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[] Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Test Him and See

Behold The Dreamer Cometh

The Nature of God

Biblical Language

The Great Secret

The Great Possession

The Light of the World

Believe It In

No Other Foundation (2)


The Free Man

I Am The Cause


The Creator

Revealed Truth

The Lord, Our Potter

The True Knowledge of God

Jeremiah’s Discovery

Enter the Dream

A Movement of Mind

The Awakening of Faith

The Heart of the Dreamer

All Things Are Possible (2)

The Secret of Causation

A Divine Event

The Mystery of Life

The Talent

He Is Dreaming Now (1)


All-Powerful Human Words

The Pattern of Scripture is Real

His to Give – Yours to Receive

If You Can Really Believe

You Dare To Assume

God’s Plan of Redemption

The Promise Explained

The Law of Identical Harvest

Question and Answer 1970 Lessons



25 July 1969

[]Test Him and See

Tonight’s subject is: Test Him and See. In the second letter of Paul to the Corinthians, the very last chapter, the 13th, he calls upon all of us – for, he is addressing us. Although it was written two thousand years ago, he really addresses everyone in the world who will read the letter; and he said: “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to your faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” (II Corinthians 13:5)

Well, if every Christian in the world were brutally honest with himself, he would answer, “No, I do not realise it. I think of Christ as something on the outside.” That’s what the Christian would say – “and you tell me He is in me.” I am called upon to test myself: “Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?”

Well, if Jesus Christ is in me, where is He? For I am told that “all things are possible to Him” (Mark 9:23). I am told that by Him “all things were made” (John 1:3), “and without Him was not anything made that was made.”

Well, if the Being who created and sustains the universe is in me, I want to find it. I should devote all my life to the discovery of that Being who occupies me, who created and sustains the universe, to whom all things are possible. Well, I’ll tell you who He is. He’s your own wonderful, human Imagination! Your own wonderful Imagination is the Divine Body of the Lord Jesus.

Well, now, test Him and see, because He creates everything. There isn’t a thing in this world that wasn’t first imagined. Name it! Everything in the world that is now proven as something that is factual was once only imagined. You mean, my imagination is the Lord Jesus? Yes, your imagination is the Lord Jesus; but He’s dreaming. He is dreaming this world. He is dreaming that He is you; and, as you, He is dreaming whatever you experience in this world. I don’t care what it is – good, bad, or indifferent, He is suffering with you, for He is dreaming the dream of your life. He laid Himself down within you to dream; and as He dreams, He dreams that He is you. And whatever you think you are, that is what Jesus-in-you, who is the Lord forever, is dreaming! And when He wakes, He is you! And you are the Lord Jesus.

This is the great mystery of all!

I have many a time stretched out on a bed or reclined on a chair and begun to see what I should not see. I saw what reason would deny that I could possibly see; yet I couldn’t deny that I am seeing it. I could no more deny the evidence of this experience than I could the evidence of my senses at any other moment in time – I couldn’t. And then my imagination – call it imagination, call it consciousness – it follows the thinker. I am seeing what I should not see; and then I step into the world that I am seeing, and it is real – just like this, and I am real to myself, and the people are real, everything is real – just like this. Then I return to the place where I knew I was when I began to see it. I return, and yet I am still seeing it. I step into it again. I return – oh, maybe a dozen or more times, and then I decided to venture, regardless of consequences. No matter what happens, I will go, not only into what I am seeing, but I am going to stay there and really explore. And my consciousness steps into what I am seeing, and it’s a world just like this! Real, solid, and I am solid, and I walk out and I meet people, and they see me but I know exactly what I am doing. I know where that thing began! My body is on a bed. I know exactly where that bed is, it’s in Beverly Hills, on El Camino. I know the number, I know everything – I know exactly where it is. And, yet, here I am in a world like this, and it isn’t this world, and yet it is this world.

And, then, I say to these ladies, “Ladies, this is a dream. This whole thing is a dream.” And they looked at me, as any one present here tonight would look at me if I told you right now – and I can, may I tell you – that this is a dream! If I told you right now, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a dream,” you would think, “Why did I come here tonight? This man is insane; he’s mad!” Well, that’s what they felt: that I was mad, and they got as far away from me as they possibly could down the corridor. There they walked as far as they could, looking at me suspiciously; and I am looking at these two lovely – gracious ladies, as you are – no desire to hurt, only to tell them this whole thing is a dream! And when they got beyond and felt safe, they almost ran down the corridor – a beautiful, beautiful interior of a plush, plush hotel. And there I stood, shut out in a dream.

I knew exactly where I laid my body down in Beverly Hills on a street called El Camino. I knew it was a double bed, and my wife was right next to me, and here I am, standing erect in a place more lit than this, far more plush than this – luminous, and I am shut out; and I have unfinished business in this world that you and I now know. A child not yet educated – a child just entering high school, a wife, and I had not yet prepared to cushion the blow if I should depart now. What would they do for – well, money in the immediate future, for I haven’t yet prepared to cushion their life beyond my departure. And here I am standing, and there is no way back to Beverly Hills, and that world is just like this.

Then I remembered what I did years before, when I had a similar experience and it was all based upon feeling; and I could touch something, and I held what I touched and made myself awake. So, as I held it, I said, “Come on! Wake up!” and I woke, holding the object that I imagined, which was in this world. And that’s how I awoke. I remembered that, so, then, I said to myself, while standing perfectly erect, “I will now imagine that my head is on a pillow. It’s in Beverly Hills, in my room on El Camino,” and I could feel the pillow. And, then when I could feel that pillow, I felt myself back – not in a vertical state, but in a horizontal state, but I couldn’t open my eyes. I was cataleptic. The body was dead. I was alive within a body that I could not move; the thing was completely cataleptic. Then in about – oh, maybe a half-minute, I could move the little finger, and then move the hand, then push it out and I could feel the warmth of my wife’s body. Then I knew I was back. I still couldn’t open my eyes. And, then, maybe in another half-minute, I made a tremendous effort, and the eyes came open, and here are all the familiar objects in the room: the bureau, pictures on the walls – the normal, natural things that I had left behind, and I knew that I had entered a world, just like this, and I entered it from a state that the world would call a dream.

When I came back, I could only conclude that this world where I am now, on the bed – touching the woman who is my wife, the mother of my daughter, and this, too, is a dream, but I can’t remember where I laid that body down when I began to dream this dream. I couldn’t remember where that body was, for that was the original body that started this dream, and the other was only a dream within a dream.

Well, then, I began to experiment, as I did before that. If my imagination is Jesus Christ, as taught in Scripture; and if by Him all things were made, “and without him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:3), well, then, I can take the challenge that Paul gave us: “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to the faith. Test yourself” – not the other – “Test yourselves. Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” (II Corinthians 13:5)

Well, if He is in me, then He is the one who stepped into that world and returned into this world, and in this world He’s dreaming this, and can He modify this dream? I began to experiment, and I began to imagine that I am what reason denies, what my senses deny, and I became it in this world! I began to teach it to others, and I told others to do it in a simple way, like a dream. You start with a dream; and you conceive a scene, which, if true, would imply the fulfilment of your dream in this world; that the potency of that thing is all in what it is implying.

Just try it. Bring before your mind’s eye a scene, friends, and have the friends congratulating you on your good fortune; and you accepted it just as though it were true, and then drop it. And, then, let it happen in this world. Let it happen.

Then I repeated it and repeated it and repeated it, and taught it; and those who believed me, who tried it, proved it. Then I found who He was. I found that really the God of the universe is in man, and man is his own wonderful, human imagination! That man’s imagination is the Eternal Body of the Lord that is called Jesus. That is Jesus. He’s crucified on this body, on your body, on Humanity.

The day will come that He will awake from this dream, but in this world He is dreaming. He is dreaming that He is you! And the day will come that He will awake from that dream, strangely enough not leaving you behind detached, but He will awake and you are He!

“Unless I die,” said He, “Thou canst not live.” (John 12:24) “But if I die, I shall arise again, and thou with me.” He will not leave you behind. He actually became humanity, that humanity might become God! That’s the story and it’s not talk; but I am telling you what I know from my own wonderful human experience. I have done it time and again, gone right into a world just like this, and nothing dies.

Tonight when some one appears to die, they will only close a section of the Eternal Book that they are dreaming. They simply close it, and you call them dead. They are not dead! They are in a world just like this, and they are solid. They are terrestrial; the world is terrestrial. How? They are unaccountably new. I cannot explain to you how it happens, any more than I can explain to you how tonight when I go to bed and sleep and dream, that I am real to myself in my dream, and I am real to those who see me. I am clothed; yet, the body is on the bed. And I sleep, and have for the last forty-odd years, in the nude. I go to bed, and find myself clothed the way I am now. Where is the clothing? Where is the body? The body is on the bed, but that dream is real; and when I awake within the dream, it’s just like this – just like this.

So, this is as much of a dream as the dream in which I have awakened, and not one friend of mine has ever died. I see them, and they are solidly real, and unaccountably new – not little children, but new – no need of false teeth, no need of glasses, no need of anything. They are new. But eventually they have these things because they grow old there, too. They age there and die when they come to the end of that section of the Book of Life. Then they awaken to find they are reading another chapter, and they continue the Book of Life, and we are dreaming the Dream of Life.

In the end, we will awaken from the Dream of Life, knowing that everyone eventually will do it; but while we are in this world, we can modify the dream. If I know I’m dreaming, I can change it. So, someone comes into my world, and he’s unemployed, yet he needs money; he has a family to support. He needs money to buy all the things that a family needs; and I’m dreaming that. Well, I’ll change that dream! I will see him as gainfully employed and happy in his family, and everything is, as it should be. So, I changed the script. I have the power to change it, and he conforms to my change, and he works.

Now, I can’t see you now unless you penetrate my brain. Everything that I perceive, I perceive only because it as an object in space is penetrating my brain. So, at once, you exist, not only in me, by penetration, but you exist as an object occupying a place in space independent of my perception of you; but you do exist simultaneously in me, because you have penetrated my brain, you also exist as something occupying space in the surrounding world. Now, must I wait for you to change, to change in me? Or, can I change in me what I see there, and make the change take place there? Well, try it. This is the test.

If Christ is in us – well, then, do I wait for objects in space to change for it to change in me, or can I change it in me, for you are penetrating my brain or I couldn’t perceive you? Well, I’ll change that which penetrates my brain, and it is one with that which is in space, because if you should change it would change in me. Well, now, if I change you in me, I could change you in the other world.

Then I try it, and it works. I try changing in me what others appear to be. It was not lovely, and they requested a change, they felt they couldn’t bring it about, and turned to me.

All right, so if He is in me, and all things are created by Him, “and without Him is not a thing made that is made” (John 1:3), well, then, I will change it. So, in my mind’s eye I represented him, or them, to myself as I would like to see them and as they would like to see themselves, and then I did nothing, beyond simply changing them in me, and persuading myself of the reality of the change; and then they conformed to it. Well, if they conformed to it, then I have found Him! “For all things are made by Him, and without Him is not anything made that is made.” (John 1:3)

So, “examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” (II Corinthians 13:5) Read it in the 13th chapter of II Corinthians. And there’s no more glorious end than in that chapter, the greatest benediction that you could ever read:

“And may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” (II Corinthians 13:14)

That’s how he ends that letter. Have you ever heard a more glorious benediction? “…be with you all.” What? “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Well, grace means a gift unmerited, unearned, unwarranted, a complete, wonderful gift that no one could ever earn – the gift of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Then he comes to the love of God. I can’t conceive of that, it’s infinite. He is infinite in His love, and, then, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, making us all one. That’s the benediction.

But that challenge in the 4th verse is, when he asks you if you do not realise that God – he calls Him “Jesus Christ is in you”: “Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” (II Corinthians 13:5) Well, you ask that of the Christians of the world, and if they were brutally honest, they would tell you, “No, I don’t realise it.” But, now, test it; and when you test it, you find Him.

And after you find Him through testing, I’ll make you a promise; you are going to have the experience of Jesus Christ. And everything said of Him in the Bible, you are going to have it in a first-person, singular, present-tense experience; and you will know that you are the Lord Jesus Christ! That God actually became us, that we may become God! That is the story.

So, when, sitting on a chair or lying on a bed – and it’s happened to me so often – I see a world that is so real, and I shouldn’t see that world – because if I am seeing what I should see, I should see the walls, the picture that I know, the things – the objects that I know that are in this room – and I am not seeing these things at all. I am seeing an entirely different world, and then something moves within me, and my consciousness follows my vision, and I step into the world that I am seeing. I enter it. And then I remain in it long enough to have it close upon me, and this world is completely shut out. Yet, that world is as real as this world, and I find myself moving in that world – I stroll. And it’s just as real as this world!

Now, last night a friend of mine, who is here tonight, having heard this story of mine a little while back – he told me of an experience of his, and it really was a thrilling experience. I am going to ask him to take the platform and tell you what was told him when he sat at a bar on a hot summer’s day. I am going to ask him to keep it down just to the essentials, not to embellish it and not to attempt to interpret it – just to tell you what was told him by one who had this experience.

Verne, will you take the platform?

Verne: I have been coming to Neville’s lectures four or five years in San Francisco, and I live about 55 or 57 miles down the Peninsula. It was last summer just before Neville came to San Francisco that I had been taking some material to the Post Office about 5:00 o’clock in the evening, and was returning to my home through the business district, and I saw the door of a bar-room open. It was a very hot day, and I thought, “Oh, on an afternoon like this, a nice thing I could have right now in my experience would be a cold bottle of beer.” So, I parked my car and went into this bar. I noticed that it had been redecorated. I had been in this place before, but not for several months. There was new leather panelling all around the walls with metal studs. There were new stools, and the floor was all redone. It was very attractive and a very pleasant place to be. And the bar had been modified a little bit to make it rather “L” shaped. I noticed that every seat was taken, except for the far end where the small leg of the “L” would be. So I went down there to find myself a seat, and there were two stools; but the one I could not occupy because there was an ashtray there that had a cigarette in it, and there was a glass. Someone was occupying that stool, so I took the only one that I could, which was next to the wall, wondering who might be in the seat next to mine.

In a few moments a man came back from the lavatory and sat down beside me. He was about five feet seven, clean cut, shaven, coal dark hair, and rather solidly built – a pleasant-looking person. But it’s not my custom to seek for companionship in bars, and I had no desire to conduct a conversation with him, but he wanted to talk to me. I was not rude to him, but I answered everything that he said in monosyllables, to sort of indicate that I’d rather conduct my affairs by myself, but he insisted on speaking to me, and he wanted to know if I was an engineer because I live in that part of the Peninsula where there are a lot of electronics industry. I said, “No, I am not an engineer.”

“Well, what do you do?” he asked.

I said, “I happen to be a writer”; and the fact that I was a writer triggered something in him. He had been down to that portion of California where old treasures are reputed to be, and some months ago he had found some old, Spanish coins, and he had written an article about these coins which had been published in a magazine. He brought that out because he thought it would be of interest to me, which it was, and then we got to talking a little bit more, and he said, “You know, that’s the part of the United States where many of these people go that are interested in unidentified flying objects. Do you believe in those things?”

I had to say that I didn’t have any feeling one way or the other about it because I had had no experience with them, but I said, “I can tell you something of interest if you are interested in that sort of thing. I was the Personnel Officer with the United States Air Force in 1952 at a large radar station in Wisconsin, near the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and we had the radar-scope working 24 hours a day, picking things out of the sky, as part of our surveillance over the Canadian border.” I said, “Our men used to pass on weather reports to commercial airliners because they would pick up advance notice of these things.” And I said, “One night they clocked some object in the earth’s atmosphere that was going at an enormous rate of speed – nine thousand miles an hour, or something like that, and then it stopped with no curve or anything and just took off in another direction.” I said, “That is the limit of my experience with unidentified flying objects. We made a photographic impression of what appeared on the radar-scope and sent it to Washington and that’s the last I heard of it.”

Our conversation came to a halt at that moment, and then he said, “You know when I was in the war, I was a Marine and I was in the Pacific Theatre, and I was wounded in the leg there and was taken to a hospital in Japan. And one night while I was on this hospital bed in Japan, I had a dream. And all of a sudden,” he said, “I awoke in this dream, and I found myself in a large beautiful ballroom, and there were many couples who were dancing to some very stately music, and it must have been something like a French court or a European royal family of some kind, because,” he said, “it was very ornate, and it was very stately.” He said, “All the women were wearing hoop skirts, long hoop skirts, powdered wigs that came down to their shoulders, and the men were wearing knee breaches with silver buckles on their shoes; and I am dancing with this woman, and I am trying to tell her that I am having a dream on a hospital bed in Japan and she was part of my dream, as all of the dancers were, and she wouldn’t accept what I was saying. She said to me, ‘Oh, you’ve had too much to drink out of the punch bowl; so I think maybe we should step out of this dance and go over there and have one more glass to get you straightened out.”

So, they broke away from the other dancers and he, protestingly, went along with her, trying to tell her that he believed he was sincere in what he was telling her, and she wouldn’t accept it, and he began to get a little bit loud about it, and finally it was noticed by other dancers and some of the men broke away and came over to see what all the trouble was about. She told them, “This man is out of his mind and is insisting that this is a dream, that we are all dream figures”’ and he insisted on it.

He said, “At that point they began to move in on me as though they were going to overpower me and shackle me, because I was creating such a ruckus.” And then he said, “Pfff, it was like smoke, and it all disappeared, and I was back on my bed in Japan.”

It was then that I told him Neville’s story, and I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head because he had not heard of this experience from any one else.

Neville: Thank you, Verne; thank you. Thank you very much. Now, here you’ve heard it from one who was told it at a bar. If I said you are all figures in my dream, you would think me completely insane, and yet I will not retract one word. You are dreaming me, and I am dreaming you; and we are dreaming this scene to be, and while we are in it, in the world of Caesar, we can modify the dream and change it and make it conform to a better dream than the script that we are reading. But the day will come, you will awaken from the dream of life, and when you awaken, you are the Lord Jesus Christ! This is the story that I am trying to get over to everyone in the world.

So, you condemn no one, for what you are seeing is all part of your dream. Now, test it and see. But you are told in this 13th chapter: Test yourself. You don’t test the other. You test yourself, and the other is a part of your dream; so you can’t appeal to him. You appeal to yourself!

If he is in your dream and he’s not doing what you’d like him to do – he’s unemployed and he’s a burden on society, well, then, employ him. See him gainfully employed, making far more than he ever dreamed that he could ever make, and let him go. He will conform to your modified dream.

See the other, and the other one wants to be – I don’t care what he wants. If they want to be socially prominent, if they want to be this, that or the other, what does it matter in the dream? So, he wants to be something very important. Does it take anything from you? No, you are the dreamer. The dreamer in man is God.

Now, there are three ancient manuscripts concerning the beginning of the Bible. They are known only by letters. We speak of the “J” manuscript, the “E” manuscript and the “P” manuscript. Scholars do not know who they are. They are all attributed to a mythological figure called Moses. But nevertheless, in the book of Genesis it is only “J”, “E” and “P”; and they have named it Jehovah, Elohim, and the Priestly; but the “E” manuscript begins with the 15th chapter of the book of Genesis. It doesn’t mention the first fourteen chapters; it has not a thing to say about the so-called creation and the flood. It begins with Abraham, before his name was Abraham, when his name was Abram. That’s the 15th chapter, and in this chapter he asks for a son. He said, “I have no son. Why can’t you give me a son? And the son born in my household of a slave will be my heir.” And the LORD said to him, “He will not be your heir; your own son will be your heir.” (Genesis 15:3)

Then the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Abram, and Abram slept. (Genesis 15:12) Now, not a thing is said that he ever awoke! Abram slept, and the LORD said to him, “You will be slaves for four hundred years; and when you come out, you will have an abundance beyond what you have before the deep sleep that falls upon you, and you will suffer. You will be a slave during this sleep.” This is the 15th chapter of Genesis (Genesis 15:13, 14).

May I tell you; you are the Abram spoken of. The “four hundred” doesn’t mean four hundred years, as we would measure time. Four hundred is the numerical value of the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is tav; and the symbolical value of that is a cross. The “cross” is this (indicating physical body) body. This is the cross, the tav – the four hundred that you wear; and until you take it off finally, at the very last you are enslaved. You are enslaved by the cross that you wear. You perform all of its functions.

No matter how powerful you are – you cannot pay anyone or command anyone to perform for you the normal, natural functions of this cross. You must assimilate and eliminate, and do everything that this body demands; and you cannot turn it over to someone else to do it for you, no matter who you are. So, this is the slave body that Abraham wears; and when he comes out of this dream, he will be enhanced a hundredfold.

Whatever the creative power you possessed before your descent into this garment, it will be enhanced a hundredfold; whatever the wisdom that you possessed before the descent, a hundredfold. So, this is God, and God alone who is playing all the parts.

Here we have a play, and you and I will not avoid the play. We read it and we play it. Now, to play a part, a good actor must, to some extent, feel the part that he is playing, and to the best of his ability identify himself with the character that he is playing. He must do that. So, God is not pretending that He is you; He had to completely forget His infinite power and take on the limitations of you, in order to play “you” as you should be played.

So, God is not pretending that He is man. He became man! He became man, that man may become God! That’s the only way that God could actually extend His own Being – His wonderful Being. So, you are the God of Scripture. You are the God of the universe. You were the God that created the heavens and sustains the heavens for a divine purpose; and when the play is over, and we all awake from the dream, we knew each other, for you and I have known each other as brothers before we descended.

I knew you and loved you beyond the wildest dreams that man could ever think of – a love so dear, so tender, that not a thing on earth could ever compare to it. That’s how we loved each other. And you and I agreed to dream in concert, and not to break the dream until it was over. And when the whole thing is over – and may I tell you, it is over, not collectively, but it is over one by one because you are so unique, you can’t be replaced. Not one person in Eternity can take your place in the Risen Body of the Living God! Not one. It would be a catastrophe beyond redemption if you could be lost. You can’t be lost. You must return as a living stone in the living body of the Risen Lord. And by living stone, I mean a Being way beyond the wildest dream of any one here on earth. And when we meet in that Living Body, we will remember the Being that we loved before we descended, as told us in the 82nd Psalm:

“I say, ‘you are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you shall die like men, and fall as one man, O ye princes.” (Psalm 82:6, 7 RSV1 )

So, we actually fell as one man, and became diversified in these garments of flesh and blood, wearing different pigments: some wearing white bodies, yellow bodies, black bodies: and behind the mask of these bodies is God – not less than the other one. Not one because of the pigment of the skin is less or greater. It’s all God! There’s nothing but God.

I wouldn’t want to be greater than the one I loved before the fall, and I will not be. All will be one. We ventured into this world of death, and we will come out of it, and return to the world of life – the eternal world. This is the most marvellous venture in the world, but while you wear the mask, we can’t quite see it.

Now, I am telling you this tonight, not from speculation. I am not theorising; I am not speculating. I have experienced Scripture. Everything said in the Gospels concerning Jesus Christ, I have experienced, from the Crucifixion straight through to the descent of the Holy Spirit in bodily form as a dove! The ascension, the discovery of the Fatherhood of God – all these I have experienced in a first-person, singular, present-tense experience.

And, yet, while I wear the garment to tell the story, I must still continue the sufferings that the garment imposes upon me. It gets old, and it gets older and it gets older, it gets weaker, and I have to bear it. I must bear this cross to the very end.

Well, as Paul said in the 8th chapter of his letter to the Romans: “I consider that the sufferings of the present time aren’t worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed in us at the Revelation of Jesus Christ.” (Romans 8:18) When Christ reveals Himself in us as us, what does it matter what we have suffered through the play. But I cannot stop the suffering as the body gets older and decays; but this time I am taking it off for the last time, not to be restored any more, but to completely leave it behind, and then to return to the One Body that is gathering one by one by one all into the Risen Lord. I’m already part of the Risen Body, but I was sent to tell this story; and tell it, I must; and tell it, I will. And if it offends someone, if it disturbs someone, it doesn’t make any difference to me; I still must tell it.

If someone becomes completely self-publicised and is distorting the mystery of Christ, I must protest the distortion of this great mystery of God. They set themselves apart as though they were elected to tell a story of a moral issue, and that one is no god, and that one. That isn’t so at all! There isn’t one in Eternity that will remain unredeemed; and the part he is playing was essential to the whole, for “all things work for good for those who love the Lord.” (Romans 8:28)

We are told: “You didn’t sell me into slavery,” when the brothers confessed they had sold him into slavery. He said, “No, it was the Lord; it was the Lord’s will. You were instruments used to sell me into slavery; but He knew my innate wisdom, my innate know-how to interpret the signs of the time and so I interpreted the signs of the times to save civilisation.” (Genesis 45:5, 6, 7) “So a famine was coming upon the world. Without my knowledge of the Pharaoh’s dream, then we would not have lived. So, He allowed you to sell me into slavery, that I may be in contact with Pharaoh and read his dream for him and prove it true, and then become equal with Pharaoh in the running of civilisation.”

So the brothers thought that they had sold him. So, you think you have injured someone. Time will prove you didn’t at all. It was part of the unfolding drama, part of the play. This whole thing is a play. I have seen it so clearly, and I can’t tell you the thrill when you sit comfortably in a chair thinking of not a thing in particular – not dwelling on anything, and suddenly you aren’t seeing the interior of your living room. I know the interior of my living room backwards. I have a lovely library, comfortable chairs; it’s a homey life. It’s not for show. My wife and I live in a place that I call home. So, if anyone comes to our place, we make them feel at home; it is restful. And my books are used; they are not for show. The chairs, the furniture – everything is usable. We have not a thing for display – lovely pieces – some beautiful pieces, but no one comes every year, as they do in L.A. – I suppose they do it here, too – to take the value of your furniture, and they estimate the value, and you pay so much of it. Well, they will come into my place, and here I have a beautiful library, but they are all used books. So that’s discounted right away. We have some lovely old pieces that came from my wife’s mother’s estate. Well, that’s several generations; and it’s old to them, therefore it has no value, and I wouldn’t dare tell them, but anyone who knows the value of these things, as I have had them come in and say, “Will you take three thousand for that?” “Will you take two thousand for that?” – but to the one who is sent over to value the things, they wouldn’t give them room in their place, because they are old pieces. But, to us, they are not only old but they are lovely, and they are functional. Everything in our house is functional.

So, I will sit in a chair, and then suddenly I am not seeing what I should see, and sometimes I will take the venture and step into what I see. Consciousness follows vision, and I step into the vision and explore a world just as real as this. You find people who the world would call “dead”; they aren’t dead at all! Solidly real in a world that is terrestrial, trees grow, and they wax and they wane and they die. People grow, they wax, they wane, they die; and yet they do not die. All things are restored. You’re reading a play, and you are playing the part that you are reading; and the day will come you will awaken from it all. And when you awaken, you are the one who created it.

The Old Testament is the portrait; the New is the reality. The day is coming that you will realise within yourself the reality. You will compare it to the portrait, and you will see certain things in that portrait that you could change – and you could at any point – certain things you would add that the portrait did not catch, certain things you would delete, for you are the reality.

I’ll tell you, the story is true. It is not chronologically accurate, but it is true. Every bit of it is true. I could tell it in a more chronological, accurate way than it is told in the Gospel, telling it from my own personal experience; but it is good enough to be left just as it is, for when you, the reality, unveil yourself, you will compare it to the portrait – and you will know it’s your portrait; and you will say of it, “It’s an excellent likeness, but it’s not the reality.”

Now, let us go into the Silence.



Now, first before we take the questions: Verne, thank you. I enjoyed every moment of it; and do me a favour, and write it for me. I like to hear these stories and then have a record of it, that I may share it with those when I go back south. So, if I have it in written form, I can share it. So, thank you.

Now are there any questions, please?

A man in the audience: Would you care to comment on the transparent race?

Answer: The transparent race? Well, I do not know of any transparent race. I know of the Body of Glory that you will wear. As far as a transparent race, these bodies are permanent; they are fixed forever as God moves through them. When you come out of these, these are the garments that decay (referring to the physical body) – you are wearing a Body of Glory, and it’s the Body of the Risen Lord. And may I tell you, it isn’t transparent; it’s glorious! It’s glorious beyond measure. It is not transparent.

A lady in the audience: Will you explain what is meant in the Bible about the second death?

Answer: The second death only appears, really, in the book of Revelation and the only death is this: If I do not now, in this world, have the experience of the Risen Lord, I will continue and be restored – it’s not death, really. I am restored to life to continue until it happens. But people don’t quite understand that when one departs this world, that the world does not terminate at the point where my senses cease to register it: that he continues, restored – unbelievably new; and that, to us – well, he dies. Well, if he dies to us, therefore he’ll die again. That dying again is simply going from one stage to another stage to another stage; he doesn’t really die, as told us in the 20th chapter of the book of Luke. In other words, it is called death, but if you understand it, it isn’t really death. Because, if I drop now, at this very moment, you would say, “Neville died,” and you would name it this day in 1969 and this month; but, not this one – before my “birth from above” I would have been restored to life, and I would find myself 20 years old, not necessarily in the year 1969; I could find myself in the year Four Thousand, or the year One Thousand, whatever is best for the work yet to be done in me.

And, so, to the others, I would be one who would die again. But I don’t die; I simply pass through a door. It’s so thin – the little garment – the little thing that separates this world from that world, which is not anything more than an extension of this world, is so thin. I often wonder why people don’t see it. It is simply almost – well, the gentleman used the word “transparent.” It is just like that. It is so thin that separates this world from that world and they don’t die at all! But the miracle is: how do they, dying here old and withered and minus senses – eyes are gone, teeth gone, hair gone, and suddenly they stand before you and they are restored, unaccountably new. And they are 20, and in a section of time – it could be 1969 – it could be; the chances are, it will not be. It will be in a section of time, which is already fixed, best suited for the work yet to be done in them, as told us in the letter to the Philippians: “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6, RSV) That is, when it’s formed in you and you unveil yourself as God. But, I can’t see a second death. You die to those who see you go, but you never really die to yourself. You don’t die to yourself; you only die to those who can’t follow you. But no thing in this world ever dies to itself! It is unaccountably restored and it’s new. You die here when you lose almost all your faculties. If you lived long enough, you would lose all the faculties, and yet they are all restored.

A lady in the audience: Where is eternal damnation?

Answer: Oh, forget damnation! God is infinitely merciful. There is no such thing as damnation. Our priests are not only dissatisfied with this world, which is hell enough, but they make another one. Oh, Lord! Last Sunday morning with this excitement of our boys coming on the moon – I turned the TV on early when I got up – I got up about 5:30, and my wife arose at the same time. She said, “Darling, turn it on as early as we can and softly so it will not disturb the neighbours;” so I turned on the TV, and things were coming on. And here’s this man – I don’t know who he is, and I don’t want to know; and he’s talking of two kinds of hell: an upper hell and a lower hell. Well, Lord! There’s no one better equipped to enter them than he is! And here he is spieling off this nonsense to the world about an upper hell and a lower hell; and people think because someone is on TV that they are suddenly endowed with intelligence; that when someone spends twenty million dollars to publicise himself, suddenly he is a wise person. What nonsense! My father had a saying: “Money doesn’t care who owns it.” If you have twenty million dollars, and you want yourself publicised, spend your twenty million dollars, and think yourself wise because you spent it.

No, my dear; God is infinitely merciful. God is love – I know; I am not speculating. I stood in the presence of Infinite Love – and it’s man, and it’s God. And He communed with me as man to man, and embraced me when I answered the question that he asked, and I became one with the Risen Lord. So, now I am one, though I seem not to be to mortal eyes – I am one with the Spirit of the Risen Lord, wearing His glorified body of Love; but no mortal eye can see it. You can’t see it with these eyes. It would blind the eyes to see it! Yet, I know I wear the body of the Risen Lord.

“I have one body, one spirit, one lord, one God and Father of all.” (Ephesians 4:4 – 6) Well, any one who is united with the Lord becomes one spirit with Him. Any other questions, please?

A lady in the audience: (Question inaudible on the tape.)

Answer: My dear, it’s instantaneous. You do not wait. If you drop now this very moment, we all rush to hold the body that we love and call for help, and do what Caesar demands that we do. But you, instantly – you’ll be saying to us, if we could hear you, “Leave it. It was mine; it is not I.”

The same lady: I was thinking of someone very seriously ill.

Answer: My Dear, I don’t care how seriously ill they were, in what pain they were; it’s an instantaneous dropping of all that that body represented. There is no pain; there is no absence of anything; they are restored and they are young and they are beautiful – altogether wonderful. That’s God! God is Love! He isn’t putting Himself through to hurt Himself. It is essential. If I were to extract gold from ore, I must put it through the furnace. These are the furnaces. I am bringing myself out by the furnaces, and I think sometimes that the world despairs it will ever see its

Father again. And no one knows how long – how frightful the furnace is ‘ere he finds his Father’; but he will find his Father. When he finds his Father, he is the Father! It’s the Father putting Himself through – not to hurt any one. So, when people tell me all this nonsense about, “Look, what she is doing and what he is doing,” they should go and read the Scripture more thoroughly.

Let me read you one little passage from the book of Romans: “God has consigned all men to disobedience, that He may have mercy upon all.” (Romans 11:32) Read it in the book of Romans: “God has consigned all men to disobedience, that He may have mercy upon all.” You would never know mercy unless you were unmerciful; and then it can be showered upon you when you are unworthy of it; then you know what mercy is. And so he actually consigned – if I told you right now, I am going to give you the whole vast universe, provided in the next 24 hours you do not think of a monkey, I could keep my gift; you’re not going to get it! So the whole command must be in the negative: “Thou shalt not.” You have to break it; you have to break everything that is placed in the negative. “Thou shalt not…” So, man, because he’s afraid of the consequence of his act, he doesn’t actually commit adultery; and there isn’t a man who was ever a man who did not commit it in the true sense of the word. As we are told in the Sermon on the Mount:

“You have heard of old, Thou shalt not commit adultery. But I say to you that any man who longs after a woman has already committed the act in his heart.” (Matthew 5:27, 28)

So, it’s a psychological act, not a physical act. I may restrain the impulse because I’m afraid of the consequences. I don’t want to destroy my social position or my financial position or my family life; yet I may entertain the thought. Well, I am told, my cowardice did not save me from the act. Others went out without contemplating the consequences, and they were caught in the act.

Really, when you come right down to it, as someone brought up the other day, at Rutgers University, these six professors made a survey of, I think, twenty or thirty ex-convicts who went out into business for themselves, and they are doing very well in their own little way. They are making from ten thousand to thirty thousand a year each in these small businesses, which is a very good living today, with all these big mergers to compete with the big conglomerates; but they are ex-cons. And what do you think the six professors’ conclusion is? They have the kind of mind that big business executives need to succeed in business; therefore they are telling you, without saying it, that the big businessmen are the same convicts – only they weren’t caught. That is what they are telling you! The same mentality, but they were not caught. They have exactly what it takes for a big business executive: the president of the organisation or the chairman of the board; but they were powerful enough to hush that and keep on going. But the same kind of mind – a sense of independence, a sense of venture, a sense of taking a chance when other fellows wouldn’t take a chance but are playing it safe. It’s not always the man who plays it safe; he takes a chance. Well, in their case, they were caught. With the big fellows, they were not. And that came out this past week in the New York Times; and these were professors from Rutgers University back east who spent one year with Government money making this survey. And these men are quite happy now to make their ten thousand, fifteen thousand or thirty thousand a year; and when they can do that today, with the competition – you open a small grocery store, and you’re in competition with a big conglomerate that can buy train-loads of eggs, not just a few dozen eggs that you can sell in a course of a day. They can buy in such quantities, they own farms that supply the eggs; they own the farms that supply the meat. How can you compete? And, yet, they are running these small businesses; so they compete in a small business today against these enormous conglomerates. It takes quite a mind, and these are twenty-five or thirty ex-convicts.

So, “He has consigned all men to disobedience, that He may have mercy upon all.” (Romans 11:32, RSV)

Oh, by the way, I’ve been forgetting it night after night. I use your name and address only to let you know when I’m in the City. I don’t offer you anything for sale, I don’t try to sell you anything; I do not appeal for any money. When I come to the City, I let you know if you are on my mailing list. There’s only one friend of mine in this area to whom I have given my list, and I recommend him one thousand per cent; and if you are on my list, you will be on his list, because he teaches what I teach. And his name is Freedom Barry. So, you will hear from him, but he’s not going to sell you anything. He’s not going to sell you anything, appeal for any money; he will simply tell you where he is and how many days he’ll be here. But I do not use your name and address for any other purpose; so you can feel free to give it to me if you would like to have me send you a notice the next time I come to the City.

A question from a lady in the audience: Where can your books be bought?

Answer: My dear, my books should be bought in every book store, because it’s a nice publishing house. If you don’t find it at the time you ask for it, ask them to order it from my publisher, and his name is DeVorss. He is in Los Angeles. It should be in all the book stores because he has a good sales force. So if they don’t have it in stock – and they can’t carry every book in stock, but if you go into any book store, like Books, Incorporated or the Metaphysical Library, or any of these book stores, if they don’t have it, you can tell them that it is available, and they can call the publisher, and the publisher’s name is DeVorss, and he is down in the Los Angeles area.

Until the next time, thank you.

Now let us go into the silence.


19 September 1969

[] Behold The Dreamer Cometh

In the 37th chapter of Genesis we read the story of Joseph, a dreamer whose dreams always came true. His father, Israel, loved Joseph more than any of his other sons, and made him a long robe with sleeves. Now I ask you, who is Joseph? He is the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ, your true identity. Historical evidence for Jesus, the man, is non-existent, yet he is the only reality and the true identity of every child born of woman. When you say within yourself, “I am,” that is Jesus Christ, he who is dreaming this whole vast world into being.

One day you will understand this truth, for:


Real are the dreams of gods

And smoothly pass their pleasure

In the long, immortal dream.”


Your thoughts are your dreams, which weave your world into being and sustain it. You and I are inserted into the dream. ”`Tis we who, lost in stormy visions fight with phantoms, an unprofitable strife.” And we will continue the dream until we awaken to discover that we are the dreamer, who is God himself.

This is not an idle dream, but one designed for the divine purpose of extending imagination’s creative power. Expanding by entering his dream, God appears as you and I. And he is going to awaken from his dream, and, because there is only God, although we number into the billions we will all be resolved into the one Lord God Jehovah, who is Jesus Christ.

Now, Joseph could dream and interpret the dreams of others, regardless of their complexities. Certain dreams are simple and need no interpretation, but most of our dreams are symbolic and few understand the language of symbolism. Joseph understood and interpreted the dream of the sheaves as well as his dream of the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowing before him. When his father heard the dream he said, “What is this dream? Shall I and your mother and brothers bow down to you?” He didn’t criticise him, but set these things in his heart.

Now, in the state of Moses the name Joseph is changed to Joshua, which is the Hebraic form of the Anglicised word, “Jesus”, or “Jehovah saves.” So here we find Joseph the dreamer, becoming Jesus the saviour, by awakening from the dream he dreamed, interpreted, and fulfilled.

Right now you think this room is real, and tonight you might have a dream and – if you are lucky – remember it as a dream, but not as reality. Well, if to dream is to dwell in unreality not knowing it as such, what is life but one uninterrupted dream? Until you have certain experiences, you will no doubt question my sanity, but when you have them you will know that this which seems real is no less a dream than the dream of the night.

Travel with me in your mind as we read the morning paper. On the first page we read of an air crash, a war, a hold-up, a murder, and embezzlement. Turn the page to the social column. See the pictures of the bride and groom and read all about their wedding and the guests attending. Another page lists the deaths, and finally we turn to the financial page, which tells us who is making money and who is losing it. Isn’t that disjointed? Lost in the reading, we have travelled from violence to a wedding, to gossip, deaths, and finance. All written by ten or twelve men who are sound asleep, and dreaming their columns into being, while you – and the millions who read the paper – will see the out-picturing of all that you thought during the reading.

How do I know this? Because I have awakened from the dream of life. I know that God laid himself down within me to sleep, to dream that he is I; for when he awoke, I was he! How do I know that I am he? Because his only begotten son, David, called me father.

While I remain in this body of blood and flesh, I must abide by its restrictions and limitations; yet remembering it is a dream, I can change it. If this world is reality I cannot change it; but if I am its reality, I can change my world relative to myself. I can imagine a desire fulfilled and watch it come to pass in my outer world. But first I had to know it was a dream. This I do know, for he who is in the depth of my own being said to me: “I laid myself down within you to sleep and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed that I am you.” Yes, he dreamed that he is I, for he awoke and he was I. A few months later he revealed his mystery to me by bringing his son David to call me father. Through an innate wisdom I knew he wasn’t just a boy who called me father, but the David of Biblical fame who is God’s only son.

When God awakes within you he is the same God who awoke within me. There aren’t two Gods. You and I are really one. Although there appears to be billions of us here, we are all one being, one God acting out this play, to expand our creative power and wisdom.

A very dear friend of mine is in the audience tonight. I am so thrilled for him and for anyone who comes and has such an experience and shares it with me. This is his experience. While in his living room watching TV he felt drowsy, closed his eyes, and allowed himself to fall asleep. Remembering he was watching TV, he finds himself driving his car with his wife at his side. Feeling a sense of impending disaster, as his wife grabbed the wheel he awoke in the dream, and succeeded in getting control of the wheel again. Up ahead he saw a man he recognised as a great actor, and suddenly remembering where he was when the dream began, he inwardly proclaimed I AM. At that moment he awoke seated on his chair facing the TV. Then he said, “Since this is the first time I awoke in a dream to know who I am and where I am, I can’t help but be pleased with myself.” Well, he should be. All of these experiences are little breakages to the brain that bind us to the dream, which means that he is on the verge of awakening from this dream of life.

Unnumbered times I have sat in my chair and found myself slipping into what reason tells me I should not see. I have stepped into that world; it closes around me and becomes just as real as this. I am in a terrestrial world, talking to people who are just as solid and real as you are and I am. Awake, I am aware of where I was when I entered this section of time. and I also know that there is no road to take me back to the year and place I left.

You see, all things are taking place now. Eternity exists and all things in eternity independent of creation, which was an act of mercy. Entering a certain section of the dream, we animate it and become aware of that which already is. The past has not ceased to be. It is taking place as it took place and still takes place when anyone enters that section of time. The same is true with the future. The year 1969 finds us standing on the moon. It always has been so. The world is, and we are placed upon this little space called earth to learn to bear the beams of love, for God is infinite love. I know, for I stood in His presence, then came down and entered a spectre in order to learn to love and take on substance.

Not long ago I was in another section of time instructing a group of maybe a dozen men all seated around me. In the centre with me was a spectrum, a shadow of a man. I could move him about and do with him as I willed. Then I said to him, “Go and love. To the degree that you love, you will acquire substance. Only then can you take part in the drama and awake with life in yourself.”

What I said to those men I say to you now. At the present time you are only an animated being, not a life-giving spirit. One day you will acquire substance (acquire love) then you will become one with life in your self, knowing that all things were made through the creative act of love (the act of mercy) and without it was not anything made. As life-giving spirits we all return to the one being as that one being, yet retaining our own identity. We will never lose our identity, but rather we will grow ever-greater individualisation.

While In San Francisco, a chap who attended my meetings there told me a story. One hot summer’s day he stopped in a bar for a nice cold beer. Taking the only unoccupied seat at the bar, he was soon visiting with the man sitting next to him who told him this story. “The strangest thing happened to me years ago and it haunts me still. I was wounded during the Korean War and shipped to a hospital in Japan. While lying on that bed in the hospital and knowing I am an American, I felt the room fade from my view and suddenly I am in Europe, dancing with a lady who is dressed, like all the other ladies there, in hoop skirts. Knowing who I am, I said to my dancing partner, `You know, this is a dream,’ and with that remark she became frightened. As people gathered around me I told them that I was really an American soldier who was wounded in a hospital in Japan. I even told them what year it was, but to them the year had not yet arrived so the crowd became angry and I decided it was time to leave. So I simply assumed I was on my bed in the hospital in Japan, and when I opened my eyes, I was there.”

This man hasn’t yet completely awakened, but one day he will awaken from this dream that seems so consistent, just as you will. And when you do, you will experience every precept of scripture in what the world will call a dream.

Now, the 6th chapter of I Timothy tells us that “The love of money is the root of all evil,” and in the 13th chapter of the epistle to the Hebrews, Paul tells us to: “Keep your life free from the love of money.” When I was a little boy in the island of Barbados, every Sunday four of us boys would ride a big male donkey we used to sire horses to produce mules, down to my grandmother’s house, where she would give each of us a coin. I received a penny. When we got out of my grandmother’s sight, a man would meet us with a female donkey, and for my penny he would get on the back of his donkey and we would have wild ride home as our jackass chased his female donkey. This went on for a long time before my mother found out, and then she said: “You know, Nev, you aren’t going to have anything, for you give everything away.” I knew, intuitively, that the love of money was the root of all evil.

Now, to show how scripture fulfils itself in experience, I will share with you now a recent waking dream of mine. I knew where my physical body was, and I knew what year it was, but I found myself standing on a street corner holding an enormous packet of bills of all denominations. As a woman passed by she reached over and grabbed some of my money. In her eagerness, several bills floated away from her and were grabbed by the other people passing by. Suddenly this lady became very angry and demanded that they all give her money back to her! She had just stolen it from me, but was now accusing the others of stealing it from her! Isn’t that life? A man can trace the ownership of his property back to his forefather’s who stole it, but he would be as mad as can be if a relative of the original owner tried to reclaim his property.

Now, in my dream I kept on moving through the labyrinthine ways of my mind, objectifying what I am encountering. Suddenly a man approached and asked if I wanted a taxi. Still holding my money I refused his invitation. Then many men began to gather around me and when I saw their faces, and their knives, I realised they were going to take my money as well as my life, so I reminded myself of where I was when I began the dream. I knew that if I awoke I would defeat their intention. I would survive, but none of us would get the money. The moment my decision was made, I dropped the money and returned to my bed. Now I know the truth of the statement, “The love of money is the root of all evil” for my vision is part of the eternal structure of the universe.

You, too, will have a vision such as mine after you have lost all desire for money. Yes, you will desire the necessary means to meet the needs of Caesar: to pay rent, taxes, and buy food and clothing; but you will know that you don’t need a billion to meet them. Those who are hungry for more and more billions are sound asleep. If they heard what I am telling you now they would think me insane; but I would tell them that their dreams reveal a far deeper insanity, for they are sound asleep, believing their dreams to be reality.

Now, in the story, Jesus was a dreamer whose father so loved him he made him a robe with long sleeves. I wondered what was the importance of the sleeves, and then one night I had this experience. I was teaching the great mystery of God when a man entered the room and severed the sleeve of my robe to expose my right arm from the shoulder to my fingertips. The next morning I turned to the Book of Isaiah and read, “Who will believe our report? To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” That night the sleeve of the robe worn by Joseph the dreamer, was severed, revealing my arm – the symbol of my imaginative power.

I know, now, that I – all imaginative power – have awakened from the dream. I know that is what you are also. I am trying to convince you of this, and ask you to test yourselves. If this world is real, you can’t change it, for you cannot change reality; but you can change a dream. Feel the changes have now come upon you. Immerse yourself in that feeling and sustain it. If this is a dream, that which you are feeling will produce objective facts for others to see as real. But you will remember its origin was a dream. Once it becomes objective and real, don’t get lost in the dream, for like all dreams, it will fade away. Everything comes into being, waxes, wanes, and vanishes. A tree may be 8000 years old, but it will eventually die. The stars are melting away because they are the dreams of the gods and


Real are the dreams of gods

And smoothly pass their pleasure

In a long, immortal dream.”


Imagination (gods) brought the world into being and sustains it while this grand experiment is taking place. We are those gods (called sons) who collectively form God the Father.

No child is born that is not clothing a son of God, as told us in the 32nd chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy. “He has put bounds to the people according to the number of the sons of God.” A child could not breathe without God’s entrance as his breath. “God himself enters death’s door, the human skull, and lays down in the grave of man in visions of eternity until he awakes and sees the linen clothes lying there that the females wove for him at the gate of his Father’s house.”

When I entered this garment that my mother – a female – wove for me, God – whose name is I AM – entered with me and began his dream. My mother called me Neville, and as time went by, I began to claim that I am Neville. Then one day we became one new being, for the “I” who entered the garment named Neville awoke to discover I am God. Then to prove to myself that I truly am He, God’s son appeared before me and called me Father. Now, restrained by the body that I wear, I am limited and weak. But when I take it off and the world calls me dead, I will return to the one being out of which I came, for I came out from the Father and came into the world. Again I am leaving the world and returning to the Father.

If you know that you are God the Father, you will know that it does not matter what the world dreams. No matter how horrible the dream may appear to be, the dreamer is untouched by his dream. He who dreamed he was Stalin and murdered millions, is untouched by his dream and in the end will discover that all things work towards God’s awakening.

The plea in the 44th Psalm “Rouse thyself, why sleepest thou O Lord. Awake. Do not cast us off forever,” is directed to God, the God in everyone who is struggling to awaken. He is waking in my friend Bill, who had the experience of driving his car, knowing he was seated in his living room. These kinds of experiences break the threads that bind one to his dream, and as these threads begin to break he awakes within his own skull, for that is where the drama takes place.

Now in the story, when Joseph joined his brothers, they said to one another: “Let us kill him.” But his brother, Judah pleaded for his life, saying: “No, he is our flesh and blood. Do not let his blood be upon us. Let us sell him into slavery.” So they stripped him of his robe and threw him into a pit. Then a caravan, on its way to Egypt carrying gold, incense, and myrrh (the same things the kings brought to the Christ child at his birth) agreed to buy him; and Joseph was taken into Egypt, where he rose to the power of Pharaoh. Joseph then saved civilisation from starvation. And when the brothers were sorry for what they had done, Joseph said: “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.” Then his name was changed from Joseph to Joshua, which means Jesus.

Remember, scripture unfolds within you. The dreamer in you has been thrown into a pit. Now, in the 40th Psalm (which is so often used in the New Testament concerning Jesus) the 2nd verse reads: “They raised me up from the pit, out of the miry bog and placed my feet upon the rock, making my steps secure.” The word “mire” is defined as “spongy earth.” Can you think of anything that better describes the human brain? And man is called the earth, for the word “Adam” means “red earth.” So the dreamer is taken out of the pit – the skull where he has been locked in – by awakening from his dream and being born from above.

You must experience two births: a physical one and a spiritual one. You are spiritually born through the awakening and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is not another being born; you are he; for you are all alone, and when you leave your tomb is empty.

The New Testament is all about the dreamer in you who awakens as Jesus Christ, and everything said of him is true. His history is divine, not secular.

You will never find any evidence of an historical Christ here on earth. Bishop Pike went looking, yet never found who Christ really is. The Pope, as well as the leaders of all Christian religions, have millions of people looking to them as guides; yet they are all blind leaders of the blind. The historical evidence of Christ as a man is non-existent, yet he is the only reality and the true identity of every child born of woman.

You are Jesus Christ, sleeping, dreaming horrible dreams mixed with lovely ones; but in the end you will awaken from the dream to know you are Jesus Christ. You will then remain a little while to tell your experiences to those who are willing to be disillusioned and will allow their false ideas of the past to fall away; then you will leave this little shadow that walks across the earth to enter eternity as God.

What I have told you will live in your minds. Hold fast to the visions I have shared with you, for in time my Word will take root and grow within you. Then this wonderful story will erupt in you, and you will know you, too, are Jesus Christ. And, because there is only one Jesus Christ and only one son, when God’s son calls you Father, you and I are one. That is the fantastic mystery. How we, retaining our individuality, are one!

Now let us go into the silence.


22 September 1969

[]The Nature of God

To think of the Bible’s events as historical, and the characters recorded there as persons such as you and I, is to see truth tempered to the weakness of the human form, unable to stand the strong light of revelation. But I tell you: it is in us, as persons, that the nature of God is revealed.

Paul tells us his conversion came through a revelation of Jesus Christ. It did not come through a man, thereby causing him to change religions. No. Paul never forsook Judaism, but interpreted the meaning of the Old Testament through revelation. But was Paul a person, an individual being such as you are, as I am; or is he, too, one of these eternal characters? That is the question I am asking tonight.

I tell you: all of the characters of scripture, including Paul, are eternal states. One day, whether you be male or female, you will reach the state of Paul, and your journey in the world of death will come to its end.

A friend of mine – a lady with two children and expecting her third – wrote, saying: “In vision I saw the Bible opened to the New Testament and heard the words: `You are Paul.’ I was so startled I broke the vision and awoke questioning the words, `I am Paul? I am Paul? I am Paul?’ The idea seemed too much for me to grasp, so I returned to sleep and the dream continued. I saw the entire New Testament opened at the Book of Matthew, then an invisible hand moved the pages through the Book of Revelation as I heard the words: `It’s all about Paul,’ So I ask you: Who is Paul?”

Paul is a state you enter when, having been introduced to Christianity or Judaism, the secret behind the words is revealed. In the state of Paul, you discover you are the Lord Jesus Christ who is God the Father. It is Paul who says: “When it pleased God to reveal his son in me, I conferred not with flesh and blood.” When the vision is yours, to whom could you turn to ask what they thought of it? They would tell you that you were insane, so you would turn to no man; rather you would abide in the vision and dwell upon it.

Paul’s conversion did not change his religion, for he never forsook Judaism. His one disappointment was that he could not convince his fellow religionists of the truth of what had taken place in him. Paul represents every individual – be he male or female – who arrives at that point in time when he awakens to discover that the characters of scripture did not exist in time and space, but are eternal spiritual states, which the individual moves through toward the climax, which is Jesus Christ.

The fundamental story of scripture is a metamorphosis – a complete change of form. Like the grub worm is transformed into the butterfly, so man – as we understand him – is turned into Jesus Christ. And when it happens in you, there is no one to whom you can turn. It is a fact you cannot deny. I could no more deny my experiences of Christ unfolding within me, than I can deny the fact that I am standing before you now. And I am not unique. Christ will unfold in every child born of woman. He must, for God cannot and will not fail to fulfil his promise in all.

The word “Saul” means “to inquire; to ask.” Entering the state of Saul, you are questioning life – its purpose and plan. Is there a God? Why am I here? Saul’s is a questing mind, one which is seeking an answer to the phenomena of life.

Today is the wonderful Day of Atonement which came to its end at sundown with the singing of a great psalm in every synagogue which begins, “Awake O Sleeper who forgot eternity in the pursuit of the moment.” Having forgotten that we are all one in eternity, we are called upon to awaken, but awaken from what? From the pursuit of the moment. Then, in the eternal state called Paul, the story of Jesus will unfold in you, and you, too, will say: “From now on I regard no one from the human point of view; even though I once regarded Christ from the human point of view, I regard him thus no longer.”

Like every Jew, Paul was looking for an external messiah, one who would come to be the anointed king and save Israel from the enemy. Then he discovered the messiah was within him and would never appear on the outside. Paul’s thirteen letters were written twenty years before the Book of Mark, which was the first gospel; so Paul could not have quoted the New Testament, only the Old.

He never converted in the sense of converting from Judaism to Christianity, or Catholicism to Protestantism. After the revelation, Paul understood that which was revealed to the prophets; for he discovered that the messiah which was to come, was himself, saying: “When it pleased God to reveal his son in me, I conferred not with flesh and blood.”

There is a poem by Browning called “Saul,” in which David tells of the coming of the messiah, saying:


O Saul, it shall be a face like my face

That shall receive thee. A man like unto me thou shalt love,

And be loved by, forever. A hand like this hand shall open the door

To a new life for thee. See the Christ stand.”


Standing before the demented king, David is telling Saul that when he sees Christ, he will wear the face of David. That he will love and be loved by him forever. Extending his hand, David tells Saul that this knowledge will open the gate to a new life; for David is the only Christ Saul will ever see.

When Christ stands before you, he will wear the face of David and reveal you as the Lord God Jehovah. Then you will say: “Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee.” This will be the experience of every child born of woman; for awareness – although limited by a garment of flesh and blood, restricted and weak – is God, the father of all life, and there is no other God.

Now, when Paul spoke of sin he wasn’t speaking of a little misdemeanour, or even a big one. To Paul, if you are not radiating the glory of God and are not now the express image of his person, you are sinning and falling short of that glory. Only when you enter into the state called Paul, will you radiate God’s glory and express his image; for it is in that state that David reveals you to yourself.

Paul confessed to the Galatians that God sent his son into his heart crying “Father!” And now I tell you that when David stood before me and called me father, I saw him more vividly then I have ever seen anyone here. I can still see his heavenly beauty. I saw David in the year 1959, yet history claims he lived in 1000 B.C. But David is not my flesh and blood son; he is part of the unfolding picture of an eternal story in which man is involved. The story, as recorded in the Old Testament, was not understood until it unfolded within one who said: “I am a child of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Pharisee of the Pharisees.” Paul never forsook Judaism, but tried to interpret it to those who would listen, but they could not understand. They were – as they still are today – looking for a physical, external messiah to destroy their enemies and establish his kingdom in this world; but that is not the story.

This eternal truth is housed in every being who walks the earth. One day you will find Christ as your very being. You who say “I am” before you state your name, will experience all of the eternal, spiritual states spoken of and named in scripture, to arrive at the final state called Paul.

My friend knows she is Paul, for she heard the depth of her soul tell her so. To her the idea seemed incredulous; yet I tell her she heard correctly, for she has been called. She has been chosen and elected to be an incurrent eyewitness to the great truth which will unfold within her.

The Paul of the Bible is a state everyone will attain. And while in that state, David will reveal your true identity. Enter any state and you become that state. While in the state of wealth, everything you touch turns to gold. In the state of success, you could turn a failing business into a successful one, for in the state of success you cannot fail.

You are not a success or a failure, but the occupant of a state. Although you remain untouched by any state, when you enter one, you express it. Put yourself into the state of health, and you must express health. Enter the state of fame, and no power can stop you from expressing it.

And when you enter the state of Paul, David will stand before you and say: “A face like my face shall receive you. A man like unto me thou shalt love and be loved by forever. A hand like this hand shall open the gate of a new life for you. See the Christ stand.”

You will be looking into the face of David, the Lord’s anointed; and when he calls you father, you know who you are, for “No one knows who the Father is except the son, and no one knows who the son is except the Father.” David, your son, sets you free; for he is the son of Jesse, the Bethlehemite, whose revealed name is I AM. Everyone who says, “I am,” is the Father of that eternal youth called David. Awake, O sleeper, and remember eternity, the son of Jesse, for only he can reveal you as God the Father.

This is the greatest story ever told. It is an incredible story of a transformation, a metamorphosis. “Meta” means “change” and “morphos” means “form,” so metamorphosis means a radical change of form. This is true, for the being you are destined to be, could not function in a body of flesh and blood.

You will move into an entirely new age. It is a new world, and in it you need a new form. The form is spirit, yet you have a human face, a human voice, and human hands. That is the form I saw when I stood in the presence of the Risen Lord and answered his question: “What is the greatest thing in the world?” in the words of Paul, as “Faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.”

At that moment he embraced me and I assumed his incredible form. Since that time we have not been separated or divorced, although while I wear the body of flesh and blood I must be subject to all of its weaknesses and limitations. But when I take it off this time, I will be one with that one body, who is gathering all.

Everyone will be saved, because everyone is God and God is saving himself. At the present time you do not know you are God; but you will know it when you enter the state called Paul, for in that state the revelations unfold and you, too, will say: “I did not get it from a man. It came through a revelation of Jesus Christ. He unveiled himself in me as my very being. Now I know there is no other.”

So I say to my friend: your revelation is true. You have been called and elected. You have been chosen – not by men, but by God, which is the definition of a saint in scripture. How could any man make another man a saint? The idea is stupid. When you are called, you are sainted. When you are elected, you are sainted. When you are chosen, you are sainted, and no man, looking at you, could ever see you as a saint. You are still capable of losing your temper and being violent. That means nothing. Be everything that you are, for you are already redeemed by reason of your experiences.

So, the characters of scripture are not historical. To see anyone – including Jesus Christ – as a person who walked this earth, is to see truth tempered to the weakness of your soul, and unable to bear the strong light of revelation. Jesus Christ is the perfect state into which you are all moving. And in that state, scripture unfolds to reveal you as God. And who is he? He is your own wonderful human imagination!

If all things are possible to your imagination, then all things are possible to imagine! How would you act if God imagined you as you want to be? How would you feel? What would you do? Then do it. Feeling its reality, have faith in your imaginal act. Desire is your hope. Your imaginal act is your subjective appropriation of the hope you want to objectify. Now, faith is the link between God’s power and your desire. He doesn’t question your desire. He who is all creative power and know-how, simply gives it to you. That is Christ, he who is defined as the power of God and the wisdom of God.

Now, if you test God and prove to yourself that imagination does create reality, tell others. If they try it and it works for them, does it really matter what the world thinks? If they think the idea is insane, it won’t be the first time. They thought Einstein was insane. There are those who think I am. That’s perfectly all right, for the day will come when God will reveal himself in each individual, and then that one will move from the state of Saul to Paul.

There is no other God, for God became Man by assuming all of his human weaknesses and limitations. God is not pretending he is you. When he became your breath, he had to take your unique qualities upon himself. That was his crucifixion. No man was nailed upon a cross bar; your body is the cross Christ wears. He is buried in you and will rise in you. His tomb is the human skull where he lays dreaming. So awake, you sleeper, who forgot eternity in the pursuit of the moment. Although this moment seems so real, you are its reality and the central being of scripture.

The fundamental purpose of scripture is metamorphosis – the radical transformation of Man into God. And God has a son, formed by his experiences as the human imagination and personified as David of Biblical fame. David is he who is “A man after my own heart who will do all my will.” He is not a historical character, but an eternal state which appears at the end of your journey into the world of death.

The world may think they have found David’s tomb; but they will never find any historical evidence concerning these characters of scripture, because they are all spiritual states personified. You will pass through these states to discover – through revelation – that you are the author of the Bible. Just imagine, Paul’s letters came first. He called them “My gospel.” They are Paul’s good news of salvation which came through revelation. Paul’s thirteen letters were written first, and all the other books were based upon them; but who is Paul? Everyone who enters the state of fulfilment.

One day you will enter the state known as Paul; but right now you are Saul, seeking the cause of life, not knowing it is your very self. In the Books of Samuel and Kings, we are told that Saul tried to kill the very one who could reveal him to himself; but the revelation could not come until his name was changed to Paul. Even though, today you are very much a lady, you will eventually become the Paul of scripture. But in that realm, you are above the organisation of sex, as Paul tells us: “In Christ there is no bond, no free, no male, no female, no Jew, no Greek, for all are one in Christ.” Your true identity is not male or female, but Man, and Man is God and God is Man, as Blake so beautifully put it: “Thou art a Man, God is no more, thine own Humanity learn to adore.”

Tonight, set your hope fully upon this grace that is coming to you; for Christ in you is your hope of glory! Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you? Test yourself and see, for all things are possible to him. Think of something you would like that reason says you cannot have. Now, assume it’s yours.

Your assumption, though false in the sense that it is denied by your reasonable mind, if persisted in will harden into fact. You do not need to know the means that will be employed to bring your assumption to pass; all you are required to do is persist in your assumption and allow your own wonderful human imagination to give it to you.

All things are possible to your imagination. It’s up to you to provide the necessary link between your assumption and its fulfilment. That link is faith. Having assumed your desire is fulfilled, your faith in that assumption will cause it to harden into fact. That is the law.

Test this law, and if you prove it in performance, it will not matter to you if it seems irrational to others. Tonight, leave this auditorium in the assumption that you are what you would like to be; and if tomorrow your assumption can be seen as fact by the world round about you, then you have found Christ, he who is within you as your hope of glory.

Man is forever coming up with fantastic ideas like going to the moon. At the time, the idea seemed impossible, yet in time man does go to the moon. So you see, nothing is impossible to God – but nothing!

Simply name that which seems so impossible to you, then assume that you have it. Walk in the assumption it is now an objective fact and see how God works. I tell you, in a way that you do not know, and you could not possibly devise, you will be led across a bridge of incident to the fulfilment of that state. All you have to do is ignore the evidence of your outer senses and go about your own wonderful business assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Your assumption, instead of receding into the past, will advance into the future and you will walk right into its fulfilment.

Accept what I am telling you tonight, and you will be on your way towards the state called Paul. He tried his best to persuade his own friends to believe what happened to him in the synagogue. Christianity is not a new religion, but the fulfilment of Judaism. It’s as old as the faith of Abraham, older even than the synagogue. The promise was fulfilled in the state of Judaism, interpreted to Jews, who then organised it into a separate religion; but there could be no Christianity without Judaism. Many a Christian would like to divorce the two books and put the Old Testament aside; but there could be no New Testament without the Old, for the New is only the fulfilment of the promise made to Abraham.

You are destined to be told – as the lady was – that you are Paul; and the chances are you will be just as shocked as she is, when she looks into the mirror and sees a mother and a mother-to-be, and a wife who may argue with her husband and be short of money once in a while. These weaknesses are part of your garment of flesh and blood; but at the end of time, your new body of love – woven without seams – will be ready for occupancy. Then you will take off this body of limitation and opacity and assume your new body of life.

If, however, you have not reached the state of Paul, when you leave this body, you will find yourself in another one just like this one, in a section of time best suited for the work yet to be done in you. Don’t think you are going to move chronologically from one year to the next, for it can be any year, be it the year 1000, or 3000.

Whatever year you find yourself in, you will feel perfectly normal there, and things will seem quite natural. These bodies of death belong to this age; and regardless of what year you find yourself in, you will wear the same body of slavery, where you must perform all of its functions. No matter how powerful you may be, you cannot command anyone to perform your body’s functions for you; therefore you are its slave while you remain in the state of Saul. Only when you move into the state of Paul, can the drama unfold and set you free.

Don’t think that you have to be the perfect specimen of a man, judged by human standards, to arrive in state of Paul. Although weak and limited as you are now, strive to know the truth of scripture; and one day, when you least expect it, you will find yourself cast in the central role, as everything said of Jesus Christ will unfold within you, and you will know who you are.

If there is any Christ other than he who is in us, who rose and continues to rise in the individual, he is false; for the true Christ is within you. The universal, cosmic Christ became humanity. He rose and continues to rise in individuals. One day he will rise within you to reveal you as God the Father. The relationship of Father/Son was established before that the world was – only we forgot. This is simply the return of the memory of God, all within the individual.

Now let us go into the silence.


26 September 1969

[]Biblical Language


All are Men in Eternity. Rivers, Mountains, Cities, Villages,

All are Human, and when You enter into Their Bosoms,

You walk In Heavens and Earths;

Just as in Your own Bosom You bear Your Heaven And Earth,

and all that You behold, though it appears Without, it is Within,

In Your Imagination of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow.”

– (William Blake’s Jerusalem, Plate 71:17)


You may ask yourself what Blake is talking about, yet this is the language of the Bible. Biblical language evokes rather than describes. It is telling of another world, another Man and another age; for in truth, all of the places in the Bible are human.

In the Book of Revelation, John sees Jerusalem become a woman, descending out of heaven adorned like a bride for her husband. And in the 5th chapter of Micah we are told that Bethlehem is that woman out of which God comes. Listen to the words carefully: “You, O Bethlehem, are so little to be among the thousands of Judah, yet from you will come forth for me, one who is to rule in Israel, whose origin is from of old, from ancient times. Therefore, he will give them up until that time when she who is in travail has brought forth.” Then we read in the 63rd chapter of Isaiah, “O Lord, thou art our Father, our Redeemer from of old is thy name.” Here we see the Ancient of Days as our Father and Redeemer and, like Bethlehem, we are all in travail, redeeming everything and bringing forth the Father of all life as our very self!

One day you will know an imaginative world where the mountains, rivers, cities, and villages are human. Everything will be possible to you there, for when your imaginative faculties awaken, every thought is objectively real. I don’t care what it is, your every imaginal act will instantly become an objective fact. This we are told throughout the Old Testament, but its language evokes and man finds it difficult to understand.

In the 14th chapter of Jeremiah you will find these words: “Thou, Lord are in the midst of us. We are called by thy name; leave us not.” The Lord’s name is “I am.” How could anyone exist and have the name “I am” taken from him? If you couldn’t say “I am” you would cease to be. You could suffer from total amnesia and not know where you are, who you are, or what you are; but, because God remains faithful to his pledge, you can’t stop knowing that you are. And that which is buried in your soul must come forward, and when it does, you are God.

You don’t boldly claim, “I am God” without any assurance that you are. That would be silly. To walk the streets proclaiming, “I am God,” not having had his plan of salvation unfold within you, would be the height of insanity. But when he reveals himself in you, you don’t proclaim it to anyone, you simply know it and live by this knowledge. And the only way he will ever reveal himself in you, as you, is to have his son stand before you and call you “Father.” Then, having fulfilled the 89th Psalm, you too will say: “I have found David. He said unto me: ‘Thou art my Father, my God, and the Rock of my Salvation.’” When this lad stands before you, you know exactly who he is and who you are, for this relationship was established before that the world was.

Knowing you are the Eternal God who is Father, you will share this fantastic knowledge, not expecting a hundred percent acceptance, but allowing everyone to respond to what you say. Seeing your weaknesses and limitations, some will believe you and some will disbelieve. Don’t let it matter to you, simply tell it and go your way until the end of your allotted time. Then, with the discarding of your garment of flesh and blood, your weaknesses are removed and you awaken as God. Those who heard and accepted your experiences will prove your words in the not distant future and they, too, will awaken as the Ancient of Days.

Mortal eyes cannot see the being I really am. I know I am the Ancient of Days. I never began and I will never end. I appear to have begun in time. That is because I buried myself in my creation, in time. I am the Melchizedek of scripture – he who has no father, no mother, no genealogy, no beginning of days, or ending of days. I am eternity, buried in and waking in my creation. And because I am the Father of all life, my son, David – the personification of everything I have given life to, through experience – will stand before me to witness my fatherhood. David’s father was called Jesse, which means “I am.” It is that father who, recognising David, says: “Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee.”

This experience will be yours when you come out of the fiery furnaces, which each one of us must and will go through. Did the Lord not tell us: “I have tried you in the furnace of affliction (experiences) for my sake; for my own sake I do it, for how should my name be profaned? My glory I will not give to another.” There is only God, so he cannot give his glory to another. Having buried himself in his creation, when he rises from his burial place, he is still God, but enhanced beyond measure by reason of becoming his own creation and rising in it, individualised. We are all members of a body which shares in this grand play of rivers, mountains, cities, hills, and villages – all of which are humanity, all men in eternity.

Have you ever reclined in a chair with your eyes closed as in sleep and pictured a stream of water so real you could put your mental hands in it and they are wet? When you cupped your hands and brought them to your mouth, could you feel the water going down your throat? If you have, you know that the state you have entered is very real and personal. That is the power which is in store for you. That is your power tomorrow, when everything will be at your disposal, all based upon your own wonderful human imagination, for that is God.

Taking upon himself all the weaknesses and limitations of the flesh, God became as you are, that you may become as he is. And when he awakens within you, you are he. If you will believe in your own wonderful, imaginative world, everything will be under your control – but everything! And you will know that everyone in your world is within you, to be contacted at will. That no one can escape you; and when you rise within yourself, everyone rises with you. That is the story of scripture.

While you are here you can test your creative power based upon your desires. You may desire something you think you cannot afford, or you don’t have the time or the know-how to enjoy it. You can think of a thousand reasons why its possession is impossible; but – hearing that imagination creates reality – you can imagine you have it. But to imagine is not enough; you must have faith enough in your imaginal act to believe in its reality. When you imagine you are the person you want to be, you must firmly believe you already are it; then wait in faith for your assumption to appear in your world, for that imaginal act has its own appointed hour. It will ripen and flower. If it seems long to you – wait, for it is sure and will not be late.

The link between your imaginal act and its fulfilment is your faith, which is nothing more than your subjective appropriation of your objective hope. Hoping your desire – subjectively appropriated – is true, faith is your link to its objectivity. Act as God, and simply let it be so. God said: “Let there be light, Let the sun appear. Let the moon appear.” After his imaginal act, God let everything appear, sustaining it by faith, knowing that without faith it is impossible to bring it to pass. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.” If you have faith in the reality of your imaginal act, it must objectify itself in your world.

Now, in order to really understand scripture, you must have some knowledge of the experiences recorded there, because they are not of this world. The Bible speaks of the New Man who is in you. It is that Man of Spirit that I am appealing to, as he can believe in the reality of an imaginal act. The outer you knows a reality which it can touch, see, and hear. Its belief is based upon the evidence of its five senses and reason. But I am appealing to the Christ in you, who is your own wonderful human imagination, and one with the Lord. This magnificent creative power is buried in you and will rise in you – not as another, but as your very self. This will be done when the wall of perdition, which divides the two of you, is broken down. If I speak of him I am implying the existence of two; but when I say, “I am,” I am speaking of only one. So Christ becomes one with me by becoming my very self. But I will not know that I am he until I have experienced everything scripture tells me only happened to him.

My rebirth is the result of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, for it is said that he rose from the same grave in which he was buried. Since there is only one skull, only one grave, and I awoke within my skull to discover I am alone, am I not the one who lay down there to sleep? If asked who was having this experience, I would answer, “I am,” and “I am” is not two – “I am” is one. I awoke in Golgotha – my own skull – and I came forth from that skull, as it is said that Bethlehem will bring forth someone for me, one who will rule as God.

Try ruling as God! Knowing that all things are possible to your imagination, imagine something that your reason and senses deny, and see if it works. If it does, then did you not rule your world as God? That’s how God acts. He imagines and lets it appear. And who is he? The Ancient of Days.

In the Book of Daniel, you are told: “There came one, like a son of man, who was presented to the Ancient of Days and they became one.” The word translated “son of man” is the Aramaic for the word “I” or “one.” That’s all it means. So when Jesus uses the word, “son of man” he is designating his function as the mediator between the world of man and the kingdom of God. In the Book of John he says: “O Holy Father, I have made known unto them thy name, the name thou gavest me.” Here he tells you the name is “Father,” saying, “Holy Father.” Now he wants something else. “May the love with which thou hast loved me be in them and I in them,” for the Holy Father wears the body of love.

When you step into the presence of the Ancient of Days, you see God in the human form divine, which is infinite love. And when he incorporates you into himself through an embrace, you fuse with love, thereby becoming the Ancient of Days. You know this because you feel it, but love cannot be seen with mortal eyes; and when you tell your story, those who hear you will say: “You? Why you are not yet fifty.” In the speaker’s case they would say: “You are not yet seventy, yet you know Abraham?” And I would answer, “Before Abraham, was I am.” They would then pick up stones to stone me with the facts of life.

Your birth certificate, place of birth, your social, intellectual, and financial backgrounds, are all catalogued, all available as stones to be thrown when you dare to claim that you are known by one who – as a forefather – lived unnumbered centuries ago. One who not only rejoiced to see your day, but saw it and was glad. To claim that you not only know him, but came before him, does not make sense, but is true. That which has no origin, buried itself in that which began in time, in order to raise that which began in time to its own level – which has no origin.

Here we find the story of Nebuchadnezzar and Melchizedek all rolled up into one. Nebuchadnezzar was an insane king – just like Man in this world. And Melchizedek, who has no father or mother, no origin, no beginning or ending in time, is buried within Nebuchadnezzar. Rising in that which began in time, he transforms time into eternity. Here again we have the story of the coming of the Father.

To find the Father of all life is all that is worthwhile. What else is worth finding? To find a million dollars would be wonderful for the moment, but one day the money will be gone, for everything dies here. Even the very heavens are dissolving; but your imagination cannot dissolve, for he is the Father who was before that the world was. So when imagination rises in you, you are God, even though you are still in a garment which wears out. And when the world calls you dead, it is because you have returned to the Father, as the Father.

As imagination rises in you, you understand the words: “I came out from the Father and I have come into the world. Again I am leaving the world and returning to the Father.” Now the same “I” makes this statement: “Go to my brothers.” If we are all brothers, we do not differ from this one “I” in whom the whole thing took place. The gospel is only the record of experiences seen and heard in the soul. So, “Go and tell my brothers I am ascending unto my Father and their Father, to my God and their God.” There is no other Father but the one Father, and no other God but the one God, who is in us all as our own wonderful human imagination. When you say, “I am,” that’s he, and there is no other God.

You will not know you are God, however, until scripture becomes alive and fulfils itself in you. For that purpose and that purpose only did you come into the world. You did not come here to put things right, as the priesthoods would say. This world is a schoolroom, where man is searching for his father; and how long, vast, and severe the anguish before he finds his father, is long to tell. I do not know when God will awaken within you; but I do know that he will, and then you will see the reason behind it all. So leave the world just as it is and make no attempt to change it.

Every day politicians are trying to change the world. We have many who claim to be our saviours, yet each – like the Hitlers and the Stalins of the world – have clay feet. Still, people will believe in them and you can’t stop them, because they are dreaming. Being all imagination, you can’t stop man from imagining, and imagining creates reality. Tonight they are trying to stop cigarette smoking. They tried to stop alcohol back in 1919, and in their doing, those who lived in the gutter became billionaires, making billions that they could not – and did not – declare for taxes. Al Capone made 130 million dollars net a year for fourteen years without paying taxes. They got him for a few thousand on some small infraction – but what happened to the 130 million a year? So, the do-gooders will do it all over again. Now they are going to start banning cigarettes; and instead of receiving six billion dollars in taxes from the industry, the money will go into the hands of those who will see to it that those who want cigarettes get them.

Man never learns his lesson. I can remember prohibition well. I came to New York City in 1922 and remained there until 1952, so I know New York City well. Old man Rockefeller, the one who really made the fortune, owned about six blocks between 5th and 6th Avenue. His entire family occupied one block on 54th Street. Before Radio City was built, he owned and rented out the two- and three-story buildings there. One day his son said: “Do you realise that all of those buildings are speakeasies?” Here was a Baptist - who gave millions for the dry campaign - renting houses to be used as speakeasies. So you see, you can blind yourself to anything.

I tell you: prohibition is stupid. You can educate a man out of a state, but you cannot prohibit him from occupying it. If I told you I would give you the earth if you would not think of a monkey for the next 24 hours, I would keep my earth, for you could not do it. Every commandment that is negative will be broken, for “God has consigned all men to disobedience that he may have mercy on all.” The moment I give you a command that is negatively worthy, I have consigned you to disobedience. There is only one commandment which is not negative. That one is “Love thy father and mother.” Every commandment has to be broken, yet man thinks he is so holy.

A man who recently celebrated his 100th birthday was asked what he thought contributed to his longevity, and he answered, “Smoking! I have been smoking every day of my life since I was eight years old.” Another lady, dying of throat cancer at the age of 30, told reporters that she had never smoked a cigarette in her life. My mother never smoked or drank, yet she died a very painful death at the age of 62. My father drank like a fish. He broke every health code. He never read anything concerning what he should eat in order to live, he just lived. He ate what he wanted when he wanted it. He drank what he wanted when he wanted it, and died at 85 from sheer exhaustion. Having these two examples before me, I don’t believe in this nonsense relative to what I should eat and drink. I will wear out this body just as I have a suit of clothes, and when I do, men will call me dead; but I will not be dead, I will be one with the Awakened Christ, for I have experienced scripture. David, in the Spirit, called me Father, so now I know my name and will return to that awareness.

Remember, the Bible evokes, it does not describe. There are three kinds of writing: journalism, literature, and scripture. You can study journalism or literature, but not scripture; for it is all revelation, all vision – written to evoke, not describe. As the visions possess you, you will discover that everything in scripture becomes man. The rivers, mountains, cities, villages – all are man.

In the 4th chapter of his book, Daniel shared his vision, saying: “I saw a watcher, a holy one come down from above and heard him say, ‘Cut down the tree, cut off its branches, strip its leaves, scatter its fruit, but leave the stump bound in iron and bronze.’” Now the tree becomes a person. ”`Water him with the dew of heaven. Take from him the mind of man and let his habitation be among the beasts until seven times pass over him and he learns that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will, even to the lowliest among men.’ “The tree spoken of here is the tree of life, which grows in the human brain. It has been cut down to the root; but out of that tree of life (called Jesse) will come a shoot, which is what the Father is waiting for. He is waiting for himself to come out of man, individualised as the man he is bringing with him.

So God – he who created the world and all within it – descended into his creation. And when he rises, in all, he wipes away time and space as we know it, and becomes the only reality.

Now let us go into the silence.



29 September 1969

[]The Great Secret

Judas is called the betrayer, but what was it that he betrayed? Judas betrayed the great secret of the messiah and where Jesus might be found. His is the most important role in the great mystery of God.

“I have found in David, the son of Jesse, a man after my heart who will do all my will. Of this man’s posterity God has brought to Israel a Saviour, Jesus, as he promised. Then in the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, the Lord reveals the Saviour saying; “I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no saviour.” If God brought a saviour to humanity, he had to bring himself – as Jesus, which simply means “I am.” This he revealed in the great “I am” statements: I am the vine; I am the door; I am the shepherd; I am the bread. In those statements Jesus is declaring that unless you believe that your “I am” is Lord, you die in your sins; for your “I am” is Jesus – your Saviour – the man who will rule as God, as he promised.

When you hear the word “Jesus” you may think of someone outside of yourself; but I tell you: your I AMness is Jesus – sound asleep. He is buried in you and will one day awaken in you. Asleep, you are a son of God; but when he awakes, you are God the Father. Sending his sons into the world to conquer death, the sons return as the Father of all life. “Beloved, we are now the sons of God. It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, and see him as he is.”

As a son of God, it does not appear what you will be; but when God appears, you will know him, because you will be just like him! That is the great messianic secret! And when that secret is unveiled in you, you will see the importance of separating the words “Jesus” and “Christ”- as stated in the Book of Revelation: “Come Lord Jesus and his Christ,” for Christ is the messiah - God’s great son David, who reveals you as his Father, Jesus.

Man has completely forgotten the mystery and speaks of Jesus as a little man who was born of a woman two thousand years ago – when Jesus is God himself. Your awareness of being is Jesus, who is God the Father. The great secret of the Christian faith is the revelation of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. The fatherhood of God is Jesus in you. Do you not realise that Jesus and his Christ are in you? Did not David (the Christ) come in the spirit and call Jesus “Lord”? If David were not in you, you would never know that you are God the Father.

One day David came out of me. He stood before me and I knew exactly who he was and our relationship with one another, even before he called me father. Now I know that everyone will one day have the identical experience, for there is only one God, only one Father. We are all members of that one body which share in this wonderful promised end, as everything resolves itself into the one who is God the Father.

So Judas reveals the messianic secret by telling you that you will find the Lord Jesus in heaven, and that heaven is within you. If anyone should say; “Come – look: here he is, or: there he is,” don’t believe him; for the kingdom of heaven is within you. When you find Jesus, your journey is over. Then your heart will go out to everyone, for you will know they are your brothers. You are not going to become sons of God; you are already gods, sons of the Most High, becoming God Himself.

God is able to give himself to you as though there were no other – just God and you. Believe that, and the most incredible story ever told – which is the pattern of salvation – will unfold in you to reveal you as God the Father. That is the story of the Bible.

The Old Testament is an adumbration, a foreshadowing, while the New is its fulfilment, written as a rough draft. Paul wrote his thirteen letters at least twenty years – chronologically speaking – before the first gospel, which is Mark; yet no book spells it out completely. I have tried my best to make it clear just how it unfolded within me, and how I came to the full realisation of myself as God the Father.

I tell you, there is no other God, no other being. God actually sent his sons into this world. He chose you in himself before the foundation of the world.

You are here to perform a certain job; and when you do, you will say: “Father, I have finished the work thou gavest me to do. Now return unto me the glory that was mine, the glory that I had with thee before that the world was”. As a son, you radiate the glory of God; but when you return, you are that glory, you are that God. God the Father transforms his sons into himself by giving us his own son, who reveals our true identity. This is the mystery of life through death.

There is a pattern in those 39 books of the Old Testament that fulfils itself in the New. Paul urges everyone to “Follow the pattern of the true word which you heard from me.” Here, he is telling you that his words are true, but he doesn’t spell them out. He makes the statement: “When it pleased God to reveal his son in me, I conferred not with flesh and blood,” but he doesn’t tell the experience.

Paul was the first to use the word “Christ” which is the word “messiah” and means “God has touched; made contact.” Descending upon a son in bodily form as a dove, God has contacted that son through the sense of touch. That contact is the gift of the Holy Spirit, and in that act God seals his gift. In the Old Testament, God decreed David to be his son.

And in the New Testament, David comes in the Spirit and reveals you as his father. This is the great secret that Judas betrayed. Having had the experiences, Judas betrayed the messianic secret and tells where Jesus might be found, and who he is.

Jesus is in you as your breath of life. One day he will awaken, and as he rises in you, you rise. At that moment you are saved from this world of death and transformed into the God of all life. That is the story of Christianity.

Don’t look for Christ to come on the outside. Hundreds of millions are waiting for him to come and change the world, but it is not going to change. It’s a world of educated darkness, a school; and you do not change a school into a home, and heaven is your home. One day you will graduate from this school and receive the gift of God himself. As this gift is given, you awaken to discover you are in the grave where you first laid yourself down to sleep. Then the pattern of the true words that you have heard from me will unfold in you.

Paul tried to tie his experiences into the Old Testament, as he quoted the 39 books one after the other; but he didn’t expound on them. But, as Blake said: “That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care.” Maybe Paul felt the same way. Why spell it out, when desire to understand will force you to search the scriptures and ask yourself why, what, where, and when. If you will ask yourself these questions, you will find their answers within you.

I tell you: God literally became you that you may become God. And in becoming God the Father, you do not lose your individuality. You are not only a member of this wonderful body – sharing in the purpose end of all things – but you are the body, for you are its animating spirit.

You are a member, yet the whole, for in God there is no division. And no one will be lost. Although the evangelists tell us how we are sinning and will be lost, it is not God’s will that one be lost, because God would be lost. You cannot say “I am” unless God is in you. You may be a moron, yet you still know that you are. You may not know who you are, where you are, or what you are; but you cannot stop knowing that you are. That awareness is God, and there is no other.

Judas reveals the good news that God has wrought it. What courage one should take from this message. The evangelists are giving good advice tonight, telling everyone how to live, what to say and how to act. But the gospels give us the good news of salvation, telling us that God actually became his sons in order to transform them into himself, that they may rise as God the Father!

Not all of the sons came out. In the story of the prodigal son, we are told that the one who remained complained. He thought he didn’t have anything – yet he had it all. You may own the world, but if you do not know it, you can die of starvation for the want of food. A bank can be holding a billion dollars of yours, but if you do not know it you will not write a check. But when you become aware of who you really are, you will know that the whole is yours. Then you will say: “I and my Father are one, and all mine are thine and thine are mine.”

After the great resurrection, you will play the part of Judas, and tell everyone who comes into your world who the messiah is and where Jesus might be found. I can’t tell you my thrill when I receive letters from you containing scriptural experiences you have had. I received a letter from a young lady who is still in school. She is specialising in music as she wants to be a composer. In her letter she said: “I have a dear friend who was having a birthday and I wanted to give him something special. It didn’t have to be material, it could be something I said or did that he would be proud of. I fell asleep dwelling on this, when I awoke at 2:00 a.m. with a vivid memory of this dream. I was sitting on my bed with my mother and father standing near. My father handed me three records saying: ‘Keep two and give him the third. He will love it and never tire of listening to it.’ Then I held a sheet of music containing the notes from which the record was made. I saw that the composition’s title was ‘Christ’, and the composer’s name was “Olam”.

She saw correctly. The word “Olam” means “something hidden; kept out of sight; a lad; a youth; a stripling,” and is translated “eternity” in the statement, “God has put eternity into the mind of man, yet so that man cannot find out what God has done until the end.”

When your journey comes to its end you will find that eternal youth who is God’s son, David. He is Olam, the eternal youth, the composer of the music – which is all about himself; for he is the Christ of scripture. Jesus – the Lord, and Christ – his son, are in you. Separate the two. Christ is not a title given Jesus, but his power and wisdom, which came out into the world to do his will. Jesus is the Saviour, of which there is only one. “I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour and besides me there is no saviour.” Here is a young girl, still in school, who has found Christ, the composer, and the composition.

You can’t exhaust the subject of Christ, but man is forever misunderstanding it. The crowds believe some little man was crucified on a cross by Jews, but John tells us: “You know not whom you worship, but we know who we worship, for salvation is from the Jews.” If you think of a physical Jew you are in error. A Jew is an Israelite who is not a descendant of Abraham after the flesh, but the elect of God of any race or nation. The Old Testament is the Book of the Jews, of which you – as the son of God – came into this world to fulfil. Every mystical experience, if foreshadowed by a word in the Old Testament, is predestined, written by God’s servants – the prophets.

The chronological order of both the Old and the New Testament is not accurate. Matthew is the first book in our New Testament, yet Mark came before Matthew; and the letters of Paul came before the four gospels. Our forefathers of the church arranged the books as they now appear, but they do not give the true order of the unfolding picture any more than the books in the Old Testament do. Paul found the pattern unfolding in him and shared his experiences. In his second letter to Timothy, he urged him not to deviate from “my gospel,” but he did not spell it out. I have told you the chronological order just as it happened to me.

The crucifixion begins the journey into time. Coming out from the Father, you came into the world by being crucified on humanity. As Paul said: “I know only Christ and him crucified.” But the drama of redemption begins with your resurrection from humanity and your spiritual birth. Then you will discover the Fatherhood of God through your son, David (who is Christ) calling you father. This is the gift God gave himself through his sons – the gift of fatherhood.

One day you will know this truth by the betrayal of the great secret of the messiah. Judas not only reveals the great secret, but tells you where to find Jesus. He is in the garden as the tree of life. Blake knew. That is why he said, “The gods of the earth and sea sought through nature to find that tree. But their search was all in vain, there grows one in the human brain.” One day that tree – whose roots are in your brain – will reverse itself, and the story of Jesus and his Christ will unfold in you.

You and I were sons of God before we entered these garments of death. When we return, we will have added to God the Father, yet remained individualised. I can’t tell you the joy, the ecstasy that is in store for you on your return, for you came out from the Father and came into the world. Now you will leave the world and return to the Father, as the Father.

So, God’s gift to you is Christ, who is his son, David. And Christ’s gift is the spirit of truth which unfolds to reveal your true identity. As the son, you have come into the world to do the will of him who sent you. And in the end you will discover you sent yourself, for you will have found David, the son of Jesse (I AM) – one after your own heart who does all your will. Asleep, the messiah does the will of the Father; but when he awakes, the messiah and the Father are one.

We came out from the world of life to enter the world of death in a grand experiment, not knowing if we would succeed. He chose us – in him – for the experiment, then made us victorious over death by giving us himself, that we may know we are God the Father. I am speaking from experience. I am not theorising or speculating. Jesus is in you as your own wonderful human imagination. When you say, “I am,” that is Jesus. One day your awareness will awaken and rise. Then everything said of the Lord in the Old Testament will be fulfilled in you. And from that moment on your adventure will be over, and you will walk conscious of being God the Father.

What a glorious concept. God actually gave himself to everyone for a grand experiment which cannot fail in any one, not even a Hitler or Stalin. No monster can fail, because the resurrection is now a fact. It has been proven so. Everyone will return – not as the son of God (which is glorious enough) but of God himself. That is my message to you. And it is true.

I want to thank this sweet young lady for sharing her experience with me, that I may share it with you. Desiring to express herself in a loving way towards one she respects, she sees her parents – the symbol of her creative power – enter her room. Her father tells her of three records – were there not three who stood before Abraham when the birth of the child was announced? They were called men, not records, but it is the same symbolism. She was told to keep two and give him the other, as he would love it so and never tire of listening to it. The music was composed by Olam, the eternal youth and its title was Christ. Here is the composer writing about himself, just as man does here.

Every book you read is a man’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, in the written form. He had to acquire the ability to write, and anyone can do that. Go to school, apply yourself, and master the technique of writing. Then, as you start to write, you will discover you can only write the thoughts that permeate your own mind. You may think you are detached from your thoughts; but you and your thoughts are one, so you are writing all about yourself. So, Olam – the eternal youth – composed the composition “Christ,” which is all about himself; and you, O Christ, will never tire of listening to your incredible story.

Now let us go into the silence.



3 October 1969

[]The Great Possession

The book of Genesis is made up of three records, called the J, P, and E manuscripts. Tonight I will refer to the E manuscript, which begins with the 15th chapter of Genesis: “As the sun was going down, Abram fell into a deep sleep and great darkness fell upon him. Then the Lord said to Abram, ‘Know for a surety that your descendants will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs. They will be slaves there and they will be oppressed for four hundred years. After that they will come out with great possessions.’

“Abraham believed and it was accounted unto him for righteousness.”

Here we discover that it is not what man is, but what he trusts God to do, that saves him. Believing that God the Father has prepared the way for his banished sons to return, in the state of faith you accepted the verdict that you would be enslaved for four hundred years.

Now when you read this statement you may think in terms of time as we know it, but that is not part of the mystery. In the Hebrew alphabet each letter has a numerical – as well as a symbolic – value. The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “taf. Its numerical value is four hundred, and its symbolic value is that of a cross. That cross is the body you wear. It doesn’t mean that it will take four hundred years for you to reach the end of the journey, but that a way has been prepared to bring you out of this journey into death.

Everything begins, waxes, wanes, and dies here; but God has prepared a way for us – his banished sons – to return to him, and when we do we will have great possessions. These possessions will not be of an earthly nature, for everything dissolves here.

In this world your possessions enslave you. Buy a home, and the minute you have the feeling of possession you must insure your property against all the elements. Buy a large diamond of which you are so proud, and you must insure it and pay for that insurance the rest of your days.

People who own a fortune in diamonds often place them in a vault and never see them, yet pay insurance on them year after year – but they have the feeling of possession. So you see: regardless of how great you determine your earthly possessions to be, you cannot take them with you. So what is the great possession that you will return with? Life in yourself!

The Old Testament is a prophetic blueprint of experiences which take place in the New. And even that which is recorded in the New is not conclusive and vivid. So we search the scriptures to see what we must experience in order to acquire our promised great possession.

You and I pre-existed, for there is only God. Diversifying himself into the many by falling into a deep sleep, God the Father is now bearing his cross by wearing our garments of flesh and blood and dreaming our life into being. In this world we do not recognise ourselves in the other, for – wearing a mask – we are hidden from view. Now an animated body, we are destined to be gathered one by one and brought back into that original state with great possessions. That great possession is to have life in ourselves!

The word “Zechariah” means “Jehovah remembers,” and Zechariah’s book is all about remembering. In the 8th chapter the Lord speaks, saying: “I will return to Zion and I will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem shall be called the faithful city, the mountain of the Lord of hosts, the holy mountain. And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets.”

When you begin to awaken, you will remember what you were told before that the world was, and memory will return in the form of an experience. When your dream of life comes to an end, a sound – a certain note – will call you from the tomb, and you will awaken in your skull and begin to remember God’s plan for your salvation. Zechariah’s prophecy will be fulfilled in you as you remember, for Zechariah describes Jerusalem in vivid imagery as it will be when city and temple are restored, and we – the exiled – have returned.

The night my awakening began I fell asleep in my normal, natural way. Then a dream possessed me and I found myself in a glorious city, with no buildings more than 3-4 stories high. The footpaths – wider than any street I have ever seen – were filled with laughing, healthy boys and girls. There were concert grand pianos on the footpath at space intervals so that one would not interfere with the other. An artist would appear and play, just for the joy of those who were present, and each artist had his own following.

I sat at one grand piano and watched an enormous crowd follow their hero as he approached my bench. When he arrived I rose, he thanked me, sat down and began to play. As he played, his music formed geometrical patterns, all in colour. Standing next to him, I knew that if I arrested a certain imaginal activity in me, I would have frozen music to contemplate.

I arrested this activity, the music froze, and the sustained note began to increase in volume. As its sound penetrated my very being, I awoke to find myself – not on my bed in my home, but in the holy sepulchre – my skull – where I had been throughout the centuries. Then I innately knew how to get out. I did it and found myself surrounded by all of the imagery of scripture concerning the birth of God.

It took three and one half years for that pattern to unfold in me; but when it was complete I knew beyond all doubt that I was the one scripture called Jesus Christ. Everyone is God incarnate. You may be unknown, unwanted, and shunned by the world; but you really are God, wearing your cross as you swore to yourself that you would.

Now listen to these words: “Marvel not at this; for those who are in the tomb will hear his voice and come forth.” You may think the tomb spoken of here is a cemetery or graveyard; but I tell you: the tomb in which you are buried is your skull. Your own wonderful human imagination is the God of the earth and sea who is buried in your skull. That is the holy sepulchre. So don’t go to Egypt or the Near East, to what is called the Holy Land, to find the place where God is buried, for he is not there. God is buried in your skull and it is from that skull that he will rise.

No one knows when the power that you really are will awaken and rise from sleep; but I do know that when it does you will have the power to stop the world, to examine it, and start it again at will. And no matter how long you arrest it, when released there will be no knowledge of the arrest, for there will be no change. Space is a facility for experience; but time is a facility for changes in experience, and when you arrest time you arrest change. If you stopped this moment in time and kept it so for a thousand years, nothing would age because nothing could change. Time is within you and you can arrest it just as I did the night I sustained the tone.

Now, the word translated “voice” in scripture, means “noise; sound; the trumpet; reverberation.” A reverberation sustained – like a storm wind – will awaken you from the dream of life, and you will see the world as it really is, for the world is not as your senses and reason belie. You will awaken to say within yourself: “I and the Father are one.” And if you are one with the Father, who has a son, you must find him. Five months later your son – who is God’s son, David – will reveal you to yourself. I know this doesn’t make sense, but what I am telling you is true and you will know this truth through experience.

In the world, you are oppressed and a slave to the body you wear. No matter how rich or powerful you may be here, you cannot command a servant to eat your food, assimilate it, and eliminate it for you. You must perform all the normal functions of your cross of flesh and blood yourself; therefore, are you not a slave to it?

No one has ever been so wise or powerful that he could forego these functions. If he ever tried, he would die and they would bury him; but the real grave where God is buried is in your skull. There he will remain until the end of the journey when you are awakened from the dream and come out of your skull as the dreamer.

Although banished, God has prepared a way for you, his son, to return. We are all God’s sons, who collectively form the Father; but we are called back one by one. Each one of us is so unique we cannot be called in pairs or groups. And the night you are called will begin with a dream, as described in the 8th chapter of Zechariah.

I, who have told you what to expect, will physically disappear; but I will send the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth. He will bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. Having proclaimed to you that I am the truth, who can I send but myself? So God Himself entered death’s door with we who entered. He lay down in the grave with us in visions of eternity, until we awake to see the linen clothes lying there that the females have woven for us.

Your mother wove your garment of flesh and blood called the linen cloth, and one day you will come out of it, never to return. You, an invisible being, will feel and hear a power so great it will sound like a storm wind. What I saw was conjured by and supported by a tone; therefore if the tone stopped, the beauty I contemplated would vanish. But the tone continued, and as it did I awoke.

There is a tone in you that is unique to you, and one day it will appear in the form of a beautiful pattern. You will arrest that tone, and as it is sustained the shell in which you have been sealed for unnumbered centuries will crack. You did not begin in your mother’s womb and you will not end in the grave. You are an immortal being who came down into a world of death to dream the dream of life. One day you will fulfil the 8th chapter of Zechariah and awaken to discover you are life itself.

Now the word, “Jesus” means “Jehovah saves,” and when Jesus is born Jehovah is born. So when you come out of the shell in which you placed yourself, you are saved.

Today with all of our knowledge we still do not know how a sperm can penetrate the surface of an egg and make that which is inside come forth in the likeness of the one who penetrated it, for all things bring forth after their kind. Now if God is bringing forth that which is after his kind, it has to be God who is born.

Having entered the skull (your sealed egg) you have been dreaming your flesh and blood life into being. You have made a journey into death, and when the journey is over God will penetrate your skull, and you – completely individualised – will come forth as God. And so that you will have no doubt as to who you are, God’s only begotten son will call you Father. Only then will your journey be over.

Last night I retired, dwelling on this father/son relationship, and awoke about 2:30 A.M. to find myself in a place much like the Plaza Hotel in New York City. I had just checked out, and turned to see my brother, Fred checking in. As I went over to greet him I saw my nephew, Philip – Fred’s son – approach. Then I did the strangest thing: I introduced Philip to Fred, and as they shook hands I realised they didn’t know one another. Fred knew I was his brother, and Philip knew me as his uncle, but the father/son relationship they did not remember.

Now let us turn to scripture: “Philip said, ‘Show us the Father and we shall be satisfied’ and he answered, ‘Have I been so long with you and yet you do not know me, Philip? He who has seen me has seen the Father.’ “I saw my flesh and blood brother and nephew, yet in my dream they were only symbols of the Father and the son who do not know each other.

Tonight I tell you that you are the father of God’s only begotten son, who is named David – but you do not know it. One day, however, you will, for David will stand before you and call you Father. Then this mutual understanding between father and son will be accomplished, and your journey into the world of death will be over.

In my dream I played the part of David as I brought my brother Fred and his son Philip together. The word “David” is defined in Strong’s Biblical Concordance as “beloved; the uncle; the father’s brother.” As David, I made the announcement; and yet I am the father of David, for I and my Father are one.

These are mysteries, not of things to be kept secret, but mysterious in nature. They confuse the rational mind, as it wants to think on the level of this secular world where a man fathers a child and that’s all there is to it. The rational mind cannot solve the mystery of scripture, for the Bible is not a record of secular history, but divine history – which is something entirely different.

All the names recorded there are significant and tell a story that unfolds in the soul. You are the God whose name is I AM, but you are in this world and will bear the form of flesh and blood for an allotted time. Then the tree of life that you are will be split from top to bottom, and you – the Spirit trapped inside – will be set free.

In the meanwhile, dwell upon your great possession. If tonight you owned the earth and it vanished at your death, what would it matter? Stalin thought he controlled the world. He killed twenty million people then vanished. But Stalin did not die; he was restored to life in an environment best suited for the work yet to be done in him. Stalin is a name God adopted in order to play that part, just as God adopted the name Hitler and thought he would rule Germany.

They are all restored to life now, and adopted other names in order to continue the work that must be done in them; for in the end they, too, will be redeemed. Everyone will be redeemed because everyone is aware that he is, and therefore saying: “I am” – and that is the name of God. While playing their parts they were used, and although they do not know it they are God, moving towards their ultimate good.

Now, forget the individual and return to scripture, for you are only here to fulfil it. Even though I have completed the story as told in the New Testament, every night I find myself re-enacting the prophecy of the Old Testament. As I dwell upon a promise of the Old, the waves begin to break in my consciousness (as it did last night) and I am shown the perfect representation of the lack of memory of the father/son relationship. In the past my brother used to say: “Of my four children the one I do not understand is Philip.” They looked like each other but had nothing in common on physical level, and here on the spiritual level they did not know their physical relationship. I had to remind my brother of the relationship between Philip and Fred. He knew my brother Fred, but did not identify himself with the name.

Everything contains within itself the capacity for symbolic significance. There isn’t a dream that is insignificant, but we are past masters of their misinterpretation. We cannot see the story behind the story. But I tell you: you are here for one grand purpose and that is to awaken from the dream, and when you do you will have power in yourself. “As the Father has power in himself, so he has granted the son also to have power in himself. Do not marvel at this, for the hour is coming when those who are in the tomb will hear his voice and come forth,” and as you come forth your power is exercised.

There is a note, a tone that will awaken you when the boys and girls play in the streets of the Jerusalem within you. Zion is within you and the Lord is within you, for the entire drama unfolds in the imagination. One day you will be so completely carried away with the beauty of something produced by a note that you will arrest it. That sustained note will cause you to awaken to the truth that you are the Christ of scripture, the Jehovah of the Old Testament. Then you will know that you have returned with your great possession, for you will have transformed an animated body into a life-giving Spirit.

Now let us go into the silence.


3 October 1969

[]The Light of the World

In all the revelations which await you, there is none so fundamental as the revelation of Jesus Christ. He cannot be known outwardly, but must unveil himself from within. This experience will be yours when your immortal eyes are opened inward, into eternity, the world of thought.

He who awakens in you is the Lord Jesus Christ, but he is unseen by the mortal eye. As an individual the world knows you by your records. They know your date of birth, your parents, your brothers and sisters. Your friends know your weaknesses and limitations, but no one can know the being who awakens within you until the revelation is theirs.

Tonight I will try to show you the Lord Jesus Christ, for he is your true identity. His most fantastic claim: “I am the light of the world” was not claimed by one little individual, but by the universal being who is the life of every child born of woman.

The mortal mind, unable to understand this statement, questioned him, asking him to tell them who he really was and he answered: “Even what I have told you from the beginning.” The beginning of what? The year 1 A.D.? No. Before that the world was, you and I were told that we would descend into and experience death. Then we would return, enhanced by reason of our experiences.

Knowing me and my mortal beginning of only a few years, you may question my words, but I am not speaking about a physical being. The Lord Jesus Christ has unveiled himself in me, yet I remain here in this body of flesh until the silver cord is snapped.

Only then can I return to the world that was mine before that the world was and receive all the glory I was promised when I agreed to enter and experience death. Who is this being I know myself to be? The Lord Jesus Christ, of which we are all one.

Now, we are told: “You are born anew through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” Here we see that our birth is conditioned upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You may think this happened 2,000 years ago, but John tells us in his Revelation that “Jesus Christ is the faithful witness, the first born of the dead.” Do not think of this in terms of time, but rather in order of events, for we are dealing with a mystery.

There is only one faithful witness who declares himself to be the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. That witness is Jesus Christ, he who came out from the Father and came into the world to bury himself in every child born of woman. He is in you right now, identifying himself as you. And when he awakes, in you, his first act is to resurrect from the dead. This is followed by your birth from above.

When the story of Christ awakens within you, you are no better than one who will awaken tomorrow for you do not precede him, as his story does not take place in time. I am speaking of the order of events.

Listen to the words carefully: “Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the first born of the dead.” There are two events which take place here simultaneously. “We are born anew through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” Christ must first awaken in you, then resurrect himself from the dream in which he died before he (as you) can be born from above. Christ is in you.

He is not some being who lived 2,000 years ago, was crucified on a wooden cross, and rose from the dead for your salvation. The Christ is buried in you individually. This is the age of the awakening and everyone is going to awaken. No matter what a man (or woman) has done here he is forgiven, because God played the part and all things are moving toward the fulfilment of a predetermined end.

We are told in the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians, the 51st verse: “We shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye, for the trumpet will sound and we shall rise from the dead.” At the end of your long, long journey you will be changed, individually. This I know to be true from experience.

You are so unique that you alone hear the trumpet which causes you to awaken and brings you back into the infinite being that you really are – to play your distinct part, for no one can take your place. We shall all – not just a few, but all – be changed – in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye, for the trumpet will sound and we will awaken and rise from the dead.

What is the “trumpe”? The word means “a vibration,” and may I tell you it is the most unusual vibration you have ever felt. I have heard numberless vibrations, as you have. A concert is a series of vibrations synchronised into harmony. The piano, the violin, the cello – all are vibrations; but the trumpet Paul refers to is a peculiar vibration which is centred in the head and cannot be stopped.

When the vibration occurred in me it continued until I awoke to find myself in my skull. How long I had been there I do not know. I will go along with Blake, but I do not know from experience. I only know that a peculiar vibration awoke me. This was followed by my birth from above. And it only took a moment for the trumpet to sound and Christ, in me to awaken.

Yes, Christ is the first born, for his birth begins the series of events which continue for 42 months. And when the revelation has completed itself in you, you will still be tied to your physical body by its silver cord, so you will tell your experiences to encourage others.

Nothing in this world is really important and will prove itself to be pure nonsense. Men are given Nobel prizes, money and honours relative to their findings here which are non-existent. No one will ever find life in a test tube, for life exists only within individual man.

The day is coming when you will feel an activity within you, arrest it, and see the world stand still. Then you will know that you are life itself, and the life you now know yourself to be will never be found in any test tube.

Jesus cannot be known or proved to exist externally. Only the incurrent eyewitnesses can know him. Only those whose immortal eyes are opened inward into the world of thought will see the truth of which I speak, for I have awakened from the dream of life and know myself to be the light of the world.

This is a fantastic claim, one I know you are going to experience. The day will come when you will know you are not only the light of the world, but that you are the sender of infinite, pulsing, living light of which there is no circumference. As light you will be pure, as not a thing will be in it; no worlds, no suns, no planets – but nothing! Just you, and you are infinite light. You will see me as light, yet we will know one another as beings of love, for God is love and in that awareness we are one with God.

Everything said of Jesus Christ in scripture you are going to experience, and those whose eye is opened inward into the world of thought will see you clothed in the garments of love, of power, of wisdom, and of light.

Then, eventually everyone will return to the one being, yet all will be individualised. There is no absorption into, just union with the one being of love, power, wisdom, and light, for this one being is the Christ of scripture. And so I repeat: of all the great revelations which await us, there is none so fundamental as the unveiling of Christ in us.

Let the world do all the unlovely things it is capable of doing, remembering that behind the mask of everyone here, a being is buried who will awaken, rise, and come out. And when he does all will be forgiven, because he will know he was the one who did the unlovely acts as he wore his many masks.

In last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine I read a story written by one of Hitler’s right-hand men. In it he said: “I can’t describe it, but Hitler had the capacity to make everyone obey his will. He seemed to have no centre and was in such complete control of himself that we were like puppets to him.”

Hitler slaughtered millions, yet blamed his own people when he did not succeed, saying: “The stronger power has succeeded. They will rule now. It serves my people right.” Here is the voice of hell which is always self justification. In the end Hitler failed and blamed the people he had controlled for many years. He thought he had control forever, but he lost it, for God has planned everything as it has come out and as it will be consummated.

Hitler was used for a purpose. To us it was a horrible purpose, but – as we are told in Genesis: “You intended it for evil, but God meant it for good.” Joseph (the dreamer in you) was sold into slavery, for God knew he could be used for His purpose. The brothers intended evil against him, but God meant it for good and raised Joseph to the level of the Pharaoh, where he saved civilisation from starvation.

Read the story of Job, and once again you read of an innocent man who was used. Everyone is Job, who in the end will bring forth that which is buried within, which is the plan of redemption, to say with Job: “I have heard of thee with the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees thee.”

After you have gone through all of the furnaces, he who is buried within you (who is your reality of Being, your true identity) will erupt like a tree coming into blossom and bear its fruit. The first fruit to appear is your awakening and your birth from above. The second great event is to discover your Fatherhood. The third occurs as you ascend back into the heavenly sphere where you were before you came down, for no one returns to heaven but he who first came down from heaven, the Son of man.

You came down from heaven. That’s why you are going to go back, enhanced by the experience of this world of hell. The fourth act is a glorious one, when the seal of approval is placed upon your return, for then you are redeemed; and when you leave this sphere you will join your brothers to become one of the watchers from above, faithfully and lovingly awaiting their return.

No one will be lost, not one. Listen carefully: “All will be changed.” Paul begins his story by saying: “Behold I tell you a mystery.” The mystery is that all will be changed. It doesn’t take long. In a moment, in the twinkle of an eye, you begin to awaken and are born from above. Those with mortal eyes cannot see spirit, but those who witness your spiritual birth will see the sign of it. That sign is a child fulfilling scripture: “Unto you a child is born,” for your spiritual birth is when God is born. At that moment he brings back his son (which is yourself) – only now you are expanded from what you were before your descent into this world.

You will see your witnesses and read their thoughts. In fact, their thoughts will become objectified just as yours do here. As you think, God sees your thoughts and objectifies them. He sees everything you are thinking, everything you have planned, and projects them for you even though God you cannot see.

Take my message to heart and try to remember what was told you before that the world was. In the last chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes, the Preacher tells of the snapping of the silver cord and the breaking of the golden bowl and pitcher before the dust returns to the earth. Then he calls upon us to dwell upon his words for “The sayings of the wise are like goads, like pegs firmly fixed are the collected sayings which are given by one Shepherd.” One who has had the experiences tells them and they become pegs driven into the minds of many. Beyond this he warns us not to think of anything, “For of the writing and the making of many books there is no end.”

I ask you to dwell upon my experiences. Tomorrow you may be carried away with the news of the day. Although it may be very exciting, it is not important. What someone did, does not matter, and the reason it was done should not interest you. Rather you should be interested in the collective sayings of the wise, all found in scripture and given to you by one Shepherd. Dwell upon the words recorded there and try to find out what is being said.

“Who are you?” they asked. “Even what I have told you from the beginning.” Yes, I am the same being who spoke to you when we all gathered together in eternity. Before we came down you and I were one. Calling you gods, Sons of the Most High, I told you that we were going to have the experience of dying and falling as one man. And then I called you princes. And one day you will know yourself to be the prince of light, the prince of love, and the prince of power, for everything recorded in scripture will be experienced by you. That is your destiny.

It would be my pleasure to pass my immortal eyes on to you who are here, but I cannot do it from this level. It must be done from a higher level, done with the consent of the watchers in eternity, those who are already redeemed from this world. It seems stupid for a little man, weak and limited, to claim to be infinite, living, pulsing light; yet those to whom I have given my eyes have seen me as the prince of light, the prince of love, and the prince of power and wisdom.

I know myself to be the Lord Jesus Christ, yet I also know that I will continue to remain here in this mortal frame until the silver cord is snapped and the golden bowl and pitcher are broken. Only then can I return to those I have always known, those who are eagerly waiting for my return from the world of death.

So it is from death to life, from darkness to light, from bondage to freedom. We voluntarily came down and assumed this bondage of flesh. As we entered the world of darkness we forgot we were the light of the world. Eternally alive, we entered the world of death. We took it on in confidence that we possessed the power and the wisdom to return.

Everyone here will go back, regardless of what you have done, what you are doing, or what you are planning to do. Everyone, including Hitler and Stalin, including every monster who ever lived – all will be redeemed, for they were used for a purpose. No, you don’t love the individual who played the part, but beyond the mask of the body is God. One day the incurrent eyes will be yours and you will see the Lord Jesus Christ behind that mask.

Jesus cannot be proved as having ever existed or known by any outward means. No matter where you search, or what the priests tell you, you will never find any genealogy of Jesus Christ, for he is not to be found outwardly. Only those whose immortal eyes are open into the world of thought can find him. They know the truth concerning Jesus Christ from experience, and in the world of men they will share their story for those who hear to believe or disbelieve.

When John told his story he said: “I am a witness to what I have heard and seen with my own eyes; which I have handled with my own hands concerning the word of life.” Now, John is not some professor who is trying to give society a convincing set of arguments. Rather he is simply telling what he heard and saw in a region beyond that which can be explained with the rational mind. He invites everyone who hears his story of redemption to believe him, but he allows the individual to decide whether he will accept or reject it, just as I do.

Now, the Christ that you accept on faith comes to you as one unknown, yet one who in some mysterious manner lets you experience who he is. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul asks this question: “Did you receive the spirit by works of the law or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish, having received the spirit by faith, are you now ending with the flesh?”

Now I ask you: are you thinking of Jesus as a being of flesh and blood when you know that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven? Are you thinking of a physical saviour? Didn’t you receive the spirit by hearing the story and accepting it with faith, for your acceptance was the spirit. If after hearing this incredible story you believe it, go your way and it will unfold within you. But if you reject it, your rejection will simply delay its experience, for you are destined to know the truth which will set you free from this bondage to decay.

All of the things that man is now discovering concerning the secret of life aren’t so at all. I tell you, you are the light of the world. One day you will come upon a scene, arrest it, and stop all of the intentions of those there. Then you will know that everyone is dead and you alone are alive and life itself. And as you release their activity in you, the scene will take on life once again, and then you will know from experience that you surely are the light of the world.

Now let us go into the silence.


6 October 1969

[]Believe It In

The objective reality of this world is solely produced by the human imagination, in which all things exist. Tonight I hope to show you how to subjectively appropriate that which already exists in you, and turn it into an objective fact. Your life is nothing more than the out picturing of your imaginal activity, for your imagination fulfils itself in what your life becomes.

The last year that Robert Frost was with us, he was interviewed by Life Magazine and said: “Our founding fathers did not believe in the future, they believed it in.” This is true. Having broken with England, our founding fathers could have established their own royalty here by making one of them the king, thereby perpetuating a royal family. They could have chosen a form of dictatorship, but they agreed to imagine a form of government that had not been tried since the days of the Greeks. Democracy is the most difficult form of government in the world, yet our founding fathers agreed to believe it in. They knew it would take place, because they knew the power of belief – the power I hope to show you that you are, tonight.

To say: “I am going to be rich,” will not make it happen; you must believe riches in by claiming within yourself: “I am rich.” You must believe in the present-tense, because the active, creative power that you are, is God. He is your awareness, and God alone acts and is. His name forever and ever is “I am” therefore, he can’t say: “I will be rich” or “I was rich” but “I am rich!” Claim what you want to be aware of here and now, and – although your reasonable mind denies it and your senses deny it – if you will assume it, with feeling, your inward activity, established and perpetuated, will objectify itself in the outside world – which is nothing more than your imaginal activity, objectified. To attempt to change the circumstances of your life before you change its imaginal activity, is to labour in vain. This I know from experience. I had a friend who hated Roosevelt, yet wanted him to change. Every morning while shaving, my friend would tell Roosevelt off. He found great joy and satisfaction in this daily routine, yet could not understand why Roosevelt stayed the same. But I tell you, if you want someone to change, you must change your imaginal activity, for it is the one and only cause of your life. And you can believe anything in if you will not accept the facts your senses dictate; for nothing is impossible to imagine, and imagining – persisted in and believed – will create its own reality.

Now, all things exist in God, and he exists in you and you exist in him. Your eternal body is the human imagination, and that is God Himself. Your imagination is an actual body in which everything is contained. When you imagine, the thing itself comes out of that divine body, Jehovah. The story of Jesus is a wonderful mystery that cannot be solved until you discover, from experience, that he is your own wonderful human imagination.

We are told that God speaks to man in a dream and unveils himself in a vision. Now, vision is a waking dream like this room, while a dream occurs when you are not fully awake. A few years ago this vision was mine: I was taken in spirit into one of the early mansions on 5th Avenue in New York City at the turn of the century. As I entered, I saw that three generations were present and I heard the eldest man telling the others of their grandfather’s secret. These are his words: “Grandfather used to say, while standing on an empty lot: `I remember when this was an empty lot.’ Then he would paint a word picture of what he wanted to build there. He saw it vividly in his mind’s eye as he spoke, and in time it was established. He went through life in that manner, objectively realising what he had first subjectively claimed.”

I tell you: everything in your outer world was first subjectively appropriated, I don’t care what it is. Desire can be your empty lot where you may stand, remembering when that which you now have, was only a desire. If I now say: “I remember when I lectured at the Woman’s Club in Los Angeles” I am implying I am no longer there, and am where I want to be. Remembering when you were poor, I have taken you out of poverty and placed you in comfort. I remember when you were sick, by taking you out of sickness and placing you in the state of health. I remember when you were unknown, implies you are now known. By changing my memory image of you, I can now remember when you, with all your fame and fortune, were unknown and broke. That was the secret of grandfather’s success.

This is what I learnt in vision. Do not put this thought aside because it came to me in vision. In the 12th chapter of the Book of Numbers it is said that God speaks to man through the medium of dreams and makes himself known through vision. If God makes himself known to you through vision, and speaks to you in dream, what is more important than to remember your dreams and visions? You can’t compare the morning’s paper or any book you may read, to your vision of the night, for that is an instruction from the depth of yourself.

God in you speaks to you in a dream, as he did to me when he took me on a trip in time to that beautifully staffed mansion at the turn of the century. As spirit, I was invisible to those present; but I heard more distinctly than they, and comprehended the words more graphically then they, because they had their millions; and who is going to tell one who already has millions how to get them. I entered their environment to hear their story, in order to share it with those who will hear and believe my words and then try it.

This doesn’t mean that, just because you heard my vision you are going to enjoy wealth; you must apply what you heard, and remember when. If you would say: “I remember when I couldn’t afford to spend $400 a month for rent,” you are implying you can well afford it now. The words: “I remember when it was a struggle to live on my monthly income,” implies you have transcended that limitation. You can put yourself into any state by remembering when. You can remember when your friend expressed her desire to be married. By remembering when she was single, you are persuading yourself that your friend is no longer in that state, as you have moved her from one state into another.

When I say all things exist in the human imagination, I mean infinite states; for everything possible for you to experience now, exists in you as a state of which you are its operant power. Only you can make a state become alive. You must enter a state and animate it in order for it to out-picture itself in your world. You may then go back to sleep and think the objective fact is more real than its subjective state into which you have entered; but may I tell you: all states exist in the imagination. When a state is entered subjectively, it becomes objective in your vegetative world, where it will wax and wane and disappear; but its eternal form will remain forever and can be reanimated and brought back into being through the seed of contemplative thought. So I tell you: the most creative thing in you is to enter a state, and believe it into being.

Now, causation is the assemblage of mental states, which occurring creates that which the assemblage implies. Let us say that I have two friends who would empathise with me (not sympathise) if they heard my good news. I put them together and listen (all in my imagination) as they talk about me and what has happened in my life. Being true friends, I hear their words of joy and see their happiness reflected on their faces. Then I allow myself to become visible to them and feel their handshake and embrace as I accept their congratulations as a fact. Now I have assembled a mental state, which occurring, created that which the assemblage implied; therefore I am its cause. As I walk, firmly believing in the reality of what I have done, and that imaginal act becomes a fact, I may question myself as it how it came about. Then, remembering my imaginal act I would say: “I did it.” If I did it, then did not God do it? Yes, because God and I are one “I am”.

Are you going to continue to believe there is another on the outside; or are you going to believe the great confession of faith, which I would urge you to accept? It’s the great Sh’ma: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” If the Lord is one he can’t be two; therefore, if his name is I am and you say “1 am,” you must be one with the Lord who brought the world into being.

Listen to these words: “By faith we understand that the world was created by the word of God, so that things that are seen were made out of things which do not appear.” Here we see that the word of God is an imaginal activity, which -joined by faith - created the world. And faith is nothing more than the subjective appropriation of an objective hope. Now, when you discuss your desire with me, you cannot see my imaginal act relative to you. If you tell me you need a job and I accept that thought, when I think of you I remember your need. But if I changed your words and heard you tell me you loved your job, I could remember when you needed one; for now my memory bank contains the fact that you have a job you like very much. And when we meet again you tell me that you have it, you are only bringing confirmation of my imaginal, creative act.

Now, if imagination works this way, and it proves itself in the testing time and time again, what does it matter what the world thinks? It costs you nothing to try it, and what a change in life it will produce for you. Try it, for you will prove it in performance.

This may be in conflict with what you believe God to be. Maybe you still want him to be someone on the outside, so that there are two of you and not one. That’s all right if you do, but I tell you: God became you that there would not be you and God. He became you, that you may become God. If God became you, his name must be in you, and it is; for if I ask you anything, you must first be aware of the question before you can respond, and your awareness is God.

You may not be aware of who you are, where you are, or what you are; but you do know that you are. Aware of what your senses and reason dictate, you may believe that you are limited, unwanted, ignored, and mistreated; and your world confirms your belief in your imaginal activity. And if you do not know that your awareness is causing this mistreatment, you will blame everyone but yourself; yet I tell you the only cause of the phenomena of life is an imaginal activity. There is no other cause.

If you believe in the horrors of the world as they are given to you in the paper and on television, your belief causes the horrors to continue. Believing the news of a shortage, you will buy what you do not need, blindly accepting the pressure to perpetuate an imaginal activity that keeps you frightened. All through scripture you are told to let not your heart be troubled, be not afraid, and fear not. If fear could be eliminated, there would be no need for psychologists or psychiatrists. It’s a bunch of nonsense, anyway. Every day this branch of medicine changes their concepts and they are always in conflict as to what a man’s attitude towards life is.

I say to everyone: the whole vast world is now in your human imagination, and you can bring any desire out of it by believing it into being.

First, you must know what you want, then create an image that fulfils it. Would your friends know and talk about it? Imagine they are with you now, discussing your fulfilled desire. You could be at a cocktail or dinner party that is being given in your honour. Or maybe it’s a little get-together over tea. Create a scene in your mind’s eye and believe its reality in! That invisible state will produce the objective state you desire, for all objective reality is solely produced by imagination.

The clothes you are now wearing were first imagined. The chair in which you are seated, the room that surrounds you – there isn’t a thing here that wasn’t first imagined; so you can see that imagining creates reality. If you don’t believe it, you are lost in a world of confusion.

There is no fiction. What is fiction today will be a fact tomorrow. A book written as a fictional story today comes out of the imagination of the one who wrote it, and will become a fact in the tomorrows. If you have a good memory or a good research system, you could find today’s facts. Not every fact is recorded, because not every thought is written; yet every person imagines. A man, feeling wrongfully imprisoned and desiring to get even, will disturb the world, because all things by a law divine in one another’s being, mingle. You can’t stop the force that comes from one who is imagining, because behind the mask he wears, you and he are one. Start now to become aware of what you are thinking, for as you think, you imagine. Only then can you steer a true course to your definite end. If you lose sight of that end, however, you can and will be moved by seeming others. But if you keep your mind centred in the awareness of dwelling in your destination, you cannot fail.

The end of your journey is where your journey begins. When you tell me what you want, do not try to tell me the means necessary to get it, because neither you nor I know them. Just tell me what you want that I may hear you tell me that you have it. If you try to tell me how your desire is going to be fulfilled, I must first rub that thought out before I can replace it with what you want to be. Man insists on talking about his problems. He seems to enjoy recounting them and cannot believe that all he needs to do is state his desire clearly. If you believe that imagination creates reality, you will never allow yourself to dwell on your problems, for you will realise that as you do you perpetuate them all the more.

So I tell you: the greatest thing you can do is to believe a thing into existence, just as our founding fathers did. They had no current example of democracy. It existed in Greece centuries ago, but failed because the Greeks changed their imaginal activity. We could do that too. Don’t think for one second we have to continue as a democracy. We could be under dictatorship within twenty-four hours, for everything is possible. If you like democracy, you must be constantly watchful to keep its concepts alive within you. It’s the most difficult form of government. A man can voice an opinion and stage a protest here, but in other forms of government he cannot. If you want to enjoy the freedom of a democracy, you must keep it alive by being aware of it.

Now, if you keep this law, you don’t have to broadcast what you want; you simply assume that you have it, for – although your reasonable mind and outer senses deny it – if you persist in your assumption your desire will become your reality. There is no limit to your power of belief, and all things are possible to him who believes. Just imagine what an enormous power that is. You don’t have to be nice, good, or wise, for anything is possible to you when you believe that what you are imagining is true. That is the way to success.

I believe any man who has been successful in his life’s venture has lived as though he were successful. Living in that state, he can name those who aided him in achieving his success; and he may deny that he was always aware of success, but his awareness compelled the aid he received.

To believe your desire into being is to exercise the wonderful creative power that you are. We are told in the very first Psalm: “Blessed is the man who delights in the law of the Lord. In all that he does, he prospers.” This law, as explained in the Sermon on the Mount, is psychological. “You have heard it said of old, thou shalt not commit adultery, but I say unto you, anyone who lusts after a woman has already committed the act of adultery with her in his heart.” Here we discover that it is not enough to restrain the impulse on the outside. Adultery is committed the moment the desire is thought!

Knowing what you want, gear yourself towards it, for the act was committed in the wanting. Faith must now be added, for without faith it is impossible to please God. Can you imagine a state and feel that your imaginal act is now a fact? It costs you nothing to imagine; in fact you are imagining every moment in time, but not consciously. But, may I tell you: if you use your creative power by imagining a desire is already fulfilled, when you get it, the circumstances will seem so natural that it will be easy to deny your imagination had anything to do with it, and you could easily believe that it would have happened anyway. But if you do, you will have returned to sleep once again.

First of all, most of us do not even realise our own harvest when it confronts us. And if we do remember that we once imagined it, reason will tell us it would have happened anyway. Reason will remind you that you met a man (seemingly by accident) at a cocktail party who was interested in making money. When he heard your idea, he sent you to see his friend, and look what happened – so really, it would have happened anyway. Then, of course, it is easy to ignore the law, but “Blessed is the man who delights in the law of the Lord. In all that he does he prospers.”

Don’t forget the law while you are living in the world of Caesar, and apply it wisely; but remember you are not justified by its use. Justification comes through faith. You must have faith in the incredible story that God promised to bring himself out of you, as you! This is God’s promise to all, and all are asked to believe it.

It is not what you are, but what you trust God to do, that saves you. And to the degree that you trust God to save you, you will be saved. But he has given us a psychological law to cushion the inevitable blows of life. The law is simple: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It is the law of like begets like. As you imagine, so shall your life become. Knowing what you want, assume the feeling that would be yours if you had it. Persist in that feeling, and in a way you do not know and could not devise, your desire will become a fact. Grandfather made his fortune by standing on an empty lot and saying to himself: “I remember when this was an empty lot.” Then he would paint a beautiful word picture of the structure he desired there. This is a wonderful technique. You can remember when you were unknown, penniless, and ill, or a failure. Remembering when you were, implies you are no longer that, and your power is in its implication.

Use the law and it will take you from success to success, as you conceive success to be. As far as I am concerned, success is to fulfil the promise, and you cannot do that through the law. The promise is fulfilled through faith. Are you holding true to the faith? Examine yourself to see if you are. I have told you an eternal story. Believe it, but do not change it. The story is this: God became you that you may become God. Use the law to cushion the blows while God keeps his promise; and then one day, when your journey is over, you will say: “Into thy hands I commit my spirit. Thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God.” That’s the cry on the cross. Commit your spirit to your imaginal act, relax and fall asleep knowing its redemption is assured. Then when you least expect it, God will prove to you that he has redeemed you by awakening in you, as you. Then you will be born, not of blood or of the will of the flesh, or of the will of man, but of God.

Now let us go into the silence.



10 October 1969

[]No Other Foundation (2)

In Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians he said: “No other foundation can anyone lay then that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” And in his 2nd letter he asked: “Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” Now I ask you: who is this Jesus Christ who is in you? He is your own wonderful human imagination – the foundation stone of your world! Your dreams create your world, and the dreamer dreaming those dreams, is your human imagination scripture calls Jesus Christ.

You may think of Jesus as someone other than yourself, someone separate and apart from you, but I tell you, Jesus Christ is in you as your wonderful human imagination. He is the dreamer, the foundation of your day as well as your night dreams. You may not be able to write a letter, paint a picture, or carry a tune, but you can dream because Jesus Christ is in you.

Now let me take you into the greatest story ever told man. It is the story of the Lord Jehovah, the being you really are. The Bible is your autobiography. You dictated it, recorded it, then came into the world to fulfil it – and you will!

People are forever looking for the coming of Christ, but he cannot come from without, for Jesus Christ is already within! He comes when the dreamer in you awakens and the dream comes to its end.

As the dreamer awakens, you awaken by a series of events which were predetermined before the world was. Let man speculate as to the age of the earth, the moon, and all the things round about him. That’s perfectly all right; it’s part of the dream, too. But when your individual dream comes to its end you – its dreamer – will find yourself awakening within your skull, the skull where Jesus was buried. You will come out of that skull, fulfilling Peter’s words: “You are born again through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

Now, no one here thinks he is dead. We think those who depart this scene are dead, while we are very much alive; but I tell you: those who appear to be dead are no more dead than an actor who leaves the stage. Rather, they are restored to life in a world just like this, to continue their dream just as you and I continue it here. They have a body just like the one they left behind, only young – about twenty, where they can continue their dream until the dreamer in them awakes by a series of events which take place in them.

The series begins with a peculiar awakening within yourself to discover you are in your skull, the skull where you were entombed. Then you come out of that sepulchre to find the symbolism described in scripture surrounding you. You do not bring forth a child; the child you find merely symbolises your birth, for you are born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God, to discover that you are the dreamer who – having foretold exactly what would happen, in symbolism – awoke from the dream of life.

Those who are not awake will continue to fight shadows in this world, for everything here is imagination made visible. Shelley once said:


He has awakened from the dream of life.

Tis we who, lost in stormy visions,

Fight with phantoms and unprofitable strife.”


Those who are fighting against the establishment do not realise that they are fighting against the objectified images of their own mind. But the day will come when he who is dreaming his world into being, will awake within himself to know he is its foundation, the one the Bible calls Jesus. The words “Jesus” and “Joshua” mean “Jehovah, the Lord’s salvation.” A man is saved from his dream by returning to the state he occupied before the dream began.

When Jesus told those who were listening to him that he came down from heaven, they could not understand his words, for they knew his physical father and mother, his physical brothers and sisters. Seeing only the outer man, they thought he had a demon and was mad.

Man is looking for a saviour to change the establishment and society in the outside world when it is but a reflection of a dream whose reality lies deep within him. A saviour will never be found in the midst of shadows. He will only be found when he who laid himself down within the individual man awakens in a wonderful series of events.


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Neville's Lectures, Volume Six, 38 Lectures, 1969 to 1970, Australian English Ed Neville's Lectures, Volume Six, 38 Lectures, 1969 to 1970, Australian English Ed