Neville's Lectures, Volume Seven, 25 Lectures, 1970 to 1972, Australian English



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Volume Seven


25 Lectures


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[][] Table of Contents



Table of contents

The Secret of Imagining

If Any Two Agree…”

The Perfect Law of Liberty

Proof, The Law Works

Where is Golgotha?

The Hidden Secret of God

Order Then Wait

Revelation of Purpose

Consigned to Disobedience

Control Your Inner Conversations

Salvation History – Not Secular

Step Into the Picture (Who God Really Is)

Self In Self and Risen

Experiencing Scripture

God-Given Talent

Gifts Bestowed by GOD

The Mystery Called Christ

Who Is The Real Messiah

The Dweller on the Threshold

Who Paul Really Is

The Secret of Imagination

Neville’s Purpose Revealed

Imagination Plus Faith

His Purpose

God Is Known By Experience



20 July 1970

[]The Secret of Imagining

Tonight’s subject is: The Secret of Imagining. In almost every particular is the world about us different from what we think it. Why then should we be so incredulous? Life calls on us to believe not less, but more. The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems, to the solution of which everyone should aspire, for supreme power, supreme wisdom, supreme delight lie in the solution of this mystery.

If you have solved the mystery of imagining you have found Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is defined for us in scripture as “The power of God and the wisdom of God” (1st Corinthians 1:24). As we are told in the eighth chapter of the Book of Proverbs, – and Wisdom is speaking now, personified as a little child:


When He laid out the foundation of the world

I was beside Him like a little child

I was daily His delight,

rejoicing before Him always

rejoicing in His inhabited world,

delighting in the affairs of men.

He who finds me finds life

He who misses me injures himself;

All who hate me love death.”

– (Proverbs 8:29, 31, 35, 36)


So find that child that is the symbol of Jesus Christ, who is the creative power and the wisdom of God. Believe me when I tell you that this Jesus Christ of scripture is your own wonderful human imagination. “By him all things were made, and without him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:3). He is in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knows Him not.

Look into the world and name one thing that wasn’t first imagined. You name one thing that does not now exist in your imagination – just name it. Name anything in the world that does not now exist in your imagination: “All things exist in the human imagination.” (from Jerusalem by William Blake).

“God is man, and exists in us and we in Him” (from Annotations to Berkeley by William Blake). The eternal abode of man is the imagination; and that is God Himself. Try to disprove it.

God is my pure imagining in myself. He underlies all of my faculties, including perception, but He streams into my surface mind least disguised in the form of productive fancy. I can catch Him in the act of producing these images in my mind. Just try it as you are seated here. Try to think of anything. Try to catch Him in the act of actually producing in your own mind’s eye all these images. “For all things exist in the human imagination.” But how can I single out one and clothe it so that it becomes an objective fact?

That is the secret, for they all exist within me. But how can I catch one and clothe it? Well I will try to show you tonight what I know from my own personal experience. Scripture teaches it, but it tells it in a strange and wonderful way: how to clothe it.

You see this room in which we are now? It’s more real now than your own home is to you; yet you know your home more intimately than you know this room. Yet this room, at the moment, while you are in it, is more real than your own home. How different the cubic reality from the plane of any depiction of it. This room is now so “real” because we are in it, and we are all imagination. We’re in it; and to us, it’s real. Think of your own home. Do we not have the capacity to draw it, to paint it? But in your mind’s eye you have a plane depiction of it, but it’s not as real now as the room is. This room is real because we’re in it.

Now this is what I mean by making something that is only a thought – something that is real. How do I do it? I single out, out of my own wonderful human imagination, that which I want to make real. It’s all in you. Then I must enter into it as I have entered into this room. “If the spectator would enter into any one of these images in his imagination, approaching it on the fiery chariot of his own contemplative thought” (from Visions of the Last Judgement by William Blake), it would become just as real to him as this room.

You may ask, “What would that do to me? Will it become real in the not-distant future?” I know from my own experience, it will. You can sit here and enter into a state. It may not take on quite the reality of this room, but it will if you persist in it; it will become just like this. When you open your eyes, it vanishes. But does it mean that I tasted that, and that’s all? No. Having gone into it, may I tell you, it will follow you? It will not recede into the past as memory; it will advance into the future and you will confront it. This is the secret of imagining, which is finding out the secret of God.

You are an immortal being. You cannot die because you are all imagination. Man is all imagination; and God truly is man; and He exists in us, and we in Him. And that immortal body of man is the human imagination, and that is Jesus Christ Himself, – the Eternal Body of man and it cannot die. You cannot die. The body, – yes, this will fade; but I am not the garment that I am wearing. I am the wearer of the garment, and the wearer of this garment is all imagination. This is the story that the Bible teaches.

When we read in the Bible: “I, even I, am He. I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal; and there is no god beside me” (Deuteronomy 32:39). This is not a being outside of you speaking; this is the Being that you really are, speaking within you, trying to persuade Himself of His own wonderful power to create. It can kill, and yet it can make alive. It can resurrect from the dead. And that is your own wonderful human imagination.

The day will come; you will taste this power that you possess. You will come into a room just like this, and you will still it – not by commanding anyone in the room to be still. Leave them just as they are. But you will arrest within yourself an activity that you feel, and as you still it in you, everything that you observe becomes still – perfectly still. You could go forward and examine them, and they are dead. Everything is perfectly still and dead. The life is in you. You release the activity, and they once more become animated and continue to do what they intended to do. You could, when you stilled the activity within you, change their motivation; and when you release it, they will do entirely different from what they intended to do before your arrestment within you of that activity.

“As the Father has life in Himself, He has granted the Son also to have life in Himself” (John 5:26); and you have that within you. You’re not quite aware of it yet, but you will become aware. Those that I am teaching will have dreams, as you have dreams; and in their dreams they will become awake, and then arrest it in the dream and change the motivation and see the intended act change.

Here is one. A friend became aware that she was dreaming, and here’s a man who intended to hurt her. He got out of the car and came towards her, and she became afraid; and her fright woke her; but instead of waking on the bed, she awoke in the dream. Then she realised, “This is what he teaches. Now I will simply arrest it.” She didn’t argue with him; she arrested, within her, the activity that animated him. And she said to him, “You are tired. You need a good hot cup of coffee and then a good sound sleep,” and then she told him exactly what he needed, and released the activity within her. He shook his head as though something strange had happened within him, and he got back into the car – all in her dream – and drove off. You see, she changed his intention towards her.

This may seem impossible to the world. As I started this lecture, almost everything in this world is so completely unlike what it appears to be. And I am telling you from my own experience; I am not speculating. I am not theorising. The power of which I speak is a power within you. That power is not something on the outside; it’s your own wonderful human imagination, and you will learn to control it. Your imagination animates the world in which you live. You change your imagination, and you change the world.

To attempt to change circumstances before I change my own imaginal activity is to struggle against the very nature of my own being, for my own imaginal activity is animating my world. If I believe that I am injured or that others are against me, I have conjured them in my world, and they have to be against me. If I fully believe that all are working towards the fulfilment of my good, they have to work towards the fulfilment of my good. I don’t ask them. I don’t compel them. I simply do it only within myself, and the whole vast world exists within me. Therefore, it is myself “pushed out.” It’s objectified. I don’t have to change affairs; I only change it within myself; and then everyone, though I know him or not by name, – it doesn’t really matter, – it’s myself “pushed out.”

I couldn’t tell you the atoms of my body, but it is my body. I couldn’t tell you if you took the hand off that it’s my hand I am looking at, any more than I could tell you your name or anything about you; yet, you are myself “pushed out,” as this body is the body I wear. And so, as the body obeys my mind, you – my “pushed-out” body – will obey my mind too. All I have to do is to concern myself with what I want in this world, and try to keep it within the frame of the Golden Rule; doing unto others only that which I would want done unto me, – nothing more than that;hurting no one, doing not a thing to anyone other than that which I would want done unto me.

If you want all the lovely things done, – do only the lovely, and do it all in your own wonderful human imagination. Then you will realise this tremendous secret of imagining. It is the greatest of all secrets, to the solution of which everyone in the world should aspire, because Christ is the answer.

Christ is defined for us in the first chapter of First Corinthians as “the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1st Corinthians 1:24). Here is the power of God and the wisdom of God; and I have found the power to be in myself.

“You mean, Christ is in me?” Are we not taught that in scripture? “Know ye not that Jesus Christ is in you? Do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you, unless of course you fail to meet the test?” (2nd Corinthians 13:5). Well then, test it. How would I test it?

A friend of mine, maybe, is unwell; or maybe he’s unemployed, or maybe he is not earning enough to meet the obligations of life. All right, he is in me. As I think of him, he’s in me. He need not be physically present for me to think of him; he’s in me. I think of him; I conjure him. Well, can I change his entire picture in me? I assume that he is talking to me, and he’s telling me that he has never had more, he has never felt better; and as I believe in what I am seeing in my own mind’s eye, – I believe in him. That is Christ in me, and all things are possible to Christ. Well then, test it and see if it works. See if you do not see him in the not-distant future earning more, looking better; and everything in the world that you have done within you, he responds to. He need not praise you or thank you. You don’t need his praise; you don’t need his thanks. You don’t need confirmation from him, other than he does conform to what you have done in yourself concerning him.

You ask no one to thank you. Thank nothing. You are simply exercising the power of God within you. “And the power of God and the wisdom of God is Jesus Christ” (1st Corinthians 1:24). And there is nothing in the world but God. It is all God in you “pushed out,” and God is your own wonderful human imagination. He can’t be closer. God is never so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation. He’s not separated. God actually, literally became as I am, that I may be as He is. He is not something on the outside. No matter how near He is, He can’t even touch me. He actually became me, with all of my weaknesses, all of my limitations; and now I am trying to struggle within myself to find out who I am, – and that’s His name. My name is in Him. What’s your name? “Go and say I AM has sent you.” “Is that you name?” “Yes, forever and forever it is my name.” “What name? Jehovah?” “No.” “The Lord?” “No, I AM.” That’s His name. That is His name forever and forever.

Well I cannot say, “I am,” and point elsewhere. I can’t say, “I am,” and feel something is near me. It can’t even be near. Something can be near to what I am, but “I AM” can’t be near. And that’s the name of God forever and forever. So you are the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now a pattern is given to us in scripture by which you will know that you are; and I promise you, from my own personal experience, that you shall have it. It is a true story. The truest story ever told is the story of the Lord Jesus Christ. When He said, “I am the Father,” may I tell you, if he’s a father, he has a son, hasn’t he? Or at least he has a child; but I tell you, it’s a son. He said, “When you see me, you see the Father”; but if I look at you and I say, “Well then, you are the father, show me your son.” He can’t show me His son outside as His son, because He and I are one. He has to show me His son not of blood nor of the will of the flesh; it has to be born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. And He tells me that He is God, and He tells me that He and I are one. Well then, it can’t be born in any normal, natural way. He has to be born of God.

Well then, who is your son? He tells me in scripture that David calls Him, “Father.”

“David calls you, ‘Father’?”

“Yes.” He said, “I inspired the prophets,” and read the Prophets; and in the Prophets, David calls the Lord, “my Father.”

“You mean, David, then, is my son?”

“Yes, he’s my son.”

“But I do not know him,” you will say.

But I will tell you, from my own personal experience, you will know it because I know it; David called me, “my Father.” David called me, “my Lord.” David called me the Rock of his salvation.

Everything that is said in scripture concerning what he said of the Lord, he said of me. And so, I stood, and here is David, and I knew it beyond all doubt that here is my son, and my son is David, – not a David, – the David – the only David – the David of biblical fame. And as he called me, “Father,” memory returned.

So God actually became me, and then He unfolds Himself within me. Well, as He unfolds Himself within me, it’s only the memory of God that He gave up in order to become me. He had to completely give up all that was God to become this little witness that is called a man called Neville. So when His memory returns and He became me, it is my memory returning. He actually gave me Himself as He gave you Himself; and the day will come as He unfolds Himself within you, your memory returns because it’s God’s memory returning. He completely empties Himself in order to become you.

This is the story of the Christian faith; the fulfilment of all the promises made in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is only a prophetic blueprint of the life of Jesus Christ. It’s an adumbration, a foreshadowing in a not-altogether conclusive or immediately evident way; but as it unfolds within you, it’s nothing more than God’s memory returning. But having become you, it becomes your memory returning, and you awaken as God Himself. And there is nothing in the world like God.

Now you ask, what, all the horrors of the world, the pain, the suffering? Yes. It takes all the “furnaces” to prepare you to receive the gift that He gives, and the gift is Himself. God actually became you. He gave Himself to you, that you may be God. And God in you is your own wonderful human imagination, that’s God.

Now tonight try it. I ask you to believe me. But whether you believe me or not, try it anyway. Take a friend of yours and bring him before your mind’s eye, and then talk to him from the premise of your desire for him fulfilled not going to be, but already fulfilled. And having done it, believe that all things are possible to the Lord Jesus Christ; and you just saw Jesus Christ in action, for you saw the creative power of God in action, and that’s Jesus Christ. That is your own wonderful human imagination.

Now believe in the reality of what you’ve just done. Believe that this subjective appropriation of your objective hope for a friend is a fact. That is really praying. And all things are possible to God. Go within and appropriate it – just completely appropriate it, and see it unfold within your own vast marvellous world.

So this wonderful secret is the secret of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you turn on the outside and turn to another, you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. You can make all kinds of images of Him. That’s not the Lord Jesus Christ. If any man should ever come and say, “Look, there he is,” or “Here he is,” don’t believe it. Why? Because when you actually meet Him, you are going to meet your Self. The Christ of faith comes to us as one unknown; yet one who in some ineffable mystery lets us experience who He is; and when we experience Jesus Christ, we experience Him in the first-person, singular, present-tense experience. You will never see Him coming from without. Let no one tell you you’re going to meet Him coming from without. You will meet Him awakening Himself within you as you. That’s the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the great sacrifice. He is crucified on Humanity. Every human form is the cross that He wears; and in that form He awakens as the one in whom He awakens. He awakens as that Being, and that Being is the Lord Jesus Christ. And because He is the father of David, David called that Being, “Father”; then you know, “I am He.”

Oh, I can tell you from now to the ends of time, and I may not persuade you to believe it; but when it happens to you, you need no further persuasion, for you are confronted with the facts and there you stand in the presence of you own son, and the son is the Son of God.

“I will tell of the decree of the Lord,” said David. “He said unto me, ‘Thou art my son. Today I have begotten thee.’” (Psalm 2:7). These are the words of David in the Second Psalm. “I will tell of the decree of the Lord. He said unto me, ‘Thou art my son.’” That son is going to call you, “Father”; and then, and only then, you will know you are God the Father. That is the mystery of the entire world. And so, what you accomplish in this world concerning finances is wonderful for you as an individual in the world of Caesar. What you do concerning the social world – all these things – it’s marvellous; but you will only really fulfil your destiny as you fulfil scripture, for the purpose of life is to fulfil scripture.

“I have accomplished the work Thou gavest me to do.” What work? All that the prophets spoke about me; and beginning with Moses and the prophets and the Psalms; he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself. Then said he, “Scripture must be fulfilled in you,” and the purpose of life is to fulfil scripture – the prophecy of God to man, for He gave man Himself, or promised to give man Himself. And He promised me a son. The son He promised was His Son; and in giving me His Son, He gave me Himself, for His Son calls me, “Father.” And that is the whole mystery of life. There’s nothing but God. One Being expanding Himself forever and forever and forever, each Himself. And even though he calls you, “Father,” may I tell you, you will not lose your identity. You are individualised and you will tend towards ever greater and greater individualisation. And yet, you are the Father of my son; and if you are the Father of my son, then you and I are one. It is a great mystery, – we are brothers, – for you do not lose your identity and I do not lose my identity. So you and I, behind these masks are eternal brothers – the Father of the One and only Begotten Son.

Well if you are the father of my son, and my own wife is the “father” of my son, then the relationship on earth of men, or friend to friend and wife to husband, is above this level, and we are eternal brothers, all forming the one Father.

So tonight, you take me seriously; and when you go home – or start it here, – you put into practice this greatest of all secrets; the secret of imagining. There is no greater secret in the world. Every child born of woman is alive because it was imagined. And imagining is God in action. That’s the soul of man – imagining; and that is the power of God. And the power of God is Christ. And that is the wisdom of God, and the wisdom of God is Christ.

A child can imagine. Well, that’s Christ. That is Christ crucified on that little tiny garment, and it suffers with everything that that little child imagines, or it enjoys with everything the little child imagines. It wears all the stripes and all the blows that man in his misuse of that power will do. He doesn’t criticise him. He waits upon me as indifferently – and as quickly – when the will in me is evil as when it is good. That way, He bears all my stripes. He bears all of my misuse of His power, knowing that in the end, I will awaken and use it only lovingly.

When I completely awaken from the dream of life, I will use this creative power of God only lovingly. But in the meantime while I am trying to awaken to the use of this power, I misuse it. And may I tell you, you will confront this vision, and you will see what you did from the beginning, for you didn’t begin it a few years ago in your mother’s womb. You have been coming through the centuries.

One night, here I saw this monstrous creature covered in hair. It looked like a gorilla, and the hair was all dark brown from head to toe. It was a monster. And here, the most glorious, heavenly creature – a female; and this was a male monster. And it called out to this heavenly creature, “Mother, mother.” Well, I knew this could not be this radiant, heavenly creature; and so I struck him. And as I struck it, it gloated; it loved violence. And I pummelled it, and it gloated all the more. Well, it could speak in a guttural tone, calling this heavenly being, “Mother.” And that annoyed me. Then suddenly from within me I knew. Why, this is my own creation. And so is this one. They are only the out-picturing of my two different uses of the creative power that I am.

Here (the monster) is the complete embodiment of every misused moment of my life. Every time I was violent, I created and fed this monster. It whispered in my ear to be monstrous, to be violent, to be bad, to be evil, for it fed only on this thought. And here (the heavenly creature) was the embodiment of all my loving thoughts. Every kind, considerate, wonderful thought in my life fed this one.

As I saw this monstrous thing and realised that it was my own offspring, – it was the fruit of my misspent energy, – I pledged myself. There was no one to whom I could turn, – I pledged myself that if it took eternity I would redeem it. It did not come into being through any power other than my own misuse of my own power. It could not have been brought into being; and that thing could not live, and it could not help itself. I didn’t condemn it.

At that moment, I felt compassion beyond the wildest dreams of anyone for this monstrous thing that I had created. And when I made myself that pledge that I would redeem it if it took me eternity, at that very moment, the whole thing got smaller and smaller and smaller; but it didn’t waste – the energy that it embodied returned to me. I began to feel a power that, until that moment, I had never felt before. And this one began to grow. The beauty that she embodied and personified glowed as the energy came back from this one (the monster) to me; and the whole thing dissolved before my eyes.

So, “nothing is lost in all my holy mountain” I did not lose that energy that I misplaced, – it returned to me, – that was embodied in that monster. And throughout the centuries, it was it who whispered in my ear monstrous things to be done, because it could only feed on violence. It could only feed on evil.

Then I realised what it meant: that I ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And so it fed upon evil, and she fed upon the good. And then the evil that was only the energy misspent returned to me; and then the whole thing came back to me. And then I broke the spell, and I awoke in this world.

Well everyone is going to confront that gorilla on the threshold. Everyone has him, unseen by mortal eye, and he whispers into your ear to entertain the unlovely thoughts of the world. And your every reaction that is unlovely, it feeds upon it; and your every thought that is kind and wonderful and loving, she feeds upon it. And the day will come, you will be strong enough to confront this. And may I tell you, it will take you the twinkling of a second to dissolve it? You don’t labour upon it. All it needs is the core of integrity within you. When you pledge yourself, and no one else, – you don’t swear upon your mother, you don’t swear upon a friend, you don’t swear upon the Bible; you pledge yourself to redeem it. At the moment you pledge yourself, – and within you, you know you mean it, – the whole thing dissolves. It’s no time at all in dissolving. And then all the energy returns to you, and you are stronger than ever before to go forward now and eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And if you forward and misuse it again, you start another form building; and one day you will dissolve it again. Eventually you will become completely awakened, and you will use your wonderful power only – not for good, – that tree will come to an end, – for Life itself. For eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is this world. The day will come that you will eat of the Tree of Life that bears the fruit of truth and error. Error will embody itself here, and one day you will confront the error, and the error will dissolve before your mind’s eye as truth begins to glow before you, because you are eating, then, of the Tree of Life as you formally ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And the combat of good and evil produces this monster, and the combat of truth and error produces an entirely different form of being, more glorious than that one of good and more horrible than this. The error will dissolve just as quickly when you confront error.

So if today your teaching is not true and you live by it, you are building something just as monstrous; but one day you will confront error and you will discover that you lived by a false concept of God – something on the outside of Self; that you formerly worshipped a little golden figure made of gold and silver. It had eyes, but could not see. It had ears, but could not hear. It had a mouth, but could not speak. It had feet, and it could not walk. It made no sound within its throat. And those who made it are just like it. And those who trusted it are just like it too.

So all the little icons in the world that people worship – these are the little things called “error”; and one day you will discover the true God. And when you discover the true God, you will find that He is all within your own wonderful being as your own wonderful human imagination. You’ll walk in the consciousness of being God. You don’t brag about it.

As Blake answered when they asked him, “What do you think of Jesus Christ?” Blake answered, “Jesus Christ is the only God”; but he hastened to add to it, “But so am I, and so are you.”

So you don’t tell anyone. You simply know that you are the Being spoken of in scripture as “God the Father.” For all that is said of Him, you are going to experience; and you are going to experience it in the first-person, singular, and a present-tense experience. And then you will know.

Today is the eleventh year since it happened to me right here in this city, right across the way at the hotel with the star at the top of the roof, the Sir Francis Drake, on the 20th day of July 1959. It was then that I, at 4:00 in the morning, felt within my head the most intense vibration, and I thought, this is a brain haemorrhage, and this is it. I knew nothing of the human form, and I thought I cannot possible survive what I am feeling; so this must be what they call a massive brain haemorrhage. But instead of departing this world, I awoke to find myself within my own skull; and I knew that I was entombed completely within my own skull. I was fully awake, as I’ve never been awake before, and here I am sealed – the skull is sealed, and I am in it. The skull is not a little thing like this (indicating the head). It’s the size of a huge, big sepulchre, and I knew it to be my skull. I also know intuitively that I could get out by pushing the base of my skull. As I pushed it, a stone rolled away, and I saw the little opening, and I put my head through it and pushed; and I came out, inch by inch, just as a child is born from the mother’s womb. But instead of being born from below of flesh and blood, I was “born from above” out of the skull – Golgotha, where Christ was buried. But it was not another coming out, – I am coming out. There was no other. I had no companion in that skull. I myself was there, and I came out. And when I looked back at the body out of which I came, it was ghastly pale, turning its head from side to side like one in recovery from a great ordeal. I stood up and looked at it, and then suddenly I heard this strange, strange wind – this unearthly wind that I had heard in the tomb within my head, – well now, it seemed to be divided and coming from the corner of the room.

As I looked over to see if it really came from that side, and I looked back three or four seconds later the body had been removed. There is no body; but in its place sat my three older brothers. My eldest sat where the head was, my second one sat where the right foot was, and the third one sat where the left foot was; and they heart this same unearthly wind. They couldn’t see me. I not only saw them, I could read their thoughts as I could read my own. Their thoughts all were objective to me. Everything was objective. They couldn’t have an emotion that wasn’t objective. They couldn’t have a thought that wasn’t objective. And yet, I heard their voices.

And then my brother Lawrence got off the bed and started towards the same direction that I thought this wind originated – this peculiar wind. As he took one or two steps, he said, “Why, it’s Neville’s baby. This is the cause of this peculiar, unearthly wind.”

My brother Victor and my brother Cecil, they said, “How can Neville have a baby?”

He didn’t argue the point. He lifted from the floor a little infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and brought it and placed it on the bed; and I took that infant up into my arms, and as I looked into its face and said, “How is my sweetheart,” this little heavenly face broke into the most glorious smile; and then the whole scene dissolved.

There was the resurrection from the dead, followed by the “birth from above.” So we are “born from above,” as told us in the Book of Peter. “We are born anew through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (1st Peter 1:3). There is only one Being resurrected, the Being who descended into man; and that is Jesus Christ. He descended into man, the power of God and the wisdom of God, and united with man; and when they became one and fulfilled the destiny of that Being, only He now wakes as you. And so, you awake as the Lord Jesus Christ, without loss of identity.

So eleven years ago on the 20th day of July, back in 1959 here in this city, that drama took place within me. So it is my birthday today in a spiritual sense. The little body that now stands before you, that came in the year 1905. It will depart and turn into dust; but that which awoke within me is the Immortal Self that cannot die. And those who have not had the experience, that Immortal Self is still there, and it cannot die. You will be restored to life in a world just like this to continue the drama until that experience that I’ve just told you takes place within you.

Nothing dies. The little rose that bloomed once, blooms forever. It turns to ash as the body will turn to ash, but you the Immortal You, who is all imagination cannot die. But it will awaken one day in the same manner that it awoke within me. It was buried in Golgotha, which means “the skull.” He is buried on Calvary, which is the skull. It is in the skull of man that God is buried; and there God-in-man will awake.

So here this night you put it to the test as you are challenged in scripture to test Him. And you test, not another, you test your own wonderful human imagination, for that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The truest story ever told is the story of Jesus Christ. Let the world rise in opposition and say there is no Lord. As Blake brought out so beautifully in his poem Jerusalem:


… Babel mocks; saying there is no God or Son of God;

That Thou, O Human Imagination, O Divine Body of the Lord Jesus Christ art all

A delusion; but I know Thee, O Lord, when Thou arisest upon

My weary eyes, even in this dungeon and this iron mill …

For Thou also sufferest with me, although I behold Thee not.

… And the Divine Voice answers,

… Fear not. Lo, I am with you always,

Only believe in me, that I have the power to raise from death

Thy Brother who sleepeth in Albion.”


You can’t get away from your own imagination. You can’t get away from it because that’s your own being. That is the reality. But it suffers with you. He is the Lord Jesus Christ within you. Now test Him tonight. Test Him for the good. Do you want a better job when they say they are letting people out? Forget what the papers say. Forget what anything says. “All things are possible to the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Matthew 19:26).

If you don’t have enough money, forget what the paper says, you assume that you have it. “All things are possible to God.” He sets no limits whatsoever on the power of believing. Can you believe it? Well, try to believe it. Try to believe, first of all, in God. Well God is your own imagination. Well believe in Him; that whatever you can imagine is possible.

Can you imagine that you have now the kind of a job that you want? The income that would come from it? The fun in the doing of the work? Well then walk as though it were true; and to the best of your ability believe that it’s true. And that assumption though denied by your senses, – though the world would say it is false; if you persist in it, it will harden into fact. This is the law of your own wonderful imagining. Believe it, and it will become a reality.


22 March 1971

[]“If Any Two Agree…”

Concerning the Law, I can only acquaint you with the Law and leave you to your choice and its risk; but we have Scripture for it – to tell it, regardless of what they do with the Law. In the 18th chapter of the Book of Matthew you read these words: “If any two of you agree on earth about any request that you must make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.” (Matthew 18:19)

Find two who agree, and that request will be granted. Well, can you conceive of something greater? If two agree on earth concerning any request – it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be this, that or the other, but any request – “that you must make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.”

Here we are told the greatest secret in the world concerning the human imagination. We are told that: “With God, all things are possible.” Then we are told: “All things are possible to him who believes”; so he equates God with the human imagination: that God is the human imagination, and all things are possible to the human imagination.

Now, a friend of mine called me today, and I tell you the story that you may see. It’s entirely up to you. I’m quite sure that she was perfectly innocent in the wonderful work that she did. She has exercised this talent of hers which she has learnt, as you have, from this platform; and she has done a remarkable job in the world of Caesar in dollars and cents. But one has to learn something outside of this and govern everything by Love. Everything must be governed by Love. Everything must be governed by Love. She was quite concerned, and really quite disturbed. She said, “Neville, what have I done? Have I done something that is wrong? A neighbour of mine – a male neighbour – asked me if I would play back his record for him.”

Now let me explain to you what she means by this. She has a very keen ear. If you speak to her – make a sentence, and then you stop, she can hear you as distinctly as anyone could ever hear you. If you put it on a record, what she is hearing is just as accurate as that recorded record.

So, she wants you to make a statement in a positive manner, like the great Professor1 who said: “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.” This he said long before he had a nickel, and he persuaded himself of the reality of what he was hearing.

So, she wants you to put it into a positive statement just like that – “but tell me what you want.” Well, the neighbour wanted to be free of a disturbing element in the neighbourhood, which was also a neighbour – a couple with three children. So she heard him distinctly say that he was free of this disturbance, that they were gone. Her ability to hear distinctly is so keen and wonderful that she heard him affirm what he had affirmed. In a matter of days the parents were killed on the highway, leaving three children: two little ones and a demented boy in his early teens. So she wondered, What did I do?

I tried to persuade her, “You did nothing that was wrong. You simply exercised a principle. The lad who asked of you, – did you ask him anything concerning his motive behind it all?” Well, she didn’t ask that.

But I say, whatever you do, do it in love. She is completely exonerated as far as I am concerned. She simply applied the principle. So I tell you, I acquaint you with a principle and leave you to your choice and its risk. She is fantastic in hearing what she wants to hear in the world of Caesar; but may I tell you? You can go beyond that and take it into the world of Promise. If someone can say to you, “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit,” and your ear is so sensitive that you can hear exactly what the other one says – there are two witnesses now. “If two agree on earth about any request that they might make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.”

Well now, that’s a request. It doesn’t limit it there. Could I say to you, I have had the experience? I have had the experience of which he speaks, the experience of the resurrection and the birth from above, the experience of the discovery of the Fatherhood of God, the experience of the ascent into the heavenly sphere; and can you hear with me that? Because what I said before was as much a lie based upon this level as the other; and so I am telling you now of another level. Can you find agreement on this level where I will tell you, as I have told you on this level, that my neighbours are gone, and now I am free of that disturbance, and you heard it with me; you heard my voice? You listen to my voice. And then, having heard my voice distinctly, you now – in my absence – you hear my voice actually state what you heard it state physically. And here are two agreeing: you heard the voice, and now you have heard this.

Now, can you go into another level and have someone who really sincerely desires to have this spiritual experience of the Promise as that lad wanted to be free of a disturbing neighbour?

So, the parents are dead; they’ve been killed in some freeway accident. Now you may say, Did she do it? No, she didn’t do it. She had only heard, – may I tell you? we are one body. There’s only one spirit, only one lord, only one God and Father of all.


All things, by a law divine.

In one another’s being mingle.”

(Shelley, from Love’s Philosophy)


We are only one! So, if these two parents are now gone from the world, leaving behind little children – two little tots in their swing, – they are totally unaware that their parents are gone; and the other one, the early teens – he’s a little bit demented, and he’s not quite aware of what has happened.

So, I say to you, I am telling you of a principle – a Law that cannot fail. You don’t have to do anything on the outside, and you don’t even need another one. You can say to yourself, and then listen; the two could be within yourself. It need not be someone as sensitive as she is to the human voice. She has been trained that way. She was in the telephone business for quite a while as the head of her department on long-distance calls, and she knew voice after voice after voice.

And she could actually register that voice. So, she knew these voices. Before you could even announce who you are, she knew who you were because she knew the voice. She has been so trained to hear sound; and so, you come to her. She asks you simply, “State it in a bold, positive mariner what you have,” – which is really what you hope to have. “I hope to have it,” – don’t state it as a hope. State it as a fact, because we are living in an imaginal world. This world is one’s own imagination “pushed out.” The whole vast world is all imagination; that all these so-called objective realities were simply first imagined, and then they become what you and I call “realities.”

So, “All things are possible to him who believes”; and “With God all things are possible.” Therefore, the human imagination is equated with God! God and the human imagination are one.

Now tonight she is faced with this. I tried to persuade her today that she didn’t do a thing that was wrong. You are telling a principle; you are exercising a law, but not until man is incorporated into the Body of Love will he actually be able to exercise this Power where he can stop time and then start time. Because, what horrors he would do in the world!

Their two parents are gone? All right, so they are gone. They go all the time anyway. But here, a little man who wanted freedom from the disturbance of what he called a disturbing neighbour – three little children playing all the time, and it disturbed him; so he didn’t’ want that. She didn’t ask reasons beyond; she simply got his request, which was perfectly all right, perfectly normal, because she is a delightful, lovely lady – a lady who would not, for one moment, hurt anyone; but her whole interest has been on the world of Caesar: getting security, dollars and cents. The Promise does not interest her. As far as I am concerned, it has not interested her. I can’t see any interest in the Promise when I talk to her; but I can see a great interest in the Law, and she has discovered the Law, and she works it beautifully.

There is another friend2 of mine back in the east, and the Promise means nothing to her, but the Law does, and she has made millions – but millions. When you own buildings on 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth you are “in the money.” When you have businesses all over the world, you are in big business, and that’s her business; and she started with not one penny in this world when she first heard me, but she believed what I told her. She believed that imagining creates reality, as I am telling you now it does. It does create reality.

So here, treat it, may I tell you? - and I plead with you - treat it lovingly. If someone asks of you this night to hear good news for them, certainly hear it; but try to find out something behind the reason why they are asking it of you, that you may do it in a _________________ loving way. That whole family could have been removed without the destruction of the parents. It could have been removed in a thousand little ways, but it was removed in that manner.

So, I tell you, your own wonderful human imagination is the only cause of the phenomena of life. There is no other power! That is the God spoken of in Scripture! That is the only God – your own wonderful human imagination.

Do you know what you want tonight? All right. Don’t minimise it. It doesn’t matter how big it is, state it; and then listen in your own wonderful manner to your own voice for that matter. Or, tell a friend without his knowledge; you can hear a friend of yours tell you that he heard the good news about you. You know what you want. You actually write it out in your mind’s eye, and then have a friend whose voice you know well – and listen to his voice as he is confirming that you have it. These are the two who agree. You don’t need another’s voice in the sense that you let him come into your world, as she did, and have him first state what he wants.

The Professor didn’t do that. He did it all within himself. He said, “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.” He didn’t ask another to state that; he did it unto himself, and he became the two. So, I don’t need any other to do it. If I have a desire to help you, or to help anyone, all I need do is simply to imagine that I have heard them; then I actually hear them tell me what I wish they would tell me. Then there are two: this one that I am hearing and I, the one who is listening and hearing; and these two agree. If two agree in testimony, then it is conclusive; and because imagining creates reality, it must externalise itself in my world.

“The whole vast world is only the imaginal act “pushed out.”

And so, we are told: “With God, all things are possible,” and “All things are possible to him who believes.” Well, am I not equating God with the believing one? And the believing one, isn’t that one’s own human imagination? That’s all that it is.

Well, you put it to the test, and you can go to any extreme in this world. There is no limit set upon this Principle-but none whatsoever. I can’t find one limit in Scripture, whether it be a violent thing or a lovely, pleasant thing, there is no limit. “I kill, I make alive; I wound, I heal; I do all things, and none can deliver out of my hand.” as I am told in the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy. “There is none that can deliver out of my hand.” And I do everything; “I kill and I make alive; I wound and I heal.”

So, you be the judge. I am telling you from my own personal experience that only when you are incorporated into the Body of Love will you exercise the Power that can stop arid release time. If you could stop time without love, what a horror you could create in this world! But you will not for one moment exercise that Power until you are first incorporated into the Body of Love.

So, I say to this lady – she’s not here tonight; a friend of hers is here tonight who will see her, – she did not do one thing that was wrong. She simply accepted a person’s request, and she heard it distinctly; and in a matter of days they are gone – rubbed out, leaving behind three little children.

Now, I tell you, if we were not one, it would be entirely different; but it was only done to herself, because:


All things, by a law divine,

In one another’s being mingle.”


We are all one. And the day will come that everyone will know it. That’s what I’ve been trying night after night to convince everyone who is here: that you, one day, will discover that you are actually, literally God the Father!

The central theme of the Christian faith is the Fatherhood of God. That’s the central theme. And one day you will discover from your own experience that you are God the Father; and there is no power in the world that can persuade you that you are until a son – and because He is Father, there must be a son, and it is His Son who stands before you and calls you “Father.”

Here in Scripture you are told: “If the son sets you free, you are free indeed.” And people wonder: What on earth is that all about? “If the son sets you free, you are free indeed.”

A demented king stands and he looks at the head of the “enemy of Israel,” and he wonders, Who is the father of the man who brought that head here? The king’s name is Saul, and he’s insane; and he asks his lieutenant, “Abner, whose son is that youth?”

And Abner said, “As your soul Liveth, 0 King, I cannot tell.”

He said, “Inquire whose son the stripling is.”

No one knows; so the stripling – the young lad – comes holding the head of the giant in his hand; and the king said to him, “Whose son are you, young man?”

And he said, “I am the son of Jesse, the Bethlehemite,” – because the king had sworn to set the father – not the son – to set the father of the man who destroyed the enemy of Israel free. And he destroyed the enemy of Israel. He would not put on the garment of the king. He took it off. He only carried five stones with him. They weren’t five stones. It’s all beautiful imagery. “Five” is simply “grace.” The number “five” is grace; and grace is God’s gift of Himself to man. So, he took only the grace of God, the gift of God. “Grace” is equated with the power of God. “For my grace is sufficient unto thee, and my power is made perfect in weakness.”

So, you are the little weak one. You go forward, and you have my grace – you have my power, – not five little stones as told in the story. Here is God’s gift of Himself to man; so he stands before him, and the king does not understand who is standing before him. He is suffering from amnesia. The “king” is everyone in this world. He didn’t recognise his own son.

Paul’s first name was Saul, and Saul was converted into Paul. When he was Saul, he went out to destroy the entire story as he heard it; and then he heard a voice saying, “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?”

And then he answered, “Who are you. Lord?”

“I am he whom thou persecutest. I am the Lord.” And then he changed his name from Saul to Paul. The whole vast world is Saul. He looks into the face of his own son and he cannot recognise him because he is actually suffering from amnesia. Then comes a complete return of memory, and he remembers he has promised to set the father free of the man who destroys the enemy of Israel. And so, memory returns, and he is the Father, and he is set free!

“No one can set me free but the Son that I have forgotten.” So, my Son returns, and all of a sudden I am set free! This is the story of Scripture. The day will come, you will actually see Him. He will be the one who is standing before you. You will recognise Him. You will know Him to be your son: and knowing your Scripture that He is the son – the only son of God – and that he’s your son, then you know Who-You-Are. You are God Himself, limited for a little while in a garment of flesh and blood to tell the story to encourage others who are still in the demented state of Saul.

Now, to go back to the story, if she could hear that which was not true and then it becomes true, why limit it to the world of Caesar? – of getting rid of a neighbour? Why limit it to the dollars and cents of making a fortune? Why not take it into the Promise, and have someone within your own Self say, “I have experienced the Promise, – I have actually experienced the Resurrection, and the birth from above, and the discovery of David, and the ascent of myself into heaven, and the descent of the dove,” and then listen as though you actually heard it?

If you can’t do it that way, then take a friend, and hear the friend say to you, “I heard that you,” – and then let that friend’s voice be the voice that you are hearing, arid you are revelling in what the friend is saying concerning what you have experienced; and have the two agree. “If two agree in testimony, then it is conclusive.”

So, do not limit it to the world of Caesar.

So, when she called today at 10:00 this morning, my heart went out to her because she was quite disturbed – frightfully disturbed – with the thought, What have I done? For really, she would not kill – well, a butterfly. That’s the kind of a lady that she is. She wouldn’t hurt anyone. She wanted money; she has money. She really wanted that beyond all things, but she has it now. She got it, and for the rest of her earthly days that’s done. It is all in trust, and she has it. I would ask her to go outside of that now. If she could only become hungry for It, as she was hungry for money.

But do not dwell upon what has happened concerning the death of these two people. Forget it. They have gone from this little world, but they are still in a world just like this; and as far as the little children are concerned, they will be taken care of. They will grow into this wonderful world of ours, and everything will be perfect.

But I am telling you, your own wonderful human imagination is creating all the realities of your world. All the objective things in the world are but the outpouring of our imaginal acts. That’s what Yeats meant when he said:


I will never be certain that it was not

some woman treading in the wine-press who

started the subtle change in men’s minds,

or that it was not some little shepherd boy

lighting up his eyes for one moment before

this little power ran upon its way.”


He was dreaming of being a hero, and he simply – in his own strange way – dreamt of violence, because today it seems that man feels only if he were a hero in a military sense that he really is a hero. He must be this, that or the other in some fantastic manner. But he does it, and then he is influencing the entire world, because we are all one.


All things, by a law divine,

In one another’s being mingle.”


We are all actually one. So, if I stand here now and lose myself in an imaginal act, I am influencing the entire world – Influencing every one who can be used to aid me in the objectification what am imagining. So, do it lovingly.

Whatever you do, do lovingly, – I don’t care what it is. And if you are ever in doubt, do the loving thing, which is called by the simple, simple term the “Golden Rule’.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


So, if you are ever in doubt, use that as your rule, and you can’t go wrong; and then the day will come that you and I will meet “on high.” Then you will be able to understand Scripture. Here’s the one who said, “I am from above, and you are from below. I am not of this world; you are of this world.” Do you think one man is talking to men? No; it is one Being speaking to Himself.

Here is the “outer man” called Neville who came into the world first. This is the “Esau” of Scripture. And then after that, comes another one, – my own wonderful human imagination; and that’s the “Jacob.” This is the “twin” that comes into the world. They aren’t two separate little boys. This is the story; this is an adumbration of that which comes later into the New Testament; that the one who could say, “I am from above and you are from below; you are of this world; I am not of this world.” So the Being that is speaking is your own wonderful human imagination that in Scripture is called “Jesus Christ.” And the “thing below” is the body that you are “wearing,” and that is “of this world.”

Now, you are anchored here. I will show you how I need not be anchored here, because these two, as we are told in Scripture:


In thy limbs lie nations twain,

rival races from their birth;

one the mastery shall gain,

the younger o’er the older reign.”


That’s from the 25th chapter of the Book of Genesis (Genesis 25:23, Moffatt’s translation).

Now we are told in the first book of Corinthians, the 15th chapter, that the “Second Man” is the Lord from Heaven, So, the second one who is mentioned in Genesis as Jacob, who became Israel as he wrestled successfully with the Lord, – his name was changed from Jacob to Israel; he is that “Second Man.” He came second; Esau came first. Well, this (indicating the body) is the “Esau”; and it’s limited to its senses.

It can only accept as true what the senses dictate – what reason allows. But there is something outside – far beyond this, which is the “Second Man,” and he is the Lord from Heaven. He is called in Scripture the Lord Jesus Christ.

So I stand here. I only accept as real what my senses now dictate – the room; but I don’t want to be here. Is there something in me that could dominate this little man that insists that this is the only reality? Well, certainly! It’s my own wonderful human imagination!

Can I, while standing here, assume that I am elsewhere and see the world from that elsewhere-ness, and “see” it as I am now seeing this from this platform? I can do it. Well, if I do it, what would happen? I’ll go there. Man, not knowing that, he is tied to his little body “Esau” morning, noon and night. He never gets away from it. But these rivals within man – the second one eventually will become superior.

They are rival races from their birth; yet that younger one is destined to be the master; and the younger, which is the second, is the Lord from Heaven. And he will actually dominate when he comes awake within this wonderful story that is Scripture. And that second one is your own wonderful human imagination.

So, I will stand here, and reason denies it, my senses deny it; my pocketbook will not allow it, and my time will not allow it, but I want to go elsewhere. Everything in this world tells me I can’t go. Well, where would I go? I know exactly where I would go. Well now, let me in my imagination go. I don’t travel; I bring “there” here, and “here” vanishes. I take “there” and make it “here”; and I take “then” and make it “now” And with my eyes closed to this world, I simply envelop myself in my wish fulfilled, and see the world as I would see it if it were physically true. And when it seems to take on all the tones of reality and all the sensory vividness of reality, then I open my eyes; and this world returns. That’s what we are told in the Book of Genesis. Esau came back from the hunt, and as he came back Jacob vanished; but his father Isaac said, “Even though he deceived me into believing he was you, I cannot take away my blessing. I gave him my blessing. I gave him your birthright. I cannot take it back. I gave him the right of birth to come into this world and be as real as you seemingly are. So, now you must vanish, and he must take it even though he deceived me.”

It was a self-deception. I deceived myself into believing that I am what one moment before reason denied and my senses denied. Try it! And if it proves itself in performance, does it really matter what the world thinks?

You see, we are dealing with the most fantastic mystery in the world, – the mystery of imagining. That’s what Fawcett said:

“The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems, to the solution of which every man should aspire, for supreme power, supreme wisdom, supreme delight lie in the far-off solution of this mystery,” (from “The Zermatt Dialogues”) – because you are actually solving the problem of God. If you can solve the problem of imagining, you are solving the problem of God!

So, even though you make a mistake and people are injured, like tonight two are dead; no regrets. They are awake in a world just like this to continue their journey, and the three will be taken care of. So, I do not stand in judgement, and no one should stand in judgement of what she did. She exercised a Law that she heard. She heard it from me. I only ask you: when you hear it, mix it with love. Never do unto another what you would not want them to do unto you – never do it. So ask, why do you want the neighbours to go? All right, they will go in their own wonderful way. They may want to go without violence. They will want to go and you hear it in that way.

So, make them rearrange their words to fit a pattern of love. Then you hear that, too; and it will all come to pass.



2 April 1971

[]The Perfect Law of Liberty

You should find tonight a very practical night – something that you can test – take it tonight and prove it. We’ll take it from Scripture, but something first with which, I think, you are all familiar. If you took a piece of steel that is magnetised, it does not differ in substance from the demagnetised piece of steel – only in the arrangement of its molecules.

The rich man, the poor man, the beggar man, the thief are not different minds, but simply different arrangements of the same mind. There is only God in this world. So, when you say, “I am,” and I say, “I am,” it’s the same God, but we have arranged the structure of our mind differently. We have different concepts of Self – that’s all. But not one is better because he is richer than the one who is poor; these are only different arrangements of the structure of the mind.

Now Scripture tells us – and I am quoting now the book of James – the Epistle of James. James is really a letter of Jacob. The words James and Jacob are identical in Hebrew, Greek and in the Arabic tongue – the same word. So, when they begin, “James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes in the dispersion,” you can see at once it’s simply a Christian revision of this Jewish letter. It’s the letter of Jacob, and if you read it carefully, only twice do they insert and say “Jesus Christ, our Lord.” All the others – there are eleven other times – it is simply God. The Lord is God, not Christ. So, here it is really the servant of the Lord speaking, and he is giving us some fantastic instruction and very practical instruction. Now listen to it carefully. I am going to quote from the very first chapter of the book of James:

“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, for he who us a hearer and not a doer, is like a man who observes his natural face in the mirror; then goes his way, and at once forgets what he is like. But he who looks into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and perseveres, he will be blessed in his doing.”

Now, how do I look into the law – the perfect law which sets me free, the Law of Liberty? I look into my mind. I am now imprisoned. I have heard the sentence. I know exactly how long I’m supposed to serve. Now I look into the Law of Liberty in my mind, and I assume that I am free – I am set free. How? I am not concerned. Who brought it about? I am not concerned. I simply look into the Perfect Law, the Law of Liberty, and I dare to assume that I am free.

If I dare to assume that I am free, I rearrange the structure of my mind – the same mind that heard the sentence that I accepted when I heard it. Now I do not accept it. I look into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and if, as I am told in Scripture, I persevere, then I will actually receive that which I am doing. I must not forget what I have done and sleep this night as though I am in prison. For if I am now set free, where would I sleep? Let me know, – exactly where would I sleep? Well, dare to assume that I am sleeping there now. If I sleep in the assumption that I am free, I am not in jail; even though the bars are there, I don’t see them. I close my eyes against them.

As Blake tells us: “Man’s perceptions are not bounded by organs of perception: he perceives more than sense (tho’ ever so acute) can discover. And so Reason, or the ratio of all we have already known, is not the same that it shall be when we know more.” (from “There Is No Natural Religion.”)

If I take this tonight and test it, and it proves itself in the testing, then I have added to my knowledge, and so I know more than before I tested it. So, when I find myself up against something that seems beyond solution, I have found something that can solve it. All I have to do is to rearrange the structure of my mind.

So, I dare to assume that I am the man that I would be, and sleep as though I am. That is the rearrangement of that structure of the mind. I am the same being; I am Neville. I know exactly those that I knew before, but now I know them differently. I know them, now, as a freed man. But I must not be a hearer of what I heard in Scripture; I must be a doer. I must do it!

So, “Be not a hearer only,” Be a doer in the full sense of the word so that actually I do it and persist – the word is “persevere” in Scripture, the first chapter, 22nd through the 25th verses of the Epistle of James.

So, I will simply do it, and though tomorrow I am confronted with the obvious facts of life that I am still in prison, it still doesn’t matter. I did it, I am doing it, and I will continue to do it until that which I have done is perfectly externalised within my world. I am telling you this from experience. I know it.

If you go to jail and you stay five to ten years – all right, you know five years, and maybe you get off in six for good behaviour, but when you are drafted into the Army, there is no date that you are promised where they let you out. You are in for the duration.

Well, I was drafted into the Army, seventeen millions of us. Well, I didn’t ask the permission of any one, I only consulted myself. I looked around, and I knew what the world knows: it was something that had to be done. But I must be honest with myself. I didn’t want any part of it, but no part of it! Others would tell me, “Is that the act of a coward?” I didn’t care what they said – “Is that being a good citizen?” I didn’t care what they said. As I just said earlier, what we now know, which is called Reason – it’s a reasonable thing to do; we are at war, and we are all Americans. We should be going there because our country has declared war – go in there and fight. And so, Reason tells us that should be done.

When I was drafted, I did not oppose it. They drafted me. They took me down to Camp Polk, Louisiana, for my basic training, and while I was there, I didn’t want any part of it, and I dared to assume that I’m out of it. I made my normal, natural application, as you have to do in the world of Caesar. Within 24 hours it came back, and it was simply rejected. It was signed, “Disapproved,” and signed by my Colonel, a very nice gentleman. His name was Colonel Theodore Bilboe, Jr. His father was Senator from Mississippi. I said nothing.

My Captain said, “For your sake, Goddard, I am very, very sorry. I know exactly how you feel. You want to be with your wife and little girl. Your son is in Guadalcanal with the Marines, and you are now almost 38, and so I know, but I would like to go through this war with a man just like you at my side. So, I can’t say that I am sorry for myself; I am sorry only for you.”

I didn’t say one word to him, or to the Colonel; I didn’t oppose it. That was the decision of Caesar. Now I looked into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and I persevered in that law; and I slept that night as though I slept in my own home in New York City on Washington Square, where I lived on the 7th floor. I lived on that floor; it was a very large apartment – two bedrooms, a lovely big living room, a dining room, a huge kitchen, and the foyer; and I slept in that place just as though I were there and not in the Army. I fell asleep in that state, having done all the normal things that would make me feel this arrangement is perfect. I rearranged the structure of my mind. Instead of seeing 25 men around me sleeping upstairs and knowing that there were 25 down below in the next area, I slept in my own bed with my wife in her bed and my little girl in her crib in the corner. I felt everything in that place just as though it’s taking place, and I rearranged the structure of my mind, and fell sound asleep in that state.

At 4:00 o’clock in the morning, here comes a sheet of paper before my eyes and a hand from here down (indicating), with a pen in its hand; and the pen scratched out the word “disapproved,” and it wrote in, in a bold script, “Approved.” And then I heard the words: “That which I have done, I have done. Do nothing!” And then I awoke. It was too early to disturb the 25 other fellows sleeping there, and I waited until the very first moment that I could leave that room, and went down to the latrine and shaved and bathed early, and came up filled with a glow that the whole thing was done. I walked in that assumption for the next nine days.

Nine days later, the same Colonel that disapproved my request called me in. He said, “Close the door, Goddard.” So, I closed the door. He said, “Take a seat.” He never asked me to take a seat in his presence before. I was a Private. You always stood in his presence, and never took a seat. Then he gave me all the reasons in the world why I should still be in the Army. He said, “Do you still want to get out?”

I said, “Yes, Sir.”

He gave me another reason. “Do you still want to get out?”

I said, “Yes, Sir.”

Another one; and when he exhausted all the reasons why I should be in the Army, I was still saying, “Yes, Sir.”

He said, “All right, bring me another application and have your Captain sign it,” which I did. And that day I was honourably discharged and out of the Army. I didn’t run away; I was honourably discharged.

“When vision breaks forth into speech, the presence of Deity is assured,” and who can oppose God? He said, “That which I have done, I have done. Do nothing!”

So, he thought he initiated the urge to let me go free. I looked into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and I persevered in that law; and he played his part, for I rearranged the structure of my mind.

I was convinced I wanted out, and I didn’t ask any one’s permission. I did not discuss it with any one as to why I should want out when seventeen million are being drafted, plus numberless girls to make a tremendous effort against this monstrous thing that was going on in Europe. I still wanted out. I did not take any one into my confidence as to why I wanted out. I had my 13 weeks basic training, and then when I came out, they gave me my citizenship papers. Back in 1922 I could have been an American, but I just didn’t have the time or the urge to get around to become a citizen; so I drifted on and drifted on and drifted on until after this little episode. That’s why I went into the Army, or I would still be drifting through, being a citizen of Britain. But now I’m an American by adoption. And they gave it to me because I did fulfil a 13-week training course in the American Army.

So, I tell you, I know from experience how true this statement in James is. Read it carefully.

“Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourself. For he who is a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like one who looks into the mirror and sees his natural face; and then he goes away and at once forgets what he looks like. But he who is a doer, he looks into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and perseveres. And when he does that, he is blessed in his doing.”

That is, acting – making the thing become alive within you. Now, he tells us in the same chapter? “Faith without works is dead, as the body, apart from the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead.”

He is not proposing that I substitute works for faith. Works are the evidence whether the faith I profess is alive or dead. I say I believe the story of Scripture. Well then, if I believe it, then do it!

He said, “Whatever you desire, believe you have received, and you shall.”

If I really believe that – I can’t say I believe by quoting the Apostle’s Creed. That’s not belief. Going to church and genuflecting before some man-made little cross – that’s not Scripture. Do you really believe the doctrines, the teachings, of Scripture? Not the traditions of men, not the rituals, not the outer ceremonies; but the teachings of Scripture – “When you pray, believe that you have received, and you will.” And, “All things are possible to him who believes.” Well, do I believe that? Well then, believe it!

If I really believe that I am out of the Army, what and where would I be? Well, I would be at home, in my place a thousand miles away, on Washington Square. If I looked through the window, I would see the Holly Apartments, if I looked to the left, I would see Washington Square, if I looked to the right, I would see Sixth Avenue - it’s now called “the Avenue of the Americas”; but then- and still is to me, raised as I was there, - it’s still Sixth Avenue to me. And there I would look at Sixth Avenue. Well, I did that, that night. I saw Sixth Avenue, I saw Washington Square, and then I went through the entire apartment and touched objects with my imaginary hands.

Now, was that rational? The world would say that was the most irrational thing that one can do. Now, what is reason? The office of reason is simply to extract conclusions from premises.

Must my premises always be based upon the evidence of my senses? Must they always dictate what is rational to me? Well, having done this, and proved it to be a fact, reason doesn’t mean to me what it means to the world. For, they would sleep in the Army; and I wrote a friend of mine who was a Freudian, and he practised psychiatry in New York City. He was drafted – he was an Englishman, too, and he was drafted, and he was off in Florida – a man my age.

So, when I got out, knowing exactly what I did, I wrote him a detailed letter telling him what I did, and how to do it. No – he was a Freudian, and that was something that didn’t make sense to him. To him, the whole thing was centred in sex, not in this use of the imagination. All right, he didn’t answer my letter. I got out in 1943 in the spring, in the month of April – March or April of 1943. They drafted me November the 19th, 1942, and I got out in March 1943.

When the war was over and all the other fellows were being discharged, he was discharged, and he said to me afterwards, “You know, Neville, I love to come to your lectures and to hear you because it’s interesting. It’s fairy. You turn my daily bread into the substance of fairy, but while I listen to you, you know what I do? I put my feet right down into the carpet, and I hold onto the sides of the chair to keep my sense of the reality and the profundity of things.”

Well, he kept on holding to his little cot in the Army for another three years because he couldn’t let go and put himself where he wanted to be. So, I am telling you how it’s done. I am telling you how it’s done from my own experiences that my perceptions are not necessarily bounded by organs of perception. I perceive more than sense, no matter how acute they are, could discover. My senses couldn’t discover what I am seeing. Only in my imagination could it be done. I’m seeing the Holly Apartments, I am seeing Sixth Avenue, I am seeing Washington Square, I am seeing the bed, my wife, my child. I hadn’t seen them in three months, but they are all there. I didn’t bring sex into it. No – I didn’t go to bed with her. There she was – the girl I loved, she was in her own bed, and I in my own bed. We have twin beds. And my little girl was then just over a year – not quite a year. She was born in June of 1942; this was not yet June of 1943, so she was not yet a year old. Here is my sweet little child, Vicki, in her bed. And I walked through the entire thing and touched all the objects, and felt them so normal and so natural, and came back to my bed and slept in it.

If any one was sensitive in that room, they would have seen me sleeping there. I was so natural to myself, they would have seen me – actually seen me there.

And then the next day, he had a change of mind but he couldn’t act upon it. He was resisting the change, but, “That which I have done, I have done. Do nothing!” So, he resisted it for nine days, and they called me in and told me to bring a new application, which I did. And that day I was out.

So, I tell you how it works. This is the most practical Law in the world. “He looks into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty.” Doesn’t that liberate you, if you look into the Law of Liberty?

Now, what are you now? The man, the woman, you really want to be? Well then, you are in prison, though you are not behind bars. You are imprisoned by your present concept. You are not behind bars, you are going to go home tonight and sleep as the man, the woman, you really don’t want to be, so you are in prison. Now, “look into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and persevere.” Do not only be a hearer of what to do. Do it, and “you will be blessed in the doing.” That’s what Scripture teaches. Go home and read it. I am not misquoting. I am quoting accurately from the Epistle of James in the New Testament, and this is the story that I am trying to tell everyone in the world.

He said, “I am not in prison.”

No, you are not in prison, not physically, but you are in prison. You may today need money, and you say, “I’m still not like the fellows who are behind bars in Sing Sing.” All right, you are not behind – behind in that, behind in this, and in the dunning note from all the places where you charge – you are behind bars. You can’t seem to find the necessary sum to pay them. All right, look into the perfect law of liberty. That’s the perfect law.

How do I do it? Rearrange the structure of your mind. The demagnetised piece of steel does not differ from the magnetised, only the arrangement of its molecules. And then one lifts up enormous weights when it is completely one-pointed. When all these molecules face in one direction, it’s a powerhouse. The other is scattered. So, “let not the double-minded man think that he will in any way receive from the Lord,” you are told in the same first chapter.

“If the double-minded man comes, who is unstable in all his ways, let him not think he will receive anything from the Lord.”

What can you give a man who doesn’t know what he wants? I’ve gone into a restaurant just to prove this principle, sat down, said to the waiter, “What would you like for a tip?” and he is embarrassed. I said to my friend, “I’ll give him what he wants within reason. I’m not going to give him any hundred-dollar bill, but I will give him, if he says a $5 bill.” I didn’t order that which warranted a $5 bill, and he was embarrassed and embarrassed and embarrassed. All he expected was exactly what he got. He just didn’t know. He just had no concept of putting something – of course, he didn’t know it; so how could he put it to the test?

So, I am telling you, you rearrange the structure of your mind. That is all you do. It doesn’t differ from Einstein’s mind. There is only one Mind. There is only one God. There is only one Lord. Listen to it:

“One body, one spirit, one hope, one lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all, Who is above all, through all, and in all.”

If He is in you, that’s the same One with the one body, the one spirit, so I am not using a different mind. It’s the same mind, but differently arranged?

Go into one room, and you see that someone doesn’t know what to do with their furniture. Bring someone in who knows how to set a room, come back an hour later after she is through with it, and you will think you are in an entirely different home. My wife used to pull that on me all the time! I’d come home and think I had stepped into an entirely strange apartment and wonder if I’m really at home. She was hiding some other place. She had completely rearranged the structure of the furniture. It looked like an entirely different home. But she has that sense, how to do it, and so she did it.

So, with what you have – all you need is exactly what you have, for you have the Mind of God! It’s not a different mind – the same mind. And you simply rearrange the mind by a mere assumption. What would the feeling be like, were it true that I am now the man I want to be, now the woman that I want to be? And it is added, “but persevere.” You must persevere in it.

If I call you now and you answer, that’s one thing. Would you respond an hour later to the same call? If you persevere, you will. If now, an hour later, you think of yourself as you now – when you dare to assume that you are now the man that you want to be, an hour later, are you still assuming that state? If you’re not, you are not persevering. You are “the hearer who looked into the mirror, whose natural face” – he saw it, “then he went his way, and at once forgot what he looked like.”

So, if one hour from now you are not still assuming that you are the man that you want to be, you have forgotten. You are the hearer and not the doer. And he warns us of the vast difference between being a hearer and being a doer. The doer acts.

“God only acts and is in existing beings or man.” (Blake, from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)

So, bear in mind that your wonderful world is not bounded by your senses. You perceive far, far more than your senses, no matter how acute they are, could discover. Your senses can’t discover what now you are capable of assuming that you are. Your senses dictate what reason will allow, and your reason and your senses are bound together. Go beyond it for what you now know from experience. What you know from the past will not be what you will know when you know more than you now know. Having done it, and proved it, I know more than I did when I was bounded by my senses.

When I couldn’t get out of a certain island on time to meet a commitment in Milwaukee, I knew what I did in the Army. I simply applied the identical thing, and I got out. There was a long, long waiting list – thousands waiting from all the islands, and only two little ships – not big ships, two little ships, one carrying not more than 60-odd passengers, one carrying 120, and thousand waiting, and they only came once a month into the island, one every 32 days, and one every three and a half weeks. How long would it take to get them all out?

I didn’t ask any one a favor. I didn’t ask my brother, who was a powerful businessman in that island. He criticised me for not arranging passage back to America when I left America. He said, “That’s the place where you should have done it. That’s the powerhouse of the world – New York City, where all these things are done. And you dared to leave New York City when you could have arranged a round trip, and you came here on a one-way ticket? ”

Well, I didn’t ask any favours of him or any favours of any member of the family. I simply did exactly what I did in the Army, and in 24 hours I was called by the Alcoa Company and given my passage, over thousands who were waiting. It isn’t my concern why she did it, or why someone else didn’t get it in preference to me when my name was down at the very bottom. I wasn’t at the top; I was at the bottom of the list. It isn’t my concern. I looked into the perfect law, the Law of Liberty, and I persevered.

I sat in a chair in my hotel room, and there I sat in the chair and assumed I am next to the boat. I am climbing up the gangplank. That’s before we had a deep-water harbour, so we had to go out to sea about maybe a half-mile or a mile out to sea on a little tender, and then take the gangplank and go up to the ship. I felt myself bobbing, as you would, on the ocean, and then moving up the gangplank. I smelled the rawness of the sea; got up to the top – my mind wandered. I brought it back again and did it all over again. If it wandered again, I brought it back again. I kept on doing it over and over until finally I did it, and fell sound asleep sitting in the chair in the act of doing it. The next day Alcoa calls me and gives me my passage for my wife and my little girl and myself.

So, I am telling you from experience, it doesn’t fail; but we must not simply “be hearers of the word; we must be doers of the word, for if you are a hearer and not a doer, you deceive yourself,” he tells you, for we are the operant power. This Law doesn’t operate itself. It doesn’t care if you are good, bad or indifferent.

Look around the world. Who would think that tonight someone serving a life sentence in our jail – it’s the same Mind that sits in the White House, who would think that the one who sits now in the Vatican – that mind of the Pope is the same Mind as the one who is groveling on his belly trying to kiss his hand?

So, on Sunday – it will be Palm Sunday, and they do all these things on Palm Sunday – the holy palms; and then comes Good Friday; then comes Sunday, and all this will go on and have all the show – a real show. He who is now being borne on the backs of strong, strapping men does not differ from those who are his slaves bearing him – the same Mind, but they have rearranged their mind to be slaves, and he has arranged his mind to be the Father, to be Pope, the great Pope. It’s the same Mind!

There is only one Mind in the world. There aren’t two minds. That’s why I can tell you I know that when He stands before you, He will know you as His Father, and you will know Him as your Son. And because I know Him as my Son, are we not one Mind? Are we not one Being when the same Being who called me “Father” will one day call you “Father”? Are we not the same Father, the same Mind, the same Spirit, the same Body, – without loss of identity?

So, when you go home tonight, try it. Try it every moment of time. You know tonight what you want to be? I don’t care what you want to be. It’s simply a rearrangement of the mind, and you rearrange the mind, not through any study or any effort. It’s simply a mere assumption. What do I want to be? Get it clear in my mind’s eye. Well then, assume that I am it.

Listen to the words in the book of Joel: “Let the weak man say, I am strong.” “Let the weak man say, I am strong.” That’s in the book of Joel. Jehovah-God – that’s what the word would mean – Joel.

You are called upon, when you are down, to assume that you are exactly what you want to be, not down, because you don’t want to be that. You want to be as free as the wind. Well, assume that you are, and may I tell you, in a way that no one knows, you’ll become it, but you must persevere. And the word perseverance is true. If I don’t believe it, well then one second later I’ve turned back to my former state and become once more Lot’s wife, the pillar of salt. Salt is a preservative.

In the old days, the only way to preserve something was to salt it. Not so long ago, when I was a little boy, we caught fish – an enormous quantity of fish, because we didn’t have these enormous fleets catching our fish. We had fish to burn – literally burn. If they didn’t get in before, say, 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, what did they have? They could either put it in the dung heap and make dung out of it, or clean it up and salt it. So they cleaned it up and salted it. It would keep indefinitely, for we had no refrigeration. So, you salted the fish. Now, we could have salt flying fish, if you wanted it that day, but fish that were not consumed by sundown was discarded, use it for bait the next day or use it in the dung heap – and fertilise the fields with it.

So, salt is a preservative. So when Lot’s wife was turned to salt, she turned back, and went back to her former state, and that is all that it means. She looked back and became a pillar of salt. You turn back to the state that you said you would leave behind you, and looking back, you were salted; you were preserved in it. So, if you turn away to what you really want to be, turn back, you are going to be salted in it.

So, I ask you to leave what you are, unless you like what you are. Just portions of what you are today that you like – all right, wonderful. There are other portions that you do not like. Well, you don’t have to give up everything in your living room when you rearrange the structure of it. There are certain pieces that you will keep. You say change its location, but you will keep it. The same is true with the structure of the mind: you keep certain things, and you let other things go.

Take friends in your world who are not doing well, and rearrange them in your mind’s eye. Where they are doing well, put that part of the structure in your mind’s eye. Rearrange the entire structure, and dare to assume that it’s true, and walk in that assumption; and that assumption, though at the moment it is denied by reason and denied by your senses, if you persevere in it, it will harden into fact. This is the Law of Scripture.

He said, “I came not to abolish, but to fulfil the Jewish law and the Jewish prophets,” for there was no other Scripture in the First Century but the Jewish scriptures. So, the word Jew is not placed before it to qualify it, but it was the only scripture that he knew. He came to fulfil the Jewish law. He reinterpreted the law psychologically, and showed them exactly how it’s done.

So, go out, and do not abolish anything. Simply fulfil it. Fulfil the Law, and fulfil the Prophets. The Prophets, when they are fulfilled, that is done by sheer Grace. That comes by Promise, and no one’s going to stop it, may I tell you. But you can go on living in a state that you do not wish in this world, but in spite of that, you will still receive the Promise, because it isn’t given to the one who is rich and denied the one who is poor. But why remain poor and bat your head off morning, noon and night against the inevitable blows in this world?

I hope you do not wish money for the sake of money, but if you need money, then apply this Law. What would the feeling be like if it were true that I was now free of this pressure – free of it? Dare to assume that you are, and then persist in that assumption, and that assumption will harden into reality. So, this is my lesson tonight. I think you have found it a very practical one, but I must remind you, you can either be the hearer of what you’ve heard tonight and not the doer. It is my hope that you will be the doer of what you’ve heard tonight, so that when you leave here, you leave here in the assumption – not wait until you get home, leave here in the assumption that you are already the man – the woman – that you want to be. And then, between here and home, think of the man that you have assumed that you are, and let that assumption spring in your mind constantly. You are that man! Go to bed in that assumption.

Maybe this night, as it did with me in the Army, something will come, and a voice will speak.

“When vision breaks forth into speech, the presence of Deity is assured”; and maybe you will have confirmation that what you have dared to assume is. I know in my case it came that way. But it will come whether it breaks forth into speech or not, if you persist in the assumption.

Now, let’s enter the silence.

Question by a lady: To persevere – isn’t that persevering to do it over?

Answer: To persevere? No. Pat, if I said to you in China – Suppose you are running away from something that you did here, and I met you in China and I know that’s the girl that I know, and you were ahead of me, and I said, “Oh, Pat,” wouldn’t you turn around? Well, if you didn’t turn around because you are still running, a cold streak would go right down your spine, because you are still aware that you are Pat.

You must get so aware that you are the being that you want to be that you don’t respond to “Pat,” if you want to get away from Pat. In other words, you are just simply an entirely different being. A rearrangement of the structure of the mind is the rearrangement of the life that you live.

You take anyone in this world – what can they really claim? I mean the so-called physical descent. It’s all nonsense. But you walk the earth. All right. What are you conscious of being? In your case, I would say, be conscious of being really wanted in this world – really loved by one person who, when he comes home and you aren’t home, the house is empty. When he comes home at night and you aren’t there, the house is empty. That is what I would feel that every woman in this world would want.

I know in my own case, if my Bill isn’t home and I had a party of twenty scheduled, I would wonder, “Where is everybody?” because without her it isn’t to me a home. It has always been that way since I met her, and she fills my house. I don’t have to have a third party in it. My daughter doesn’t live with us; she lives in her own place. The door is always open to her, and she has her own key, and I’ve always speak of her bedroom still as her bedroom and her bathroom as her bathroom, and her closet where she still has her overflow of clothes – that’s hers. So, she comes and goes when she feels like it, but the house, as far as I am concerned, – when Bill is there, the house is full. When Bill is not there, – she hasn’t been there for quite a long while, on and off for the last year, – I go home to an empty house – really a completely empty house when she isn’t there. So, I take her to the hospital and leave her sometimes – the last one six weeks. I can’t tell any one how empty that house was, because no one can take the place of one that you truly love. As Shakespeare said it so beautifully in his 116th Sonnet:


“…Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds.”


Now let us go into the silence.



5 April 1971

[]Proof, The Law Works

Paul, in his letter to the Galatians, says, “I see that you observe days and months and seasons and years. I am afraid I have laboured over you in vain.” Now here we are, this crowded week of observing these different days, and this is the season, and naturally it is the year. What did Paul give to the world? What he gave to the world is this: that the Spirit of God and the human imagination are one. He said, “We did not receive the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is from God, that we may understand the gifts bestowed upon us by God.”

Here is the One that became the many, that the many may become the One, for “One must be All, and comprehend within himself all things, both small and great” (Blake, from “The Four Zoas”). Everything in the world – “All that I behold, though it appears without, it is within, within my imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” (Blake, from “Jerusalem”)

So, we are told that: I, if I be lifted up, I will lift all men and draw all men unto me. Now we are told he is lifted up, therefore all men are already redeemed! But they have to experience it within themselves. They are already redeemed, but in this world of mortality – this must be now, I would say, repeated within the individual, for he must contain and experience all within himself. There is only God in this world. “God only acts and is in existing beings or men.” (Blake, from “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”)

Now let me share with you a story that was given to me last Friday night. This lady’s husband’s name is Ray. When I use the word Ray, I am speaking of her husband. She said, “Last year Ray said to me, ‘It’s going to cost a thousand dollars to put on a new roof. We need the roof, but it will cost a thousand dollars.’”

She didn’t say they could not afford it, she said, “I saw the new roof. Right then and there, I saw the new roof!” Then she said, “I was working at my sewing machine, it’s an old one, but it was adequate. It did the job, but I would like a new one,” she said, “and so I imagined a new one. Here is the old one, but I imagined a new one. Then I was putting away my tape recorder, and I felt, ‘How heavy this thing is! I would like a new, lightweight one.’ I put the old one away – the heavy one; but I thought I would like a new one that is light of weight. So, I put away the new one that was light of weight.”

Then she said, “Ray said to me ‘My new shoes hurt.’ He had just bought them and they were hurting. Well, I wanted him to have shoes that did not hurt. I did that in my imagination. All of this was last year. Then came the turn of the calendar year, and we had a robbery. No, they didn’t steal the roof, but they took the other movable objects, and this past week I got a settlement from the insurance company for two thousand and fifty-odd dollars. I now have my nice, new sewing machine. I have my nice, lightweight tape recorder. Ray’s shoes do not hurt. And there is money for the roof, with much, much, much left over. Now, who instigated the robbery?”

Now on Friday, you will hear, if you go to service, the Seven Words on the Cross: three taken from Luke, three from John, and one from Matthew and Mark, it’s the same one from Matthew and Mark, which is the fourth one: “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” That is the one taken from these two Gospels. But the first one used on the Cross is from Luke, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Everything is moving under compulsion. No one sees the invisible causation. No one sees the invisible imaginal act that is putting pressure upon everyone who is bent in a certain direction to perform the needed act to produce the imaginal act that is completely unseen by the world.

Here, “Every natural effect has a spiritual cause, and not a natural. A natural cause only seems. It is a delusion of the fading, vegetable memory.” (Blake, from “Milton”)

Now, in her letter to me she said, “These things I remember. They were all last year, but I remember them.” In her case she is blessed that she can remember when Ray said to her, “It’s going to cost a thousand dollars to put on the new roof,” and “I saw the new roof, even though at the moment he thought he could not now afford a new roof. When I used my sewing machine, it was adequate, it was good, it did the job, but I would like a new one, and I saw a new one. And when I put away my tape recorder, it was all right, it was adequate, but it was heavy when I put it away. I thought, I’ve seen all these nice new, lightweight ones, and I would like a nice lightweight one, a good one.

“Now,” she said, “I have all of them. I have my nice new, lightweight recorder, my new machine, Ray’s shoes that do not hurt, and the roof will be a new one. The money is there and much left over.”

So, the first cry on the Cross, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” They are all asleep, moving under compulsion. And men and women unwittingly – most of them, some wittingly – are setting the whole thing in motion. And they simply move. So, someone given to the feeling of getting something for nothing, he takes the recorder. If he sells it for anything, that’s profit. It cost him nothing.

No matter what it cost her, whatever he could get for it was sheer profit. If he goes out and finds something that he stole and he could move it quickly for $15 and one gets a bargain, he made $15. It cost him nothing; his investment was nothing. And there are those in the world who think that way. They are all passing through the furnaces.

So, the first word on the Cross – a “word on the cross” does not mean a single word; it’s a completed thought. So, the shortest word is: “I thirst,” but there are two words. The next one, from John, is, “It is finished” – there are three words. All right – still it is one word when you take the seven words.

So, the first word is from Luke, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” And then comes Luke’s second, then comes John’s first, then comes Matthew and Mark, then come two from John, and then Luke completes it, “Father, into Thy hands I commit my spirit.”

This little punctuation mark has been pushed around in the second word on the cross, which is from Luke. And the thief turns to him and asks him to have mercy on him, and he said, “Behold, I say unto you, ‘Today thou shalt be with me in Paradise.’” Well, you can alter the punctuation and put the comma after ‘today’, but no, leave it just as it is, “Behold, I say unto you, today thou shalt be with me in Paradise.”

This is, now, Resurrection. “And I, when I am lifted up, I will draw all men unto me” – for all things are in my own wonderful human imagination; and I am all imagination. So, when I am lifted up, I draw all. At the very moment, I draw them all with me. But they individually must have the experience that I have had, but they are already redeemed because I took them up with me. Because, “All things exist in the human imagination,” and any one who is resurrected – but he can’t be resurrected and leave behind him any part of himself, so, the whole world is raised up with him.

I am telling you from experience, the heavenly chorus sings when this thing takes place. They sing the fall – the actual fall into division, and the resurrection into unity. They sing it out, and then the regeneration through resurrection from the dead. They actually sing it out, and the words, “It is finished” – I heard it, but I didn’t sing it. The heavenly chorus sang it.

When I walked by and everyone was made perfect because I was perfect, and then at the very end, the chorus sang out, “It is finished,” that was the sixth word on the cross. And the last One is when this garment comes off, and that is the 31st Psalm, the 5th verse, “Into Thy hands I commit my spirit.” Complete the verse: “Thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, Faithful God.” That was the Promise in the beginning: I would fall into division and become fragmented, dwelling in all, that not a thing in this world could be apart from me because how could I be apart from something that I am going to influence? Because -


All things by a law divine

In one another’s being mingle.”

– (Shelley)


If I am not penetrating you now, I couldn’t see you. You couldn’t hear me if I did not penetrate you and you penetrate me. So:


All things by a law divine

In one another’s being mingle.”


So, when I am lifted up, I take with me my entire universe – my whole vast world – knowing that everyone that is now shattered in that world will have a repetition of the same experience. For, One fell into division, and then resurrected into Unity, bringing all back together into The One.

So, in her case, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that she shared it with me, that she could now actually feel that the robbery which seemed at the moment such a shock – she lost the tape recorder, she lost this – all the movable objects, and then came the settlement from the insurance company for two thousand and fifty-odd dollars, which replaced these with the new ones – all the light ones, and enough to put on a new roof, and then some still left over. So, “Father, forgive them.” Yes – the thieves are thieves – it’s your Self “pushed out” anyway.

Here someone tonight is accused for stealing maybe what? A little cup or a saucer. And yet the bank where I bank – the United California Bank – they are still looking for the internal thieves who stole fifty million dollars last year from their subsidiary in Basel, in Switzerland – fifty million dollars! And they know it is all on the inside, it can only be on the inside by trusted employees. They think they can bring it down to six – six trusted employees! They can’t quite put their fingers on it because in Switzerland they have all these strange hidden accounts. But they are missing fifty million dollars. So when someone goes into the bank and holds it up and gets a thousand dollars, and we balloon the whole thing – the other thing is “hush-hush.”

Here is a bank in Illinois a few months ago that lost close to seven million dollars, and they still can’t quite put their finger on how it happened on the inside. No one came in and robbed them. And we speak of the little shoplifting on the outside, and the poor little girl goes off to jail, or the little boy goes off to jail. I am not condoning it. If you could stop the embezzlement from the inside, your dividends would jump from their present little three percent or four percent to twenty percent, if you could only stop it from the inside. All things happen really in the true sense of the word, from the inside.

So, every so-called act in the outer world that seems a cause in itself - may I tell you, “Every natural effect has a spiritual, imaginal cause, and not a natural. A natural cause only seems. It’s a delusion” - of what? “- the fading memory.” Man can’t quite remember. Luckily, she remembered when Ray said, “We could use, and need, a new roof; but it would cost a thousand dollars, and so that is put into the future.” She remembered when he complained the new shoes were hurting. In her mind’s eye she revised it instantly, at the moment - the roof and the shoes. When she worked on her machine, she revised it. It was adequate, but she said, “I have a new machine - sewing machine.” And putting the heavy tape recorder away, she wanted a new one that was light of weight, and she revised it, and she got in her mind’s eye a lightweight, new tape recorder. Then she goes home one day to find the house had been robbed. She had carried insurance, so she brought in the insurance people, and here they paid her the two thousand dollars, which replaced all these things in a new way.

So, I tell you, the story is the greatest story ever told. There is no story like it. But Christianity needs forever and forever to be saved from secular history. It is not secular history. It’s the history of your own wonderful human imagination. God and your own imagination are one. They are one. You are an Immortal Being. You cannot die, because you are all imagination. When you actually know it from experience, then you can wipe your tears. Nothing can pass away.

You may not see them with the mortal eye, touch them with the mortal hand, but they are in a world just as real as this – just as real, continuing the journey until they reach that moment in time when they are resurrected, and then the scattered body begins to be collected and they are gathered together into one. So:

“… One must be All,

And comprehend within himself all things both great and small.” (Blake, from “The Four Zoas”)

And you are that one that actually fell, and then, in falling, you became fragmented. You became divided into the unnumbered parts, and each seems to be independent of you as you look out on it. You are only looking out on your Self “pushed out.” And your whole vast world must make real your unknowing imaginal acts, or your knowing imaginal acts.

I ask you to trust this teaching. Believe in your imaginal acts. You may not see it tonight or tomorrow; but believe in it. Actually assume the most glorious thing in the world for yourself or any aspect of yourself. Trust it. And that imaginal act, if it takes a thousand or ten thousand or a hundred thousand of your projected selves, will use them to make that thing become real in your world.

As she said in her letter to me, “You may call it imagination, or some may call it thought, but this I do know, having remembered what I did last year, I can say it does produce reality.”

And I’ve told you time and time again that – IMAGINING CREATES REALITY – that all the objective facts in the world are produced through imagination. There isn’t a thing that you can name in this world that wasn’t first imagined. But you can veto it the minute you imagine it. You can say, as she could have said, “We can’t afford it,” and stop it. She didn’t say, “We can’t afford the thousand dollars for the roof,” she saw the roof, and it was new. But she didn’t see the robbery. That’s the means.

Let us turn you now to the 55th chapter of Isaiah: “My ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts than yours.” This is the chapter where you are told, “My word shall not return unto me void, but it must accomplish that which I purpose and prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” So, “My ways are higher than your ways.” Don’t concern yourself with how it’s going to be done, for the same voice who spoke these words said this in the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy, the 39th verse:

“I, even I, am He. I kill, and I make alive; I wound, I heal; I do all

these things, and none can deliver out of my hands.”

He is playing all the parts. And if one is basically inclined to steal, he will use him to produce the necessary means to get the money to put on the roof. So she comes home, and there was a robbery. All the things have been replaced with new ones and better ones, as she desired them. At the moment, it seemed to be a shock, but she set the whole thing up in motion, for she’s the one who spoke those words, “I kill, and I make alive, I wound, and I heal, and none can deliver out of my hands.” For the Spirit of God and the human imagination are one; and there is nothing but God, “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.”

And so, if all things are made by Him, is there a thief in the world? He’s playing that part! Is there a so-called hero in the world? He’s playing that part. A coward? He’s playing that part. He is playing every part in the world, and it all adds up to produce the unseen imaginal acts of men.

So, you are alone, and you think, “No one sees me and this means nothing. It’s only my imagination.” And you carry on your lovely imaginal act. And so, that’s it – not knowing that you are actually producing tomorrow’s effects in this world. And when it comes into the world, that natural effect has an unseen, invisible, imaginal act as cause, and not a natural cause. “A natural cause only seems, it is a delusion” – a delusion of what? Of your fading memory. You don’t remember when you did it. So, when confronted with your own harvest, you can’t quite believe it. You can’t remember when you did anything that could actually be like this.

I didn’t rob myself! I never thought for one moment of robbery to get the money. No, but I did see the whole thing done. And there are thieves in the world -all over the world, and they are all played by God! There is nothing but God.

“God only acts, and is, in existing beings or men.” (Blake, from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)

Now, let me find that Actor, because God only acts, and He is in all existing beings or men. Well, I’m a man. I’ve got to find that Actor, for the thing that I see reflected in the mirror when I shave in the morning is a mask. That’s persona.

Now, who is wearing that mask? I am. You simply say, “Neville,” and I turn around and say, “Yes? Here I am,” but who is the Being that is there? I am. That’s my real name. But the mask is called “Neville.” But I will say, “I am Neville.” So, the wearer of the mask called “Neville” responds. That Being in that mask, behind that mask, that no one sees is God!

And now the whole vast Christendom will celebrate this victory of God, that he actually died – literally died. But God’s first attribute is Mercy.

And God turned Death into Sleep; and then rose the sexes to work and to weep.” (Blake, paraphrased from “To Tirzah”)1

And so all the sexes rose enmasse when God died. He buried Himself in humanity and died, and then His first attribute – Mercy – turned it into sleep. That is what Blake meant when he said:

“Eternity exists, and all things in eternity, independent of creation, which was an act of mercy.” (From A Vision of the Last Judgement)

That was the merciful act: to turn death into sleep. And God is dreaming this dream.

One day He will awake. And when he awakes, he resurrects, and then he gathers into his own Being all his scattered beings. So, all are gathered together.

When I depart this time, may I tell you, I am taking everything in the universe with me. And “I, when I am lifted up, I will raise all unto me.” Read it in the 12th chapter of John. Not one can be left, because all things exist in the human imagination. But it’s not raised up until He who is scattered is awakened to Unity. And then He draws into His own Being all that was scattered.

So, they sing his fall into division, and his resurrection into unity – His fall into the generation of decay and death, and his regeneration into the resurrection from the dead. So, when he actually is raised from the dead, he gathers all into his own Being. And they are all with him. No matter where he goes, he has the whole vast world raised up. He hasn’t left one behind him. But everyone shattered in the world will have a reproduction of that drama in themselves.

So, what is now being dramatised as a memorial this week – for this is really a memorial, this is simply a great memory, a remembrance of what God has already accomplished. And so they are perpetuating it through Good Friday. Then comes the burial on Saturday. Then comes the Resurrection on Sunday. But the whole thing is done! It’s all done; only to be repeated in the individual, and then the individual who is seemingly scattered becomes the unit, and he draws his vast world unto himself, and he is resurrected.

So, the One becomes the many, and then the many become the One. So, whenever one is raised, he takes the whole vast world with him, even though it seems to be left behind, and every aspect that seemingly is behind becomes the unit, and then it raises up. So, one must be all.

That is the story of the Christian mystery: One must be all! So, the first cry on the Cross, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” And they do not know what they do. They go blindly on under compulsion, executing the unseen imaginal acts of humanity. And they move under compulsion.

I told the story, and I was severely criticised for it by a lady at a dinner party one night when Fred Bailes, who is now gone from this world, gave a party at the Ambassador Hotel. And I had told this story about two weeks before to one of his great - I would say -contributors who would come and always write a huge big check at the end of a year or the end of a month to keep that going. And she was most critical that night. I didn’t feel well that night at all. And she said, “You know, I can’t quite understand how you could take the platform before an audience of twenty-six hundred, a thousand who could not get in - they were all overflowing at the Fox Wilshire, and tell what you told about your wife” - this was my first wife.

I told a simple story to explain that everything in this world must be forgiven, no matter what it is. When I met the girl who now bears my name and who is the mother of my daughter – the very first time I met her, I knew she was going to be my wife. She didn’t know it, but I knew it. I said to myself, “She doesn’t know it, but she is going to be my wife.” We sailed for Barbados six months later, and she met my mother and met my family – met them all. They all loved her. That was back in 1936.

In New York City, because of the archaic law that is now past, you couldn’t get a divorce unless she was insane for seven years or for adultery, and that’s all. The orthodox Christian churches had sewed the whole thing up so that it made life miserable and made everything simply a burden to all. When I met her, I had just such an entangled background. And here it’s New York City, the most archaic city in the world concerning such laws.

I went to bed and slept as though I was happily married to the girl who now bears my name. I did not have any physical emotion with her: just that she was sleeping there, and I am here, and it’s blissful. I did that for one solid week. Then comes a telephone call from the court one morning, telling me that I must come down to this federal court on Tuesday morning. Well, I was groggy, it was early in the morning, and in those days I didn’t rise as early as I do now. And so, I just said, “All right,” and I hung up.

Well, on Tuesday morning that I am supposed to be there, I made no effort to go there. And about 9:30 the phone rang. It’s the court, and they said to me, “You are supposed to be here in court this morning. We meet at 10:00.”

And I said, “What on earth am I supposed to be in court for?”

They said, “Well, it happens that your wife is arrested, and we thought maybe you could throw some light on the reason for her arrest. That’s why we are asking you to come down.”

Well, I wasn’t shaved. I simply threw myself into some clothes, and off I went in a taxi down to the court. I got there just as they were bringing her in. A man whispered into – there were three judges – into one judge’s ear that I was in the audience. The judge asked me to take the stand. “You don’t have to swear, but will you please take the stand and throw some light on the behaviour of your wife? She tells me you have been separated now for almost fourteen years.”

I said, “Yes.”

“Is it a religious reason why you have been separated?”

I said, “No, none whatsoever. We knew we were wrong the very first day we got married. We knew it was completely a failure right away.”

Then he read the case. She was picked up for shoplifting. They went to her home and found other things in her home.

He said, “What can you say for this?”

I said, “As far as I am concerned, I don’t think that really she is a shoplifter. As far as I am concerned, she just moved under compulsion. Take into consideration her age. She is eight years my senior, and she is passing through a certain emotional state. And do be lenient. We have a son who lives with me, and I don’t want anything to happen to his mother that would cast any shadow on his life. He is a wonderful boy. He is in my charge by law. He is in my home, lives with me, and I don’t want anything to happen to her that in any way would reflect upon my son.”

The judge said, “You know, in all my years on the bench, I have heard no plea by one for another who has every reason in this world to get her committed, because that in any other state would be enough for a divorce, and yet he pleads for her.”

He sentenced her to six months, and then, on my plea, he suspended it. She met me on the outside, and said, “Neville, that was a very decent thing to do. Give me my papers.” She knew I was looking for her. My dancing partner had told her I was looking for her to serve the papers and therefore to be scarce and move out of New York City. So, she did.

But she had to commit the act, and they had to call me and ask me to throw light upon that. How could I condemn her? Who was the actual cause of her shoplifting? I! I slept as though I were blissfully married to the girl who now bears my name, and I had to get the evidence. I had to get some reason to bring the action. And here, my wife actually gave me the papers.

I said, “I don’t have the papers with me.”

She said, “I am driving home to your place right now, and you can give me the papers.”

That is illegal to serve your own papers, but she drove up to my hotel where I was living. I went to my room and came down to the lobby and gave her the papers – did my own serving! Now that is an illegal thing in this world. Then I got my divorce in the City of New York, then I could marry the girl who now bears my name.

When I told that, I told it only to tell people of that one word, the first word on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” They are all moving under compulsion, and the unseen causation is hidden from the world. They do not know who is “treading in the wine-press.” And I was “treading in the wine-press” to be happily married to a girl who was not then engaged to me. I couldn’t be engaged to her under the circumstances. And then my wife behaved in such a manner that it made it real and natural for me to do what I did. How could I blame her?

So, the first word on the cross, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do” – they have to do what they do. I had to fall into division and fragment my being into the unnumbered parts called humanity, and then rise into unity, and gather all my scattered members together and rise as God Himself. That’s the story. It is God who fell, and God who rises.

So, I know from my own experience that nothing dies. Those who have not had the experience here – all right, they are restored in a world that is terrestrial just like this, and they continue their journey until that moment in time when they are resurrected. And Resurrection is resurrection into Unity. And the outpictured world – the whole vast universe – it’s himself “pushed out” – is gathered together then, and they move up. And I, when I am lifted up from the earth; I will draw all men unto me. See it? This is the mystery of which we speak here night after night.

You are not some tiny little thing just pushed out. You are the Whole. “One must be all.” And the day will come; you will find that you really are the All!

So, not one person in the universe could be outside of you when you are resurrected, because as you are raised up, you raise all with you. And each will have the experience of being raised up, and all eventually will be The One. And in that day, “they shall be one, his name one,” as we are told in Zechariah. But Blake tells it so beautifully in his “Dream of Nine Nights,” called Valla or the “Four Zoas,” And then he tells the story of the falling into division, and when they are all gathered together, this one man they call Jesus – and they in him and he in them – live in perfect harmony in Eden, the Land of Life.

Well, you are the Lord Jesus Christ, whose resurrection they are going to celebrate this coming Sunday. You tell that to the priests, and they will slap you, or tell that to any minister – because they are sound asleep. They do not know who the Lord Jesus Christ is: I tell you, the Lord Jesus Christ is buried in you, and He is your own wonderful human imagination. That’s the Lord Jesus Christ. And when He is raised in you, you will raise all in this universe within you. That is the story.

So, I want to thank my friend for sharing with me her experience, and being big enough to remember. If man could only remember his imaginal acts! She remembered when the roof needed repairs or a new one, and the cost was excessively high for them at the moment. She remembered her husband complaining about the pain the new shoes caused, the weight of the tape recorder, and then working on the machine – the sewing machine, and it was adequate – it was good, but she would like a new one, and then came out of the Nowhere a robbery and took all these movable objects, and then came the insurance that sent the check for two thousand-odd dollars that replaced all the movable objects and paid for the new roof with much, much over.

So, she can actually say, “Forgive them, Father” – those who took it. Did they not do her a favour? And yet, they are thieves in their own eyes, and thieves in the eyes of society, and they are. Do you know who played the part? God! And do you know who actually made them do what they did? The lady who wrote me the letter.

Now she knows the words in that 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy, “I, even I, am He, and there is no God beside me. I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal, and there is none that can deliver out of my hand.”

So, no matter what happens, if we only had the memory we could trace it to a forgotten imaginal act on our part!

Now let us go into the silence.



9 April 1971

[]Where is Golgotha?

…in three days: today, the death of God, and then the burial of God, and then the Resurrection of God. And when you read it, you may think it is referring to someone outside of yourself. If I use the word God or the word Christ, the word Jesus, the word Lord, and in any way it conveys the sense of an existent someone or something outside of yourself, you have the wrong concept of God or Christ.

We are told, “Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you? Do you not realise that you are the temple of the Living God, and the Spirit of God dwells in you?” Well, if the word conveys this something outside of yourself, you’ve got the wrong god.

So, the one spoken of who was crucified is crucified on you, and the only cross that he ever bore is the cross you wear – the form that you wear, that garment of flesh and blood. That is the one spoken of when you are told, “If you would follow after me, take up your cross daily and come after me.” Don’t you take it up daily? Don’t you, every morning, after oblivion, return to this cross, and don’t you take it up and go through all the sorrows of the world?

Are you not told, “Should Christ suffer all these things, and then enter into his glory?” So the Christ or the cross is stated right here, and he is buried, not in the Near East, as they are looking day after day in some little sepulchre, he is buried in the skull of man! That’s where he is buried! And he will rise out of that tomb where he is buried, and the tomb is the skull of man!

He will rise there. He will awaken in the skull, and when he awakens, he will come out of that tomb, and all the imagery of Scripture concerning his birth will surround the one who awakens in his own skull, and comes out of his own skull. And that is the concentrated drama that is taking place in memory, I would say, today, for this is the memorial – what took place today, what will take place tomorrow, and on Sunday. This is the great mystery.

Now, tonight I will share with you what I know from experience. Let us go back to a portion of the Lord’s Prayer. First of all, let us take it in its original form. There is a translation by Ferrar Fenton. His father asked him – he being the outstanding Greek scholar – the father asked him to translate the Lord’s Prayer in the most literal manner possible, and this is the letter of the son to the father, and he says to his father – this is the literal translation of the original Greek:


Our Father in the heavens,

Thy name must be Being Hallowed;

Thy kingdom must be Being Restored;

Thy will must be Being done, as in

Heaven, so in earth.”


He tells his father that all other translations were taken from a translation of the Latin, and the Latin has no aorist of the imperative passive mood that was used in the original Greek, and therefore it could not convey the sense that the Saviour intended, as Matthew and Luke expressed it in the original Greek.

So, we’ll take, now, the statement, “Thy kingdom must be Being Restored.” As he said, “This imperative passive mood is, to me, a standing order – something that is to be done absolutely and continuously. Conceive a play, an eternal drama, which is God’s plan of Redemption, and conceive of it as an occurrence – a simple occurrence without reference to completeness or incompleteness, without reference to duration or repetition, without reference to its position in time, although sometimes with reference to past time.”

Just imagine an eternal play, and you and I as sons of God – we see the play, but we see it as something external to ourselves, as we see a play. This play will lift us, if we experience the play cast in the central role. It will lift us to a level far beyond where we are as the spectator. We together, the sons of God, form God, for the word God is Elohim, a plural word: one made up of others. All the sons together form the Father. We, the sons, observing the play, are now going to be cast in the central role of that play. We are not going to be spectators; we are going to be the actor, the central actor in the drama.

You can’t do it in heaven; you do it on earth. But here, this bliss spoken of in Scripture – we cannot actually consummate bliss without being generated on earth in these bodies of flesh and blood. So, we come down, penetrate and annex the brain of bodies on earth. We are the sons of God. In doing that, we die. This is our Crucifixion, when we penetrate and annex the brain of the bodies that we wear. This is our Calvary.

As we are told in Scripture, “And when he reached the place called the Skull, there they crucified him – the skull, not a little place that resembles the skull, but literally the skull. It’s called Calvary. Well, Calvary is a translation of the Greek word cranium, which means skull. Mark uses the Hebrew word or the Aramaic word, which is Golgotha. Golgotha means skull. No matter what word they use, it is still skull, Calvary, Golgotha, skull or cranium – all these words are used in different translations, but each word used means skull. It is not as our scholars would tell us; they call it the skull because it resembles the human skull – the area where he was crucified. It’s literally the skull of man. That is where he is crucified. That is where he is buried.

He is buried in the skull of man. Because he is in the skull of man, that skull is his tomb. When he is resurrected, he is resurrected there. He awakens in that tomb. He comes out of that tomb unassisted by any mid-wife – by anyone, and he rolls away that stone, which is the base of his skull, and he comes out of that hole, which is an opening, and he comes out in the same manner that a child comes out of the womb of woman. He squeezes himself out as a child squeezes out of the womb of woman.

And when he completely comes out, he looks back at that out of which he came, and it’s the body – that very body that formerly he wore. He didn’t realise that he was buried in the skull. For unnumbered centuries he walked and took up his cross every day, and walked in the dream world. This world is a dream. And he walked in this world, believing himself to be something completely independent of everything else, and he’s not a dreamer – no, he’s a reality – this is not a dream. But the day that he begins to awake within him, when he begins to rise within himself, he realises he has been dreaming all along!


He hath awakened from the dream of life –

Tis we, who lost in these stormy visions, keep

With phantoms the unprofitable strife…

– (Shelley, from Adonis)


And we think that we are completely awake. We are doing all things here fully conscious, not knowing that we are dreaming, and the dream is projected, as it is when you dream at night. It’s a dream within a dream, and this is the dream.

So, as we are told in Scripture, He was crucified on Golgotha, that is the skull – “buried on Golgotha” – that’s the skull, and then he rose out of the same tomb in which he was placed. Now, see the drama – a wonderful play that takes place forever and forever. No one knows when it will come to an end. When it comes to an end, the drama is over. We are now reproducing in ourselves what we saw.

Now, you are told in the 3rd chapter of the book of Galatians: “And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham.” Now, if you read the story carefully, Abraham – in the 25th chapter of Genesis, the very beginning of the 66 books – he is dead. He died, and he is buried. By the 25th chapter of Genesis, Abraham ceases to be.

We are told in the book of Galatians, which is the first book, chronologically speaking, in the New Testament – not canonically, but chronologically, it was the first book written by Paul, which came before the Gospels. There we are told that the Scripture – well, it could only be the Old Testament, because there was no New Testament – and it could only be the first 25 verses of the book of Genesis – “And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles” – which means the heathen, for the same word is goyes, the goyes is the heathen – that which is other than the Hebrew. That being justified, then He foreshowed – that is, he gave a preview of the Gospel to Abraham.

Now, we are told in the Gospel, “Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day.” He saw it, and he was glad. He saw the fulfilment of a play, which was that the sons of God would actually become God – that all would be raised to the level of God the Father, but they could be raised to that level only by passing through the horrors of this world! And you couldn’t pass through the horrors of the world until you actually became embodied in a garment of flesh and blood.

So, the sons of God fell in love with the daughters of men, and came down and penetrated and annexed the brains of these garments of flesh, and their penetration and annexation of the brain animated the bodies. Then we became subject to everything subject to man – everything that man is capable of doing, the sons of God had to experience.

So, as Blake said, “I do not consider either the wicked or the just to be in a supreme state, but to be, everyone of them, states of the sleep into which the soul may fall when it leaves Paradise following the serpent” – the symbol of wisdom, the symbol of knowledge. What knowledge? The knowledge of good and evil.

So, we come into this world, and experience all the things that man can experience.

Having gone through all, we come to the climax, and the climax is Resurrection. And may I tell you – it’s an actual, literal fact. I have experienced it. I have reached the end of the drama. It came to me in 1959. I am now approaching my twelfth birthday after my birth from above. And we are told we will not return to the Kingdom of God raised to the level of God the Father until we are born from above. And birth from above and Resurrection coincide.

Man awakens within his skull, and he comes out of that skull to find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, “and the witnesses – the three witnesses present at the event. He is unseen by the witnesses because he is spirit – He is God! It is God being born – born this time, “not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” So, God is giving birth to Himself – raising Himself to higher levels of His own Being. So, all the sons come down into this world, and they go back after they have completed the journey, and they can’t get back until they are born from above, as told us in the 3rd chapter of John:

“You, a master of Israel, and you do not know, unless you are born from above, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God? And do you not know that as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up?” – and that is a literal fact – in the same serpentine manner, you are lifted up.

And when you take off the garment after these experiences – and they are four mighty, peculiar, supernatural experiences, after the four, you will remain, and you will tell it until that moment in time when you depart – not restored any more to life, not restored. You are now in the Kingdom clothed in your garment of Glory. You are sheer Power, sheer Wisdom, and yet all guided and motivated by Love, for God is Love. You do not exercise that Power in any manner, save motivated by Love. You do not exercise your divine Wisdom in any way, save by Love, for Love embraced you before the whole thing started.

There is no transforming power in death, as we call death here – none. About 15 or 20 years ago in Barbados my wife and I – that is, the little family of three, my little girl – we were there for maybe four or five months. There was a couple from Trinidad. He was a Major in the British Army serving – not serving, but working in Trinidad on some commercial venture, and he came to Barbados with his wife on a holidy, and he was all enthused about my thoughts concerning the Law of God.

At the same time, in the hotel there was an elderly gentleman who had retired. He was a professor of chemistry at one of the great universities of England, and he came out to set up some kind of a factory with local money but with his knowledge, making soap, for we thought if we could simply produce local soap, we could save the currency we needed so badly, which was foreign currency, especially American currency and Canadian currency. If we could only produce soap out of the materials we had locally, then that was perfect. So, he came out to set the thing going.

One day, over a few cocktails, this man – Major Morrison – said to him, “You know, Neville has a concept concerning the spirit world” – that is how he described it, and he began to discuss certain things out of one of my books which I gave him, and he was reading the book.

Well, the old gentleman said, “I am not interested. I call myself an agnostic. In fact, I think I am really an atheist. But to soften the blow, I say I am an agnostic. Everything in my life must be proven. I am a chemist, my whole life has been devoted to chemistry – to this physical world, and I can see nothing but this physical world. I can take your brain, your body, everything, and reduce it to simple chemicals, and so I am not interested,” said the old gentleman to Major Morrison.

I am present. “No offence taken,” I said; “No, forget it. You are here to do a job, and undoubtedly you will do a wonderful job and give us a local factory where we can make our own soap and save foreign currency.”

Well, last Wednesday morning on my return from my usual visit, night after night, as I am teaching what I am teaching you – we are not confined to this, for the world does not end where our senses cease to register it. When a man dies, as we call him – dies, he doesn’t cease to be. He is solidly real – restored in a body just like this, but he is young. He’s about 20. If he drops off at 90, he finds himself 20, restored to life, but he hasn’t changed one iota. His ideas that were present before he died are his ideas after – whatever they were. If he was stupid here, he is just as stupid there. If he was a thief here, he is a thief there. Whatever he is here, he is it there.

Well, here, on my way back Wednesday morning, I encounter these two, Sir Archibald Duke, who was the other gentleman and the professor, and Archie is saying to this man, the professor, “There is going to be a demonstration tonight on television, “and he called it “tely,” for in England they always speak of it as the “tely.” “There is going to be a demonstration tonight on the tely – a scientific demonstration.” Well, that would interest the old man – scientific, but then the old gentleman discovered that what he meant by scientific was a psychical demonstration to demonstrate the reality of psychism, like extra-sensory perception and all kinds of things concerning the psychic world. Well, the old man turned – as he would – sour. It meant nothing to him. But here is Archie, the same Archie – he is all completely – I would say – moved emotionally because it’s coming on tonight, exactly what he always wanted.

While he was here, though a very able accountant, he had a big business in Barbados talking care of all the big businesses and closing their books for them and advising them, but he was vitally interested in psychism. He was a very devout Methodist, in spite of the fact that he smoked. He was a chain smoker, which the Methodists abhor, and he could drink anyone under the table. Still he called himself a devout Christian and a good Methodist. The other one was the atheist or the agnostic. And they had not changed one bit! One is still interested in these things and the other is not. One is still the scientist. And they don’t even know that they have departed this section of time! They do not know, because no one dies.

God is the God of the living, because nothing dies. Because it doesn’t die, how can you tell a man, when you are looking at him and you are talking to him, “Don’t you know I went to your funeral?”

He’d laugh at you. “What funeral?”

“I went to your funeral. I saw them put you down into the little grave.” Well, he starts to laugh at you as though you were insane, because he knows he is not dead. But he doesn’t know that he went through the so-called gates that we on this side of the veil call death.

That happened to me years ago – back in 1946 it was. I came out here in ’45. No, it was ’47. I came out here in ’45, returned in 1946 in the summer. I got a cable from

New York City that my secretary had dropped dead. It was a hot August day, and they had found the body on the floor, where he had died of a heart attack. I went back and took care of his funeral. He was a Catholic, and I gave him a good Catholic funeral in Haverstraw, New York.

Six months later, I find myself in the world where he is. I am fully aware and fully conscious, I know that Jack died six months ago. I meet my sister-in-law, who always said to me, “I like you as a brother-in-law because you are very kind to my sister and to your child, which is my niece, but I don’t believe one word of what you talk about. I don’t believe you at all.”

At that moment, here is my former and now departed secretary, Jack Butler, and I said to my sister-in-law, “Al” – her name is Alice, I said, “Al, so you don’t believe what I teach, you don’t believe in survival because you always said, I am a good Christian, but you survive only through the loins of your parents, and you perpetuate yourself in that manner.

I said, “How can you be a good Christian and tell that? Christianity is based upon the foundation stone of the fatherhood of God – the brotherhood of man, and you tell me now that there is no such thing as survival? Life everlasting is the third stone of the great foundation stone of Christianity: the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man, and Life Everlasting.”

She said, “I still don’t believe what you teach.”

I said to her, “Then, look at Jack.”

She said to me, “What has that to do with it?”

I said, “Don’t you know that Jack died”; and her face blanched. She knew Jack had died. I said, “All right, there he is. He’s alive, isn’t he?”

And Jack said to me, “Who died?”

I said, “Jack, you died. I went to your funeral. I buried you. I got a good Catholic funeral for you in Haverstraw, New York, and put you all the way down and covered you up with a lot of sand,” and that’s where that body was, and still is decaying now.

He said, “Who is dead?”

I said, “You aren’t dead, Jack, but you died.”

He said, “How stupid! I’m not dead, but I died?”

Jack had been gone six months and did not realise he had gone. People do not change, I’m telling you. They haven’t any concept, because they are still dreaming. You are dreaming this world, and you are dreaming that world, too, you only awaken when, within your own skull, you become awake, and you are born from above.

When you are born from above, you come out and all that is said in Scripture concerning the birth of Christ, you experience. Then you realise who Christ is. Until then, you thought he was another, some thing in history, two thousand years ago. He is not another. “It is Christ-in-you that is the hope of Glory. And do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you, and that you are the temple of God, and the spirit of God dwells in you?”

Well, people do not realise this. Today in the Christian churches there will be hundreds of millions attending some portion of the 3-hour service. On Sunday morning they will be crowded to capacity, all the churches of Christendom. You know why? To show their new hats or their new dresses. On Sunday on Fifth Avenue, in New York City, they will be coming out of St. Pat’s and St. Thomas and all the churches, and cameramen will be there to photograph them. And do you know why? Two months ago that was arranged.

These socially prominent women went to the editors of the New York Times and the other papers, and they made appointments. They told them exactly what they were going to wear, what their hat is like, what church they will attend, what door they will make an exit from, and so the New York Times will send their cameraman there. And when this thing comes out dressed as he knows she is supposed to be dressed, he is going to photograph it, and put it in the paper on Monday morning. So, on Monday – this coming Monday, maybe fifty thousand more papers than normally are sold will be sold, because each will buy a hundred, and throw all the paper away, and keep just the one page, and send it off to all their friends, and keep a few for themselves for posterity. And then the New York Times can claim that they had so many more sales, and all the advertisers advertising in that paper for Monday just simply had a blank, because they aren’t reading anything but their own little section, and it was all prearranged by the editor. That I know from experience, because the same Jack Butler, when they made a mistake in one of my ads once, went down to investigate it, so he went to the editor of the religious section, and she said – she had to do something to pacify him, and she said, “How would you like to see the editorial staff of the social section of our paper?”

Well, Jack was always one for fun, so he said, “I would love it.”

This was just about two months before Easter, and all these ladies and their daughters were all around the place, dozens and dozens of them, waiting to be interviewed. Each was going to say exactly what they were going to wear, they had ordered them, the dresses had already been ordered and they were delivered. They knew what kind of a hat, and what church they would attend, where they were going to come out, and the cameras will be there to photograph them, and the morning papers will carry it as spontaneous – all spontaneous. And that is the “dream world.”

A man just retired after a very successful thirty years in the show business. His name is Sinatra. I recall this vividly when he was a young boy. I came out of my theatre on 48th Street, which was between Fifth and Madison Avenues, and walking towards Fifth, when I got to Fifth, there were three dozen young girls, oh 16 or 17, and here is a cab right in the middle of Fifth Avenue with this young man. Well, he’s ten years my junior, so he was then – well, whatever I was then, when he got started. His foot on the runway, the cab is stalled, traffic backed up, all the horns are honking, the cop is inquiring, and he is signing autographs for these thirty or more. All that was prearranged. They will block the traffic. For what? They will give him a ticket – they will give the cabby a ticket, but he’ll pay. He will pay fifty dollars, a hundred dollars. It’s the publicity. All that is a part of the motion. He has kept that going until now, and people think, “What a big, wonderful man!” He has been promoted from the time that he began to breathe as a young lad as a singer, and he goes all through our entire dream world. How are you going to – you can’t stop it.

You can’t stop it; it’s part of the dream world. I am not telling you of the dream world, I am telling you of the world wherein you will awake, and when you awake, you will be clothed in your Immortal Body, and that is Heaven. Heaven is not a realm; it’s not an area. Wherever you are, clothed in your glorified Body, is Heaven, because nothing remains imperfect in your presence.

If you walk through the Petrified Forest, it would all burst into foliage. If you walk in the desert, the desert would blossom. Everything would become beautiful, and things long dead, or not even visible, will suddenly appear because you walk by. So, wherever you go, clothed in your glorified Body, which comes with your resurrection, makes every place that you go perfect, for wherever you are, things must be perfect.

That’s what we are celebrating this week, but they aren’t telling it that way. They are telling of a little man who died a horrible death two thousand years ago, and then they took him down from the tree, and then put him in a tomb, but God raised him from the dead. You are the one spoken of, and you are still hanging on that tree in a way, for you are nailed upon this body. And the nails are vortices: six vortices, a vortex (indicating), a vortex, a vortex, a vortex, and both feet, and they are whirling vortices that nail you here.

And may I tell you from my own experience, it was sheer ecstasy; it was not painful. There was no pain whatsoever – such ecstasy, and then oblivion. And that oblivion was a complete forgetfulness of the Being that you are, and you are buried in your skull, and in that skull you dreamed the dream of life, as we are dreaming it now. And because it is a dream, if you know it’s a dream, you can dream anything into being, if you know it’s a dream.

You can control the dream. So, what would the feeling be like if it were true? Well, you name what it is you would like to be feeling, and naming it; you dream it just as though it were true. Remain faithful to your assumption, and that assumption of yours, though at the moment it appears to be false and denied by your senses – if you persist in it, it will harden into fact.

This is the story, and I am telling you what I know, that I have experienced it. I have experienced the Law of bringing things into being that I dared to assume because I wanted them to be brought into being. And the other, which is the fulfilment of God’s Promise – for I was that Abraham, and so are you, and we were shown the Gospel beforehand. We were given a preview of it, and we were told, “You will go into a world that is not yours, and there you will be enslaved, and there you will be injured, and there you will be maltreated, but after four hundred years, you will come out.”

Now, the “four hundred” is not four hundred as we measure time. “Four hundred” is simply a symbolical number of a cross. It is the numerical number of the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is the taw; and taw has the symbol of a cross; and this (indicating the body) is the cross.

So, as long as I wear this, I am in the world of the furnaces; but I will come out of it. I will awaken within it and come out of it, and one day soon after I awaken within it and come out of it, I will shed it. And shedding it, I will go back to the glory that “was mine before that the world was” – but enhanced by reason of wearing the cross in this world, because no one – but no one – can consummate this bliss that he saw before the world was unless he is generated here, in this world, in flesh and blood.

So, I came down, and I find myself wearing a garment, “woven in the womb of a woman,” and I put on that garment, and I’m nailed on it. And then, I’m buried in that garment – buried in the skull, and because I am buried in the skull, I come out of the skull. And when I come out of that skull, I am still wearing the garment for a little interval of time to tell and share it with my brothers. So, encourage them to continue – no matter what happens, to continue. Dream nobly, and realise the dreams.

But dream nobly, because in the not-distant future you are going to awaken, and when you awaken, you are going to take off the little garment. And that is the cross that you wore for your journey, which is called in Scripture the “four hundred years.” Really, it’s thousands of years! You have been wearing it for thousands of years, for there is no death, really, only restoration. Transformation in one sense: you go through the gate and don’t even know you’ve gone.

I got a call from New York today at 3:00 o’clock this afternoon, and there was the voice – a very sad voice.

I said, “Hello.”

She said, “Neville? This is Louise. I have sad news for you.”

I said, “What happened?”

She said, “Joseph died today. He died in my arms.”

I said, “Was he sick?”

“No, just a great – well, a rupture of the aorta, right in my arms and Neville’s arms.”

Neville is my little namesake – one that I met before he came into this world. He is now 17.

She continued, “Together we held him. He suffered seemingly for a little while – not too long, maybe a half an hour he seemed to be in great pain, and then that was it.”

But he was 77 – lived a full, wonderful life, and will leave her a considerable fortune: factories here, factories in Paris, factories in Puerto Rico, and so, financially speaking, there is no problem, but a great tear.

And what could I say to her? – I couldn’t even get her off the wire – but tell her certain stories that Joseph – he lived a full, wonderful life up to the very end – up to the end. To him, the spirit world – “Let it come later,” he said. Always, “Let it come later” – tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

But now he was, after all – he was a couturier, making fashions for the beautiful ladies, and everything concerning the beauty of the physical form, and he loved it, and he “played the field” perfectly. He went to the end, and he was 77, so Joseph will still be the Joseph that I knew. He will not be interested in the birth from above. He will not be interested in the Word of God. He made a fortune, and he’s left a fortune – all to Louise and his one child, Neville. So, they will have this enormous estate, and it really is enormous, but he is still the same Joseph. And when he finds himself as he will now – not 77, but 20, and what a joy for him! He’ll be twenty – without any interest in spirituality – just an interest in the human form.

But there will come at the very end of the journey, as you are told in the 8th chapter of Amos, “I will send a famine upon the world. It will not be a hunger for bread, nor will it be a thirst for water, but for the hearing of the Word of God.” It will come to all, but it only comes at the end. It is in the 8th chapter of Amos, the 8th verse. A hunger, and you cannot resist the hunger. Not a thing in the world can divert you. They can give you millions; it doesn’t interest you. They can make you all kinds of offers, and it doesn’t interest you – only the Word of God and the understanding of that Word.

Now, speaking of the Word of God, the 8th chapter, also the 8th verse, of Nehemiah, and you will read from the book of the Book of God, and you will read it with understanding, so it will have meaning when you read it. The whole book unfolds within you, because in the end you are only going to fulfil the Word of God. You have been the son of God, who is the Word of God. You are alive and you were sent into the world, the Living Word, to realise within yourself the written word.

Now let us go into the silence.



12 April 1971

[]The Hidden Secret of God

The mysteries of God are mysterious in character, yet they are proclaimed to all who can understand them. Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians – the first letter, you read this in the 2nd chapter of I Corinthians. He is telling them a story that their faith may not rest in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. Now, he speaks of a different wisdom altogether.

He said: “Yet, among the mature, we teach wisdom. It is not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, for they are all doomed to pass away.” (I Corinthians 2:6) He speaks of an entirely different wisdom that he claims to be the secret – “the hidden secret of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glorification.” (I Corinthians 2:7) Then he said: “For what person knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which dwells in him? So also, no one comprehends the thoughts of god except the Spirit of God.” (I Corinthians 2:11)

Now we are told, after the Resurrection those who were closest to him still did not understand him. For when He appeared, they said, “Lord, will you now, at this time, restore the kingdom to Israel?”

And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times and seasons which the Father has fixed by His own authority. But you wait until you receive the power which will come upon you when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.”

That is the power of which I speak, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And then, with that power, you will be my witnesses, witnessing in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria to the ends of the earth, but not until it comes upon you, and when it comes upon you, you are told, the Holy Spirit is one’s remembrance. “He will bring to your remembrance all things that I have told you.” The whole will come back, and then you will actually reproduce within yourself my story – that’s what He is telling them.

He now disappears. He has now revealed to them the true Exodus, that the Exodus of the Old Testament was an adumbration – a foreshadowing. Resurrection followed by the birth from above is the true Exodus from this world of tears, this world of bondage. So, the Jews celebrate the Exodus, and they are still in bondage, and the Christians celebrate the Resurrection, and they haven’t yet been resurrected. That whole thing is a drama.

When the Spirit comes upon you, which is the spirit of power, then “he will bring to your remembrance all that I have told you, which I have received from my Father.” So, within the individual upon whom this power comes, which is the Holy Spirit, the whole thing will unfold within him.

They completely misunderstood it, and they thought the restoration of a national theocracy was what was intended with the coming of Messiah. They did not realise that the truest coming of Jesus was the manifest power of the Holy Spirit, that when this power comes, it lifts you up from within yourself, and then you actually are the Being that the world yesterday celebrated about his Resurrection. You are that One spoken of in Scripture. But you will not know it and be a witness to this until the power comes upon you. And that power is the power of the Holy Spirit. Then the whole thing unfolds within you.

Now, you have heard of the story – you all know the story. Did you ever dwell upon the character called “Judas”? Today we speak of a man who is a betrayer of a trust – he is a Judas. He simply betrayed the trust – any kind of a trust. A man just died in New York City in prison who betrayed the trust of the Mafia.1 He was one of the leaders in the Mafia, and he gave to the FBI the true name, “Our Thing” – Cosa Nostra. No one claimed his body. There he was, he died in prison because there was a price on his head – a fabulous price to kill him. So, he was protected while he was in prison because he had revealed the secret of this thing that wormed its way into society called “Our Thing,” where they made billions that you could not put a finger on it; therefore it wasn’t taxable. But he betrayed it; so he was a Judas.

Well, that is not the Judas of Scripture. But who is this Judas? We are told that at the Last Supper he said, “The one to whom I will give the sop, for my time has come” – everything was done on order in the Gospel of John. He never moved. He resisted all action until the right moment. “My time has not yet come,” beginning with the second chapter. He said to the brothers in the seventh chapter, “My hour has not yet come.” He goes through the entire book stating that the time has not yet come; he is following a divine plan.

So here we find predestination in one, and we find free will both joined together in man. He teaches man to exercise free will, and shows them how to change the pattern of life, but he is under compulsion to fulfil the Father’s will. Everything must be done on time. So, the moment of betrayal has come.

In the Oriental custom, two would sit on a divan or couch. The honoured guest was always the one to whom the host gave the sop. He would take the sop, dip it into the dish, and then hand it to the honoured guest. So, “The one to whom I give it, he will betray me.” He turns and gives it to Judas, and Judas goes out quickly; and he said to him, “What you have to do, do quickly.” It is perfectly told, may I tell you, I know from experience. “What you have to do, do quickly.” And Judas goes out. Yet they do not understand who it is going to be who will betray him.

“Lord, is it I?”

“Lord, is it I?”

“Lord, is it I?”


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Neville's Lectures, Volume Seven, 25 Lectures, 1970 to 1972, Australian English Neville's Lectures, Volume Seven, 25 Lectures, 1970 to 1972, Australian English