside the private jet in appropriate and specific conditions, left her and her companion do the minimum that the civilized world expected of them and therefore, both went to different rooms reserved for them.

Nadja lost no time in taking a nice hot bath, something that did not see a lot of time and had a sense of rebirth to feel the water run through his body, opened the tap more excessively than need to be able to feel that precious liquid drain through the skin. You are looking for something that could slide the body and return it the softness that was used to, but now lost, and after about twenty minutes of immersion, was revitalized in any case, fatigue and safety of the time ended up winning and left take the dream world on the satin bed sheets. That staff NOMAD really knew how to live.

Timochenco did not need so much civility and lay down on the bed and fell asleep, hoping that when he woke up the world had not changed since the last time she had seen under normal conditions. His mission was only at the beginning, on the other hand, had prepared all his life for this, expected to do their best, but for him, Nadja Romanov…

The toxic cloud invaded the Argentine airspace and slowly Chilean, the winds and the density of the air meant that his foray into the South American continent was gradual, but homogeneous, behind him left a trail of death in just a few hours resumed life but not in known manner. The creatures were emerging of this new wave of evolution were grotesque; first the gray death, painless and sudden, a few hours later gave way to beefier and willing beings sinned by irrationality that happened because of the physiological change is too abrupt, but no doubt were better prepared to face the adversities of the Earth, the that the human race has ever been. There was a consensus that biotypes humanoids could not survive this as rapid transformation. That was unacceptable even to the natural laws in this case.

After aspired to green and deadly toxin, the body entered in a state of catalepsy to the point of death to be observed not only by the lack of vital signs such as the grayish color that denoted an accelerated decomposition, but during that the cellular system process revitalized a new way of life that made them stronger, prepared and combative to the adversities of the world, however, it was not all work a miracle of nature. The human brain needed time to assimilate the new physical, more advantaged muscle, senses of smell and touch more refined and a vision that would be the envy of any bird of prey.

The human physiology lazily showed unexpected changes and the results of such an experiment out of laboratories and uncontrollably, marred nerve cells, specifically those which ran the brain system to the point of causing profound dementia. Nature could most often show s very wise in the processes used for the evolution of species, but in this case there was categorically wrong, or not … Everything would depend on the ultimate goal.

Around sunset, the natural precedent was that to create a new species would need to completely destroy the previous, or otherwise we would have a parallel evolution of similar characteristics individuals but with completely different goals. That would be the conclusion that Urd Wessel, chief scientist of the Corporation NOMAD come to draw a parallel between man and ape in the virus behavior studies in the specimens that had to study and only did increase at the expense of the scientific body that commanded.

For him, the apes had been the kind passed over in the evolutionary process, only then could explain the way how the monkeys despite having humanlike characteristics, little more resembled the men, in addition to their appearance, all this with a good dose of will to put them on the same level.

The considerations at this time were that; if it had already been something similar to what they faced now, everything in the known past had been an evolutionary process in which the species was affected, he chose to cohabit with those who do not evolve, rather than annihilating completely, but it seemed, nature does not make the same mistake twice leaving two distinct species from the same proliferate on the planet, for that reason, there was a need for ZOMBIES infect their peers to create a new homogeneous and predominant race.

On the other hand, it was never the answer they have found the missing link that connected the evolution from apes to modern man, came from the same tree from different branches. It made perfect sense, therefore, the man did not descend from monkeys. Darwin was wrong, in any case, could not be condemned academically for not having access to the information held now.

Nadja Romanov woke deep and disturbing sleep with the sound of his own voice. – Chimera… – He opened his eyes and had the intuition that it could no longer be inert if he wanted to save the man she loved. He sat on a board terminal that had direct process to the NOMAD database and searched Nick Frost’s profile. Meanwhile the NOMAD facilities:

- Oliver… We have an authorized access to Nick Frost data! – Hershel was Stuart who passed the information to the President of the Corporation. Is coming from the transport jet sent to South Africa, the user is Nadja Romanov… – concluded the short report to the president that pharmaceutical complex.

- We will follow up to see what she looks! – Said in serene and calm tone. Everything else would be pure speculation.

In the database of the staff and employees of the NOMAD, Nadja scrutinized all relevant information, but could not come up with a plausible conclusion. He decided to risk the word “Chimera”, but this could be an irreversible risk.

- Chimera – “A chimera is a mythical figure very present in the legends of many peoples of the world. They present as hybrid appearance of animals, something like the union of two different species into one. Generally the chimera is considered a beast of chaos creator. Its origin dates back to ancient Greece and the idea is born of marriage between Typhon, a titan of mythology, and Echidna, a mixed picture of woman with snake tail, which in itself would be a chimera, which creates a paradox.

The chimerism in biology is related to the embryological development. Two zygote cells, which give rise to different individuals each, which in turn end up closer and unite forming a single. The result of this union is to leave only one individual, but that will present cells with different genetic material, as two individuals and that will probably have the body color split right in half in the sagittal plane. "- This was the scientific explanation chimera, which is not explained in any way what was happening with Frost, or explained... thought.

He left the comfort of the cabin that had him booked and wore a fair clothing and slinky showing all the curves and body sensuality, had chosen this dress, not to be sexy or attractive, even if it were, but the possible mobility might need to the sequence of events that anticipated events.

He did not fail to be noticed by security guards who were escorting the group inside the plane, but also by Vladimir who essayed a soundless whistle that made her blush.

The intention was all.

- How long to Amsterdam? – Asked the pilot of the aircraft in command.

- About six hours of flight, Dr. Romanov! – The answer was simple and straightforward, bluntly.

- We’re still on the African continent? – I was curious about the route they were doing since they left South Africa.

- We are crossing the airspace of Sudan right now en route to Egypt and later Amsterdam already on the European continent! – The pilot of the information still being provided without reservation. Nadja thanked her and closed the door of the cockpit, silently walked to Timochenco.

- I could not find anything conclusive about what Frost said… – I was sitting in the chair that was facing the man who had saved them from death in the icy continent, among them only a table and an automatic coffee maker that was soon put to use. Nadja prepared two espressos, flavored hazelnut. I loved not only the flavor but also the bittersweet taste. – The Chimera is a hybrid be composed of two or more specimens, I do not think Nick is that kind of person … – remembered as the known and the first vision he had a full Norse god, far from any another type of creature, so defined.

- There may be something about him that we do not know completely, maybe some kind of anomaly … – He did not have enough education to discuss scientific aspects with as qualified woman who had served him coffee, but had seen too many strange things to rule any of them.

- Um… – Biochemical meditated while absorbing the words of Timochenco. – So suspicion that there may be some genetic precedent to explain why he was not completely affected? – Was a great theory, was surprised herself had not reached that conclusion alone, this was part of being rational too and leave no room for the imponderable.

- It is possible, but do not understand any of this, but I do not think he made such a great effort to convey a message that had no value, or even if it was irrelevant…

- He put the coffee cup on the table and put his hand over Nadja who disappeared under his. – You are an extraordinary woman, Nadja Romanov… – I hoped that the relationship between them could go beyond what they already knew, even taking into account what they had spent together in recent days.

- I… I have someone, Vladimir… – murmured softly knowing she closed the door to someone who attracted her sexual and irreverent way, the dispute of both feelings inside still remained, but it was time to end it. – Nick Frost… But I already knew … – He looked around to see if they were not being listened to, as he pulled a slightly sweaty hand under it.

- Yes, I thought it was him! – Vladimir was not surprised by the news, much less appeared shaken by having been rejected at the first onslaught, however, it ended a doubt that had for some time on whether it would be possible to have something between them. That answer was definitive, at least for him. – What do we do now, my dear? – It was also no reason not to narrow the relationship. I felt that his mission was not finished.

- The database of NOMAD does not point to other information that is relevant, perhaps we can only some answers doing an exam or contacting his parents! – Started to get up, but was again prevented by the strong hand of Vladimir on his.

- Vladimir, no… – She thought she made it clear that at the time there was no room for another man in her life.

- Do not worry Nadja, got the message, but I think he made a very serious mistake! – Rose along with her and hugged her as if they were old friends. – The corporation may already know that looking for something and that we will have more difficulties to pass unnoticed when we reach our destination! – Left her at the door of the cab she occupied and waited to enter.

Nadja knew he was right, have accessed the data through the terminal and board was a huge miss, but concluded that it also was necessary, after all no longer could be groping a solution in the dark, the answer was certainly in Drammen, birthplace of Nick Frost and residence of their parents. It was imperative that contact him, think of something in the coming hours and there would be a solution as soon as landed.

Inside the biological containment chamber, Nick Frost resumed gradually awareness of events, knew exactly where he was and why. There was some numbness on the right side of the body and slowly tried to take control of that unsettling tingle. The brain teemed with disjointed information, on the one hand, were the last memories of all the events of recent days as far as could be aware, realized that Nadja was safe and close to him, but did not specify where he was or what the destination end around sunset, get out of that enclosure which was confined was not an option, could put everyone else at risk. But I had to control the situation as he was concerned.

Unlike the right, the left seemed to work perfectly even with sharp muscle pain and could not be otherwise, had made superhuman efforts to get out of that roof snow vehicle and even greater to not let that cold steel cable helicopter rescue the cut into two distinct parts. Do not forget to thank his savior when he had the chance.

Both hands were bandaged with white bandages and a net oozed between them, recognized as the result of wounds caused by burns from the intense cold steel, just a side effect of events, apart from that everything seemed very normal. The space inside that urn was minimal, just enough to accommodate a body with some temporary comfort, he tried to raise his right hand, but seemed to weigh more than a ton, needed the help of the other hand to it. The glass fogged can distinguish a security apparatus of two guards in front, there would probably be two or more in the back, it had to be discreet and give the impression that he was still unconscious.

With a little more effort could see his right hand, he was unrecognizable, a slightly grayish skin, but bluish color underneath, more like a few hours after dead corpse. What most surprised him was the bone aspect, the fingers were more elongated and protruding showing the phalanges joint with absolute certainty hand had changed in size, as well as fingertips. Yes they had longer, strong and sharp nails, almost like claws. It was an anomaly that did not expect, groped his face with his left hand, which apparently had more sensitivity and leveraging that his fingertips were discovered, did not find any kind of deformity, but it could be a matter of time.

It seemed, her body was going through a transformation process of very rapid pace, probably as a result of the discovery of the depths of Lake Vostok, made a quick retrospective of the events that took place, but an unceasing battle inside his body made him almost exhausted without even having left the place, he closed his eyes and tried to control before she screamed in pain.

Acute twinges you took all the right and felt the muscles were trying to push the boundaries of clothing he was wearing, it was as if the mutation wanted to vent their full potential in a single instant. Besides painful it was scary, but I had an idea that had not become completely vague in some unknown creature on account of his brother who was not even born. That was a long story, but knowing his real condition was, all in the field of assumptions. Again we had to aware that Nadja was close, but not exactly where it was urgent that both talked to have a strategic plan of escape.

The coats of the Corporation NOMAD were scattered everywhere where looking and do not leave you doubt what would be your destination. It was a specimen for observation and dissection. Had to get out at any cost there would not be a time when some lab rat.

Yuri Antonov the latest orders for all Russia’s borders were closed, and a significant number of troops and military equipment were displaced throughout the country, were preparing for the worst in a few days, it was inevitable that the toxic cloud passed over the whole territory, but what scared him was a massive invasion of foreigners could disrupt the internal order of the country, although it seemed inevitable.

The best forecasts warned of a convergence situation in less than twenty-four hours, about five thousand people between military and civilians had been relocated to underground shelters still built in the war times, Cold when the nuclear threat was a very close reality. For decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the facilities were adapted for more similar risk situations with biological warfare, therefore, there was an expectation that they would be quite safe, so that the life within It could be preserved for a few years, perhaps decades, which did not solve the problem if the earth’s atmosphere remained toxic over that time.

Not to mention the example of the recent events, the earth would be populated by more violent creatures than all animals that until then had knowledge. These were the information of the advanced observation groups that remained in the first continent to be reached after the Antarctic region and which now had no more access. Probably dead.

The data had a sequence that he, Yuri, read carefully when you were delivered; First there was a light in the air that did not prevent the sunlight to change their behavior, were no more golden rays to which they were accustomed, but tenuous, but greenish, looked as if they had been designed from the inside of a priceless emerald. One could even say that they were beautiful.

Did not have any odor that could be detected as being unpleasant, however, it smelled of freshly cut grass as they did at the weekend in the garden, very nice. Then, after what was described as “Freshness Morning” took about five minutes between the first contact with the air sustenance and sudden death, it did not matter if the individual could hold his breath for a minute or an hour, infection it was absorbed in the same way the skin and then immediately gave the death by asphyxiation.

Yuri Antonov rereading the pages trying not to miss any detail and knew how many lives had been lost so that that information came safely to your hands. He turned the page to the next chapter examining a little photos attached, street corridors and extensive avenues were filled with corpses of all kinds, men, women and children. There was a natural disordering of vehicles and people anywhere to look in the photographs, but no other animals. That surprised him. He deduced that it was a selective evolution.

“After the incubation period – continued report – lasting for up to about six hours, or even less, derived from the biological condition of the host, the human skin had a gray color as if it were a very ancient mummy, but opaque appearance without wrinkles, almost as perfect as when they were still alive. This was followed by a shorter period of time, about two hours after this initial processing, so that the bodies take the first changing signals acquired when the bluish, almost transparent, as we can see the veins under the skin. Although at first it was thought that it was a process of fermentation due to cause of death, the following hours showed that this was not the case, the bodies took on greater muscle mass and more robust, hands and feet were slightly more elongated and had sharp nails and very strong. “

“Finally, in little more than twelve hours of contamination started, the bodies acquired” life “as if resurrected from deep sleep and returned to walk on the land. Yuri was amazing that something similar is happening in the world in which he lived. He remembered historical cases like the Black Death in the Middle Ages and more recently the Spanish flu, but everything I read and saw in photographs showed that had come humanity’s time to pay for their arrogance after both play of the Gods. “A endnote still caught her attention was required reading.

Read carefully the field observations and the final page of the report; “The sighted mutation would not have such a negative ratio if the human judgment of characteristics could be preserved, however, we found, there is a brain and cognitive degeneration of the individual process, which knew not give up because of the long period without oxygen of vital parts, or by the virus incubation process, the case is that the living dead become human beasts destroying everything in its path, incredible forces holders with nothing we can do. “See the Field Report II.

There ended the first phase of the report collected in Australian territory in little more than twenty-four hours before. Although not all of the continental country had succumbed to the toxic cloud was known fact that the survivors lived a hate war that had no explanation.

Combat Ace human beasts were caught in the open with all kinds of resources that were available to anyone, but in almost all known cases, the defeat was inevitable unless he found a cure quickly. Yuri took the second dossier was codenamed Protheus: Field Report II. She sighed deeply before turning the first page.

“Individuals do not behave like humans or any other known animal, have enormous strength, even the smaller stature, we know in our society as children. They are agile, fast and voracious may reach a grown man in a matter of seconds without requiring much effort. The skills acquired by stretching the edges; I quote, hands and feet, enable a better balance in the past and random movements, aware of the fact that they have keener senses, according to the latest studies in the distance. “
“We witnessed some of these new creatures in pursuit of humans who had not been infected, although we could not say that there was a strategic plan, the convergence of the living dead to this human group was immediate. Possibility of being able to detect human scent over long distances. Important note; humans this group that we saw not survived and even been developed into new living dead, were butchered leaving exposed viscera and separated from the main body members with extreme violence. “

Yuri had to put the photos on the table so he could better observe the sequence of events that were so painstakingly described in the report lamented that none of the observers has survived, but silently thanked that have sent data before being discovered. more turned a few pages describing the different ways in which creatures behaved, it had been an extraordinary job of observation. Those men deserved to be decorated as heroes, but it would have to stay for another life. He opened the last chapter.

“Protheus – Final Conclusion: This is a new way of life that rivals human, but more adapted to the environment. Tends to multiply according to the infection levels to which humans are exposed in the natural state, with highlights to major centers and cities that will become real fortresses of hordes of undead. It is recommended an early study of a global pandemic short term, not being the object end of the study this premise. God help us and forgive us. Dr. Lev Ivanov. – Virologist “It ended there the most complete field report existed.

The Russian General put his face in his hands and briefly thanked for being the last of his line. Interestingly mourned on not leave offspring for decades in that lost their family members one by one, successively, with nothing could do. He had no wife, was married to the Red Army since he could remember, and it left him no space to dream of having children or something. Opportunities? Had a few, but in the same way that appeared in your life, so also are gone. Now it seemed a miracle that he regretted only death itself.

He took the two reports and removed the spiral that kept the leaves together chronologically, went to a small table and pulled out a plastic cover covering an old fax machine, for him that was still one of the media safest in the world, nothing very advanced technologies. There were two places where I needed to send that information, the first would be to Oliver McQueen, although everything had begun because the Corporation NOMAD, loyalty between the two men was unquestionable. Arranged the sheets in the top tray and pressed the memory button, in less than a minute the first page out from the bottom of the device. He had begun the transmission of data. After nearly five minutes was over the first transmission.

Now it was the decisive time in his career, would certainly be considered a traitor to send information as confidential to the second destination, but it now seemed very have little significance unless they could stop that infection, which seemed unlikely, none of them would survive to be penalized or tried for treason. Beat quietly with again grouped sheets so that all continue with the same size and form a single volume, placed them in the top tray and leaned back in his wooden chair in front of the small table. The phone vibrated in his pocket and made a message receiving noise that identified the origin without difficulty, the display was just one word, thank you.

This concluded the first phase, was now the second. He pressed the memory button and selected Komsomolskaya Pravda. He hesitated until pressed the green button, did not wait to see the result behind them and to the extent that he walked away, heard a distant past noise communication between the two devices. He closed the door and without knowing why, he turned the key then put in your pocket. I needed to be in the Defense Center in thirty minutes and know the estimate for the entire planet was contaminated. As he walked he looked at the sky and made sure to breathe oxygen deeply, had never felt such a need to inflate the lungs like that abundant air that had given him a long and full life.

The extra edition was published Pravda two hours after the received message. The virus was no longer a state secret.


The landing of the private jet that brought the only survivors of the Vostok Station landed without incident at the particular airport NOMAD, a considerable security apparatus was willing all the way to the interior of the headquarters building. The orders were for the containment chamber carrying Dr. Nick Frost was immediately sent to the infirmary for emergencies.

Nothing suspicious had yet been discovered about the real condition of the biologist and no one but himself and Nadja Romanov seemed to know the severity of the problem, in any case, this secret was to be revealed and this was one of Oliver McQueen’s expectations that had recommended maximum security around the perimeter.

Not coincidentally Nadja Romanov would have accessed the company’s database aboard that jet that had just landed, Oliver could be many things in life, but would never be careless. He was ahead of the statement so that he was sure that the plane landed was what he was waiting, he went down by private elevator reaching the sixth negative floor, as soon as the patient was admitted to the Biological Risk area, beside as expected, and Nadja accompanied all this movement with concern and suspicion.

A man he identified as Vladimir Timochenco, although never met personally knew who he was, followed that train a little further back. It was his turn to present and intervene.

- Dr. Romanov? – Approached with caution not to commit any carelessness in gathering information that moment was vital to what would happen, perhaps for the very survival of humanity. Nadja turned at the same time he heard the pronunciation of his name.

- Yes! Who is calling me? – He looked around until he found Oliver’s look that examined from head to toe. For a few moments the man regretted that his work kept him so long within four walls and less in field work, acknowledged that he had lost precious moments of life until that moment. Timochenco just smiled quietly, knew what went on in that head of it, was that Nadja did it without even noticing.

The president of the Corporation reached out to greet her that was accepted without reservation. – Oliver McQueen. – She stepped back while trying unsuccessfully to withdraw her hand delicately, but he did not let it go and it confirmed suspicions that she was hiding something. At the same time Vladimir let out a loud and involuntary whistle that made both looked at him.

- Excuse me! But it’s not every day we can be face to face with the Almighty Oliver McQueen … – He tried to soften the surprise at being received by the most powerful man who knew and at the same time boss of them.

- I am sorry that we know in this way… – He released the hand of Nadja to extend it to Timochenco. Was facing a career soldier and experienced, do not forget that even for a moment, it might be a good idea to strengthen security, he thought. He turned back to Nadja.

- Doctor, what are the realistic conditions of Dr. Frost? – I expect an honest answer, but very difficult to make it.

- He had a small fracture in his right ankle when we were rescued by Colonel Timochenco, but I think that is something superficial, in any case I would like to examine it more deeply … – It was the best he could say at that time.

- Understand… – it began to approach the window overlooking the room where the House containing Frost had to be accommodated. – Dr. Frost as the discoverer element that bears his name is part important for unraveling which means all this very serious process that we are facing… – I did not know to what extent she was aware of recent events, but was pretty sure it was smarter than he looked, and very attractive.

- Yes, Mr. McQueen and exactly for this reason I would like to examine it as soon as possible … – still reluctant to trust this man who was so cordial, expect to be wrong about him.

- I do not think this is possible Doctor, after all is not their specialty and we here have the best doctors for diagnostic area that we need in the moment! – That made it clear what each represented in that game that had just begun. – Unless, of course, you have some vital information you want to share with us … – Her answer would define its destiny in that process.

- I see you omit information is not a smart thing and by your inquiry content is aware of the situation. Only ask you to let me follow the case, it may be important to my opinion… – Nadja noted only a slight arching of eyebrows in Oliver’s face and continued. – He was infected during the rescue, but only found on board the helicopter and that has been scared, I noticed that he had not become a walker… – I was hoping that there was as much understanding his words. Vladimir gave a negative shake of the head, for him it was the end of Frost.

- Walker? Here the call ZOMBIES and please do not ask me how we got to that name would not like to know! – He still felt pathetic the whole situation and the way some of his underlings treated her. – But tell me! How is it possible that he has not turned into a living dead? – Was the question everyone wanted answers, but until now it was in the field of hypotheses. He regretted that Urd Wessel was confined with other scientists in the depths of the laboratory that now present risk of maximum security, so its presence to examine Nick Frost was very remote. Another impulsive and wrong decision.

- I do not know for certain but it may have a type of previous natural that keeps you aware… – He approached the thick glass that prevented anyone or anything through it. – It would be better if you could do the necessary tests immediately! – He looked at Oliver as if to give him an order.

- Okay Dr. Romanov, will allow you access to the restricted area on the condition that you keep me informed of all progress to come to discover! – Was his turn to look at her penetratingly. – We have a deal? – Waited without looking away for a second it was, moreover, liked to dive in those green eyes like emeralds.

- Yes, we have an agreement… – That agreement she could not meet, but thought he already knew that, in any case, did not stop her continuing. – Another thing… I need help … Vladimir – He looked at the driver so that it does not evaded to help her at that moment so delicate.

- Care Doctor, is playing a very dangerous game, in addition, I see as a helicopter pilot can be helpful in this case? – Asked resiliently.

- It is a matter of personal security… – He lowered his head so that neither man could know more than his words said.

- Okay Dr. Romanov, I hope not regret this decision! – Was more formal than usual and was upset with the decision, but few alternatives left to him he could apply at the time. Enhance security as his instinct warned him.

A group of medical virologist and traumatology attended the site in a few minutes to give beginning the examination procedure of Nick Frost, until then, the only human specimen that had survived to contamination. Oliver was still a little stunned by the information received from Yuri lamented his friend’s fate, although they were not close, had narrowed friendships over the years, but he knew from reliable sources that Russia would hit at least one day before Europe and North America. I owed him one last favor also would provide for it to be paid immediately.

The medical staff opened the first gate leading into the containment room, a second twelve cm steel door separated them from the chamber. A little while ago and already with appropriate clothing, Nadja accompanied the group, composed of six people in all. Two renowned virologists at the service of the Corporation, a general practitioner and a bacteriologist. The other two were security guards apparently unarmed.

With the exception of the two security guards medical group surrounded the containment capsule in which Nick Frost remained “trapped”, so to speak, not that he could not leave at any time, had acquired a tremendous force across the right side of the body and was aware of this force, already had tested the structure of captivity without being noticed.

The glass even with some internal vapor which hindered a more detailed view, showing what appeared to be a human creature and half demon half, that was the term they would use to discuss the conversation. Nadja was startled to see that Nick Frost was not the man she had known and who had fallen madly, he had to contain to leave not running desperately wanted to feel the safety of Vladimir’s arms, but that was not possible. He stood outside watching all that was going on there.

- Obviously the creature is changing process! – Said one of the men and that annoyed her deeply.

- Not a creature! Is Nick Frost! – She shouted toward all who remained there.

- Yes, it is! – The man did not bother to be reprimanded and continue their observation. – This is a man… – He looked at Nadja awaiting approval. – Height of approximately two meters, features of the human body left side and the right side of the process of evolution! – Bacteriology was taking notes in an online tablet.

- Sorry, Doctor, but what do you mean by changing process? – Nadja did not understand all of this part yet.

- Where have you been Doctor? You have not read the official reports? – Was another virologist who answered abruptly.

- No Doctor, was too busy crossing three continent rescuing the specimen are examining now! – She replied in the same tone without hiding who did not like to be scolded. In any case, it was the first time referred to Nick as a thing and not someone, it bothered her deeply.

- Okay, let’s summarize what we know! – Paused a few minutes to pass on as much information about the nature of the virus and how to behave in relation to humans and other species. – Finally, Dr. Romanov, all we know is that it is a deadly virus for us humans, who remained asleep and that eventually would eventually contaminate us, at least it’s not Frost’s fault! – The explanation was not time-consuming and somewhat vague, for it had not yet answer to the original question.

- But in that part enters the mutation? – I was still curious about what occasioned that body change as sharp and uncontrolled.

- The Russians made a field survey in the first place when there was mass contamination and observed that there is a three-stage cycle; contamination, death and resurrection! – Gesticulating in order to become more understandable. – At the end, the conclusion is that it is an evolutionary process that should take a few thousand years to complete … – It was a very vague hypothesis, but as good as any other. They turned their attention back to Nick Frost who remained attentive to all that said, absorbing as much information. He was most interested in all possible explanations and made a small idea of how it all would end.

- See Doctor! – The virologist pointed with his finger to the side of mutant Nick Frost. – The ear it! – Everyone loomed over the dome of the capsule. The ear movement in the mutant part was almost frantic in the direction from which came the talks, there was a natural direction to capture the maximum sound, resembled a bat.

- Yes! Impressive! Very shrewd! – Were the last words he spoke, a strong hand pierced the glass of biological containment capsule and dug her nails into the jugular powerful pointed the man who had been bent and made the observation. Panic filled the room. A dying frenzy ran the man who bled to death inside and outside the protective suit, the two security guards approached to placate the situation, but his orders were not to smite the ZOMBIE specimen.

But Nick Frost was stronger and agile, his keen senses and yet he could not fully control the creature inside, could exert some control of movements. An impulsive reaction threw the doctor who observed away plopping against the smooth, cold wall. It was the first time in a long time I was again free and conscious of their actions, at least so thought and there was no way to go back on what he had just done.

I did not know identify feelings, a mixture of pleasure and regret roamed the body from one side to the other and made a superhuman effort to maintain rationality.

Nadja was terrified leaning against the glass wall just in front where Vladimir watched it all helplessly, the two guards tried to immobilize it completely, but even if the left were simply human, he was a strong man and now with a larger capacity of keen senses, I could smell the fear in their bodies, they exuded absolute dread.

This time sought to cause minor damage to their opponents and with relative ease the knocked out. The bacteriologist with the other medical virologist opened the containment door using their biometric data and escaped from the facility, screaming like crazy for access corridors. Vladimir stood still behind the thick glass watching the movement inside the containment room. The human beast walked toward Nadja threateningly, she cringed completely in the corner and closed his eyes, was the end.

Nick Frost stopped and watched her for a moment before falling to his knees to your front. – Help me, Nadja… – I fought against the other half wanted at all costs to reap that beautiful and joyful life that represented the human race at its best. – Please… – He lowered his head, while his hearing determined the mutant side felt the presence of a new menacingly. It was Vladimir who wielded one of the Sig Sauer 556 that the guards had abdicated to enter the room, did not imagine that would need them to follow what they were completely wrong.

The human beast got up knowing that their peaceful side not contain on the likely threat, but the words of Nadja, intercepted immediately afterwards did stop even stay in attack position like a cornered beast. – No Nick, do not do it! – She held his right arm as if he had enough strength to stop him, but were not required greater efforts. He even held his malign and threatening hand with human so that did not cause other damage. – Help me Vladimir! – She dictated the orders as if it were in charge of the situation.

Vladimir carefully the situation demanded that came close to be misshapen and positioned himself next to Nadja. – We need to get out of here now if we want to live! – Walked around her from behind and put his cold pipe at the nape of the middle man still prostrate on the ground at the feet of Nadja. – If I feel that you are a threat blow your brains out! Get up! – Nick Frost rose without making any sort of complaint, was sure he could subdue Vladimir with one hand, the right, it’s almost entire body asked for it, but it was imperative to get out of there and survive, he had to find an cure.

They left the room remained with both doors open. – Great idiots! – Vladimir was referring to the two doctors who had escaped the enclosure without the least heed to safety standards, the way they left the inside of the containment any decontamination procedure had been triggered. The alarm sounded throughout environment at that moment, it was not possible to turn back, would be targets to be eliminated. – Nadja! Take another weapon and follow me, protect the rear! – Vladimir led the way still pointing the gun to the back of Nick Frost, the human beast.

He leaned slightly forward so that only he could hear. – I just need a reason… – aggressively pushed him down the hall.

Nadja picked up the Sig Sauer who was positioned next to the front door and to some skill unlocked precursor and cocked the trigger sequence, was more than ready to defend those two men so important in your life. The climb up the stairs to the outside would be very tortuous, but inevitable, what they wanted was not any kind of confrontation along the way. There was no resistance until they reached the ground floor and were met with a contingent of heavily armed guards, they needed another outlet.

- Any idea, Romanov? – Vladimir wanted to be formal purpose, were in the combat zone and it was better that they did not have any kind of intimacy, not even verbal.

- The access to the garage is empty… – Nick Frost could smell the fear and men wherever he went and the place he had just quoted was neutral, no one expected to come out there, really did not expect nor could they reach the ground floor.

- C’mon Chameleon! – Pressed the gun barrel against his belly purposely wanted to irritate him in any way, did not know whether to be a human beast, and all that he abhorred now, or have you stolen Nadja Romanov.

- Vladimir… – Nadja disagreed with the way things were discoursing, but at the same time could not face Nick Frost front, there was the man and the beast at the same time and did not know which one to trust. The love felt was now a distant, distant thing. Timochenco pretended not to hear her complaint, the man ahead of him did not care, he needed to control his abominable side.

They ran down the stairs until they came to a steel door to the outside patio where they were parked cars, ran to one who were closer in order to leave fleeing out of that complex almost leak-proof, knew it would not be so easy to evade a place considered one of the best kept in the world, on the other hand, the assumption was that the entire security strategy was based on an external invasion and not an internal leak. And they were correct in that thinking.

Vladimir chose a CIT vehicle which was in readiness for a service that no longer happen now, but it was ideal to save the man beast so that it could not represent risks for him and Nadja pushed the mutant violently inside the car and locked the door with a noise of irons jangling. Gust of-spiked projectiles in the bodywork of the transport car making a deafening noise impact, but served notice they had company.

- Nadja! Do not let come close to starting the engine! – Vladimir pulled out a knife he carried always tied to the ankle and stuck the tip with force in the ignition, made a twist on the cable to the right and after two attempts heard the engine roar. Nadja a quick movement drew his Sig Sauer who was in his hands against the very womb, knew the kick was overwhelming, closed his eyes and shook trigger, knew no need for as long as the gun went off until there was absolute silence, opened again the eyes and only saw bodies from the smoke that still left the rifle barrel, were all dead, but had not been expertise of the shots that killed them, only the survival instinct spoke louder.

Rose on strong car and sat beside Vladimir which accelerated to toward the still closed gate, the impact was huge and rumbled throughout the building, but by now had gained freedom, ran fleeing to an unknown place and that would provide security even them provisional. Inside the back, Nick Frost first saw his appearance. The dark glass of the window reflected a mixture of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, imagined that Robert Louis Stevenson has never come so close to his literary creation as he was now. It was the doctor himself and the monster. Life imitating art.

[] Chapter V


Oliver McQueen punched the wall again and again for having been misled by the sinuous curves of Nadja and a bunch of amateurs who were now untraceable. All features at your fingertips had been driven to localize the fugitives and captured what they called NZOMBIE the dead to life, in order to differentiate it from others. Gave it that name because they cannot determine whether it was human or ZOMBIE, they knew it could be both at the same time, but had no doubt which of them survive the unusual transformation. N represented the unknown number, what could not be quantified until he found a convenient and acceptable response, time was just NZOMBIE, the living dead.

The toxic cloud continued up the South American continent slowly, attracted to areas of heat or cold of high concentrations of carbon. The virus was a weapon of war that nature had created to combat what he considered extremely harmful to the planet Earth, if there was an intelligent consciousness behind all this no one knew, but everything was orchestrated so that the perishing human race and gave rise to a new species, crudest, evolved and prepared.

Buenos Aires, did not have a chance to find out what had hit, even with all the warnings issued by official bodies, they had never made a contingency plan because they consider unnecessary. A remote place near the end of the world, was so that Argentina itself was called, only a fool would insist on taking possession of a country that posed no threat and was so close to the icy regions of Antarctica that cold could be the same direction before born.

Millions of once human beings were now bloodthirsty beasts continuing the extermination of those who had not been affected by the virus, some because they were hidden in deep places waiting for the great cloud greenish passed completely and others who were at such high altitudes that could not be hit by dense cloud, but in the end, none of them would survive. A smell of blood and death hung in the air of the first countries to be hit by Element Frost, the virus did not spare old, let alone children did not distinguish color or creed, even those who took refuge in the church, felt the devil get into their bodies and possess them as read countless times in the scriptures. The God who always prayed had abandoned them.

Sins all men had since they were born, so were the teachings, but ongoing change to the transmuted so that ceased to be accustomed will likeness of the Creator, but a faithful copy of the Fallen Angels and damned into the depths of Hell for all eternity. Progress on major mainland territories was slow but overwhelming, not only the toxicity of the virus made its victims, whole hordes of creatures transformed anticipating your arrival and settled disorder wherever they went, there was nothing that could stop. large caliber guns were fired and heard many miles away, magnanimous explosions eradicate hidden villages and whole towns, burning pillars of fire and thick black smoke demarcate the affected areas.

Defense systems of small countries succumbed one after another, the fight was ungrateful because there was great difficulty in exterminating the enemy, parents needed to kill the children to the first signs of mutation, brothers fought each other by the strongest survival right, neighbors hunted neighbors to obtain more resources and ensure the continuity of their lineage. The company had fallen to the ground and ruled the law of the strongest, not everyone could be saved, but the hope of survival was human killer beasts as voracious as many mutants who fought.

Everywhere where chaos had settled, armed groups fortified citadels in the hope that they could fight the visible enemy, but nothing could against the one who silently floated over their heads and even when they discovered that it was useless to hide, it was too late . The highest peaks of South America a refugee camp was initiated to ensure the survival of the species, the large toxic cloud that passed over the continent not reached them, but they were too far away to remain safe. Very soon the smell of human flesh warns the hordes who had not yet finished.

It was only a matter of time, they thought that with a little luck and war strategy could have a chance to strike back received no warning and return to their lives, which at that time seemed a distant memory of a world long forgotten. The hardships of war were their victims without killing them, no matter how long that would last, this stigma was irreversible and the few who survived will never forget.

The offset of the first toxic cloud, the smallest and started the drilling of Lake Vostok was not so dense, but now covered the entire Indian Ocean and part of East Africa amounted precipitously as a serpent in Paradise, made an easy destruction trail be followed and the message that the world as they knew was over, over. In just over six hours would be on the Middle East coming to southern Europe and Asia.

In Russia the revelation that a deadly and inevitable disease would arrive in a few hours generated panic in the population of large urban centers, responsible for the disclosure of this information was Yuri Antonov, but against him of any kind penalties were not applied, there would be no time so much less interest in penalizing any human being who at that time had one more opportunity to survive the Apocalypse ZOMBIE that followed.

The streets of the capital still huge convoys gave sequence to endless and monotonous rows human walking into the unknown as if they were being redeemed last minute. Despite the fear they felt, could not accelerate the pace, the compact mass prevented them from being quicker while they continued to walk aimlessly, the only thing that broke the sound of thousands of footsteps dragging was the squads noise air passing over their heads at regular times, it was not an air leak, but an anticipation of the attack, try to beat the enemy in another territory than their own, away from home.

The Suns Gorgeous emerged on the horizon were messengers that the Earth was suffering an irreversible change, if not the Frost element that would kill the radiation from nuclear explosions were now off, but plentiful. last minute studies raised the possibility that there could be a considerable dispersion of toxic gas into the upper atmosphere and expel it into outer space, ridding the world of this evil that had been hidden for millions of years quietly waiting to attack.

There was no accurate ways to prove this theory that was not put in place the resources they had and enforce all the technology involved in this process. After the first explosions Ocean, it was noticed but a cloud dispersion losing consistency while a high altitude, but this only made to make it more uniform in its main objective and travel the globe in less time. It would take as much time for “ fall down” and bathe everywhere known with its green and deadly poison. There was no escape for the wrath of God, or the Devil … They had no way of knowing.

The inhabitants of the North Country, they moved en masse to the Arctic totally ignoring the adverse conditions of freezing cold, the news that the end of the world was near with extensive information of events, pushed them to the most inhospitable place on earth. If there was only one chance of humanity to remember times past and that were wiped genetic memory that inhabits each one of us, they would know it was not the first time since its creation fleeing this invisible enemy.

The remains were few or almost none, but were as clues, small crumbs, scattered all over the planet. Sometimes a digging coal mines where the piece of a chain of another was discovered still attached to a coal stone, iron pots were wrapped in granite blocks in large quarries around the world, but for those who studied the origins of mankind, none of that was of value, were unlikely situations, soon could be a scam.

But that was not the truth, a billion years or more in the past, the Messenger of Death coming from the ends of the universe finally reached its destination after a long journey. The red sun that illuminated what would be known in the Age of Men like Solar System would change its composition to a yellow sun and extinguish all life that began in the third planet in its orbit, like him, others would have the same fate, but only one it could be saved and that would be the most promising, in ideal conditions, the planet Earth. Even if it were not for that name was as known by other civilizations.

The intelligence behind this rescue operation had been extinguished long before the big green comet hitting the depths of the earth’s crust, but the mission was accomplished. The powerful impact that followed split the planet opening huge dorsal scars deep and divided the single, compact landmass Ocean scattering them around the globe and forming new land blocks separated from each other. Pangaea was no longer an island will drift.

The winter that lasted hundreds of millions of years caused by dust that powdered space fireball covered the entire rarefied atmosphere of that world that aspired great future wonders and this necessary transformation to the bacterial life will come upon change of solar radiation, until the light yellow sun touched the surface of the Earth again.

Meanwhile, a thick, thick broth of green and fiery substance seeped up in the oceans and the crust itself giving rise to the planet oxygenation process. Much more than just the Messenger of Death that meteor was in essence the renewal of life to a new stage that would follow and this process would be renewed for so many millions of years in the future and right now again fulfilled its mission. It was, contrary to what was thought, the seed of life.

Other neighboring planets of small blue were not so lucky, were not promising the multiplication of the diversity of life and had been deleted to make way for desert expanses and gas balls with thousands of degrees Celsius temperatures. They are silent reminder that life in the universe is too precious and so rare it deserves persevere, and for that very reason remained “uninhabited” intelligent life.

Gradually, some of the creatures that inhabited the green oceans completed their transmutation to the mainland and there thrived for millions of years, in an endless cycle. But the driver of evolution agent was not satisfied with the result, his slow mission followed the program of renovation and the few species in this second stage were struck and separated into distinct groups, crossing each other randomly generating a plurality of life that we would come to meet later in the archaeological excavations. This happened six hundred and fifty million years ago.

Small reptiles fed on the vast nutrient oxygenation of the planet and absorbed more strength and energy, so have become huge over time. Sunlight served as a catalyst which selected those that predominate in the sea and on land giving rise to large marine reptiles and mythical creatures. A process that would take about a hundred million years to complete, but nature does not represent anything that could be quantified, as well as in the present moment, nature is in no hurry, no account time and regenerates according to the their needs, in that particular case was not different.

Not all were big dinosaurs or sea serpents fighting for their position in the food chain, some species of smaller stature wandered among them desperately looking for an opportunity to revert the evolutionary game in their favor. In common were the traits that would be seen until the present day, but imperceptible to human arrogance to believe they were more closely related than they would like to accept. Anatomical features visible were noticeable in all species, with larger differences possessed, yet many were composed of details like two eyes, nose, mouth, ears, lower and upper limbs, among many other features.

What differs in both the lizard or dog, bear or eagle with a perfect view, we can not see or be aware? That was a question that had just leaving to answer the simple question that taught us that irrational animals had no soul…

In a way, the present-day humans, perhaps the distant past, they had imbued with an abstract wisdom to be able to explain their own divine origin and forgotten how were insignificant in the eyes of the immensity of the universe, in time, may still ask if those who had saved the red sun radiation change to Yellow would be satisfied as the final result obtained them. Certainly not, because after the last events the renewal process was still active and expanding.

One of these species from the past did not look anything like the one today suffering the risk of extinction. The reptilians in the middle of four hundred million years in the past, had heights of four meters high on average, hard and scaly skin as if they were indestructible. They rivaled the great beasts and not allowed to be subjugated. They were hunters and not hunting. They walked upright without bending any kind, feet and hands with three fingers and claws at the ends, sharp eyes and unparalleled sense of smell. The dental records had upper and lower rows of sharp teeth.

And for fifty million following years lived in a struggle of life and death with his rivals until the greenish fluid that remained suspended on the two terrestrial poles understood that nothing would serve his purpose such a perfect creature, but unintelligent. The need to be more than just another specimen fighting for a piece of meat and a drink of water was a fault to be rectified. A new toxic wave rushing on the planet wrapping it completely, were times of renewal. But the mysteries of the universe that the very reason knows, nature proved to be more than just a supporting agent in this chemical and process oriented manufacturing and preserved those who understood deserve the chance to continue their way, this way, were preserved many species that had become immune to the deadly poison from the ends of the universe.

Among these was Na’k Ta’k and their offspring, as would rule in human language if possible, of the race of reptilians. Did not have the genetic markers that would be affected and for the first time since the beginning of Genesis the “Frost Element”, still unknown, lost his first battle, therefore, it was not invincible. The species are the result of the environment they live and even against all odds persevere until they are extinguished by their own means, and had been with the creators, regardless of their mysterious origin.

The first hominids would appear sixty million years later, the call was Paleozoic, shortly after the great cosmic bombardment, more precisely in the Devonian period, might have been the decisive factor in that nature he found his own way, was an improbability that different elements could add up or cancel each other, but the actual fact was that there would be hope. The descendants by so many millions of years of Na’k Ta’k offspring, the first, no longer had the reptilian appearance of old, were absolutely know as modern man and its features.

They thrive successively acquiring great level of intelligence, learning to work the stone and metal found throughout evolution that nature hid all the secrets they needed, whether simple or complex, just needed the means to extract them and become apply them. It would be so forever, nothing is created in our existence, the answers exist and are camouflaged in the hopes that a sharp mind to reveal and show the world. There are diseases with no cure, as there are no artifacts of any kind cannot be made, just waiting for the “time” more appropriate in their times to be necessary.

Surprising even would find the plane at the time of the pharaohs, or create a simple bike in ancient Rome, all had their time frame and it was a slow, sometimes painful. We will never know if the descendants of Na’k Ta’k, the first men managed to reach the stars, but not enough left over traces or to state that ever existed.

They were almost extinct in the great collision of Cenozoic Era and it was not clear to the geological records how many other times were almost extinct and again endured to the present day.

We could be the Third, Fourth or Seventh Race since the beginning of time and the beginning of the seed of life, but with absolute certainty were not the first. The following process would take so many millions of years for the handful of survivors continues their zero day until the modern era, there would be no technological apparatus to be used in the meantime and have to relearn how to survive inside caves. All knowledge had succumbed to its creators. All traces of past civilizations would be erased by the time that all salt renewed without leaving visible evidence of its existence, except for those that today’s archaeologists refused to recognize as evidence of human presence in remote ages.

Would be inserted deep into the human genetics the horrors of bygone times and along other ages, humans have fear of the dark for no apparent reason, they feel chills when they heard some screams or sounds that subconsciously the alerted that unimaginable dangers were lurking mode slinky and ready to attack and when they felt safer than ever from the wrath of the elements, would also be its most vulnerable moment.

They would live haunted by the unknown and would attribute what they do not understand the deities of good and evil. That was the real story behind millions of years of evolution caused, in a race that was considered unique in the universe and direct creative descendant, legitimate owners of all that existed in the sky. The pride was his greatest sin, the superiority claim over everything and all things existing in this or other worlds.

[] Escape To Nowhere

Oliver McQueen had only six hours to find the NZOMBIE and the other two fugitives, there was no hope of a cure in the short term, but the answer certainly was with Nick Frost, that is, there he was at the time. The unexpected flight of that small group involved in reviewing all the plans he had made for the Corporation’s laboratories do research that would lead to a definitive conclusion, so all was not lost, just needed to find what you came to call man Omega.

The last letter of the Greek alphabet, often used to denote the last, the end, or the end of a set, in contrast to the Alpha, the first letter of the alphabet. In the New Testament book of Revelation, God is declared to be the “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” Frost was far from God, too close to be the devil in person, but it was a circumstantial thing, however, depended to be found to get the cure for the survival of the human race, or the privileged few who have access to this healing. Oliver expected to be among them.

The events of recent days had made the skilled businessman in a predator of himself in pursuit of so longed for survival that until recently was shown distant but thriving. I played a game of all or nothing and spared no effort to capture the fugitives alerts with photos of the wanted were scattered all access places, airports and highways lived chaos, but this would not be an impediment to wane searches. It was imperative that were found as quickly as possible and was sure he would get success.

- Oliver? – Stuart Hershel Corporation vice president caught his attention. – We need an alternative plan to survive. Family and taken to the safest place he knew he had rescued, the NOMAD. I believed that if there was a safe place and resisted the apocalypse would be one. There were fifty floors underground and could offer refuge, at least for a while. Laboratories where Urd Wessel be confined as his aides were strictly blocked and had no risk of contamination leakage. The angry creatures of which the chief scientist was part, did not represent threat as the thick steel doors were still sealed.

- You must be crazy, Stuart! Nowhere in the world will be immune for the next thousand years at least! – He did not consider himself guilty for triggering this reaction in global chain and knew he was being very optimistic when referring to the time period in question. Thousand years were only a negligible time measured in human counting to quantify their existence and the things they knew.

- But standing here will certainly have the same fate as these abominable creatures that are locked in laboratories! – Stuart always confided in Oliver decisions, was his mentor, friend and the most rational person I knew. – I know you have a plan B anywhere! Do not leave me behind… – Hershel almost begging on my knees, it sickened him.

- Go with your family to the hangar B, as you said, that’s the plan… – if pity by the man who in his view had not salvation, but owed him at least a chance to try.

- There is a military crew prepared with food and other passengers will take off in twenty minutes, be sure to be among them! – He did not turn around to see his friend run shot, was not the time for farewells or fraternal hugs. They never see each other again.

Stuart down the emergency stairs skipping steps, nearly has not forgotten his back such was the fear he felt of becoming a ZOMBIE, worse than that, the possibility of being himself the sacrificial agent of his family, this terrified him. He did not understand why Oliver McQueen did not use all millionaires resources acquired over the years for their own benefit and buy its survival, but now it no longer mattered. Desperately needed to escape.

He entered the office door that occupied the intermediate floor of the large building of the Corporation and pulled the woman’s hand, ordering the two sons to follow him, the eldest had just over eighteen and the younger daughter about sixteen. They had no time for them to take any kind of luggage, time was pressing. They did not take the elevator, it was an unnecessary risk and could get stuck between floors if something abnormal happens, the stairs were more reliable, though less secure. During the trip dozens of people, the Corporation officials, ran and banged doors they passed, was a mixture of panic screams and despair and apocalypse had not even gotten to them yet, at least four hours before the start, but the news ran much faster than them and the information in the age of technology was traveling at the speed of light.

They reached the hangar B missing two minutes to takeoff, were eagerly awaited by four heavily armed men as rifles and large-caliber pistols, the camouflage denoted that they were elite soldiers. Oliver had made sure they were on board, the aircraft would not leave without all occupants, only he would be back, but he had other plans, more ambitious.

- Where are we going? – Stuart Hershel asked the soldier who seemed to be in command, but had never seen, was not part of staffs of the Corporation, knew it.

- Antarctica! – The man who answered to the question broke into a wide smile mix of cunning and recklessness.

- But that place is doomed? – Hershel shuddered at the thought that had condemned him and the whole families will inevitable death in the place where it all started.

- Comrade Strategy Hershel! Strategy! – Knew the exact moment who the man was who was in charge, General Yuri Antonov. – In times of war the best strategy is to surprise the enemy back to the point of origin and stay behind the troops advancing! – She smiled again enigmatically, but scary. You could see in their eyes right degree of madness and cunning. Hershel considered best not to interfere, no longer had the appropriate position for this and not even available. Yuri Antonov had received them as a last favor and retribution to his friend Oliver, who should now be taking the place of those on board the aircraft.

There were things in your life that Oliver would not give for some time, walked slowly to the bar of his sumptuous office for the parameters of time meant nothing, that was worth all the wealth amassed in the space of a life could not cherish -over there? This was a very rude question to be answered and asked how such a nice glass of Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 if it was not the best in the world at least at that time was the most appropriate. He opened the bottle as if it were an initiation ceremony and perhaps even toasted a new era in which; with a little luck could become master of the world, not habitable, but known.

He returned to the big window in time to see the jet take off with the “chosen” on board towards the icy lands that hid the weapon of doom for millions of years, raised his glass to the height of the face allowing the sun to pierce with their rays making it glisten. – Live long and prosper … Stuart – paraphrased sipping all the liquid from the cup once. He let out a sigh of pleasure and spoke aloud. – Gods’ nectar! – He cackled like a madman who had just discovered his own madness. He hoped the robust and fast aircraft disappeared on the horizon as he sipped a bit of drink consoled as a very close friend. His thoughts turned against him wondering if he was being more bestial than the creatures themselves that proliferated in the contaminated areas as if they were weeds. I needed to regain control of himself. He took the small handset in his pants pocket and made the dreaded call.

- Commander! We took off in ten minutes, be ready! – Did not wait for the response from the other end, he knew he had been heard and obeyed. He opened the safe behind a wooden wall that slid to the left side and took some documents, family jewels holding appreciatively and Taurus 809C gun – polymer frame, with dog shooting system, single-acting and double, night sights with tritium, thirteen bullets in the clip and one more in the “needle” – perfectly serve the purpose for which it was intended. – You come with me… – He put the bottle of whiskey Yamazaki inside the leather briefcase with handle and walked to the private elevator that went directly in your room, unlike Hershel knew that its transportation system had no failures, owned independent generators reserve. One last unusual and pointless thought made him laugh throughout the brief ride to the ground floor. – “The best whiskey in the world is Japanese, it really is the end of time…” – came out toward the aircraft was waiting.

They took off without delay and the commander himself was not a set route, thought it best to ask what would be the final destination, so you do not have unpleasant surprises. – Mr. McQueen, we need to discuss the flight plan … – waited standing in front of Oliver had on the table a few airmail letters and made mental calculations.

- Come to Norway in Drammen landing or as close as possible, avoid conventional airports, look for one that is private or alternative airfield! – Noted the commander’s reaction that made no mention of displeasure, had been paid handsomely to provide you with this service, and although he, Oliver did not believe that man would have the opportunity to spend the money. He trusted in his businessman’s instinct added to human ambition and was not disappointed. In most cases greed overcame reason.

I was sure of it.

Oliver McQueen was sure that was the path that would lead to meet Nick Frost and Nadja Romanov – “The beautiful and fair Nadja…” – thought, will be at the place where he had spent most of his life, along with parents were still alive and their best chance to help you, no one else would disinterest. He leaned back and looked out the airplane window.

Flying over sparsely populated regions and for those who had no knowledge of the facts that follow could swear that place remain the same way it was for yet another millennium. He imagined all the people who lived there for centuries, each in their own way and with their difficulties at some point fervent battlefields between armies, decades later, the cattle grazing as if nothing had happened. People were still being born and dying not paying tribute to those who had perished so that today they were free. I had doubts if the human race deserved the benefit of saving even in the person of a single individual. It was not God, it was not for him to judge.

This answer was satisfactory.

- Estimated arrival at 01:40, Mr. McQueen! – The commander of the statement came through the internal system of the aircraft, were on board the copilot, two bodyguards and a special medical equipment that had been shipped a few hours before, with a little luck and if your deductions were correct, the blood Frost would flow to your body.

No one else but him would have the privilege to get the cure, except perhaps for Nadja, he thought for a moment. It would be a very lonely world without female company of such a beautiful woman, a real waste and pleased to create a new world from the womb of that copy and beautiful female specimen. – A worthy breeding to repopulate the Earth. – She spoke aloud looking at the precious golden cup liquid as created the involuntary habit of doing. Now was wait.

The armored security car carrying inside man and half animal half beyond the two passengers who drove the car had successfully avoided the first two barriers before they are placed, but Vladimir was not comfortable with his feet on the ground, their natural environment was air and needed urgently to find a means of transport to get him out of that place and put safely although there was no question of any Nick Frost take on board.

- Hitherto lucky Nadja, any idea where we are going so we stop? – He was not a man to mince words and needed answers.

- I do not know… I have no idea what we can do… – She was looking for a way out of the situation but had against them the time to be contaminated or a possible confrontation with the mutants that now knew to be the such ZOMBIES. Strong beats the mighty hand of Frost echoed throughout the room, Nadja opened a door of communication that existed between them. The image was scary, she could still recognize the features outlined on the left side of his beloved’s face, but the other half played again in the nightmare he lived. – Nick Be calm, we’ll find a solution. – I was not so sure of what he said.

With some difficulty he just babbled a word – Drammen! Drammen! – And he kept hitting and scratching with sharp nails inside your prison, for now there was no escape.

- We go to Drammen! – Nadja turned to Vladimir who shrugged.

- What could be so important in Drammen? – Stared back at her without taking a long time the attention of the secondary highway crossing. You could see the confused route network overhead. There was a mass evacuation that could be promising for the escape. – Also, it is almost seven hundred miles from here fifteen hours by road if we do not find “friends” along the way! – Strongly pushed the steering wheel and impulsively stepped deeper into the accelerator.

- We have to get a helicopter … – She suggested lamely that it was taken seriously.

- That! – Vladimir Timochenco already know where to go now. – The Air Base of Arnhem is less than thirty miles toward Dortmund, which is where we are going, but should be alert, do not know if we can get! – He shook his head trying to convince himself that it was possible. – Even more “borrow” a military helicopter… – He made some calculations of distances as was used to.

- I do not think we can rent a… – looked at each other up and laughed for a few seconds, it was the first time they saw grace in a setting as dangerous as crossing. It had been a long way up there, tortuous, but narrowed the relationship without realizing it. In some ways they were more intimate.

- We will arrive in less than forty minutes at this speed! – Lit the lights at full power to escape from the darkness and get a better view of the road. It seemed would not have problems along the way, it was only a matter of time. – Do you believe he can help us out of this? – He asked last.

- We need more answers, but we cannot get them right now… – He looked again for the door and saw the effort that Nick Frost was trying to hold the human hand the bestial claw that tended to hurt him incessantly in part she still recognized as the man who once loved unconditionally, was not so sure now. We thought it best not to create false hopes about a possible cure, much less to take this information to Vladimir.

They took a little longer than the estimated forecast arrival at Air Base Arnhem, the could have sight in the distance. A takeoffs and landings frenzy of all types of aircraft was underway, ground handling logistics was fast and troops rushed to the interior of large transport aircraft. They would not know to say which groups or even countries belonged, seemed joint task forces with a common goal.

- Really, a good time for humanity to walk in the same direction! – Timochenco spoke sarcastically, knew each group, country or something always turns his own interests, but when they were cornered by common enemy united forces without measuring efforts and consequences.

- I do not know what that means, but it’s better we stop near somewhere and see how we can “subtract” his flying bird! – Was not the time for complex sentences and she sought the words that came to mind him as he tried to figure out what would save that Dantesque hell.

- There is a possibility… – he parked the strong car, as with the lights and without making much noise near a fence far from the runways, but it was possible to see a Eurocopter AS350 landed in a remote area. He imagined that being a civil aircraft should be been deprecated or waiting for the distinguished passengers. That was the chance they expected. – Come on, but how will control that thing back there? – Was his turn to look out the door and see how much had been unfair in the comment. He apologized sincerely for the unfortunate comment. – Sorry, Nadja… – I would not do it at any time.

- Alright … It’s been a terrible day for all of us… – He tried to draw a smile disinterest in the subject, but was deeply hurt. They descended the advanced part of the strong car and looked at each other before you unlock the security door to free the NZOMBIE. They had absolutely sure that would be the best idea.

Nick Frost got up from the floor where he had remained since he had been imprisoned, was nonsense his face, Beauty and the Beast at the same time, a character worthy of magazines in the best quality comics. Down one foot at a time until you have both firmly on the ground, deeply breathed the night air, cold and clear. For the first time it seemed to recognize the world that surrounded him.

Could smell the pines surrounding them, but that was nothing new to them human, only this time it was more intense, the smell of a dog somewhere far, acre salt spray far and kerosene burning in the turbines of aircraft. Those odors entered into it as accurate information of all hostile environments and a little less than that, he looked toward Nadja as your wildest part and can smell the scent she gave off, but it was not an artificial fragrance was natural and could taste in your mouth. The human side wanted as a woman and the wild side as prey.

- If we wait too never succeed! – The right hand seethed completely closed while the left was completely open and stretched ready to intervene at the slightest sign of danger.

They ran crouched close to bushes descry with the fence, were not expected, therefore, there would be many surprises unless the perimeter was heavily guarded. There was, both thanked for this, Frost even more, because he knew it would be forced to kill them immediately. They approached the helicopter would be the passport to the next stage, whatever it was, this time it did not matter, they needed to escape urgently the site and gain heaven.

- How will we get through this wire fence? – Nadja looked Timochenco beginning to dig underneath with both hands. A metal noise being ripped and twisted was heard by both had forgotten for a moment the mutant who followed them and was their precious cargo. Here was a chance to survive. They looked at each other and followed the misshapen creature that was approaching the inn aircraft.

- I’ll do a check and routine to make sure that we will get to the destination! – The timing was not propitious, but security variation was all, was the first lesson I learned as a pilot and was a bad time to leave it aside. After a few minutes I was definitely in the driver’s seat making the internal checking and connecting the ignition systems. It does not take long for the moving rotor noise call the attention of the military personnel in charge of their safety, several jeeps with soldiers and heavy caliber machine guns being prepared moved to the location to shoot down anything that took off from where they were without permission.

- Hold on! – There he was again making the maneuver of “Curve Dead Man.” A curve at low altitude, ascending diagonally took the floor of the helicopter throwing passengers against the fuselage, while the tracer bullets of red across the sky in an attempt to kill them. That’s when Vladimir realized that Nadja was not at his side, he looked back in time to see the animal’s claw within Frost stuck in her arm. I was confused by what he saw.

- Nadja… – Frost instinctively had held the woman’s arm of her most intimate desires so she is not projected out of the helicopter, the abrupt rise made by Timochenco, but the one next hand was the least indicated. He released her then cringing in a corner of the aircraft. He had condemned to death.

- It’s okay… – He looked at the deep wounds that did not bleed coming from the arm throb continuously. – I’ll be fine… – He wrapped a piece of cloth so that he could not see what would happen next and sat beside Vladimir, did not dare look at him, he did so little.

- It’s two hours to Drammen at least… It’ll be all right… – The pilot was not sure he believed in his own words. A deep silence followed within hours. Nadja embraced the wound in an attempt to hide her from herself, made a record of his life trying to weigh the pros and cons, you could say he had few regrets in his career, probably not arrive at twenty-six, but had It has been a life full of adventures. I still could not face Nick Frost cornered like an animal in aircraft background.


Six days started contamination, two-thirds of the world no longer part of the human race, after the Central America and Mexico, the invasion was initiated in the rest of North America around the same latitudinal line as if to sweep the planet in one way, Southern Europe would be the next point to be reached with the South Asia. Overall, the best estimates indicated that 30% of its land area in the Southern Hemisphere had been assimilated; at least 10% of the population were killed or transformed into ZOMBIES. The land clashes between containment troops and bestial horde of undead still being fought inch by inch, but progress was inevitable and destructive, the civilization that was left behind did not matter to the new inhabitants of the planet and the parasites that still resisted needed to be eliminated to the last survivor.

Nuclear bombs are no longer a taboo in the war against the invading enemy that now was no longer invisible, had shape, smell and did not fear the firepower they faced, for sure there was no discernment so that they could distinguish right from wrong, good and evil, were determined to regain the Earth as a new species. The food chain would change inevitably hands.

But the worst was yet to come, the largest population concentration was in the Northern Hemisphere, in all about five and a half billion people lived by all territories, the final showdown would be epic, but with the advancement of the toxic cloud, the enemy went beyond the human barriers of defense and settled in the rear. It would be an inglorious but epic battle.

The great world leaders had chosen remote parts of the world to install the provisional government, in Asia the Himalayas was for now a shrine, at least until the undead escalate their escarpments, anyway, had the advantage of altitude in their favor and they could retain the advance of ZOMBIES for a while that time did not know estimate. There were scattered news strongholds of resistance in the Andes in South America and the highest points of the Atlas Mountains in Africa, among other less precise locations. How did they escape the certain death was still a mystery, but any spark of hope was a renewal for the humans who survived.

Nick Frost crouched in helicopter funds epitomized all the catastrophe happened over there in the words of Anton Pavlov – “The dead shall inherit the earth…” – That man knew more than all of them together even before the Apocalypse begins, but it was a real incognita that were well founded. I did not remember it was a religious man, however, skeptical to the last strand of hair, so one would assume that the secret was in their profession. Yes Paleontology, natural science that studies the life of the Earth’s past and its development over geological time, as well as the biological information integration processes in the geological record…

That was the best definition I could have that science, at some place Anton faced a hiatus, a gap to be filled, the total absence of the missing link that was never found, because there was simply so. The information your dark side conveyed him to the brain, and for which he struggled constantly to keep track, you said that the process of evolution was slow and painful, through endless geological ages in search of being mayor, possibly made in the likeness of his creators.

If that were true, then they were like lab rats that met a stage of the experiment and then immediately were dismissed as side effects. Closed his eyes in order to have better concentration and felt all the power that emanated from the right side of his body, the urge to rush out like other animals and to extinguish those who prevented the mutation process is complete, human, was overwhelming.

Not hated, it was just a biological necessity derived from the first survival policy, exterminate the threat, something else was out of his control, the reason was not fully transformed into a ZOMBIE during the process of infection, probably due to the code genetic carrying, but it could be a combination of random factors. There were more people in the world that would tolerate the cold or heat than others, it was a natural predisposition, some supported highly contagious diseases contracting the virus, with carriers, but not suffering the deadly consequences of infections.

The science books were full of examples and stories, some tremendously fantastic to the point they border on fiction and many of them have become stories in large cinema screens as if they were things of this world, but they were not. He looked askance at Nadja who stood clutching the injured arm wrapped in a dirty cloth, she was not demanding or how his own body and that he has saved an obvious decline, the result could be far worse than the fall itself, which It would have been deadly and immediate.

- Ten minutes to Drammen, Dr. Frost… – Vladimir needed approach to the mutant if wanted to save Nadja did not know how, but he was sure that Frost was hiding something, find out for sure.

- Take a walk on the church and head to the west until you see a house in a clearing surrounded by tall pines… – It was time to know how would his life and the people there loved him forward and his mother was the best person he knew to identify the extent of the problem, did not trust anyone else.

- OK! Notice how we arrive the clearing! – It was great that there was a clearing to land; it would save them time that he was aware that Nadja would not. – Are you okay Nadja? – Asked to know the real condition of the woman who accompanied him, he noticed the color change in your body, an attractive and virginal pale once for the gray tone that had become accustomed to see in the last week. Lost friends, acquaintances and God knows who else that moment did not remember, but he survived, Nadja too.

- Yes, a bit tired and sleepy, but well… – It was not a credible response from her that was always willing to fight. Vladimir realized making the curve on the church in the city center and headed West pair as instructed, just over two minutes can see the meadow with pine trees around. It was easy to identify the absence of other larger buildings around Moreover; the place was the face Nick Frost. The helicopter hovered over the house causing a flight below it. There was nothing around that could raise suspicions, would land near the entrance, away enough that he had no problems in a possible launch. That did not seem to be the final destination.

- Landed! I hope to have hit the spot! – Hung rotor buzzing still leaving the aircraft shimmy a bit, it was the ground resonance, but very bland, would not cause damage to the structure of the aircraft. I needed her in good condition. I compared that type of helicopter to a car for beginners, rather the military type, more robust and heavy.

Frost loomed up by Vante windows on the front of the helicopter that had brought them, clutched the diabolical arm using his left hand, not let it dwindle was more touched by death in their hands. The lights of the Main Hall were lit, one at the entrance door to light travelers and the light in the room where he had spent his youth studying and kept your time clock, his experience he liked most, and where he had spent hours studying Earth science. But what most caught his attention was the red light tower on top of the house, under the storks nest, which was a local feature. It had always been the warning that his father had used to call him and in general there was a reprimand involved in that case strangers.

- We cannot go, you are not alone… – I knew it would be almost useless to hide in the grand entrance in front of the house was almost theatrical. But I needed to know the enemy, if there was one, the light might just be forgotten.

- What’s it? Something wrong? – Vladimir did not come out of the helicopter as well as the other two. – There may be contamination, we are early hours about it… – still had the gun Sig Sauer that was subtracted from the security of the NOMAD. Nadja had not thought to bring the other, had been in strong car. A man appeared in the doorway, I could not distinguish it until they heard his voice.

- Although it is not our NZOMBIE! – Gloat – Do not be shy Dr. Frost! Come in, pretend that the house is yours! – Cackled as if beside himself. And it was.

Vladimir and Nadja were the first to recognize the voice behind that obfuscated silhouetted by the light input was Oliver McQuenn. I had discovered their whereabouts and anticipated their movements. – It McQueen! – Nadja seemed to have taken a shot of adrenaline.

- Oliver McQueen? – Nick Frost did not understand the relationship of the man with his parents. – Why are you here? – She rushed to get off the helicopter and was not prevented, could not and no one would. Physical contact with him was mortal. Nadja followed and Vladimir was at the back with rifle in hand, he would die a lot of people with him.

- Came behind you Nick and the secret that you keep… – Nadja stumbled slightly, but neither man could help her, for obvious reasons, one of them could finish what he started a crazy suddenly, the other could be readily infected only with your breath if the process is already in a very advanced stage.

- I have no secret, I do not even know the reason for still being alive, I have some guesses, but the answer’s in there with Martha Frost, my mother… – walked until he entered the front door and headed for the main room. The father was sitting next to the mother and holding her hands in it the loveseat made of buffalo leather, the left one of the personal guards of Oliver McQueen and right other remained in position, both with weapons 9 mm Vladimir recognized as exclusive use. Those men were professionals.

- Good to see you and Nick know you’re okay… – The mother tried to hide the horror he saw the beautiful child who had created so dear to the world. – You see, we have visits … – settled down a little closer to her husband, was not afraid of the child, but what could happen then needed to ensure the safety of the two men she loved.

- Hello mother… I’m not one of my better days… – I forced a smile that left the considered normal even realize that the bestial part of the mutation at some point eventually overlap each other.

- Yes, I see… – She looked at her husband at her side who had not said a word until then.

- It’s always good to see you son… – He looked at the other two who accompanied the slender, delicate woman with a skin tone that was unfamiliar, and the burly type and middle-aged who firmly held the gun not hand. That was not good.

- I’ve had better days father, but not over! – Looked with hatred in his eyes to Oliver McQueen swinging a glass of whiskey in his left hand and holding a pistol with his right resting on one leg, the barrel touched the knee.

- Now that we’ve killed the missing… – He smiled at the irony of the phrase itself. – Lets go to what matters! Why not tell us your secret and how to survive the virus? – Took another sip before continuing. – Do not you think it strange that you, the man who delivered the plague on the human race, the only one who has not suffered damage as all the others? Is not it ironic? – Rose at once and put the barrel of the gun leaning on the head of Nadja Romanov, pulling her against his own body. He was shocked to realize that she was infected and threw it on the ground without taking the sights. – Time, time, so we have two ZOMBIES now! Sorry NZOMBIE one and a ZOMBIE! – He kicked the woman on the floor to make sure I would not be a threat.

- Why are you doing this Mr. McQueen? – Do not represent danger; we just want to survive like everyone else! – The cloth on the wound imposed by Frost had fallen and the extension was large, the process was irreversible.

- I’m sorry you Nadja Romanov! – Walked away a bit keeping a safe distance from all the paranoia began to affect him by the stress of all the events. – I had plans for both of us, but I see it will be impossible! Will I need to get a new Eve in order to colonize this Infernal Paradise! – He cackled opening his arms and staring at the ceiling as if on top of a mountain. immediately he composed himself then knew that the hours were counted.

He pointed the gun at Nick Frost’s mother looking at him in the eye, perceived as the creature was powerful and bestial, if only he could control the animal side, might have a chance to dominate the rest. He turned the gun and pointed again to Nadja still on the ground.

- He does not know… – Martha Frost stood quietly and hugged his son, was still his son, laid her head on his chest and remained there for a few seconds to be removed and thrown back on the sofa by the security that was his guard. The gun pointed straight to the head of Nick Frost, who doubted that a shot could cause you more damage than it already had, and indeed a part of it was already dead, at least when it came to science he knew.

- And why not tell us the secret that her beloved son carries before I put an end to life of both? – Oliver McQueen sat back in his chair, bothered him that Vladimir wield still a weapon that defied his authority. Made a move for him to throw on the ground, Timochenco took a step back and cocked his Kalashnikov, the senses of everyone was alert.

- Or I die, or we all die, you choose… – It was cold and calculating, was not afraid to die, never had, and had seen death in the face countless times. Oliver McQueen and his henchmen not even scared a little.

- Very well! I see that is a determined man and I recognize when I am challenged, but in this case I will open an exception! – Vladimir looked at again as she hit with the gun barrel in the knee then that reminded him he was still alive in spite of all the influence of alcohol. – Do not have to know Vladimir? – Defiantly asked the Russian pilot who once was their services and the Corporation commanding.

- Let the lady talk… Frost – Timochenco had more than curiosity, desperately needed to know how to save Nadja Romanov.

- I had a wonderful life here… – Martha begins his speech to all those who wanted to hear. – I married a wonderful man who stood at my side in good days and bad days like this we are going through now. I got success in career and all related titles and recognitions you could wish for, besides all this, I had a wonderful child as you can see and now facing some adversity… – She squeezed her husband’s hand matched.

- But my son is not an ordinary man, it has never been and will never be is one of the possible forty human beings who have the blood RH-zero, also known as Golden Blood, to be a universal donor, on the other hand, does not receive blood none but the same kind he… – I was sure that his son knew that detail, it would be no surprise. – For this reason we choose to live our lives in isolation and away from the big centers, any accident that could have would be deadly for sure and we save this misfortune until he became a man and won freedom for the world! – Smiled at her son.

- So it’s clear! We just need to spoon a little of his blood and inject ourselves, since it is a universal donor! – McQueen was delighted that the solution was so simple.

- Not this alone will not solve the problem… – Martha turned to the man who threatened his family with hatred in his eyes – There are other details that he himself is not aware of all truth and that I will now reveal… – He paused to take a deep breath. – When he was about six years old, had a malfunction during an examination of X-rays, a dark mass was compressing his heart between the lungs and the rest of the chest. The solution was to know what would be an operation and fine ran a biopsy later. She looked at her husband smiling knowing that he had been at his side all the time, difficult days. – The preparation took at least ten days, there was a suspicion that it was a tumor with ramifications that could compromise your health and even he could die on the operating table, but we could never live in the shadow of a doubt that sooner or later end up prove. We chose to anticipate the fatal outcome. – Oliver McQueen paid attention to every detail of what the woman said.

The surgery went well, without many surprises and despite the recovery be painful, with the use of drains and other apparatuses of post-surgical recovery, we have the magnificent result that can see standing in front of us! – He pointed to one of the outstretched hands to the child. – The result of the biopsy of the mass removed from within, revealed bone formation, hair, nails and teeth… The final conclusion was that I fathered two children in early pregnancy, but for some reason unknown the next few months after embryonic gestation, it was absorbed by Nick body and remained there wrapped safely to be discovered. – I was tired of having to explain to strangers something so intimate and even more in those circumstances, but needed to complete. – So I had a gestation of twins who gave only one child… – there ended their participation in that episode aware that at least the scientists present there would know the answer to the riddle, but Oliver McQueen did not have this perception.

- But what does it all mean? Tell logo woman before I blow your brains out! – I was impatient and the clock ran against time if needed to make a transfusion would have to be immediately and time was running out.

- I marvel much Mr. McQueen that a man in his position has not understood the conversation! – Nadja intervened comprising why Nick Frost had suggested to him the name Chimaera. – He sat up with some difficulty and sore ribs received the man kicks with gun in hand. – Nick Frost has two distinct types of DNA within, so one party remains human and the other not… – still tried to accommodate comfortably.

It was clarified in the final mystery was that freak of nature a being completely different from the others and destined to survive in the body of a living dead but conscious. It was the flaw found by nature to preserve some specimens gives them a second chance, not in the same condition as above, but it was an opportunity they could not miss.

- I do not believe you, woman! – Oliver stood, angry menacingly. – I’ll take every drop of blood that it has to create a New Order in this miserable planet that is now forgotten by God and that very soon will also be forgotten by men! – He pointed the gun at his chest Martha Frost and cocked the pistol. – You choose Nick Frost… or whatever you are now! – Prepared for the worst. Vladimir stiffened, were the decisive minutes.

Nick Frost was the only one who could see everything that followed in slow motion. His father threw himself on Martha as Oliver McQueen was a straight shot will almost point blank. Vladimir Timochenco fired the gun in a burst down the two guards who remained all the time next to his parents. Nadja was still on the floor plugging his ears and screaming, as if to chase away the evil spirits that invaded that hallowed place. Nick Frost with his left hand pressed the jugular Oliver McQueen lifting him off the ground, had no idea where it was coming so hard his human side, but was in no hurry.

She looked him straight in the eyes and raised his right arm and bestial, disproportionate, long fingers and sharp nails. Down the claws starting just below the man’s throat with wide eyes and tore it slowly to the waist, nothing in the way stopped him and had the feeling that cut butter. Oliver McQueen fainted quickly, but not before looking at your heart in the hand of Nick Frost. It was the last thing he saw. His body was thrown into a corner of the wall making a loud noise to fall to the ground, Nadja looked incredulous heart of Oliver McQueen still pulsing in the mutant hand hanging from the right side of the NZOMBIE let that worthless piece of meat fell at his feet and close knelt where her father lay prostrate on his mother still sitting on the couch. He picked it up delicately and turned it so he could see well. He was dead with a hole in the back that left the bloodstained chest. Eldar Frost was dead shot down like a rabid dog. He leaned it carefully as if he were again sitting ready for some talk in the family about the things they enjoyed at nightfall. He turned his attention to Martha, his mother.

The caliber bullet thick pierce his father’s body and was lodged in his chest, the stain was huge and dark, life was fading between the fingers not holding the bleeding. – I’m here mom… Do not leave me… – A tear trickled down the face of the human side of Nick as he tried to stop the bleeding in a woman’s breast that had brought him to the world and loved every day of his life.

- My son… My time is running out and there is nothing you can do … – I coughed a bit with a few drops of blood, still holding her husband’s hand knowing he was dead and did not want to live without his company. – You’re still the best man I met after his father … how can Save … Start by her … – He looked at Nadja on the ground trembling for all the apparent reasons, the situation and the mutation advancing violently.

- But you said it was not possible! – Nick still reluctant to let his mother left him alone in the world.

- There is a natural precedent… It is possible, but only you know … – He sighed deeply and his eyes glazed without closing. Martha Frost was dead.

I wanted to scream and howl like a wild animal to the world just to take the things he loved most, but had no time, fulfill the will of his mother before he lost to someone who still loved deeply. He turned to pick her up, but Vladimir Timochenco was among them.

- I need to know if she has a chance… A single to be… – The two dark marks on his chest, Nick could see clearly, they left no doubt that the exchange of buckshot had been mutual, still wielding the rifle toward Frost. It was a formidable soldier.

- I’ll do everything I can… I do not know if it will work, you heard the conversation … – this time Nadja ran to hold Vladimir falling like a heavy burden on the ground, she held it as he could by pouring it on your lap.

- Oh… My dear Vladimir… I looked into his eyes as his tears fell on his face. – You were my guardian angel… My savior of all times… – I stroked his face with her fingertips. Nick Frost had some difficulty understanding what he saw, but realized it was not the only one in the life of Nadja Romanov. In a way it was gratified that both could be compared at the same time the eyes of the woman who snatched hearts.

- There was this Nadja life… Maybe next… – He smiled painfully.

- In a few hours you will be with us again… – She knew the element Frost, as he hated that name, would come at any time and resurrect those who were on the way.

- No… This is not… I will die like a man… – Using the rest of the forces still had placed the muzzle of the Sig Sauer under the chin and the chest, but could not pull the trigger, he lacked forces need help.

Nadja embraced him as much as you can until you pulled the trigger and saw the man’s head in his lap fall apart, wept copiously when the left hand Nick held to rise. It was with the right hand that wiped the tears from Nadja, not feared most, knew how to control it now and always, there was a precedent to that.

- Come Nadja, my mother has saved what we need, always prepared! – Remembered from childhood deprivations because of the rare factor in their blood. He opened a door to the library and behind her was another door and a nicely decorated lab, with old and more modern investigative tools. He opened the drawer and he knew that his mother had made a point to show you if needed in an emergency. There were all the trappings to make an emergency transfusion of blood and the situation demanded skill and speed.

Nadja was better at it than him. She forced him to lie on the only medical evaluation table that existed in the room, did not provide a transfusion between two people, but only the use of blood bags, in any case, would have to serve. Inserted a long catheter in the left Nick arm still remained normal despite already noted some mutation changes, but remained with the almost natural color, made the necessary connections to the blood travel from one point to another, had experience , I knew the ramifications that did would work, just was not sure if the result would be positive.

He lay down on the cold ground and smooth down the diagnostic table next to Nick, but that did not bother her, she felt comfortable, almost adapted. Inserted the proper gauge cannula and punctured the vein opening the valve that would receive the “cure” Frost… not noticed that I fell asleep slowly, his thoughts were far better days. Not agreed on the following hours.

[] Chapter VI


It was day, the cloud passed as the messenger that was death. Nick did not need how long they were asleep letting blood between them walks for their bodies repeatedly, certainly was an unusual case and that the consequences could be the worst possible. He lay for some time, there was no kind of hurry to remember the horrors of the previous days, perhaps weeks, in any case, the conditions of the Nadja worried and searched around. It did not take to find her lying on the floor like a sleeping beauty…

It was so to say, the beautiful concept was far from that once represented the human ideal both male and female, now the parameters were different. Helen of Troy had been in another world that no longer that, Cleopatra, Terpsichore and Guinevere were definitely dead and buried in the books closed on the shelves of libraries that no one ever would read the next millennia. No one else would have Paris or Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.

One thing was certain, the transmutation process of Nadja Romanov was apparently complete and the result, although it was not an understanding that dominated completely, recognized that the body strength was more pronounced with noticeably toned muscles and some more elongated members, as well as it in the mutant part, the hands were a great example. They had something in common now beyond the love they felt for each other. There was a blood pact between them that could last for eternity, after all, no one knew how long a ZOMBIE could “live”, if that was the correct way to name them.

I needed to wake up and Nadja for more than ten minutes had been just watching it and making a comparison of who knew her during the human stage and now there was a new dominant race in the food chain. They were two opposites; expected dementia caused by the infection process had not reached. He still felt that his human half insisted on controlling the other party mutant, was an endless conflict, but that at some point have an end and in recent days he, Nick Frost, had learned a lot in dealing with this personal disagreement.

His human side still remembered the behavior of a gentleman and a natural attitude took her up leaving the frosty ground behind placing it gently on the table of diagnosis. He ran his hand over his forehead and slid asleep stroking the still dark-haired Nadja. They were two different creatures now, not to say antagonistic, at least it was full and he just a bizarre thing that divided the old and new world in a single being.

He imagined for a moment that at some point the Frost Event would occupy a place in the marking of your time clock that was still hanging on the bedroom wall upstairs, as if it were a valuable trophy of his youth. He felt a mixture of love and hate for all that had happened in recent weeks, after all, he was a researcher, perhaps one of the best in their field, in any case, it was no good consolation for all the apocalyptic disaster that came after drilling of Lake Vostok.

Humanity could not simply succumb because of an isolated event that now become global size, there would certainly be a cure and a way to save possible survivors. Governments around the world have planned for shelters decades for nuclear disasters, alien invasions, biological warfare, and even meteoric cataclysms, so somewhere there would be a “safe haven” for the elect and perpetuators of the species. He and Nadja certainly would not be among them.

I had to wake her while she wanted her to remain asleep for an indefinite time. The transfusion process could be repeated indefinitely for others to survive, knew how his blood was precious at this time, as well as other possible forty that probably exist on the planet and they had the “rare blood”, which set them apart from remaining species. That did not mean they had survived the Apocalypse Zombie, however, would eventually be hunted by both sides, and he and Nadja.

Mutants the would hunt the human part who insisted on being present in its other half, and human for the opposite reason, that would allow the mutation was controlled, but there was sure that had fully functioning with the once beautiful woman now I was asleep. It would be necessary to wake her up as soon as possible. As if it were a scene from a book of children’s stories, she leaned over her and kissed her gently on the lips. To an outside observer it was nothing more than a Dantesque scene of an episode of macabre literature.

- Wake Nadja… – whispered softly after taste her in his mouth, was different and not as inviting as once when stolen a kiss. With some difficulty she opened her eyes and saw her lover just like the last time I had been with him, but not everything was normal, the smell of human flesh was too strong and invited to feel it between his teeth, just did not understand why this happened.

- Nick… – The words sounded more serious and different from what was used to hear in her voice.

- Take it easy … – He ran a hand through her hair again feeling the softness of bluish skin without temperature. – It was a long and slow process, but it seems that had the desired effect. – There was not much else to say, it was necessary for her to see by their own eyes. He helped raise it with some difficulty, felt that her weight had changed with the sudden gain muscle mass. He thought that in another situation that would be a great object of study. Immediately he repented then by his miserable thoughts.

- My God! – Nadja, who had once been a slender, delicate woman, the most coveted among men wherever he went, was now a being mutated and disfigured by human standards. Still had the species of origin characteristics, but evidently was more adapted to face the world and the adversities of the world, felt he did not need to worry if the weather was cold or hot, it would make any difference, your body assimilated the change in the best sense to leave her comfortable. – This is not me… – I played the two large hands with long fingers and sharp nails blackened the face and felt how powerful were able to lacerate any prey in seconds.

- At least I did not lose you to the virus… – It was not the best way to say it approved the new physical form of it, but it was all he had at the time and hoped it was enough. – You are perhaps the next step of human evolution with all the features that will still take thousands of years to reach the other… – It was true that had jumped several steps of mutation with the help of blood transfusion as provided in all research, nature always found a way to preserve some specimens of those who would be extinct, but it also meant that there would be two different branches of individuals vying for space on the planet, ZOMBIES walkers who succumbed to contamination of the virus and suffering from dementia and NZOMBIES conscious that for now they were only two.

- I do not want this to be Nick! I hate to be this, not me! – She tried to cry, but no tears pouring of any kind, felt that this would be an impossible thing in the new physical condition he had.

- My blood gave him a chance to turn the game, Nadja, do not waste it like it does not matter… – In a way, he felt offended again were present creator and creature, it was now his most sublime creation and hope that at least one branch of humanity, or whatever the name would give them, survive and thrive on Earth, after all, nothing lasted forever, not even the dreams and the annihilation of humanity by itself, it was only a matter of time. They lived too long in the shadow of mass extinction events in any way and even involuntary, had succeeded.

- My dreams have become nightmares, Nick! – I hated the way he talked about his new condition. – I had plans and still so much to do… – She was young and dreamy, at some point in his life thought of houses with white and children running in the garden fences, while was preparing a hearty and tasty dinner for her husband, who come at home at any time and know who was that man by whom sighed for long periods between a rider and one of the Vostok Station. I wanted time to come back to the last time he felt he needed to be protected and loved, as she held her blouse to her chest and tried to seduce the young biologist who surprised her at night.

- What are you thinking Nadja? – Nick realized the complexity of the thoughts that crossed her mind and wanted to know what was going on before taking the next step.

- On the night he was looking for me in accommodation, why not takes me in his arms and made me his wife? – There was no reason to hide the desired completely in his bed that night and I was willing to go beyond the limits imposed by sexual shame to please him, but it did not. – I would not have resisted in any way… – there He ended his most intimate question in recent years.

- I did my best not to start that blouse that kept me from seeing and touching your body… That both wanted for a long time and now seems only an echo of a distant world and time! – I told him bluntly and aware of the Herculean effort he had made a week earlier to control and not devour it like a wild animal. – We are still a couple, Nadja and I’m not willing to give that up for a second that is! – She hugged her tightly, but felt that things would be very different from now on.

- What do we do now? – She stood with her head against his chest creature half man half mutant. I could hear not only his heart pounding and all the sounds around and some from the living room bothered her deeply. – There’s something out there that do not know what it is, but it’s not good! – Up the nostrils to smell as prey.

- Let’s see what it is without you to recognize that we are here… – He was in front because he knew every room in the house where he was born and even knew all the creaks the floor and the doors were to be triggered. Nadja followed him like he was the Alpha Male of the group to which they now belong, but there was no way to know if they would be the only, or for how long.

He opened the door where they were and that gave access to the main room, peeked through a small crack and barely contained hatred cry before he saw. Oliver McQueen was leaning over the woman who was slaughtered like an animal by his own weapon, the bloody mouth still chewing the content that powerful hands ZOMBIES slashed slowly, the body that was once Martha Frost and was disjointed movements while being devoured the former President of the Corporation NOMAD. Nick penalized for not having foreseen that it could happen, it was logical that the dead return to life and there would be no exceptions, not even for her.

It took courage to look again without Nadja could see what was happening, at least for a few minutes wished to spare her this terrifying vision, but he could not forget who was there on the other side of the door was his dear and beloved mother. I felt that one side forced him to learn more, was the scientific side of the human part of Frost, while the other insisted it was for the fight and play in the fresh meat that still transmuted in the other room. The silence was interrupted by the audible sound of a mobile phone that identified being in the can of Oliver ZOMBIE heartless probably your personal device, but it also meant that there was intelligent life somewhere else, unless it could be an automatic dialing, but for some reason believed the former.

- What will you see below will not be far from even the worst thing we’ve ever seen, but we have to know how to deal with it … – Frost clenched fist with his left hand and the direct left sharp nails ready for action. – We need to know who’s on the other side of the connection, it may be our only chance to find others like us, or not so… – I was not sure it would be or who would be, but would not give up the opportunity to know. Nadja just nodded without understanding what was happening, but I could smell the blood in abundance from the other side of the door.

Nick Frost opened once the door that sometimes was used to just go from one room to the other so that no noise was heard, entered again in the great room where everything had happened hours before, perhaps days, not I had to know by the time they were unconscious and calmly walked around the place trying to understand the scene altogether. Nadja that followed him like a shadow began to understand everything that was happening at that time and was grateful for not being one of them. Oliver was still hunched over his prey who insisted on resist, sitting on the couch there was Martha, the former president of the NOMAD fed her husband was not present was now a wandering walker, but still had the two bodyguards who shared what body was left over from Vladimir Timochenco lying on the ground. Interestingly Nadja did not feel repulsed by what he saw even compassion or something, everything, even if it was new, it seemed a frightening normality.

The first to smell the NZOMBIE was Oliver McQueen had deflected attention from what was to look at Frost standing in the center, absorbed in thought room. Soon after the other two ZOMBIES also noted the presence of something that was not like them, there was a new prey to be hunted. It was Nadja who stopped the fierce tock McQueen on Nick, his long fingers with sharp nails dug into the eye sockets of the creature advancing threatening and pierced his brain leaving the heavy body fall lifeless on the ground. He hoped this did was definitely dead. The other two undead down upon him with some agility could deviate from the fatal blows, there was no time to fight against them and did not even know if they could beat them, but worth a try if only to know who had made such a connection.

Nadja lost no time helping Frost in the fight against the two ZOMBIES and sought the handset that had been all the time in the pocket of pants now definitely dead Oliver McQuenn. – I took Nick! Let’s go! – The two creatures stopped the onslaught trying to figure out where it came from and the guttural bass, but even looking directly at Nadja could not see how anything that was not of their own species to which now belonged, as provided they do not would hunt. It was one in all aspects. He handed the phone to him very quickly and asked to leave the door leading to the outside without delay. Nick Frost asked no questions, he knew she would be safe in the company of his, but that was not all.

On the outside overlooking the garden there was only silence, the house of Frost was quite isolated, away from the urban center and therefore was not surprising that there were not any strange activity, slowly walked to the helicopter remained poised since they had arrived, and regretted that he did not know fly it. He opened the side door and entered to stay in a better position to see the phone call list; the battery was nearly depleted, but considered that there would still be some time to see the information he needed. Realized how the mutant hand was disproportionate when held the machine, or at least managed to make it work, after a few seconds and using the human hand still had managed to access the latest links, slid the information with your finger until it has reached an name the most recent. – Yuri Antonov… I have no idea who you are, but it will be our lifeboat! – Wasted no time called soon after.

- Oliver! Glad to know you’re still alive! How did this feat? You find NZOMBIE? The living Dead? – Yuri gave a hell of a laugh on the other side of the line.

- Oliver McQueen is dead… – Nick Frost spoke haltingly and with the confidence that whoever was on the other end know the evil plans of the president of NOMAD, therefore, was as responsible for the death of their parents as the thing that Nadja just killed. He looked out waiting for the mutant woman appeared, but it did not.

- Who speaks? – Yuri was surprised to receive the call that number and not his friend and partner of other times. – I assume that is Dr. Frost… – waited until it was confirmed the identity of the man who had to call him.

- You seem to know more about me than myself… Mr. Antonov – The most difficult of all that was going on that and other previous times was to control the conflict between the two halves, the half man and half beast.

Inside the room, a part told him that the woman was being devoured his beloved mother and that something needed to be done to change that grim situation, while the other just did not care and had no difficulty in understanding which of them had won. – I seem to have something you want, I think we should negotiate… – we waited for the answer came from the other side.

- Yes Dr. Frost! You have something that all of us here want and need… – I was not sure of doing the right thing, but it was essential to persuade Frost to believe that a significant portion of the human race had been saved not only the opportunists they were. – If you tell me where it is, I will be happy to send a shuttle to pick it up! – He concluded.

- In time… In time… – It was enough that the device’s battery runs out and the phone stay out of service. That period was over, but he knew there were other human somewhere and that there might still be hope. Was surprised to be included in the human race again, but this was utopia, it was nothing more than an aberration created by nature. In any decline had an advantage over all this, no one knew of the existence of Nadja Romanov, the hybrid mutant who had deceived the evolutionary process.

He looked again through the porthole of the aircraft and saw the walk Nadja towards her, there was no graciousness of old, but they were new times, requiring new attitudes and postures. The long hands were covered with crimson red blood dripped as it advanced lightly, was a perfect killing machine. Did not take long to arrive where Nick was still with the appliance rotating between his pale, thin fingers with well-made nails, came in and sat before him without saying a word in his mind only the vision of having to put an end to life Martha Frost, he had no pity even felt sorry, only made what he considered necessary and appropriate to the moment. I could tell it was a coup de grace.

- How it was there… – It was a mixture of question and answer at the same time, without being rhetorical. He knew what had happened, at least suspected, but would not thank you for it, not then, or future.

- Very simple… I’m invisible to them… – firmly looked at Frost in trying to find out if he had understood the gravity of the situation she had left behind somehow had just killed his mother, although by human standards were already clinically dead.

- Yes… I understood that as soon as we entered the room, but it does not mean it will be invisible to the human … – He felt slightly uncomfortable to realize that what had just spoken had definitively excluded the human race. I was done.

- Yes, human… – It was too late to turn back, but he had received the message without any error in transmission. She was now, perhaps, the only one of its kind and like him, a chimera. – If some left over … – there it ended his conversation with him and did not need to answer, at least for now. He replied so little.

Frost began to make plans to continue their journey, just was not sure which destinations should follow, but one thing was certain, could only survive if they continued moving and still stand there waiting for the future to arrive was not an option. It was a methodical person and made calculations about the chances they would have to find other human inhabitants and there would be an inevitable confrontation about it, not fooled for a moment.

He was a half human half ZOMBIE, was undetermined, one that could not be classified or quantified so decided to add the N undefined value making it the NZOMBIE, the only of its kind too far as he knew. He did not stop to think about the connection that had to Yuri Antonov, had a “safe haven” somewhere he did not know and still intended that this handset back to work for that a refill was needed, but there had no such means and back to the inside of his old house was out.

I did not know how long the essential services would continue working without preventive interference and human control, very soon the satellites would leave orbit and begin to fall on the earth or simply dispersing the infinite space. They would definitely stranded in communications and navigation systems, were doomed to return to the Stone Age, a new beginning from scratch or worse.

I knew beforehand that if knowledge was not passed on down the generations all that had been created so far would be lost in time and in the distant future, other civilizations, time or another, find an older archaeological find what they might need in time and an unlikely context, as we did today in what we call Forbidden Archeology. Here was the answer to all those artifacts that were often found and summarily discarded because they do not fit in the traditional archeology, once again human arrogance overrode reason and the facts.

He imagined a cold new world and dark where all the social rules would be abolished and be constantly escape, were like two endangered animals even if no one knew of their existence. I had no idea how it would be their future from now on, but would do everything in his power to perpetuate their own species or whatever they were, it was not you justify much less doubt what happened to the world , formerly known as Earth.

It was the will of a superior intelligence for sure!
Only this time there was a flood, much less drop some killer meteor was only the smallest weapon of war known to man, the virus. I had no idea how long he had been wandering about such matters now that filled his mind with questions, only realized that much time had passed when Nadja woke up again a short deep sleep. A haunting question sparked in his brain and was not sure how to do it for the “woman” who was ahead of him looking at him suspiciously.


- What’s it? – Nadja was not waiting the answer came by itself and after being filed the barrier between species that Nick had suggested hours earlier, was more than ever willing to survive at any cost, even if it needed to take extreme measures.

- We are still two scientists able to coordinate some thoughts and there are some questions that have no answers so far! – Surrounded a bit it until it took courage and went ahead. – If what is happening is a “natural” selection process, so to speak, as the modifying agent was in the nature … How these things will reproduce? – Twisted a little nose that could only be seen by their still human features.

- It’s a good question, Dr. Frost… – It was not news what he asked, she had already asked the same question as soon as he realized that both now had different physiologies and that a cross between the species would have some peculiarities, including in the process of “Dance Mating”. He gave a laugh that echoed through the interior of the aircraft which were still safe. The use of the term “cross” made them less human.

- Any idea how it will happen? – He was still curious and despite having outlined a slight smile watching the amazing laugh that he had just heard, without even knowing why.

- Well… Initially there will be a great slaughter of individuals, primarily those that have been or are still maimed due to the advancement of mutant hordes after the virus. – He remembered how she had found Martha Frost and how the left then. He waved away the thought, what intrigued Frost. – So we can assume that the seven billion people inhabiting the planet remain few million only! – Concluding the first phase of explanation.

- We will have an accelerated reduction of the mass population of the planet … – Nick nodded confirming that assumption would be correct.

- Of the millions that remain, another much succumb by hunger, chance and so many other things certainly happen! – I made some mental calculations with up surprisingly quickly to new physical condition he looked. – Still, there will be “human” enough mass to perpetuate this new species! – Paused to review some concepts. – Of course we have to take into account the dementia caused by viruses, against the physical conditions were superior to survive adversity on the planet! – I was still thinking about what he said.

- So you believe that the mental evolution process is necessary for this new species “Upgrade” to a superior condition to humans in a few hundred years? – I was intrigued by what he heard.

- Modesty her believe that will be a few hundred years… – He was surprised that he had not realized that the process would be long and painful. – Understand, there would be no logic in an evolutionary process was not delayed and by the time it was needed. After all, if we are in a laboratory and are a kind of cyclical experience, it takes time, a long time! – Wait to hear his opinion, but he believed in every word spoken.

- This means that we will be a type of monkeys compared to human! – Raised the eyebrow of his human do. – Darwinian theory teaches us that we are descended from apes, but if that were true, then there should be no monkeys! – He had already asked whether, if this theory were true, nothing justified the monkeys exist, after all evolution would be homogeneous.

- Yes… Or even the case of Neanderthals in relation to Homo Sapiens, or any other similar species unknown to and form the missing link such that so far not found and that directly relate the man to the monkey and so on… – She had a good idea of how that conversation would end and if it were not the case, it would make it happen. It was an instinctive part that blossomed even more, could call is in heat. The condition of extreme sexual receptivity by passing the female animals, in which she was now with absolute certainty definitely framed.

- What we see then is a devastated and empty world of intelligent life forms for a long time, is not it? – Nick reached a denominator on the subject.

- Now you understood! The ZOMBIES not perpetuate the dominant population and as scientists we are… or were… – Made a short break deep breath. – We know that nature finds its way to renew the species and this seems to be our case… – She looked at him again, but this time with ulterior motives.

- Yes, we know that nature gives your way… – spoke simplistically, but always believed that and science has proved at all times.

- So, Nick Frost… In answer to your original question, although we both can now look different species, we can say that we are, at least as far as we know, Adam and Eve in this place we’ll call Eden, or start… – The answer would follow determine the following attitudes would.

- Yes… Although different now, it seems we are the only ones aware of the changes, even though there may be others… – He remembered some questions that made the youth to get answers on what the Catholic Church called dogmas, one of them was like Adam and Eve could have been multiplied if they had only three sons and Eve was the only woman in history, however, the best response came even from his mother, when he said that the inhabitants of Paradise had been the first and not the only ones. That satisfied him.

- Once you agree with me there is no reason to discover for ourselves the extent to which we are so different or the same in this new condition… – Nadja pulled the torn and bloodstained blouse to him clutching his chest since he had gone through the transformation, not surprised to see themselves naked and firm breasts as they ever were, were not the ideal size as always regarded as human and proportionate to your body, but they were rugged and magnificent, unraveled by the dim light of the moonlight coming in through one of the portholes helicopter. She looked at him as he pulled the bottom of the compressed entirely and now freed letting his whole body was exposed in the eyes of Nick Frost, who watched all this in silence test.

- As you can see my dear, I’m still a woman completely, now more advantaged! – True, none lacked attributes, only the new body was better adapted, more robust and even bluish color under the skin smoothly in contrast to the whole.

- I… I do not know what to say… – For the first time was speechless and in a situation from which there was no escape. I did not doubt his ability as male and player, but had been taken by surprise. He did not realize the proximity of Nadja, but could smell emanating from her body center inviting you to experience it.

- Let me reveal what’s beneath these miserable clothes… – It was true, that dress was with him for at least ten days and on other occasions the smell would have been unbearable, but due to recent events it did not matter, not for them. Nadja removed the shirt he wore with as much delicacy as he could, was concerned with the death of his hands and sharp claws, that was the easy part, but it was interesting to see that the man’s body in front suffered proportional changes both the human side that was still preserved and reminded him of the desire of another time, as part of the mutant, it was exactly like the current settings of her body. I was not sure he liked the two worlds he represented, but would know in an instant.

The pants would be harder to get and she did not want to waste time, I knew that with luck they had was likely to appear some mishap on the outside, or anything else that surprised. Ran the tip of one of the claws, the index finger on the right his leg that swelled the fabric that covered it, so did the other side of the body, it was as if using a sharp blade to undress him and he did so with great success.

A very thin trickle of blood ran down the left risk in human skin Frost, but he did not feel any pain or discomfort, was all excited about what was happening inside that place unlikely to be the first romantic relationship with Nadja Romanov, but was clear that had to better protect their natural body, or otherwise could have dire consequences in the future.

- Sorry, I’ll try to be more sensitive next time… – He made it clear that this would not be the only time and much less by chance, was a female in need of a male until he knew he was the only one available and even then compatible. There was no surprise to see him completely naked and ready for what would follow, he liked what he saw, the rigidity and the appearance it had, and it was time to prove his theory.

- Do not worry, I will survive… – Silenced what he intended to say when Nadja sat on it and slowly descended the body without needed to use your hands to any direction, because this could prove fatal and certainly was among the possibility that she had foreseen that the act is not consummated. He felt the hip Nadja down completely and keep it inside, there was the usual warmth which was used in this situation, the penetration was simple and efficient.

She hesitated for a moment before starting to ride light to do next. It would be the first copulation of a new species on the planet, none of them had no idea what would happen next, but were willing to risk in this new world and discover together the limits of their bodies.

The sharp nails of her left hand dug up in his body mutant without the hurt, but controlled so that the human part did not suffer any damage.

There was a mixture of wild sex and the need for procreation, to lead and to perpetuate the species at any cost, studies showed that in the human war times had a tendency to breed more easily and it was one more proof that the studies were correct however, perhaps not the best time to bring new offspring to the world. Think about it later.

It took at least two hours between the beginning and the end of the strange relationship that began in order to experience, there was a comparative to do since neither had previous experience with each other by “lack of opportunity” with this all positions that risked as well as the dueling forces that fought was only in order to prove their views and resistance. But that was not all.

- It was much better than I could have imagined… – Nadja lying on his mutant chest, avoiding touching the human side, still panting while uttering the words as if he had to give some kind of explanation, or even make a detailed report experience.

- I was not surprised, but I’m a little confused… – I was sure I still loved hopelessly Nadja Romanov and the last hours proved it. He gave himself completely and made sure to dominate the sexual act as the situation demanded so let your wild side to do this and had her approval. On another occasion, what just happened would have been deadly to any of them. Inevitably white and human skin that still had had deep scratches, but would not say anything about it for now.

- What do you mean, Nick… not like what he did? – Was taken aback by his comment, wanted to be accepted as a partner and his breeding, his male and Alpha was the only thing that had not anticipated the rejection.

- No! It was great! Much better than I ever imagined and look I imagined it many times as you “paraded” on one side to the other that research station… – needed to resolve the situation and reassure her. – I’m sure you love Nadja like the first time I saw her, but I cannot define the feeling of all … – That’s what bothered him was not sure it was true love as ever lived in other relationships, even to passengers.

- I know what you mean… – She herself had realized that their relationship did not involve love, because that feeling was absent in his heart, existed only in the mind as if it were a message from the past. But set pretty much all he had felt was now an animal in need is in heat mate and the result was magnanimous, the bodies of both responded as expected. – I do not think we turn to feel the love as we knew because it makes stop another world that no longer exists and what we are now is pure necessity to procreate, even if we can arbitrate, or choose where, when and how , unlike other existing species. We have sex for pleasure and fun and so we have children by chance… – I hoped he understood what had just explained.

- Yes, I’m sure that’s… – No one better than her to give a simple and objective explanation for all the doubts that had briefly. – This happened inside the house when I looked around what happened in that room and I repented not … – He was guilty of no feelings even to see his mother, Martha, being devoured by Oliver McQueen, on the other hand hatred remained lit and more exacerbated than had ever been.

- It would make sense that a weak species could occupy the prominent place in the food chain on our planet, not only the strongest survive, but also the most prepared and we are both now! – It was the premise of any animal to survive in the cruel world he knew as Planet Earth and how many times she had wondered how could be the human being as fragile as it was, I could have survived for so long without succumbing. They were silent in the following minutes as the day dawned.

- We have to get out of here, my dear, before it’s too late! – The meaning of the word affection used was not the same, but still served the purpose. – We need to get some clothes and move on … – He sat down again on the aircraft floor.

- I do not believe that clothing is an urgent need! – She smiled amused the situation. – There’s no one to blame in the shamelessness of our bodies! – She sat beside him knowing that he was right about continuing the way of escape.

- You do not stop to amaze me, Nadja Romanov! – He opened the door and went outside to enjoy the new day appeared before his eyes. She held tightly by the arm.

- I smell ZOMBIES approaching, if they feel the smell too, nothing can save him! – He brought his body in front of him as to obstruct the human odor that he still exuded; after all he was NZOMBIE, the mutant. Nick turn accustomed to will color of her skin and well pronounced contours of the naked body to his face, the contrast with the black hair made her a character of some sort of journal of fantastic stories.

They took some things they might need along the way aimlessly they would do, but it was urgent to be absent from that specific area and Frost suspected that the men on the other side of that phone call they wanted to find would know the right address for this.


Frost still had the problem of recharging the mobile phone that belonged to Oliver McQueen and it was his connection with the ancient civilized world, wanted to know more about those people who had cheated death and taken refuge in a safe place that he did not know completely. At some point you need to report the incident to your partner, but would only do after it had assured that the connection would be restored.

Otherwise not feed any expectation.

They walked for miles without feeling any fatigue were more than adapted to the new bodies, dodged up whole legions of ZOMBIES hikers ruminating aimlessly, but it was clear that the destruction and mutilated corpses scattered along the way did not cause them any kind of revulsion, as if it had always been that way, with no space for criticism or looks of censorship.

Not long in coming to Drammen it was temporary destination that follow, was out using any type of vehicle for locomotion, not only by the difficulties imposed by the new bodies, but also that arouse their presence to either side that were hunting and with absolute certainty were. There was the option of being able to do part of the journey on foot and silently, the rest would be by boat, possibly sailing, and discreet, it would be a safe haven even in the open sea.

One thing still needed to be done and even if Nadja was right, the human side of Nick Frost insisted that it would cover with something; it was not only modesty, but some rules had to be obeyed and protection for the bodies would never hurts. Then sought one houses of unisex clothing, one of the large department stores throughout the city. Nadja that there was no point in using garments asked him what he should wear and that was to his liking.

- So, what should I use to make you feel comfortable? – The question was tricky since in both hands were just fine lingerie pieces and did not apply to the new body reality.

- A thick fabric of pants and a shirt that can serve as protection as well, come on, I’ll show you! – I was determined to dress her it the best way possible for the walk they would. – This denim trousers will be great and the sleeveless shirt that can also double you will fall like a glove! – Nick gave him the clothes waiting for her to get dressed, but did not. – What’s it? – He asked surprised.

- Look, the world may have changed, we can now be only a shadow of what we were, but things are still needed! – He shouted as he picked up two underwear parts for use beneath the he had given him. – And I hope you do the same! – It sounded like a warning and reprimand as it begins to wear all together. Nick Frost did not think twice and chose to immediately separate the undergarment and followed a similar dress that she would use, that would make them more homogeneous, although it did not matter to her, perhaps even to him. Finally, still he wore a leather jacket and adjusted to new muscles she did not leave for less and followed suit. They were ready to move on.

New batteries were placed in the handset one of the things that could be called “positive” in Revelation ZOMBIE scenario was that the abundance of resources was monumental; even if the whole world was chaotic human decline had been so sudden that almost everything remained intact. The various vehicles, now without owners, were in the streets in a disorderly fashion, new cars remained at dealerships waiting for an unlikely buyer showed up to purchase one of the latest models, but this would never happen again. Motorcycles, boats, planes, everything was at the disposal of them, but over time, rot and melt never to be seen.

Boats in marinas billowed over the gentle waves of the sea such that the ghost ships that remained invested waiting to unload their precious cargo. widespread fuel not missing and not be lacking for hundreds of years, it was when they realized that if they were really the last human conscious about the face of the earth, could count on unlimited resources. In any case this would be thought to other time than that. Await the appropriate time to reconnect the mobile phone. A GPS device for each of them was required, there was nothing wrong with making full use of existing technology while they could.

The arms industry magazine was diverse and full of warlike news that would satisfy the most demanding consumers, but there was a problem with these artifacts had not been made to disproportionate hands and anatomically different, so in addition to hunting knives, little they could use, but Frost still had a human hand that it would be useful, needed just learning how to use it one hundred percent. Appropriated a Colt 45 and enough ammunition to that needed not look again for a long time.

In addition to the inevitable confrontation with the hordes of feebly affected walkers, there was the possibility of armed confrontation with those who certainly would come after her rare and precious blood, however, much higher than the concern he had with himself, remembered that Nadja was the prototype of the future dominant race on the planet, even if he had skipped all stages of development. Now was the creator and the creature trying to survive in an unknown world.

- What do you think, Nick Frost? – She was curious by the long silence that was not his habit, always admired the eloquence of talks between them and the silence was deafening.

- We are not alone and never will be! – Began his reason for explaining the long silence. – I admire all his experience and considerations that always does, but in addition to other humans who will certainly find (was sure, was a matter of time), there are still walkers and beyond the animals very soon occupy the uninhabited spaces and establish new areas. First are the dogs and cats hungry, after all kinds of rodents and insects urban and finally the animals beyond those borders that are now contained by civilization … – That was an absolute certainty. – Our old world has expiration date. After that, there remain traces of the human race… – He concluded so theatrical much to illustrate what he meant to the future.

- That’s right! And what will be our next step? – Was concerned to know where they were going and then walk aimlessly was not an option, they would be dead sooner than they might imagine. This idea sounded somewhat strange, because they were not sure they are fully alive, but was not completely dead.

- Our first destination is Lisbon in Portugal, the westernmost part of Europe… – He looked at her knowing not understand why they have to go so far. He was quick to give explanations. – Early on my mother forced me to recognize the places where they resided others with the same blood condition I, the nulls, it is estimated to be at least forty, but may be less at this stage of things … – Martha always worried about the health of the child and in that particular case there were not many options Rare Blood donors, therefore forced the child to memorize names and addresses of those that one day you could save life and that time was now.

- So let’s look for his “brothers”, is it? – It was his turn to laugh with the unusual placement, had never thinking of others as his brothers, but he was wrong all what she had just said.

- Yes, we can put it that way! – He ran a hand through her hair mutant, now thicker and stronger than he remembered. – But first I got to make a call to someone!

- Removed the handset from within the backpack, he changed the battery and pressed a few buttons looking for a known name in Oliver’s contact list. He found what he was looking for and if I have not great intimacy with that individual already had fought some conversations with him on other occasions. He pressed the call button.

- What do you call someone? – Nadja was furious, had delivered body and soul, so to speak, and not that it had been a great sacrifice for the man, or half man, sure that would be the last of the planet and now he made a connection I like to make an appointment for dinner. – The walking hiding Nick Frost? – Used the right tone of reprimand that was inherent. I was possessed.

- I was waiting for the right moment … – A voice he recognized immediately answered on the other side.

- Yes… – Stuart Hershel, the former Corporation NOMAD vice president was shocked to receive a call from the phone of his former boss and friend and that he had provided that safe and saving passage to the base vacated in Antarctica, which served as refuge for the only survivors who had news until that moment. – Hello… Oliver – Still waiting for an answer and was confident that his friend had survived the toxic cloud; the thing could be less severe than it appeared.

- Oliver’s dead… – He paused. – I’m Nick Frost, I’m sure you remember me … – not so sure, but ventured a guess.

- Dr. Frost… But what a pleasant surprise… – I lied about that part, never imagined that he, the Element discoverer Frost and messenger of the Apocalypse had been bestowed with the gift of life, because so many had perished. – I did not expect that had survived! – Encouraged in continuing the conversation, now also understand why Yuri Antonov and his men made plans to send a heavily armed military expedition to the European continent.

- I’m sure you… – decided to enter the game of truth and lies that followed. – Yuri told me they were safe … – I wanted to establish an intimacy with the Russian general who did not have, but could give an idea that there was a link of any kind between them.

- Yes, coming to the Progress station was a great idea and saved our lives! – She stepped forward to say where they were certain that Frost already knew and had no trouble spending the rest of the information. – We are not alone, almost all the bases are occupied by refugees from all over the world, it seems, were not the only ones with the idea of returning to the point of origin of the biological accident! – Concluded its opinion.

- Yes! It was a great idea, did not know there were so many survivors! – It had been a brilliant idea to stay in the rear of the toxic cloud and how far could predict it not been charged again on the site, although the drilling base to originate there. – I hope we will see us soon! – He said wondering if there would be any more relevant information. The woman who accompanied him looked on in absolute silence. Do not let out a single word.

- Yes Yes! Yuri has provided transportation for you, left here already a few hours! – He felt gratified to break the news to the scientist. I thought it would be a way to repay the kindness that had been provided by Oliver McQueen. – I regret that Oliver died … He was a good man, though he was visibly wobbly in recent days… – I wanted to stay with the image of the man she had known and not what had become. Not sully friend’s memory, even after death.

- I’ll wait for the transport vehicle… come back to tell us soon… – Do not revere the memory of a man who had caused him so much damage, although their feelings now were different and less important with the things of the heart, could say to yourself that, like Nadja, was a deadly and lethal machine, but that would be for another time. – Stay right Mr. Hershel, I’m sure we’ll see very soon… – I had obtained all the information he needed and now would draw a plan of action. He hung up then as Stuart still dismissed.

- Then? – She wanted to know details of the conversation, the parties that were captured were not enough to elucidate the mysterious phone call.

- Yuri Antonov and his men are coming to the hunt! They do not know of their existence! – He held her hand compatible and pulled her to follow him without delay. – If they find us we are lost and then yes, definitely extinct! – Lost the fear of walking in the open, was willing to face whatever was necessary to survive and any confrontation with ZOMBIES would be infinitely less important than fighting intelligent minds and predators that would drain their precious blood without mercy, like the animal was. Also, there was Nadja, the chimera that deceived death.

Yuri Antonov in person commanded the military expedition to find the whereabouts of Frost, was not sure where he might be hidden until the signal that both hoped was present on the monitor to its front. – Hello Dr. Frost… – were his only words to the miracle that both waited. The triangulation device properly served the purpose aboard military aircraft Tupolev Tu-126 a little distant repeatedly glittered signal that recognized as Drammen. – Gentlemen! The hunt is on! – Smiled at the men anxious waiting the time to take action, the only thing that hindered the operation were the quarantine clothes they needed to use.

Nick Frost and Nadja Romanov walked for hours knowing that would never be found by his executioners that terrestrial immensity, but were sure that they were wrong at the very moment they heard the deafening noise of the powerful turboprop engines that flew over their heads. This was a huge problem and this situation needed to be reversed urgently.

- I do not understand how they found us! – I was furious not to anticipate that specific event.

- Where’s the phone? – She knew why his enemies had no difficulty in finding them, were with a visible target on his back.

- Here it is! – Delivered to her with obvious surprise. – You’re thinking about calling someone? – Joked the request she had just done.

- No, Nick Frost! – There was the scolding tone as if he were a spoiled child having to deliver their greatest treasure to her mother again. – This is why were able to find us! It has a GPS location chip and they know it! – He played on the foot and stomped repeatedly to Frost despair.

- You took us a chance to come back to communicate with the survivors! – I was furious, although it recognized that what she had done was essential if they were not found.

- I did not know you wanted to make new friends, Nick Frost! – He hated with all his strength when she scolded him that way. They did not exchange other words over the next few minutes. The phone had been a kind of raft; life was back over the floor.

Yuri saw the flashing to vanish completely, but he knew he was not far from his prey. He devised a plan to delineate a perimeter that considered satisfactory and spread his men in pairs making a sweep to reach the convergence point where the signal was captured last.

The strategy worked and the advanced group codenamed Charlie was the one who made the first sighting of the double mutant walked furtively. The alarm was given to the other participants in the operation that began closing leak containment circle.

- Control! We sighted the target! Is accompanied! – The leader of the group Charlie made the statement.

- I want them alive! – Antonov was incisive in order that he spoke to his men and was amazed that there was more than one specimen for analysis. All they answered yes, but little certain that this would be possible. The first warning shot hit the right side of Frost causing wall of shrapnel reached his face violently causing him to bleed, a permanent scar would be visible forever in what was left of his human body.

- Let’s go! They found us! – Shied away successive shots that came next, but it was evident that not shot to kill, just wanted to take them somewhere where they would be captured. Nadja decided to stay back, his murderous instincts cropped up more when he felt cornered and fear was not inside.

- I’ll wait here… – Her gaze was dry enough that he did not dare challenge it. – Follow through those cars! – He pointed with his index finger and deadly to the place you expect him to follow. Frost followed to the letter the order received. The first soldier came cautiously into the danger zone without knowing that was at risk of life, Nick watched crouched behind a SUV last model, wanted to see what would happen and have an idea of what happened inside the house.

Nadja who remained crouched behind a block of stone that had once been part of a monument and now was just rubble, rose quietly and crossed the two arms first against his chest and then back out. The two powerful hands and sharp claws tear the jugular of the man behind the quarantine costume on the first pass and his chest on Monday. She did not show any effort for what he had done had been a natural and simple attitude of attack.

The second coming behind even tried to help the comrade in arms, but the fingers of Nadja who were digging into his chest prevented him that moved, felt that the forces fall away completely in that it the withdrawing from the inside of your body and the hot blood pouring profusely.

- I did not deserve to die… – were the only words he said before falling like a heavy burden on the ground. Those two men no longer breathed the air that kept him alive for so long, it still would make sure not resuscitate as walkers and it separated the heads from the bodies without any difficulty. He looked one of blood covered hands, first one side and then the other, like the new power he had acquired, he liked even more not to feel any sense of guilt. He imagined that it was so large predators of nature felt after fell a prey, need for survival, nothing more.

Nick Frost watched all haunted as the seductive and fragile woman he had known had become a deadly weapon. Not lamented the fate that the inhabitants of their former home had mostly have earned at the same time the feelings of affection and guilt, were absent in his mind. She came close to him still with my hands down and drops of blood dripping to the floor, waited a rebuke of him did not come.

- Remind me to never let her angry! – He turned and followed the side of the road that started, they needed to get to one of the ports and marinas of Drammen and down the Rio Dramenselva to find the fjord and from there follow the great Drammensfjorden down by Vestfold until they reach the sea. He was an experienced navigator as his ancestors and did not expect to have lost these skills because of the news that had acquired.

- We have had worse times my dear and you survived… – She knew what she was saying, sometimes the human odor that he still exuded bothered her and gave the their new primitive instincts, I imagined that it happened to him as to her appearance . He did not turn to face her, but he felt an overwhelming need to copulate again and subjugate it as the animal that was.

 The second group was just ahead with the other behind them, there would be no escape if there were no struggle and Frost drew his Colt 45 with his left hand still human making two well-aimed shots, not shoot to kill, but could the projectiles immobilize the men on the ground and advanced on them, Nadja was about to deliver the fatal blows, but he stopped her.

- No… We need to save a little of what we were if we want to be equal to others… – He held her by the arm and with some difficulty moved away following the desired direction. Shots were still heard as they ran and jumped, but knew they had the advantage they need to be captured alive, which was not the premise for the survival of those who followed them.

Yuri had to devise a more efficient plan, the urban guerrilla had not shown a good strategy, they were not as helpless as believed and was amazed that only the two had killed two of his best men and left two others out of combat. I did not know what creature accompanied Frost, but he was sure he would find out soon, moreover, needed to know what course they would take then seek with the help of still operant satellite images could show a shift of any kind, but orderly.

He called the survivor group to return to the interior of the aircraft parked on what was left of Drammen airport, in a nearby hangar could see the jet that brought NOMAD Oliver McQueen. The sight was terrifying, aircraft could not land just fell, others on takeoff process were not different sort, everywhere mutilated corpses were scattered as far as the eye could see, dogs and birds of prey feasted on the misshapen human remains.

Nadja had to stop moments after leaving the site of the ambush, a perforation in the right leg prevented him from continuing in his pace, though not in pain, had been struck without realized the exact moment it happened. Apparently some internal injury was evident. He sat down to look better and realized his traveling companion at his side, now worried about her condition, I could not even tell if what he saw to be good or bad, but it required some attention and was quick to kneel and put his foot leg achieved on the crotch.

Nadja put his hands at your sides not to unbalance and watched carefully what he did. Gradually the pressure on the wound obtained result and the clot poured the dark blood and blackened coming out of the wound, it did not smell that could classify as unpleasant, but it was not good. The most amazing thing was to realize that the wound after drained slowly closed slowly, but definitive, would be a mark, but that would not let her less beautiful than it was, at least to him.

It was inevitable that one of its sides, the most recent, not felt the need to make a sexual intercourse and even with the covered body could smell inviting the intersection, it was a very primitive thing, but it made perfect sense for species that breed needed for generations to evolve. This was far beyond love or be loved, had nothing to do with social rules of seducing and dating, even married, that feeling was definitely extinct and imagined that if a tribe where there were other women, the intersection between males and females would be inevitable and unrestricted, without this there any territorial dispute, although surely they needed a hierarchy.

They came to one of the marinas where they could see several anchored boats, along the way several wild hordes of walkers they fought each other for the remaining half-dead prey, but neither shadow of human or similar all the way. They chose a sailboat small size but had two triangular sails of good size, there would be time to get forecasts, although not feel hungry.

They took so many hours in search of food and some kind of material that made necessary the trip would follow, never ceased to be vigilant lest they be discovered and surprised, as expected, were being hunted by both sides, Nadja could be invisible for ZOMBIES, even if only between equals, nothing to worry in this direction, on the other hand the human survivors would see it the reason to find a cure against Frost element. If it was not so simple was hunted by both sides, the human side that would still be present for a long time in your body and aroused the anger of the mutants and the secret kept within themselves for having two types of DNA and She had prevented him from succumbing to the powerful virus, although the result in a way has proved disastrous, but it was just what was both the hope that at least all was not lost in the future and that the future belonged only to them, if that there is one.

They entered the sailboat and released the shackles, accommodated themselves in the best possible way and tried to adapt to the use of specifically developed architecture for the human race, but they knew that they would find a way sooner or later. The journey that lay ahead would be long and slow, the main objective would be to find other possible survivors as he had a rare blood marker and provide them supposedly survive in the same condition that Nadja, there would never be another like him, man chimera Mutara and had been divided between two distinct worlds, the new and the memory of the old, and a mutant of another human to remember throughout the rest of his life he had come. Always to take in his heart the images of the father and mother in the prime of life.

- Is ready? – Was a rhetorical question, they were always ready for the adversities of life and the world.

- Where… Where are we going? – I asked only to supplement what had already spoken before.

- Lisbon… We will find Rebecca da Silva is still alive… – Not so sure of that, but it was worth trying. I could still find others who lived in Paris, Marrakesh, Rio de Janeiro and New York among many other places that looked and were printed in detail in his mind for years. He knew them by heart and stir-fry, this would not be the problem, the difficulty was in getting to destinations and they both never could alone. Nadja sat beside her, letting the sun touch your skin, it was nice, but not as in the past, only a slight warmth on a cold morning.

- Here begins our great adventure into the unknown my dear… – He looked at her as he maneuvered the steering wheel. – Now just us against everything that the world in book… – Did you kiss her, but she saw no sense in doing it, in time perhaps that old feeling became relevant again. It was Nick Frost the NZOMBIE, the Living Dead, the son of two worlds.

She in turn expected to be kissed, not by necessity, but as a demonstration of closeness between them. He remained silent trying to analyze who was Nadja Romanov now, but the answers did not come. The need for procreation was more touched upon and there would be no escape in that vessel.

Inside the Tupolev, Yuri watched the monitor that broadcast real-time images of the military satellite, the only small boat that moved precisely and straight down the long river, was certain they were the specimens were looking for, but he was more intrigued for which follow destination. Certainly there were things he did not know and would soon find out. On the other side screen that showed the action of his men in real time, he continued to watch the amazing action that mutant woman tearing his men.

- Comrade Romanov… – I recognized it even with the recent body changes. – In time Dr. Frost… In time… – He leaned back in his chair he occupied and denoted the patent that had filled a glass with the contents of the bottle of whiskey Yamazaki up just over half, old habits It was hard to be forgotten. – “The best whiskey in the world is Japanese, it really is the end of time…” – thought have heard these words before somewhere, but did not know exactly where you need.

[A story of pain and suffering in an apocalyptic world. We assume that we are eternal and indestructible, but the nature, time or other, shows that the following paths are quite different from those we tread.
Nick Frost was a man of success, good looks and an enviable life. Nadja Romanov an independent and temptress, fate would have to meet in conditions that could ever imagine exists, not in their own time.]

Vladimir Timochenco was just a man of war who had seen the world of the horrors with their own eyes and sought his own redemption, but never forget the slender woman and body outlined that seduced him just to look. He just did not know that she loved another man passionately.

Edward Warrior – writer, researcher and theoretician of the mysteries that haunt humanity through the ages. In addition to this work, he published Deep Sea, Volúpia adult content, [ILIASH,] _*the Berber (vol. 1) of Arminandar , _*Actuna Toris, Arcadamius Reconquest and Arcadamius Retaliation.




NZOMBIE - The Living Dead

The frozen continent and further south of the equator kept a secret trapped inside for millions of years. From the past, brought a deadly message to all those who were on the way and Nick Frost was one of them. The discoursed drilling as planned and that they were all extremely competent all was under control, that was the big mistake of Sven Urland, open the Pandora's Box. Nadja Romanov had grand aspirations and dreamed of a prince passing through it every day and not realize it was as if there were not at least thought so, however, the fate put them in a breakneck race so that they could survive. A day like any other, a light breeze that cut through the frigid cold and dull white and irregular landscape. A deadly mist traveled without haste to change the history of the human race and the concept of life we knew up to that point. Just a man and his innermost secret could be the answer that would save mankind from Revelation as announced in the Holy Books. During the ancient times there was always the threat that the dead would inherit the earth, much more than a myth frightening reality that persisted in extinguishing the human race in such a way as if it had never existed, but persevere was among the greatest qualities of this kind and do not let defeat without a fight, though inglorious.

  • Author: Edward Warrior, Sr
  • Published: 2016-09-01 04:35:22
  • Words: 71973
NZOMBIE - The Living Dead NZOMBIE - The Living Dead