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Nice and Easy - Inspiration Breezy



Nice and Easy – Inspiration Breezy

© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-64-9



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On the front cover: “Defies Recognition : Babs 2-0-1-6 (My signature all over it)” 2016 : sometimes what we convey to ourselves has greater purchase.


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For those who try time after time to put creativity on a line and feel a natural flow – well, good people – ‘that’s the way to go – that’s the way to show’ – what we’d all like to know – and I salute you so : worthier than you could know just to enter midstream flow (priceless beyond any critic’s “I-told-you-so”! Ho-ho: wagging finger, is that all that’s left to linger!!!)


Nice and Easy – Inspiration Breezy


I just had a bit of fun -

Now that really ain’t so dumb

When the alternative’s just a null-sum

(of how destitute we become when deride everyone)




Nice and Easy

Inspiration Breezy


I’ve reached my battle scene

the fresh air loud and clean

whistles through what has been

a season in the green

of loving life supreme


Way beyond (any) morality

my living legacy


is to offer inspiration

as and when I see


the light falling on me

but I am no saviour

to a cause that asks

for applause and

roars in an exclusive

sort of way -


I simply like to see

us flourish individually


but there is no martyrdom

(in an effort to avoid the humdrum)


to what I hope to be:

simply in a world

that breathes easy


for what better way

to slay a dragon in full play

than while the hours away

in a special sort of day

of full-on fresh air array


why that always get you there:

where the air is free


discover life’s mercy

to always fresh anew

the very soul of you -


fair play fair play -

it all comes out today


“the sun has put his hat on

hip hip hooray”, I ‘croned’ in

a joyous sort of way!


and then we’re all out to play


I blasted it all away with

a fresh air cycle ride today

what did it matter anyway

(the things that others do or say)


my resolve was sealed today

to live life full and my own way


and respect each and every day

I call my creativity into play


(just) a simple sense of knowing,

which way the wind is blowing;


a simple sense of standing tall:

well equipped to face it all

in the knowledge that I sprawl

and crawl to give my life

my all in all:


my all in all: -

the way I stand, the way

I fall – come to season

one and all


I am far too busy

to get into a tizzy

and when it gets real fizzy,


I’ll simply drink cool lemonade

and think of all the life I’ve played


out in the mid-day sun:

the bounteous seasons I have won


I simply treasure everyone -

what is stock and thought


what counts for ought or nought

what was as I had sought


a sense of life un-bought

from the harry of another’s womb

from the carry of another’s tomb


what if I were me

and left it there explicitly


and so I begin to see:

all seasons fold in me


I tried so hard to compensate

what in truth could not equate


to what I had been told:

the passive-aggressive are so bold

(until they’re left out in the cold)


I used to sell my time away

to what others do; to what others say,

but that’s quite enough for today -


the talking ain’t so tough

when the path gets rocky rough


and they don’t have their stuff,

so it’s all far too much and they’ve

had enough of giving it a go,


this funny thing called mid-stream flow…


mid-stream flow further than I used to know


wider than I used to go


different than I used to sew -

many ways that had me so enraptured,


they almost captured me

with endless possibility,

until I could see -


the road ahead is free

(for me to be what I could be)


and undefined

and disinclined to be confined


here I really knew:

I had reached my own break-through


for what was left to do

when all around I already knew

(I have no need of you

to treat me as you do)


and the curl on your lips

splits and sticks two fingers up at me

for ever daring to suggest

you always seek arrest

what suits me best

and so a final test

stood before -


do I simply choose ignore

the hordes as they roar

their passing score

of what it was they had come for


or do I turn to engage

and expressly plead to be a sage


I think I already know

(I’m long gone in midday flow

to care where the critics go)


such seeds of disruption

such simple induction

to now just simply tell


(I don’t like their smell

for I know far too well

that critics bell and toll

in a souped-up soul)


but I am in midstream flow

and have a different way to go


and so I start with glee: composure

sits so easily


when I can already see

the baying hounds of destiny


at my beck and call

just to give my all


(the gods are on my side

and want to take the full ride)


and so I’m urged on

by what is strong inside



(the ability of others to deride

and snigger with inflated pride

when they do not understand

we all have infinity to command)


and so my strong words show -

I’m caught in current and in flow

and as the mid-stream go


stronger than before

I’ve long since left the roar

of what others choose ignore


applause to its own cause

but I’m for open doors


and scores of miles away,

the critics know they’ve had their say


she’s much too busy today

to listen to what we say -


perhaps that’s quite exciting

and really (quite) inviting


but I knew the unspoken truth

for it held my very roof


“Enter with respect and leave as a friend”


“Enter with kindness if you wish life to mend”


“Enter with goodness if you want to be whole”

(or the karma will frazzle your soul)


there was no more to know


the golden pool reacts so true

to the mirror back in you


and if you’re bored

and have spite stored


ready just to spleen

why you’ll always find the grass so green

where you have never been…


critic or dear friend?


It’s you that chooses in the end

and a magpie in a tree

fluffed its wings

and then flew free


treasure your own soul

that’s how you complete whole


what is written just for you

in oceans blue


and skies so grey

matter less day-by-day


when you live as you say

and only every do

what’s worthy of you


Worthy of you

the final clue

to bridge the gap and then renew


the pact with joy you held onto

when creativity was new

and you had gained the crew

of making a difference in what you do.


Worthy of you and worthy of me

the simple reality


cast out to sea

in waves of energy


to confound the dry mouth bound to say

“Have a miserly sort of day in every sort of way”


Worthy of me

now constantly

beckoning ‘be free’

from the unnecessary


and so I walked right to

the next that I could do


for all around the blue

had stopped to gently view


the progress that I knew


was worthy to do


and meant so much to you


I closed the page

I jumped the rage

I needed now a living wage


and I could not age me

by taking on the unnecessary


too long too long too long

you thought to prolong

each and every wrong

but see it is all gone:


I hardly feel your prong -

your dire critic song

has not much going on


so when I confront you

in an act of jollity

(you are entirely at my mercy)


now who’s having a laugh…

(not ‘arff !)


prove the critics

wrong or right -


it doesn’t matter it’s all trite,


so simply try to see

what’s truly worthy!


I had no wish to carry on

I had no wish to stop


and there the penny drop


I’ve hit the midstream plot

where much of what has gone before

is simply stuff I can ignore


and much of what is said

is just in someone else’s head


and so I said

‘goodnight – I had a good fight

blasting the air in fresh sunlight!’


and now I’ll simply repose

for who knows

who knows

where all this goodness grows -

fresh stream flows


hold onto your clothes

and release your nose -


just a bit of dignity

always ever gets to see

what’s right for me


tumble trinkle tree

there’s much much more to me

that you will ever see


trumpet sound once more -

a simple open door


and I cannot ignore -

I’ll simply dive right in

and have a right good swim

(“the unburdening”)


easy flow action

(now I’m gaining traction)


element always know

how the current take you

further as you show:


you’re all up and on the go


steady now, the midstream flow

is more powerful than you know


so just a show of hands

and your body readies to commands

that feel exhilaration :


welcome to water world creation !


industry enriches

in ordinary stitches


movement helps you flow

greater than you know


and I am elegantly free

laughing at my energy


a resting movement twitch

(but there’s no hitch to the switch)


a resting moment see:

I’m in the flow of energy


sometimes a back story

really ain’t that gory


sometimes you need to know

it’s already on the go


and sometimes you need to see:


(everything) separately !


sometimes it’s ok

no matter what they say


sometimes what they do

really doesn’t bother you


and sometimes I just see

(both!) the cup half full and half empty


sometimes the fleeting thoughts

come as juggernauts


and what then simply thwarts

is a giant bunch of noughts


nought to be afraid

nought to be in aid

nought to feel staid


in fact I simply see

so much is unnecessary


and the energy to do

is what can distinguish you !!!


energy in my head

“breathing nicely!” I now said


energy in my heart

keeps the spark

in the dark


pumping fast and free:

welcome to my reality


where the world about me

is better when I see

just what’s in it for me


to be worthy of my cause

to lift to life in grand applause


of a holy realm

where I am at my helm


and simply start to show

the power of mid-stream flow


midstream flow -

a bit of ‘what I used to know’

wrapped up in ‘where I need to go’


and so, I start to see

such worthy energy

in experience harmony


that knows to connect

with the circumspect,


and knows to leave out

the unnecessary shout

and pout or any collusion

with negative infusion


“are you on my tail?!!”

hark, I hear the passive-aggressive wail


but I have long since set sail -


no time now -

much to do

(I can’t always indulge you)


for now I’ve got the clue,

the worthy thing to do

is build a passage new

to waters deep and blue -


waters deep and blue -

the air, the sky and you


laughing in sunshine

spend a penny, come spend a dime

on the light now so sublime

as the mid river spew

your delta artery anew


all I ever see

is in the air so free

inspiration moves so easily.


nice and easy

inspiration breezy

always out to tease me

always out to please me

always out to squeeze

a heart in life’s trapeze


and I sling a shot right to

all that now can life renew.


Gold dust moves through all of us

and in the twinkling end,

we make of a critic a friend.


Heckling crowd – call out loud

what will really make you proud!


Oh I give it such a punch

and then said “Thanks a bunch”

as I munch away at jollity today!



(I’m quite the card to cut through the lard and laugh real hard – yeah)



Purple Eyes Publishing

What more is left to say, when a critic’s had their day, it’s over anyway : and the rest of us can go out to play – hooray hooray for each sunshine hour on our way that helps us to start to see what really matters to you and me!




Nice and Easy - Inspiration Breezy

I keep you entertained - I help your voice to act disdained and yet I've never once complained, when you shake your head at me - the jokes that come are fast and free, and you will get to see, that however much you try - you'll always sigh and be... glad to have a friend like me - and though you know deliberately I never take you so seriously - in the end a generous creative is a critic's best friend.

  • ISBN: 9781910774649
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-06-19 22:20:07
  • Words: 2204
Nice and Easy - Inspiration Breezy Nice and Easy - Inspiration Breezy