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No Way Out


No Way Out



Joseph E. Weinheimer


Dear friends and loved ones,

I am so sorry for leaving you guys like this. But I assure you it was the only way to rectify my mistakes. All I want to say is to apologize for my victims’ families and I never meant for any of this to happen. I was only thinking about myself and the fear the Father has bestowed on me. I hope that everybody can understand that everything I did was for the Father’s will.


“His Daughter”

The elder Korean woman dropped her granddaughter’s letter as she collapsed onto the floor in despair. The fall was so awfully loud that her son Brian could hear her from upstairs. He ran towards the stairs screaming, “Mother! Mother! Talk to me if you are all right!” There was no response.

Forty year old Brian couldn’t see anything in the dark. He immediately grabbed a flashlight from a nearby closet. He found his mother’s body lying on the kitchen floor. Brian rushed to his mother’s side. His mother, Marylyn, had stop breathing. The elder woman died from a heart attack because the death of her granddaughter was too much to bear. Brian quickly called 911.

“911. What’s your emergency?”

“I’m Brian Ryans and my mother ain’t breathing! I need somebody now! My address is 3210 Anderson Street!” Brian responded in a scared and panicked voice.

“Okay sir, ambulance should be on its’ way. Hold tight.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Within fifteen minutes the ambulance and the police arrived. The police sirens were so loud that it was the only thing Brian could think of as he sat on the outdoor stairs. A heavy- set police officer approached him. The officer was saturated with the smell of cigarettes. The officer snarled as if he really didn’t wanted to be there. Who should blame him? It was midnight after all. “You’re Brian Ryans?”


“I heard that your mother collapsed. Where is she?” The officer asked Brian in a rough voice.

Brian was in fear. He didn’t want his mother to die. The man took a deep breath as an attempt to control his emotions. Tears started to surface as Brian started to cry. The officer was running out of patience. “We don’t have all freaking day! Tell me where your mother is or I’ll arrest you for false reporting!” The officer said in a threatening voice.

“She’s on the kitchen floor, sir.”

The officer went inside of the house and saw the body. He muttered to himself, “This is just a typical case. Why do I have to be here? It’s freaking midnight!”

The officer saw and took the suicide letter from the floor. “Typical suicide note—“Then the officer recognize something that wasn’t typical when he saw who signed the letter. “His Daughter” is the name of an unknown person working for a cult called “Spiritual Divine Family” A.K.A SDF. The police have been trying to capture the cult ever since their murdering onslaught began. Every victim of the SDF was Islamic except for a Mexican minor and his mother, a white boy and a few cops. Nobody from the Police department knew why the other nationalities were murdered. They only knew a conspiracy had taken place. “Oh my God,” the officer thought as he called the paramedics into the house.

Then the officer approached Brian again and showed the letter to Brian. “Who the heck wrote this freakin’ note?”

Brian studied the note and was startled. He recognized the hand writing. “The handwriting belongs to my daughter, Peggy Ryans.”

Chapter One


Peggy’s Point-of-View part one

Five weeks before sixteen year-old Peggy committed suicide she was at her best friend’s funeral. Her best friend was Kate Rose. They were friends for five years. They talked like each other. Dressed like each other. They could be twins. They both had long brown hair that ended at the middle of their backs. Their skin had a Korean complexion. The only difference between them was that Kate had black eyes and Peggy had blue-ocean eyes.

The girls were going to Kings Island the following weekend but Kate was killed instantly from an assailant’s gun. Peggy didn’t know who the killer was but it mattered little to her. She fantasized about grabbing a gun and kills the individual without mercy. But as a decent person, she was obligated not to act upon her desire. Throughout the funeral, Peggy sat and sobbed right beside her father, Brian. At one point Brian put his hands around her shoulder and whispered, “It’s going to be okay, baby girl.”

The next Sunday night, Peggy went to a friend’s house. Josh Whine was the friend’s name. Josh was a Mexican. The one thing Josh always thinks about was Peggy. He even dreams about her. It was clear that he has an obsession with her. He stares at Peggy lustfully as she sat on the couch. This always bothered Peggy whenever Josh stared at her but she decided to ignore him for the sake of their friendship. “So, Josh, how’re things?”

“All right. But to tell you the truth, I’ve been thinking about your welfare.”

“My what?”

“It’s just that you’ve been an upside down roller coaster. One day you’re crying. Next day you threaten to beat me to a pulp. What’s happened to you? Is it about Kate?”


“Oh, my gosh. I am so sorry.”

“It’s fine. Some things just happen.”

`Peggy started to cry. Josh immediately hugged her tightly. Peggy thought Josh would never let go. “She’s in Heaven now,” Josh said to her.

All of a sudden Peggy felt tremendous rage and anger within her. She punched Josh so hard in the gut he coughed up blood. “What kind of God would take the only thing I care about so soon? Huh? Answer me, you jerk!” Peggy demanded.

“I’m sorry, Peggy. That came out wrong.”

“Sorry ain’t enough. You sicken me,” Peggy said as she left the house.

When Peggy went to her house the cops were waiting for her. A heavy-set officer came towards her that smelled like cigarettes. “You’re Peggy Ryans?”

“What is it to you?”

“You are under arrest for domestic assault.”

Peggy started to run but she was surrounded by police cars. The heavy-set officer handcuffed her. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used in the court of law. You have the right of having an attorney. If you can’t afford one, one will be given to you, “the heavy-set officer said as he escorted Peggy to the police car.

Peggy was shocked that Josh called the cops on her. He seemed like a boy that would do anything for her. Peggy would usually take advantage of Josh’s obsession of her. She felt angry and betrayed at the very least. On her way to the Juvenile Correction Center, Peggy fantasized about choking Josh to death.

Peggy was locked up with a fifteen year -old girl. The girl went by the name Tat due to her entire body being covered by tattoos. Most of the tattoos were hearts and crosses. She wore black lipstick. She had long black hair that stopped at tithe middle of her back. The right side of her head was partially scared. Peggy wouldn’t dare to ask her how her face ended that way.

Tat looked at Peggy and her smile showed her yellow teeth. Peggy smiled back as she hoped that nothing bad would happen to her. Tat started to walk towards her. Her eyes stayed on Peggy. The closer she walked towards Peggy, her body tensed in fear. “Hello, my name is Tat. What’s your name?”

“Ryans. Peggy Ryans. What are you in for?”

“Driving without a license. You?”

Peggy lied, “I’m in here for the same thing.”

“What a shame.”

“What is?”

“The stupid Justice System is whack. You get locked up for a stupid reason while somebody is being blown up to Kingdom come. It took ten years for America to capture and execute Osama Bin Laden. It took ten minutes to get caught driving without a stinking license! The government doesn’t give squat about anything. All they care about is freaking publicity! Because if they did give a crap, they’d get rid of the Middle East!”

“Life stinks. Get used to it. There is nothing you can do, Tat!”

“If you believe in The Father, anything’s possible.”

“I don’t want to hear about your God and your stupid religion!”

“I don’t believe in religion but I believe in The Father! The one that will deliver us from the ways of the world! In him, we will have eternal life!”

“Well. That sounds like religion.”

“No, Peggy. I know the truth. If you help me escape I’ll show you The Father. And for once you’ll find your purpose, serving Him.”

“You’re crazy so leave me alone or I’ll shut you up.”

Tat sighed. She took a deep breath. “Just tell me one thing, Peggy. What’s the point of living?”

Peggy didn’t respond, she was tired and had no idea what was the answer to Tat’s question. For the rest of the night she wondered about the same thing over and over, “What’s the meaning of life?”

Peggy couldn’t believe who bailed her out the next morning. It was Josh. “Hey, how you doing, free bird,” Josh said as Peggy walked out her jail cell.

“Don’t talk to me, you traitorous piece of crap!”

“Calm down, Peggy. I’m not the one who called the cops. It was my mother. I had no choice but to tell her. My mother was worried.”

“It’s all right. How you feel?”

“My stomach’s in so much pain. You hit me so hard.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine. I forgive you,” Josh said in a soft and calm voice.

“Josh, I deserve to be locked up. Why the heck you bailed me out?” Peggy said in an upsetting voice.

“You know the reason why, honey,” Josh said as he looked into her eyes.

Peggy paused as Josh put his head towards hers. Peggy sighed as she pushes Josh away. “Stop, Josh! You know I don’t feel the same way.”

Josh took a deep breath and muttered, “Unfortunately.”

“I am so sorry,” Peggy said in a sorrow voice. “I’ll always be your friend.”

An awkward silence took place between the two. Peggy looked at Josh. Josh looked at Peggy. This wasn’t the first time the two had this kind of moment. They were both sure it wasn’t going to be their last. They were both sick of it. Peggy looked at her cell and noticed that Tat was watching everything what was happening. Josh notices her as well. Peggy whispered to Josh, “Her name is Tat. She’s a weirdo but I want you to bail her out as well. I have questions to ask her.”

“Anything for you,” Josh replied.

Peggy and Tat spent their night at Josh’s house. When they went to Josh’s room Tat asked Josh a question, “How old are you?”


“I thought minors weren’t able to bail people out.”

“They can’t. I have a fake license that says I’m twenty-one.”

“Well, you look like the part.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Josh said as he smiled.

“Any time, Handsome,” Tat said as Josh’s cheeks turned red.

Peggy couldn’t wait for her questions to be answered. She asked Josh, “Can us girls have a moment of privacy?”

“Sure,” Josh said as he left the room.

Peggy closed the door. She asked,” All I want to know is who this “Father” you’re talking about?”

“The Father has chosen you to be part of his plan to purify the earth.”

“Huh? Repeat that again.”

“In the beginning, God created the earth. Everything he made was good until the creation of men was created. Men became like a disease to God’s glorious green earth. Everything that was once good became bad. There was famine. War. People hurting each other. It was Hell on earth and it still is. Of all people on earth there was one who was completely righteous human being. His name was Richard Nun. The Lord has come to him to form a family dedicated to purify the earth. His disciples simply call him “The Father”. Only his followers are righteous! So lives the S.D.F.!”

“How the heck does that have to do anything with me?”

“Everything. See, The Father has been watching you. When you’re walking to school he sees you. When you’re walking home he sees you. He watches everything you do. For some reason he ask me to seek you out. Some reason he thinks you are worthy of being part of his quest.”

Peggy had goose bumps. She felt eerie that she had a stalker. She immediately responded, “What if I refuse to be a part of this?”

“Then, you’ll be disobeying The Father and for that sin, you must die!”

Peggy was terrified by Tat’s response. She decided to play along for the sake of her life. “Where can I meet the Father?”

“I’m planning to escort you to him by midnight.”

Peggy looked at the clock on the wall. It was eleven o’ clock. Peggy took a deep breath. Unsure what might happen to her she agreed to go with Tat. “Okay, Tat. Let’s do it.”

As the two girls walked out of Josh’s room they spot Josh right behind the door. Josh listened to every word they said. “Josh, you know what one of The Father’s rules is?”

“What?” Josh asked nervously.

“If an outsider knows anything about the Spiritual Divine Family they need to be executed at once!” Tat answered as she put a pocket knife out of her pocket.

Josh’s heart started to beat faster and faster as he started to run as fast he can. He couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. He headed towards the living room door. It was no use because the door was locked. Tat drove her knife in Josh’s lower abdomen. Then she twisted the knife before pulling it out. Josh collapsed on to the floor. Blood was everywhere. Josh coughed up blood. Josh’s body was drowning in his own blood. He looked at Tat in the face and was able to mutter his last words, “What kind of God would want this to happen?”

“A righteous one. Amen,” Tat smiled as she walked away Josh’s body.

Peggy was too afraid to respond. She was too afraid what Tat might do to her if she did. The only thing she did was to follow Tat into the night. Peggy was going to meet The Father. She had no idea if she was going back home alive. Chapter Two


Josh’s point-of-view part one

Six weeks before Josh Whine was stabbed he was a regular high school boy. Specifically it was his first day of his junior year and his parents were driving him to school. His mother, Sarah, asked him, “So, are you nervous today?”

“Heck no. just doesn’t try to miss me while I’m gone,” Josh lied, he was nervous as heck.

“You know things won’t be the same. Our house will be quiet,” Sarah joked.

“True,” Josh joked back.

“Just don’t get in trouble with the ladies,” Josh’s father, Mike, said as she drove into the school’s parking lot.

“You know I will,” Josh said playfully.

Mike smiled in response as Josh went out of the car. Sarah rolled her window down before her son left and kisses her son on the forehead. Usually teenagers would get embarrassed if they get kissed in public but Josh didn’t care. He loves his family. Josh is just jolly in person most of the time. People love him for that. They even admired him for that.

Later that day, something happened to Josh. He was sitting on the floor reading a graphic novel at the school library when he spotted a beautiful Korean girl standing beside him looking for a library book. Josh immediately stood up from the table. For him, it was love at first sight. “Hey, what’s up? Looking for a particular book?”

“Tuck Everlasting.”

“On your left.”

“Oh thanks. You know this is the fortieth time I’ve read this book?”

“Wow. You must like the book.”

“Oh yeah. I’m obsessed with the thought of living forever.”

“It’s a crazy fantasy.”

“I guess you’re right. Everybody’s time comes sooner or later. You have to be prepared for it.”

“True. That’s why you have to live in the moment,” Josh said as he unexpectedly kissed the girl.

“What the heck!?” the girl slapped Josh in the face.

The girl walked away in disgusted. “Can I at least know your name?” Josh yelled out to her.

“Name’s Peggy! If you try to make a move on me again, you’ll be a dead man!”

Everybody in the library stared at Josh. Josh never felt this embarrassed before. The worst of it all was that Josh knew better. He always move too fast when it comes to girls. There were any girls in his life. Some serious. Some were not. But in his gut, he believed that Peggy was destined to be his. Josh had no idea what fate has in store for him.

As Peggy left the school library Josh saw something peculiar. He spotted a mysterious individual staring at Peggy intensely. The individual wore white outfit and mask. It was impossible to identify the individual except for a smell of strawberries perfume. It was a female. Josh confronted the female. “You know Peggy?” he asked curiously.

“Mind your own business, Josh Whine.”

“How you know my name?”

“I have my resources,” the individual replied as the person left the school library to pursue Peggy.

Josh decided to follow the bizarre individual. The individual saw Josh with the corner of her left eye and turned around. The individual grabbed Josh’s arm and dragged him to the empty boys’ room. “Why the heck we’re in here?”

“Shut up and listen, you piece of Mexican crap! If you ever interfere with my plans again I’ll kill you!” The individual said in a muffled voice. As she put a sharp knife against Josh’s neck.

Josh was scared as his body to shake. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

“I never regret what I do. Now listen to me. For those who live by the sword will die by the sword,” the individual said as she left.

Josh quickly pursued the individual. He grabbed the individual from the behind in the hallway. The female used her elbow to smack Josh in the gut, breaking from Josh’s grip. Josh winced with pain but was determined to bring the female down. He punched the female so hard in the face she fell onto the ground. The female grabbed her pocket knife. Before the girl could do anything with the knife she notices that she was surrounded by high school students. “Oh my god! Is she going to kill him?” someone shouted in the crowd.

Before the female could get away she was in handcuffs. There was sign of resentment and disgusted in her face. She stared at Josh with a cold face. “This isn’t over! Your time is coming!” the female screamed.

“Shut up,” an officer said as he started to escort the female out of the building.

Then the girl did something ruthless. It would seem that the handcuffs were plastic to her gymnastic body. She grabbed the gun of the police officer that was next to her. She fired the bullet in Josh’s direction but Josh dodged the bullet. He then took a deep breath. He couldn’t believe that he has survived. Then Josh heard a girl behind him screaming. He turned around and notices a Korean girl was lying on the floor bleeding. Out of nowhere, Peggy was on the scene. She rushed to the girl’s body. She hugged the girl. “No! Don’t die on me, Kate! We’ve been through too much. Everything’s going to be ok. You hear me?!” Peggy screamed but there was no response.

Josh watched in horror as police officers tried to evacuate the crowd. “Back away from the crime scene. Go back to your regular classes,” one of the police officers said.

Even though Josh didn’t had any idea who Kate was he felt responsible. If he didn’t moved out of the way he would be the one who would have been shot and Kate would be alive. Josh felt so depressed he wanted to kill himself. He decided as soon he went to his house he will be head himself with a kitchen knife. Josh never knew how to control his emotions.

Hours pass. Josh became more miserable by the minute. It was at the end of the school day. Josh was a on his way to the school bus when he spotted Peggy sitting in a chair near the therapist’ room door. He approached Peggy, “I am so sorry. Please forgive me!”

“For what?” Peggy said as she wiped the tears in her eyes.

“Kate’s death is my fault. I shouldn’t have move.”

“You did what anyone else would have done. Don’t blame yourself!”

“I can’t. For some reason I can’t.”

“Did you ever think about why you survived and Kate is dead?”


“You are here for a reason, Mr. ---“

“It’s Josh Whine.”

“Well, Josh, if you were here for no reason you simply wouldn’t exist.”

“What am I doing here? Why am I living? What is my purpose?”

“The answer is simple. Only you can figure it out.”

Josh couldn’t believe what Peggy was saying. He never thought about what his purpose was. After talking with Peggy he decided to keep on living and find out what his purpose is. He looked at Peggy one last time before leaving. Josh smiled, “Thank you, Peggy.”

Peggy smiled back, “You are very welcome.”

Chapter Three


Peggy’s point-of-view part two

Peggy had no idea of what was in store for her but was absolutely terrified. She was in a red car sitting next to a murderer. The red car belonged to the murderer’s victim, Josh Whine. The murderer called herself Tat. She was riding the car two hundred miles in an hour. Peggy’s heart was pumping harder and harder. She felt like she was about to throw up. “Do you think you can slow down, please?” Peggy pleaded.

“Oh, sorry. I just can’t wait for you to meet the Father. You’ll love him and he’ll love you too,” Tat said with excitement.

“I bet you are,” Peggy said trying to be calm but failed miserable.

“Hey, look here. Was it necessary to kill Josh,” Peggy asked Tat.

“It was the Father’s will.”

“You’re going with that routine? Justify murder with spiritual authority? It’s been done before!”

“I don’t have to justify anything! The Father’s will is perfect! If you deny his will again I’ll literally cut your tongue off! So lives the Father!” That said in a threatening tone.

Peggy stopped talking immediately. She knew for a fact that Tat was insane enough to do it. She even thought about just jump out of the car but she knew that Tat would be insane enough to pursue her and kill her right on the interstate. Peggy’s life was in the hands of fate.

Tat stopped at a white mansion. The entrance of the mansion had twenty wooden steps to get up to. Peggy took a deep breath. She was certain that the mansion is the place where she was going to die. Tat grabbed a handgun from her pocket. “Let’s go!” Tat demanded.

Peggy followed Tat’s orders. Peggy walked up the steps with Tat holding her gun towards the back of her head. Peggy pushes the doorbell button. Tat put her gun back in her pocket. Then she put her arm on Peggy’s shoulder firmly. Peggy felt great discomfort. She wouldn’t dare to escape. Moments later, a butler in a white suit opened the door. “Oh, you must be Peggy Ryans. The Father talked a lot about you, my dear,” the butler said with a smirk.

The comment made Peggy more uncomfortable. She wondered how a grown man can be so obsessed with a young girl. Her gut’s instinct was telling her that she needed to run at that exact moment. Her fear of death prevented her to run.

Peggy and Tat entered the mansion. The walls and floors were white. This seemed odd to Peggy. She had no idea why but she had a bad feeling in her gut.” I hope this ain’t the Ku Klux Klan,” she thought. Then, in the corner of her eye she saw a tint of dry blood on one of the walls. She told herself that the blood wasn’t there. The butler gestured Peggy to sit on a white couch to wait for his master to come. It didn’t take long for the Father to arrive.

The Father didn’t look any like Peggy thought he would. The Father was nothing but a cripple old man. He had winkles all over his face. He was bald and had a white beard. He wore a complete white suit with a wooden cane. The man was five feet tall. “How the heck is an old man having such authority?” Peggy thought to herself.

“Hello, my dear. I’ve been waiting for you,” The father said with a strange smile.

“What do you want from me?” Peggy said in a bitter voice.

“Well, my dear. I just want you to reach your God-given potential. You see, I don’t want anything to do with you but he does. The most hi—“

“Cut the crap. You are a pedophile or a psycho or both. I don’t give a crap. Tell me why I shouldn’t just call the police on you for stalking me?” Peggy yelled.

The old man just laughed at Peggy. How a girl could be considered as a threat to a mere old man. Peggy stands up from and made a move towards the door. The old man gave Tat, who was standing in the right corner of the room, a nod. Tat understood what the Father wanted. Tat went in front of Peggy and put her knife against her neck. “If you refuse the Father’s will, you’ll share the same fate of Josh Whine!”

Again, Peggy was in horror. She wanted to kill Tat for killing Josh. An image entered Peggy’s dark soul. It was an image of her strangling Tat to death. Once Tat died she put gasoline and lights a match on her corpse. As the body burned into ashes, Peggy laughed at the scene. For some time, Peggy wondered what it’d be like to release her violent urges onto the world. But Peggy was afraid of the consequences if she did. Her whole life was controlled by fear and death. She hated that fact with a passion but in a strange way she loved it with a passion.

Peggy decided to sit back down. “Wise choice, my dear. Usually I kill those who defy me. But God has other plans for our family.”

“Family?” Peggy asked confused.

“The Spiritual Divine Family. I’m sure my assistant, Tat, told you all about it. Anyway, it’s time to meet the others.”

The Father lured Peggy into the kitchen. Tat followed. Unexpectedly the kitchen’s cabinets, the long rectangular table in the middle, the floor, the walls, were all white. There were fifteen teens and eight young adults in white uniforms sitting at the table eating whatever. ”How do you pay for all these people?” Peggy asked the Father.

“Uh, we have our resources.”

“Our tax dollars at work,” Peggy sighed to herself.

“Now, get to know your new roommates. I have business to attend to. I’ll see you all after dinner,” The Father said as he left.

Everyone at the table stared at Peggy like if they wanted to eat her. She felt very uncomfortable as one of the teen boys stared lustfully at her. Couple teen girls looked at her with dislike. The young adults just ignored her. Peggy noticed that everybody in the room were white as a ghost. She felt like an outcast for being the only one in the room who was Korean. Peggy hoped once again that she’s not in the Ku Klux Klan.

Trying to sleep at the mansion was stranger to Peggy than how her evening went. She was sleeping in one of the guestrooms. She was lying in a mattress on the floor. It was two o’clock when she heard the door open. Peggy jumped. A white boy who seemed to be thirteen came in. the blonde kid seemed to have an angry look about him. The boy’s face was bruised. “Who are——“Peggy started to ask.

“SHUT UP, YOU FREAKINPIECE OF KOREAN TRASH!” the boy yelled as he started to jump on Peggy and started to punch her.

Peggy didn’t want to fight back because she didn’t want to hurt the boy. The boy took advantage of this. Then, the boy took a knife out of his pocket. At that moment Peggy had a flashback to the moment of the death of Josh Whine. If Peggy was anything it was being a survivor. Peggy quickly grabbed the boy’s pocket knife and pushed him onto the floor. She stabbed the kid a hundred and twelve times. It was overkill. Every step of the way Peggy smiled as the boy drowns in his own blood. She liked stabbing the boy. More than she thought she would. Peggy wanted more.

Before anything else could happen, the Father charged into Peggy’s room. “What’s going on?” As soon he asked that he was staring at the dead body. The father had an unexpected grin upon his face. Peggy felt that his reaction was odd. She would think that the Father would be upset that one of his followers was savagely murdered. Instead, the Father responded in a calm voice, “Congratulations, my dear. You pass the test.”

Peggy was utterly confused. Was the murder orchestrated? If so, why? It doesn’t matter it felt good! This is what Peggy could only think about. The Father waited for a response for a few moments. Then he just continued talking. Peggy was half-listening. She was caught in the moment. “The one skill a cult member should have is the instinct of survival. I had to see if you had the necessary talent. And my God, You have it.”

Peggy responded with three words, “I want more!”

Chapter Four


Josh’s point-of-view part Two

Josh woke up in a hospital. He had no memory how he got there but knew he was there. His stomach was in so much agony. It was if he was stabbed. At that moment it wouldn’t come to him that he was stabbed. It didn’t help that he was in an uncomfortable bed. It felt like he was sinking in the bed but he knew better. All of a sudden Josh heard a cheerful female voice, “Josh? Baby! YOU’RE OKAY! MOMMY’S HERE! DON’T WORRY!” Josh was glad to hear his mother’s voice.

“What happened, Mother?” Josh asked eagerly.

“I don’t know, sweetie. I was wondering if you could tell me. Did Peggy and her friend do this to you? IF THEY DID I’LL KILL THOSE B ---“Before she could continue a female doctor came in.

The doctor was so tall she could be a model. Her lipstick was a strawberry red. She had long, brown, smooth hair. Her eyes were tortoise. She wore a doctor’s white outfit. She was wearing a doctors’ outfit. “Is this Joseph Edward Weinheimer?”

“Nope. It’s Josh Edward Whine,” Josh corrected the doctor.

“Man. I’m not good with names. My bad,” the doctor laughed an annoying laugh.

It was obvious that that the doctor was as young as she looked. Josh hoped that the doctor was professional enough to do her job. Then all of a sudden, her smile turned into a frown. “We have to talk about serious stuff, Mr. Whine.”

“What the heck happened to me?” Josh asked in an angry voice.

“Well, we took x-rays. Your lower abdomen is severely injured. It is to be believed that you’ve been stabbed. You may not be able to walk again,” The doctor shrugged. “Is this what happened?”

As soon the female doctor mentioned that he got “stabbed”, Josh almost instantly remembered the awful incident. For some reason Josh couldn’t find himself telling anybody what happened. He was too loyal to the love of his life, Peggy. Even though Peggy wasn’t the one who stabbed him, Josh believed if she didn’t want him to die she would’ve intervened. But fact is she didn’t. This made Josh completely depressed. Josh started to cry. “WHY DID SHE DIDN’T STOP HER!” Josh yelled out.

Josh was so upset he didn’t realize he accidently pulled out his I.V. out of his right hand by swinging his hand. There was liquid pouring onto the floor. Josh just sobbed. Josh’s mother quickly hugged her son if he was a baby. At that moment he was acting like a baby but with everything considered it was understandable. “It’s okay, baby. Shh. It’s okay,” Sarah said silently to her son as the doctor injected him with a strong sedative by a needle.

“We like to keep your son here until he heals from his wounds, Mrs. Whine,” The doctor said.

Still holding onto her son, Sarah responded while crying, “Fine by me. Fine by me…”

“Hey, at least he’s alive.”

The doctor’s words only gave Sarah a little comfort. “I want her to pay. Y’hear me? PAY!”

The doctor just left the room without saying anything.

It took hours for Josh to wake up from the sedative. It was twelve in the morning. Josh took a deep breath. He tried to take in everything that happened to him. His mother was sleeping in a chair next to him, just snoring away. This has to be a dream. None of this is real. It doesn’t matter what Josh told himself, he knew he was alive. He had no idea if it was a blessing or a curse or possibly both. His emotional feelings of having a near-death experience were overwhelming to him.

All of a sudden, Josh heard the door opening. At first Josh thought it was a nurse who was going to check his pulse but a familiar voice came out of the person. “Hello, Josh.”

Josh immediately knew who it was. He responded, “I thought they didn’t let visitors.”

The person ignored the statement. “I just wanted to make sure that you were okay and let you know that I’m okay.”

Josh didn’t respond. He was simply too overwhelmed with emotion. The person continued talking. “I know you hate me now and I don’t blame you. Just one thing. Don’t worry about me anymore. I’m at a place I’m happy now. I’m not coming back,” Peggy said as she started to leave the room.

“Uh, Josh? Anything going on?” Sarah said as she woke up.

Without hesitation, Peggy grabbed her gun out of her pocket and shot Sarah five times and left. Josh was speechless and mortified as Sarah slid onto the floor. She was drowning in her own blood. Josh screamed as loud as he can. Everybody in the hallway could hear him. The doctor who came to Josh’s room before came rushing into the room. She gasped as she saw Sarah’s dead body. “Oh my God. What happened?”

Josh lied, “I don’t know. I was sleeping.”

The next day Josh found himself in a new room and new floor. His father, Mike, was sitting next to him in a chair. He was rocking back and forth. This was an indication that something great was stressing him. Why wouldn’t he? His wife was killed by one of Josh’s closest friends. Josh kept imagining his father being shot over and over. The feeling just made him miserable. He had no idea why Peggy would do a monstrous thing like that. But strangely, Josh could find himself forgiving Peggy. She was his love after all.

A heavy-set police officer walked in the room. It looked like he didn’t want to be there. “Somebody want to explain to me what happened?” the police officer asked.

“I don’t know. I was sleeping.”

“Drop it, kid. We’ve seen the security camera. Who’s the girl?”

Mike and Josh exchanged looks. “Tell the police officer what happened, Joshua,” Mike said softly.

“I don’t remember,” Josh told the officer.

“Don’t lie to me, kid. You know people who lie to the police get in a lot of trouble.”

“I know.”

“So spill.”


“Listen here, kid. We’re going to find out who did this. And when you get better you’re under arrest.”

Josh didn’t say anything as the police officer left. Josh could tell his father was upset and angry. “Your mother was murdered. The woman who raised you. The woman who loves you. Do you understand? And you are defending her murderer. What is wrong with you? I should kill you myself.”

Josh didn’t say anything but cried. He was scared of what might happen next. Did he do the right thing by protecting his mother’s killer? Or is he as guilty as the murderer? Did he deserve a second chance in life? Josh couldn’t answer these questions. But one thing Josh knew was that it’s going to be a long recovery.

Chapter Five


Peggy’s point of view part three

The only thing Peggy could hear was police sirens. The sound was almost deafening. She ran as fast as she can from the hospital. It was hard seeing in the dark. It was twelve AM after all. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t see or not because she was surrounded by police cars. All of a sudden, the light from the police cars shined on Peggy. “Peggy Ryans. You are under arrest for the murder of Sarah Whine. Put your hands up in the air,” one officer said.

Peggy didn’t do anything. “Count onto three and you’re going down,” the police officer said as he grabbed the gun from his pocket. “One two thr—“ the police officer was shot from the behind and the bullet went through his heart.

The other officers turned away from Peggy to see who the shooter was. Before the officers could do anything else they were all shot in the foreheads. A figure walked in the light from the dark. The shooter was no other than Tat. Tat looked at Peggy with a blank look. Peggy looked back in astonishment. Then Tat said, “Come with me.”

Peggy followed Tat back to the mansion. The Father was sitting in the chair in the living room. His face had a vicious look on his face. He had a mischievous look on his face, “Have you succeeded my dear?” the Father said in a somewhat disturbing voice.

“Yes, the child and mother are dead,” Peggy lied.

”Excellent. Now rest, my child. Tomorrow is the day you shall prove your loyalty to us.”

Peggy was nervous and excited about “Proving her loyalty” at the same time. Especially if there’s going to be blood on her hands. Peggy went to her bedroom fantasizing killing Islamic people with her bare hands. She went to her room. Tat followed. Tat closed the door behind her. “How did it feel like? The killing.”

“It felt good.”

“Why does that sound so unconvincing?”

“I’m saying the truth. When I was young my father…abused me. All of my life I’ve suppressed my anger. So many times I wanted to kill people or make them understand the feeling of pain like how I did. I refused the temptation all of my life. I was miserable beyond misery. But when I killed that young boy I felt sweet release. Finally letting go. Finally losing control. It felt amazing,” Peggy turned around and faced Tat, smiling. She added, “God bless the S.D.F.”

Peggy felt so good talking to someone. Tat sensed how Peggy felt. She was grateful that Peggy felt good but also felt jealous. Why can Peggy can be happy and I can’t, she wondered. Then she wondered if she’ll feel better if she opened up to Peggy. Tat took a deep breath. Then she asked Peggy, “Can I tell you a secret?”

“Yeah. Sure. Anything.”

“Like you, my father was abusive towards me. He would perform satanic rituals on me. Have no idea what these rituals were for. All he told me was that he loved me. For that reason I did whatever my father told me to do even if my body was in great pain. But one day it was too much. He lit a match and burned the right side of my face. What he did was unforgivable. I was only twelve! TWELVE! I realize if I wanted to live I had to escape y father’s wrath. I ran away that night. I ran for miles and miles unto I collapsed near a mansion. This mansion. That’s how I met my real father. The Father raised me as a daughter. I was given a family. Loved ones. That’s when I learned, as long you have each other’s backs you’re never truly alone.”


“I know.”

“You never got arrested for driving without a license. Didn’t you?”

“No. For murder. How about You?”

“Umm, domestic assault.”

“Ha. That’s nothing.”

“Tell me about it.”

All of a sudden Tat hugged Peggy. She whispered to her ear, “Welcome home.”

“Thanks, sis.”

“Well I have to get some sleep. Nighty night.”

“Night,” Peggy said as Tat left.

It’s the next day. Thomas and Marie Krunizera was a married Islamic couple currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were drinking coffee in their kitchen when it happened. They were sitting at a rectangular table, sitting across from each other. They looked at each other passionately. “I love you,” Marie said to Thomas.

“I love you, too.”

The couple didn’t realize that this was going to be the last time they’ll ever tell each other about how they feel. The doorbell rang. Thomas went to the door and opened it. There were three individuals at the door. They were Peggy, Tat, and a teenage boy named Daniel. Peggy had a grin on her face. Tat had a handgun in her hand. Daniel had couple of ropes in his hands. Thomas didn’t have a good feeling about this scenario. He tried to close the door on them but Peggy barged in. Thomas ran towards his wife, grabbed her hand, and they jumped out of a near-by window. They jumped ten feet and unto the ground they went. There were flesh wounds all over them by the glass of the window. Marie was absolutely terrified. Thomas was calm as if this was all a movie. “We have to keep running or they’ll kill us!” Thomas said with great agony over his body.

“I can’t. I think I’m paralyzed!”

At that single moment a bullet was fired out of the broken window. The bullet was aimed straight at Marie. Blood was splattered everywhere. Onto the street and unto her husband’s clothes and face, there was blood. “NOOOOOOOOO! WHY? KILL ME!!!!!” Thomas screamed in agony. Thomas’ wish came true. A bullet went through his broken heart and he landed on his wife’s corpse. As the three cult members walked away, Tat smiled as she put her gun back into her pocket. The bodies weren’t found until two days later.

That same night of the murders, Dan Mulichi, was `` trying to hitch hiking a ride. A red car seemed to stop for him. He walked up to the car. There seemed to be a girl on the right side of the door gesturing him to go in the back. Dan did so. There was a blond teenager on the other side of the seat. The blond boy was staring at Dan with his blue eyes. The driver in the front who seemed to have brown hair said to him, “His name’s Daniel. He won’t bite much. I’m Peggy and this good pal of mine who’s sitting next to me is Tat. What’s your name?”


“Where are you headed?”

“My house. 2211 Central Street.”


At the moment, Dan thought he was a lucky guy. He’ll be in time to join his Islamic family for supper. He loved his family the most in his sixteen years of his life. His family was almost sacred to him. When they were at Dan’s residence he started to thank the strangers for the ride, “Than—-“ Daniel put duct tape over Dan’s mouth. Then he tied him up. Dan tried to break free from the ropes but no prevail. Daniel than forced him out of the car and pushed him up to his home. Tat and Peggy followed them. All Dan could think about what was going to his family. Tat forced the door down. Dan’s family were relaxing in their living room watching the television when the cult members walked in. “DANIEL!” his mother cried as she got up from the couch.

Dan’s father got up from a chair and demanded answers, “What is this?”

Peggy grabbed Tat’s gun from her gun and shot Dan’s father’s shoulder. He survived. “This is a robbery. Give us the money and Dan lives. Call cops and he dies. Get it?” Peggy said to the family.

Tat and Daniel were confused. This wasn’t supposed to be a robbery but a cold-hearted murder. The parents obeyed. Dan took a thousand dollars out of his vault. Dan’s other took eight hundred dollars out of her purse and handed to Peggy. “You have our money. Let Daniel go!” Dan’s father commanded.

“We don’t take commands,” Peggy said as she shot Dan five times.

“YOU MONSTER “was the last thing Dan ever said. Tat stabbed Dan’s father in the lower abdomen and twisted the knife before pulling it out. The man was literally drowning in his own blood. At that moment, Peggy stared into the victim’s blue eyes. She didn’t saw Dan’s father being stabbed but Josh Whine being stabbed. She didn’t know if it was the way Dan’s father was being stabbed or what. All she could think about was the moment her best friend, Josh, was stabbed. It made her feel sick. She wanted to cry. Suddenly, Peggy had a realization that she was doing wrong. She wanted the madness to stop but she didn’t know how. Dan’s mother was screaming. Peggy looked at Tat and said, “I’ll take care of her.”

Peggy grabbed Dan’s mother by her neck and forced her into her room. Peggy closed the door behind her. After a few moments Peggy released her grip. Dan’s mother took a few breaths. “Now listen. I am sorry for your lost. You don’t have to worry. I won’t kill you.” Peggy grabbed her cell phone out of her pockets. “Call cops. Tell them the S.D.F is involved. If anyone asks, I’m “His Daughter”. Now I’ll have to shoot my gun so the others think I killed you,” Peggy said as she shot the gun at the wall.

“Why should I trust you?”

“Because you’re not dead. As soon I leave, call the cops.”

Peggy left the room and she went back downstairs. Daniel immediately asks, “Is she dead?”

“Heck yeah. Let’s go!” Peggy said with a fake smile. This is the last time she’ll ever smile. The past is going to catch up with her.

The interrogation room was cold and dark. The room was almost isolated except for two individuals, Peggy Ryans and Detective Striber. The room was quiet for a few moments. Striber was staring at Peggy coldly. Peggy was sitting in a chair and it looked like she was close to tears. Striber didn’t know if Peggy was playing an act or not. All he wanted was for the truth to be revealed.

Interviews were long and tiring. But Peggy felt relived going to the police but terrified at the same time. What if S.D.F. found out that they were betrayed by their own? It would mean a death sentence for her but if bringing them in meant justice for Josh Whine so be it.

“Let’s start from the beginning. How did you get involved?” Striber said sitting in a chair in front of his desk.

“It happened all so fast. Memories are blending together. It’s confusing. I’ll tell you the best I can,” Peggy said.

Peggy told Detective Striber everything. She knew what was going to happen at that moment. Striber got up from his chair and told Peggy to stand up and put her hands behind her. As Striber handcuffed Peggy and told her rights she said nothing. The only thing Peggy could think about was that she was going to be a dead girl. She didn’t felt remorseful for most of the victims’ except for poor Josh Whine.

Peggy was going to be charged as an adult and cops made sure she was locked up with no cell mate. Her jail cell was slightly warm with gray rusted iron bars. She rested on a hard bed in a fetal position. Anybody couldn’t possibly sleep on that hard bed. No murderer should sleep anyway. That wasn’t the only reason Peggy couldn’t rest. Peggy figured her picture would be shown on national television and the S.D.F. would know that they were betrayed. Any moment now she’d be assassinate by one of them. Peggy was absolutely terrified.

Days later, a heavy-set police officer came to her jail cell, “You have a visitor. You got five minutes.”

As the officer left a woman entered. She wore a black hat, a dress which had a giraffe design. She had red high heels. When she looked straight at Peggy, Peggy noticed half of the woman’s face was disfigured. At that moment, Peggy knew the woman was Tat. “Hello, Peggy. Comfortable?”

“Yes. Up until now.”

“Why is that?”

“You know why.”

“As a matter of fact, I do. It was all over the news. Every member was captured except for me. I was too clever,” Tat smiled. “Wished you were as lucky as I. we could have been sisters.”

Peggy started to cry. “Make it quick,” she cried.

“Oh, not yet. You told the public our dirty little secrets. Time to tell you ours.”

Peggy was lost. What the heck she’s talking about, she wondered. Tat noticed Peggy’s confused look and continued to talk. “We’ve been keeping an eye on you for a very long time. You were a strong willed woman, I’ll give you that. You took charge in your life. You were a leader. We know from experience that tragedy can make a person vulnerable. Only then, a leader would become a follower.”

“Where are you driving at?”

“Your best girlfriend was Kate Rose. Your best guy friend was Josh Whine. If anything ever happened to them your world would be torn apart. You would be easy to be easily subjected to us.”

Peggy gasped in disbelief. She was filled with anger. If Peggy wasn’t behind bars, she’d strangle Tat to death. She grinded her teeth, “You were the one who killed her. YOU KILLED KATE ROSE!”

“Yes. It was no accident,” Tat smiled in a prideful voice.


“An army needs soldiers,” Tat was still smiling.

Peggy was beyond despair. Words couldn’t describe what Peggy was feeling. Her friends were dead. She was manipulated into a situation and because of that her life was gone. She had no hope for her future. Nothing to live for. “END IT NOW!”

“Glad to. Write a suicide note before I do. So police would be off my trail. The world will believe you committed suicide,” Tat laughed

After Peggy did so, Tat pulled her gun out of her pocket. Peggy was sobbing. Tat smiled as if she won the lottery. She fired five bullets at Peggy’s forehead. Tat heard the cops rushing towards the room. Tat figured it was time to go. Before Tat left she looked at Peggy’s lifeless body and said, “Nighty night.”

Six months later, Tat was looking at magazines at the book standers on the crowded streets of Cincinnati. Tat was trying to keep a low profile. She wore a black hat and sunglasses. She also wore a brown coat, red shirt and black pants. No one gave it a second thought.

Tat headed to her red car but spotted a young man in a wheelchair by her car. The young man seemed to be Mexican. Tat confronted him, “Who are you?”

“I am the ghost of the past,” the young man responded.

The Mexican stabbed Tat in the lower abdomen with a sharp knife. He twisted the knife before pulling it out. Tat collapsed. She was drowning in her own blood. She was coughing up blood. Blood was everywhere. She instantly died at that moment. .Josh Whine went away smiling in satisfaction. Justice was served.

No Way Out

After the death of her friend, Peggy Ryans gets involved with a cult called S.D.F. What does S.D.F. stand ffor?> Find out in JW Creation's first publication. It's a mystery you won't forget.

  • Author: Joseph E. Weinheimer
  • Published: 2016-04-12 16:20:07
  • Words: 8863
No Way Out No Way Out