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Nice Is Not the Same As Good

Nice Is Not the Same As Good

© Den Warren 2017

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Nice is not the same thing as good. For example, it is not nice to tell someone they will go to Hell if they do not accept Jesus as their Savior from their sins. In the first place, it is not nice in the minds of many to even say the word “Hell” unless you are just trying to emphasize something totally unrelated. It is also not nice to say that someone has sin in their life, even though we all do.

In this example, if someone believes in the core beliefs of Christianity, they believe that you must accept Jesus as your personal Savior to go to His perfect Heaven. Those beliefs have been the same for thousands of years. They do not change with the times as so many think they should. So to the evangelical Christian, they believe it is good for them to warn you of Hell. But then you may get mad at them when they tell you about the Lake of Fire, because it isn’t nice. But sadly, after you die, and we all do, you will think that it wasn’t nice for them to be so quiet about Hell after your eternally tormented soul arrives there.

But this is just one example of nice vs. good. Politics is full of examples. In order to silence their opponents, demagogues like to bait their opponents with political correctness. For example, in order to get votes, they say it is not nice for the government to reduce out of control spending while people are hurting. So they say that their cruel opponents don’t care about people like they do. Yet at some point in time, some future generation will inherit a huge bankruptcy mess. That will not be good. Many voters believe those lies. The news media has the same politically correct agenda, so they favor the demagogues. It is great to be portrayed as the nice one while running up the bill on someone else’s tab. So the fiscal problems facing the government never get fixed.

To many, a perfect world is one where everyone goes around being nice to each other. In this utopian worldview, everyone has the freedom to do what is right in their own eyes as long as they keep to themselves. But this permissiveness in the name of libertarian politics is never enough. You may think that it really doesn’t affect you if someone has their own agenda.

Consider the following example: You may think it is fine for someone to have their own gender identity that is opposite of their biological birth DNA gender. If some random guy thinks that he is a woman, then SHAZAM! He really is a woman. It would not be nice for you to say that he isn’t a woman. You would be some sort of ignorant bigot if you did. So then when your wife, daughter or granddaughter is in the shower at the gym, a hairy naked guy appears in front of her and she can’t do anything about it. If you protest, you are a hater, or some kind of ignorant mindgenderphobic bigot. This example may sound far-fetched, but there are always unintended consequences to new social changes that are not thought through. This just leads to more laws and even more confusion.

It is not nice to shoot people; even the misunderstood criminals. Evidently it is better to let them come into your home to rape and kill. That is why all the mean guns should be confiscated. Even though there are over a hundred million guns in the US, the draconian confiscation would supposedly keep the guns away from the bad guys. Or at least away from enemies of the well-guarded politicians who enforce the nice measure. It is for your own good that you give up the means of protecting yourself. If you don’t, you are selfish.

So why can’t people understand what is going on with this political correctness? There are a few reasons. First, a lot of them are not very smart. They would rather keep up with the entertainment news or sports rather than think about anything important. It is not nice to talk about religion or politics. It takes work. They think it is boring. Someone might disagree with them. They want above everything else, to be nice and loved by all. So it is good enough for them to blindly follow some celebrity or demagogue who tells them the responsible politicians and their supporters are not nice.

Another reason people don’t understand what is going on is because they simply don’t want to understand. What they lack in reasoning ability, they try to make up by being emotional. They believe their own cause is so important, they don’t have to listen to anyone. Certainly they don’t have to be respectful to those who are not nice. So generally it is useless to have any meaningful discussion with those who refuse to be rational.

So, does that mean that we non-snowflakes just have to stand by and let the snowflakes have their way? Absolutely not. When they reject a Christian, they are rejecting the core viewpoint of the founding fathers of America. They are rejecting Jesus, and what is said in the Bible. It may be good to remind them of that.

Good is not often nice. Especially when those who want their way use your goodness against you. They will try to find a cowardly underhanded way to get you to admit that you are not nice in some way, then they can discredit you and do as much damage to you as possible. They would love to find a way to prove you are more racist than them; less caring than them; primitive in your beliefs; less scientific than them; outdated in your ancient beliefs; you blindly follow someone who just want to make money; on and on it goes.

Not so many people read these messages. It would be great if this message would be read by everyone in the English speaking world and beyond. But it is important (and good) that those few who read them are presented with the real truth. A lot of generalities are mentioned here, and maybe some apply to you and some don’t. But what you think is very important. If this was a letter to one person, you, it is worth it.

If you really consider yourself to be intellectually honest, and have an open mind, then here is what you should do; examine yourself. Are you really truly good, or are you just conveniently nice? What role models have you listened to, and what are their true motivations? Where does your worldview come from? Have you disagreed with others in a respectful way and used logic with them?

If you find that you want to learn more about anything presented here, there are a lot of other free (but not very nice) articles available by this author. Please read them all and do good by telling others about them or by sharing them on social media. And make sure that you are not being mean for no reason. The point of all of this is not to make you less nice without necessity. The more respectful you are, the more that people will listen. But you have to stand firm and not let them pin you down with a label that they can run with. Jesus avoided a lot of such no-win questions, which you can read about in the Bible.

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Nice Is Not the Same As Good

The causes of political correctness. How to deal with the meddling frustration of it.

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Nice Is Not the Same As Good Nice Is Not the Same As Good