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North Korea renovatio



















Pleasant appropriate greetings to all, every person, all motions of life, around the world, and those to come, and join the continuum in all the futures:

“Welcome to your best chemistry and aromatic extra volume decisions.” Not everyone is scheduled for this portion of preordain trajectory.

A rare chance to gather evolving direction, revamp our senses of the big picture and gain ultra-greater good sense purpose “beautiful exchange” preordain perfect fit.

Collective hive global world peace affair, the ideal sense and sensitivities.

Readers serendipity discretions is strongly advised, these views, opinions, will seem Topsy-curvy. “Who am I,” “who can see the lies of the long running past.”

We are all just waiting for all the obfuscating obligatory long running lies to become declassified.

Even long running naked lies can be classified, how cool is that? You are about to embark on concepts that is one hundred and eighty degrees from your overzealous society accepted very peculiar, and willingly conforming gregarious oversights.

Impossible greater good task, anti-world peace “has the drop on us, and always had great tactical advantages. We all know and are learning how to read our surroundings,” but unfortunately from every ill-conceivable anti-world peace, self-center hook line and sinker, and giving to get angles. If the world wants world peace, they are out of options, all of the official and authorized open budgeted intense negotiations is only design grimly to prolong oblique roaring chutzpa anti-world peace. World peace “last resort” ultra can only be highly based on all-inclusive big picture, greater good prime directives.


World peace last resort ultra, “is crashing these anti-world peace parties,” there is no all-inclusive futures for of our “geological birth lottery personal brands of global trending smokescreen anti-world peace variations of circuses, and fool’s paradises. World peace ultra will always be regarded as too greater good to be true. Most of our important mysteries of existence, and continuity solved… we are always moving into the future, holding on with tight grip, to treacherous customs and traditions of our unnecessary trouble past, that “has fail us miserably…” None of us able to “dot all of the, I’s (eyes first) and make the futuristic evolving transformation, spelunk from our long running evolution stasis’s, and fallouts. Most of us are concern with stock piling lies and being loyal to primitive values. “Over a hundred billion neurons, is too much power to handle, in which each person is endowed with” if we are rigged too spend over entire lives, only promoting anti-world peace, and Ludicrously “concern with having, than being.” We have to go against our ingrained mi’ conception, in order to shed our soft spots for anti-world peace, and make futuristic transcending leaps and bounds. Everything progress at a paradoxical preordain rates. You can lead sub primers to prime directives, but we can accomplish anything until it’s preordain. You can’t sell preordain before it’s preordain time





























“Their no such thing as the unknown, just the temporary hidden…”all welcome to all-inclusive futuristic “relative directions greater good work in progress….

“beneath the blotter stain of can’t get right time.” Global “wisdom (wisdumb= on the brink of the point of no return of uncensored mounting madness, stupefying geological variations of barbaric porcupine ignorance’s.) is highly based on a great deal of fantasies,” and unnecessary primitive geological obstacles.


Specs of Hu persons;

Dual life force core

Enhancing extra ordinary series of super powers, we are oblivious to.

Under stated elegance, everything is preordain: (This means more than 98 % of all of our global pandemic preoccupations is all theatrics, and most people don’t realize the intense gravity of our global paradoxical situations.) we are all conditioned and brainwash to settle for disturbing fantasy enhance augmentation of realities.

Customer testimony; Preordain “life happens when we are busy making plans,” (John Lennon) Etc.

We all are trapped in barbaric scenes, mentally and physically intensely fencing with barbwire from the big picture. Very busy comparing ourselves to one another disfiguring fleeting ignorance’s, using a perfect combination of “more than 36 expressions and vertical stares.” “Anti-world peace has been longing to sway and stray,”

Every one of us is camouflaging some type or a few can’t get right vertical tear,” all the while finding ample time to attack others and smear. High price to pay championing anti-world peace, “where do we get our one size fits all ambition from? Always seem to be waddling and creeping back to the anti-world peace drawing board, nursing our scaring wounds, foiled again, a victim of can’t get right preordain.


Every action are synchronized trajectory of preordain paradox, “who am I to argue with,” preordain. This chances our entire world perception. (Where ever you are “you just have to wait for preordain.”) The main problem with this very alarming big picture concept of “time, space, continuity,” we are all tame with one size fits all “crazy tight” blinders and unnecessary games.” Depending on our “birth lottery geographic” one size fits all restrictions, we are all rigged to be wizard at pretending, and acting, culminating into the type of preordain sequencing we get. Life is a well synchronize time sensitive trajectories of paradox preordain. Preordain make us do it….

And none of us are able to see, or observe anything until, it’s preordain. There is a lot of changes we would have to make, in order to be one with the big picture preordain lifestyles. Almost 98% of our preoccupations is completely wrong and barbaric, especially those predicable everything is beneath us overzealous omnipotent grim and abusive need a target over reactions.



“It’s painfully obvious up-close and personal momentum, and lurking stealth premature under handiness of too many things hasn’t been adding up.” There is a constant unnerving decline of global vital “scalable options.”

In most case, and most of the, can’t get right time, it’s all self-created unnecessary, super nonsense, and “primitive obstacles.” “Our cells communicates with one another trying to provide anything our heart desires.” Most of the worlds populations, very rough estimate of almost 7 and a half billion people are using all of “our electric impulses that exchange over 1000 bits every second,” to promote and extend barbarically freestyling anti world peace, in there lies all of our worlds, challenges, linchpins, recidivism, etc. In the grand scheme of existence, “the factual percentage of people who are laden with opulence overzealous, over qualified anti-world peace preordain standard operating proclivities, and controlling orthodox devious interests, is our paradoxical ossify position.

Although we are all in our, can’t get right era, we are able to find extra fickle time, filling the blank, aggressively define, one another.






“All this time the entire worlds populations has been fanning themselves, didn’t know they are twisted and lost.”

The main objective is to “separate the games from the truth,” and try to shed the greater good light on our ideal honey suckle evolving preferences. Offer the entire world’s populations super prime directives, big picture all-inclusive insights, “the best ways we can all get along” “actionable intel” “bargaining chips.” “Stereo types of continuity, is savagely misunderstood.” World peace “that kind of big picture love isn’t for us, we all are conditioned and brainwash to crave a different kind of anti-world peace buzz.”

Why everyone’s has a love affair with all of the trending, wrong side of preordain vertical streams. How we are all end up being a willing participant and becoming a victim of mounting negative preordain circumstances, culminating into all of us being trapped and imprison in everyday wacky barbaric subprime principles. There is no difference between limited reasoning, and one size fits all excuses. There endless different versions of everyday wacky savage subprime principles. Our actions, rather mostly overstated inactions set the types of preordain flow availabilities. Preordain “has a very hard time abandoning everyday barbaric and savage subprime principles, once it has taken them up.”

Why everyone’s “RDA’s is off the chart,” contagious seismic shift pandemic lack of daily vitals, and our intense multi-cultural counter intuitive vile practice of cooking out all of our nutrients out of our sustenance’s. Why the entire world’s population prefer to abandon our propagations, and rather throw all of the seeds and cuttings into the garbage bins, ending up growing in garbage dumps. Pretty please message to the entire world population try our very best to always throwing the seeds/ and cuttings from all of the fruits we eat, and edible vegetation’s, where they has a chance to grow.

More appropriately, how good preordains, was able to go so wrong, culminating into current unspeakable affairs.

All of our anti-world peace normal vile practices that all society accepted with open budgets, can’t be unseen. “We are all living proof,” everything we know is well design to create anti-world peace, and keep us in devolving stasis. We have to “stay in our primitive places,” and play our preordain position, one of our endless continuity paradoxes. We can think outside our, preordain stained boxes, and our “preordain hands we are dealt.”

It’s unfortunate we all isn’t preordain highly classified for these rare precise geospatial measurement and analysis of continuity… We are all gatherers of information’s, “our super computer brains are always travelling and learning.” We are all riders of the self-creating unnecessary storms.”

Review and revisit our failsafe find print, it’s blatantly and painfully obviously conflicting cliché; that we all should seek out “any port in a storm,” even though we are conditioned to live selfishly and illicit alarming self-interest, “trivialize anything we don’t understand,” and spend our entire ‘tiny lives,” only concern with our own super greedy mutilating self-interest. Isn’t wise to make sure all ports are included, all of our global basic repertoires? Everyone have the luxury of implementing all-inclusiveness, in order to “cultivate a stronger all-inclusive big picture diverse exceptional connection” from a child, instead of our normal “one meagre size fits all.”

Edited new updated information about us being born with a blank mind, its conflict the term preordain; “it’s a main secret of life, to be comfortable with crediting others,” “always big live credit where credit is due” thanks to (Sham Kumar and the collective hive): We all was born with a preordain life scripts, and preordain sense of purposes…. All of our twisted mi’ directed finely printed “interpersonal dynamics,” telltale signs are everywhere…under the surface of all our personal brands realities, we are all just barbaric “takers,” that has counter intuitive axes to grind. Subdue in the vast labyrinths of mutilating subprime principles. Its’s our preordain customs and traditions to settle for ridiculously sheltered preordain defected tiny lifestyles that are highly base of previous “oversights and alarming brinkmanship’s…” None of us are equip all-inclusively, or able to “handle all of the, preordain big truths.” “How to be has been water down.” Official intelligences, it’s all a stupendous barbaric circus game.











“Make sure you get this,” the most learned people, or those with accredited degrees, byproducts of any so called education systems is usually the most dangerous. Post optimistic primitive knowledge that wasn’t able to create world peace is their sniper prize possessions, they firmly belief in barbaric hierarchy systems “that has been failing us from, so called “common sense,” when it’s painfully obvious there isn’t anything common about “sense and sensibility.”


Continuities as it flows, is just conniving unusual and barbaric demented rules transformative childish engagements, and “typical reductive enquiries.” “You just have to wait for it,” there is always some form of primitive incoming, even as you read these words, it’s preordain to encounter primitive super nonsense, and some form of unnecessary, set your time pieces and watch and learn…

The entire world busy trying to find others people that matches our person al brands of super ignorance’s, their double edges, “to match their hightlighted craziness,” also known as barbaric love. Our customary idea of love is partial, and missing something, the word should be, ev-love.





Officiants and all authorities are the biggest lies, and barbaric paradoxes, they all requires their twisted followers to be the best pretending, turning impaired senses, and be a naturally born Oscar worthy actors. The prerequisites for the history of success are morbid and irrational self-center delusion. It doesn’t matter all of the ideals they are always ready to defend, as long as they able to apply follow their one size fits all super greed.

They are professionals at following, the money, fame, delusional primitive “sense and sensibilities” of power. Conflicting dull perceptions are everywhere, “there is no shortage of” global residents who are able and ready to highlight their Ludacris, imprison others with strict barbaric ill deep-seated diverse toxic personality that rely on the unnecessariness of it all. “Toxic people,” needs an audience, barbaric awards, medals, crowns, competition, statues, hall of fame, see their name in lights, etc. They can keep their distance from people, they need others to conform and obey unhinge customs, super nonsenses, and traditions that wasn’t able to create world peace. The all-inclusive big picture is only a horror movie, and they has a ruthless preference for none all-inclusive environments and “cloud nine” stratosphere not only customary, its our natural life long grim tradition to strive selfishly and resiliently for primitive things that are out of the super real big picture reach.

Our history of sugar coated tactical off the hook line and sinker conditioning and brainwashing, “are all deeply well sedated. To nurture all of us seated in preferred fool’s paradises. Its all Oscar praise worthy predicable acts, rerun obscene scenes pretends and ostritch hiding disguises.

Tying up loose barbaric ends, is a professional courtesy. Preordain has been defected, is our well cherish firewall that ensure we waste precious time making everything unnecessarily difficult.

These elementary greater good and rejuvenating against everything you were misled to believe in, cherish and protect with overkill, and “well armed to the teeth.” “The deeper we get into acute parasomnia misstep, the shallower our very promising future becomes.” Everything we were force fed spells open budgets for the authority we are following blindly. “Why would they ever let us leave, or we would want to leave the comfort of self-absorb clandestine and fully cloaked fool’s paradise?” “Maybe there is a better and an all-inclusive greater good deal. “We are all victims of our biology’s, and preordain circumstances, that stems, and culminates from all actions and inactions that occurs throughout the entire existence timeline. “Consciousness provides context and meaning for our actions.” By proceeding you’re are expressing desire to do much better…..

“Welcome to the all-inclusive meeting of the global minds. your ethereal time porthole collective evolution defining moment. An all-inclusive preordain pitch-perfect mind eyes travel advisor. And to a major part of the greater good learning process, your sparkling best and most animated enterprising surprisingly intuitive polite decision. The ultimate lifetime specular find, an introduction on how to set the prime principles to develop advanced levels of greater good consciousness. For what it’s worth, the rest of your entire journeys, your minds eyes, will thank you, encourage all-inclusive habits that will adjust the suffusing angles of your preordain trajectory to collective hive favor.

Never been done before, an introduction to rare comprehensive greater good collective evolution guidance all-inclusively tailored to pinpoint endless arrays of uniformed all-inclusive prime directives on how to aspire, grow, and cultivate your inner and outer balance towards your most promising happy, and sweet places float with tame positive demeanors” Although this is painfully obvious it’s an unedited manuscript, in more ways than one, it still contains some of the most striking main big picture secrets of life…” some of the uniformed code prime directives, whereas; everyone can acquire all of the relevant elementary all-inclusive facts to leave everything much better than we found them.”


A novella idea: yet in in strict accordance to the usual one-size –fits all authorities, the word count is much too young, and immature to be a novel.

“Personal inventory”

Do you know, or are you consciously aware, to whether or not, if you are always vulnerable, maliciously confined into doing your worst, at all times, or your fragile senses is constantly expose into falling prey to becoming anti collective hive spy, clandestine operator, ‘ unable to confirm or deny if you are a malingering “weakest link member of the collective hive, preoccupied with anti-collective hive insiders trading elaborate stunts?” and or whether or not you able to phantom the seriousness of sequels of ongoing threats, we all pose in subverting our very promising collective hive mind melt grapevine umbrella. “Are you a convenient distractions and unlucky coincidences?” Most poor decision isn’t just made once,” “our pass behaviors is usually the best documented samples to use to predict future behaviors.” “Just in case our minds are playing primitive tricks on us,” you are all pioneers of all inclusive greater good advanced options, to chart the best course to secure an all-inclusive future for the entire world.


When our collective hive, is fully formed is the entire population can experience all of the safe haven delicious pampering the collective hive grapevine umbrella signifies.

A collective hive mind melt grapevine umbrella film…….. The real and surreal big picture and greater good conspiracies, mutinies, treasons, etc…, theories, entailing all of the very specific contributing subverting diabolical factors, which always, has been backed by popular counter intuitive primitive demands…

“My dear guess, I have to tell you all something.” It’s perfectly acceptable, “that no one likes any printed words or conversation, with someone saying I have to tell you something,” our senses tells us something is very wrong. “Hopefully you aren’t getting ahead of yourselves, and all of the well embedded, innate flairs for the fictitious realms.”

The underline problem around the world, is as follows, we all had played a subverting hand in normalizing anti-collective, and separatist ideals we are all just zig-zaging with moldy amounts of overwhelm with endless side effects, butterfly, domino’s, boomeranging, goose tail defects, all the feral whiles, expecting everything to be honky dory, even thou “we are always 45 seconds from wilding out, as an anti-collective hive depressions.” Depressions is the inability to construct a future.”

From the very beginning we are conditioned, in Thorazine brainwash states to rescind, “ditch all of the very promising and evolving comforts of the collective hive mind melts, gone astray taken all of the counter intuitive routes, on futile whims that has cropped up lately as our can’t get right sole providers, since the eleventh hour of civilization.” And settle for getting snipe into endless streams of counter-intuitive trends. And in the same can’t get right instances, most of us are twistedly expecting to remain a pillar in the communities, a beacon of positivity, and we are guaranteed to spend our journeys overflowing with “extra effective, greater good contributions.” “We, as in the entire earth population, we all needs to dial it back, reel it in, and take it way down,” “all of the anti-collective overly offending adjustable toggling fiery sides of trending missteps and twisted priorities.” Everyone’s brain is a super computer, every single one of us minds, is a time machine, and a time capsules. Every one of us has super powers which on the whole, needs to lock in all of our enthusiasm towards the coordinates of the collective hive greater good.

Why everyone seems to ask if time travel is possible, when we are always travelling into the future, you just did…. And every one of us has the ability and super powers to travels into the future during our, cat naps, sleep periods, dreams and m.e.i.k.e.

Everyone basically just searching aimlessly, for a ripe piece of mind and most importantly, “for a little more life, “and how to really at our best, however it must lies in strict accordance of our extremely constricted “birth lottery graphic geological market intelligence,” hence stuck in a one-size-fits all patterns, we are super conditioning and brainwashing to follow even thou it has being “failing everyone, and everything around us miserably.” “To be or not to be?” that was the longest running questions of existence, how to be, these are the all-inclusive answers. A grand chance to “take a vacation from our can’t get right selves,” ample retrospective opportunity to escape self-trapping norms, remaining self-imprison in unnecessary in endless forms of primitive glory.”




Arguably everyone is searching relentlessly, and circumnavigating for big answers, with grave oversights, “primitive wants and regressing brinkmanship’s, and without all of the right questions, it’s all just fancied looping tethering ground zero farce that brings us back to our, can’t get right comfy cozy elements. Around the world we basically creates of join a group, organizations, the abnormal thing to do is join, choose, or belong to any of the multi millions of factions.

Whenever we join a group, organization, of factions, we are sending a separatist message, that’s plainly states blatantly loud and clear, it’s ok to excluding others. I am willing to be vulnerable, and join the other members in group with twisted priorities, in the group pretend we can live in a world all by our selfish selves, if that doesn’t spells out anti-collective, and anti-universe devious streak, in all of the most extreme of ill-ways. If our well protected primitive customs and traditions, that really just creates more problem than they are worth, that has been signaling something isn’t right, I don’t know what will. There are a few laces “where the fertile grounds of unbridle ignorance’s, has carte blanche to flourish with open budgets” war, religion, politics, schools, colleges, customs, traditions, traditions, money fame, power, missteps, doing all the wrong things, etc., ‘let it sink in, before advancing to most likely your next missteps.” If your next move, act, sequel, etc., isn’t all-inclusive and greater good in nature, leaving plenty of room for extenuating circumstances, then it’s most likely, and safe to say they are anti collective, and pose unnecessary collateral damages in the near and the not too distant futures.

The only collective group to join is an all-inclusive one, prime example the collective hive, which we belong to before our inception, everyone is born with a VIP with a lifetime membership in the collective hive, “sear this in your mental file.” In accordance to the seismic wave preordain quickening suffusing global FX bubbles, your electric feel cravings to help the collective hive globally connected on all forms of anatomic level at this precise greater good moment should be heighten streaming coursing through your mind’s eye, as a sort of a déjà vu, je ne se quoi, Renovatio surging urge to go from “evolution to revolution.” In those split second we join factions, we had just willingly surrender our freewill, and freedoms, in exchange for “nightmares dress like a daydream,” that really and truly are just, covert make overs, and fancy rebranding and latest trending distractions that is just good at masking subprime ideals, so they can bask in primitive rewards. “Look at that faction or group it looks like my next mistakes,” The strangest thing all of these are all tension-filled one-size-fits-all ill-conceived factions, has as all of the “sweet old fashion notion” subprime as a common denominators, they only “perpetuating all forms of mediocre” and they also relies heavily on constricting others freewill, and freedom, and duping them into progress while promoting, embracing and performing irresponsible and very dangerous acts. They are time mappers, they are wizard at restricting and telling you how to spend your time, being an anti-collective hive mole. And most importantly they expect you to make timely contributions in any forms, or denominations of money, power and fame, etc. How to proceed with greater good and all-inclusive precautions, and how to recognize and decipher between negative and positive choices. There is a simple collective hive chemistry blue print on how to be, “if it’s isn’t creating all -inclusive greater good window of opportunities, it’s creating anti-collective hive gridlock, and it’s very safe to say hands down, they isn’t of any good.”

All-inclusive breaking news super flash: Below of the surface of everything, that’s where we will always find the big answers to all of our unnecessary challenges.

OUR UNIVERSE, that’s right, you know that thing that’s all around us night and day, the supporter of all life, and all species, always been demonstrating a super ethereal template, and the ultimate “ beautiful exchange principles,” on how to be, “without any hesitation marks.” The universe allocate freewill, freedom, and all-inclusive accommodations for every single species, and do our dandiest to make sure you get this right, and don’t get it twisted. The universe make exceptionally sure that it doesn’t interfere with any species, freewill and freedom, and provide it provides all of the prime conditioning, “for every species to get a little more life.”

One of the most important secret of life is obsessive and relentless preparation for all possible outcomes. We are always going into the future, you just did…………

The way collective evolution was supposed to work in evolving stages, making way for others and protecting the collective hive from our unstable world inevitable perditions. HU person aka., self-appointed as the top species, at this point space relocation program was supposed to be nearing all-inclusive completion, in event of any form of global natural disaster.





As selves appointed “so called top of the food chain,” wasted enormous centuries fighting, warring amongst ourselves, the strangest and bizarre thing is it’s preordain still, for yet another trillions of primitive battle to come. Globally we are being condition from as a child to turn violently against the collective hive. Parents and teachers, etc., plays a extreme serious hand at linchpin-in or changing the, preordain trajectories from going into another stretch of negative streaming.

Hu person’s advancement is way behind evolving schedule. Centuries behind, by now we should of living in floating cities, can be water powered, or use air separator’s, etc., that ciphered the helium and creating low floating cities, each floating city that can support thousands of individuals, out lined with hydronic, aero-hydroponic cloning gardens, outsourcing various material to use for base and foundation structuring, example’s carbon fibers, foams, etc., whereas the other land species, have the entire land to roam born free. And most importantly millions, if not billions of lives can be saved from natural disasters.



There are thousands of well-known natural disasters ground zero zones that are homes billions of people globally. There is no shortage to unsafe infrastructures that cannot withstand, earthquakes, mudslides, tsunamis, etc., just to name a few. Instead we are busy primitive playing dress up competitions and house grandstanding, “whose next primitive line is it,” and lets invent some brand spanking new type of separatist or, anti-collective hive subverting sub plot.

Presenting the really impressive ultimate greater good specialist inner and outer balancing algorithm. Introducing once in a life time global opportunities for everyone to “rediscover how to hone, spread immense ineffable greater good processing power. How we are herd into, and line up willing to get infinite amount of subverting, and self-destructive conditioning and brainwashing, on daily and nightly basis to becoming a life time promoter, and a grandstanding participant in being an overly confident weakest link to the collective hive mind melt. Culminating into an inept explanation on how good preordain, has gone bad. “Dear good preordain, the collective hive have taken you for granted, we are extremely sorry, please come back, we all are very sorry,” collective hive grapevine umbrella……rated E for everyone………..

The complete collective hive minds melt, is our most promising failsafe. Collective evolution will override all of our very unnecessary nerve racking ubiquitous inhibiting enigmas, and unnecessary enforce limitations, most importantly and foremost willingly accepting globally, our unmanageable mental enigmas, only able to access less than ten percent of the brain processing powers.

Only when the complete collective hive mind melt is completely and fully formed, everyone will be “surprisingly very happy together.”

The more we venture collectively the more the universe will gain.

The collective hive mind-melt grapevine umbrella prime directive anthem:

I pledge UN daunting, and relentless meraki allegiances to the collective hive greater good, every step of my journey. I am aware that everyone is interconnected by way of our primary life force. “I will always do my utmost best to desire less, and leave everything much better than I found them.” I will never ever consider myself a winner, whenever, ever it involves detaching and leaving or any member of the collective hive behind no matter their conditions. I realize everything is preordain, via use of my meike super powers. Everyone matters. Negative emotions reverts us back to primitive states, that’s screams it’s safe to assume no for thought.





Everyone should take stock of all of our anti-collective hive, “vwell polished veil threats, that they are leaving hanging in the air,” ambitions and reprising enthusiasms, “plausible deniability.” When the entire world population is complete united, #nevereverleavinganymemberofthecollectivehivebehind, It’s only then everyone will be privy to super all inclusive greatness, and can enjoy the advance levels of consciousness, they so richly deserves.” Without fully formed collective hive, we are just, eventually play a serious role in making our fellow very important members of the collective hive expendable. Without a completely global fully formed collective hive, we will always remain self-destructive on the endanger species, and on the endangered world list.


Most of us was brainwash to skip all of the greater good basics, we all have to go way, way back to greater good basics. Everyone is harboring and spreading endless long running sense of nostalgia disinformation’s and propaganda that are nagging “comforting and terrifying at the same time. “We all are well conditioned to stay well tuned in to all of the wrong things, especially the unexpected, only to here this just in we interrupt the usual anti-collective hive broadcast, to bring new anti-collective breaking news, and we not return to our regular scheduled anti-collective hive and separatist broadcasting. News super lighting flash, the unexpected is always happening, unless you are using your mieke super powers. “You got to ask yourselves,” what is coursing through everyone’s mind around the entire world. “How I get into these preordain precarious situations?” “How I got into these positions in the first place?”

Everything we learn is all wrong, it’s all a super highway of ignorance’s, they are all well refined and ill-design for everyone to fly senselessly solo with impaired senses. Get this, everyone is getting busy trying their very own personal brand of anti-collective thing, twistedly asking and pleading sheepishly for unity, “doing the same anti-collective hive thing, expecting different favorable results. All we know is specifically ill-designed to target the collective hive super ethereal potential. They are all fake ideas of existence, that constrict us to pretend existing on all fringe and strappings of molten disorder, we are duped to was precious time interfering with our greater good all-inclusive flow. From a child we all was forced fed endless pachyderms droppings, that are all just putrescence mile high piles of all of the usual and prevailing separatist skills. “#ifitisn’tgreatergoodit’snodamgood, #ifitisn’tallin-inclusiveit’santi-colllectivehive, #everyonemattersanythingelseisaglobalscam. The only evolving and polishing right thing to do, is let the ineffable meraki collective hive intelligence (CHI), take everything from here. completely and fully formed collective intelligence, “Will be too experience to be taken for a counter intuitive and primitive ride.”

Everyone has dual life-force, a primary life force and a secondary life force. Our primary sonder life force is interconnected to everyone, the world and most importantly, the universe. From a child we our blank mind is force fed every ill-conceivable false start, missteps, misconception, mi education, etc. hands down our secondary life force is conditioned to be a deadly force to be reckon with, it not only pose a deadly threat to it selves, it spend it entire life progressing as a unspeakable disturbing threat to all nouns, everything, and everyone.

Everyone plays a serious role in creating all of the awful things that happening, we are just comparing our own personal brands of psychologically clever cloak wits, I am better than you, look at me I am so beautiful, my main priority is to flood the world with pictures of me, even if I have to “wear a stich and a promise,” wardrobe malfunction tactics, need not apply. Everyone is condition to want, attentive attention, prominent cheerleaders rooting and tooting for the home team, aka me.

We are conditioned to be an anti-collective hive crime scene. Misled our entire life to become the usual distracted suspects, always returning to the scene of the anti-collective hive crime, “a stickler for costly primitive drama infuse zones. The more elite and successful we are at being primitive, separatist, and anti-collective hive, “we prefer to get our drama in style, at the operas.”




We all are conditioned to develop serious preferences, for the trending distractions, fantasies, any form of escaping the endless “estrange arrangements” we all are force to endure. A twisted surging urge, wanting to belong, when in all actualities we belong to the collective hive, from the start.

One of the definition of primitiveness, “when we only concern with having than being,” all-inclusive in every step of our journey. The digital age, curtail us to “focus and embrace new brevity ways to pepper overly offend members of the collective hive,” are always modifying new brevity ways to deliver public displays of anti-collective hive display of disaffections. It’s bitterly natural that a lot of people, spends a lot of time taking selfies, get like and followers, I am so vain, I am willing to pay for likes, you can tell how vain I am, I am the one on “Instagram,” all my post is only pictures of me, and only me, nothing around the world matters to me, but me…me…me, me” by any means necessary,” I always have secret agendas, I prefer separatist and anti-collective ideals. “Everyone wants to belong to sometime important.” “No one wants to be associate with anything that, has water marks of failure written all over it.”

“The faults lies in our separatist and anti-collective contributions,” we are just different factions of the collective hive Brutus. With misconceived concepts of twisted values, comes HU persons preoccupation self-destructed and all types of counter intuitive creepy crawly demands.” There is two very distinctive way of being. If we were able to make choices, the two vivid distinction is either you are a creator of a destroyer, let’s not forget, we have to pencil in preordain. And if anything you are creating, associate with, or designing isn’t all inclusive, you are a destroyer. Unfortunately it isn’t as black and white as this, there are whole series of spectrum of suffusing colors and shades of grey.

The ultimate preordain bubble collection of seismic wave quickening of uniformed prime all-inclusive directives, these are the missing relevant equation, to initiate an all-inclusive work in positive progress, “whereas everyone around the world can get along in perfect harmony,” “make the entire world a much better place.” In its entirety it is the rainbow print to maintaining all inclusive refreshing order, “the all-inclusive blue prints for anyone to participate in making the entire world a much better place,” and most importantly, “how to leave everything (every noun) much better than we found them.” This is the global template to ensure, everyone in the collective hive know without a primitive doubt how to be, and evolve into “always being part of the solution, oppose to remaining part of the problem.”

All of the prerequisite all-inclusive life lesson on how anyone can gather all of the best ingredients, in order to turn themselves into a floating master piece, therefore “creating the best versions of themselves, and everything around them.” The existential road map, and all of the missing all inclusive equations, for everyone to know hands down on how, to give and receive, the ultimate sublime and “beautiful exchanges, ” with everyone, and every noun, around the entire world, at all times. A virtual how to harness and multiply greater good effects, spread fire storm of all-inclusive real love, everywhere and all along every step of their journeys.



Introducing the never been done before collective hive premiering, and introducing the ultimate premise for a movie, a specular find, an obsessive specialist on how to cater and offer endless greater good rewards to the entire universe.

Name of the movie is called the real big picture.

It’s about the, “all-inclusive nature of life, and the sole sense and senseless purpose of life.” “It all just one globally interconnected story,” culminating into the real big picture story.

I suppose to mention a famous godfather of das cabinet des movies. Manipulating effects that can signify the gravity of the situation. Let the world know the real big picture is the pulps of all fictions, even thou is more like a dog day afternoon, it’s like true romance, against all odds, wizard of Oz, the next, big thing to hit every silver screen, around the world. Trying to pinpoint and narrow down all the best movies, seem to be far fetch, a stretch, as Seinfeld would say, “Not that is anything wrong with that.”

Every movie speaks to a certain audience, listing the best movies and TV series, a happy days Indentation and can be referred to as an invention of lies. Everything that happens is relative to the individuals, every now and then we might had shared experience that are favorable. Tittles are just trigger words that are all preordain to entice a train wreck predestination form of continuity. There is no such thing as “random dumb luck,” existence is all preordain. Preordain has been always speaking any and all global languages.

Your mind is a device that’s always progressing into the matrixes and labyrinth realms of brainwashing and conditioning, depending on its “birth lottery” market intelligence. Our mind is always on a voyage, we all are voyagers trekking and gazing at the stars, stuck in our personal brands of no frills, ill conditioning” at times we are citizen Kane, pinky and the brain, at war with our selves, in a fourth wall with body snatchers. In many ways than one we all played the roles of when harry met sally. Or pretended to be Casablanca type, “play it again Sam,” or asking for some type of repeat performance that struck a hypnotic cord. Lately selfies that’s says look at me I am so beautiful. Is just the latest rendition of, all about the eve? Our life is exactly like a movie, a real big surreal motion picture. The real big picture is bigger than, Hollywood and Bollywood.

There are many movies that we all could have had a supporting role in, offering our most convincing character “of whose primitive line is it.” From cannon, star trek, Charlies angel, starsky and hutch, Lavern and Shirley, gods must be crazy, every movie we watch, or scene we absorb from the real big picture made us who we are, je ne se quoi offline exotic spice of our life, creating eccentric idioms, and idiosyncrasies.

We had long learn to “use the struggle,” and pretend. One day we are lost, in the next moment we are found,” faults lies in our star wars,” and leaky gone with the wind cause. Our journey is a mesh of divergent, always in-between, becoming a transporter, or train spotting. Our choices are preordain grab bags, preordain snag or primitive in the moment selfish brag. Everything we think we do, is design from enthralling constricted culmination of the preordain market intelligence to create favorable. The existence industry, is a repertoire of false starts, and absent mindedness that has our minds shook. Our perception of reality completely false, from the jumping jack flash start. We all has being trading places, with fantasy. We all are using a double, and a stunt double our entire life.

Double take, half bake minds eyes entomb, combing the desert, when ocean of misconception globally looms.

The surreal real big motion picture is similar to every movie that was ever done before, it also includes photos, silent films, black and white and videos and new mediums to come, etc.

It contains endless regimes of “international villains, that are unaware they are a real life villain, from everywhere around the underworlds.” Life is very similar to making a feature movie.

Mirror fourth wall, sneak peek preview, and eventful and uneventful chapters.

Action and inaction packed

Young and mi’ directed love stories, and the old restless love story. “Lick up and wash up for year’s reruns.”

Epic proportion wide shots

Directors double edge cut

Wrap around party

Silent still water movie

Old school black and white

All-inclusive cast

A surreal cameo, is a cameo on a camel….


Existence is exactly like all genre of movies, only profound indifference, all unified collective hive bets are off.

Existence is just like a movie spotlight and emphasizing on the all of the live walls of naked uncanny grave anti-collective hive refreshing efforts, and every ill conceivable separatist effort to gain an Oscar and, a Felix.

The well pronounced collective hive and the summations of everyone all around the world are oddly coupled, has an psychologically clever innate preferences to stay plain, teeming with butchering estrange arrangements, “yet are firm believers, all’s wells, it ends well.”

“The ugliness of who we are force to become, is strongest, when we are involve in any activities that, are ill design to separatist from forming a complete collective hive mind melt, and any all customs, traditions, beliefs, objectifying, limelight sliming, heritage, etc. anti-collective hive in nature.”

Eyes first, against other members of the collective always willing to spit fire, repulse clandestine fireworks burst,

Anti-collective hive progressive subverting host marionette drama prone drone, separatist ideal spiel always first and wickedly foremost.

Unifying the collective hive, is against all odds, mission impossible, everyone is willingly participating and had lit suffusing, fuses to diffuse

Just imagine everyone around the entire world, with separatist mindsets on the loose, Chasing wild geese, (sprawling fourth wall I myself, chasing wild C Gesse, collateral damage friend) that laying body anti-collective body and mind snatchers eggs.

Take a wild guess, floating on an ill force of will

Every single one of us from a child was mi educated and well taught, to keep the collective hive minds grapevine umbrella in subverting pecking disorder, mob deep rubbernecking DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, rubber check acquisition and separatist merger hit the fans, bitter ends collide.

Please stand idling by……….

Our minds are preset on freeloader trigger word algorithm, user error, making, protecting and putting on the finishing touch at mastering all deforming separatist and anti-collective hive pattern, “no one be the wiser,” in our own self-destructive cloaked CSI ways, always returning to the scene of the anti-collective hive crimes

Steeped overgrown with global dayglow ubiquitous transparencies finger prints, that says we all take turns, throwing the wet towels at becoming a complete collective,

“immensely protecting the oldest anti collective stories in the one size fits all books, in the wet towel, sometimes as a smooth shadowing waltz, while others are doing the foxtrots, break dancing, limbo that turns into a vivacious freestyle crump, some minds are doing Barcelona, they are doing the horizontal rain dance that falls mainly in disdain…. Sporting vain fail to mention, suspension of disbelief penchant…

“better left where it was,” in-between faltering utopian pause, “what my desperation will do”, moment by moment butchering spew, anti-collective our mind are forever wet and desperate to escape, in trending fantasizing brews

The collective hive true and very promising potential, cutting it close grace periods, all bets are off, instead hefty servings of all factions inaction packed, derailing distracts

Multiplying “black swans” like Greek fire, depleted clandestine can’t get right stew ”




The operating word in Oscar is the blowback and back drafts, the o grandstands for oops, and the unrest stands for scarred for life, in the end, an actor/ actress, don’t even you don’t know who you are, or if they were recently feather, or permanently tarred.

Everything all around us began with an idea manifested by people before us and presently who are only able to only access a lot less than ten percent of the brain processing power. Here is where it get dicey and sketchy, more than 99 percent of these conniving collective hive subverting idea that has long take roots of astronomical proportions, involve turn fatally menacing against each other, and brutally against all nouns. All most every preoccupation involves one size fits all intense promotion. These are the short list of everyday Trojan horse thing we do, that identify us as anti-collective moles, with unobstructed access who are attacking and subverting the collective hive from within; awards, all sports( require primitive aggression against VIP members of the collective of the most extreme and conniving in most ill-fitting of ways, they all require great efforts, at looking down on one another, to turn one another creating losers.), medals(there no greater medal than helping others, that are part of the collective hive), Olympics(separatist in the most of ill ways), best of the best outdoing each other, competing, contest, all forms of mortifying fully form practice troglodyte leaky seeping relentless greed and selfishness up to no good false starts, missteps, that has took on a subverting life on its own, from when we was an innocent and wholesome child that was born with a blank mind, that spiral from a can’t get right fix relay race les against the collective hive true potential. Beware of strangers, while statistically most unspeakable acts are done by people who knew each other. Beware of stranger is anti-collective hive. The split second we get into dicey situation, or emergency situation we are crying for help from the nearest strangers. Strangers are all a very important part of the collective hive. Never look down on any member of the collective hive, hate is never an option against any member of the collective hive. #everyonesmatter, #everythingispreordain.

Each of us is a unique leading child, girls, ladies, lads, men, lgbt’s, etc, #everyonematters. Each individual is cast as an individual who has a, starring role throughout their entire real life journeys, aka reality, it’s a lifelong commitment, and each person is filmed constantly, and sometimes they are just play a supporting actor/actress role, in the real big picture. This can be the brand new beginning of the collective hive grapevine umbrella. Or receive as an vivid sunny side up, protector of anti-collective and separatist social inciting longshot temporal vertical blank stare, “little whirlwind of chaos,” uprising tornado in your mind, “that’s screams how you operate,” and “if you come looking you won’t know what you wouldn’t like what you will find.”

“We can’t fight who we are.” “How can we know something, we never had experienced or have all the relevant facts about, “this is the paradox enigma of existence?”

Our bodies, is the first super computer, time machine, video camera, facial recognition, wired for high definition sound, and a whole lot more…. In many ways most inventions although they were mostly accidental, most of them is fashioned around one of our endless attributes, our body naturally possess, and that’s putting it mildly, make a mental note of that, you are going to have a bit of homework.

From birth with the wonderful aid of a lot of people, the minute we enter the world, with the slapped into consciousness. The slap is similar to a filming director saying action, however during our journey we are not properly outfitted with all of the relevant information, the slap signifies inaction for the most part. Throughout our entire lives our blank mind we are born with. We are constricted into absorbing harshly, and mopping up all of the readily available market intelligence’s, that falls within the realm of our individual and personal “birth lotteries,” culminating into various rudimentary miss match sets of comfy cozy prevailing labyrinths of all across the board fusions and fissions of counter intuitive conditioning and brainwashing.

The normal brainwashing, elaborate schemes of distractions, and conditioning, “breaks us and turn us into awful broken pieces, with fleeting virtues” they are all just evolving precursors to inventing, adding on, designing and finding, endless ways to separate one another from one another and sabotage the entire chances, the collective hive minds, has to unify unleashing, global nucleus of endless all-inclusive possibilities. A seriously overdue, fully united, and an all across the globe complete collective hive mind melt, will release global encyclopedias of our true and very promising potential. “Otherwise we are just can’t get right pieces, “comforting inhibiting trending addictions.” It’s unfortunate that globally everyone can’t realize everything in intense rerun play, are just misfit constructs of our predecessors trying their very own selfish thing, from only able to access a lot less than ten percent of the brain processing power.

As a child, at some point as a child, we preview, and already out live our entire life. It’s all done during our sleep, power nap period. Dream is when we preview all of the chapters of life, and what series of scenes, sequencing, and sequel, that will unfold in our, immediate and long term future, if we have one.

Preordain is the director, casting director, the writer, etc. preordain is the culmination of every natural and Hu persons actions and inactions that ever occurred on the planet, forming the continuum. However unfortunate in numerous circumstances, preordain is fully responsible unspeakable “choices that is dictated by emotions.” Preordain ordain is responsible, “for the consequences of all preordain choices.”

We all resemble and animatedly, “look like a lifespan movie, and sound like a soap opera, until our individual journey curtain falls, into the cosmic mall.” We all live life twice, we all rehearse in our dream, sometime many years, before anatomic splice.

“Ripley’s believe it or not,” everyone pays a very important role in the continuum, mostly as unsung super heroes. It’s hard the pinpoint the exact role.

The underline truth is anything we think we are inventing, write, created, orchestrated, etc., can be done without the input, some type of offering, and pioneering of previous or present members of the collective hive minds, #everyonematters. “Oh wait there is more,” it’s unspeakable global inaction packed, unspeakably primitive and natural in the most extreme of ill ways, for brains that that only able to access less than ten percent of the brain processing power to become lifelong pretenders, and an avid specialist at claiming, and maiming everything around them, “batteries not included,” “play at your own risk”. Our ill perceived extremely certified primitive levels of “consciousness has been tricking us into believing, we have freewill.” What we don’t not has always been running the, “don’t ask don’t tell,” show. In order to find all of the right answers to all of the big questions, we would have to be extremely “skilled at asking all of the right questions.” All our questions is highly based on our available market intelligence, that everyone are quick to defend. Whenever we have to defend an idea, its self-evident something is very wrong with it. A greater good idea will always stand up to scrutiny, will always sell and support itself, without hampering freewill.

Could be as simply as a message, direction, placement of an object, a scene in a movie, a unique display of valor, make accommodation for others, support, relationship, saving a person or an entire city, world, etc. “life happens when we are busy,” making plans.” Without all of the relevant information we are just primitively going off half-baked and halfcocked, in our preordain character, typed cast in a paradoxical role, all based on global available ill perceived black market intelligence, which overcalled is a serious no fault default. A mind that only able to access less than ten percent of their brain cerebral capacities, can’t handle preordain truths. Even thou anyone can prove preordain by paying stringent attention to their meike super powers. Record everything their eyes subtly flashes on during the course of the day, and on daily basis, and review your day’s events. After a while anyone can recognize a subtle pattern, that our mind flashes on everyday objects, that is very important, and plays a paradox role in your future, just as in a movie or as DJ’s do, they give you a sample of the next song he plans to play in the future.

It’ a very subtle tinge, flint, a mental preview, of hit or miss of an everyday objects that comes into play, it’s extremely hard to decipher at first, until you get the hang of it. It will be extremely difficult due to your current conditioned and brainwash dispositions, and endless trending critical mass, pandemic, and epidemic “crime of ill perceive consciousness,” “roots of isolations from the collective hive,” “sketchy factoring idea’s” and marinating streams of mounting distracting loose ends, and lack of daily vitals (read meike for further details, available free at Shakespir.com/ amazon, etc.

Collective hive mind melt grapevine umbrella stringent counter intelligent operation, has begun….

Existence “used to be a rope a dope story without hope,” “with endless unrestricted access to secure location “attack from within, the collective hive mind” culminating into repeat creepy performances of who on first, who’s on second, who is the first to launch global fission isotope, it has endless super-hot leading ladies, and bullet proof vehicle for a pope….


Due to the rising cost and told of endless unnecessary primitiveness, globally it would “require maximum greater good efforts, “and after a brief adjustment period we can return back on course with the evolving process.

On the firm behalf of the collective hive mind, I like to offer sincere all inclusive obnoxiously greater good solutions, on how to solve any and all of the world’s crisis, challenges, enigma, and our ubiquitous stigmas. “The greatest resources is HU person’s resources.” Preordain has us all lock into a culminating gear, preordain knows without a doubt how this will end,” we still choose to underestimate the potential of the collective hive constantly. The future fate is already seal. The future is already pre written in blocks of thirteen year, rough estimate, a stretch of time, that preordain that can be change. It’s not an exact science, until another member of the collective hive mind come along and add additional info or are already in the position of such advance knowledge.

Our entire concept of existence has been completely wrong, part of the collective hive mind is much more super advance that initially perceived. Our entire perception and idea of existence are the byproducts of “fail experiments,” and trying every ill conceivable counter intuitive thing.

Every one of us is out fitted dual life force’s, it’s the standard operating endowment of all carbon base species, etc. Therefore at all time we exist on dual plains simultaneously. Our dual life forces occupy the rudimentary anatomical plains (secondary life force), and the astral plains (primary life force).

Our primary life force ebbs and flows existentially, and cosmically with the entire universe, and “occupy extensively over a hundreds of billions of network of inter universal 247 activities”
is located via our microscopic connection (atomic region) to the universe, able to always tap into, without interfering with freewill, and unlock and have constant easy access to the full one hundred percent of or brain processing power before we are even born.

Our primary life force has always being the main nurturing source of exist, periodically it has been sharing with us preview (via meike super power) of major unfolding future scene and sequels. The key to everything is collective hive mind “maximum efforts.”

Our secondary life force from when everyone is born instill innate “maximum harsh rashes of counterintuitive efforts.” From the false start, we all conditioned and brain wash to contradict, and go against everything our super advance primary life force, has mastered.

“We can’t fight who we are, we would eventually lose.” Al of our global market intelligence has been completely all wrong, it has severely constricted from evolving, all our senses is discombobulated and preoccupied with twisted non items priorities every step of the way. “Why would anyone wants more of what’s been mi’ happening around the world? We can hardly see mind’s eye of our primary life force, to mind’s eye of our secondary forced. To continue along these extra primitive paths, “there will be no coming back from that one,” and it’s safe to say “this isn’t going to end well. “Our main objective is to align both life force.

The primary life force collective hive connection, is always complete, always remains at a whopping hundred percent, at all time.

Our anatomic life force, spends its entire time on earth “aggressively concern with having than being.” our anatomic life fore spend most of their time on earth “decolonizing their brain.” Utilizing every ill conceivable “primitive obstacle, that’s prevents our secondary life force that exist on the anatomic plain from aligning with their primary life force, that has a floating cosmic existence in the microscopic region. Our primary life force, which is our intense always connected as part of the universe, is our main life force. Our primary life force, floats as a seismic wave bubble, and has always been ahead of our secondary anatomic constricted life force, “it move as a nucleus, if you want to catch it, you have to catch a nucleus,” our primary life force travels with super Ludacris of the existence game.” Everyone starts out as a hundred percent of potential, then we are force fed the latest trending super impose super nonsense that reduces everyone around us, contributing to the delinquencies of the collective potential.

“Globally we are all enduring, “shameful and reckless use of our perception of existence. That can only culminate into unnecessary suffering, all of the slings and crooked and broken arrows and the latest and trending unspeakable acts and sequels of pompous fail anti collective experiment.” Existence was never an individual thing. Yet it’s customary, heritage, and traditionally wise to spend our entire life holding on to every primitive thing that’s anti collective, and extreme separatist ideals that constrict us from honing the immense potential of the collective hive minds.

“Maximum effort,” of the collective hive mind is the key to everything and has always been there for all types of emergency service. The collective hive minds offers extensive opinions and creative masterstrokes.

The complete honing of the collective mind will catch our slips and falls and protects us, from all of the time sensitive encompassing perishable environments. When the complete collective hive mind grapevine umbrella is properly formed, and united, able to focus its assets, #not leaving a single member of the collective hive mind behind. Only then we can begin to regain all of our evolving capacities and make a one hundred and eighty degrees tur, leaving all of the troglodyte primitive at large around the world.

The collective hive mind grapevine umbrella, has always been in partial effect, as a tethering can’t get right failsafe global support system. A complete collective hive has never been formed, when we are able to form the complete collective hive mind support system, we would be able to secure every future generation a very promising future. As it stands in the present the collective hive support net is severely damaged, and needs repair.

Around the world, and throughout the time line there has been, and always been a tremendous amount of heartwarming, contributions, from all creed, and race, and all motions of life, all gender, heroine, lgbt finesse, all race creed and gender and motions of life holding the collective hive net, just a fraction of the world’s population, holding the collective hive mind together. The collective hive mind grapevine umbrella, needs all collective mind on deck, in order to save the future. Entire global population has to come on board non aggressively and melt suffusing collective hive mind sharing and exchanging greater good intelligence, forming a complete safety supportive global net, a very enhance curtailing backup plan, that inevitably makes up our missing brain short comings.

Before we even born we had to rely on other people, predecessors, but as soon as we are born, we are maliciously condition and brainwash to put out open contracts out on each other. “The resulting primitive mind set subjects,” “are called separatist agents, or anti-collective hive mind agents.” The full blown agent mi’ programing has always been in full effect, “with subverting agents chasing money, fame, power, greed, conditioning, and brainwashed loops. Shadow operators that are pre doomed to drift into the empty shadows.”

From a child everyone are gravely been misled become a clandestine shadowing separatist operator, a major part of the quaking problem. Spend their entire life drench ruthless progression, as ‘dress to impress,” “seducing to reduce,” couture fashion anti collective spy, always cloaked in secret agendas and secret motives. We are grimly conditioned and brainwash globally to become aggressive freelancers, and to put our fate in separatist ideal, that has been a global tsunami of disappointments, that “failing us miserably,” relentlessly from the midnight of ill perceive concept of civilization.

Civilization can only be defined as a world that don’t leave any member of the collective hive minds behind, anything else is brutally primitive and has the makings of all variations of anti-collective hive grim creeper.

Everything has a preordain reasoning. “You can’t fight who we are, it’s preordain arranged, you will lose.” Everything we learn go against the flows and channels of the longest edge high resolution definition in natural technicolor real and surreal big motion picture, AKA or, otherwise known as existence.”

In this episode of the, final cut preordain, everyone around the world is getting busy trying their very own personal and impersonal brands of primitive counter intuitive thing, “this can’t be collectively and greater good.” Say it isn’t so, here is the evolutionary thing, and there’s is only one underline single definition of primitive ness: anything that isn’t all inclusive is considered ripe putrescence primitivism. Unbeknownst most of us are out there in world, milking our short Cummings of our brain that only able to access less than ten percent of their brain processing powers. Be prewar, there are people who are going to come out of the subverting and clouding the issue cloud nine side tracking, and distracting you from your pressing priorities, with the latest consensus on brain percentage usage, please don’t participate in distracting aggressive primitive incidentals. It’s painfully obvious from our global imploding trajectory, something is amiss with the percentage of brain processing powers. In most cases a critic don’t solve problems, they usually are very good at creating more, along with providing glorifying monologue and morbid distractions. If you are involve in any activities anywhere on the planet that isn’t all inclusive in nature it’s most definitively primitive in the making, off course as in all situations, always leaving the customary room for extenuating circumstances.

Whenever a situation arose, there is only one greater good and collective hive response, how can I help, and what is our next prime directive all inclusive collective evolution steps and recoursing……

Any and all decisions making, that isn’t done by the immediate surrounding collective, or the optimum complete global collective hive, guarantees unnecessary collateral damages and it is considered hands down, primitive in all of the most parodic extreme of ways.

If you are anywhere around the world, as an individual, or group, engage in any activities, movement, endeavor, enterprise, that involve leaving any member of the collective hive behind or beneath you,“take a good selfie gander,” you are very well the poster child, and children’s, that is still using and embracing troglodytes anti collective and separatist methods, all the while contributing to the utmost delinquencies of the planet. Anyone involving in any anti collective or separatist aired, is choosing not to evolve gracefully, you are opting to master hurting everything around you, instead. Overall you have develop and have an uncanny feral preference at championing, leaving everything worse off than you found them.

Globally the best way to overcome our well organize open budgets subverting conglomerates, that has been there in the back ground, always ready to fly broken arrows, as if they are kites, and obnoxiously ready to be defend and cherish unnecessary primitiveness. Providing endless resource for everyone in the collective hive minds, ample opportunities get easy access to all of the all-inclusive relevant missing extremely important and critical information’s.

Every system around the world is officially playing a counter intuitive hands, foot and mouths, trying their subverting best to maintain, anti-collective, and separatist ill ideals. The underline truth is no one is sure on how to be… This is why “to be or not to be, has always represent our collective hive mind’s eye evolutional directional mindset beam thunder. How to be haphazardly we sunder, at day as time goes on by, we wonder, and by night, as masquerading extolling sights, figuratively and can’t get priorities right, in-between distraction, we ponder, initial sense of normalcies, steeped and cloaked in mesmerizing blunders. From the annals of our minds that only able to access, less than ten percent of our cerebral processing powers. It’s basically a miscalculated crap shoot, we are all trying our very own no freewill, no frill, no thrill, destine for downhill Sisyphean, “Gangnam ”style personal brand of calculated counter intuitive thing that has been passed down from one ignorant generation to another. From a distance and up-close and personal, it’s all unnecessary primitive poetry in commotions.

We are just waiting to taste, and dish out cold hefty servings of our “very own personal brands of part of the quaking problem” polarities, glazed with unnecessary unspeakable acts, events, and sequels of doing our utmost worst to one another. We are just waiting, to hear, see, sense, feel incoming, and send out our own short comings tsunami waves. The collective hive, has always been subject to terrorizing enthusiasm, be distracted by non-items, and super nonsense, eagerly waiting to play a starring role in, or receive the Oscar for “whose primitive line is it.”

The status of our continuum, is always in commotion, every split second we are always moving into the future, embracing and cherish all of the wrong things, we are trapped by previous inactions and missteps, culminating into iron clad preordain that has a great spanned of the future mapped out. For a long stretch of the future the continuum has to remain on the opposite side of all the right things. Veil subverting ‘extolling unhinged indifferences, a great deal of medals would be involve, admonishing and putting people on a pedestal that has been a major part of anti-collective and separatist problems.” Our continuum has always been in evolution stasis, from the predawn of ill-conceived primitive separatist anti collective ideas of civilization. “Here are some things to keep us in collective hive perspectives.” Collective hive sense, and senses dictates, the “gravity of the pressing situation,” there is a transition period preordain time frame, that has to take place immediately. A pressing set of all inclusive vital steps in order to form a whole collective hive, in order to come out of the cocooning evolution stasis, and unearth the complete and better half of the collective hive. All inclusively we all have to spelunk, and come out from underneath the surface of our true and very promising and idealistic potentials. Stay well tuned in to the surreal real big motion picture at all times. Deviate from any and all things that separates us from each other, and the collective hive mind pack. Never ever leaving any member of the collective hive. And having refreshing respect every noun, every species is the perfect ways to evolve. And circumnavigate our unnecessary evolution stasis detour. When we choose extensively to stop telling and receiving long running lies that has run, every ill conceivable forms of discourses and has spiral and plateau. We all are predisposed to endless hush long running lies oversights. Lies makes or breaks us. Lies oversights are an animated representatives of all of our current pandemic split second breaking news, some ways along the way, lies was gravely over look and embraced. The world is bottle neck from overwhelmed by endless unnecessary ill forms of comfortable primitive ness. In order to gain advance levels of consciousness and regain collective evolution. Our most important and critical aim is to unite and from the collective hive think tank, only then we can ensure the continuum all the perfect freewill opportunities to kindle an all-inclusive greater good suffusing sublime future, for the entire collective hive minds to aspire to greater good greatness…


Everyone is an original work in preordain progress…

The first part of the code of existence unraveled. a quick study of the all-inclusive prime directives, a pocket guide, fast forward the world populations on how to “enhance the entire collective hive minds survival skillset,” and provide distinctive all inclusive uniformed code prime directives principles. Everyone all around our unnecessary challenged world, now has easy breeze access to elementary pressing priorities, to create the very best versions of themselves. These are a quick study shortlist of the missing all inclusive equations, that can bring everyone to collective evolution, and greater good Ludacris speed. It’s best onward and forward to allow our minds eyes freewill and limitless freedom, to remain pure, enhancing our preordain path. Allow your mind eyes with berth to do the walking, running, hurdling, talking, shopping, and ample relevancies to do all the greater good maths.




What we don’t see, is what we get. What is the right mind set, and are you fully informed of all of the pressing critical needs of the mind?

Mind on standby, mind shift, gray matter glitch, synapse hitch forestalling grater good future Pell mell twitch, “for whom the bell told.” “Every mind scar has a story to tell.”

A brain that only able to access less than ten percent of their cerebral processing power,” casting haunting can’t get right spells, tends to develop propensities for trending emerging ignorance’s, nasty wanting, and greed driven selfish flaunting. Violate proprioception’s swells. Expectations, in exceptional and all of the primitive spectacular ways, and ill fashions. Predispose to create our own road blocks, endless “unintended negative outcomes.” This should explain recidivism, entropy, tec., the reasons for all our global unspeakable acts and redundant sequels, things tends to get a little messy, opting for fairytale conclusions realities. The future of the continuum, has always been shaken, and was never properly all inclusively stirred. Under the blurry surface of our personal brands of mi conceived perceptions, there are variants of loaded secrets to existence, exist extremely relevant unknowns. The real big picture, the internetworks of the entire universe. A vast inter network we has been conditioned and brainwash from a child to ignore, pay no attention to that, or in according to quoting Mr. B, bailey “don’t study that,” as if we can compartmentalize existence and exist in the broken pieces of the world all by ourselves.


All of the, can’t get right show must go on… until preordain restrung. Collective hive preordain back up plan, code name sleeper enhancer 26, the last resort. Everything is off the live walls, we are just ear hustling, #you have to always wait for it, jump, walk, crawls, materializing on the wild side, unfolding grey matter mudslide. Crash and burns, public meltdowns, going postal, suicide bomber clutching ticket to paradise prongs. The activity log, a mind boggling defensive live wall fog, pantomimes spelunking, trapesing, and walking the tight ropes of our minds, without safety nets must collide.

When all of the unvanquished truths be told, and the real big picture realities unfold, when we hear the greater good shout we are all the moles, daily avid self-creators of force ripe recidivism, linchpins, and entropy, all of us is for whom the long ringing bell, high waving red flags has been told. Everything that happens to us is unavoidable, just imagine worldwide everyone is really wasting endless spans of time, pampering long running unnecessariness, and super nonsense that are the sum of brimming primitive crime.


Even thou, “I been through the struggle, tip over the huddles, fall rise again,” at times overflowing with wet paint all over my brain, I undoubtable are aware everything is preordain, my less than ten (roughly 1.8 %) brain instinct, makes it hard for me to sit back and enjoy the ubiquitous fool’s paradise horror show.



Attempting to paint a to do list, mental live wall picture

“First and foremost,” let’s clear all of our, innate and utmost predispose assimilation procrastinating stale air.

Question: have anyone ever corrected any major flaw, or misstep you were confidently cherishing, when you hear the shout, you come to find out it was outdated, or was wrong?

Follow up question did you ever did an introspective follow up, and ask yourself, how many other things you were misinform about, confidently doing wrong or winging it?

In here lies all of the global problems, that only creating short and long term problems.

Which mindset are you using, who’s mind set am I encroaching upon, abusing as a desert swan.

What are my imposing grim factors, since I was a child, I have well prune and spawn?

The main objective everyone around the world should be lending their mind to all or most of the critical enigma, how to reset our mind to greater good favor? How to reset our minds eye to always smile feverishly? Below the distorted surface of our minds, our wandering mind’s eye always crying, something is missing, missing links, equation, squander fissions and fusions.

Unhinged trap door in our mind, are causing us worldwide to endure unnecessary messy primitive lives. We are just sampling each other’s less than ten percent of each other brain processing power, and adding our personal spin on it hoping for it to be a hit, oblivious to the well-known fact, in most cases, it’s all not even close miss, hit and run over each other, constantly missing all of the greater good marks.


Let the unvanquished truth be told, more than ninety percent of our brain processing power is unaccounted for.

“I kid you not,” the unused portions of our brain might have no limit, when activated, anyone can access limitless greater good possibilities.













We are pantomime and marionettes, throughout our, unnecessarily self-creating can’t get right journey in existence…. All of our preoccupations, all of our enthusiasm, enterprise’s, everything we do, undertake, creates, design, invents, engineer, architected, can’t get right strings are unnecessarily attached, and has a primitive briar patch clandestine trick to create, look at me I am so wonderful defective special effect…, this unedited manuscript not excluded…







The collective hive worldwide mind melt. “Whenever we see HU person greater good potentials, it’s all of us undying obligations to see it through.”



Reality check and balances

A mind that’s only able to access less than ten percent of their cerebral capacity, will naturally be overwhelm with an infinite number of redundant seeping issues, have an innate game face, that welcomes, hefty portions of super nonsense, and non-items. And most importantly have a refreshing aggressive double edge, problem with everything.

From the first high noon of civilization, our ancestors overwhelm brain, has been the self-creators of every ill conceivable stylish subprime counter intuitive principles. Everyone are forced to play an intense authorized role in inadvertently being a willing participant and “self-creators of endless forms of “unintended outcomes,” unnecessary mounting challenges, mastering non-items, making something out of nothing, and global plethora of labyrinths authorizing infinite amount of separatist super nonsense. Everyone on the planet are championing numerous primitive derange methods that, brings out the worst in each other compromising the preordain polarities. It used to be no coming back from that one, until this preordain unedited manuscript.

Their brains was constantly subjected to all forms of “stranger than fictions” creations of our wet paint minds. A conglomerate trying a primitive things, from a time when our super ignorance and creepy sums of unnecessary fears was our guide. It’s a pandemic, and epidemic that fatally has primitive controlling interest in all of the global pressing order of things, collective evolution, is severed, almost making greater good, and our true very promising collective evolution, unobtainable.




A brain that can only access less than ten percent of their cerebral processing power, would prefer to be a pantomime, and a pretender, with a deep seated super natural preference for long running lies. The unvanquished truths are routinely swept under the rug, and buried as hot needles in haystacks. All their priorities would be twisted, acting would be their undying primary interest. Our minds would prefer hefty potions of non-items, unnecessariness, and become a ripe fanatic, a deranged stickler for, distraction fantasy and all forms super nonsense fanatic, a natural born deranged stickler for, distraction and fantasy. Heavily sedated, distracted busy trying to “worship and reach the things we can’t see…”










United we stand as a collective hive grapevine umbrella for one another.

Divided we fall for all of the ripe separatist super ideals, non-items, and super nonsense ness that’s has been, “failing all of us, and every previous civilization miserably.” Get to know your collective hive mind all inclusive roots and very promising evolving culture. Only together we can all inclusively aspire, and achieve evolution greatness, and attain the very promising perfect levels of consciousness.

What you can taking from this rare experience, a brand new refreshing ways to kindle beautiful exchange with every noun we encounter, in the thereafter, top secrets to sparkling minds eyes obnoxious roaring laughter.






A superfragilisticcollectivehivexpalodacious list, and what it is that really speaks to us, time capsule of all the surreal and real big picture secret of life…

The short list of some of the all-inclusive collective evolution uniform global code elementary prime principles.

Introduction to all of the extremely pressing global super prime directives, and the perfect, and all-inclusive set of behavior modifications, where as everyone can get a long and evolve enchantingly in perfect Feng shuei harmony.

All inclusive presentation of all of the rainbow blue print, whereas any and all motions, walks of life, creed, gender races, etc., easy access to all of the big answers, create the best versions of our selves.

Working backwards, removing all of the missteps, mix signals, mix message, false starts, misconceptions, etc., is the first important step, In order to create the best versions of ourselves….

Existence is way more advanced that we are brainwash and primitively conditioned to think, fathom, or conceptiontalize.

Always read the fine prints:

We have to rethink this globally prevailing misconception, we are just ordinary people, that don’t know which where to go. Beg to differ, our supercomputer brain, has already out lived our entire journey, all the way up until our inevitable perdition.




The landmark unvanquished truths will always set us free…

Reality what a serious, and utterly twisted misconception. We are all well-conditioned thick and thin to feed, pamper and nourish our global primitive idea of how reality, really is…

Everything is design from a backward past mi’ conceptions, when everyone knows we are always moving into the future, yet we are conditioned and brainwash as you read, to embrace and defend, all of the past subprime principles, and anti-collective ideals that has been failing every civilization in the past. Instead of using the main secret of life, always obsessively be preparing for the future, we are always preparing for the past in endless ill ways, and relying on costly aftermath contingencies, setting subprime condition for, separatist dreams, unfathomable selfishness, and all our the highest order of super greed.

A clear understanding of these prime principles, that can return every nouns to favor, in no absolute way can be associate with any form of negative enthusiasms. Allow me to re iterate, these offerings, is in no way associated with any form of aggression, hate, and separatist acts, those forms are anti collective, primitive and reinforce recidivism, and entropy.

We always have a collective mind thing going on….Everyone that ever existed, had collective history in common, whether we are willing to remain expat fanatical test subjects, who posturing for signing bonus, desperately clutching on to ill prevailing customs, worshiping, disbeliefs and infamous plumages of glory days, ready to defend arm to the teeth, traditional mi’ education, and quick to teach and be a parent, with parent/teacher syndrome, spreading and embracing ideals that has been “failing us miserably.’

Anti-collective, and all of the infinite separatist ideals, that are taught in all our inner sanctums, home, schools, colleges, etc., is our paramount gateways, they all endorses, encourage, reinforce and promote globally primitive enthusiasms that must bring out the worse in anyone utilizing their troglodyte subprime principles.

Our initial sense of normalcies, are clandestine global labyrinths that disguising fool’s paradise galore. Normal is really and truly abnormal, to the maximum power. Our mi’ perceive realities, are cloaked in endless types of primitive carelessness, emptiness, set us, false starts, missteps, all of the wrong things, highly decorated propaganda’s, distracting subverting anti collective, and separatist ideals, in the end has us seeking refuge in counter intuitive costly escapes, that takes us right back to unnecessary augmented subverting fool’s paradise reality.




Globally we are living in our very own personal brand of fool’s paradises. Whenever we are using, promoting any forms of anti-collective, preoccupation, or habits. Anti-collective habits are primitive in the most extremes of ways, they keeps us discombobulated, in evolution stasis, hog tied, rebranded, twisted constricted, always ready able and willing to conform to the latest trending subverting ideals, we cherish and misled to believe disturbingly are perfect fit. The norms firmly in place corrals us to restricted bitter sweet ends, “with all of us having all of the neighborhood pharmacies on speed dial.

All customs, traditions, beliefs, are design to be anti-collective, having us pre doomed our minds eye are always crying for collective evolution help, while our conditioning simultaneously saying and screaming, unnecessary primitiveness is like a dream come true, “we isn’t new to these separatist super nonsense, we are true to this.”

As time haphazardly goes along, we learn to endure endless forms of mediocrities, while releasing our vile inhibitions against one another, “hurting everyone and everything around us, until we are licked and wash up for years. Finding solace in bizarre reasoning, “A mind that only able to access less than ten percent of their cerebral capacity, and processing power are allowed to make ample shares of, unnecessary mistakes…”

Some are able to master ant collectiveness and subprime separatist ideals. They learn how to “play dead to catch vulture,” “championing “using the struggles” to reinvent some other complicated form of separatist ideals.

Everyone who ever live, and generation to come, has, and will play a very important intricate sequencing role, when their time comes, in the real big picture scheme of existence. #everynounmatters. Everyone is responsible for designing the future preordain stream. The collective hive minds are avid designers of most of the future outcome. Freewill is a basic necessity, everyone should have the freedom to be what they want to be, since it’s preordain, everything is done primitively. Red flags, and high beam red search lights are everywhere. Everywhere we venture globally. Everyone is just basically pushing minds that is limited to only accessing less than ten percent of their cerebral capacities, with big top circus precision, reruns of the can’t get right show must go on.




From a child everyone is conditioned to be distracted, to develop irresistible urge and cherish the feral surges to use their mind, that only able to access less than ten percent of the brain processing power, as a guide. Even thou our fragile senses are always expose, subjecting us to always be overly overwhelmed by mix messages, mix signals, di ‘information’s, and overripe propaganda pretending in personal brands of fool’s paradise couture fashion, and paradoxically in vain. Our minds has plateau, walk tight ropes and spelunk all of the unnecessary every mind could of muster from the sunset of all of the endless Topsy curvy misconstrued and bright troglodytes idea of civilizations. We have reach the apex of our mental chandelier, putting the master strokes of on endless obnoxiously expensive non items, and ruthless super nonsense “stuff, disturbing fantasies are made of”

Wallowing in morbid distractions that seems to come with their own music score. Take a double take at all of the root cause that leads to and create present breaking primitive unspeakable news, and you will undoubtedly finds hands down, they are all sanctioned and authorized with open budgets glove with a perfect fatal fit, that counterintuitively design to remain firmly in subverting place.

Everyone is a leading girl, women, leading lad, leading man, leading lgbt, etc….

No member of the collective hive mind grapevine umbrella, should never leave behind. Freewill for everyone’s, “inner artist that creating their personal brands of existence journey masterpiece,” was compromised from global customs, traditions, and beliefs that require negativity, and primitive in actions.

Since we are only able to access less than ten percent of cerebral (brain) processing powers, then it is safe to say everything was design, invented, conjured up, etc., “to turn very bad out there,” by endless supply of people who are only able to access less than ten percent of their brain processing powers, which are our comfort zones globally. This signifies all of our preoccupations in play globally are less than ten percent of their true potential. We are just witnessing all of the historic subprime principles, inaction n that are well authorized to go with open budgets, any and all extra chemtrail mile, a rolling milestones, butterfly defects, boomerangs, and domino effects of; I am saving all my hate, grievous insults, one size fits all overreaction, sugar confectioned byproducts, side effect cleansing, less than ten fully interactive instincts, and mi educations for you. As always, todays, and tonight episode “whose primitive line is it.”

Where do we go from here, there is a very simple, was a very simple (simple doesn’t exist any further) way to override our default brain processing power.

Use obsessively all-inclusiveness in all of our next efforts, next acts, sequels, next steps, next moves, next actions, and in all of our preoccupations. By using all-inclusiveness, we automatically override our less than ten percent brain accessing power default and soar towards advanced all-inclusive and greater good levels of consciousness.

Which naturally set all of the prime conditions to eradicate all of the separatist and one size fits all counter intuitive ness that has been wreaking havocs on all of our collective hive true elastic vivacious potentials.





“Our brains, all primate brains were the very first super computer, and a time machine, with various types of super powers. “Our supercomputer brains, will work diligently behind our backs to get anything task we assign it to.” Everything is always progressing, especially, gray matters of our mental hatter. Without all of the prime all inclusive directives, we are just taking turns smearing one another with unnecessary unkempt hot seeping messy primitive emotions, defending troglodytes terms of endearment notions, admiral of fleets of sinking ships floating on still waters, greater good rivers, than ran dry and trying our own counter intuitive thing, accessorizing our personal demons, in the middle of tsunami primed oceans.

“What really speaks to you? “ Full unbridle awareness what speaks to our mind’s eye, at an early stage in our journeys, can make the fulfilling life, and a greater good world of differences. When we aren’t involve with things we are passionate about, we are being disloyal to our minds eyes and our needs to create our self-images and the collective hive mind masterpieces. “Greater good passion is everything, early onset awareness of your passion, is a very important secret to the good life, la dolce vita, etc. “what if,” from a child everyone was able to harness there greater good passion, our world would have been a much better place.

The main overall, subverting contribution that lead to endless unnecessary catastrophism, in redundant continuous grim replay. More than 93 percent, rough estimate, is seriously and critically engage in preoccupations they isn’t passionate about. Matching passion is very important, in order to set the prime condition to secure the best versions of ourselves. Instead most of the world’s population is twistedly chasing money fame, power, fairy tale happy ending, fully engage in preoccupations they isn’t passionate about, it’s an extremely volatile recipe to be a stylish engineer of our own misfortunes. Whenever you are engage in anything you are passionate about, you are not working, and most importantly you’re spread positive global vibrations, from one of your happy place. “If your levels of consciousness isn’t growing, there is a very high probability your levels of consciousness is dying.”

Whenever you are engage in preoccupations you’re not passionate about you are a pretenders, constantly imprison, “in the wrong place at all the wrong times,” administering every ill conceivable e personal brands of subprime. Your freewill is embattled, twistedly servicing unkempt desire levels, and a quaking part of the no frill greater good treason, hiding going postal grim face, with a preoccupied mind steep In disgruntle prattle, going through unpleasant commotion, perpetrating an anti-collective fraud, can’t get right waddle’s, all senses of normalcies, hogtied in tall lace.

Education systems are all design in the most extreme of primitive and backward and ill ways. All colleges, schools, educations systems globally, teaches, encourage worship, fraternize, enforces, and authorize anti-collective, and separatist subprime principles. All global schools use one size fits all primitive ideals, which really are, serious forms of prison gateways. Not respecting the individual from the beginning, realizing each person is a unique entity that requires unique specific all inclusive accommodation and freewill. They all instigating herding, hazing bully environment, and lumping mediocrity melting potlucks. Very similar to hospital, where there are usually a few entrances where contagious patients and those who aren’t contagious, have to use the same entrance. (See short list of anti-collective, and separatist subprime principles for further details)

Always have our priorities in order, always attend our first priories first.

Never tell lies, lying is the most primitive form of subverting and self-destructive form of enthusiasm. A persons can’t honest be seriously trying to find the truths, answers for all the big questions while telling all unnecessary forms lies. Underneath the surface our public game faces, “the first person we always end up lying to is our self.” Mirror, mirror off the wall, whose reflection is the most high maintenance live wall, vain hoax internal lifelong image dispute, relentless clandestine shawl, always pretending to be stealth, I am better than others, don’t let anyone see my truths, always trying crawl over others, self-tarring and feathers, chemical accessories please catch my graveyard spiral, “suspension of disbelief falls.”

The mirror is all of our mounting collections of special effects, free falls of all our unnecessary lies, we are telling ourselves. The obsessive truths will always set us free. Full disclosures, and unwavering transparencies at all time…

Always do, or tend to the hardest part of your project, endeavors, etc., first, unless there are extenuating circumstances, making sure in the future, the rest (sock eye,) easier, in all eventualities.

Always stay well tuned to big picture concept. Basically always attempt to provide all inclusive attentions, accommodations, considerations, preparations, interpretations, freewill for all nouns.

As a collective evolution measure of good fate, is only fitting as a greater good fate for all global gas companies, archeologist, sub oceanic experiments, deep sea divers, precious metals excavators, tunneling services, under ground work, tunnels, subways, dredging, and the rest full of wide array of deep sub terrain projects, start immediately working complementary with all global seismologist, allowing them a wide berth to plant sensors, markers, fiber optic detector cables, environment friendly etc., pre warning devices, etc.

Following the money, fame, fortunes, power, and anything that isn’t all inclusive in every aspect are extremely primitive.

The byproducts of following the money, fame, power, and anything that is separatist in nature, is greed, selfishness, your happy place is super greedy vain party for one.

Always leave ample room for extenuating circumstances…

Preordain is always in big picture play, preordain happens when we are busy with super nonsenses, non-items, unnecessarily ingrained distractions, and embedded primitive customs, traditions, and disbeliefs.

Objectifying is extremely progressive, in the worst of ill ways.

Bad habits, and negative energies progress the fastest, in a heated rush.

When we are waiting, we are always waiting for our, preordain next, scenes and synchronized sequels.

There is are blurry and masquerading distorted fiber optic line between, offering legitimized constructive criticism, and imposing our messy wet and wild leaky seeping ignorant outrageous generous imposition, most of us don’t know the greater differences.

We are all hagglers, sellers, and buyers, exchanging forced ripe hopes, nightmare dreams, sugar coated expectations, playing can’t get right politically not correct guaranteeing broken arrows wild Trump cards, plausible deniability’s, well-polished fantasy and hot empty promises, fame, fool’s gold, power, and is as if we can control the future, at this primitive juncture of our continuity. Following the eccentric, overlooking the obvious pink elephants with seeping leaky whims, and quirks rich, fame and power, are the main subverting delusions that has been misleading our entire sense of normalcies, herding the entire population into quaking ground zero ditches.

When we are on the outside of things, we are waiting for preordain, invitations from the inside. Systems need people, in order to use us as guinea pigs, projects, etc. It’s uncanny and most unfortunate, full disclosure is constantly overlooked, globally parents, guardians, and education system, Shanghai us, sign seal and deliver us, to a slew of ill-gotten systems, feeding into can’t get preordain streams, most of ill are done prenatal. Without consent we they volunteer our entire senses, to systems that has been failing countless generations, these ill anti collective systems take it from there, conjuring ways to capture the remainder of our freedoms, before we have a chance to make the distinction or ample chance, to choose of way. All of our freewill has been pre captured, from endless missteps, and subprime one size fits all enthusiasms. We are always caught, snagged in the various kinds of invisible and visible mi programed good intention carbon fire nets of wicked incoming and out coming enhance trajectories of “unintended outcomes,” culminating into to underline epiphany of primitiveness. We have to subscribe, have a ticket to ride their roller coasters, or volunteer to any of the subverting global systems, in order for them to do their worst to us and destroy us. Everyone trying to get no limit carte blanche, oblivious that it requires gravely that there freedoms, levels of desire, greed, selfishness, freewill, there greater good sense and collective evolutions has to frequent obsessively the realms of outer limits.

Always make all-inclusive preparations and accommodations for all nouns.

When we accept things and favors, we sell our freedom and subject ourselves to be enslaved.

“If you aren’t paying for a product, (byproduct) you can rest to sure, you are the product.”

Eradicate all separatist ideas, and prefer all thing all-inclusive.

Our senses is fragile and always exposed to unscrupulous conditioning.

Unkempt desires is self-destructive, which leaves our mind in reckless, and can’t get right mode. Main secret of life, always set our desire levels to desire less, ‘”less is collective evolution best, and a whole lot more.” Anything other than that is primitive gore.

Main causes of terminal deceases, is link to cooked foods, process foods, and lack of daily vitals, for our dual life forces, environmental pollutions, over the counter house hold chemicals, artificial lights, etc.., all unnatural things are responsible for compromising our health’s. Cook food, and process foods, cow milk, etc., (just imagine around the world, most people around the world is conditioned for many centuries begins their day with cow milk) causes endless types of toxic build up, that creates inflammations, and eventually the inflammations, mutates into most forms of internal terminal deceases. Heredity deceases stems from ancestral succumbing to the aforementioned afflictions. For instances poliomyelitis, black plague, just to name a few of endless names of deadly infections decease, and the ones to come all stems from ubiquitous globally lack of multi vitals. Recently saw a post that said” if there is a health food’s section in your grocery of supermarkets, what that makes the other foods in the grocery?”


The amount of daily vitals, etc., consistencies, determines the strength and proficiencies of our immune systems. At all times everyone must make sure they biology is well stuck with safe multivitamins, preferably from the natural certified organic source of fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, vegetable and all edible vegetation’s around the world. Lack of our multi vitals, etc., overall can set all the subprime conditions for all types of infectious decease to spread with ease because overall the entire world has always been suffering from a grave lack of daily vitals. Multi vitals, is unknown, and doesn’t seems to be a pressing priorities. Our daily vitals is much more than just water, multivitamins, and sustenance, etc. Prime example scurvy was link to lack of ordinary vitamins, lack of vitamins C causes’ scurvy.

Not knowing our daily vitals, are causing massive collateral global damages. Lack of daily vitals challenges, is ongoing, are is much more extensive that, initially surmise. For instance green leave vegetation’s, such as spinach, baggy, dasheen bush, potatoes leaves, kale, is high in vitamin k. vitamin k if a coagulant, cause our blood to clot easily. There are endless people suffering from thick blood, which in most cases, can leads to heart deceases. Most doctors, medical practitioners are quick to prescribe blood thinners which creates serious critical future challenges. Since we are condition to rely on aftermath contingencies,

Fountain of youth is serious refrainment, from consuming cooked foods. The fountain of youth always been in plain sight, it’s the global consumption of all edible vegetation’s, fruits, nuts, berry, etc. Cooked foods is Undead foods, which creates endless amount of toxicity that get trapped in our bodies, mutating into endless forms of terminal deceases, is the sequel to “invasion of the body snatchers.” obsessing with only all edible global vegetation, fruit juices, raw foods, multivitamins (only the centrum performances).

Noni juice is the best internal purifying trouble shooter, the only one a person can use every week without side effects, that conspire in line with our fragile biology’s to assist in removing most, if not all of the toxicity, we encounter from consuming cooked foods, which for the most parts are dead foods. Noni should be consume as, or more than any of the popular beverages. Living bitters from Ghana also can aid in internal cleansing and health restoring purifications. Noni can be use every week, every day, etc. living bitters from Ghana recommend see label for direction. After compound years of toxicity, some people are recommending two table spoons. Two table spoon of noni is for babies, please see physician before giving, or administering anything for babies, every situation is unique. Adult needs to drink more than a quart every other week, good and plenty seeds and all, in order to experience the refreshing toxicity build up reliefs.

People with hypertensions, and high blood pressure, should try to stay away from, swimming in the seas, and salt water pools. Rough guess people with low blood pressure, might want to take frequent sea baths, or salt water pool baths.

Elongated pinky finger, quite possible might be sign of serious heart diseases.



Without all of the relevant information’s, there are endless ways we have an uncanny predilections, to “engineering our own misfortunes.” Everyone is busy doing their very own counter intuitive thing, rather than prioritizing the order of pressing things. Most people seems to be devoid of attempting to champion all of the most, greater good things first.

Greed and selfishness is super anti-collective, and is never a sane option.

“Always leave everything, much better than we found them.”







When we don’t know all the relevant information’s and very important secret of life, we are constricted to spend our entire life fighting. Very important secret of life, “when we have to fight we had already lost the battle,” ”then any fight will do.” From the beginning most of us has been mi’ programed, condition, and brainwash to be battle ready, and be ready and able to fight every battle. It’s not until the bitter ends, using the aforementioned counterintuitive practices, we realize grim game face, realizing we had just waste a lot of precious quality time, just fighting ourselves. “No coming back from that one.”







Always throw seeds and cuttings where they has a chance to grow.

Never give to get.

Horoscope transparencies is elementary, and an extremely important global undertaking.

Every roof around the world should be mandate to collect rain water, as in Bermuda and other island. Water is a very important essential of life. At the very least it can be used to clean and for bathrooms, (everyone with swimming pools should be mandate to collect rain water), etc.

We are always moving into the future, everything always progressing

Always pay stupendous attention to details

Following money, fame, and power is a recipe for a life time of progressive greed and selfish ness and confusion

There is no such thing as control, or ownership, only when we can control death, we can have control.

Fear and panic is wilding aberration from all our unmanaged initial fear of our inevitable perdition, “predestinations.”

Always be seriously generous with offering assistance, and quick to ask how we can we help.

Preparation is a key secret, always prepare for all future possibilities.

Short list of anti-collective, and separatist subprime ideals



Best of the best

Beauty contest

“Dress to impress”

SAT scores

Trying to outdo one another





Couture fashion


Etc. (see DIY Save the World: Shakespir.com/books/view/654716

Shakespir.com/books/view/656010: for further details)

It’s not logical and with all inclusive thoughts, to ever use negative to solve a negative situation, problem, crisis, challenges, etc. (negative inactions, are one size fits all counter intuitive solutions,) that guarantees to create short term, and long term relentless problems in the future.) (“Two wrongs, can never ever make a right”)

Since our minds can only access less than ten percent of our brain processing powers, “it’s a no fault default paradox, since everything is preordain, our mieke (see DIY save the world for further details) super powers proves these cold case dilemma, and enigmas.” And you can rest to sure, the highest percentage part of accessing our brain processing power limitations, is allocated for the so called: savants, geniuses, etc.

Current ideas of love, marriages, etc., is marionette love. Endless strings attach.

When we are born, we are born with, a birthday, and a dead date, predated. This is why, (everyone should practice saying it’s a good day split second, time to die.)

The well rounded lady sings


And hopefully all the curtains on all of our global unnecessary primitiveness disorder falls….. A tall evolving order



North Korea renovatio

We are dupe from the very start, spend our entire life readjusting and playing catch-up. While the world is always moving forward, part of ourselves is left behind, we are set up to waste precious time, spend our entire lifetime conflicted and twisted, having to adjust from our dreamy imprints. Everyone is preoccupied developing, creating reflecting, perfecting, encouraging and promoting some crude form of actions or inaction's that was created by our less than ten percent of cerebral limitations, especially parents and educations systems that is authorized to spread their less than ten percent most high risk crises categories of impressionable minds that is the future. “We must start to pay extensive attentions, and carefully listen to what preordain says, is the best way to remain with all-inclusive and collectively focus.” Preordain has been whispering to everyone on the planet. Example the lucky rabbit foots, most people haven’t figured out, they should have called animal control on that one. The ill-proposed rabbit foot wasn’t lucky for the rabbit in the first place. Some people are so caring with bird cage mentality, a vile obsession to imprison free things (bird cage mentality, and trophy mentality), “stop drop shut them down,” take away free will. Bird cage mentality comes from being conditioned to find value in all nouns. Everyone is groomed to create a “financial big personalities.” Which really implies, we are supposed to take advantage of every noun, every opportunity we can, we “want everything and then sum, and dim sum.

  • Author: Sylvester Marshall
  • Published: 2017-04-26 04:35:11
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North Korea renovatio North Korea renovatio