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Nikolai's Recorder

Nikolai’s Recorder

Nikolai’s Tale/Edenia Series

By Beth Hoyer

Copyright Shakespir 2017


Recorder got woken up by Tank blaring into her mind saying “Wakey wake, it’s rude to sleep when there’s a guest present.”

Recorder got up as a result and wound up doing some stretching yoga exercises then left her quarters’ bedroom to the cafeteria or drinking room to get nourishment. The nourishment involves milk substance via gold cups handed to recorder from the Listener species despite them always grumpy. Not sure why’s their grumpy but suspect that they like to sleep and the Meritanians woke them up. Ugh. Bartender is a Listener as the humanoid spiders’ call that species but they don’t have multiple arms like a spider, but regular human like body and spiders’ eyes on their faces including human black eyes. Their known for hating to be answered questions so don’t ask. Recorder wound up drinking her drink as handed by the Bartender a Listener giving her a narrowed eyed glare like she’s doing something wrong. Recorder figures the glare involves the Listener sensing something wrong within her.

Recorder spoke in response once handed the gold cup “Beg your pardon, Listener but I have a question involving you looking at me like that.”

Listener spoke in response “Just quit the Victoria Montreal name persona and use something else.”

Recorder will do that once ordered despite knowing her name isn’t Victoria Montreal or persona of the Veronica Thomas Incorporation.

Recorder wound up saying in response “I’ll quit that name once the Souler Council orders me to do that.”

Listener gave up a “Bah!” comment sounding of Listener disgust then went to join his companions speaking gibberish like language dubbed Hammerabbi.

Unsure of that name but there was a king in First Ones’ history with a similar sounding name. Not sure if that language originated from that King or someone else liking that king to honor him with that language’s naming. Oh well. Recorder must finish drinking.


Recorder went to the Souler Council’s throne room after taking the familiar roller coaster route to the hallway leading to the throne room. Recorder wound up in the Souler Council’s throne room to sit down on the floor, metallic stone from the feel, and just open laptop to type. Recorder is waiting orders.


The Souler Council seemed to be sleeping in their throne chairs instead of in quarters for the High Council which is odd. It’s odd when their doing that as noticed the Souler Council’s members slumped over in their chairs till Anubis and Falcons arrived into room. Anubis seemed grumpy and without a word with the Falcons were seen grabbing each of the Souler Council’s member’s form and yanking them from the chairs and hauling them out of the room using Keo tech to move via fast speeds. It’s unsure of where they went with the bodies of the Souler Council appearing to be expired or disappeared instead of sleeping in chairs. Recorder found nothing to explain who killed the Souler Council instead just sat there, like an idiotic fool, waiting for something stupid to arrive. Recorder didn’t have long to wait till all the Souler Council were removed followed by the door to the High Council’s quarters opening followed by the Speakers, Shad and Onya arrived walking out. Both appeared to be zoned zombies as one called them. Anyway following them was the High Council clad in their familiar white robes of death hooded covering their forms including black gloves to go sit down via chairs. Recorder heard a squealing noise sounding of something metallic robotic moving away in a fast motion as Anubis and Falcons appeared with that noises appearing to be holding onto a figure in blue’s arms who was growling angrily. Growls sounded threatening. Recorder eyed the figure and searched her memory for identification but couldn’t remember at all. Recorder frowned and waited for the High Council as referred instead of Souler Council’s name to order something.

“You’ll give words of loyalty, Timer.” As blared by Shad.

Timer sounds familiar to Recorder but still confused as she eyed the blue hooded figure to hear loudly “Just get this getup off of me now! I’ll serve without questioning you and your loyalty as long as I don’t wear this crappy getup!”

Recorder heard the voice sounded familiar to her like she knew him somewhere but found Anubis removing the hood from Timer to reveal a bald headed male with no eyebrows and creepy all Human black eyes and giving the High Council a glare of annoyance. Recorder during typing noticed that the male’s face was familiar like she knew him somewhere but the name wording of Tom Mindbender Thunder came to mind. It’s figured that that’s his name.

The bald male in response got freed from the Falcons followed by the Speakers saying in unison “Your words of loyalty or be put into a tube, Timer!”

Timer is assumed that male’s name who spoke “You have my loyalty so get me out of this getup now!”

The Falcons in response wound up tearing that blue suit off Timer showing a muscular form of a human moron male with thin bony arms that don’t look muscular including clawed hands and nothing to indicate hairy status on him despite naked. Recorder couldn’t help ogling Timer’s body including his naked private despite the male ignoring her staring he seen glaring at the High Council in response.

Recorder frowned as Shad was heard “Transport Timer to where he can get himself dressed and out of this inappropriate status in front of us, now Meritanians.”

Snickering like laughter was heard from Tank blaring into Recorder’s mind which Recorder remembers that Tank and Merra two Meritanians elsewhere in the ocean have always broadcasted within Recorder’s mind for the Council to hear when mind scanning her. Recorder felt annoyance take hold hearing that snickering laughter as Timer disappeared into a light show. Recorder eyed the High Council from glancing up from her laptop to wait for orders to record despite Ramses is still heard snickering loudly. The Meritanians are seemingly amused with sickening the clones with memories of originals despite originals either destroyed or put down into a sleeping status to the disgust of people’s annoyance. Recorder-


Recorder interrupted by Shad saying “Begin recording of residences natives of one Jinks Montreal now!”

Recorder glanced up when noticing the lights dimmed a bit despite laptop, glowing of light to see a scene via airless projector showing a lengthy dining table, seats ten total five on each side, and people into view. One of those people was Timer via bald head looks clad in clothes of sweats going to a familiar female of black hair long in length and memory serves me called herself Victoria Montreal, daughter of Jinks Montreal.

Timer is seen kissing Victoria onto the side of her neck despite she snarling “I’m not your Victoria, Tim!”

Tim is the assumed nickname of Timer who ignored her snarling comment to say “Don’t mind me doing that to you. I’m just making Nikolai jealous for picking you over other girls.”

Nikolai in question is a male appearing to be seated opposite from Victoria flexing a clawed hand towards Timer twin to Timer’s clawed hand and having glowing golden eyes while growling angrily. It’s noticed that at the head of the table between them is a male dubbed Jinks Montreal via memory but he appeared to be mediating to Recorder. The male in response opened his eyes showing them glowing golden entirely with a glare that made Recorder grimace.

Glare reminded Recorder of “Confess your crime.”

Recorder kept glancing up at the recording as Timer was seen seated himself next to Victoria followed by a meow sounding of a cat despite the High Council’s speakers yelling “Transport that cat out of there now!”

Recorder eyed the recording to see a light show from Timer’s shoulder followed by the male forming a glare and appearing to glance towards where the camera was positioned in the wall with an angry look then resumed looking elsewhere at Jinks Montreal himself. Recorder found the inhabitants of the dining room not told of the camera’s location by Timer instead the male kept his mouth shut and appeared to be ignoring the spying by the High Council. Recorder eyed Nikolai as if needing to do it to notice, he had a facial appearance of a certain person seemingly familiar to her but know there’s some reference to God of Hell, as known in memory by the High Council. Nikolai appeared once he quit his flexing hands had a Humanoid black eyed look including human like hands and appeared to be giving off rude noises.

“Inappropriate!” blare both speakers.

Recorder stared at the laptop out of disgust to that noise despite glancing up whenever Nikolai kept on doing it to notice Victoria kept on waving a hand in front of her nose. Timer is seen putting fingers over his nose to hold the area despite no one is bothering to tell Nikolai to use the bathroom for that noise. How annoying!

The natives of the dining room appeared to be silent till Nikolai broke it speaking “Father!”

Recorder felt annoyance take hold hearing Nikolai speaking that word as he again gave up that rude noise. Nikolai appeared too frowned while staring at the table lost in thought despite not saying anything like excuse me politeness for that noisy problem. What an idiot! Recorder remembers that the male clone of Jinks Montreal is a cloned copy of both Jinks Montreal and a dedicated lame servant named Barry the Builder.

Barry Jinks as he referred himself seated next to Nikolai was seen giving the male a glare of “Confess your crime.”

Nikolai or clone of him, via memories of that remained seated at the table lost in thought ignoring Barry Jinks’ annoying glare despite still giving off that rude noise. Doesn’t anyone bothered to tell Nikolai to say excuse me for that noise out of politeness?

Nikolai’s face was seen to sense to have confusion spoke with confusion in his voice “Not sure why I’m speaking that word.”

Nikolai groaned loudly despite still rude noisily going only to hear from Barry Jinks or clone via Jinks Montreal’s form with human like black eyes and a scarred cheek of a Tee Dee’s clawed mark speaking “Just concentrate onto your mind on why you spoke that word ‘Father.’

Just see what’s going on within your mind now.”

The clone obeyed to do it only to blurt after a lengthy silence “Father!”

The clone rubbed a hand onto his forehead and spoke “Victoria what do the files say on me anyway?”

Recorder saw the clone eyed another cloned copy dubbed Victoria Montreal despite taking the name of Veronica Thomas involving the Veronica Thomas Incorporation something to do with publishing writings.

The cloned Victoria in response spoke “The files say this Nikolai is animalistic acting like an animal or gonoid as the preferred term and not thinking any wording at the moment despite acting via instincts. The file adds that this Nikolai as dubbed was originally dubbed Angel by his own Father, Thurin himself. I’m not entirely sure of what the files say involving where or how Thurin himself passed away or got put down deposed. I’m finding some file’s hinting indicating that Thurin is contained somewhere where.

File’s language says quoting ‘Thurin is not to be freed at all costs.’

Not sure what that meant.”

The cloned Victoria gave Barry Jinks a glare and spoke “Shouldn’t the information be in your mind Barry Jinks dear?”

Barry Jinks in response gave up a loud Humph and spoke “Don’t dear me Victoria!”

The cloned Nikolai was heard groaning loudly followed by Barry Jinks speaking “Sounds like Nikolai himself the original is finally grasping the language uses of the word Father.”

Nikolai the clone was seen giving Barry Jinks an all black eyed glare and narrowing his eyes out of annoyance sensed from the male he using Source’s eye control a gift from the High Council’s God of Hell who must not be named.

Barry Jinks in response spoke “Hence you blurting ‘Father!’

I figured that must be that case anyway.”

At the moment the Recorder heard snickering like laughter from the Big Three Meritanians sounding like they were playing a joke again to Recorder’s disgust.

Recorder spoke loudly in response to the silence from the High Council’s speakers “What joke did you Meritanians play again?”

Recorder got in response from Tank broadcasting within her mind onto the High Council “No joke actually! It’s actually Nikolai himself the original grasping the Human language after awhile of being animalistic as those First Ones call people who are gonoid thinkers.

Hence he blaring that word ‘Father!’

He finally is beginning to get the language but I warn you that his cloned copies will be blurting his thoughts while he’s contained in his trap. I do recommend that he remained trapped till he starts to think like a First One, which he’s not thinking yet despite grasping the word of Father. We’re still trying to find out why’s he’s speaking that word or if it’s related to his trapped status and he’s appealing to whomever to free him.”

Recorder frowned while typing this down but found Tank quit the broadcasting to focus onto the recording of Jinks Montreal’s residence’s dining room holding clones talking conversations.

Recorder recorded this boredom of the clones falling asleep in the dining room mostly till Shad blared “Turn that thing off now!”

Recorder found that thing, an airless projection or recording of a scene, turned off to her relief and got ordered “Recorder leave!”

Recorder obeyed type more lately.


Recorder as remembered via Victoria Montreal’s cloned memories recalled a Recorder was nosy who went to the Hall of One Thousand Voices to sit next to a tube holding a male dubbed Tam-Mykola MacLeod or original of cloned copy Jinks Montreal or point of origin of the annoyance god’s origins. Recorder recalled the cloned recorder female thought Tam was her twin brother despite thinking of that. Tam via memories of that Recorder was appeared to be asleep in his tube again.

“Recorder Victoria Montreal or clone of Tamara Ariel seemed to figure that Tam would be doing his astral projection trick of haunting like a ghost.”

Recorder thought to her as recalled Tam was asleep while typing this down “No wonder the High Council whined of this ghost trick that Jinks Montreal was doing and thought him responsible. They didn’t think of checking Tam-Mykola MacLeod himself doing it. Ugh.”

Snickering like laughter was heard in response to Recorder’s thinking to recall that the original Recorder in the room wound up to notice a tube holding a figure as if drawn or compelled to look which held a tube of Alexei Zesky naked and disappeared to the world.

“Alexei is a trophy for victory.” according to the High Council when asked “What’s Alexei Zesky doing there?” by Recorder when recording this memory for them.

‘Recorder picked up laptop and went to that tube to sit next to it while eyeing as if compel by the Meritanians again’ as typed.

“Argh you stinking-”


“Recording ends as typed by a clone of Victoria Montreal just prior to finding her lying in the Hall of One Thousand Voices with blood leaking out of the back of her head indicating a cut injury by sword weapon. It seemed that the Soulers are guarding Alexei Zesky’s body from intruders as in killing whoever is nearby him and probably preventing anyone of the High Council’s servitude to clone him. The Souler Council has put in an order for another Recorder clone this time from Tamyara Palina instead of Victoria Montreal and leave notices towards visitors to not to be near Alexei Zesky’s tube period.”




Recorder recording this memory recorded a terrible headache on the back of the head followed by passing out unconscious to come to waking up via bedroom. Tank’s commentary said in mind including blaring at her to wake up. Recorder figured her identity wasn’t Victoria Montreal but someone else as pointed by the Listeners. Recorder is still clueless on who’s she’s is but she wound up typing this thought down while waiting for the High Council to arrive from their quarters while in their throne room accompanied by Anubis and Falcons. Anubis seemed to be grumpy according to Recorder. Recorder found the High Council coming into view to sit down followed by ordering the recording of one Jinks Montreal’s residence’s dining room as seen to be recorded or viewed. Recorder unsure of her name despite wording of Tamyara Palina used into her mind, wound up back to the High Council’s presence to again finding a recording of Jinks Montreal’s dining room residence of the natives there awake from a nap via chairs. It seems the Meritanians put them to sleep like a stinking joke to the annoyance of the High Council’s spying.

Nikolai, the clone heard from Victoria a clone of her speaking a file commentary already included into here involving Alexei Zesky’s trophy status out loud who added “Barry Jinks what’s going on with Alexei Zesky anyway, if you can see?”

The natives gave Barry Jinks a glare and waited as the clone appeared to be concentrating onto something followed by the male opening his eyes with a familiar glare. Barry Jinks is known to have an all seeing one god ability but not sure of what’s the Meritanians are doing to his mind.

Barry Jinks heard speaking “Tube’s containing some male I dub, Coyote Wilson, with a dog from what I could see from the situation except I know it’s not the tube that a cloned Victoria went to. I saw that a cloned Jinks was in a tube next to the one the clone went to as if drawn. I found that someone is manipulating me to look elsewhere when I tried to look. Really Meritanians?!”

Recorder heard in response “Hah, hah!” sounding of Ramses’ snickering like voice.

“Sounds like a damn joke again by the Meritanians amusing themselves.” sounded of Barry Jinks via his voice breaking the snickering like laughter.

Nikolai was heard giving off a rude noise despite the natives of the dining room waving hands in front of their noses. Really Nikolai! He’s seen rubbed a hand over his forehead and appeared to be staring at his hand a lengthy period of time despite Barry Jinks giving him a glare of his familiar look.

Nikolai spoke in response “That link between original and clones how is that done? I feel like I keep imaging myself contained into something watery and reacting like the original is despite him still animalistic.”

Barry Jinks heard spoke “It’s a link that what one clone knows the whole set of the clones including original knows via connection of mind patterns I think something the Meritanians pointed out so tell a story since your boring Victoria with the look she’s giving me.”

Victoria at the moment via seen was displaying an all black eyed glare like she was annoyed or angry indicating her Source’s ability in control something Recorder doesn’t have at the moment. Recorder has an ability to mind scan like a Highlander despite awareness of that memory in mind. Recorder glanced up at the screen to find cloned Nikolai again giving off his rude noise. Doesn’t this clone know anything involving the bathroom by the noises he’s making? Jeez! How does the High Council withstand that from visitors doing that noise in front of them including that stink?! Really rude of Nikolai! Anyway Nikolai wound up speaking a tale in response to that noise ignoring that he’s should be in the bathroom while Victoria is typing it down via laptop computer Recorder is copying.


Nikolai spoke the tale as copied onto the laptop by Recorder of the High Council.


The male as insisted by the High Council to be dubbed by the name of Nikolai, sat by the fireplace with an eater roaring away, bringing warmth in the room, from reading his book involving the Soulers sacred bible. He sat in an armchair, patiently waiting, while glancing out the window that showed the sea ocean with gonoids, fishes, swimming nearby. He was sitting in an armchair in a dome, on the bottom of the ocean, a sanctuary of the darkness dubbed Soulers despite their sacred Bible trashing the High Council. He heard noises of people coming into the room from eating dinner, chattering away. He eyed his children or clones of him that sat in sofas, overhearing loud complaints to their spouses about finding their youngest children, a part of a group of offsprings, children seated in front of him, next to the fireplace always asking too many questions. Nikolai frowned sitting hearing the children’s talk till they became silent. He eyed his grandchildren who sat next to the fireplace chatter talk he overheard. His grandchildren were talking about wanting to visit Edenia, the green plant forest shaped moon. It was orbiting planet Egyptia as dubbed, by the High Council that claimed to create the planetary world that the moon dubbed Edenia. Edenia as dubbed was as said by the clones on questions, asked by the grandchildren were acting like a normal moon to the planet of Aire as it should be called, instead of that Egyptia name. It was mostly the answers on Edenia manipulating the tides of the ocean with its gravity pull, moving around the planet always traveling in the dark side of night time whenever that hit the planet. Nikolai saw the grandchildren gazing at the fire which he figured that they were daydreaming again.

Nikolai spoke loudly “Grandchildren, I have a story to tell you so do you care to listen to it?”

He eyed the Grandchildren who shifted attention from the fireplace towards him. They, Nikolai saw gave him head bobs in the First Ones’ planet’s style while focused onto him attentively.

Nikolai began his tale by saying something off the topic saying “Ugh Meritanians.”

“Just tell the story!” blared by the High Council’s Speakers.

Nikolai appeared to have heard them went into his tale saying.


In a galaxy of seven planets, the third from the sun orbiting it held the planetary world of Egyptia, as the High Council called that world despite its official name of Aire by the Meritanians. The astronomers as they were called back then, were baffled on what their world Aire looked like, from its planetary neighbors’ views. They created technology to view the planet from above in space. Among the planets then they debated on when to send First Ones, as they called the natives into space. The scientists thought that sending First Ones, as Humans species are dubbed, like you and I, to space would be better than a satellite machine. So an astronaut, as they called the travelers, program was started. It was mostly focused onto the nation of Lancelot, instead of called the name of United States of America, or what’s left of the USA despite King Winter stealing land from Aire and dumping it elsewhere. He did that twice with land in Aire till the High Council managed to talk him out of doing it. I’m not sure where the land went to but it’s rumored to go to Terra, or Earth, the First Ones’ original home world. The Lancelot Nation is referred as Columbia by the aliens dubbing themselves Elves, for more than one and Elf, for one. Odd name despite the Elves later wiped out by destruction of the Tennans’ warships firing onto the planet in a warning shot, for using one of their ships, as a battery, to control items, planet side, something, they didn’t agree with. Their firing caused a satellite carrying a plague to fall into the planet and sickened the alien life forms of the Elves that were already there living, leaving the First Ones and the Highlanders, alone to live, with some other species visiting from time to time but remaining in space. The program wound up having too much interested people, more willing candidates to go to space, despite the High Council threatening people to go to Columbia, to enroll into the astronaut program. Columbia was the first to create technology involving sending people to space, as it was called, by the scientists. The technology involved putting people in cryogenic tubes asleep, while they traveled from being planet bound to space. Only waking up once they reached a destination in space that sometimes involved orbiting Egyptia for testing on how First Ones would function in space. It was discovered that space involved no gravity and flying all over the place while there were numerous attempts to reach orbits. Technology is a fickle thing. It sometimes worked and sometimes it didn’t which is what happened with those attempts to reach space back then. Sometimes the technology would fail to carry sleeping astronauts to orbit the planet. Instead suffer some kind of breakdown. The engineers, as their called, while monitoring the ship via signals, to its computer and their computer communicates with it. They would sometimes have to turn around and force it to land for repairs then again resume sending it to orbit the planet. It took ten cycles of numerous attempts till a ship reached the orbit of the planet Aire. One of those attempts held a pair of First Ones, a male named Yevgeny Visser and a female named Valeria Borsova which they gained orbiting pattern to planet Aire and were the first ones’ to report on the efforts of space.

“Anyway Yevgeny Visser in question, was one of those sleepers happened to be someone who considers himself, my father raiser, despite I having various males as my father, while living in planet Aire.” Nikolai added who added “I got interrupted by the grandchildren questions ‘What does Yevgeny Visser think of being in space? What does your father raiser think of raising you? What do you think of Yevgeny Visser himself?’

I clapped my hands cutting their talk loudly as I spoke firmly “I’m telling the story so listen now!”

I got silence from the grandchildren in response but unblinking eyes staring at me creepy me out.”


Nikolai paused then added despite snickering laughter of the Meritanians heard “I’m telling you, multiple tales of wounding up having many dreams, while asleep, in cryogenic sleep, sleeping, from the moment the tube I was in freed me from containment of being the clones’ creator. One dream I wound up told having involved what I’m telling you now.”


Pharaoh, as called ruler of Zimala, sees masked male everywhere.

No one sees that masked male thinks “Pharaoh is crazy!”

It gets too much of seeing that masked male that Pharaoh stabs himself with a knife into his chest and lays on floor alone in throne room. Masked male arrives into throne room and removes the mask while snickering of laughter sounding like a Meritanian to him.

He turns out to be his own twin brother who spoke “You’ve done what I wants is the throne to myself!”

The brother wound up forces the eyes of Pharaoh shut then orders as overheard “The Pharaoh is disappeared by his own hand! I order him to be buried into an underground temple!”

“Disappeared is slang talk for dead an accepted term for someone who’s gone to join Humania and have returned again to live.” said Nikolai.

Anubis realizes that Pharaoh is still alive but not really dead gets him out of the grave into the priests’ temple. Priests aren’t doing much regarding this situation instead plot with Anubis and Pharaoh to remove his brother from the throne. Brother, an idiot, has religious beliefs involving some other god, named Lance Richard, the High Council’s God of Hell actually. Priests don’t approve or appreciate of and want him removed for believing into that god in question.

Pharaoh gets handed a mask by Anubis and told “Just wear it to haunt your brother with it. Be sure to hide as a beggar. No one in the city notices beggars, hence we able to have spies hiding all over Zimala as beggars’ disguise.”

Pharaoh obeys learning how to do that haunting making brother, still an idiot, seem crazy to the city’s people and own servants. Servants don’t know that Pharaoh is still alive doing that haunting when he removes the mask, their fooled into thinking he’s the brother when he’s not. It’s the same with the city’s people who ignore beggars and don’t know that a beggar is a masked Pharaoh haunting his brother, to drive him crazy. Priests get the upper hand on the brother’s craziness and get him out of the ruler ship’s position into a grave to be buried alive.

Anubis tells to Pharaoh’s regret “Just to go to the chasm of storms and leave Humania, since you’ve been declared disappeared, to the people of Zimala.”

Pharaoh speak “I don’t agree-”

A priest interrupts to speak “I insist on you doing that!”

They managed to talk Pharaoh into doing the leaving via Chasm, a rocky jagged hole in the ground, always having elements of stormy weather of thunder and lightening flashing including sands’ storms. Pharaoh found in the process, his son a hybrid human, of unknown hybrid status, taking his brother’s place as ruler. Pharaoh goes into chasm of storms despite still can’t remember the trip through there, to arrive to a planetary world unsure of name, despite it known by multiple names. Pharaoh’s brother, or clone of me, called by this odd name of Jinks Montreal, buried alive in Humania gets freed from Anubis, taking pity on him and gets tossed into the chasm of storms while still covered in wrapping stuff.

Nikolai adds “Jinks Montreal arrives to world dubbed Mars from what I learned of him.

‘He has becomes a battery dubbed Brandis the Record Keeper.’ according to the High Council, should be known instead of that ridiculous Souler name.

Ugh. It’s when meeting them, on this world of many names, despite its still referred by this odd name of Egyptia.”

Nikolai paused from telling the tale appearing to be lost in thought till loud throat clearing noises was heard by Recorder including multiple ahem sounds, including the Speakers blaring their familiar wording “Continue the tale, Nicky!”

He continued the tale speaking as urged by the High Council wishing him to do it.

Nikolai told this tale like he changed the subject or manipulated by Meritanian “I wound up trapped into a cave despite kept contained there by compulsion orders. I found nothing come to my mind on why I was contained there till I heard a dog’s barking sound. I found myself outside the cave walking in the snow as if I sleep walked myself to do this. I kept on walking despite my feet becoming frozen, from the cold of King Winter’s deadly cold. I heard howling noises sounding in tones that seemed friendly to me despite nervous. I found the howling noises resulted in multiple wolves, arriving in sight that rubbed themselves against my body, as if warming me. I wound up urged by the wolves going into the forest till I reached a Traveler’s Gate with cloud images in it. I wound up walking through that Traveler’s Gate, with an image in my mind of my Father, Thurin, himself fully in my mind. I don’t remember what happened next other than that I arrived to the planetary world of Egyptia as referred by the High Council-”

“Argh you Meritanian!” blared Nikolai.

Recorder wound up hearing snickering laughter from Ramses and his sisters Erra and Terra, like their sickening the clones with memories of people, including speaking various tales via manipulation. Recorder heard a loud ahem sound from Tim she remembers was known as Tom Mindbender Thunder, an original of a cloned Tom copy that spoke that noise also known as Timer.

Tim as he refers himself spoke loudly “Just tell a tale now, Nicky!”

Recorder grimaced to that name of Nicky despite recalling nicknamed Tammy some name she hates. She saw Nikolai gave Tim a glare in response to that Nicky name despite he’s the assumed creator of Tim himself.

Tim was heard speaking loudly “Before I reached the planetary world of Egyptia faced the Guardian of Life and Death, seated in his throne chair with his scale, with form, not describable.

The Guardian of Life and Death saying his familiar words ‘I am the Guardian of Life and Death for I will judge you with my scales on your life.’

I wound up finding the Guardian of Life and Death accompanied by a large bird the Goddess of Life, Egypt herself, as identified by the High Council’s writings via their books of records. The Goddess Egypt was fluttering in place, while shrieking out her demands for life towards whatever soul comes to the Guardian.”

Recorder found Tim paused from telling the tale and eyed Nikolai with a glare of Human black eyes while adding “Just continue the tale now, Nicky.”

Nikolai as heard, wound giving up a sound of disgust loudly or some noise that made people in the room giving him glares, despite the noise is rude according to Recorder.

Nikolai wound up speaking a tale. “He wound up finding the Guardian saying ‘Begin program.’”

There was a mental gated arch nearby sort of like a Travelers’ travel gate to the soul. It wound up flashing an image of male wearing gonoid skin clothing from head to foot.

The soul heard “You had to show the One didn’t you?!”

The soul heard nothing in response to Egypt’s, assumed the one, who asked that question, but was confused to her wording, involving the One. Instead the soul kept on watching the One, as he’s referred, as the male walked on the desert sands, his feet wearing gonoid skin boots with robes, covering him from head to foot. The soul found he posing as the male the One, as he’s referred. The soul paused from his walk to exhale a breath staring at the desert sands while feeling the wind blowing softly. The soul saw a rocky wall ahead of which continued walking towards it, as if compelled via Meritanian’s like compulsion or something involving that. The soul frowned as it was felt a burning sensation on the bottoms of feet, looked down to stare at the ground. The soul felt a hotness feeling which made him assume he’s a male, yank off his robes baring his form showing him wearing nothing but nudity and no top with a male’s muscular moron physique. Groaning the soul tossed aside the robes as the feeling began to dominate him as he walked. He felt his feet burning and looked down with dizzy eyes, to see smoke of an eater, on the ground, where his feet were, which he followed with his eyes. The soul stiffened as he saw the eater surrounded him and screamed out a nonsense sound.

It later come screamed out “Ay Kabaiya!”

“Don’t ask me why I screamed that out, except that the God of Hell granted me a favor by keeping me alive to live again.” said Nikolai

The soul ran towards the rocky wall running while feeling the burning going to his legs. He forced himself to keep running till he reached the rocky wall and paused when he spotted a doorway opening in it. The soul ran in the doorway opening running into a corridor with stone walls. The soul ran not caring where he went till his lungs started bursting and he collapsed onto his knees on the dirt floor. The soul shut his eyes panting for breath and discovered the burning and hotness sensations gone from him. The soul opened his eyes seeing everything in night vision, of yellow color, as he continued to pant. He wound up seeing a large sarcophagus coffin of Lance Richard, the God of the Underworld also known as God of Hell, according to the High Council. The statue was in front of him next to the wall of a large room that was sensed high overhead by the echoing of the voiced tones.

“I didn’t realize that the God of Hell had managed to trap me into his Underworld Kingdom while I remained alive in my mind.”

The soul exhaled a breath getting up from the dirt floor to stare at the sarcophagus. The soul saw had a sword spear on top of it as recognized as a weapon called Mikan according to the Zeskaya species, calls themselves than the Mesan’s Curse name. The soul sighed and walked towards the sarcophagus leaning over with humanoid like hands on the Mikan which he with great strength yanked off.

The soul stood holding the Mikan in hands as he spoke out loud “This place is my home. I won’t leave it and suffer your fate, Father. I refused to let what happened to you, happen to me.”

The soul exhaled a breath then felt tiredness arriving went to a wall and sat in a leaning position closing his eyes. He felt himself sliding into a lying position laid onto the ground falling asleep.


The soul woke up with a gasp and got up and looked around the room which he saw a doorway opposite from the sarcophagus. The soul entered to see a corridor with open doorways, on both sides which he counted each having the same number of fingers of one hand. The soul went into doorways to discover that that they were empty small rooms. The soul found rats as those gonoids are called, scattering in all directions, in one room which he feeling hungry captured a rat gagging it to death. The soul brought the rat to his mouth biting into it eating as he entered another room. The soul saw had water dripping from the ceiling, landing into a small stone, pool of water, on the floor. The soul finished with the rat threw the carcass away and went to the pool kneeling. The soul brought his hand into the pool scooping up water, bringing it to his lips, repeatedly.

The soul felt himself better spoke out loud “I’ll stay here with the rats as my food and this water pool as my drink.”

The soul got up and walked back to the sarcophagus room where he went to the corner of the room and laid his form on the dirt ground falling asleep.


The soul jerked he awake when he heard a sound. The soul opened his eyes as his eyesight blinked from night vision to day vision while hearing the sound become louder. The soul sat up to stare at the doorway was a flickering light that was coming nearer and nearer while hearing sounds as recognized as people jabbering. Their words weren’t making any sense to the soul when he heard them.

“The language was First Ones’ Terran language of Japan dubbed, Japanese language as dubbed despite the High Council using it privately and using English or basic in front of visitors or whoever they care to communicate with.”

The soul got up holding the Mikan in front of him to stare at the open doorway. It revealed a flaming torch light, held in a figure wearing High Council’s white covered hooded robes, in hand, followed by the number of fingers on both hands other figures wearing twin clothing. The soul stood watching as the figures spoke words he didn’t understand overlapping jabbering all at once. They sounded of excitement to the soul. The soul edged he closer towards the figures that darted towards the sarcophagus, one leaving the torch lying on the floor, as they picked at the coffin with knives in their hands. The soul roared some loud nonsense sound which got the figures to stop their picking as if shocked. The soul charged at them swinging his Mikan. The soul heard noises as heard that sounded of exclamations of shock, from the figures. The soul used the flat end of the Mikan’s sword part, hitting each of them on their heads, knocking them out. The soul stood staring at the figures that lay on the floor, unconscious, with the torch’s light flickering. Exhaling a breath the soul picked up a figure by the neck, dragging the person, out of the room, into the corridor, passing by doorways, towards the entrance where he could see, was nighttime. The soul with great strength tossed the figure into the air that landed away from him onto the sand. The sand resembled a lake to him via splashing all around the figure and swallowing him whole despite Meritanian’s snickering like laughter was heard. It sounded like the Meritanians played a joke of dumping the High Council into the water when they asked to mind scan the soul. The soul went inside and repeated the process with the other figures including tossing out the torch light then went to the rats’ room, where he could see rats running around in all directions. With quick hand movements the soul grabbed a rat by the tail and tossed it in the air catching it with his hand around its neck which he squeezed choking it. The soul didn’t realize at the time that someone was shouting at him, to squeeze a hand, holding onto his hand, hence he thinking rat’s squeezing to death when’s its involving that shouting actually. The soul smiled a smile of satisfaction as the rat died giving up to death, going limp, in his hand. The soul walked out of the room biting into the rat’s body going out the corridor towards the entrance to outside and stood chewing as he listened. The soul heard voices yelling, exclamations, words not understood with overlapping as he listened. The soul heard sounds of a gonoid, sounding familiar sounds, as he stood which became fainter and fainter.

“I didn’t recognize the goniod’s sounds at first, but later I realized it was of a dog.”

The soul once finished with the rat tossed the carcass away went to the pool room, going inside, to kneel at the pool, bringing his hand in it, scooping up water which he drank repeatedly.

The soul spoke once finished drinking “I’ll stay here and keep people out for it’s my home, my place and my sanctuary. No one will enter this place, not if I have to kill them, just to get rid of the people entering here.”

The soul sighed literally via body and got up leaving the room to the corridor which he walked entering the large room to stand staring at the sarcophagus. The soul walked to putting a hand on top of the gravesite of Lance Richard.

The soul spoke again “I’ll guard you to keep others from interfering with your rest. You have my word on this for I’m not leaving ever. Nothing will bring me out of this sanctuary except death.”

The soul gave the sarcophagus a rub that felt literally like a purring cat underneath his hand.

“I was later told that Kurpanov Kossman hit upon an idea to put a cat one of those kitties, above the warship, to kill off rodents, on top of my front to wake me up from my coma sleep. It seemed that I literally felt that cat and put a hand onto it’s back feeling the rumbling vibrations. Cats are some form of what my father, Thurin’s form is a humanoid cat but he must be who the High Council and Highlanders have fear of cats originated. Him and his invisibility abilities and mind walking abilities. Ugh.”

The soul removed his hand to go to a corner lying on the ground closing his eyes as he let sleep over come him.


The soul further dreamed of walking in the desert wearing robes that covered his head, showing his golden Human like eyes peering out.

The soul was following a figure wearing identical robes covering the head which a voice as heard, sounding likes my father, Thurin, himself said “This is Nightwalker, our God, King of Hell.”

Nightwalker, he unsure of why’s he’s said to be the God King of Hell stopped and removed the robe from his head showing a creepy face as recognized as Hades himself clad in his Hades’ mask. The soul stood next to Nightwalker removing his robe from his head to stare at him. Hades as I refer him that Drainer looked at the soul before a shaking violently which he screamed before looking down. The soul looked down to see an eater light licking at Hades’ robes surrounding him. The soul darted towards Hades to help which a fist was felt with a fist in the face, throwing him backwards hitting the ground with ropes tying him there. The soul lay on the ground staring at Hades with horror on his face as the eater abruptly rose surrounding the male, with the ropes felt like multiple glove hands.

The soul as overheard screamed out “Father!”

“I’m not sure why I screamed out Father except the wording was referred to my pleading to my father to let me live again while I was considered disappeared by the High Council. My cloned copy, dubbing himself Mindbender or Tom Thunder a dedicated servant of the High Council felt a compulsion via instincts hitting him to bring a hand onto my front he told me this.

He brought a hand onto my front and with his Berserker side in control mentally spoke ‘Heart restart.’

I wound told ‘you sucked oxygen as if alive, gasping loudly, before stopping the gasping and appeared to be breathing shallow or very slowly. Kurpanov Kossman, the medical doctor was said to find a heartbeat from you in your chest on the right side, instead of traditionally on the left for Humans, when he laid his instrument onto the area. The High Council as they should be called instead of that Souler name, in response ordered you to Kurpanov Kossman’s medical barge ship for further examination.’”

As I was saying the soul heard Hades gave out a crying wail and then the flames shooting into the sky leaving a black round soot mark on the ground in place of the male. The scene went black followed by the soul woke up screaming of terror shaking his form which took him moments to understand where he was. The soul was still unconscious dreaming those odd dreams involving Lance Richard, keeping him alive and expecting a favor from that. The soul kept on dreaming further of an adventure while contained in that tomb, kept alive, by the God of Hell. Groaning the soul rubbed a hand on his head and stood up as his eyesight flashed from night vision to day vision from yellow to colors. The soul looked at the corridor doorway to see fire light becoming brighter and brighter which he gripped the Mikan in his hands while softly growling. The soul stared at the light source revealing a figure with a male form holding a torch. The soul saw was a male while wearing robes that looked familiar, in red blood color that was hooded and showing a face of entirely black eyes that came into the room.

The soul snarled softly as the figure turned to his direction speaking words he understood “Whose there? Show yourself now.”

The soul slowly walked forward eyes on the male’s eyes that widened seeing him as if shocked.

The soul stared at the stranger who spoke again “Why are you living here surrounded by darkness instead of being in the light?”

“I didn’t realize at the time that my body had gone into some status involving being nearly declared disappeared on arrival back to Egyptia. It was the doctor dubbed Kurpanov Kossman in his medical sanctuary with my cloned copy, Timer scanning my mind. I was told both came to realize I was still alive contained in my mind with the God of the Underworld holding me there. The stranger was a representation of Ramses was trying to communicate with me hence he visiting me in my mind in Lance Richard’s sanctuary.”

The soul in response swung the wide end of the Mikan at the stranger hitting him on the knees knocking him to kneel. The soul angrily grabbed the stranger’s hood yanking him in a standing position thrusting the sword part of the Mikan at the stranger’s neck.

The soul spoke “I won’t tolerate visitors here who will be removed by my force even killed if they resist.”

The soul yanked the stranger into the hallway towards the entrance where he could see sunlight shining outside like a Traveler’s Gate. The soul brought the stranger to the entrance and thrust him through despite putting back to the wall like the sunlight would burn him.

“The soul thinking the sunlight would burn him despite not realizing it was just a figment of my drugged status involving Hades representation the drug used to keep me asleep into my tube trap.”

The soul spoke “Tell the others to stay out. This is my sanctuary, no one enters.”

The soul turned his back and sensed the torch light behind him shining. The soul continued walking through the corridor entering the sarcophagus room. The soul kneeled as his dream of Hades burned flashed in his mind making him scared and nervous. Groaning the soul rubbed a hand on his forehead and once again his eyesight flickered. Growling of angry nonsense gonoid noises of a dog, the soul got up and turned towards the room’s entrance to see a male, wearing identical robes as the stranger enter the room with a torch in hand.

The soul charged at the stranger who spoke “Nikolai, I’m called Wally.”

The soul paused mid charge hearing my name spoken by the stranger Wally.

“I didn’t realize that Wally was mind scanning me via a small Meritanian plant in Kurpanov Kossman’s medical bay. I assumed the plant is a piece of Merra and Tank, mind scanning me. Wally wound up pointed out as one of the other doctors employed by Kurpanov Kossman himself that was mind scanning me at the time to bring me out of my deathly status.”

The image of Hades catching on fire came to Nikolai’s mind making him react violently. Nikolai continued his charge swinging the Mikan at Wally who put the torch in front of his face. As Nikolai swung, fire from the torch came blowing at him towards his eyes blinding him temporary. Nikolai dropped the Mikan bending down placing hands over his eyes while hearing running footsteps getting fainter and fainter. Nikolai removed his hands to blink his eyes seeing night vision of purple for objects and pinks for humanoids.

“I didn’t realize it at the time but the High Council altered my eyesight to have this ability.”

Nikolai felt his eyes were fine and straightened up his form. Nikolai exhaled a breath and looked down on the ground for his Mikan He saw wasn’t there.

Frowning Nikolai looked around eyes staring at the ground then growled out loud “That stranger, Wally, stole my weapon!”

Nikolai roared an angry sound then jogged out of the room to the corridor to the entrance that looked twin to a Traveler’s Gate from the looks of it. Nikolai entered the metal arch and walked out into the sunlight to see Wally holding his Mikan in his hands which he formed a smirk seeing him. Wally was standing next to the stranger Nikolai kicked out, holding a torch and behind them was a crowd of people who abruptly went silent seeing him. Nikolai darted up to Wally and yanked the Mikan out of his grip then turned his back to the crowd pausing when he heard gasping sounds from behind him.

“I didn’t realize that my back had this branded burned marking onto the area I got from someone branding me in a nasty way of marking me.

The brand was said to be Lance Richard’s hellish symbol of the sun put onto my back including High Council’s tattooed script writing of ‘This is the One.’

No cloned marking onto the area hence I’m not a clone.”

Shaking the head, Nikolai walked back into the tomb entering the hallway again which he again reached the sarcophagus room. Nikolai’s eyesight blinked again from purple to colors which he spun around to see Wally walking speedily into the room. Nikolai edged himself towards the wall eyes on Wally thinking of doing violence again. Nikolai saw Wally go up to the coffin and kneel form becoming still not doing anything towards him but just kneeling with hands clasps in front of him like in prayer. Wally was seen having mouth’s moving as if saying something but there was no sound from him.

Nikolai spoke “I later learned from the ability of lip reading that Wally was saying ‘Beg your pardon, god of the First Ones’ please free Nikolai from your clutches, Lance Richard.’ over and over.

Lance Richard is considered the god of the First Ones despite the High Council consider him a god of hell.”

Shaking head of disgust, Nikolai turned away towards an open doorway that had thunder and lightening flashing in front of it while heard a voice speaking “Angel!”

Nikolai turned around to stare at Wally and widen his eyes when he saw his Father, Thurin, in a Human like form instead of his cat’s humanoid form, who standing at Wally’s side wearing a skirt with chest bare of clothing with shiny jewelry on it and a crown on his head staring at him with all dark colored eyes. Nikolai shook his head closing his eyes unbelievingly again heading towards that stormy doorway.

“Nikolai!” as heard which Nikolai opened his eyes.

Nikolai wound up finding his father gone from standing besides Wally but was in front of him, blocking the way to the doorway.

“I didn’t realize it at the time but a Meritanian or whatever Meritanian plant manipulated my Father’s mind to mind scan me from somewhere from his containment to scan me, in medical bay, mind scanning me, at the time, hence I saw his image in my mind.”

Nikolai thought to himself “It was just part of my imagination.”

Nikolai turned towards the doorway again froze, for inches away staring at him was his Father who spoke “You, my son, are an original the One, leader of the people who are counting on you to lead. This is what you should be doing. I did not raise you to have yourself isolated surrounded in the darkness living alone.”

“I highly doubt that my Father said those words anyway despite he meant darkness involving the darkness of the tube trap.”

Nikolai gasped at his Father with shock as Thurin via form recognized later as Nightwalker a vampire or Drainer god, continued speaking “You should face your fear the real reason why your isolated yourself in this place. Why did you go out in the sun to get your weapon if you are afraid of the light? Speak your fears don’t keep them to yourself my son.”

“I’m sure definitely that my Father didn’t actually spoke those words, as he meant to say something else.”

Nikolai watched as his Father faded from his eyes sight the doorway with storms shutting closed in response and felt disgusted eyeing that door.

He wound up turned to face Wally or whoever that Meritanian was who heard was chanting words heard repeatedly said “Go into the light and live. Don’t be afraid of that you’ll live again, Nikolai.”

Nikolai went to Tank, I refer him, kneeling in front of the Meritanian who stopped chanting to stare at as he spoke “I have a either a memory or a dream in my mind. I see my Father wearing robes covered up walking in the desert with me besides him wearing robes. I was following him who stopped from walking to remove the hood from his head. I did the same with both of us looking at each other. My Father looked at me with a look of fear on his face which he screamed of terror and looked down. I looked to see eater licking at his robes surrounding him. I darted towards him to help which he punched me hard throwing me backwards hitting the ground. I could only lie on the ground restrained by ropes staring with terror as the eater engulfed my Father.

I screamed out ‘Father!’

As the eater covered him which I heard him give out a crying wail sound then the eater shot up towards the sky, leaving a black round soot mark on the ground, in his place. I kept walking in the desert till I got a burning sensation on the bottoms of my feet that I felt a hotness feeling that made me yank off my robes. The feeling took over as my feet continued to feel like burning and looked down with bad eyesight, to see eater surrounding me which I screamed and ran to here. The burning came up to my legs as I entered this place entering this room falling to a kneeling position and felt the eater had left me.”

“Tank nodded his head which I’m sure some of those wording I used were manipulated by someone else to make me say them.”

Nikolai continued “I became afraid that the eater would consume me like it did with my Father if I was out there so I stayed living here as my sanctuary from it.”

“I don’t think I would have said that wording anyway.”

Nikolai stared at Tank with pleading who wordlessly handed him a large cloth canteen while speaking “Here, Nikolai, drink.”

Nikolai took the canteen and brought the open cap part to his lips which he drank recognizing it as milk literally via body form.

“I didn’t know it at the time but my body was warming up from a cold sleeping status hence the milk represented that status.”

Nikolai greedily drank till there wasn’t a drop left for him. Nikolai handed Tank the canteen who slung it over his arm as he grimaced as a headache arrived to his head.

“The pain felt similar to the pain of Meritanian mind scanning me actually to remember something deeply like memories restored after being mind wiped by the High Council.”

I saw the scene on the Traveler’s Gate as seen via Guardian, changed, to show a much younger Nikolai, appearing to be a teenager sitting next to an eater with gonoid skins feet aimed at it, while staring at a male who had robes covering him across from it. The male pulled off his robes off his head, showing a humanoid cat like face with a headband of metal on his head.

My mind told me “This is your Father’s second in command, General Wickers.”

General Wickers stared at the young male with a frown as I felt myself as the youngster, laid down staring at the sky while feeling my feet warm. I felt a burning sensation in my feet and looked up as General Wickers darted around the eater with panic seen in his golden eyes. I felt the burning sensation reach my legs as General Wickers grabbed me pulling me away from the eater before tossing a bolt of cloth covering my legs and feet, swatting it at me. I wound up literally felt the burning sensation leave me followed by hotness feeling. I groaned loudly pulling at my long sleeve shirt yanking it off my form. I didn’t realize it then but I do now that dream was involving my body warming up from a deathly cold status from the feet down. I do remember wound up hit with a fever back when my body started to warm up.

I felt a clawed hand on my forehead and heard someone speaking “By the Deity Lord, God of Hell! He’s burning up!”

I laid on the ground feeling like a soft bed feeling myself really hot groaning loudly as I felt a cool cloth cover my forehead. I shut my eyes as I was forced into a sitting position and felt something brought to my lips. I drank recognizing the medicine as milk but seemed watery to me. I felt the coolness of milk and greedily drank as sleepiness arrived which I stopped drinking becoming still. I felt an arm around my form and felt my head lay on a lap with a cloth still on my forehead as I passed out unconscious.


Nikolai continued to dream within my mind of myself kneeling who jerked his eyes to stare at Tank who spoke “You as younger were burned on the feet and legs from an eater catching on your clothes which gave you the heat sickness. You suffered said to see an image of your Father being burned by the eater repeatedly over and over during your sicknesses.”

Nikolai stiffened at the words as Tank indicated to say something else by his mouth moving but couldn’t say anything he wanted to say.

Tank paused then continued speaking “After your Father’s disappearance, you were seen going into the desert unstopped wearing what you described walking the perimeter of the city walls outside while crying out ‘Father’ repeatedly.”

Tank’s words sounded like the dream and not what I expected to hear as he again made that familiar mouth gestures again.

“I didn’t learn to lip read till later is when I finally figured what Tank was really saying.

Tank really said ‘The God of Hell can be an ally when the time calls for peace between warring factions for the goal of life.’

That’s what Tank was really saying from what I remembered lip reading him.”

Tank as Nikolai listened kept speaking “The hotness feeling you had that led you to here was the heat of the desert and the coolness of the tomb helped you feel better.”

Nikolai felt better along with hearing a familiar voice “Go now, leaving the place, my son.”

“I recognized the voice spoken belonged to the God of Hell himself Lance Richard’s cruel voice tone that spoken it till later.”

Nikolai got up as Tank got up and he ran to a corner of the room with hand over his mouth while hearing the male gasp loudly. His gasp sounded of disappointment to him as the familiar stormy door appeared again. Nikolai ignored the door and walked away from it while throwing up the contents of his stomach several times along with choking like feeling.

“I did felt something in my mouth. I didn’t realize it at the time that the medics were putting something into my mouth literally to help me breathe. I wasn’t breathing actually but choking from something that was in my stomach yanked out via the doctor’s instruments as told. I was told despite being in frozen sleep with the help of the God of Hell to preserve me in my mind to live again. I coughed out via my mind to see is a small crystal jewel with a cloth necklace. I didn’t realize I choked onto some Meritanian like plant substance that was in my stomach, the doctor Kurpanov Kossman removed, with his instruments of torture out of me. The necklace I didn’t recognize at first was Lance Richard’s Followers’ necklaces they worn. I put on necklace as if compelled and wound up feeling a thudding vibration into my chest that was indicating my heart beating.”

Nikolai went back to Tank who spoke mouthed words “You don’t need to be a believer of Lance Richard himself to survive this hell he contained you in.”

Nikolai heard Tank spoke words “Moves like a God for only a God can lead us.”

Nikolai wound up not acknowledging the words as Tank handed him the Mikan. Nikolai followed Tank out of the tomb to outside facing the crowd of people who appeared to be Elves from their pointed ears who get on their knees as if worshipping him as their God and leader the Pharaoh. I found the scene changed to show me as Nikolai became Pharaoh as the leader’s title and given clothes. Mostly a cloud colored skirt and nothing else and is paraded through the city in a chair held by male slaves appearing to be albino Shadonians with blonde hair, pointed ears, and all black eyes and clawed hands, with the guards of the Highlander species flanking him. The procession stopped at a triangle like stone building where it’s figured is a temple where there are others assumed to be priests there along with a chair in front of the doors.

Nikolai got off chair by slaves lowering it to the ground and walked up the steps to the chair where he was told by high priest wearing mask of a gonoid God Anubis “Kneel!”

Anubis waved hands over Nikolai while chanting in foreign language words not understood but I heard “Ay Kabaiya!”

“I’m not entirely sure of that saying involving the God of Hell Lance Richard himself the God of the Underworld Kingdom of Hell.”

Nikolai made he appeared to be staring onto the floor as Anubis is handed hanging a hanging lantern waved over him still chanting away. Anubis hands off lantern then placed hands on Nikolai’s head closing his eyes with his hands.

Anubis spoke “You shall be known as your name, Ancient One, Nikolai the One, ruler of the kingdom Egyptia.”

Anubis’ hands picked at Nikolai’s eyes opened and saw the priest take a crown off the masked head and place it on his head. Nikolai rolled his eyes while making out a small gasp as he felt a tiny jolt of pleasure involving doing something from the feeling.

“I’m not going to describe that thing whatever it is. I don’t remember much of that feeling anyway.”

Then Nikolai stood up and went to the chair to sit which crowd got onto their knees foreheads to the ground with arms in front of them.

Nikolai spoke loudly “I am Pharaoh Nikolai, ruler of Kingdom Egyptia. I will rule the people well.”

The scene changed to show Nikolai appeared to be assisted by a priest calling himself Omar who gave him unwanted advice on ruling.

Nikolai found some of the advice is demanding Omar saying “I am insisting Pharaoh, do this and that while ruling as Pharaoh!”

Nikolai ignored the priest’s advice and spotted a female slave and made himself appeared to be in love with a female slave, with long sun colored hair named Sabba.

Nikolai felt a compulsion hitting him via compeller’s voice saying “I declare Sabby my queen!” despite the priest’s wording saying “I must object!”

Nikolai adds “I’m not immune to Builders’ voice talents despite Barry as he calls himself despite the Ned Garry name using his voice talent onto me.”

Nikolai and Sabba kiss on the lips some ritual between pairing to show that we liked each other. After that’s done both eat food before Nikolai went to bed asleep after that with her next to him.

“Nikolai wound up passing out despite feeling fists hitting my back including someone squeezing my chest area like I was choking and trying to get me to breathe again. I didn’t know what was going on in that matter actually from what I could tell from what I knew involving that. I later realized that pounding and squeezing of my chest’s area was of me arriving to Kurpanov Kossman’s medical bay choking to death and appearing to disappear from the choking, after a period of waking up from being contained into a tube. My cloned copy, Tom Thunder or Mindbender was called to squeeze my chest to help bring the choking feeling gone from me. I wound up declared disappeared by the High Council till my cloned copy Mindbender as if compelled like I said by fatherly instincts restarted my heart and I lived again. I wound up still remaining in Egyptia as the place of disappeared is called.”

Nikolai while waked up in the morning to discover Sabba dead with claw marks on her and her neck is broken.

Nikolai thought “I killed Sabba!” got upset.

The priest Omar arriving into the room appearing to be aware of Sabba’s death without glancing at the bed appeared to give Nikolai a glare sinister like.

“The glare reminded me of someone I wasn’t sure who till later indicating my father demanding me to be out of my mind and using my body.”

Omar spoke “It’s a bad omen to mate with slaves for your gonoid side came out and said no to slaves hence the killing.”

Nikolai appeared to mourn Sabba’s death wound up lying on the bed staring at the ceiling lengthy as night and day go by. Nikolai appeared to not acknowledge anything all around him or the food brought to his lips, he refused to eat. Nikolai kept on lying there till a female slave arrived into the room carrying a tray of food with smells that made his stomach rumble.

“The food involved the diet of foods that Jinks Montreal could survive on like nuts and heal from, some junky like food that didn’t agree with me when I tried to eat it. I wound up having a liquid diet as a result of my tube time and spending too much fed those liquids than anything else.”

The female slave got onto Nikola’s front straddling him in a way of kneeling on his chest. She wound up kissing Nikolai on the lips then thumped a fist onto his face.

Nikolai heard her saying “There’s more to life than lying in bed doing nothing but being mindless.”

Nikolai wound up shaking his staring at the ceiling mood after the female slave removed herself off of him she using a compeller’s voice tone saying “Belay orders of Sabba now!”

Nikolai wound up no longer mindless saw the female a slave appearing to look familiar to me like I knew her somewhere but didn’t realize who she was till later. Nikolai wound up finding himself appeared to be in love with her and wanted to do something besides just kissing her despite his hormones of sexual acts activating at the time.

The female acted rude to him speaking using sarcasm “I don’t want anything to do with you!”

Nikolai didn’t back down instead corner the female in the room after getting up from the bed. Nikolai found her thrusting a knife at his neck when he cornered her to the wall with his arms trapping her in an attempt to kiss her. Mostly Nikolai was showing his affection of liking her towards her in the attempt to kiss that female. Omar arrived into the room to get the female slave away from Nikolai via guards using weapons of swords to poke him and yanking her away to his annoyance.

Omar wound up speaking “You’re not to mate with Niya, the slave, for it’s not what the Pharaoh is supposed to be doing.”

Nikolai responded by going to Omar and thrusting a clawed hand onto the male’s face to snarl scratching him via cheek “You will allow me to mate with Niya, I want brought to my bedroom now! I as your Pharaoh orders it!”

Nikolai found Omar darting away in sight followed by Niya entering the room with her arms folded.

Nikolai controlled by his hormones involving sex spoke “Get in bed now, Niya.”

Nikolai found his order obeyed but she thrust a knife at his neck when he attempted to lie on top of her.

“Knife was felt like a sword’s point poking the area where I have a scar from that despite my body’s scarring marks all over the place at the moment, from repeatedly skin taken off of me for cloning copies for the High Council’s purposes.”

Nikolai spoke “I wanted you as mine when I first saw you-”

Niya interrupted speaking “You killed a slave female and I refused to suffer her fate.”

Nikolai spoke “Niya, just kill me for I still want to mate with you if you’re afraid of me.”

Nikolai closed his eyes and waited as the knife presses harder into the side of his neck, me not feeling a sword poking me, literally anymore. Nikolai kept his face into a pleading expression as he sensed the knife off his throat. Niya kissing Nikolai on the lips hands on his cheeks. I saw the two via story, doing something inappropriate for children to hear, but he appeared to be is her first, to kiss her ritual wise.

Then after the ritual of liking each other is done Nikolai speak to her in whispered tone “I have a gonoid side which is what I dub Shaw and great strength.”

“Shaw is the name of the gonoid species that accepted me with acceptance despite I later put into my tube trap by the High Council hoping to clone me.”

Niya responded “I’m being fine with this.”

Nikolai fell asleep and waked up sensing something or someone in trouble to see Omar with guards in the room holding Niya with priest having a knife at her throat.

Omar is heard while Nikolai is quietly getting up behind the priest’s back with guards not giving him away, guards are just staring at him as Omar is stupidity not realizing that sneaking “Nikolai mating with a slave girl will ruin my plans to control him in his rule over the kingdom. I will have to kill Niya like I killed this slave girl dubbed Sabba by snapping her neck and getting Nikolai’s gonoid’s side claws on her body while he was passed out by a sleep drug in his food and drink.”

Nikolai appeared to get mad roared loudly surprising Omar who turned around dropping Niya from his knife hold. Niya appeared to have her throat cut from Omar’s shock via accident as she slides to the floor disappearing in a light show. Omar is attacked by Nikolai who used his claws’ Shaw’s side on the priest’s face. Nikolai kept on trying to claw Omar who kept on trying to knife him with the knife in response despite him receiving cuts. Nikolai, as I do have cuts scars on my arms which Nikolai used to the pain managed to knock aside Omar’s knife.

Omar is giving Nikolai a familiar sinister look of eyes all black as he mentally spoke via Shaw’s side in control “Mind die!”

Nikolai found Omar appeared to die literally from the death order as in hitting the floor with eyes displaying a bloody look and ears the same look. Guards take priest’s body away as Nikolai is calmed down and allow a female slave to hug him. Nikolai leaned his face on her head relaxing some more from her arms on him. Nikolai found the female slave was an Ambassadorial representative of Edenia herself acting by the name of Niya. Nikolai let Niya bring him to the bed and then they kiss and go into other rituals of liking each other while there.

Nikolai wound up speaking “I’m declaring my love to you along with hoping to have you as my equal my queen.”

“I think I spoke those words to my wife, who I name as, Victoria Montreal, herself who I see is seated on the couch giving me that look I love receiving from her.”

I watched as the scene shifted to show Nikolai receives a visitor while, he is still Pharaoh an official of the High Council speaking “I am asking you about having a reason for living.”

Nikolai saw a female slave familiar and making him hormonal from urges, put tray with drinks on ottoman next to his throne chair which he got up as she knelt with head down.

Nikolai spoke “I have already chosen a female as my queen.”

Nikolai went to the female pulling her up who won’t look at him kept her eyes averted like he was disgusting to look at via her expression.

Nikolai kissed her on the lips and speaks “I have chosen Victoria as my queen.”

Nikolai spoke his words while hearing the High Council’s official sputter “I must protests to this talk!”

The female slave as saw was stiff to the touch which Nikolai whispered in her ear “I’m begging you to be my queen and my equal.”

Nikolai ignored the High Council’s official ambassador took her to his bedroom to resume kissing her on the lips while feeling her really stiff like a board. It’s like she’s not accepting him kissing her and appeared to be an Airhead, person who likes the same persona person for sexual pleasures.

“Sorry not going to describe that for you children appearing to be asking me!”

Nikolai pleaded with a begging tone “I want you as my queen to accept as mine.”

Nikolai heard the female haltingly agreed in a broken voice eyes still not looking at him saying “…I…agree…”

Nikolai held her and brought her to the bed and did the most of that liking her ritual despite she’s just laying there staring at the ceiling with tears spilling from her eyes. Its likes she’s not happy with the rituals Nikolai did onto her or she’s an Airhead. Once done night arrived, Nikolai fell asleep.


Nikolai waked up in the sunlight to discover her gone and goes out of bedroom in the buff roaring, while feeling angry.

Omar, his priest is there still alive with the guards as Nikolai roared some comment I didn’t know what I said till later “I want Victoria Montreal as my mate! You’ll have to give me, her!”

Nikolai’s guards point out his nudity with their eyes and heads staring at him which he saw and realized that he’s not wearing clothes.

“I’m supposed to wear clothes when going around in public despite the High Council squashed that clothes habit and made me go around naked in their home base before they stuck me into a tube for cloning, I doing it willingly, brainwashed.”

Nikolai went back into bedroom put on clothes as Omar followed him. Nikolai was forced by Omar, using a familiar Builder’s voice tone to force him to eat and drink food set at a table in the room. Nikolai takes in the food as I recognizing the Builder’s voice as Barry or Ned Garry whichever persona he’s going as. Nikolai and then once getting up fell to the floor unconscious.


Nikolai waked up to discover its daylight of the sun is shining into his eyes. Nikolai was in a bed of Kurpanov Kossman’s Medical Bay before he was rudely dumped into an observation room of the Zesky Asylum. Nikolai saw a female, I identified as of Victoria Montreal, the original, standing in front of a window crying like she was upset about something.

Nikolai went to her rubbing her back speaking “You’re not leaving me again for you’re as mine as my queen.”

“I saw Victoria mouth something saying ‘I love Tom Mindbender Thunder and can’t shake that love towards him.’

She before speaking wording that sounded like I was still trapped in my Pharaoh’s Kingdom “My father abused my mother, after speaking twin words, you spoke, to her using the word, Priestess instead of queen. My father in one of his angry rages killed my mother in front of me who I as a child ran away. I was found by the Pharaoh who had two slaves raise me and had me become a slave, once I was old enough. My father was Omar the priest who didn’t recognize me when he tried to have me killed. I’m afraid of suffering my mother’s fate hence myself trying to run away. A Priest caught me and talked sense to me into revealing the truth to you.”

Nikolai lowered his hands went to chair and sat staring at her as she resumed crying while continuing to stand in front of his window appearing to look like his Pharaoh bedroom. Nikolai continued to stare at Victoria who kneel curling into a ball while still crying away she naked of clothes and appearing to look upset. Nikolai got up walking towards Victoria to pick her up carrying her to the bed which he placed her on and pulled the blanket on her form. Nikolai got into bed wrapping his arms around her as she fell asleep which he lied awake for a bit.

“I wound up hearing my father’s voice via mind talk ‘Nikolai, my angel, get some sleep for you’ll need it.’

I closed my eyes and fell asleep as if obeying the order despite my father Thurin is still calling me Angel when my name is Nikolai.”

Nikolai paused from telling his tale instead appeared to be lost in thought till the Recorder of memories, typing this onto the laptop computer, cleared her throat and got the male again speaking his story.


I watching this scene via Traveler’s Gate frowned finding the scene changed to show Nikolai is in throne room sparring with a guard using Mikans.

His guard gets his Mikan out of his hands then halts to speak “Pharaoh, see about picking up your weapon to resume the fight.”

Nikolai appearing to not realizing it uses his Shaw’s side in control says “Weapon to me!”

He heard guards around him gasp out “God!” like their shocked.

The word didn’t register to Nikolai from the behavior which he saw the male easily dismissed but sensed him confused.

Messenger boy arrives in room speaking “Guards have requested Pharaoh Nikolai to the fighting room.”

Nikolai agreed to go walks with guards escorting him to the room a large outdoor courtyard.

He was surrounded by guards in a circle which one using a sneering voice tone spoke “I challenged Pharaoh Nikolai to a fight by Mikan!” which he accepted by speaking “I accept!”

He fights with the guard who got the Mikan out of his hands as he sensed from behind him an arrow flying towards him by senses telling him that which he reveals the Shaw side in control. Nikolai’s Shaw side involves a look twin to Tom Mindbender Thunder’s Berserker side in control but without the fanged teeth and jutting out jaw. Just a glowing yellow eyed look, including clawed hands of Berserker and skin become armored thick on the arms. He twisted to his right grabbing arrow with his right hand and with left arm blocks the wide end of the guard’s Mikan.

He heard a voice speak loudly “Halting the fight now!” which he recognizes as the official who visited him before which he sees standing with the guards.

He saw another guard who has a female slave with him knife at her throat and her hands are tied in front of her with ropes. Nikolai stared at the female slave as if hypnotic to her looks as guard with Mikan knocked him to a kneeling position then has blade part of Mikan at his throat making a cut wound.

Nikolai heard “His weakness is there!” involving he can be cut via sword or knife via the neck area for other areas on his body are protected by his armored skin.

Nikolai heard official speak “Pharaoh killed a slave girl when she displeased him and is pleasuring himself on another slave girl.”

Official paused as guards around Nikolai become silent which the official continued again “Nikolai was raised to be spoiled doing things his way without caring about others even hurting them if he is not happy with them.”

Nikolai spoke “I remembered that mysterious God line spoken when I was in the sarcophagus room and guards in throne room speaking the word God while gasping which it comes to me that I have a gonoid side called Shaw, despite mistakenly thinking that side as a dog gonoid despite those gonoids are always controlled by me, no matter how uncivilized they are.”

Nikolai looking away with a look in his eyes as the official continued to speak “Nikolai is a spoiled brat who doesn’t listen to anybody but the High Council and his own Father.”

Nikolai heard guards grumble loudly “Can’t this fool shut up?!”

The guard with Mikan swings weapon aiming at Nikolai’s throat which he used blurry fast speed to get up on his feet and move till he is behind the guard

Nikolai adds “When I have the Shaw side in control I can move blurry fast like without any devices like the Keo tech or that scorpion device. Ugh.”

Guard turned around looking for him seeing he charged with Mikan again swinging which Nikolai used his ability to move behind guard who’s Mikan meets air every time it swings at him. He sensed the guards surrounding him are silent as the officials are gasping loudly like their shocked. This process lasts repeatedly several times till the guard with Mikan tossed it onto the ground then knelt with head bowed. Nikolai eyed the female slave recognizing her as a representative of Victoria Montreal. Nikolai saw guard besides her cut ropes binding her with knife freeing her and then gently pushes her forward then knelt as the official and guards kneel. He kept his eyes on Victoria whose eyes are staring at the ground as she hesitantly walked with halting steps towards him like she’s compelled to walk towards him. He placed hands on her hands like joined or drawn to do that followed by an intense charge of pleasure hitting the hands’ area. Nikolai put his hands onto her cheeks kissing her on the lips while feeling Victoria kiss him back. He placed his arms around her in a hug then looked around at the kneeling people.

Nikolai spoke “I have chosen a reason for living which is pairing me towards Victoria Montreal as my wife and my queen, whom I expect my people to, accept this.”

He heard “We accept.”

It’s spoken in unison from the guards and official who are kneeling on the floor sounding of the Speakers of the High Council, dubbing them, Shad for males and Onya for females, speaking in unison.

Nikolai the clone ended story by added “I then woke up and found myself freed from containment of the High Council-”

Recorder found Meritanians snickering laughing voice of Ramses interrupted the clone saying “Nighty night Smarty!”

Recorder looked at the screen to see Nikolai the clone slump over like he was knocked unconscious by Ramses to her disgust. Recorder eyed Victoria in response to find her busy typing onto the laptop, rapid fired paced, with mouth into a thin line and eyes all black, a concentration look on her face. It seems she’s crafting a fiction story for Veronica Thomas Incorporation to publish and send out to whoever cares to read it to the annoyance of the High Council. To anyone who cares, Veronica Thomas Incorporation involves writing stories and recording memories, some fiction and publishing them online some website for the First Ones of the planet Aire to read. Some of those stories the Incorporation craft have been inappropriate for publishing despite the High Council’s efforts to prevent that-


Recorder wound up interrupted by the High Council’s speaker Shad ordering the recording off followed by ordered to leave. Recorder went to her quarters taking the scary roller coaster route to the hallway leading to her quarters to sit down and type corrections to the recording of typing onto the laptop, despite noticing lack of commas and misspelled words. Drat!


Recorder wound up put down asleep by Tank saying Ramses commentary into her mind which she’ll type more once ordered to record despite sure her name is Tamyara Palina.

Nikolai's Recorder

This is the recording of Recorder of the High Council recording the memories of the One, Nikolai original of cloned copies of the High Council's cloned copies. Recorder is also recording memories or stories of the High Council despite the Souler Council expired and now High Council is in place to be recorded for memories including recording memories of the Meritanians' talk or memories they sickening clones to remember.

  • ISBN: 9781370601318
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2017-06-13 10:27:05
  • Words: 14676
Nikolai's Recorder Nikolai's Recorder