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Nimble Fingers - The Music Lingers (Autumn Singers - Soul Bringers)


Nimble Fingers – The Music Lingers

(Autumn Singers ~ Soul bringers)

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by Barbara M. Schwarz at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-74-8


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “The rocket zoom (my giant red balloon)” 2016.


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Nimble fingers, see how the music lingers ~ Autumn singers: soul-bringers; and all around the light glimmers in memory of all that we can see in a depth of history.



Nimble Fingers – The Music Lingers

(Autumn Singers ~ Soul bringers)


Nimble Fingers – The Music Lingers

And begs us wistfully

a ripped out page of history


The mystery enfold in

Autumn colours true and bold:


Before the world began

the compost of man,


There sang a single soul

The melody now whole

A simple fruit bowl


Summer in your wake

It is Autumn that now snake

To elate – harvest brought

Now on a plate


And all around a shake

and shiver – see Autumn

finest river to take within

its fall, all doing one

and all.


I hear a rocket boom

My giant red balloon

A lift-off to the moon

A nimble heart harpoon

into sonic zoom.


Nimble fingers, the

Music lingers

Vastness singers see

An open mystery


Sonic boom

My lift-off zoom

And all around

A heart-felt loom

In amongst the gloom,

The glorious shining moon


Synchronicity: my one

communal electricity

An open coming and going

The worlds that are now fro-ing

Energies now rowing

Wider than before

Autumn opened its own door


A little further to explore

A little further now to more

Than ever before

When Winter opens store

And vastness takes the floor


Synchronicity: a heart-felt

electricity to always ever know

That here and now Autumn glow

In an open flow – a readied sunset blow

Colours bright that golden show

Reddest light of long ago


And, instinctively I see,

The worlds that open now for me

Are ready as before

When I knock at their door


‘As once before’ – ‘as once before’,

I am ready to explore

what can make the world roar

with delight – its liberty in sight


imagination flight and progression

hour, I am ready now to use your

every power and see, I shower fine

and green, summers filled with

cream for I am Queen of the vibrant

Strawberry scene.


Nimble Fingers – the music lingers

and calls to see, what brings brand

new energy when you stop to

categorise indeterminably


oh what could you be other than

be free from all false imagery of

‘what the future means to me’


a sense of perception

a sense of new inspection

the pushing forward flight

that to the new delight


the end of insight (of

what we thought alright)

and instead, lovely head,

a fresh new bed of

thoughts – see how life consorts

with all sorts of juggernauts


perception, fine direction

upon closer inspection

a simple reflection


in life’s new direction

an energy connection

and movement pure perfection


a simple predilection

when nimbleness detection

lets music introspection

play a finer part

to captivate autumn’s heart


Such brand new direction

A “V” for victory

our paths so transitory

The pattern now migratory


“V” for open flow

(the geese in flight that know!)


And as the energy go higher

than before – you are flying

now for sure – what is it you

seek procure… and all around

I see a lingering memory

of when our souls set free

in music harmony


And steady as you go,

the upward surge a current flow


you fly to migratory lands

the pattern of the sands

and the shooting of the star

let you afar: you know where

you are, for you are breaking

through to the vast and great

brand new


the bigger world surrounds you

(and honking as you do – lets

the world know you’re passing through)


Nimble fingers – the music lingers

and tinders in our mind

light a flame so kind


“V” for victory, patterns most

migratory conjure up in me

a simple reality, and nimble

are my fingers and finer is

my day, as I instinct play

to lands so far away

where the sun will rule

another day -


another day, come what may,

I won’t delay for I am on my

path today and “V” for victory,

the absolute signatory


with seagulls overhead,

cawing madly as I said:

‘no more a feather bed,

when this goose to sunshine

lead” – upon a “V” formation,

the essence of creation,


inspiration (is always)

migration migration migration

(a simple thought creation)


the come alive sensation

the nimble generation follow

good and true, migratory

patterns instinctive in you,


and as I flew so free, I left

the page of memory (most

gloriously), for out in the

open realm, I am always

at the helm, and fly good

and true, with those that

their own instinct knew


and a final call:

a honking not to stall

but to follow through

(in all we say and do

when winter is upon you)


winter after fall – come

embrace it all,

I who fly so tall

here above it all

drawl a nimble tune

that Autumn now harpoon


I hear a rocket boom

We’re flying to the moon

to discover real soon

what takes us to the

glorious shining loom

The weave of hearts

The brand new energy starts

and combusts spontaneously

In Autumn’s bright red harmony


Autumn singers

Soul bringers

Nimble fingers

Oh how the music lingers


Purple Eyes Publishing

Rapid illustration

Simple source creation


Rapid illustration

Simple generation


Rapid illustration

Simple joy



Welcome Nation

Spontaneous Exhortation

A simple source of



And nimble now my fingers,

For how the music lingers!


Rapid illustration

Immediate veneration

Of such joy sensation

The heat of life creation

(the burst exoneration

for erstwhile annihilation)


Composting crown

see your feather down


And a sweep from the tree

shook my bough

So energetically


Spontaneously I see

The joy of instant memory


And nimble so my fingers,

for here the music lingers


I remembered you from long ago

The music toll my very soul


And all I start to see

Is how music, you remember me


Music fingers how the soul lingers

To play every tune

And rush me to my moon


The rocket now so soon

Rush to Autumn loom


And I am left to wonder

In mighty Autumn thunder


Soul tree, soul tree

Dying breath of energy


And I am left to see

Autumn’s memory


“I am Autumn at your door”

Wings aflame

And evermore,


See me soar,

Hear me roar,

Rocket now has left

the floor,


And the final score…


Energy that lingers

Nimble such my fingers

Autumn’s Music singers

Such great soul bringers


Rapid illustration

A heart in veneration

Of Autumn’s live sensation

The force behind creation

The movement of elation




Nimble Fingers - The Music Lingers (Autumn Singers - Soul Bringers)

When all is composting down, Autumn wears a fiery crown and bids us to release and explore the new in peace and veneration: the brand new energy sensation, when all is around is inspiration, and knocking at our door, winter ready vastness to explore.

  • ISBN: 9781910774748
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-10-14 16:35:09
  • Words: 1183
Nimble Fingers - The Music Lingers (Autumn Singers - Soul Bringers) Nimble Fingers - The Music Lingers (Autumn Singers - Soul Bringers)