NIGERIA 10:1-10


1. For the law of Nigeria having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things; can never with its budget offered year by year continually make its masses perfect with joy and gladness.

[***]Why unto shall a man with one leg believe he can win a marathon in the Olympic Games? Freedom of speech…………..How many times has the masses been given a transition? Just freedom of open month don’t speak.

2. for it is not possible that the loans from IMF and CHINA with the Subsidy and shadow allocations should take away sufferings.

[***]Why would you live by sight? Looking at China, UK, US, etc. without a faithed word of solution to Nigeria situation.

3. And our Governors, President, Misters, Senators, Representatives, Commissioners and even Local Government Chairman offer the same theory which can never solve problems because it cannot confirm the masses supposition.

  • Why do you eat the same food every day? When you know you have less supply of it. The don't even know that their law contradict itself and they themselves are on the lower scale of law. Laughable:- Our President to stand one day and say his an entrepreneur; is GMD of First Bank an entrepreneur?

4. This is the covenant that I will make with them after the election, if am elected, Saith LIBERTY.

[***]Why would you throw out banana pills through the window of your moving vehicle? Why would you sweep dirty into gutter? Is because they refused to covenant the law with you by putting it in your heart and writing it in your mind. (I WILL PUT THE LAW INTO THEIR HEART, AND IN THEIR MIND WILL THEY BE WRITTEN).

5. And let IGBO, YORUBA, and HUSUA consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.

[***]Why won’t we debate on which to consider first when Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba on the seat of throne, all brings good ideas on how to give us a better life. Can one really do without the other ECONOMICALLY? Think very well.

6. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as we wait for LIBERTY to contest for election.

Hausa act when Herdsmen kills and destroy, Igbo act when person in Borno are displaced and Yoruba trust Igbo’s and support the movement of peace in the North.

[***]Why should you run to see, when you can touch by a cal. don’t just see the development coming, rather call for its quickness.

7. For we know him that said, I will put the law in their hearts and in their mind will it be written. Can’t Nigeria one day be like US?

“Make thy word faithed” said SHAKESPEARE. I will do this, I will do that can never be the problem because I don’t believe in your words but what comes out of your words. Can anything come out of your words?

[***]Why won’t I ask why when answers is what I need?

8. Cast not away therefore your confidence in LIBERTY, which hath great recommence of reward.

Dollar was once #20. Nigeria was once ruled by LIBERTY. And LIBERTY can still rule again.

[***]Why do we have BOOK and CONTEXT, MASS and WEIGHT, EGG and YOKE? All which can be found in Nigeria now, but LIBERTY and LBRATION is in existence but can’t be found in Nigeria.

Stop believing in the words of our politicians and start believing in the outcome of their words. Can a poor man lead or rule effectively?

9. For Ye have no more need for patience, that, after ye have elected LIBERTY, Ye shall receive the promise.

The Promise (OATH, VOW).

All political leaders and politicians are all hell candidates. Wait, are they contradicting themselves?

[***]Why promise us 10,000MW when the community you came from which is made up of 10 villages are sharing 3 transformers?

The divine leadership of my country is crying fora fair hear. Why would you be blinded? If love is blind, is democracy blind? Wait…….can democracy be blind?

The Jurisdiction in Nigeria is over rated, that’s why people and economy are crying.

10. Now that you know the truth, allow it to set you free. For only the just shall live by faith: Trust in action and faith in words.

[***]Why should you trust ion the words of your fellow man? Woe unto you.

Now ask yourself why all the WHY’S. Is only in spirituality that you believe in things you can’t see, not in the physical. Embrace quality of Governance not quantity! The Genesis of Nigeria is good, but can its revelation be better? In leadership you sacrifice a lot, justify little and care for all.


NIGERIA 10:1-10

  • Author: Emeto Winner, Sr
  • Published: 2016-11-18 00:05:08
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NIGERIA 10:1-10 NIGERIA 10:1-10