Notes From the Looney Bin

Notes from the Loony Bin

By Dean Moriarty

Copyright 2016

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I guess that’s what we are all asking, give us time out from your death plans. But they don’t listen; they expect quarter in the war they make yet give no mercy. They couldn’t care less about the deaths they’ve caused.

It seems they are deliberately going about systematically getting rid of the weak, the disabled and the less well-off; the same as Hitler did when he tried to exterminate the Jews and the gypsies and other undesirables in the making of his perfect society.

All of which makes me wonder if we really did win the last world war, or did the evil ones just re-group and are now at it again with their same master plan and flunkies such as Dodgy Dave and Dipsy Osborne implementing these plans as their own.

What else is there to think when you look at history and see it horribly repeating itself?

And all those brave ones who fought to bring us freedom from tyranny only bought us a reprieve with their lives. The war to end all wars they said, with the next big one should have been a wake-up call to humanity that something is very wrong somewhere.

Too often the next world war almost begins, but the fear is that if it does then no one would survive and there would be nothing left to come out to from the bunkers.

If it was just Dodgy Dave that we were all against we would have little to be concerned about because his time in power is almost over; the trouble is he would be replaced by another just as bad, and we will have to begin over again until all of them are out and for good and a humane government put in their place.

This island we live on is home to a proud and independent people who have stood against tyranny and prevailed and whose identity is like no other.

All this and more has been eroded by being a part of the corporation of the EU which is far too costly in more ways than one; and whatever benefits we may have by being a part of it are far outweighed by what it costs us all to remain in it, and ideologies aside, if it was going to work for the betterment of the whole it would have done so by now and we would see that, but it is failing and is only being propped up by the unsustainable economy that is running out of time.

The mistakes of the past don’t have to define us; we can go forward with hope and set aside the old paradigms that are failing and see past the lies and deceit and bring about change that will benefit all of us.

So I say time out, time out from the Dodgy Daves of this world; time out from the failing capitalism, from the unsustainable growth programmes, from the inhumanity, from the ignorance and death and destruction that is so wide-spread.

Just time-out so that peace can take a hold and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, so that we can all thrive and find the joy of being alive on our beautiful Earth, this most amazing place that is our home.

And if there are wise words that could implement a time-out from all this, I for one would like to hear them.


And then one day the time came that I had to examine my beliefs that were such a terrible lot and wouldn’t leave me alone, and of course they were elusive and hid out in places I didn’t want to go or were in such dark corners I couldn’t see them.

Most every day one would cry and bawl in the heat of reason until it got what it wanted or cried itself out and some other thing came along to capture its attention little knowing I was no longer a fan and its days were numbered. Oh how it would bawl then to find itself no longer a part of the family and left to wither in the hot sun of abandonment with not an ounce of mercy; oh cruel, cruel me.

But they always came back to be let in again and take up their old position. Take the belief that I was abandoned, alone and separate… that one gave me a lot of trouble and hung around for years and as soon as I would put it out it would cry to be let back in again and mostly I would relent and let it n where it would take its old place at the head of the table and feed me to the doom so convincing was my lot.

But I was getting wise to their ways; at first I replaced them with other beliefs, more appropriate but when the knowing came they were all doomed. I set about chopping and cutting left right and centre.

There were too many and they kept returning until I was exhausted and appalled at the carnage of all I once believed in that lay in ruins about me.

For every battle I’d win another came to be fought, and if only once I let down my guard of clarity I would be swept away until I came to myself once more and stood my ground.

What a fight it was that had me winning and losing at every turn where so often in the thick of it I would be wounded and carried from the field to my comfort zone to recuperate and plan a better strategy.

But it wasn’t until I understood and relaxed in the knowing that the beliefs began to fall away on their own and the war was won and I was no longer defeated at every turn.

There was room then for a better feeling to come along and replace the anger, despair and depression that had so long plagued me they had become the norm so that the cup was full of mud and whatever came into that cup was clouded and couldn’t be seen clearly and for the most part just swirled the mud around.

When the cup was at its most clouded the knowing came along and cleared the mud away and showed me a clarity I’d never known before and in that clarity I was aware and understood a profound joy beyond anything I’d ever felt before or since.

I wanted to stay with the divine and would gladly never have come away from it but back I came to the almost unbearable mud.

In the years since, only once have I come close again to that feeling but as I was beginning to feel it again something came and pulled it down from me; and so I’ve wondered these last years gone by why I am so unworthy to not be allowed back there to where I really want to be and why no effort or asking makes any difference at all.


We are not beyond power; we are all close to the border now of the darkness and light. And stepping into the sun we become huge again and find the dream weavers have no power over us, and though they try to put us back to sleep in their fear they find our waking is too strong for them, so they become ever madder in their attempts to stem the flow of our rising.

When you do wake up then turn on the light of understanding.


And then, the time had come for the great tidy-up as a slow death spread over the land that came from machines paid for by the government to spread it far and wide where only the weak and old would be affected to die of some cancer that would be incurable after taking the expensive cure from the pharmaceutical company.

The government of course were safe on holiday, by design and were laughing it up as the rest of us breathed in the fumes.

The evil ones looked down from their ivory towers as the master plan progressed and was so far along by now it was said that not even a miracle could stop it.

Only the well-off were to be given any help to become more wealthy, all others were workers in the production lines of the economy and programmed to obey and to toe the line of the party politics set out for them.

Everyone had their place in this scheme except the non-productive ones, the sick, the lame and the disabled who were to be eliminated to make room for those to come who would be schooled according to their ability to fit into the machine of productivity.

Lies and deceit were the norm and seen as truth; everyone had their version of the lie to vote for and encouraged by the propaganda machines, the TVs, newspapers etc to believe it all and live accordingly.

Laws were passed to outlaw homelessness to drive them all off the streets. Other laws were passed to outlaw protesting in large numbers, and one by one the countries of the world incorporated this into the system.

All heart based feelings were unlearned in the belief systems taught over the propaganda machine; sympathy was only for the devil, a deviant and subversive whose only place was as a scare tactic to keep the religious in line.

And God as some perpetuated myth that everyone believed in, who lived up there in the clouds had an angry wrath that would kill you dead in a heartbeat if you didn’t obey the rules.

Control became ever tighter as fear was spread of terrorism and shown to be so by well-orchestrated bombings to instil the fear deeper and deeper.

Disinformation was used to cause confusion and any who saw through it all were branded subversives and disposed of when the time was right.

Peace and freedom were words used by the war machine to give the hope that one day, in some utopian future when the austerity measures finally ended and the last of the terrorists were rounded up and jailed wealth would come down to us all so that we all could live safe in our little boxes of consumerism and conformity without fear as our leaders worked hard on our behalf to keep it that way.

And in the words of an old philosopher: if you can’t think for yourself you’ll think for them.


Here is a little something from the rebels’ handbook: In the sun and the hot heat of the day many thoughts will come to break up your resolve and as you droop beside the road you may feel like turning back.

Your choices at this moment will determine your new challenges; be brave and if nothing else then sharpen your sword.

A fine steamed coconut juice at this point will help your ideas to cool down and give you energy to climb back on your feet to travel on along your long road towards your dreams and you never know but a bus may come along for you to flag down and climb aboard.

Stay away from the jungle if you become lost, it won’t serve you well in there; forget the Fahrenheit if you’re a centigrade. Always pay in cash so you’ll always know how much you do have. Watch out for the hypnosis. And don’t eat too many donuts or you’ll get fat.


There’s been a lot of talk lately of ascending, and that this time now, give or take a few years, is the time it is happening, for reasons seemingly known to some; but for most it is a time of questions, with ascension being the most high-lighted. It is possible that with all the angel messages going around, the words ascension and angels having mostly Christian/religious undertones this whole ascension business could just be a western Christian religious conspiracy that has been picked up on and promoted and grown out of proportion to its original message. Nevertheless, man’s search for God takes many forms, ascension being one.

The dictionary meaning of the word ascending is: the act of ascending, to move upwards, rise, as when Jesus bodily ascended to heaven; but heaven is a place inside and not up in the heavens/stars.

The best use of the word ascend/to rise, would be when our consciousness, placed in that heaven, inside us, rises from the Maya and becomes aware of the divinity residing in our hearts, so much so, that bliss would be the natural state; Maya being anything not of the divine that takes you away: ego, lust, desire, anger, greed, to name a few.

Karma and ego are the things that would draw you away from that state of being. Karma is: how much you have allowed yourself to slip into the Maya, and then the time and effort it takes to work your way back up out of that; and ego being the awareness of other than that divinity.

When you are trying to become aware totally of that divinity then ego becomes a monster; but when you are cleansed enough of karma by silent meditation and allowing the heavy weights to fall away, and quieting ego enough so you’re able to rise beyond that, then ascension is possible. There are other words for ascension: enlightenment, bliss, joy, fulfilment. But the boundaries of separation are the concepts that keep us separate from the divine, and so through a distorted reality we view the world.

The whole ascension process can be complicated by our own minds.

Where would you even begin to find your way out of such a maze?

What path would you take? Which guru/wise one would you follow to guide you there? Maybe you would try them all until you found the one. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc, etc, etc, all could have taken you there and shown you where to look, but they are all gone now of course. But maybe there is one alive now that could do the job. It starts with you, and ends with you; and when you ask the right question; when you call out with honesty, you will be answered, and surely you can begin to find your way home.

It is a clue to your life to stand by the ocean and look in, to realize the hugeness, and the smallness are in you, and that there is no distance between the two, where even the monkeys of thought can hardly come; a sailboat of love in the peaceful swell of bliss sailing there beyond the thoughts.


When something is looked at for the first time it is seen for how it is, but constant looking at it builds up an image in our mind and it is this image that has been built up that is seen and not the thing that is looked at.

This familiarity is one aspect of the masks we build up over time; some of the masks are forced upon us by society, in the schools we went to, by our family, friends and culture to name a few.

Take language for instance: in childhood we absorb how others say things in a certain way and so we mimic them and learn phrases and ways of speaking that are used over and over and often in this way we lose the art of thinking for ourselves, or never really learn it.

Our minds have tracks to run along, well used expressions that are fallen back on and become our way of communicating. It is not until awareness happens perhaps from travelling away from the familiar is all this realized and the form broken out of which usually happens in an organic awakening over a period of time as you become more aware of the confines of linear or system thinking.


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Notes From the Looney Bin

The mistakes of the past don’t have to define us; we can go forward with hope and set aside the old paradigms that are failing and see past the lies and deceit and bring about change that will benefit all of us. So I say time out, time out from the Dodgy Daves of this world; time out from the failing capitalism, from the unsustainable growth programmes, from the inhumanity, from the ignorance and death and destruction that is so wide-spread. Just time-out so that peace can take a hold and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, so that we can all thrive and find the joy of being alive on our beautiful Earth, this most amazing place that is our home.

  • ISBN: 9781311616982
  • Author: Dean Moriarty
  • Published: 2016-04-26 13:00:07
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Notes From the Looney Bin Notes From the Looney Bin