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Nidal's Fall: An Epic Poem

Nidal’s Fall

A Novel In Verse/ An Epic Poem

By Saleh M. Radaideh

Table of Contents

Chapter 1… Something We’ve Never Tried

Chapter 2… Troubles In A Loveless World

Chapter 3… Man’s Ability To Hate

Chapter 4… Endless Cries

Chapter 5… A Heart That’s Frail

Chapter 6… Gone In Vain

Chapter 7… The Wrong Side Of Happily Ever After

Chapter 8… To Lend A Graceful Hand

Chapter 9… The Needed Goal Of Salvation

Chapter 10… Until We Can’t Take Anymore

Chapter 11… Smiles Of Children And Youth

Chapter 12… Touched By God

Chapter 13… Light Within His Chest

Chapter 14… Our Spirits Are Ours

Chapter 15… Life Was A Dream

To my family, friends, all those I’ve loved, and to all readers

Chapter 1: Something We’ve Never Tried

I am Hassan, and I have a friend named Nidal, humble and meek

He always, in his trueness and character, did forever seek

To find a consolation to a world so chaotic and wild

He wanted to live in a world appropriate for his future possible child

He had my friends and I to keep him joyful through the days

He always wished that we’d never depart from one another far away

For we all knew that in his heart there did lay

A special liking to us, and through the days in lands far away

Far from the city of Amman, Jordan, in the suburbs afar

We walked through the grass and spike flower landscapes at night staring at the stars

Knowing that since the light from the stars took so long for it to reach our eyes

When staring up, we may have been looking into the far, far past, where now the stars may have died

I have this other friend named Altair, who had always been a wild adventurer

Whenever he walked through the plains of Earth, it seemed as though he were a messenger

He wished for a free and valiant world, bright and true, with light shining through it all

Yet no matter how much Altair may have wanted it, he never wanted it as much as Nidal

We talked, Nidal and I, while walking through the streets shaped as hills

Once we talked and chatted atop a lighthouse and other times atop a windmill

And I remember when he told me that it had always been a true enigma

That there had always existed a massive impossibility in a true utopia

Nidal expressed his sorrows alone on a rock near his house calling on to the skies

Saying again and again, why didn’t the deities of the skies hear his cries?

When he feared to beget a child into a world where hatred and violence had become the norm

Other times, when things got really stressing, he began to pray that the world got taken by a storm

He got really angry very often, punching the walls of houses now and then

Living in a world, he said, where people wished their spirits to God to send

Sending out prayers and pleading to God to restructure a world gone so wrong

For how much longer, Nidal would cry out, will this sorrow be prolonged?

Once he walked the streets of Amman wandering as though he had no aim

Surely and surely, he cried out, that we only have ourselves to blame

When we never fulfill the pure wishes of all gods above

When it seems impossible to show empathy and love

Once he had a panic attack tumbling all around the street at night

Shouting out that his very spirit is lost and taking some sort of flight

Ascending to the heavens and descending into Hell

His very charisma was battered and shattered as well

During the panic attack, he waved his hands all around as though he were lost

And with everyone watching he had to pay with his reputation, a high cost

Everyone around him began to rant out that he’d lost his mind

While all along Nidal was crying, where is there peace to find

In a world where all have descended into the darkness of war and destruction

Where the words of love, peace and inspiration is viewed as a concoction

Where there is inevitability in the outburst of anger, which spurs in an eruption

Where people step on others for their aims leading to the Earth’s damnation?

And even though, he cried, the only thing he wants is instigation

For people to live lives where connection is found amongst them, for a rejuvenation

Into a newer age where people switch from being machines and beasts into being human

Where people would travel the farthest lands in search of those priceless omens

Which speak the tale of a humanity that could embrace a light igniting a spark

Still, he’d chant, we’re all still lost in the spaces of the dark

And by then they all watched him, some trying to remove him of his insanity

Altair and I rushed to him to bring him back to reality

And while he got up, with a spirit crushed and heavily bashed

He said that the brightest things light up once they light up from ash

He got up and as we grabbed his arms on the way to his house

He began to chant out that he is only but a mouse

That creeps through the lands with no name or place

He began to shout out that things the way they are have to be erased

And by then his whole body was weak and tired, and from energy displaced

As though the demons in Hell came raging at him beating him with a mace

Leaving his name and dignity shattered, leaving no trace

Of any pride or honour shining upon his face

And then as we walked towards Altair’s house something happened, as though it were an enigma

Nidal’s body became somewhat numb, as though he gave up talking about his dream for a utopia

Saying that there has always been, since the beginning of time, an impossibility in its fulfillment

Saying that for it to be achieved there has to be some sort of transcendent

Ray from the sky calling upon all people to unite

In the name of harmony and strength and to take true sight

To the things we are able to do under the rising sun

And when all are one, he said, then against the Devil will we have won

Nidal also had this lame type of love for this girl named Ghalia

Not sure what it was all about, but besides his crazy pursuit for a utopia

Sometimes he’d rage towards her house holding a torch at night, shouting up to her window

Shouting out that there can’t possibly be any more love to show

Towards her, shouting that he’d do anything to win her hand in marriage

Saying that it is only with her, that his mind and heart would be healed of its carnage

As she watched through the window laughing, Nidal would cry of his past pain

Reminding her that all his attempts of winning her heart had gone in vain

Cursing the gods and all deities from all religions that did remain

For removing from him his normalcy and for taking away his sane

Turning him into a hearse, and with no answer coming through the rain

He felt as though all his calm was sinking down the sewer’s drain

Shouting out to Ghalia that the skies cry for the love he carries

Towards her, then he asked if they can be married

At this point Altair and I were laughing, wondering how Ghalia was going to respond

And then Ghalia said that such a speech from him makes her very fond

Yet then she said, as she looked through the window, while on that chair did she sit

That Nidal is just way too excessively passionate

Then Nidal began to climb up to her room, as though he were a raging dog

Crying and babyishly complaining about all the times he was referred to as an underdog

Saying that only with her love, Ghalia’s precious love, will it be removed, that fog

Shouting that his heart had been hurt more than when a lumberjack axes a log

While climbing, his hands began to tear from the friction of the walls

And with a wild roar, speaking of Ghalia’s beauty, did he the skies call

And as he reached up to the window of her room

He said while looking into her eyes, without her, all he’d know is gloom

She began to laugh, saying, that within a giant massive world

Where there exists millions upon millions of girls

All throughout the planet, some gorgeous and so pretty

You just keep and keep coming back to me

Nidal told her, with fire glowing out of his eyes, with his dirty hair and lice

The tale of his love for her, and how absolutely no price

Can be set when it comes to the attachment he has to her, stronger than crashing stormy rain

He told her that he’d do whatever it takes to win her love, even though he has to have hell reigned

Yet even then, Ghalia the jokester, replied to him with disdain

Telling him that she can’t bear living with someone who deals with such a pain

Someone who has dreams trying to solve and unsolvable enigma

Trying to establish upon the Earth some sort of a utopia

Telling him that he has dealt with massive amounts of phobias

Saying that he’d never been happy and in bliss or in a euphoria

Yet even though he was wild, venturing the farthest shores as a cruiser

She reminded him again and again, that he was merely a loser

Then Altair burst out a giant, uncontrolled laugh

And after that Nidal began to rage in an inward wrath

Chanting out to the skies that a life with Ghalia, is all he’d ever envisioned

Crying out to the clouds, that even though he’d dig up his way through hell and into heaven

In sometime in the afterlife, if it just means that he could catch a glimpse of Ghalia

To hell with it, he says, with this whole thing about a utopia

For a utopia will never be achieved where there are upon Earth hypocrites

Yet even then, he cried to God, did he just expect him to sit

On his bum, praying and praying to God above

Just for this faint, faint chance, to win Ghalia’s heart and love?

And everyone began to laugh at Nidal’s passion until they almost choked

Especially from the fact that he didn’t have a dime in his bank account, fully broke

At that moment Altair walked hazily towards Nidal, sipping on old gasless coke

Telling Nidal that surely you must realize that your whole life had been a joke

Nidal got down from the window, continuing to walk the streets with only his shadow

His shadow, the only thing that by then was having him followed

Swaying through the breeze, still having a heart so hollow

Knowing that the only way for there to be for humans a tomorrow

Was to persevere through the hardships until the heart couldn’t beat anymore

Realizing that peace had always been a millions times harder than war

For surely with all the patience, probably, karma will provide back the reward

Of a life filled with wisdom and understanding instead of a bleeding sword

Cutting through the guts of men straight into their core

With people crying war songs thinking they knew what they were fighting for

And with all blood upon the ground, when neither army did yield

We realized that we’ve turned the Earth from a green serenity into a battlefield

And during the wars of man, Nidal told us, all compassion from our hearts are peeled

As though there was an inevitability of war, although one can at least try to wield

The strength to carry on in calm and tranquility, yet war seems to be sealed

In our hearts and mind, and after countless wars, God would probably reveal

Our past in the form of a ray of light, reminding us of how all have died

Simple because a strive for peace and nonviolence is something we’ve never tried

Chapter 2: Troubles In A Loveless World

Walking away from Ghalia’s house, the adventurous Altair pried

The hand of Nidal, and then Nidal went about to sigh

Saying that love towards a woman may have been the biggest lie

For through the days, he said, she’d be just fine while he’d go about to cry

Altair told him not to be a coward and fool

To think that one must attain the love of a woman simply to be cool

To be a man of prestige, and throughout the population, people around him would listen and lurk

He told him that despite his ugliness and lack of appeal, at least he put in hard work

Trying to solve the human condition, yet Nidal laughed with a giant burst, appalled

Telling Altair while looking into his eyes that the condition of man will never be solved

For no matter what system man constructs there is an inevitability for Hellish wars to reign

Yet, he said, with love and empathy, at least ninety percent of a utopia can be attained

Once in Amman, Nidal took it way to far, beyond what we expected

In a far place, further than the suburbs, he climbed atop a mountain wanting to be transcended

Imitating all the heralds before who sought the truth calling unto God far up high

Shouting out atop his lungs to the far, far skies

Talking of the issues of the world, which consume people in darkness all over the place

Telling God, as though he were listening, to return some sort of joy upon the people’s face

For surely the darkness knows no end, Nidal unto God did call

For what would be able to pick someone back up after an eternal fall?

Altair had to rush up the mountain to bring him back down

Some people at the bottom of the mountain were cracking up laughing, while others wore a frown

The frowning ones were speaking about this guy who was definitely a culprit

For surely this madman couldn’t be some sort of prophet

And due to the fury inside Nidal and all of that sorrow and stagnation

Even though everyone was watching him destroying his reputation

He called unto the sky while Altair was climbing up, having him followed

Asking, why does there ever have to be the existence of sorrow?!

Altair went by his side talking in a calm tone trying not to upset him his very best

He told him that whatever may happen to bring us sorrow, it may be a test

Religion or no religion, Altair said, it’s still a test, this whole existence, upon Earth’s people

To be able to distinguish who would do good, and who would do evil

Nidal said that the world is like some sort of cosmic simulation

Which appears in the form of a game or a joke where people form idealizations

About who or what constructed the world, some people doing so ever since youth

And looking up at the sky, knowing he’d never find it, he asked, where in heaven’s name is the truth?

The world is going to Hell, Nidal told me, and surely this is nothing too old

And definitely from those amongst us there are those whose hearts have gone so cold

He then cried out to the skies with yells that just never cease

Why is there always impossibility in peace?

Despite all of this, I could hear Nidal sometimes when walking near his house

Crying and moaning about the fact that Ghalia treated him like a swarming mouse

Who walked towards her, as though she were the most beautiful piece of cheese that ever existed

And again and again he’d open his window saying that only in her arms would he be uplifted

Yet no matter how much he loved her, what he loved far more was to see peace implemented

Upon the reigns of the Earth, where there were bullets and swords and knives being implanted

Into the bodies of man, as though life itself were some sort of an enduring disease

And even though Nidal would run the streets towards that same mountain, shouting please

Oh Devil and Satan, or whatever dark force that existed where about

Allow us some serenity oh Angels of Challenges and leave us alone for there to be a way out

Of this misery and damnation, and as Nidal stood atop that mountain as though it were a tower

He’d cry again and again as a deepened thinker, why is it that the lust for power

Would never be removed from the heart of man as we forget to care for one another

And in the pursuit for that power, which is innate in us all, we end up killing each other

Why is it, he yelled out as though God were hearing

That humility is something, the last thing, to which we’d be adhering

As though life were a ladder, in which we’d all innately wish to climb to the top

When all we should be really doing is to take a second and just stop

To enjoy life the way it is, whereby we understand the differences of other people?

How hard is it for us to progress and go through the times that are dark and medieval?

Why is it that there is an impossibility in the peace of the mind which we carry?

Why is it that the mind keeps projecting unreal, imaginary things so scary

Having people fight phobias and fears until ended are their lives in death while being saddened?

Why is it, Nidal cried at the top of his lungs, that most of our fears never did really happen?

Despite all of what Nidal said, there were many times when he, Altair and I would go travelling

To the farthest cities of Jordan where we’d walk under the sky, as though it were reckoning

A part inside us, reminding us that in this adventure of life where uncertainty prevailed

And kept sparking and lighting up, reminding us that despite a life which could be stale

We could reach for the heavens and grow wings as we’d pass through the adventures of a changing life

And even though our dreams turn into nightmares whereby darkness would show us a knife

Reminding us of the brink of death, we still strode the world remembering that even though it was a game

We could venture through it with wild eyes which pierced the heavens never wanting to be tamed

In the name of self-defeat and sadness, whereby the inner strength in us just kept growing

Until one time, we paddled through the seas at some time in the midst of the morning

As though we were pirates in the old days wherein we’d keep on rowing

Where some fish in the sea would show themselves out of the water jumping

Reminding us of the present moment whereby all things actually were existing

And the past and future never existed, and as we went through the sea rowing

We’d raise our arms to the sky as though God himself were proudly listening

Calling unto him to bless the Earth with his powers which know no ending

And whether or not he existed, we still raised our arms in the name of the Earth

Or even the cosmic reality in which we live, unknown and mysterious, to the universe

Calling on to whatever energies despite our lives which were inherently crappy

All for the sake of attaining that most valuable state of being happy

And surely we went through the sea with only ecstasy to be shown

And everything within the boat, food and preparations, into the air were flown

Knowing that we have, into brave and courageous people have grown

Knowing that the greatest beauty and delight exists in the unknown

And it went on, we spent a couple of days surfing the sea with stories to be said

Knowing that even though in ancient times people have endlessly bled

In the name of war and violence, Nidal, knowing this, had told me that war may never cease

As war had always been a million, million times easier than the state of peace

Yet as the days passed by the darkness got deeper and far more

Dangerous and unsettling due to the sparking and ignition of a world war

Which started out slowly, progressing into a catastrophe in which all would be sent into the hereafter

Wherein the slashes of knives and clanking of armour would have the devil himself in laughter

Where the blood shed all throughout would turn us all into raging monsters

And even though sometimes we may have wished that our deaths would come sooner

We still realized that life had always had a value, and if we could become receivers

Of the positive energies of life, then we could be believers

In the name of a better tomorrow, wherein there was peace in all of us, to the core

Yet still, despite all the positivity we were able to receive, there was an inevitability in war

And it went on, the states of the world slowly clashing with one another in a war’s saga

And by now Nidal said that surely, further and further it’s drifting, his dream of a utopia

Where in the world there is so much chaos, and wherein the Devil in our hearts does dwell

Altair once told Nidal and I, surely peace ought to come from the individual himself

And the chaos had raged on, as though the Devils were reincarnated from Hell

Devil or no devil, dark spirits or dark energies, it mattered and didn’t, oh well

Whatever it was, this darkness was in us all having us fight battles while not knowing what we were fighting for

And so the trumpets would soon sound, that of a third world massive war

Things were going out of hand bit by bit, everyone going into a silent hysteria

Whereby more and more awful things were heard by the sound of the media

And surely by now, Nidal’s childish dreams of that long sought utopia

Were starting to fade, and then once at night he remembered Ghalia

The girls of his dreams, a childish dream, and in her memory he drooled

Knowing that all those who ever fall in love are but utter fools

Knowing that for a woman people end up going fully insane

When love may just be some collection of chemicals secreted by the brain

Altair, Nidal and I knew this about love, knowing that there’s a fake nature to love’s feel

Yet no matter how much Nidal tried to figure it out, it still always had gone to be real

Realer than everything else in existence and stronger than even divine light

For love has always been the most powerful force in the universe by which all humans can unite

Nidal couldn’t sleep during many nights and in fury would he be filled

Altair told me that Nidal takes sleeping pills

Not only to forget Ghalia, that one and only pretty and magnificent girl

But mostly to forget the troubles that were going on in this loveless world

Chapter 3: Man’s Ability To Hate

There was this one time when Nidal sky dived while Altair rode a plane

Altair had been a pilot for around three years now, after all of that crappy material in the textbooks were filled into his brain

The useless material, Altair told me, consuming his brain with pointless thoughts in whole

He told me that in the days of Aristotle knowledge was craved, where in our time education is just a loop hole

To put some extra cash in our pockets so we could eat and get high

But back to the sky dive, where Nidal fell down from the sky

He raised his arms flying downward and as he fell down in that endless twirl

He kept chanting the same thing, that there was never any sense in this nihilistic world

And then he fell faster with the gravity and the Earth’s massive pull

And from the energies of the surrounding, the floating clouds, was he full

Full of joy and ecstasy from which he told me with eyes passionate and lit

That he’d much rather stay in the sky rather than down there on land where there’s much bullshit

And while Nidal fell down, Altair rode the plane hovering around where he was

And I was skydiving along with Nidal, and none of us cared about danger because

It was all going to end slowly, the entirety of the world, with each breath we did take

All because we humans were losing the ability to learn from our mistakes

And from way up there we started to chant out songs of freedom of which we weren’t proud

And within minutes we ended up touching and feeling the clouds

And we were reminded how falling had always been a part of human nature, descending from above

Because the more we descended into a world of darkness, the more we forgot about love

And surely by then, the condensation of the clouds into our ears and heads were shoved

And while falling, we began to hear lightning bolts seizing the sky, as though we angered the gods and Jove

We screamed as we fell down with stress being released while forgetting our very names

Crying out to the heavens just above us that we were tired of living life as though it were a game

And surely it may have been a game, or maybe even a test, but regardless of the lies being chanted across all neighbourhoods

There had always been a persisting habit in the universe by which evil was always conquered by good

But regardless of the sky dive, which was irrelevant in a world becoming unstable

There were fluctuations in the peace of the world and of countries of which people were able

To launch the fury of wars from all sides signalling an upcoming doom

Whereby the children of the next generation would never be able to bloom

I had been in the army for quite some time and Altair would comment on that

He asked me whether I have to beat someone up with a metal baseball bat

Pinning him down, smashing his face more and more, and beating into his brain and core

All in the chanting experience of yelling out the songs of war

Nidal was worried about me, always commenting on how war had always been an enigma

And again and again he’d curse the skies and gods for the impossibility of a utopia

So whenever I’d go out to war with a mind gone wild, scared and infallible

Nidal would give me that long, sad look telling me that war has always been inevitable

I told him it isn’t, and reminded him to stop being so fiercely morbid

I pointed out the fact to him that war had always been an act carried out by the stupid

By people becoming angry and not controlling the anger and fury which built inside

And due to the impatience and lack of virtue we’d embrace a world where all had died

I still remember those flashes of memories whereby the gun fires rang in my ears

There was a time when a soldier’s leg flew off back to the rear

Of our army base, while others cried out in massive pain

Calling out to the gods asking, why couldn’t peace ever, ever remain?

Yet a newer war was coming, firing up between the west and east of the Earth

And from the ashes of all things destroyed a newer age would come upon us in a rebirth

A new age, which paradoxically, may not come until the aftermath of a gigantic war’s destruction

And during the whole time of such unrest Nidal would pray for construction

There was this one time, in the heat of war, with endless painful cries

When battling, I saw the Devil in the eyes of my allies

And even in my enemies’ as well, so besides the fact that war brought us extreme distress

There was some sort of dark energy, Devil or not, by which all soldiers were possessed

And even when the war was over and we had won, it didn’t remove the state of being depressed

All of us felt like utter Hell and some of us cried, and to God above expressed

That we were all sorry, both us and our enemies, for giving in to the Devil to succumb

Knowing that even after the heat of war not one good or beautiful thing did come

Once Altair was riding a jet plane with his friends in the back

And during the flight towards Kuwait, his destination, he went off the normal track

Swaying the plane right and left shouting, out of all the past wars wherein millions had died

Surely there would be no difference in the world if he and his friends die, he cried

And so the plane was swaying out of direction swirling through the clean and innocent clouds

And all his friends joined in on the joke with laughter, no one feeling sane or proud

Saying that for freedom and joy one must pay the heaviest of all costs

That is, Altair chanted, that we ought to be content with being fully lost

And by then the clouds started to throw rain that resembled frost

The rain fell way down crashing into the seas, sinking into the plants and moss

And with all the chaos going on, with hearts which grew wilder than thousands of dancers

Altair and his friends shouted, that it is beautiful to drown in loads of laughter

Altair once told me, that he envies the birds which flew all about

Surely, he said, that they experience far more physical freedom, of that there’s no doubt

They soar across the skies flying with the wings of a blessed and gifted creature

Not having to deal with the inner darkness and sorrow inherent in human nature

So he wanted to imitate the birds, and in doing so, he built two large bendable wings

Just for the sake of gliding, and he stood atop a building and then did sing

And after that he jumped off the edge he was standing on and went down into the atmosphere below

And while gliding downward, he said that with the breeze sliding across his cheeks there is nothing he doesn’t know

Once Nidal got so pissed and without thinking he stomped the street

And after pounding it again and again he went about to repeat

That the world is descending to chaos, and with those worn out feet

He kept stomping the floor until his legs became beat

And then he called out to God, as God was on his throne, his seat

Praying for the day when they both would somehow meet

And even cursing him for his abandonment of a world going into grand darkness

Blaming and complaining to him about widespread human sadness

Nidal never understood any of it, the plight of mankind going on and on

Where at one point we were going on the right path and the next second we were wrong

And as we jump from one foot to the next, he told me, trying to figure out where we stand as people

The negative swirl of negative emotion brings us back down in a manner forceful

Yet perseverance was all Nidal had as he pushed forward into a future unknown

He’d always go atop that mountain near his house, sad and all alone

Praying to God as the seers before have, not only for Ghalia to love him, that blessed girl

But also to remove the crap that existed in the world

And then he’d pick up a lump of sand from the mountain throwing it far ahead

And in anger he’d say, that surely a gun would be really nice pointed at his head

A bullet darting through, so that the metallic of the bullet would with his brain blend

While giving up on a world where loveless darkness knows no end

Yet when one delays killing oneself, Nidal thought, then strength is bound to increase

For surely the workings of the mind keep going on and never do cease

So one learns to adapt while pushing forward into the future never to be anticipated

Trying to do whatever he can to bring aid to a world that has always hated

Sometimes when he’d get angry, I’d notice the hairs on his arms stand

And his eyes would open up as wildly as hell, as though he realized something grand

Saying that a utopia is all he has wanted, even though it only exists in the heavens above

Although for it to be on Earth, the Earth ought to be filled with unbound love

Yet for that to happen, Nidal said, a miracle ought to embrace the world we see

He envied Altair for being able to experience another form of a reality

Where Altair was above the clouds far away from the Earth and rather ecstatic

Being departed and separated, even for a while, from a planet so chaotic

Once in the battlefield I saw a man’s arm fly off his body as blood streamed out

And with a last stand, the man lay on his knees and upon the skies did shout

Cursing the gods and all deities for placing him in a situation so shitty

And his cries were heard across the whole battlefield disturbing minds all over the city

The man had to walk with only one arm holding his heavy gun with it

Spraying bullets all around to the enemies ahead with eyes heavily lit

And as they lit he looked into his enemies’ eyes as though they were sacred omens

And with his dying breaths he said aloud that all he sees are demons

And as the man lay on the ground, I went to help him while kneeling on the battlefield’s mud

And as the bullet wounds turned septic and out of his mouth pouring blood

He said surely that the Earth with Hell can fully relate

When there exists such a massive ability for man to hate

He died and I was still trying to process his words

Where all around me there were men ready to destroy the world

Chapter 4: Endless Cries

With the gunfire ringing in my ears, women from the left to the right were screaming

While in their arms they witnessed their precious children dying

The man was dead and that was it, a chapter of Earthly life closed

And all around me in the heat of war I could see minds comatose

Asleep in the trance of war where bullets would put men to eternal sleep

And the wars of all history, surely, cast upon regions scars so deep

Besides being an adventurer, Altair thought life was just way too boring

So while the rest of us were asleep with Nidal and I blissfully snoring

He rode an army jet plane into the sky swirling all around and raging, as though there were a war in which he was fighting

Complaining again and again and screaming at the clouds underneath him that the whole world was just so, so unexciting

And after landing back on the base his supervisor choked on his words when he asked, why he has Altair hired

And in the next few awkward and raging moments, Altair endured the pain of being fired

And even then he laughed his butt off spitting saliva on the floor, as from the world he got tired

And while walking away backwards, he told his boss that he can’t blame his adventurous mind for how it is wired

There was this one time when above the sea, Altair actually jumped out of the plane falling downward

All the while falling, the airplane fell into the sea as well, and he screamed to Hell with the whole world

Saying that at some times, although weird and eccentric, he’d much rather die

Than to live in a world where delusion has become the prime, to live in a world filled with lies

And when he told us that story none of us even did buy

The fact that he did that, yet he laughed and then did cry

In a loud voice, saying that we all should truly know better

When it comes to the fact that he’d always been an adventurer

But then he took it too far once, and even Nidal, the dark guy, knew this as well

He burned massive amounts of newspapers near a park, as though he were summoning Hell

Saying that into the depths of Hell does he dive

But with the sickest realization, he told us, that he somehow feels alive

In the midst of chaos and after knowing he did that, we all put on a serious frown

Saying that Altair should seriously calm the hell down

The news stations began to yell out that there is an anarchist

Releasing all of his fury through the acts of an arsonist

And they caught Altair on tape when he said that at that moment he yearned

To watch something beautiful and magnificent become burned

Altair was a weird guy who believed that beauty not only existed in light and sparks

He also had this weird tendency to find beauty in things that were rather dark

He said it was all a part of the experience, both darkness that glooms and light that fades

For the paradoxical appreciation of different forms of beauty are from what humans are made

Then Nidal told Altair to stop burning things turning them into lava

If he keeps screwing things up the world would be far from a utopia

Then Altair laughed telling him that how can he remove the world of sin

If there exists an infinite ability for darkness in humans within

Altair ended up going to court before which he made an appeal

They asked him of what he did, and he said he is trying to heal

Himself of boredom and stagnation, causing a soul’s deprivation

By witnessing the fire spark up putting life into motion

And then they realized that his brain was damaged or as small as a speck

And said that he needed to get his brain somehow checked

Altair said that a shrink is something he surely can’t afford

And from there, whether he liked it or not, they took him to the psych ward

Nidal and I were walking through the depths of a green park

And he commented about how Altair’s mind was rather dark

Nay, even in all of us, he said, we have minds which contain darkness inhibiting the ability to do the seeing

Then he came to that realization that we’re all somehow damaged and torn as human beings

Yet he lifted his arms to the sky calling on to the deities above

Complaining about how hard it is to bring heaven down to Earth and to fill it with love

To allow the possibility of a utopia, one that would unite us all close and near

And then he remembered that our friend Altair

Was in the psych ward for putting things on fire

After that Nidal raised his arms even higher

Cursing existence in the midst of that massive park

For placing within the human heart such enormous dark

He cried out in a manner, as though he did sing

That why is it that only Angels and Devils have wings?

Why is it, he asked me, with eyes filled with blood shining like debris

That we as humans can’t explain physically what it means to be free?

And then Nidal took it too far and broke a wooden plank off a parks bench

And raised it to the sky high above to the deities he viewed being full of stench

Shouting atop his lungs with complaints about existence’s eternal enigma

Saying that while we jump from one foot to the next in confusion, wars eliminate utopias

And after that he threw the plank forward with full blown rage

Complaining about the fact that the atmosphere of the world was always a cage

Saying that with all the beauty humans can experience witnessing the skies and rivers with floods

That the limbic system of the brain and the alert areas of the mind have us shed one another’s blood

And after the long shouting and running he tripped on a pile of old rotten mud

And at that point, while all covered in dirt and fungus, he knew he wasn’t ‘cool’ or a stud

Saying that he’d always been a loser for thinking too much about things containing impossibility

Yet he got up and kept pushing forward with that uncanny ability

For perseverance and strength, yet still he fell once more, as though his heart burnt with lava

When he remembered again and again that he couldn’t win the hand of Ghalia

In the psych ward, Altair was having crazy amounts of joy

When he saw how people with mad minds had things employed

Walking around and uttering phrases, which contained no sense

At least, Altair thought, these are people who don’t live in pretence

When they see a world full of lies, and have the courage to speak it out

For surely craziness and courage are one and the same, he thought, of that there’s no doubt

People were speaking in the psych ward of a world far away from heroes and mind sparks

A world going deeper into oblivion, far from light and into the dark

And other people in the ward spoke of how they wish to leave a mark

Upon the jagged world, before the world gets eaten by apocalyptic sharks

Or mad dogs or even mass murderers

Or heavy guns held by serial killers

While other people pointed at the ceiling of the ward having everyone scared

And said that in the sky, God was once before there

But no longer, as he had been only watching people shedding blood

All the way until Noah reset the world with a flood

And there were others with darkened and furious hearts

Who painted the walls of the ward with streams of art

Crying while they were doing it, with eyes that were passionate and lit

While at the same time repeating the phrase that the world was full of shit

Nidal had been working at a restaurant for a long time now with no kind of dream job vision

And the reason he kept thinking of utopias was that in the restaurant he’d witness the television

Talking about how people are dying of hunger and war

Saying that at the rate the world is going it can’t handle more

And while sweeping the floors Nidal looked down, spiritually shattered

Thinking that if he’s a restaurant sweeper his voice won’t matter

Yet the dream was there despite all the odds coming his way

For surely there were thousands of words he wished to say

Once he was sleeping at my house, and while a sleep a devil upon him was stalking

So that while he was in bed Nidal was furiously and constantly talking

Sometimes shouting and saying in a manner so fully scared

That there is no difference between reality and his nightmares

Then while asleep he spoke of a day that may come in the future ahead

When millions of children would die, and where he wished that he’d die instead

Wherein millions of bodies would be tossed about shattering hope, the quintessential human dream

Where the wars and battle drums, the fury and the rage, would have blood flowing in streams

There was this one time when Nidal stood atop my building, where I lived in my crummy apartment

And then cried out to the heavens that his mind consists of ever flowing and streaming compartments

Thinking about the life we live and at the same time, he said, calling out to Jove

That we have been content to live in a world which is absent of love

But then it got worse, and so he stood on the edge looking down while he cried

I couldn’t tell to this day whether he was contemplating suicide

I didn’t know what it was, maybe he was stuck in Hell while on Earth beneath its layers of seven

While simultaneously wishing to be ascended into the higher planes of heaven

And while on the edge he spit into the Earth seeing it all to be a load of carnage

Yelling out that the way he sees the world, it is so full of garbage

Whereby millions crawl on the streets with shattered and broken dreams

He chanted out to the heavens and what lay beyond, what would it take to have this world redeemed?

He continued, what would it take for us to open our eyes

Whereby a herald somehow would be able to rise

And in the midst of our sorrow and endless cries

Would lead us through a world full of endless lies?

Chapter 5: A Heart That’s Frail

He raised his arms to the right blending into the darkness and blight

Re-enacting the actions of the all loving Jesus Christ

As though he’d given up, grieving on the world’s infinite plights

Sinking into a world that was far from light

And while standing there it seemed as though he was devoid of sight

And then he asked God aloud how can it at all be right

To fill the world with pains that increase in amounts and numbering

To spread vast amounts of human sorrows and suffering?

How is it right, he asks, to allow the bloodshed of millions of lives

When all most people really want is to forever strive

In the name of good and virtue, and how is it that you treat the world as a toy

Watching it become formed again and again after it becomes destroyed?

After that he began to shout, with all feelings flowing through

Calling upon some distant change which was far due

Summoning both white a dark spirits from both love and damnation

For there to be upon the entirety of the Earth some sort of salvation

He kept calling unto the forces of the spirit realm for a unification

Between men and women, for there to be a liberation

In the name of peace and love and for things much more

And he cried atop his lungs asking for the end of all war

Saying that it never ends when massive armies march as stampedes and boars

Some firing guns into heads and hearts while others stabbing knives into the core

Of people’s chest and guts, with shouts and cries that never cease

And all such soldiers, Nidal said, go on to cry for peace

And with a louder shout, as though through exorcism did he release

All the demons within, he cried that all he wants is a piece

Of the heavens above, whereby he can share it with the rest of the world

To prevent it from spiralling down an eternal twirl

Spawned by the third world war that would hurl

Millions of soldiers’ heads underground, but even more than that, he cried about Ghalia, that girl

Who would laugh at him when he had his love expressed

And then Nidal realized the joke was on him so he became depressed

And by then, while shouting, he had all limits of the human mind transgressed

Calling upon the One True God to save us all from this mess

From a world going to doom and Armageddon

From a world becoming eternally downtrodden

With the darkness spreading all over the world forming glooms and blight

As unanswered prayers occur with beaten people praying on the streets at night

And then sweat rolled down his face tiring all of his nerves within

And he began to complain of a world which had immersed itself in sin

Calling unto God to save us all and reignite a spark within

To save us from the mess that we’re all currently in

And while trying to ascend to the heavens above

He cried about a world he dreamed of, one of love

But after that he asked God one last question, about the eternal enigma

Which reminded us again and again about the impossibility of a utopia

And as he expected there was no kind of relieving answer

And he began to burst into an episode of awfully odd laughter

And a few moments later, as though he was inflicted by bipolar

He flipped into a rage of pure and furious anger

He went down the building and took his shirt off

And by now it was evident he was very pissed off

And while walking the streets he raised his arms to the sky and flipped the gods off

And to the meanings of hope and blessings did he scoff

And with hearty yells his emotions did he release

Asking God how he can put a paradox when it comes to war and peace

Crying that there’s nothing he can ever understand, evermore

That peace itself is always a million times harder than the implementation of war

He called out saying, that with peace one has to be so very strong

While for war no effort is necessary and it never takes long

For anyone to lose his composure with all the darkness inside instilled

And with the next few breaths, in anger, we would have another man’s blood spilled

Everyone began to stare at Nidal through the depths of that night

And he yelled at them saying that they think everything is alright

Where in this part of the world peace seems to be deployed

Where very next door homes and abodes are being destroyed

He said that the world is raging, having enough of being depressed

Of not having the innermost emotions being expressed

Witnessing people dying every day more and more

And even though, he said, wars are going on next door

Nihilism has consumed us all and apathy continues to release

And to the gods and beyond do we all call for peace

And with the passing of time, he yelled, and every passing season

We are all drifting further and further away from the power of reason

And to the powers of love and harmony do we all commit treason

Bringing more and more darkness to the depths of creation

He told everyone to look within themselves for instigation

To go out of control for the sake of liberation

To go to the farthest lands wherein we place flags atop the plains of the Earth

Whereby we all take a firm stand, he said, against the glooming curse

Which is swallowing up the planet, for if we don’t act now for the sake of being liberated

All of us into a darker period of history will we be implanted

And the reigns of Earth and all of its inhabitants will be obliterated

All because we never fought for peace, and then we’d be reincarnated

Into the spaces of the afterlife, where God would ask us of our actions

And with the most unprepared of all other reactions

We’d say that when war had spawned all of us were unprepared

Where the time before that war we’d all been unaware

And in the midst of that tantrum, Altair came from above raging in laughter

Apparently, he came to the scene riding in an army helicopter

Then Altair shouted that he is getting really, really bored

Of Nidal’s commotion and whining, and then Nidal told him, finally you’re out of the psych ward

After that Altair laughed with a smile and face that had no shape

And said, that from the psych ward did he escape

And the cops are after him attempting to put him into maximum security jail

And Altair asked Nidal and I, would one of us be willing to have him bailed?

We told him to hell with him and let him rot in a jail cell

We then asked him, how on Earth and how in the name of Hell

Did he get a helicopter, and what is wrong with his diseased head?

Altair replied that he stole it from the army base and now all want him dead

Altair told Nidal that his face looks as red as molten lava

He said that Nidal is even crazier than him for dreaming of a utopia

Saying that he really never knows what he has been fighting for

Thinking he can somehow put an end to all impending wars

Nidal flipped Altair off with both middle fingers

Saying that he is going through suffering that is growing bigger and bigger

And that while he is trying to contribute something to humanity and make it better

He yelled at Altair saying that all he cares about is his stupid ass adventures

And then Altair stooped down with his stolen helicopter

And after that he extended that flexible, wiggly ladder

And told Nidal to forget about his unending numbers of strife

And told him to hold on to the ladder and he’ll have the time of his life

And while swinging as Altair rode the helicopter Nidal began to shout

He shouted at all those watching below him saying that they can’t figure out

That a war is spawning whereby the streets and concrete with blood will be filled

He chanted out to all those watching, while hanging from the ladder, that they are all going to get killed

He shouted even louder about the wars that are going on in neighbouring countries

Yelling out again and agai, that good is always for the strong and evil for the pussies

Who can’t control their anger in times when even the gods are angry

Saying that we keep eliminating every single chance of being happy

While on the ride of their lives, I watched them from way down here

Being a soldier I wondered how Altair had absolutely no fear

When he somehow infiltrated an army base with a mind diseased and downtrodden

And managed to have an army helicopter successfully stolen

Nidal shouted with a voice that was far from calm and eased

That everyone in the region and who are watching are fully diseased

Withholding all emotion within, following the system and repressing cries

Becoming willing to go forth and obey a world of lies

So that even when a war is planned to cause total destruction

We’d all just lay back and surrender to impending annihilation

Wherein millions die as the songs of war turn up in volume and many a notch

While all of us, he shouted, would sit back on our asses and watch

He yelled that the world is filled with concoction and currently, commotion

And that the only thing that can prevent a major war is true action

Yet we all continue to relax on our asses and just sit

Watching the whole world collapse because we never give a shit

After all that commotion, as Nidal to the world did hail

The police force eventually stopped the two lunatics and put them in jail

And so Nidal had to witness more hardship upon his heart that was frail

And felt it again and again, that a hope for a better world became failed

Chapter 6: Gone In Vain

And with the punishment of six months in prison did their dreams and hopes blot

And in the depths of a prison cell did they both rot

I went to visit them, trying to bring comfort to them in an atmosphere violent and sad

And they kept telling me, that things never really got this bad

Altair said that Nidal got into a prison fight, dragging the man’s hair across the floor

And after pounding his face into the ground, Nidal asked him whether he wanted more

Pain and anguish and blood, so the man replied

That with all the pain he’d much rather have died

Then, Altair said, Nidal kicked him in the stomach so hard

And then called out to God, as though he were a poet or a bard

Asking, that when it comes to stupidity are there any limits?

Is this man the craziest of all former and future idiots

To mess with Nidal, the craziest person on the face of the Earth?

After that he punched the prisoner’s face, as though he were cursed

Sinking his fist into his face and cursing the gods for the state he was in

Then the man fainted and Nidal cried to God asking, is there any limitations to the depth of sin?

The man had to go to the medical ward in the prison

And Nidal had to become solitarily imprisoned

And while in it, into a raging beast of fury had he grown

Remembering again and again that he was all alone

He’d cry out the name of Ghalia, shouting that he wished she was near

And then a voice cried out from far outside the cell saying, stop being a baby, it was Altair

Altair yelled for him to stop being some foolish romantic in the depths of a prison cell

Then Nidal replied shouting, may you, Hassan and all the fairies of love go to Hell

I asked them how long they are going to stay

Nidal said they are going to stay for three months, then he went on his knees and prayed

To the One True God, to give him strength despite all the oppositions and odds

After that he began to yell, are you there to hear my voice oh All-Mighty God?!

I had heard Nidal’s yells more than I can count so I put on a frown

And I told them both to just chill for a while and calm the hell down

Saying that even though they’re going to be trapped for a year’s season

I reminded them that God doesn’t play dice and all happens for a reason

While they were in prison something turned up making it all worse, far more

The songs of mayhem had begun to start in Jordan signalling the beginning of a war

And so I was put on duty with a soul previously smashed and pried

Oh great, I thought, now I have to witness thousands upon thousands die

It started on the border where tribes began to enter and intrude

The main trouble that was going on was due to tribal and regional feuds

Where disagreement had struck everyone, and so there was a globally scaled war

Where men’s brains exited their heads and children became shook to the core

And if those children survived and begot other children

They’d tell their offspring about the previous massive conundrum

Wherein gun fire raged with men screaming of pain and blood spilled

Where dreams were scattered across the horizon never to be fulfilled

When demons from the hearts of men with war songs were let out and released

Then he’d tell his offspring that all of this because we never had the strength for peace

The horns sounded louder with the heat of perspiration growing in volume

It seemed that at that time, in everyone’s inner self was there a vacuum

Whereby the inner feelings of compassion were completely removed

And so we went eternally in the opposite direction of being improved

Men began to shout political slogans, all in the name of blood and guns

Swearing by God that with the strength of perseverance and grit will they have won

And everyone had a fire in their hearts, and a fire that seeped into their eyes very deep

And although it seemed that everyone was awake, it turned out that they were asleep

For it was a sleep, a hypnosis, that overtook the mind of man in the battlefield

And into the depths of misery and blood flow did we all continue to yield

In the heat of war with the sweat and blood, the hate and destruction, all compiled

We all left absolutely no place for a future possible child

In the midst of the war, men said farewell to their loins and limbs

Other men had bullets in their legs going more and more limp

Cursing the gods above with every last known curse

For not putting heaven itself upon the face of the Earth

And for filling it with the misery of eternity as we get killed in its name

And in the depths of all the bloodshed we were reminded of how life was a game

A game of power, blood, shouting and screams

And when the sun shone upon the blood with its rays and beams

We were reminded that we had failed God’s test over and over again

Whereby the wars of mankind did never end

And the test was not only to eliminate the possibility of sin

But more than that to find peace throughout and within

Yet peace was the hardest thing to maintain, harder than the endeavours of all heroes before

For all our heroes reminded us again and again that peace was so much harder than war

For with peace the mind had to remain alert and awake twenty four seven

While it was so much simpler to fall into the depths of war and Hell, all of its layers of seven

And although what everyone wanted was to embrace the beauty in heaven

We were failing our dreams for serenity and peace, those we had all envisioned

And so we sank further into darkness, while women and children from all ends did cry

And who would’ve thought that we’d only find peace after we have died

Some men’s guts were spilling out with their intestines hanging out from their abdomens

Some men sprayed bullets all over the air as others got hurt then killed by other men

And with the blood flying about, to all sorts of blasphemies did we adhere

If only we all took a moment to stare at it from right over here

To see through the present how killing seemed to anger the gods

For surely the thing that always was extremely and entirely odd

Was how we failed to see that the gods themselves cursed us and our existence raging through rain and storms

Because there had always been an innate instinct, a fuelled rage, an all growing and encompassing desire, to make war the norm

And surely heaven was a fable when people were swimming in the blood of their brethren

And although heaven was far from the Earth, people still prayed for the lights in heaven

To shine down upon the Earth, or even just a tiny spark of hope at least

Yet man after man cried up to the skies cursing the gods for the impossibility of peace

The limbic system, the god damned amygdala, the heat centers of the furious brain

Had all men across history raging in demons and darkness having other men slain

As though everyone in the midst of the war had forgotten that they’d already gone insane

When blood kept sinking down the sands of the deserts, the sands of time, and down the sewer’s drain

In the midst of the war, no amount of composure or calm did remain

And all the cries of women asking for it all to stop went entirely in vain

And even though all cried for the heat of the moment to stop and for the wounds in our hearts to mend

Into the darkest point of recent history and into the oblivion warned by the gods did we descend

The blood sprayed everywhere with men shouting as lions to the sky

There was heat in every second raging in gun firing, tank missiles and blood in our eyes

And all knew that whosoever tried to convince man that the wars of history were few surely lied

And all of this, Nidal, Altair and I knew, was because a struggle for peace was something we hadn’t tried

And to the hardships and melancholies of existence were we all somehow tied

And every ounce of our blood, every bone in all corners of our bodies, were all smashed and pried

And despite all the tears of anguish, misery and suffering that the women and children had cried

In the darkness of ignorance embedded in war did we all descend and end up to die

Men kept on shooting bullets until the guns went blank

Along with the blasts of missiles exiting army tanks

And with all of the blood being flown about and all of that human suffering and strife

I was reminded again and again how easy it was to waste a human life

And with the blood being spilt all over the ground and Earth’s floor

When after death itself we couldn’t take anymore

It really shouldn’t be something, I thought, to go unfathomed

When every last living deity and god would have this Earth abandoned

And with the chaos of the war no Angels were left, not Michael, Gabriel or the so called Cupid

And in the midst of all the firing and mayhem I saw a very young boy, a barely old kid

Crying out that a world with an impossibility of understanding is definitely a world of lies

How is it, he yelled out even louder, that a young boy like him deserves to die?

A man was walking towards the pit of doom away from the explosions and gunfire

Where the Devils themselves were rising from Hell and the Angels were fleeing to the heavens higher

His intestines and guts were dragging on the floor and blood flowed like a stream from his head

The man then collapsed on his knees asking the heavens, is the peace only attained after we’re dead?

The man lay on the floor dead, the life from his eyes slowly fading

Where all around him creation was being destroyed, which took six days in the making

God had put all his effort to create the heavens and the Earth and man from clay and mud

Only so we could embrace the beauty in life, yet we’d failed him by splashing the atmosphere with blood

And another man began running and ranting that he’d be better off dying in Noah’s flood

Where he’d see water rather than blood wash away Earth’s life and creation, every last flower bud

Where water had always been a sign of healing and blood had reflected the demons in man’s heart and chest

Where water had reminded us of the life given to us on Earth and blood reminding us that we failed God’s test

In the heat of the battle, one man walked far from it then shouted up to the damned red sky

Cursing God and all pagan gods alike asking them, why is it that they don’t hear their cries

When the loss of reason has come having bodies flown through the wind and where the reason of man has gone astray and still

He asked them with a voice so loud, whether they find joy and happiness watching all man become fallen and killed

He asked of the sky for the heralds that came before, the prophets, whose minds to the heavens did soar

He asked for the prophets whose greatest vision was to heal man’s heart and to end all war

He asked, why is it that even when prophets had brought a general sense of peace amongst all the Earth

The shedding of blood, the blood in our eyes and the hate in our heart still remained an eternal curse?!

During the war, Altair and Nidal were still in jail and in the midst of their entrapment and plight

Altair had an idea that Nidal agreed with, and it was that they ought to spark up numberless riots and blood fist fights

So one day while the prisoners were out of the jail cells, riots were sparked by Altair and unrest couldn’t go any farther

And people went about sinking fists into others faces smearing the floors with streams of blood for the sake of releasing anger

And Altair shouted out, that anger is the cure to a heart strained by the laws implanted by chiefs and frauds

Then he went as far to say, that anger and fury are a way to get back at all deities above and all the gods

By releasing the demons within and letting loose all the endless fury and insanity

For truly, he shouted, sometimes only in anger and turbulence do we become free

Knives hidden in the back pockets of prisoners were released

And man upon man through the halls of the prison were deceased

Everyone shouting out about how life had always been full of misery and shit

All of them complaining about how they got imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit

Toilet paper was being thrown around as well as the crappy blanket sheets from the prison cells

And then prisoners chanted about how they turned the prison into a state of hell

And while everything was turning into a horrifying and darkened story

Nidal cried out to the ceiling and the sky beyond that deliverance exists only in fury

Everyone rioted, yelling out about the world’s hypocrisy and how people were being strained

And about how all people’s pleas for a better and brighter world all went in vain

Chapter 7: The Wrong Side Of Happily Ever After

Although for a better world, all of them were willing to give anything

The prisoners ranted while slashing one another with knives screaming, to hell with everything

Toilet paper was hanging from the second floor while everyone was throwing newspapers all about

Throwing their bed sheets to the bottom and then going about to shout

That through the world there goes countless lies and darkness where hearts won’t be healed

Everyone chanted out, that they’d give anything for the truth to be revealed

Someone dragged another by the hair and the other was bleeding from the thigh

It seemed that the man had taken a mind altering drug and was quite very high

After dragging him to the front of the prison hall everyone around did applaud

And then he slit his throat and held his body up high, as though he were sacrificing to the gods

In the midst of the riot Nidal grabbed a man and pinned him right to the floor

Calling him a worthless, god forsaken and eternally shameless whore

Saying, almost while laughing hysterically, that he has to pay the price for his crime

And while punching his face to the concrete floor, he said he’ll punch his face until the end of time

And the surrounding of the prison at that time appeared to be the opposite of sublime

Everyone here had their families abandon them for their banks didn’t carry a single dime

And as Nidal punched him, disfiguring his facial features, ironically asking God for repentance

He chanted out to the space above, as though the gods heard, asking, why is there so much violence

Within the human heart, making wars some sort of a cosmic joke with all the tanks and drones

He called out above asking whether God is laughing on his high throne

Is this all a cosmic joke where death is just a heartbeat away?

He asked the gods, do they even hear the prayers he has to say?!

Altair managed to find a wire in one of the prison cells, took it and made a scene

He took of his clothes, tied the wire to the fences above, and started swinging in a manner obscene

He swung through the prison hall like Tarzan or a wild ape

And shouted out to everyone, this is the day we make our great escape!

Everyone cheered for Altair and while he swung from side to side

They were slashing bodies, for there wasn’t any pride

In the midst of the killing, as though the gods feasted on our souls when we died

And while swinging, Altair called out to the heavens asking, have they not heard our cries?!

And to the hands of war and destruction did all humans seem to be obliged

And if not war and mayhem then others would either rant on the streets or give in to suicide

And while Nidal was punching the man to the floor, he wondered whether he was in Hell down all the layers of seven

Will there ever be hope, he cried, for that impossibly far away utopia he envisioned?!

Everyone’s voices were rising higher and so it was with the war I was engaged in

Everyone in the prison was sinking further into madness and giving in to all forms of sin

And while all the commotion was going on, Altair told Nidal that sometimes insanity is a cure

Where sanity is extremely boring and distressing, leaving the world pathetically organized and obscured

Of course, he shouted that to Nidal while he was swinging far above him on that cable

Then he chanted to all the prisoners that there is a beauty in insanity making everything a fable

A dream, a story, with no true meaning, as we swing towards death, its inevitability

He shouted that only in madness can we begin to transcend this oh so dulling reality!

At that point Nidal knew it was impossible, that far dream of a utopia

For the rage within man’s heart, always flowing, was an enigma

For people turned towards insanity when the sanity of rules broke their spirits apart

And in the midst of all the commotion at an inappropriate time, he shouted, will I ever win Ghalia’s heart?

For he viewed his heart as some sort of shooting, wild dart

Then he wondered when all this madness within him ever did start

He realized though when he had the ability to do the seeing

That the formlessness of mankind had started with the birth of human beings

Afterwards, Nidal aimed his focus at someone else dragging his hair through the hall while heavily breathing

Crying out that darkness and mayhem, destruction and obliteration, into his heart is seething

Saying that the condition of mankind with all the fury is a lost case and that we’re all hopeless and done

And after pinning the man to the wall, his face beat and torn, he chanted that the Devil has won

The man began to cry while Nidal was pulling his hair and pinning him to the wall

And in the midst of all the chaos and all the fury of the massive brawl

Nidal began to drag him from his hair all across the floors of the prison hall

And all the while that was happening unto God did he loudly call

Asking of how all the darkness within us knows no end

Cursing the gods for allowing the Devil into our hearts to blend

Sticking the middle finger to the ceiling and thus to the sky

Asking God for strength against anger and patience against violence, and then he cried

The tears mixed with the blood, and the man was crying the same

He let go of the man, and the man moped about in his pain

After that Nidal raised his arms upward reaching for the skies bright and blue

Shouting out to all the prisoners saying, let the fight continue!

A man punched another with giant fists plunging him into the air

And while all of this happened, into the eyes of death did Altair and Nidal stare

And while Altair was swinging, he said he’ll spit in the face of the man who says that life is fair

Nidal then realized that such a surrounding was for those who truly didn’t care

Not caring is important, Nidal thought, as the screaming went louder

And within such a chaotic scene Altair couldn’t be any prouder

The screams got so loud that Nidal heard rings and static in his ears

Then Nidal went on his knees calling to God, our voices of pain do you not hear?

Altair still swung from the cable shouting out curses to the Gods

Enjoying the fact the room was filled with murderers, cons and frauds

And while swinging everyone around him did applaud

Even though a Tarzan-Spiderman wannabe in such a surrounding looked truly odd

The cops came into the scene shouting out to all the prisoners in a manner obscene

Truly, one cop shouted, that these are the craziest low lives he has ever seen

They brought their clubs smashing them into the faces of prisoners to keep them calm

As other cops were hesitant to take on the beast-like prisoners, while others, in fear, read the Koran and others the Psalms

Some cops blasted the faces of prisoners with their daring palms

One cop shouted that all the prisoners have shitty dads and careless moms

For raising such a breed with no goal or objective in life and no direction

One cop got a knife from his belt and slashed some prisoners with a dissection

And even though that went against the law, the law didn’t apply in such a surrounding

And while Altair was swinging he screamed to Hell with the law keeping everything confounding

Placing limits on the free hearts of man and having all dreams and desires suppressed

Then Altair shouted to the cops that this is the price you pay for having us all oppressed

Some cops realized that after this they’d spend the next two weeks heavily depressed

From watching all the prisoners in their prison having all the laws of man transgressed

And although Nidal was violent like the rest of the prisoners, he asked the gods about the eternal enigma

Of why there has always been an impossibility in a utopia

One that can only be achieved by love, and then he remembered the saga

Of all those moments and memories that he spent with Ghalia

While on his knees he looked at the ceiling calling Ghalia’s name

Saying that even in the blackest of nights she has his heart tamed

And with her memory, ironically, he got more and more sad

Realizing then how romance could screw someone up so bad

And while on his knees he asked God for the strength to carry him through the darkest of nights

To allow him to storm the seven gates of hell allowing him the infinite capacity to fight

To kill then mourn the demons that haunt his mind at great lengths

He told God that he can’t do any of this except with his strength

Then he yelled louder asking of God the persistence to walk through the fires of life and its pangs

To arise in strength and perseverance in order to scare the Devil himself with a heart that has fangs

A heart that is willing to sink a giant blade into the Devil’s gut to be redeemed from infinite darkness

He asked God for the strength to drive out all the demons from his world causing him madness

Then he asked him for might so that even after he dies he can rise from the gates of Hell

And storm up the stairway of heaven to meet Ghalia up there in a future time, in heaven, with all its wells

To shout out to the skies in Hell that he doesn’t fear anything, not even death

After that Nidal began to yelp and yell until he was completely out of breath

As the riot grew in strength, some prisoners began to break the glass at the front of the hall

And although the cops tried to stop all the mayhem, to very death were they mauled

Prisoners took turns smashing the window channelling their fury towards the glass

While some prisoners at the back of the crowd shouted, “We will be free at last!”

Altair decided to swing from above towards the glass and give it a great smash

And after a long while he broke the strong window with a final bash

And as he broke through it he shouted out to everyone, let us take what’s ours, our kingdom!

Then he shouted, “Truly all of us know by now the true value of freedom!”

While everyone was rushing through the opening escaping that damned jail

Everyone was sweating with body fragrances disgusting and stale

And all throughout the prison, the alarm had sounded and loudly buzzed

And with all the chaos going on, Altair lost track of where Nidal was

Outside the prison, the prisoners ran free while cops from a nearby police station

Ran after them, some driving, while the prisoners sang songs of liberation

Helicopters flew above them as prisoners stuck middle fingers to the sky and did curse

And with such thugs and prisoners free, it was going to make the war I was in much, much worse

The prisoners ran free through the fields outside the prison’s area, some with their shirts off

And on the smoke grenades that the cops threw their way did they cough

Some prisoners raised their fingers to the sky yelling with each step taken

That they have been living on the wrong side of happily ever after, fully god forsaken

Chapter 8: To Lend A Graceful Hand

With the cop cars chasing the prisoners the Earth itself became shaken

All of this made Nidal wish for a haven

To escape the wretches of a life bound by suffering and turmoil

For once, not to feel his heart be filled with pain trapped and boiled

Altair got wilder and wilder singing metal and rock songs while running

While the helicopters above, the moon itself were they shunning

Altair called unto the prisoners to run faster and kill whatever cops who blocked the way

Shouting out to the cops that since they imprison the innocent they have a price to pay

Altair then yelled that the prisoners are all the underdogs of the world soon to be buried six feet under

Telling them that they should strive to ascend towards the sky where there is thunder

And get back at the bastards who took their right to live a full and meaningful life, one with purpose

Now, he yelled out to them, let your heart burn them all, as though it’s a blazing furnace

While the prisoners went insane Nidal was able to seep through the cracks and escape

He felt all the demons in the world engulf his being and his worn out shape

And within his heart he felt the heat ever so hot and lava molten

And as he ran far enough he caught glimpse of a tall mountain

He climbed it to the top to escape a world so wretched

And while climbing it he silently asked the spirits of the night, will his heart ever be mended?

Climbing faster, while still making sure he wouldn’t fall crashing to the floor

He wished to reach the top and catch a glimpse of Heaven and its doors

And as he reached the top he called out to God, as though he were Moses

As though he were the all mighty incarnation of the loving Jesus

As though he were flying to the heavens on a Pegasus as Muhammed once had done

He raised his arms to the sky and called out to God to reveal himself from behind the shining sun

He shouted that the dawn of war is upon us where we shed the blood of hundreds upon the streets

Is it possible in any way, he asked, that before mayhem occurs, we can meet?

For he is suffering, he yelled, having more dreams about blood that about blessings

Do any of the gods even hear us, he shouted, when all of us are severely stressing

Do you take pride in blood, he asked, and in people drowning in the endless pits of sorrow

Will there ever be a brighter and happier tomorrow?

Will you not bless us with revelation, which with the Torah, Bible and Koran have you said

He asked, must we all reach a point in our lives where we’d all rather be dead

Must I curse the skies, Nidal asked, day and night as time progresses

Will all our lives be increased by tenfold with darkening stresses?

Must we all lay down on our knees sinking deeper into suffering’s hands?

Must blood and mayhem be spread across all of Earth’s green lands?!

And after asking and calling, the angel Michael descended upon Nidal appealing to his plight

Bringing with him the light, which shone away darkness from Hell itself, and the aura of what’s right

He told Nidal that his calling has gotten an answer, although the angels and God don’t show themselves often

Most people go through their entire lives not able to get a sight of God until they reach their coffins

Yet here I am, Michael said, appealing to a man who is willing to make a change in a world full of blight

And surely all those who spend much time crying of a cruel and damned world in the midst of night

Will eventually have their voices heard, although one must strive for so very long for that to occur

And even though, Michael said, you may be lost in the void seeing the entirety of life as a blur

You can be redeemed from infinite darkness, nay, even from an eternity in Hell

You can also be redeemed, he said, from the endless pit of doom and sorrow in which you’ve fell

Now this is the day, Nidal, where the skies will chant out your name with its trumpets and bells

When you will redeem those around you into an era of peace giving them hope as well

Bringing them out of the darkest of ways, and surely that will happen

And the entirety of the Earth will call unto you, Nidal, Michael said, from all corners of every Earthly haven

Let this be the day, Michael said, that the sorrows of the Earth, which rise very high, become relieved

Let this be the day when despite all the sorrows and miseries we can believe

That although the darkness which can take us to the farthest of all plights and anguish

We can all, with the persistence within us and all the wisdom, have darkness extinguished

He told Nidal to be hearty and strong for war is upon us and the fury of man has been unleashed

The cries of man signalling war has reached very far and have the skies themselves breached

I ask of you, Nidal, Michael said, that despite all the odds of the world and everything that causes you resentment

Are you will to do whatever it takes and breach whatever lengths if it means you’d achieve redemption?

For surely, he said, there has never been a point or time in history in which we’ve reached such stagnation

Where man upon man are crying unto the Lord for purpose in life and for inspiration

But we can, Michael insisted, have people tend to and heal their inner and outer wounds and make Earth a place that’s better

So as long as we all see this darkness through, this agony and pain, this untold blight and unfolding fright, all together

Nidal then asked Michael about why sorrows on the planet know no lengths

And why is it that no matter how much we gather of strength

The nights cast upon us stagnation and sadness unknown

Is there not innocence in the plea that I have shown?

He asked the angel, why is it that when some men climb across a mountain

Escaping all the plights and evils cast upon the Earth by all his brethren

And when he pleas for relief from the pangs of life, its imperfection and flaws, wishing to venture into the hereafter

That despite all of his efforts for some sort of divine intervention to ease the wounds of a lost soul, he gets no answer?

He told the angel Michael of his plights and that he feels that he is doomed forever

Telling him that throughout his days nothing seems to get any better

That with the scars of his soul and this life, this worthless and silly game

Despite all efforts for change things remain the same

He said that all he wants is hope for the future ahead

Wherein the wars of mankind won’t be severing countless heads

He said that he carries countless unfulfilled and shattered dreams

He cried that he’d go to any lengths whatsoever to be redeemed

And surely, he said, that nothing is ever as it seems

For at night things are delusory and illusory, until the sun rises with its beams

To grant us the gift of another day wherein we can thrive

Now please oh blessed Angel, he cried, let us all know what it means to be alive

Michael said that in order to be alive one ought to burn his life away with the dreams he carries

To form a legacy of offspring through the act of getting married

But more than that, to achieve a state of dignity, not power, and spread accomplished dreams upon Earth’s kingdom

And to seek to fulfill dreams only if he would raise others along with him

Then the angel told Nidal to look around at the universe and its makings

And how people would end up committing wars with bullets fired, missiles and breaking

And that no matter how much one would seek peace and truth with a wise man’s help

One must realize, the Angel said, that one can only find peace and love within himself

Afterwards, he said that the only truth worth pursuing is that of love and compassion

Everyone immersing themselves into the act of care and pursuing his true and honest passion

To spread care and empathy to thrive the world and allow joy and peace to be at heart

Yet with such a war that’s going on, he said, we will regress to square one right at the start

Nidal asked of what he can do during a war causing blood to flow

Is there anything, Nidal asked, that he should come to know

In order to avoid a chaos that is impending and very close

He asked, can he awaken the soldiers who are fighting, who are now comatose?

Comatose in the sense that war has possessed their minds with a fury within

And in the midst of all such mayhem everyone commits all forms of sin

Everyone shouting out to the sky for the war to end in some urgent way

Of dear Angel, he asks, do you not hear the words I have to say?

Is it not inevitable, the act of war, wherein everyone would fight to death

Is it a part of nature when a mother witnesses her child’s last breath

Is it programmed into the mind of man that war must occur despite what all say

Must all die and be put into the afterlife where their souls are far away?

The Angel replied that war isn’t a part of nature, but rather of human nature

For surely, God has created man both the most blissful and violent of creatures

God has made it all a test, the angel said, regarding whether we choose good or evil

And whether we choose love or war is all up to the minds and hearts of people

The angel said that through the endless wars of mankind spreading across history

With the cries, splashing of blood, and war songs inducing insanity

God has been watching all along with much pain and suffering upon his chest

Witnessing millions upon millions failing God’s one and true test

The angel said that we can have heaven or Hell here on Earth

Or it can be a mixture of both mixing the bliss in heaven with Hell’s curse

It’s all up to us to choose whether we want heaven to embrace the Earth with its tranquility

Or to have the reigns of Hell destroy every last corner of the Earth filling it all with insanity

Then Nidal replied, that at this point war is upon us all

And unto you Michael, Nidal said, do I pleadingly call

To somehow end this war, which has men dying and buried under the sand

Will you, God or a white spirit from the sky, Nidal asked, lend a graceful hand?

Chapter 9: The Needed Goal Of Salvation

Michael offered something to Nidal saying, this is the guide to a new reality

Then he gave him an odd looking object saying, this is the Apple of Tranquility

With the use of it you can set a utopia on Earth, something which you’ve always dreamed

Now I ask you, Michael told Nidal, to what lengths will you go to have the world redeemed?

Nidal thanked Michael, took the Apple, and went down the mountain below

And with the Apple in his hand, suddenly within his worn mind did he know

That the solution to all of this required wisdom beyond man’s comprehension

A wisdom of the gods, which could put a cease to all wars’ apprehension

He had anger within him, anger aimed towards the sin of man

He knew that it was only a far dream to have all wars banned

He knew that for war to stop, humans should cease being the humans they are

And there ought to be some sort of intervention from God and the stars

The anger inside Nidal was intense, as though the skies were humble before his walk

And all around him, despite the wielding of the Apple, the devils upon him did stalk

All of them whispering into his ears telling Nidal that he is going under hysteria

To think that he’d even have a slight, slight chance of achieving a worldwide utopia

Yet he resisted the Devil the same way Jesus had done ages past

He knew that with all the powers of the Apple flowing inside him his life wouldn’t last

And so he marched forth with a hearty heart and a courageous soul and with full motivational blast

Becoming more and more sure through brave actions that the war songs of man would soon pass

Long into the past, for peace to have a chance of existing

And through all such time the voice of the Devil Nidal was resisting

As the Devil told him over and over again that he is nothing more than a fool

For thinking he can change the inner dark nature of man, which has always been cruel

As Nidal marched towards the battlefield wishing to invoke peace to a chaotic world

The Devil whispered in his ear saying that he’ll continue to descend his mind in a twirl

Shattering him at every step he takes and at every advance he’ll ever achieve

Even Nidal’s faith in God was the Devil trying to make him disbelieve

The Devil told him that it is futile to solve the world’s problems, which know no end

Yet Nidal kept shrugging off his voice bringing his attention to the world and his friends

Bringing his focus to a world he aimed to save, a world which was descending in the mayhem of battle

Yet despite all the attempts he took to have the Devil silenced it was still his voice that rattled

Yet he kept moving forward and when he was in the middle of the battle zone

His Apple burst in lights that never before were shown

Immersing him into the realm of the dreary and teary unknown

And as he embraced the new man into which he had grown

His Apple burst with light blasting away the tanks firing missile explosions

And as that happened he shouted, all of this has to reach its final conclusion

The power of the Apple swept away massive armies bringing them all to a state of calm

All of this had started when the Apple of Tranquility was placed in his palm

And in the memory of Ghalia and all those that he’d loved

He raised his Apple to God himself way far above

Promising him that all this destruction will end within the next month or so

And he swayed the Apple about, as though he were embracing and orchestra’s flow

And it brought more and more people’s attention, all ceasing the fighting and looking into the light

And in the midst of the battlefield caused by the demons of the world and all the unknown blight

Everyone stood back at the light explosions of the Apple, all standing back in complete awe

Yet some people actually resisted and all their guns did they draw

And as the bullets flew to Nidal they were deflected from where they were shot

Then he raised the Apple to the air and the very horizons did he blot

And with a lion’s cry Nidal swept the entire battlefield with his voice

Shouting out that despite the fact that all of us have a very clear choice

To choose peace over war, we all discard that chance giving into the Devil’s snares and whims

And slowly, the Apple filled Nidal with enlightenment up to the very brim

Until he levitated upwards, everyone staring at the superhuman Nidal had become

Then Nidal shouted out again to everyone, truly all of you to the Devil’s whims have succumbed

And with such a cry everything was silenced, everything from the missiles to the battle drums

He shouted that he has found the way to the new world, now all of you just come

Peace, he said, is for those with strength and patience while war is for those who think from their bums

And while all these wars are waged, he cried, the Devil laughs at us for our actions so dumb

He said that unless it all stops then he’ll summon all the gods of the past to bring Hell upon their hearts and eyes

And while Nidal was levitating higher and higher towards the sky

His eyes grew wide open and in the memory of Ghalia the Apple cast light upon the whole battlefield scene

And during all of that, he promised everyone a heaven on Earth itself with lights they’ve never seen

Only if they’ll find it in their hearts to see that war is the game of the Devil of ancient past, since the beginning of reality

And while we slay our own soldiers and men, women and children, the Devils will be haughtily laughing at our stupidity

While above the ground levitating, he called out to God saying that we humans are only flesh and bones

So hear us in our prayers and pleads oh God for nothing is more fearful than being all alone

Show us the light and peace that only from your hands may have shown

And although that we can only reap from what we ourselves have sown

We need your help oh God, Nidal cried, for the blood is flowing in endless streams

Will you not let the sun shine a newer hope upon the world with its rays and beams

For us all to embrace a heaven on Earth, although such a request is extremely odd?

Will not our prayers go upon ears that are attendant and listening oh dear almighty god?

Then he aimed his speech towards the people saying that surely war has been much easier than peace

And while we all slay one another having our inner demons freely and fully released

We hurt only ourselves with knives that slash, eyes that are crossed and teeth that grind

To such a true and solemn fact will we all continue to be blind?

Yet we may never see it, Nidal yelled to the soldiers, for in the depths of our darkened minds

There seems to be no ounce of reason or understanding ever to find

And so our women and children will be slain, Nidal says, in wars which shout out evil and malevolence

All because we’ve all failed to pursue the true meaning of strength and patience

And it will never end, he continued, the process of war wherein hearts are diseased to the core

And although we are all created to embrace life itself and travel the farthest of all shores

To create a brighter future for our children, we still carry such blight within our chests

Where we only care for the people of our own nationality and kill the rest

While all along we forget that life and its beauty has us blessed

And so the sounds and drums of war carry on, ever deafening, and although we try our best

To avoid the pangs of war with all of our strength and ability

It seems, he said, that since the dawn of time and of humanity there has been an inevitability

In war and destruction and pain for the Devil hates love and loves hate

And something in which we all can relate

Is that evil has always been for the weak and love for the strong

And when it comes to peace it usually never lasts that long

For war has always been so easy to implement, the skies turning red and the Devils drowning in laughter

Wherein millions upon millions would be sent prematurely into the hereafter

Oh God, he cries while looking up at the sky once again

These jagged and wounded scars within me will you not help mend?

Will you allow us all to venture to the heavens, putting behind us the seven layers of Hell

Preventing us from indulging in the pangs of war and even simple violence as well?

In the midst of the battlefield where limbs were torn off the bodies of people

Where in such a surrounding there didn’t appear to be any notion of what was fair and equal

Where in the presence of this war we were all haunted by the coming of another war, a sequel

Nidal stood on the ground telling everyone that this is the result of how much we’re able to do evil

Then he shouted, do you not all see how our minds can become so feeble

Where before the creation of God himself do we all forget to be humble

And while world war three comes upon us, he cried, we wouldn’t be ready to witness full destruction

And further away do we sink from all possibility to achieve redemption

And surely, he shouted, that since evil exists in the world there must be concoction

In God’s design and creation, yet we must all come to the true realization

That it is us and our choices that lead to such an Earthly damnation

So further and further do we drift and rift from the needed goal of salvation

Chapter 10: Until We Can’t Take Anymore

I was amongst the people listening and so Altair was in the audience

When Nidal shouted to the sky and God, oh God will you not forgive me in my repentance?

Will you not guide the way with light so that I can crawl through the darkness into a light that shines

Must the entirety of the Earth’s population drown in their own tears before they witness a salvation divine?

While Nidal was making his speech, I reflected on the Altair’s attitude in which caring was not in its dictionary

Looking at him, I remembered when he told me that caring about things eventually leads the world to become scary

For when one cares, he told me, things magnify and become darker than they already are

Then I brought my attention back to Nidal, away from the foolish Altair, while Nidal was gazing at the stars

He evoked a conversation with God asking him of help and telling him to lift up a world that has become broken

Asking him to help weave the scars and wounds which into our bodies have become deepened and woven

Will you not, Nidal asked, send us some sort of revelation, a sign, or just a distant omen

Whereby we can hear your message oh God, the words that need to be spoken

Help us rise from a world where dead bodies are being eaten by damned ravens

Help us set upon the Earth peace and tranquility bringing it to a haven

And with this prayer Nidal brought his attention back to the warriors and with a voice raised and loud

He told everyone to seek what it takes to pursue peace and understanding even in the lands farthest from the clouds

Even on the opposite side of the world where the answers to our problems can be found once and for all

For if we all don’t stand tall in the midst of this newer world war with the strength for patience and peace, then we’ll all fall

And although, he said, many of us during countless nights to God do call

Sometimes praying on the streets at night while to the street lamp do we crawl

We must unite in the name of understanding bringing us into a peaceful new age we can’t deny

And if we fail to do this, Nidal chanted, then we can never blame God for when we all die

The he raised his Apple signalling the intervention of the higher gods

And the lights shone from it in rays and in a manner very odd

Everyone was aghast, forgetting the previous war and now looking at Nidal, the mage

After that, Nidal shouted out that we’ll all behold the coming of the new age

Everyone chanted, and Nidal continued that this is the age where peace can be formed

Where love and caring for one another isn’t something to be out of the norm

Where we can do whatever it takes to prevent the world from being taken by a storm

And in the midst of all this change and alteration, Nidal said, we can all be reborn

And surely to be reborn, he said, we must fall down an infinite black hole

Where we’d dive deeper and deeper into the makings of our own soul

And when we’re lost, he said, in the midst of all the darkness that lurks within

We’d find ourselves redeemed from all of the willingness to sin

After that he chanted to the skies, as though he were the herald of fate

Reminding the people again and again that the Devil hates love and loves hate

And if all of us can unite, share with one another, speaking of matters in which we can all relate

Then we can unite with the purpose of establishing a new world, and although the state

Of our current world, due to all the famine and war and all the destruction and obliteration

There is still a chance no matter what the case to achieve a state of redemption

Although we must remember, he said, that war has always been easy while peace has been the hardest thing to maintain

And in its difficulty we must strive for peace, understanding and unity and for them to remain

Yet even as I say all of this, he said, many of you might throw your heads to the side in disbelief

Disbelieving that this damaged world can ever be put into a state of calm and relief

And even though all the heralds of fate, he said, rise together to have us awakened

It seems that towards a newer world not a single step would we have taken

And with these wars, he continued, the very foundations of the Earth are shaken

Bringing this world far closer to the state of Hell rather than Heaven and its wells and havens

And as we dive into the arms of sorrow, the hands of darkness, and the eternal sadness, which consume us all like a damned glove

We forget again and again that the Devil laughs haughtily whenever wars of hate occur and cries running when we act with love

And although God is the strongest of all as he rests on the heavens above

Still into our heads only feelings of darkness and evil do we shove

So that even when all attempts are taken to turn this world into a heaven, one which the Devil would have abhorred

All the attempts of the saints, heralds, and the callers to a better fate would all be ignored

And through the depths of space do the Angels and white spirits soar

All of them reminding us of the right reasons and goals for which we’re fighting for

And all such spirits gather, planting into our minds thoughts, ideas and actions of which we do need

Yet again and again we fall for the Devil’s tricks and only his voice do we heed

And in a louder voice he chanted that despite the fact that all religions new and ancient protect us from the Devil and his slyness

It seems, he cried, that the Devil has always been smarter than us humans as he plants in our minds madness

Fuelling our hearts with the feelings of war and the stench of darkness, and turning our souls into ones consumed and of frost

And while we step towards the dungeons of the Devil, opening the doors of his invitation, this whole world would we have lost

And here I am, Nidal said, trying to avoid such destruction at any cost

So that none of us would ever have the gates of hell to be crossed

By realizing that if we can all unite and towards a better world strive to have employed

Then we can face a better day, one when the kingdom of the Earth won’t have to be destroyed

We can choose, he said, to treat the world as important or expendable, as a gift or a toy

To bless it with the tranquility sought through the ages or engulf it with wars as that of Troy

And that of the ancient warriors and barbarians where all have sought to destroy the world and its people

Now to what lengths, he asked, will we all strive to prevent the world from sinking into evil?

Then he said that despite all these words and all the words of those before him, the heralds of fate

We go deeper into a world where it has become an ordinary thing to step on others in hate

Where if all the seers of destiny gather, he said, to bring upon the world a resolve

We realize again and again that the problems of the current state of the world may never be solved

And so the darkness gets deeper, Nidal shouted, as only death into our lungs does seep

And the hands of death crawl on and through our skin, sometimes so deep

And in the vainness of haughtiness and in the blinding patriotism that leads all of us to extreme pride

We fail again and again to realize that due to all the greed and the evil we witness all die

And then we say, he said, that it isn’t our fault but rather it is God’s indeed

And surely with such words, he said, to the white spirits of the world do we not heed

Blaming God and the spirits for the crimes and obscenities that we ourselves carry out

Surely with such mindsets there will be an ending, a closing chapter to the world, of that there’s no doubt

And in the destruction of the Earth and the fall of what was once good

And when we act in accordance with the evil instincts within us rather than acting upon what should

And by refusing to fight the evil within us and in everything with each breath that we have taken

It can be that with all the darkness going on, God himself would have this world forsaken

And surely prayers sent to God for us to increase in strength and to handle the darkness upon us

To increase the perseverance in our bodies and vessels, these worn out bodies, this carcass

We can be able to storm the seven gates of Hell, all of its layers, with eyes that shine with strength

And surely if we but ask God, he said, we can endure a suffering which goes on to limitless lengths

Nay, even further than that, we could stare right into the face of death

With no fear or hesitation, and be able to endure hardships and calamities which know no breadth

Being able to push through infinite darkness, which may sometimes sink us down an eternal twirl

And in such a mindset and spiritual state we’d be able to restore the very needed balance of the world

And then he aimed his head and arms to the skies paradoxically cursing the gods of all reality

For filling the minds of those on Earth with images of blood and brutality and that of fear and worry

For making the test of life so god damned hard that one even loses the ability to cry

Do you really blame me, Nidal asked God, for wanting nothing more than to die?

What is this life, being filled with groans, grins, swear words and sighs

To be engulfed from birth to death in a world with nothing but lies

Raising our arms to the sky pleading to you to relieve us of our sorrows

Cursing the fact that we have to deal with another crappy tomorrow

Yet hope is there, he said, but it then fades away into the past

Oh God oh God, how much longer will this pain last/

Yet although none of us know what we’re moving toward

There is always the one thing we can rely on, which is moving forward

And not giving a damn about anything, he said, is important as life itself

Knowing that even when it comes to the closest of friends we may get no help

Knowing that worry is a joke, the biggest joke played on humanity as a whole

Where thoughts that have no basis in reality take their ultimate toll

Curse the skies and what lay beyond for a life filled with darkness supreme

Making everything such a gloomy episode of a nightmarish dream

Making us not able to distinguish the false from the real and the illusion from the reality

And only in such a case is one drifted from realty into insanity

To Hell with the world, he shouted, all filled with pain knowing no limits

Where even as we cry out to the sky our very tears themselves go about to inhibit

Not allowing the release from our eyes turning reality slowly into a dream

Oh The One True God, he cried, will you not allow us all to be redeemed?

After that Altair told Nidal that he is taking this way too far

He said that as he was smoking one of the heaviest known cigars

And as his lungs were filled with the stench of life stealing tar

He told Nidal to find hope in the far and distant stars

Nidal told him to shut the hell up or else he’ll shatter him into pieces

Why is it, he told Altair, that the voices of blood in the mind never ceases?

Why is it that sometimes when we cry to God the prayers are unattended?

What does it take, he asked his friend, for the mind itself to be transcended?

And then he pointed all over the floor where there was blood and guts

He asked Altair, what is it that makes the mind of man go completely nuts

To be stranded in the heat of an all-encompassing bloody war?

How much can we take, he asked, until we just can’t take anymore?

Afterwards, he aimed at the crowd around him packed with soldiers and men

And he asked loudly, is it not foolish for all of us to pretend

That all of this is the result of destiny and of God up high?

Truly I say that this is all the result of us ourselves, that we can’t deny

Chapter 11: Smiles Of Children And Youth

Nidal continued saying, in war and greed there is a tendency to increase and multiply

And even though to a brighter and better future do we all try

To reach towards, with heads held up in strength and perseverance

Despite all of that, he said, there will be massive interference

From the all engulfing Devil who whispers constantly in our ears

And although all religions have constantly tried to have them disappear

Far off into the dark night where they belong, they still succeed every time

To make us humans commit the worst of gruesome crimes

He continued that while all of us are obsessed about dollars and dimes

We forget the essence of heroism and that of the sublime

And into a world where darkness treads do we have daughters and sons begotten

And the true essence of what it is to be human, to be good and peaceful, have we all forgotten

After that all the people of the region raised their hands, as though through enlightenment they wished to soar

And all around them were the bodies and limbs, the loins and blood, the aftermath of the major war

And everyone united, singing the name of Nidal, swaying their arms about and feeling conviction in their spirit’s core

The conviction that war was something that humanity couldn’t handle anymore

And with everyone embracing a new type of light and age, one never witnessed before

All began to sing praises to God up above calling unto Him from behind Heaven’s door

All shouting and chanting that they not only want to merely stay alive and survive

But more than that, to move on to the future ahead where they can truly thrive

And then in everyone there was a tendency, feeling, motivation and drive

Nay more than that, all the animals, white spirits, insects and bee hives

Danced around the scene despite the fact that it was a mess with mud and limbs in the form of a flood

Everyone knew that at that point there had to be a stop to the existence of the all terrifying sight of blood

As Nidal moved forward, all followed, as though he were a seer reincarnated from those in the past

He called out to everyone around him that it seems that darkness itself does somehow last

Digging deeper into our skin and teeth making us curse the gods above leading to our very fall

Then he said that despite all of that, strength, perseverance, patience and grit can conquer it all

And it seemed as though he brought it back to the days of the seer and herald Saul

Bringing an end to the days where we all mope about in darkness and in fury brawl

Calling out that in the midst of infinite darkness and in the core of gloominess, misery and unknown blight

It is impossible for all of that to exist unless inside them there existed light

And surely, he said, all of us ought to fight even though we crawl on the ground for that which is right

So that we can expel all demons, which roam about freely at night

And in the name of that which is Holy we will battle these demons doing whatever it takes

Even though we’d have to swirl our bodies intensely with an exorcising shake

We ought to go to any lengths, whatsoever, to have these Demons banished

And to have them wither in the face of our strength so that they become silenced

And in the name of God and all that is Holy we can all win this war

So that all of us can conquer the demons, which exist in our core

He told everyone to stay strong for it is strength that remains and stays in the midst of the night and darkness

As within strength and perseverance we can oversee any form of sadness or madness

Yet beyond that, he called, we ought to strive towards redemption regardless of the steps that need to be pursued

For surely with that type of mindset, crawling and running towards redemption, there can be a better world for me and you

And despite infinite darkness we’ll all be able to see this through

So that to a higher state of understanding will we all have gone to have flew

And although each of us carries a demon that spirals our mind in an eternal twirl

Still it does exist, the power of redemption within us and our actions, and the ability to change the world

Altair and I followed Nidal along with everyone towards a time and place Nidal had in mind

And while all were walking under the bright and blue sky Nidal said that we all can find

Within ourselves the seeds of redemption if we but know where to look

And with the sway of his Apple he had the region heavily shook

While he shouted that a utopia of understanding can be achieved rather than one kept by force

A utopia where empathy is shared upon us and where we wouldn’t need to have laws and coerce

Disagreeing with one another, finding ways to abolish and prevent crime

And all along the answer has been within us all of the time

For if towards a utopia all of us forever dare to climb

We’d touch something extraordinary and rather sublime

Running towards a future where freedom and love can both be achieved

Yet surely with all my words, Nidal cried, none of us would ever believe

In a world where peace and love can ever be found

And because of this disbelief we all enter a future confound

Where although the Earth itself revolves peacefully round and round

We all choose to blow out missiles from artillery and fire up all of our rounds

Towards the innocent and those who have no clue

What the destruction of war can bring to me and you

And surely, he said, looking far and wide through the planet into its horizons that awaken us and its instigation

And looking around for inspiration in the right places and in the right surroundings and moments, we can find redemption

Although it is never easy, not at all, yet in each of us, he said, there is a place we can call home

And in the inspiration we find within ourselves and around us we can fleet towards the gates of Rome

Shouting out that we all have found a home in our hearts, an inner redemption, fully free of worry and care

And all of us will have said, he said, that we have something very beautiful to share

Yet despite all I say, Nidal said, darkness will come around here and there

Where the Devil into our ears whisper woes of fright and scare

Yet one day, no matter how far, if we all try hard we can see all this darkness as merely a dream

And after waking up from it, I promise you, he called, that one day we’ll all be redeemed

For from infinite darkness do we rise as it is always inevitable for that to occur

And striding through the darkness towards the light, eventually the darkness will become a blur

For fear is always a figment of our minds, nothing more and nothing less

And with the power of perseverance and with the redemption that will be found, all of this distress

Will end soon enough, although we must keep trying and trying to find that redemption

Even though we have to try until the end of time, we keep trying to find that liberation

That exists in being saved, and as we walk through the seven gates of Hell as darkness consumes everything

We realize again and again that man’s heart and soul can conquer anything

Nidal called out to everyone to shout out to the skies with a roar that reaches far

Letting their raging roars reach the end of existence beyond the cosmos to the end of the stars

To chant out and release the anger calling to God, that in a way, we’re all but dead

For surely there is a way to release all the anger, rage, and fury without blood being shed

And so the roars got louder and Nidal called them to roar even louder

In a world that kept getting numbing ice cold, and nay, far colder

We release of the fury in a shout to the skies and what lay beyond

And although we’d have to sing every last mournful and saddening song

If it will but mean that the darkness is released for we never were angels at all

As humans has always had a horrible habit of rising again and again after they fall

We all shouted out that we were never Angels, so please God, will you grant us this respite

Of shouting again and again all through the damned night

To release the demons within and to let loose the anger stored inside since birth itself?

Oh dear God way up high will you not lend us any help?

Are humans merely born to spill blood on the floor while children lose their parents

Is not the cosmic joke of existence getting older and older and much more apparent?

Will we but lose all our lives before we can chant out to the skies

That we want nothing more than to shout out in the anger of being in a world of lies?

Will not anyone out there, any God up high, hear our damned cries?

Will there be no god out there to mourn the ultimate human demise?

For what is this, this life, full of nothing but grievous sighs

Where hunger has our bellies shaken and thirst our mouths dried

After all the suffering, anger is all we have left to show

And here we are, we all shouted, only so you God can know

That we all need guidance in a world where blood seems to be normal

Will there ever be some sort of appearance of the supernatural

Where all of us could get the peace and security we all crave?

To what lengths must we all go in order to be saved?

Nidal told everyone that madness is sometimes the only way to heal

To bring someone from the plains of the delusion to that of the real

So that we can deal with reality, which moves so fast

And in the state of madness we are able to burn away all the past

And so Nidal wished to build a kingdom of man where only good things would last

And in the madness of his eyes, the necessary madness, through which the world was cast

He invited all of those around him to embrace a world where freedom of the mind can be achieved

And Nidal asked everyone, in humanity and in empathy do we all now believe?

Nidal shouted out that madness is necessary in order to free the mind of its chains

So that all the fears of nothingness and delusion would cease to remain

And so he invited us all to a kingdom and world where people can have common goals

Where we won’t need to set any rules or regulations of control

Where everyone can have a home in their heart sharing with others with no restriction

Where between the hearts of man there can be no amount of inhibition

Where things can be shared, revealing the contents of what exists in hearts

Where the demons of this world and the afterlife from our hearts do depart

And so everyone viewed Nidal as the destined seer to guide everyone towards the truth

Where there can actually be smiles shining from all our children and youth

Chapter 12: Touched By God

Everyone sought guidance from Nidal towards a better world and Earth

And so they raised their hands to the sky awaiting the planet’s rebirth

Nidal set up buildings where people would gather, places like worship sites

Where everyone would unite as one and with prayers chase away the blight

Of the demons that existed, by praying to God up above

That they’d never wish to live unless they’d lived with love

Some people, in prayer, asked God to give them strength despite the sadness

And to give them the perseverance which shines through the madness

And everyone in these buildings were chanting out releasing the inner spirit lurking within

Everyone pleading out to God to guide them away from a life of sin

Some people cried aloud shouting out all their complaints

Releasing and expressing all the inner emotions, blights and strains

That existed in their hearts, again and again releasing all the emotion inside with yells so wild

And so it had been done, the return to innocence and the return to being a child

For Nidal knew that emotion had to be released for others to come in

In the building everyone let out all emotions without restraints, both smiles and grins

And Nidal, on the pedestal, told us all that to the Devil do we never succumb

And more than that, he told us, to release all inner emotions in order not to be numb

For Nidal knew that the heart of man dies while still being alive

When he forgets to get in touch with the emotions which allow us to survive

For if one loses touch with the emotion and becomes still and stagnant within his own body

Then, he said, all of us into full hollowness and emptiness will be embodied

He told us all to shout to the skies to express the sighs we’ve kept trapped

Trapped in the innermost corners of our minds, and to chains have we been strapped

And in this emptiness we no longer are able to cry

And if we can’t laugh or cry then isn’t it true, he asked us, that we already have died?

He said that none of this is about the ego and spineless pride

But rather it is to reveal all of what has been trapped inside

By showing that we refuse to go down in history unless our inner selves are shown

For we all refuse to be a copy of a copy or some lost clone

Copying others’ moves and wishes until we all end up in a grave

And surely, Nidal said, that God will wholeheartedly answer the prayers we gave

If we but remain steadfast in our duty as human beings

By aiding others to become aware, awake and able to do the seeing

So that we’d all learn that we’d rather drop dead and die

Than be willing to live passively in a world filled with lies

And so in the buildings of worship where all gathered to share ideas of harmony

Where people spoke about how to build a newer form of a reality

One where people could get along instead of fighting until eternity

Finding way after way in order to end all of this insanity

And so with pure hearts, fighting away the Devil with all of our might

Crawling towards the gates of heaven where we will have found true light

Knowing that despite all the darkness which filled our hearts with blight

Nothing would be able to overcome our strength, which contained true might

The might that could extend over thousands of years, for the heart could endure anything

Strength could still exist, no matter what, despite all the hardships that did cling

And so through infinite darkness there would always be a tiny light no matter how small

And despite all the odds and all the oppositions we will have been redeemed after all

Nidal raised the Apple to the sky calling the deities in a manner so strange

Urging all the gods that existed to exert upon the Earth change

To have things in one way or another rearranged

To make us feel at home on Earth rather than estranged

And everyone raised their arms to the sky with him as well

Saying that at some point in our lives we can’t distinguish life from Hell

And even though all of us, sometimes, don’t know what we’re moving toward

All of us asked for the strength from God to allow us to move forward

And Nidal told us all that we ought to run towards the horizon until our hearts beat fast and quick

Until we are exorcised from all the demons lurking within which play their dirty tricks

Knowing that truth and love go hand in hand and so in the truth do we strive

For surely without truth and love on this Earth we will never survive

And surely the truth is something for which we all strive

For without the truth none of us will be able to thrive

And so we called unto the Gods whom all existed in the hereafter

To tell us all, in some way or another, what we were going after

And Nidal said to us that if we all but try

With every inch of our bodies to bring a better tomorrow when we won’t cry

When we won’t die inside and when we won’t feel distress

When there wouldn’t be possibility of unnecessary stress

When we all understand that we are different, he says, understanding we’re all unique

That the thoughts which come from one mind are far different than what another does speak

When we learn that we can live together despite all the differences existing between us

Then and only then can we live lives that are far from dysfunctional and robust

And while holding hands, understanding our differences, and fighting away demons with alert minds

And it is only, he said, in alert and vigilant minds do we find

The ability to find the Devil from wherever he came

And into newer beings, fully awake and alert, will we have became

And within the buildings of worship Nidal had formed

Everyone within had prayed that the world’s norm

Would consist of those who care with love inside instilled

Rather than being as the barbarians of the far past having all killed

And so the children played climbing atop high windmills

And with the tranquility of the region inside them there was filled

A feeling of peace and serenity coming from a world filled with understanding

Feeling the emotions of peace and restfulness, which the world had been demanding

Since the aeons of time, since the dawn of humankind

Yet even as we progressed, sometimes we ended up to rewind

To the dark ages where all died in wars which destroyed us all

And upon the altar way up high unto God did we all call

Asking of him to either aid us or to just end the world in its entirety

To deliver us all, in death, from such a painful and suffering filled reality

And while the children were playing about Nidal held them one by one

Everyone chanting out that against the Devil had we all won

Yet Nidal saw it, that once again in the future the Devil may have destroyed us once again

And so into the eternal regressions common to humanity we all fell down as women and men

Nidal reminded us all that the Devil loves the static mind the most

Where in a mind that doesn’t move quickly the Devil would probably be its host

And so he taught us all these lessons, him being the teacher of us all

Preventing all possibilities of the evil in the human heart whereby we brawl

He told us all to be wary of the Devil by always moving about and doing something

To do something that eases the heart, and at other times, to do something stimulating

To awaken the mind in a manner and way so deep

Because the Devil dances wildly in a mind that remains asleep

And all Nidal wanted for us was to be masters and not merely sheep

Telling us that from our own actions will we reap

The consequences that will either send us to heaven or to hell

Heaven or hell within this very Earth, for although the angels sound bells

From way up in heaven, the kingdom of both realms are contained on this Earth

So it always falls upon us ourselves to break our own persistent curse

And Nidal reminded us all, as a herald, that even though all the demons on Earth have you possessed

And although all such demons lurk in our minds having us again and again to regress

We still have the strength in us to find ways to expel these demons, the demons depicted by all holy books

All we have to do is to search for ways in order to expel these demons and know where to look

And when we find ways to expel them, these inner dark forces

We’d see reality in newer lights and nature taking new courses

And so even if from the bottom of Hell we lurk with fury and rage in our eyes

There are still ways out there, he said, in order for us to rise

All we have to do, he told us, is to look in the right places for the cure

A cure to relieve us from all these demons and dark forces all so impure

And so from the bottom of darkness with all of that morphing and forming blight

We’d find out that all along there has been a light

Yet we were all blinded from it right from the very start

And so with torn, worn and heavy hearts

We lose sight of the right way in order to be healed

So that the remedy to our sorrows has a chance of being revealed

He told us to hold fast to the rope of God and the rope of reason

Knowing that upon a time far or close in the midst of some random season

We’d find happiness, although not all of it, at least some of it indeed

So that we’d mend the wounds, which a while ago did bleed

And in one of the buildings of worship that Nidal had established

He told us all to pray to God to have all devils forever banished

And told us that we are weak as human and whosoever doesn’t agree is surely odd

He told us to ask for strength and power from the almighty and helpful God

He said that even though we’d talk down the darkest corners of the world

Even though we had our heart smashed and torn from break ups with girls

Even though all our wealth is gone and we are robbed by burglars and frauds

He told us to always remember to ask for strength from almighty God

For we are weak as humans, he said, weaker than a frail sheet of ice

And we are always one thought and idea away from giving into all forms of vice

However with God we are able to walk through the valley of death

As it was God in the first place who had given us the ability of breath

Altair and I have been watching Nidal for quite some time now

And I could never tell what he was doing or even how

He was able to stop a war from continuing and have everyone sing his name in applaud

He may have been that person that after so much trouble has been touched by God

Chapter 13: Light Within His Chest

His eyes were open, more open than any other eyes I had witnessed

As he told all of us to call unto God to prevent us from entering a great regress

Telling us to call unto God to save us from all troubles and miseries as well

Even though we had to stare the Devil in the eye storming the gates of Hell

He reminded us that our hearts are fragile containing no support or outer shell

Except when it is touched by God through prayer and the heart then springs to life like a bell

A bell that rings, remembering the fact that the heart is so weak, weaker than a drop of water

Yet when God touches the heart, the heart becomes as strong as a rock, he told us, nay, stronger than a boulder

And with God in our hearts then no longer will we sink down into being colder

And surely people may refuse to believe in God as they grow older

So he told us, that if God is disbelieved, being viewed as a being coerce and a hearse

Then pray to something, the sky, the planets, or even the entirety of the universe

And as everyone adapted to the ways of Nidal, Altair began his search for adventures once again

Although it wasn’t only Altair who was seeking it, for others were with him, as it became a trend

To go out to the furthest lands under the watch of God to experience all of what existence had in store

To see and experience things, to touch and smell beauty, never felt before

Altair once told me, while pointing to the horizon with a heart so grand

That within the future, the far future, there won’t be a single land

That I haven’t placed my foot upon, he said, with a smile so wide

He said that only the Devil makes him want to hide

Although he has been standing fast with God praying to him to expel the demons lurking within

For surely, he said, there are infinite ways to have pleasure without sin

And as the days went by, Altair explored the lands and even surfed the ocean with a boat and its paddles

Knowing that light was forever shining, forever strong, no matter how small and despite what the Devil rattles

Altair had learned a lot from Nidal applying the freedom that came with birth

And Nidal, with the help of Altair, was able to implement upon the planet a rebirth

Altair looked at the skies knowing that it and what lay beyond it were surely reachable

And Nidal told of all the things that one ought to know and almost all that was teachable

Telling all to love, or at least, to try to love, despite the demons ruining the planet’s existence

Saying that to the light existing within the world we should never have any resistance

For one begins to fear his own light although the light will set us all free

Nidal did whatever he could have done for all the people, my friends, and me

He told us all to awaken our eyes at any cost keeping them focused and free

Keeping them always under control and not letting fear conquer our reality

Saying that fear is the most important thing to fight no matter what the case

Saying that we ought to go to any lengths whatsoever to have fear erased

And as Nidal established his kingdom he spent long days atop a mountain in the region

Calling unto The One True God to deliver us all from pagan gods and the heathen

To give us all the strength to move forward until death greets us with heaven

And to save us all from the eternal fires of Hell, all of its layers of seven

And he also asked God to save us from the Devil hiding in the supernatural reality

The Devil who has been whispering in our minds all along causing all wars in history

To redeem us all from the damnation in this world and in that of the afterlife

He asked God, will he not save us all from all the impending strife

He called unto him saying that war is inevitable yet we can change

To have the thoughts of men healed and somehow rearranged

To deliver us from the darkness that lurks within and to raise us and elevate us higher

To save us from the whispers of the Devil, that damned and darkened liar

He raised his voice, saying that he has tried his best to establish a kingdom where war will never have existed

And so with this voice of honest and sincerity he says, that he still to this day has persisted

To see the day where all men can live in peace and where love is an ingredient

And to allow us to have joy within and without, detached from sadness and sediment

And as he called, he felt his heart racing knowing that although God never showed his face

He felt his heart healing with that prayer, as though its beating had changed its pace

For he knew that if God showed himself to a human being every time they cried

Then surely that woman or man would have surely died

And on the mountain, he said, that even though all of his insides

Are fully and entirely destroyed, diminished and pried

He will strive towards a better day despite the Devil’s countless attacks

And do whatever he can do to simply relax

Putting his mind in a peaceful state by enjoying times with friends

Forever hoping that his heart with the Devil will never blend

He told God that despite it all he knows he’s out there somewhere

And so he’d do whatever it takes to live life without a scare

And he called unto God with a louder voice, as though he wanted to escape his hair

Knowing that with his help he’d be able to have things repaired

And after all that prayer he smiled and went down the mountain from up high

To spend time with me and Altair, the person who had always been sly

To seek out adventure soaring the seas to find inner peace

Exploring more of the world to fix the inner world inside us, knowing that the mind didn’t cease

Knowing that the mind kept turning and moving and so we ought to have realized that there was no comfort

And in our faith in the beauty and simplicity of life we’d be able to find a resort

In our minds, where we could laugh until we couldn’t laugh anymore

Knowing that there hadn’t been any point in the madness of war

Laughing and smiling, taking it all easy, without the strains of the heart

Knowing that God had been with us right from the very start

And although our hearts into fear may have ended up to depart

We’d be able to solve the problems we face by separating its parts

And working on them one by one, as though we had the world in our palms

And all the way through, handling the problems, we’d always keep a sense of calm

In the places of worship that Nidal had established he kept giving us lessons about the divine

Telling us that although without God we may be able to be fine

Life just way too damn hard, he said, for surely all of us at times become fully beat

He said he’s puzzled to know how disbelievers would still be able to stand on two feet

For life, he said, is so hard that the life in our eyes are sometimes taken

And surely with prayer to God the eyes have a way of becoming awakened

Yet if we don’t want to pray to God,and we feel that life can be cursed and a hearse

Then why not, he asked us all, pray to the world itself, the universe?

For with the passage of time, he said, all wounds will eventually heal

And although the Devil and his companions would have our souls to steal

And our hearts and spirits as well, we ought to move forward until time goes no longer

For surely with prayer and keeping the mind awake we’d learn to be stronger

And for a long time, people called out Nidal’s name, calling him the seer for all times to come

Everyone from that day believed that war was for the weak and in fact oh so dumb

For when we had all these gifts it was a shame not to have them expressed

For all knew that without God we’d all end up to somehow regress

And whenever I felt somewhat weak and awfully depressed

Altair would tell me words that would remove from me distress

Saying that worry is the main problem of all making life at least five times harder

And that we ought to do whatever it takes to have worry conquered

As the kingdom was set by the hands of the great Nidal

Everyone shouted out his name promising not to have the kingdom fall

Saying that with the existence of life, cherishing it is what we’ll do evermore

And nay will we say to the all-consuming hands of war

Nidal reminded us of the Devil and his tricks having us all in the hands of darkness

For it is always through him that we’d all go through bouts of madness

And with a mind alert and moving quickly, awake and heightened, we will find

That the Devil only dances and swirls in asleep and idle minds

And so the Devil, he said, would have our minds in rewind

Having our souls with the depths of Hell intertwined

And with eyes that are awake and a mind moving so fast

We’d find that the hands of the Devil won’t outlast

The purity of our minds and the serenity of our thoughts

And for our spirits and health we must forever have fought

He said that the Devil’s greatest wish is to have our lives in ruin and in a mess

Adding upon the weight of our mind endless arrays of heartbreaks and stress

Yet if we tackle him preventing him from having our souls to sell

We’d realize we can conquer anything even though we roam in Hell

And so we can conquer all the Devils of the world and the demons as well

Knowing that with the armour of a quickly moving mind, awake and alert, there’ll be a shell

Harnessed around our minds, preventing us from sinking into the dark

And surely with the hand of God and that of love there’ll be a spark

In our minds, delivering us from the blight of a thousand years

He told us, to never restrain or prevent any impending tears

On the podium of the worship site, he told us to move forward and never look back

For surely the Devil and the dark forces lurk everywhere to have us move off track

Through the days, Altair travelled the farthest lands seeing what the world has in store

Going about to see and experience things never seen before

Yelling out at the sky and calling on to the spirits to have him blessed

To allow for light and for serenity to be cast upon his chest

Chapter 14: Our Spirits Are Ours

Nidal stood atop the mountain calling unto his people, promising a brighter tomorrow

Telling all that there is always a way, somewhere and somehow, to alleviate sorrow

Saying that the strength of God do we ought to borrow

And never in the Devil’s footsteps do we continue to follow

For with the alteration of the breeze, he said, there are whispers from lit spirits

Keep your ears wide alert, he said, can you not hear it?

And with God and his angels, the white spirits all around, protecting us from our grave

We still even remotely think, he asked, that we can’t be saved?

He said we ought to seek for inner peace even though we have the heavens and hells searched

For there is definitely a way for us to break our own personal curse

For with the existence of Hell itself one would be able to climb up into heaven

To have himself redeemed even though he’s in the lowest layer of Hell, all layers of seven

He shouted out that we have been given this life to have it cherished

He said that with enough effort and help from God through prayer we can have darkness perished

And everyone applauded Nidal thanking him for his contributions to their life

Now, he said, let us all take firm steps towards the end of all strife

I listened to Nidal, witnessing the look in his eyes, and it was really odd

I felt that he had been touched by the hand of almighty God

As he talked about things higher than his own self

Knowing that the greatest assistance came from divine help

Upon the pedestal of the worship site with eyes open and wide

Nidal told us all to fight darkness at all costs and to never hide

And surely with the help of God all fears would eventually vanish

Now let us all fight together, he said, to have all darkness banished

He then said that letting go is the hardest yet most necessary of things

Where upon the hills of the world wondrous songs do we sing

Letting all the darkness go, vanishing through the air swinging by

For with letting go, he said, all the emotions are gone so we cry

Bursting out with tears exerting all the emotions which bind us to the present

To be alive and awake to the moment for which our hearts are meant

And to shout out at the skies, he said, knowing that one day we’ll have it reached

For surely with the mind all barriers and confines can be breached

Besides Nidal, Altair soared through the oceans and again and again

Witnessing the creation of God lived within by women and men

Raising his arms to the sky and having all darkness limited and in inhibit

Shouting out that when it comes to our hearts surely there is no limit

He rowed the boat paddles faster swaying through the waves of the ocean

Taking in the mysteries of life, all of its enigmas and omens

Saying to God, he promises that to the Devil’s whims will he never succumb

Shouting out that when it comes to darkness, all of it can be overcome

He rowed the boat faster drifting further into the ocean

Wishing to reach not only the shore ahead of him but also the horizon

Saying to his friends on the boat, as though he were a herald of some kind

That although darkness and blight can come over our eyes and have us blind

Darkness cannot exist without light and so such a paradox will forever exist

For there’ll always be a vista, horizon, and beautiful landscape behind a storming mist

Nidal had frequent visits to the top of the mountain near his house way up high

He had frequent conversations with God, with a loud voice we couldn’t ignore or deny

He asked God of guidance or a sign even though he’d show his face for a split second

He asked him of ways to be clear of the Devil whose voice in our ears does beckon

He raised his arms to the sky as we all witnessed him calling out to the creator

And I could hear him when he asked aloud, oh dear God, just for how much longer

Will my voice be ignored by you only so that misery would continue?

Is there no mercy in your heart, he asks, for the sadness we’ve been through?

He raised the Apple into the sky, as though he’d eaten from the forbidden tree

He asked God, will you not show us a newer land for my people and me?

Will you not lend a hand easing our struggles and worries even though for a while

Is there not any possible way for us to always be happy and smile?

Or, he asked aloud, will misery continue to come upon us in frequent bouts

As the Devil consumes our minds and fills them with various doubts?

Will you not hear me, Oh God, strengthening my stride as I move forth?

Will you let me not be side-tracked by the East, West and South, but only focused on the North?

He asked him of strength to cover up the weakness inherent in all human beings

He asked him for the realizations of the mind to awaken to help him do true seeing

He asked for the strength to storm the seven gates of Hell with nothing but his stride

He also asked of him to alleviate him of all his sorrows and fears, which had surely multiplied

He prayed to him while on the mountain way up high

Asking him to relieve him of the Devil’s whispers which he can’t deny

Asking him to lift him up raising him higher into the sky

Rather than being in a state of living where inside he’d died

And then as a final prayer, after shouting much, and with his last breath

He asked God to give him the strength to have no fear even in the face of Death

So that even though all odds are against him, every last one

He’d be able to have awakened, alert and joyful eyes under the rising sun

He also asked that although he spends an eternity in a jail or a psych ward

That God would give him the strength and the might to keep moving forward

So that even if all the Devils in the world come raging at him storming and raging

The only thing that would stop his stride on Earth is death after aging

Upon his deserved throne Nidal called out to his fellow people

Asking them all to go to whatever lengths to fight away the forces of evil

So that even though all odds are against them restricting themselves to believe

They go on forth to build new heights for civilizations and to forever achieve

And as everyone chanted Nidal’s name, he continued that despite all the evils into our heads are shoved

He told everyone to never begin to underestimate the power of global love

For although the Devil would try to have connections amongst us dissected

Love will have all man truly connected

Besides Nidal, Altair continued his quest through the vast landscapes

For from the Devils who lurked everywhere did he go on to escape

Living life despite the Devil’s whims and making every day glorious and true

Despite all the tricks and plots that the Devil did brew

Altair continued his quest towards the horizon, as though it were reachable

Learning everything and as much knowledge as was teachable

Knowing that although life may have seemed as a nightmare and as a darkened dream

There would always be a chance for us all to be redeemed

And no matter how much darkness the Devil may have offered and deemed

Altair knew that the sun shined on everyone with its rays and beams

And while cruising the sea with his boat he raised his arms to the sky with feelings bolstered

Shouting that life is merely journey towards happiness where all fears are conquered

At other times Altair rode his plane with his friends hovering above the clouds

Shouting out with his friends that of God’s creation will he forever be proud

He ascended and descended turning loops in the midst of the air

Saying that there has always been a relief in being able not to care

At other times he walked with his friends through the forest in Jordan swaying through the trees

And in the midst of the jungle and forest they were all on their knees

Asking of God way up high, by saying prayers and saying please

To fill the rest of their days not only with joy but also with ease

Sitting by the tree and smoking the hookah, they felt the passing breeze

All of them thanking Nidal and his ideas for bringing the world to peace

And they smoked on and on blowing smoke through the air in the forest

All of them talking about how one man’s dream, Nidal’s, with its beautiful conquest

Was able to bring all people together living in harmony and bliss

Then upon memories of childhood and youth did they reminisce

Saying that for the sake of peace of mind and for that which is right

Even though they’d storm all gates of Hell, they will forever fight

And through the forest they all danced, walking forward in a slow fashion

And although from weak and weary bones did God have man fashioned

We could remain strong and simply dance our ways joyfully to our death

Knowing that we could sing a happy song even though we sing it with our last breath

And although God himself seemed to play absent in a way apparently stealth

Altair asked his friends, does man foolishly believe that if God showed himself with all his breadth

To him, that he would survive within God’s sight?

Would man be able to live another day if he sees God and all his might?

As they went through the forest, Altair and his friends

They kept dancing through it, the forest which had no ends

Dancing their ways to their future graves wherever they did exist

And from the song of life, in every grain of sand, they never did resist

For the song of life exists not only in music, Altair preached

It exists within every grain of sand descending into the desert beyond reach

And so one must dance his way all throughout with music to guide

And from the inner light and strength, the inner willpower, must we never hide

Altair chanted, as though he were Nidal for a little while

That man never fears frowns and darkness but rather light and smiles

For man loves darkness far more than he loves the light despite what we may think

For it has always been much harder to rise to the light than into darkness sink

And so, he said, we must rise, never stopping, until the light is attained

Even though by all forces of darkness we may become detained

And despite all odds, no matter how hard, the light will never disappear

And to the song of life and the melody in music, he asked, will you not hear?

And through the forest, as they sat by a tree, not having any animals provoked

Altair and his friends took out cigars and enjoyed their heavy smoke

Saying that even though there are days where the weight of the whole world is on our chests

There will still be days to follow, surely, when we can all find rest

The birds around them were chirping, telling of the day that will come

When the many of us would led by the few and some

Those who would held their heads up high despite all of life’s conundrums

And with their effort to push forward they’d free others along with them

The trees swayed all about with the wind pushing them along

And in the warmth of the moment, Altair and his friends sang a song

Telling of the tale of how although light may be tiny, there’s a power in its spark

Where it can shine away massive and gigantic bouts of unbearable dark

And when the evening came the voices of the Devil did not cease

So Altair and his friends, with loud voices, had all their inner demons released

Shouting atop their lungs extending their shouts across the entire forest

Complaining to the gods about all the times that were morbid

Their shouts increased in volume echoing across the forest scaring the animals away

Releasing all their inner demons with screams all through the night until day

Cursing everything in existence and although screaming and shouting didn’t seem right

They wanted to expel all demons within so that they could conquer the night

And although they were happy moments ago they knew that if they’d scream

In the midst of night all the way until morning comes with the sun’s rays and beams

They could scare the demons away flipping them off all the way down to Hell

And they’d cry out atop their lungs that their souls and spirits are not to sell

And they even cursed all demon gods that existed as well

Igniting the hammer and sound of consciousness with its bells

Screaming atop their lungs that their minds are theirs and theirs only

No matter how dark and morbid the Earth may get and no matter how lonely

They may be, as they know that to conquer the mind, which sometimes may be a prison cell

They would have to scream atop their lungs scaring all Devils and demons back to Hell

And all of them shouted that the Devil had consumed and fully eaten their mind through the hours

Shouting again and again that our spirits and souls are only ours

Chapter 15: Life Was A Dream

Nidal lay atop his deserved throne calling unto his people

Saying that for one to conquer the depths of all evil

Is for him to be awake, nay, more awake than ever, eyes wide open

And so with being awake the mind will heal and become woven

He told them to have eyes that are open, more open than ever

And so the ties and binds of the Devil all will be severed

And with every move that we ever dare to take

We must always be willing to be wide awake

And with eyes wide open, everything becomes so clear

And with hearts open to all, there will be nothing to fear

And despite all the haunting voices which consume our minds like bells

We’d still be able to rise up to Heaven even though we are at the bottom of Hell

He also reminded everyone to treat their minds as though it’s water, a liquid

For when the mind becomes stiff and hard as stone all days would be morbid

Whereby, he said, if it flows, it will lead you to achievement naturally and without thought

Although, he said, if the brain is of stone, only thoughts of death would we have fought

He told all to allow the mind to flow freely like water moving all through and about

Saying that when the mind is hardened it would be filled with doubts

And so we ought to venture the farthest sea becoming one with the water in the ocean

And when the mind is freed beyond measure we’d be able to follow life’s omens

To be free, he said, one must pay the highest price of all

Accepting that one day we’ll die and end up to fall

And so all the way until the end of all days

He told us to treat our lives as transient and burn it all away

Yet despite all the cheers Nidal shared with his people and crowd

During a lot of nights he stood atop the same mountain and in a voice so loud

He spoke to God, as though he was going to get a response

He cried out to God that he wants nothing more than for there to be a renaissance

A renaissance where dreams aren’t stepped on but rather encouraged

Where there would be peace and peace only rather than carnage

For there to be hope, for all to seek answers to everything and to follow omens

For there to be hope for all future children

Yet he cried with almost bloody tears complaining about all the suffering in life

Why is it that there’s always an ongoing cycle with this god damned strife?

Why is it that sorrow can consume one so deeply turning his life into a darkened trance

Where Earth was always supposed to be a heaven where all live life as a dance?

Why is it, he cried to God, that the mind can sometimes be in pieces and unwoven?

And so his voice echoed all through that lonely and secluded mountain

Asking God to bless us all with a heaven right here on Earth

Must all Angels’ powers combine to break this unbound curse?

Do you hear us, he shouted, up high on your throne and lore

When we all, at many times, starve and thirst by being poor?

Do you hear us call when all hope has gone down to zero

Must we pray all day long for there to rise a hero?

For surely there’s suffering, he said, but just to what length?

Just to what extent can we grow and harness our strength

Where in our spirits and souls there’s this feeling of utmost frost?

Oh God, he cried, will you guide us all after having been lost?

After all the ranting, Michael came down descending upon Nidal

And in front of Nidal, Michael flew around him strong and tall

Telling him, Oh Nidal, if only you did ever know

The more one suffers in life the more he spiritually grows

He asked Nidal, how is it that one would ever learn to be humble

Unless he knows what it means to lose everything and watch all crumble?

How would one ever be able to gain in power and strength

Unless he looks straight into the face of death?

He asked, how would one have around his heart an all protecting shell

Unless he is able to face the demons and devils which spawned from hell?

And the one thing, Michael said, that man shares with God who encompasses everything

Is that the spirit and soul of man is and always has been able to conquer anything

As he hovered, Michael asked Nidal, why do you think the Devil even exists

Despite all the haunting and whispering voices they insist?

Surely, he said, the Devil exists so that whenever we face his darkness and put up a fight

All of us would learn to cherish all happy moments and know the true value of light

Then he told Nidal to be aware of every breath that he does ever take

And even in the pitfall of shadowy death he ought to remain wide awake

For within the answer to conquering the Devil’s whims you will find

That the Devil always dances and swirls in unaware and idle minds

And so with the Devil’s whispers and dark spirits’ combined

Will we be able to see Hell itself on Earth become unwind

Yet he told Nidal to remain steadfast and be willing to make the sacrifice

To always keep full awareness and alertness in the midst of your eyes

He reminded him that even in the lowest pit of a never ending well

We could conquer the war against all demons and the devils as well

Knowing that the human heart’s strength, although it may sound odd

Is very similar to the strength that exists in the heart of God

He reminded him to express emotion in a manner so wild and blatant

For with the lack of feeling one becomes stagnant

For the expression of emotion may very well be the highest truth

That’s why older men who suppress emotion are far more miserable than the youth

And after a while, Michael placed Nidal into a different realm and zone

Far away from his kingdom and his well-deserved throne

And even far away from the mountain, in a dark and gloomy place

And within that realm, Nidal had an appalled and shocked look on his face

And this realm was from the rest of the world displaced

Everything was merely darkness and all was erased

Except for a shining light, which was at the very end

Of the horizon of the darkness, to where his spirit loved to send

Michael told him that that is where your salvation lies

And so on your journey there, he said, there will be many cries

Regressing again and again into the darkness lying in your head

While the only salvation existing for you is towards the light ahead

And Nidal ran towards it for a very long time indeed

And on the way the Devil haunted Nidal asking, my voice do you not heed?

Do you really think you can reach your goal, he asked

When my covering upon your heart has it masked?

As Nidal ran, the Devil haunted him all along

And then the Devil sang a very old and legendary song

Saying that he has always been able to consume man in whole

Continuously preventing man from reaching his goal

He sang in Nidal’s ears through whispers calling him a fool

To think that he was ever prepared for this from classes in school

Or from all the vast libraries and books that he has previously read

For how can knowledge, he asked, avoid him becoming dead?

Yet Nidal persevered running towards the light, not looking back

While the Devil kept trying to put him and keep him off track

Whispering into his ears that regardless of whether he believes

There is nothing over here that he can ever achieve

And Nidal kept going forward all for the sake of that light

Where all around him existed the dark spirits’ blight

And as he ran he cried, as though he were a high acclaimed bard

Why does this existence, this life, have to be so god damned hard?

Yet he ran forward, as though his life upon it depended

For surely in this amount of darkness he couldn’t be transcended

Chasing the light as though it was all he saw

Revering it, it being a source of pure awe

Michael’s voice hovered above, asking him, Nidal don’t you now see?

That what you’re doing right now is merely a part of life’s journey

The darkness is all around and the light is only something chased

For surely, he said, the light ahead can’t be fully embraced

It can only be experienced in slight rays and bouts as it still lays afar

Can you not realize Nidal, Michael asked, that we can never touch stars?

Michael said that light is felt only by moving towards it

While all the darkness behind you in life makes you want to forfeit

And to attain the light, one ought to pay the highest price

That man is going to have to avoid the snakes and demons and swim by sewage and mice

Sucking up hardship after hardship, Michael told him, until all hope may be lost

Until we stand up atop a mountain as prophets had done, asking God, why is my soul of frost?

Nidal began to think that Michael himself was sending the demons his way

And as he ran towards the light, he learned to continue to pray

To the God above, that he would find rest from a life so manic

From a mind that swirled all around then goes static

The Devil sunk deeper into his ears calling him merely an incomplete being

Where man was made from dust and clay and he was made of the fire that does the seeing

Where he sees all and knows all that lives in man’s heart

Where man is not even able to hopefully start

To understand how the Devil actually does his work and craft

And when Nidal tried to fight the Devil away, the Devil laughed

Haunting his ears with terrors, as though he were about to be dead

The Devil asked, must I merely go and haunt another man instead?

For you, Nidal, the Devil said, are merely foolish and idiotic

Then he asked, don’t you see how my voice makes you psychotic?

Nidal kept running towards the light faster and faster

And all along the Devil was just cracking up and drowning in laughter

Calling Nidal a fool for thinking he could ever win the Devil’s game

Do you not see, the Devil asked him, that I already have you tamed?

He felt the presence of the Devil, as though he ran in his veins

Then Nidal cried out, for heaven’s sake, take away the pain

He cried out, must I fight the Devil for as long as I’m alive

Is there any point in ever trying to thrive?

Then Michael reminded him that this is the perfect depiction of life

Whereby we go on chasing the light forever with ongoing surrounding strife

Where the taste of light comes only from chasing it and not having it attained

But the Devil interrupted asking Nidal, do you not see how I’ve been having you detained?

Nidal kept running towards the light ahead

And it was moments before he ended up dead

That he shouted atop his lungs to all those who heard

To fight all voices in the head no matter how absurd

To go on chasing the light, he said, even though I failed

And to all the gods above did Nidal hail

Shouting aloud that even though he is to die this night

Everyone, against the Devil, must forever go on to fight

His heart was beating slower, slowly being filled with blight

Even though all he wanted was that shining and redeeming light

The darkness was increasing making his blood poor and stale

And so he shouted out that we must persevere where he has failed

Michael hovered above, as though he knew all of this was to occur

And Nidal shouted out to all those who heard to have the Devil conquered

To have the dark spirits put to their very knees

And for the sake of life itself did Nidal yell please

And then his running turned to walking, his heart began to slow

And with everything in slow motion, he said, if only I did know

That the Devil meets us in life at every corner

Bolstering all the angering emotions we all harbour

Then he cried that life is a dream, a dream of running and running through it all

And the darkness all around embraced and consumed Nidal until his fall

Nidal's Fall: An Epic Poem

A story where three friends did whatever it took to seek redemption and peace in a chaotic world. After seeking for some sort of utopia of mankind, Nidal was finally able to meet higher beings. Thus, he brought upon the world an era of peace. The story is transcendental. Nidal frequently spoke to God atop a mountain, asking of life’s most fundamental questions. He asked about suffering, war, beauty and destruction. His friends often told him that he took it too far, but he never listened and continued to be wild. His quest for philosophical truth never ended, and it kept going until he met a being higher than himself. Before he got the power from these higher beings, a massive war broke out in the region, causing chaos wherever he looked. The war spread throughout the world overall, and the world was descending into mayhem. Leaders of countries were declaring that a new world war had begun. With all of this happening, Nidal appeared as the saviour of humanity, bringing to light the things we all ought to follow. The story highlights the fact that a utopia seemed to be impossible to implement. Nidal noticed that throughout history this was true. Despite such a realization, he persevered. He always wondered why it was impossible, and sought to challenge the belief that it can never be achieved. It was a high dream for Nidal, and because of that, he had dealt with much pain. A Tiny Excerpt: We talked, me and Nidal, while walking through the streets shaped as hills Once we talked and chatted atop a high lighthouse, other times atop a windmill And I remember it, when he told me, that it had always been a true enigma That there had always existed a massive impossibility, in a true utopia

  • Author: Saleh Radaideh
  • Published: 2016-07-31 17:35:13
  • Words: 29855
Nidal's Fall: An Epic Poem Nidal's Fall: An Epic Poem