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By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah


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It is a sad story of a poor lady who was pushed to the flesh market by a group of people with conflicting interests. Hope my readers will like it for encouraging me to have another try on this type of writing.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family members for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this small book along with my other books.



Chapter I: Niharika


Niharika, from a non-descript village of Assam, was married to a middle-aged rich man when she was hardly 17 years. Her poor father had little choice to marry her to an elderly rich man who had already four children, eldest one was of Niharika’s age. When she reached the new home, she was categorically told that her status would not be more than a glorified maid. She had to do all the household chores along with sleeping with a person double her age.

The old lady of the house, the mother in law of Niharika called a bez (quark and magician) to give some medicines so that Niharika could never be a mother. Niharika was administered the medicine without her knowledge during her menstrual period. She was about to die in the process due to excessive bleeding. Somehow, she survived, but with damaged uterus and ovaries. Why the old lady took that drastic step? From her experience, the old lady was sure that once Niharika would conceive, the equation might change, her middle-aged son might take interest in Niharika. That might lead to neglect of the children from his earlier marriage.

Niharika had to live with that old man for next eight years as a kept and maid till her so-called husband died in an accident. By the time her two step children got married. She was tolerated by the step children for another one year after death of their father and finally she was thrown out of her house. She had to come back to her parent’s home at an age of 26.

After three months, through a person from her village, she landed at Guwahati as a maid of a rich man, Bikram Choudhury. Bikram Choudhury was at least ten times richer than Niharika’s diseased husband. He had a very beautiful wife and two children, a son of ten years and daughter of five years. From the first day, she was able to develop a good rapport with the children. In due course of time, both the children became completely dependent on her for their daily needs. Mrs. Manorama Choudhury, wife of Bikram Choudhury also started to be dependent on her on many counts.

However, she had practically no interaction with Bikram Choudhury for first few months. Bikram Choudhury opened an account for her and her monthly salary was deposited in her account regularly and occasionally, he was sending few hundred rupees to her parents also.

After around six months, the life of Niharika changed for ever. Along with children, Manorama Choudhury went to Dibrugarh, her maternal home for six days. On that night after dinner, Bikram Choudhury called Niharika to his bed room. He told her to sleep with him for the night. His voice was so authoritative, she could not dare to refuse his order.

Once she was on his bed, she slowly enjoyed his company. Bikram Choudhury, though he was indulging an immoral activity with Niharika, she felt that he respected her body and mind during that night which was completely lacking on the part of her late husband. Next six days she slept with Bikram Choudhury and she for the first time fell in love with someone.

After arrival of his wife, Bikram Choudhury started behaving Niharika as if he did not know her. One day when no one was around, Bikram Choudhury told her, ‘I know you must be thinking that I am a very bad man. Maybe you are right. But I have no alternative. However, whenever, you need something, you tell me, I shall give you. I shall be depositing some more money in your account as your monthly salary from this month. But keep your mouth shut.’

‘Do not worry sir, I shall keep it confidential and you need not have to deposit extra money in my account for that.’ She wanted to tell, ‘I love you, sir.’ But she did not dare to say that.

After that day, Bikram Choudhury used to embrace her, kiss her as and when he got slightest opportunity. At the middle of the night, one day he came to her bed for an hour or so. Initially, he used to come to her after one week or so. Then his frequency to visit her at midnight had gone up. She was also looking up for his visit daily.

This continued for next one year without any interruption.

One night when she was waiting for Bikram Choudhury she heard his footsteps. She got a beautiful smell which she never experienced before. She did not know when she fell unconscious.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself in an unknown room. She heard some sound of gossiping among ladies from the nearby room. When she tried to get up she felt a strong headache and body ache. She felt as if every bone of her body had been broken to pieces. She wanted to sleep but at that time someone opened the door.

‘Oh! you got your sense!’ An elderly lady commented.

Niharika could not identify the old lady nor the place where she was at that time. But after few hours she came to know that she was in a brothel of Shillong, sold by few persons for fifty thousand rupees.

For next few days she was kept under strict vigil and she had to cater few dozens of customers.

Slowly, she adjusted in her new role as a typical prostitute. For one long year, she could not understand why Bikram Choudhury sold her to a brothel for only fifty thousand rupees (Less than One thousand dollar) when he was a multi crore-pati (Multi-Millionaire).

Chapter II: Me, Anup Choudhury


I am the only son of Bikram Choudhury. My mother Manorama always advised me to become a doctor when I was in school. Unfortunately, I became a businessman like my father. My sister, Shivani got married to a doctor at my mother’s insistence as she does not want another businessman in her family.

She used to tell me in front of my father, character of a business man cannot be good. My father used to keep mum when she used to utter that sweeping remark about business man. As a young boy, I could not understand why she taunted my father in front of me. However, after my graduation when I was on my visit to my maternal uncle’s place, my uncle told me that my father had some illicit relation with our maid Niharika which was known to my mother and due to that, my mother had suffered a lot mentally.

For me, Niharika Aunty was like a mother to me and my sister. She took lot of care of the entire family when she lived with us. All of a sudden, she disappeared from our house after two years of working in our home. My father tried to find her but mother was reluctant to find her. I was told that father went to her house to find out whether she went there or not. But all his efforts to find her failed to yield any result. Slowly my father also left hope to find her out. When she vanished from our house, I was about 12-year-old and she was twenty-eight.

Now I am twenty-eight and my mother found a suitable girl for me. She is not from a very rich family. Therefore, my father was not happy with the alliance. But my mother did not heed to his reservation, snubbing him that she is not favour of any girl of a rich businessman.

Despite of my mother’s constant moral teachings, I followed my father’s footsteps so far building my own character. After attaining a certain age, I started my life as a spoilt child of a rich father. I became a prisoner of 3 Ws (Wealth, wine and woman). When my mother had chosen a poor girl for me, I did not oppose the proposal to marry her as I had a feeling, being poor girl she would never dare to taunt me like my mother used to taunt my father, even if she would come to know my illicit relations with many girls.

Chapter III: Meeting the Old Lady


Five days before my marriage, I was on a business tour to Shillong, Whenever I visit Shillong, I usually stay in my favourite hotel Lake View, situated at the bank of Barapani Lake. Those who visited Shillong, they must be spell bound to see the beauty of this lake. The lake is situated on the road side, covers more than five KM on Guwahati -Shillong road. It is 75 KM away from Guwahati and just 25 KM from the heart of Shillong. In winter thousands of people are seen picnicking on its bank.

Apart from having a beautiful view of the lake, the Lake View hotel attracts lot of romantic couples who want to have a peaceful day away from city lives. Further, one can stay overnight in the hotel with beautiful girl(s) against payment without any police problem in a hygienic and clean atmosphere. I was a regular visitor to this hotel with many of my girlfriends. When no girlfriend accompanies me, I used to request the management to provide one which they gleefully supply for the night with a price tag.

On that day, it was raining and I was alone. That was a bad day for me. The management also said they did not have any spared lady for the night. When I was about to leave the counter for my car, the receptionist with a hesitation in his voice said, ‘If you do not mind we have one; but she may not be up to the mark for an excellent customer like you.’

I thought for a moment and then said, ‘Ok, I shall have that rotten one tonight. How much I have to pay for that rotten whore?’

‘No price tag, Sir. Whatever you give, she will accept.’ The receptionist was happy at my answer.

As I was waiting for the lady, I heard a soft knock at the door. As I told her to come inside, I saw a middle-aged lady entered into my room.

When our eyes met, I was about to faint. I said with a feeble voice, ‘Niharika Aunty!’

She could not recognize me. When Niharika Aunty disappeared, I was just twelve and now I am twenty-eight. On the other hand, she was twenty-eight at that time and now she is forty-four. I could recognize her as she has changed less compared to my physical change s in last sixteen years. She looked at me with a question mark on her face.

‘So many years where you had been? Why you had left our home? My father searched you for so many places, but he failed to find you out.’ Embracing her like a little child, I asked her many questions at a time. At that moment, I was not embracing her as a lady for the night, but like a lost mother of a child.

By the time, she also recognized me and started weeping.

Chapter IV: Enlightenment


After initial round of shock and weeping we started talking about our past and the present. I told how my father was frantically searched for her and how reluctant was my mother in her search. Then she said the most unbelieving story of my life.

Niharika Aunty was abducted by my maternal uncle and his friends at the behest of my mother. They sold her to a brothel; but not before they gangraped her. My mother came to know about the illicit relation of her husband with Niharika. But she did not show any indication to her husband that she knew about their relation. She instead hatched a conspiracy to get rid of her with the help of her brother. On that fateful day, she sent her husband to her mother’s place telling that her father wanted to discuss some important business matter. As he left for Dibrugarh, Niharika was abducted and sold to a brothel.

Niharika came to know about the conspiracy when one fellow prostitute told about that after one year of the crime. Then only she realized Bikram Choudury did not sell her to the brothel. She also realized love of Bikram Choudhury was not mere physical. At that time, she could have gone back to her village or to our family. But she decided not to go back to a so-called civilized society.

For the first time, I also realized my father was not that bad as was projected by my mother and her family. Contrary to that, my mother was not as good as she projected herself .

Chapter V: New Beginning


‘You have to come with me, Aunty.’

‘No, my child, I cannot come with you. My life is now different. You all are respectable people. My association with your family will diminish reputation of your family in the eyes of others.’ She said.

‘No Aunty, you have to come with me. How long we shall live with the falsehood of a good family. My father had an illicit relation with you, a hapless lady, my mother is nothing but a mastermind of an abduction of a poor lady, my uncle was a rapist who can deal with a brothel and I am a regular visitor to brothels. None of my family member is good. Only plus point about our family is, we are rich. We are a family of hypocrites only. You come with me and I promise you, you will have a honourable life with me. I also promise you, I shall never go to brothel in my life again and I shall be always a faithful husband to my wife.’ I finished my one way ruling to take her with me.

She was weeping!

I saw a dawn of a new day.


The author was a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He was presently placed at New Delhi.


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It is a sad story of a poor lady who was pushed to the flesh market by a group of people with conflicting interests. She was married to an old person when she was just 17. She was thrown out her home after death of her husband at 26. She was finally sold to a brothel when she was 28. However, at 44 she was rescued by the boy whom she looked after when he was 10-12 years as a maid and lover of his father.

  • ISBN: 9781370816941
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-12-06 06:05:11
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Niharika Niharika