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New Feeling Book


New Feeling][
by Stephany Vivas Flores
Shakespir Edition ©2016
Edited 2016


The Feelings of a new life breaking out.

This Book Is for Everybody who has suffer a broken heart once upon a time


We live in a world where we all have the spark of madness,

Some don’t use it; some use it more than they have to,

Those are the people we meet along our journey,

Through this life we know the true meaning,

The insanity and sanity for that matter.

Actions are to blame for our folly,

The people we meet that allow us to enjoy life.

Let’s be a little crazy and enjoy life as we want,

Live a happy long life of madness,

Leave some for future generations to come

Being crazy is living life without thinking,

Forgetting you need to live a life.

We’re different, a bit whimsical,

We may want everything

But we are the crazies.


Home with the one you love,

A love like no other,

People laughing out loud,

People having a good time,

You know them, they are your family.

We’re all happy.


Angry to people, to the way if reflects on our face.

Angry to our soul, to the way our minds get lost.

Angry to making our heart hurt when it is supposed to love.

Angry, to keep our eyes to see the greatness of a crowd of people.

Angry to avoid us to feel sympathy.

Angry to be mad,

Angry to the non-existent.


I want to go home,

This is not my place,

Who are this people?

There are no feelings,

They are not smiling,

I want to go home.

I want love,

I want to feel, be safe.

I am tired,

I just want to go home.


No sound.

People are talking, laughing,

But no sound comes to my ears.

I am starting to tremble,

My hands are sweating,

Where is my voice?

Why do I get the feeling nobody knows.

I am getting lost,

Where is my voice?

Suddenly someone grabs my hands,

My sister is talking,

She is worry, I cannot hear her,

I am deaf,

There is no sound.


Darkness all around,

Cold winds blows,

An empty chair on a corner,

I think I am alone.

Giving hope of seeing a person.

I can help touch the wall,

The heat is racing fast,

My mind wonders where everyone is.

There is no world,

I live all alone on a room.


I fell,

I try to get back on my feet but they fail me.

I felt like I lost your hand and I’m lost,

I need you to guide me.

I am sorry I have failed you and I’m ashamed,

I need your forgiveness,

But I do not know how.

My heart is hurting in every way,

My soul is sick,

I need you to forgive me.

I need to get back on my feet,

I need to be by your side on your hands.

I want to be yours again,

To be renewing by your love.

I want your mercy,

I want you to forgive me

For I have fail and lost my way.

Show me how to be yours,

Show me how to love you and be the one I was.

Show me the way to your arms.

Please, Forgive me…


This is some way to fall in love,

That you have me all mesmerized.

My heart surrenders to your touch,

Is so irresistible that I have all and

Completely surrendered at your feet.

That has my world filled with an exaggerated love,

No longer knows how to live without you.

You have bewitched my heart,

Now he lives to fulfill your every need.

Every minute spent away from you,

It grieves for you, every minute apart from you because

Its beat for your own heart, allowing you to be the

Only person who commands and demands of him,

Only for your unconditional love.

It melts every time he remembers you and

How you show with every beat

You make how much you love him,

He needs you; you have become a necessity to live.

You’re the reason he lives and beats.

He you to live because without you he’s just an empty heart

And a heart does not beat if it has no reason

And all you do is beat for him

So he can tell you he loves you.

Your love for my heart keeps him beating

So he can show you

How much he loves you.



I cannot feel this way,

My heart is too weak,

The pain is too much.

My eyes cannot stop crying,

I have lost my voice,

I cannot breath.

I’m heartless,

My mind is losing control,

I’m alone or so it seems.

My body is to tired,

Exhausted, hurt, sick

It has no color,

I do not shine.

No sunlight, no moonlight.

I have no feelings.


Thinking’ of you the world makes sense,

I wake up and when I see the sun

I think he shine because your here.

Thinking of you the grass seems greener

And the rain seems like falling glitter from the sky.

Thinking of you rose’s smell,

Are the ones who fill the air with love?

Thinking of you birds sing,

Just so I can hear you by my side and remember you

Are here with me even at the distance.

Thinking of your life gets easier,

Color seems brighter, every sound

Is a song of love from you?

Thinking of you everything

Has a reason, a meaning to

Keep living and loving you,

You make me think of you.


Yours forever

Were my words the day

I decided to be more women

Happiest in the world,

I met the person

That would be my soul mate,

Just take a look and a kiss

And my life took effect, your arms

Gave me security and your heart

Tie me to your side forever.

My love for you is genuine, unique,

Out of this world.

Everything is perfect

When I hear those perfect words,

I love you; I will never be the girl I was.

My world was transformed when you

Promised me eternal unique and love.

You’re the missing piece of my world,

He revolves around your thought because

There is no world without you.

One look and you’re mine,

Just a kiss and I’m all yours forever.

I’m living my life through your heart.


Don’t leave me here alone all by myself

With no one to love, let me need you.

Let me cry alone because I love you,

I can’t hear you telling me you love me.

Let me be the one that holds you,

When you come to my arms after a long time without you.

Let me need you right here by my side,

Because by your side no harm comes to me.

Let me kiss you long and soft,

Because my lips they long your touch.

Let me be the one that needs all of you,

The one you come home to.


Have your life be the one to talk about

Let everything be a miracle you leave when all ends

Don’t have people tell you how it was,

Because it was your own life.

Enjoy it rule your destiny rule the world.

Be the queen of life don’t leave doubt to discuss

She’s to love while you live

Don’t wait for it to star for it has begun all ready

Is not time to sit and wait, go on stand and face it?

Leave it so the world saw you were happy, sad,

Angry beautiful, hard, and easy and that everything were worth.

Let people in your heart and be the one God want you to be,

Live life living it moment by moment.

You were, are and will be the captain of your destiny.


You talk to me sweet,

You look at me cute

You think I’m pretty,

You think I’m good,

You see me and

You know me.

Can it be me?

Can you think of me?

Can you understand me?

Can you say those words?

You know me.

Days go by,

And you stand by

Time runs away

And you stand by.

You know me.

Don’t you know?

Can you see?

I love you,

But do you love me?

Always mine, forever yours.


Is impossible to be this way,

Almost surreal.

Is hard to explain such experience.

Is not just a crush anymore?

Is more to my heart?

The shots of electricity,

The tingling sensation,

My blushing face,

The Goosebumps,

My body needs to cool down,

I need my voice.

My eyes are lock with yours,

I know you feel the same,

Your eye are sparkling bright and full,

There’s a strange twinkle.

From my mouth escapes a smile,

You have claimed my heart.

I am at your arms and my life at your mercy.


I sat on the hood of his car looking at the ocean.

He said “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

I look at him and smile.

He lifts his hands caressing my face and again saying

“How is it that you’re so beautiful?”

Once again I look at him and smile.

He bends forward and kisses me on the lips,

Sweet, slow and full of promises.

After hours of looking at each other and millions kisses later,

He took me home gave me another kiss said good bye and promising that I

Was the most beautiful girl in his life, I believe everything;

And that was the last night I ever saw him again.


Time is all we need to be alright;

Time to let our hearts to settle down;

To know is okay to wait.

He gets angry sometimes,

When you are far away.

When he cannot be near you.

He can’t understand how you can walk past him,

And not notice him,

He gets desperate.

He waits every morning,

Just to hear you say “hello”.

The sweet sound of your voice and

Once again he recomposed itself.

I try telling him that the right time is yet to come,

But he only lives to please you and only you.


For you I walk a thousand miles,

I let my life be wanted you want.

My heart wants you,

He longs for you,

For your touch, for you kiss,

He Longs for you.

When will you come back?

My heart aches for you,

For your love.

Don’t be late, my love.

Because my heart desired you more than

You can imagine. When you are in love

When you sleep and feel lonely,

When you wake up and you are the only one on the bed,

When you are walking and nobody is by your side.

When your mind can stop to think of him,

When life meaning is to be by his side.


I am empty

I can’t hear the beat of my heart,

My pride is hurt, my mind is lost,

I want to run away,

My mind is not doing right.

Life is a game, you win some, lose some

Rules are meant to be broken;

The only one who plays fair ends up burn to the core.

Is hard sometimes you get love,

Sometimes you lost love.


They go by,

Never stops,

Keep going on.

Days cannot help

To stop them;

Life can’t keep up

With them.

The hours pass

No one can’t put an end,

Where do they go?

Nobody knows.

Minutes that catches us by surprise,

No option to ignore them,

No option to accept them.


Breathing you in is an intoxicating scent,

It goes beyond any perfume.

Is your smell, my drug?

My addiction?

You fill my lungs beyond any fragrance.

I breathe you in,

Filling my heart,

Filling my Life


The crowd stands up and it begins.

The applause was heard around the stage.

You could hear the screams, hear laughter.

Every one celebrates the performance.

The actors greet the audience, give thanks.

The end came celebrating once again the success,

The triumph, the spectacle.

Is the end.



New Feeling Book

The First Book of Poems. love in the Dark yet unique.

  • ISBN: 9781310173745
  • Author: Stephany Vivas Flores
  • Published: 2016-02-23 01:05:09
  • Words: 2030
New Feeling Book New Feeling Book