Neville's Lectures, Volume Eight, 26 Undated Lectures, Australian English Editio



Neville Goddard’s Lectures

by Neville Goddard


Volume Eight


26 Undated Lectures


All Lectures in Chronological Order.

Compiled, Edited, & Proofread,

in Australian English Edition,

by Alexander Skobeleff, © 2014-2016.


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[][] Table of Contents



Table of Contents


Catch The Mood

Every Natural Effect

Faith, Hope and Love

Family Portrait

Fulfilment Of God’s Plan

He Is Dreaming Now (2)

I AM Reality Called Imagination

Imagination Creates Reality

Love Endureth

Order Your Conversation Aright

The Pattern Man (2)

Paul’s Prayer Interpreted

Predestined Glory

The Eternal Father

The Divine Body

The Flood Is Still Upon Us

The Most Precious Gift

The Pearl of Great Price

The Power and The Wisdom

The Promise Fulfilled

The Way

They Related Their Own Experience

Where Are You Staying?

Who Is The Son Of Man?

Whom God Has Afflicted



[] Arise

When our great scientist, Dr Robert Millikan was young and very poor he set a goal for himself. Condensing his dream of greatness and security into a simple statement, he silently repeated the thought over and over again. This he did until the feeling of greatness and security crowded all other thoughts out of his consciousness.

These are his words: “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit”

As I have said repeatedly, everything depends upon your attitude towards yourself! That which you will not affirm as true of yourself cannot develop in your life!

Dr Millikan wrote his dream of greatness and security in the first-person, present-tense. He did not say, “I will be great,” or “I will be secure,” implying that he was not great and secure. Instead, he made his future dream a present fact by saying, “I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.”

If you seek to realise your future dream, it must become a present fact in your mind. You must experience, in imagination, what you would experience in reality if you had achieved your goal, for the soul, imagining itself into a situation, takes on the results of that imaginary act. If it does not, the goal remains unfulfilled.

The purpose of this teaching is to stir the highest in you to confidence and self assertion. The command constantly given us in scripture is to arise. If we are to understand the reason for this, we must recognise that the universe, understood internally, is an infinite series of levels, and man is what he is according to where he is in that series.

As we lift up our consciousness, our world reshapes itself in harmony with the level to which we have risen. One whose prayer has been granted, rises from his prayer a better man.

To change your present state you, like Dr Millikan, must rise to a higher level of consciousness. This rise is accomplished by affirming that you already are what you want to be, and assuming the feeling of your fulfilled desire.

The drama of life is a psychological one, brought about by your attitudes rather than by your acts. There is no escape from your present predicament other than a radical psychological transformation. Everything depends upon your attitude towards yourself, as that which you will not affirm as true of yourself, will not develop in your life.

The meek men of the gospels are not the proverbial poor, grovelling door mats, as a meek man is generally conceived to be, but the Dr Millikan’s of the world who, while poor and unproven, dare to assume wealth and greatness.

These are the men who inherit the earth. Any concept of self less than the best robs you, and the promise is, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

In the original text, the word translated “meek” means “tamed, as a wild animal is tamed.” A tamed mind may be likened to a pruned vine of which it is said, “Behold this vine. I found it a wild tree whose wanton strength had swollen into irregular twigs. But I pruned the plant and it grew temperate in its vain expense of useless leaves, and knotted as you see into these clean, full clusters to repay the hand that wisely wounded it.”

A meek man is so self-disciplined he sees only the finest and thinks only the best. He is the one who fulfils the statement, “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

We rise to a higher level of consciousness, not because we have curbed our passions, but because we have cultivated our virtues. In truth, a meek man is one who is in complete control of his moods. And they are the highest, for he who desires to walk with the highest, must keep a high mood.

It is my belief that all men can change the course of their lives. I believe that Dr Millikan’s technique of making his desire a present fact is of great importance. His high purpose was to be of mutual benefit which is, inevitably the goal of us all. It is much easier to imagine the good for all, than to be purely selfish in our imagining. By our imagination we can change our future, and to the man of high purpose, this is a natural measure.

If you are observant, you will notice the swift echo or response to your every mood and key it to the circumstances of your daily life. When you understand the relationship between circumstances, you will know that everyone you meet is part of yourself.

In the creation of a new life, you must begin with a change of mood which opens the door to a higher level. Start now to mold your life around a community of high moods.

Individuals, as well as communities, grow spiritually in proportion to their higher ideals. If your ideal is low, you sink to its depths, but if it is exalted, you are elevated to heights unimagined. You must keep a high mood if you would walk with the highest.

All forms of creative imagination imply elements of feeling, for it is the ferment without which no creation is possible. There is nothing wrong with the desire to transcend your present state. The world would not progress without man’s dissatisfaction with himself.

It is natural to seek a more beautiful personal life. It is right to wish for greater understanding, health and security. This is so beautifully stated in the 16th chapter of the Book of John, “Heretofore you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you shall receive that your joy may be full.”

Accept my challenge! Embody a new and higher value of yourself as Dr Millikan did. A nation can exhibit no greater wisdom in the mass than it generates in its units. For this reason, I have always preached self-help. Knowing that if we embody a new and higher concept of ourselves, all other help will be at our service.

The ideal you serve and hope to achieve is ready and waiting for a new incarnation, but it is incapable of birth unless you offer it human parentage. You must assume that you already are what you hope to be and live as though you were.

You must know, like Dr Millikan did, that your assumption, though false to the outer world, will harden into fact by your persistence. The perfect man judges not after appearances, but judges righteously. He hears what he wants to hear and sees only the good. Knowing the truth that sets him free, he is lead to all good.

Character is largely the result of the direction and persistence of voluntary action; therefore, think truly and your thoughts shall the world’s famine feed. Speak truly and each word shall be a fruitful seed. Live truly and your life shall be a great and noble creed.




[] Catch The Mood

You will find tonight’s message a very practical one. I don’t think it will disturb anyone, but there are adjustments to be made concerning what man believes God to be, and what God really is. We are told in Scripture, in the birth of the twins, which begins the great drama as told in Scripture, “In your limbs…” and I am speaking now, not of anyone, but of you individually:


In your limbs lie nations twain, rival races from their birth; one the mastery will gain, the younger o’er the elder reign.”

– (Genesis 25:23, Moffatt translation)


These are in you individually. We are told that the younger, which naturally is the second – the “second man” – is the Lord from Heaven. That’s the Second Man; He sleeps in you. You will rouse Him, and He will become the Master. He will reign. At the moment, in the majority of the world, they are totally unaware of it. So, He sleeps, and so He doesn’t reign. That one known in Scripture is called Jesus Christ; The Lord Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human imagination. That is God!

Now, the whole vast world, and all within it, is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger. That’s the whole of life: the appeasement of hunger. And there are infinite states from which the Lord may view the world to appease that hunger. The “first man” can’t do it. He can only feed upon what his senses dictate. Wherever he is, he feeds upon the facts of life as he sees the facts.

It takes the “Second Man” to disengage Himself from that restriction and enter into a state – any state in the world – and feed upon it, and then – in time – bring the “first man” to feed upon it.

We are told in the 14th chapter of John: “Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid. Ye believe in God, Believe in me also.” (John 14:1) Now, this is not a man talking to you from the outside. “Believe also in me.” “You believe in God, believe also in me.” In the same chapter He is going to tell you He is God! But what man would actually believe that this Presence within himself is God?

Now, He tells you: “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) This is not another man speaking to you, other than yourself, “Be still, and know that ‘I Am’ is God.” Can you believe that? If you can believe that, then all things are possible to you. For, “all things are possible to God.” (Matthew 19:26) Can a man really believe that? That’s what I am told in the 46th Psalm, “Be still, and know that – I…”. Put the little word is in there now.

Now we are told, He sleeps, and then came the call, “Rouse thyself. Why sleepest thou, O Lord? Do not cast us off forever.” (Psalm 44:23) This one sleeps in man. Man has to rouse Him. He doesn’t know that his own wonderful human imagination is God!

Now, “In my Father’s house are many mansions. Were it not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? When I go I will come again, and I will receive you to myself, that where I am, there ye may be also.” (John 14:2, 3) Now, this conversation takes place in you individually, between the two.

I am speaking now to my self, “In my Father’s house” – I am the Father ”…are unnumbered mansions” – states of consciousness. “Were it not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And when I go, I will come again, and I will receive you to myself, that where I am there ye may be also.”

I am standing here, and my senses tie me here in this room but I don’t want to be here. I want to be elsewhere. I know my bank balance. I know my obligations to life. I’m tied by what I know. The “outer man” feeds upon that, but he wants more than that. There is something in me – the “Second Man” who is born from Heaven – who is telling me there are “unnumbered mansions” into which I can go – you can’t go – I can go and prepare it for you. But, “when I go to prepare it for you, I will come again and receive you to myself, that where I am, there ye shall be also.” Now, how do I do it?

I take a look at my world, and I am very restricted. Everything about me is something I would like to break through – transcend it, become a bigger person, a more secure person, where I’m doing a greater job in the world. All these things I would like to do but reason tells me I am not doing it, and my senses confirm my reason. Now, is there something in me that is my True Self that can do it? Yes, my imagination can do it.

In my imagination, I go and prepare the state. I actually go into the state and fill that state with my own being, and view the world from that state. I don’t think of it; I think from it. When I think from it, I’m actually preparing that state.

Then I return to where I left this – “the outer man,” and once more fuse with it, and we become one, once again. Now I take him across a bridge of incidents – some series of events – that takes me towards the thing that I’ve prepared, and I take him with me and enter into the very state itself. He feeds now, literally, upon that state. This is what I call prayer. I don’t vote for it; I don’t petition, I ask no being in the world – no one, including what the world would say is God. For, when you find God by being still, and know that “I Am” is God, then to whom can you turn for anything in this world, if you really believe Scripture, “Be still and know that I am God”? (Psalm 46:10) If you are not familiar with Scripture, read it in the 46th chapter of the Psalms of David, the 10th verse, “Be still, and know that I am God,” – then, to whom could you turn? It’s an inner communion with Self. But man talks to an “outside” god and pleads with an outside god, and begs an “outside” god.

This reminds me of a dinner party that William Lyons Phelps gave. If you do not know who he is – in fact, who he was, he was one of the truly great educators in our country in this twentieth century: William Lyons Phelps. He and Mrs Phelps entertained Edna Ferber, the writer. As they sat down to dinner, Mrs Phelps said to him, “William, will you please say grace.” He closed his eyes, bent his head, and after maybe ten or fifteen seconds he said, “Amen.” And she said to him, “Why, William, I did not hear one word that you said”; and he said to her, “I was not talking to you, my Dear…”

People sit down to say grace as: “Bless the hands that prepared this food,” all these words meaning nothing. You go within, and you don’t petition: you appropriate. Prayer is nothing more than the subjective appropriation of the objective hope. I hope for so-and-so; I want it as an objective fact. Now, I must go within and appropriate it subjectively..

So, prayer is the subjective appropriation of the objective hope. That is what I call “faith in God,” which is nothing more than faith in my Self, for the Self of man – the true identity of man – is God! That is the “Jesus Christ” of Scripture.

“Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you? Test yourselves and see.” That is what we are told to do in Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. Read it in the 13th chapter, the 5th verse, of II Corinthians. “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in you?” (II Corinthians 13:5, Revised Standard Version).

Well, if He is in me, then where will I go to meet Him? How will I address Him? He is in me. He is in my very Self. I simply commune with my Self.

There are unnumbered states in the world, so I single out the state that I want to express in this world, and I don’t ask you or anyone else in the world if it is good for me. I don’t consult anyone. Does it come within the frame of the Golden Rule? What I am now asking, would I ask it for another? Would I ask another, if what I am seeking now for another is something I would ask for myself? Well, the Golden Rule is: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you keep that in mind, you cannot go wrong.

What’s wrong with asking for anything in this world for another that you would ask for yourself? Is there anything wrong in being secure? Nothing. Anything wrong in being clean and wholesome and decent? Anything wrong in being one who contributes to the world’s good? What’s wrong with that? Is there anything wrong in being happily married, proud of the girl who bears your name, or she proud of the man whose name she bears? What is wrong with that?.

Forget that. The whole vast world is a field to reap. You don’t pick out this woman or that woman. Pick out the state. I want to be blissfully happy, and if I were, how would I see the world? And how would the world see me? Well, shut out the world and go within and appropriate that state. And from within, you let your friends see you, as they would have to see you if what now you are assuming that you are is really true.

That is why I have titled tonight’s talk, The Mood – catching the mood. This whole thing is based upon that mood. The 25th chapter of the book of Genesis: “and she brought forth twins, for in her limbs were these rival races” – rival races from their birth, called in Scripture “Esau” and “Jacob”; and you think they were two individuals who lived thousands of years ago. No, they are right here in everyone in this world! These are the eternal states of consciousness personified in Scripture as two little boys.

Scripture is not secular history. It is salvation history. And, so, they did not live thousands of years ago; they live now in you, and you have to give birth to both of them. You have given birth to the first one. The first one is your “outer man,” the man who is now a man of the senses – a man who is covered with hair, as we are told. Esau came out first, and he was covered with hair all over. Whether you be female or male, you are covered with hair all over. That is the external you, the man of the sense world…

Then in comes the “Second Son,” and he is the smoothest skin lad, called Jacob. The name “Jacob” means “to supplant”. He is going to supplant his brother; he is the second, but he will come first. The Second Man is the Lord from Heaven, and the Second Son is your own wonderful human imagination. When you stir it and rouse it and make him come into being, you can do wonders in this world.

Try it right now. You sit here in this room – I stand here; I could, in the twinkling of an eye, put myself outside of this room and view it from there, and see the interior of this room, not from this lectern, but see it from the outside. That is exercising the Inner Man. Go outside mentally, not physically, and view this room from the outside. While seated here, I can put myself in my hotel room downstairs, and then view this room and think of it, but thinking from my room downstairs. I can put myself in any part of the world and think from it, and think of the world and everything else. That is the secret: thinking from what I want, instead of thinking of what I want.

When I know what I want in this world, when I am thinking of it, it is always beyond me. When I know what I want, I enter into that state and think from it. Put yourself mentally into your own home tonight now, and view this building – this club – from your home, and you see this building, not from it; you think of it, and you are viewing it from your room.

Now, the state of consciousness to which you most constantly return is the place you really dwell – that habitual state from which you view the world. Do you view it from poverty, saying, “I am poor?” Do you walk the street feeling, “How poor I am?” You are then viewing the world from the state of poverty. Am I viewing the world from the state of one who is completely unknown and unwanted? Well, that’s my home. The place to which I habitually return constitutes my dwelling place. I need not dwell there.

“In my Father’s house are unnumbered mansions. Were it not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” And when I go and prepare the place, I will return again and take you with me, that where I am – in that state prepared – you shall be also. So, I now take a state. I want to be known. I want to contribute to the world’s good. I want also to live well – and I mean well. I want to feel secure, not only financially, but secure socially, that when I enter a room I am not embarrassed, no matter who they are. They can have all the degrees in the world. They can come from all the great universities in the world and be honoured by the world. But I want to stand in their presence and not feel little. I want to feel a man. I am not to bow my head in shame because of any restriction in my past. If I were born “behind the 8-ball” socially, financially, intellectually, it doesn’t matter. I want to feel important; I want to feel great. I want to feel right.

All right, what state would that be if it were true? I conceive a state that, if it were true, that would make all my wishes come true. I go into that state. Now, the first time I enter the state and view the world from it, it is wonderful, but I may never re-enter that state. Therefore, it is not my home. I want to make that state my perpetual home, so I automatically dwell in that state, and if I dwell in it so that automatically I am in that state, it becomes my dwelling place. So, “I will go and prepare a place for you.” I am not talking to you; I am talking to myself: “I will take you, Neville, born behind the 8-ball – born unknown, unwanted, poor – everything that is simply behind the 8-ball, and I am going to take you, Neville – now that you have found me, the Second Man, the Lord from Heaven, your own wonderful human imagination – now that you rouse me, I will go.”

And I will dwell in the state and feel myself to be Neville – that “outer man” I just left on the chair or left on the bed, and I will see the world as Neville would see it if he were with me now. I view the world from that state. And, then, when it seems natural to me, I return to the physical “outer man” that I left on a chair – that I left on the bed and as I return, we fuse and become one person, not two. Then I move across a bridge of incidents that I don’t really, rationally build – it simply appears, and I move across a series of events that I do not reasonably determine – they simply happen. I will move across this bridge of events up to the state where I entered and now dwell. But when I get there, it seems so natural!.

The man that thought, because of his past limitations, he could never enter that state – now he finds himself in that state. No matter whom he meets, he meets them from that state, and it is perfectly natural to him. This is the story that Scripture teaches to you, to me, and to everyone in the world. But until you find God, which is your own Self, you aren’t going to do it. “Be still, and know that ‘I Am’ Is God.” There is no other God!.

And you think that’s blasphemy? All right, the one who teaches the story was also accused of blasphemy, for he said, “I am God,” and they picked up stones to stone him. It doesn’t mean a man is making a bold statement on the outside. The “outer man” takes the facts of life – these are the “stones” – to stone him, and then he quotes Scripture, and he quotes the 82nd Psalm:.

“Is it not written in your scripture that I say, ‘Ye are gods, all of you sons of the Most High’? If, then, I say that I am the Son of God, and the Son of God and God are one and the same Being, why do you stone me when scripture teaches you, you are the sons of God?” (See John 10:34-37).

So they could not stone him then because he was only quoting their book. Well, I am only quoting tonight your book, which is my book. It’s the book to set every man in this world free if you know Who-You-Are. Your true identity is Jesus Christ! And Jesus Christ is not a being who came two thousand years ago and then departed. He said, “I am with you always, even unto the very ends of time.” (Matthew 28:20).

If He is with me always, where is He? He said, “I am with you always, to the very ends of time.” Then where is He? I surely know where He is.

The conversation now – I am quoting from the 8th chapter of the book of John. It is taking place in you. No one else is hearing it. I am only now quoting from a passage from the 8th (chapter) of John, “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world. I say you will die in your sins, for you will die in your sins unless you believe that I am He.” (John 8:23, 24) I am only quoting from the 8th chapter of the Gospel of John.

In Scripture, above and within are the same; below and without are the same. So, when you read, “I am from above,” he’s telling you, “I am from within”, for he tells you, “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” (Luke 17:21) So, I am from above, therefore I am from within. You, the ‘outer man’ – you are from without, therefore you are from below. You are of this world. I don’t have to remain anchored to what my senses dictate and tell me that I am. I need not be here. You, looking at me from the outside, as the “outer man,” will say, “Neville is on the platform.” Knowing my complete outer world, you would know my restrictions, my limitations. You do not know my ambitions, my dreams, my wishes. I, and I alone, know my ambitions and my wishes. The “Inner Man” knows them, and He knows how to enter these states and prepare a state for the “outer man” to fulfil it. The “outer man” can’t do it. The “outer man” is completely anchored by his senses and confirmed by his reason.

Now, let me share with you a simple story. At the time that it happened, it seemed an impossible thing. Right after the war was over, I took the first trip out with my wife and little girl to the Island of Barbados in the West Indies. I made no preparation for return. I sailed from New York. I thought I would go and stay a few months in the island with my family, who were all in Barbados, making no preparation for my return.

Then it came time for my return, for I had a schedule in New York in the first week of May. I arrived in Barbados the last of December and had these four heavenly months – or almost four. When I went to the steamship company, they showed me a list which was as long as from here to there (indicating) of people waiting to get on the boat. That was only in the Island of Barbados. There were lists equally long in all the other islands: Trinidad, St. Vincent, Grenada – all the islands, and only two ships servicing all the islands: one little one taking sixty passengers, and one taking a hundred and twenty-five passengers; and hundreds and hundreds in each island waiting.

Well, they said, “Why, Mr Goddard, you couldn’t get out of this island until the month of October at the earliest.”

I said, “Is that your final verdict?”

They said, “Why, that’s final. Look at the list, and this is only in Barbados.”.

This is the month, now, of April. I never thought of applying before that. My brother Victor said, “How on earth could you have left New York, the capitol of the world – the financial capitol of the world – they know everything there how to do these things. Why didn’t you arrange there when you left for return?”

I said, “It never occurred to me. It doesn’t really matter.”.

I sat in my hotel room in Barbados and got comfortable, and then I assumed that I was in a little boat – a little tender, taking me off to the waiting ship in the bay. I could feel the rock of the little boat. In that boat I placed my family – a few members of my family: my brother Victor, my sister Daphne, and one or two others, and naturally my wife and my little girl. Then I felt the ship come alongside the main ship that would take us back to New York. And, then, in my imagination I assumed that my brother Victor took my little girl and stepped on the gangplank and walked up with her and I aided my wife next, and then my sister Daphne, and then I got on, and we went up. When I got to the top of the gangplank – all in my imagination, giving it all the sensory vividness, giving it all the tones of reality – I have no committed stateroom, so I could not go down to the stateroom. I simply turned at the top of the gangplank, walked three or four steps, and then put my hands on the rail, so I could smell the rawness of the sea, I could feel the salt driven by the wind. I could feel it on the rail, and then I looked towards the island with nostalgia. I was leaving a perfectly lovely island with so many members of my family, and yet it was a divided feeling. I was happy to be leaving because I had to get back to New York on my way to Milwaukee, and then, at the same time, I was split in my emotion because there was a sadness – like a sweet sadness leaving them and still happy to go. And that’s the mood that I caught. I caught that feeling. I can’t tell you if you haven’t had the experience of going any place being divided between wanting to go and yet reluctantly so, because you are leaving something precious behind you. Well, that was my mood. I caught the mood. And then I kept on looking at the island, and then I broke it and here I am, sitting in my chair in the room in the hotel in Barbados!.

The next morning the phone rang. As I answered, it was the Alcoa Steamship Company calling: “Mr Goddard, we’ve Just received a cable from New York cancelling a passage sailing on the next ship, which could put you in New York on the first day of May. Would you like it for you, your wife and your daughter? It’s a smaller stateroom, really, there are only two bunks, but your little girl is only three years old, and so she could sleep either with you or with Mrs Goddard, but there are two bunks, and there is a private bath. Everything is perfect but you know; the ship is small. It will only carry sixty passengers.”

I said, “I’ll be right down.” So, I went down, and I thought I would find out some more details. I asked the agent, “Why the cancellation?”

“Well,” she said, “I could only speculate. They didn’t tell us: they cabled us. There was a cancellation for the return trip.”

I said, “All right, it’s cancelled. Why didn’t you give it to any of the others waiting?” There were hundreds and hundreds waiting.

“Well,” she said, “we have one lady here – an American lady who has been bothering us week after week to get her out of Barbados back to New York, so we called her first, and she said, ‘It’s not convenient for me to go now.’ So, then we called you because you have three to go, and I thought you could use the room for the three of you. And we will not notify any of the other hundreds waiting.”

So, I asked no further questions. I took it and got back in time for my place in New York and then my place in Milwaukee.

When I first tell that story, the usual reaction is: Was that a fair thing to do? Can you imagine that! Was that a fair thing to do with all the others who were waiting? I wasn’t running the Alcoa Steamship Company. I was applying the principle of God. I wouldn’t care if one million people were there; I’d jump over one million. That’s not my concern. I am simply applying the Law of God: “When you desire, believe that you have received it, and you will,” as I am told in the 11th chapter of the book of Mark, 29th verse, and whatever you do, whatever you say, if you do not doubt that it will come to pass, it will be done for you. Well, I did what I’m told in Scripture I should do, believe that I had received it, and act upon that belief. So, I acted upon the belief. What would I do if it were true? I would go up the gangplank.

In those days, back in 1945, we did not have a deep-water harbour; we have one now. But then you had to go out to the ship by a little tender, so I did exactly what I would have to do if I went aboard the ship. So, I got aboard the little ship, and then, as we got to the big ship, strangely enough, my brother Victor went up with my little girl in his arms – the very first one to step off. And then here came my wife, here came my sister, just in the order that I had imagined it. I wouldn’t care if that order was broken or not, but it did happen in the order that I imagined it. So, I tell you, I have found Him. Who? Found who? I have found the Lord Jesus Christ. You did? What does he look like? He looks just like me! Have you found Him? Well, don’t look at me, because when you find Him, He’s going to look just like you! That’s the Lord Jesus Christ – just like you. There is no other Lord Jesus Christ.

He actually became you, that you may become the Lord Jesus Christ. And when you see Him, He is just like you.

So, do not turn to anyone in this world and say, “There he is,” for that’s a lie, or, “Here he is” – that’s a lie. So, anyone telling you that Neville is the Lord Jesus Christ – your Jesus Christ, deny it! Deny it completely. Neville is not the Lord Jesus Christ for you. But I have found the Lord Jesus Christ in me as my own wonderful human imagination. And I share with you what I have found. One day you will find Him as your own wonderful human imagination. Then will come the day that everything said of the Lord Jesus Christ in Scripture, you are going to experience in the first-person, singular, present-tense experience – everything said about him. Then you will know who the Lord Jesus Christ is. Then you will know who the Father is, who – really – God is!

Meanwhile, test him. Go to the extreme test. I tell you, you will find Him never failing. He’s your own wonderful human imagination.

Well, in this story that we started tonight, the two sons are brought now to the father. The father is Isaac, and Isaac is blind. There were two sons; the first one is Esau. He is covered with hair. That’s every child born of woman; that is the “outer man,” for hair means the most external, objective thing in the world. In man, the hair comes first, then you get the skin, then you get the fat, then you get the bones, but the hair is the most external part of man. So, he is covered with hair. The next one has no hair. He is hairless. He is Jacob, The word means supplanter.

The father has requested a meal. That is why I told you earlier the whole vast world – the whole of life is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger. So, the father is hungry, and he wants venison properly prepared as he always loves it and he gives that command to his first son, Esau. Esau was a hunter. He goes hunting for the venison, and prepares it to please his father.

Jacob overhears the request of his father. Remember, his name is supplanter but the command was given to his brother Esau, So, he slays a goat and skins it, and puts the skin upon his body to deceive his father into believing that he is Esau. He prepares the goat and brings it to his father, and he says, “Father,” and Isaac answers, “Yes, my son.” Then Isaac said, “I am blind, my son. I cannot see. Come close that I may feel you, that I may touch you.” And covered with the skin of the goat, he comes close, and Isaac stretches forth his hand and touches him. He said, “You know, your voice sounds like my son Jacob, but you feel like my son Esau,” and then he gave him the blessing. And, then, having been given the blessing, Jacob disappears.

Then his son Esau comes with the venison, and he said, “Who are you?” He said, “I am your son Esau.” “Well,” he said, “it must have been your brother who came, and I thought him to be you, and I gave him the blessing; and I cannot reverse it. I cannot take it back. I have blessed him, and the blessing remains his.”

So, you close your eyes, and you are Isaac; you cannot see. Isaac is blind. Shut your eyes, and you can’t see the room. Now, inwardly you have the two sons. The outer room is your Esau. You shut it out completely, and they both go hunting. Esau comes after; Jacob comes first, and he gives the tones of reality to his father. His father is his own wonderful “I AM.” Well, that’s God! God’s name forever is “I AM.” So, I AM is waiting to feel the tones of reality of what he wants, and he feels it to be so real, so natural.

Now, he knows this thing is subjective, so he said, “You sound like Jacob, but come closer, my son, that I may feel you”, and he feels him as I felt the rail on the ship, as I could smell the salt of the sea in the wind, as I could see mentally the island, as I could feel the ship rolling a little under my feet. All this was the tone of reality. This, now, is Esau; it seems real, and so I am giving a reality to this state – I am giving a blessing to it.

Then I open my eyes to find I am sitting on a chair in my hotel room. Well, suddenly Esau returns. Well, Esau was the place that I left. The room that I sat in was my Esau; that was the objective world. It comes back. And I say, “What have I done?” I went into a state and I clothed it with reality. I gave it all the tones of an objective world, and it seemed so real to me that I gave it the blessing to be real – to be born. Now this comes back, and without one word spoken, it is telling me, “You deceived yourself. You were deceived by my brother, the subjective state called Jacob.” And I say to myself – knowing who God really is, He can’t take back His blessing. He gave it the right to be born – the right to become objective – the right to become real, and in 24 hours it was born, – it was real.

And, then, three weeks later I sailed on that ship and completed the entire journey. I’ve repeated it over and over again, and it never fails. And those who will believe it and who will put it to the test cannot fail. They cannot fail. This is the principle of Scripture.

So, will you actually give it the tones of reality? Will you actually, first of all, believe that the God that you now worship as something without, actually exists within you as your own wonderful human imagination? If you will believe that, and not think me blasphemous for telling it and think me something accursed for having spoken it – but may I tell you, I hope for your sake you will believe it. But really, in my heart of hearts, whether you believe it or not, I am not concerned, because the day will come you will have to believe it, because you will experience it. If only I can aid you to hasten the day – that’s why I am here. But to actually say I am going to hit you over the head and make you believe it – no. I am not indifferent to your believing it; I can only appeal to you to believe it for your own good, that you may take whatever you have and transcend it by the use of this Law. Whatever you have in this world, may I tell you, no one is really satisfied! I dined well today, but tomorrow I am going to be hungry. And hunger is forever with man, and God is the ultimate satisfaction of hunger, but that hasn’t yet come upon the majority.

He tells us in the 8th chapter, the 11th verse, of Amos: “I will send a famine upon the world; it will not be a hunger for bread, or a thirst for water, but for the hearing of the word of God.” Now, that comes at the very end, for the average man is not hungry for the word of God. He is complacent. He will say, “I am a Christian!” So, what! “I am a Christian. I go to church. I contribute to the church,” and so he thinks that means all that he does as a Christian – it stops right there.

Well, the hunger is not satisfied, because when He sends that hunger upon the individual, nothing but an experience of God can satisfy that hunger. Well, until He sends that hunger, all the other hungers can be satisfied, like the hunger for security, the hunger for a better job, the hunger for a raise in authority in your present position, the hunger for – you name it. Every hunger can be satisfied if you apply this principle. But then will come that day He will send the famine upon you, for you are the earth of which He speaks. It hasn’t a thing to do with the world, the famine in the world, or whether there is famine all over the world, because they don’t know how to satisfy their hunger. There is famine, but that is not the famine of which he speaks. He says it’s not a hunger for bread; it’s not a thirst for water, but for the hearing of the Word of God!

So, I am giving you the Word of God as I personally have experienced it. So, tonight you try it. Close your eyes to the obvious. That’s Esau; send him hunting. And, then, become self-deceived. In his absence, bring in the “second son,” who is the Lord from Heaven, and clothe him in the tones of reality, and feel how real it is. Give him all sensory vividness, and when it takes on the tones of reality, open your eyes! Then Esau comes back from the hunt, and then you tell him what you’ve done, and he cries out because your son – the “second man” – has deceived you and betrayed him the second time.

Every day you can apply this principle and become self-deceived, but it works. But always keep it within the frame of the Golden Rule, so that no one will be hurt. I do not care who did not get the passage north. I do not care what prompted the woman not to take it. I do not care what prompted the passenger from New York to cancel it. I have no complaints, no words; I simply did what I was called upon to do. I wanted to get out. I found myself locked in – locked in until October at the earliest, with my commitments in Milwaukee going. I couldn’t do that. I had to get back, and get back, I did!

So, I tell you, this principle cannot fail you. But we are the operant power. And you do not get down on your knees and pray to an external god. Do exactly what the great William Lyons Phelps did, and say to the whole vast world, “I am not talking to you, my Dear,” – I am communing with my Self. And if I give thanks for what has happened, I don’t give it to you; I give it to the Being-within-me – constant praise for this miraculous power that is housed within me. And you walk in the consciousness of being constantly praiseful for this miraculous power that became you, that you may become It! And that power is the Lord Jesus Christ who is in you, and there is no other.

So, when the whole vast world is looking for Him to come from without, as the great evangelist today has said, “It is immanent. He is on us. He is coming. I am here to greet Him.” He will wait forever in vain. For when He comes, He is not coming from without. When He comes, He rises from within, and you are He! So, he’s reaching millions of people, but he’s in kindergarten. And what do you expect? He cannot give them more than milk. But in time, you have got to be weaned from milk, and take meat, and then the true meaning of the great mystery of the Christian faith.

So, the world has accepted it in a little story. All well and good, but don’t forever and forever go on seeing only the little story. Learn to extract the meaning of the story, and hope it unfolds within you.

Meanwhile, you apply what you have heard tonight, and before I leave the City at the end of next week, you should be able to tell me that what you tonight desire you have.


[] Every Natural Effect

Edited by Jan McKee

Every natural effect has a spiritual cause and not a natural. A natural cause only seems. It is a delusion of the perishing, vegetable memory.

We do not remember these moments in time when we imagined certain states. So when that imaginal state takes form so we can see it with the outer eye, we do not recognise our own harvest and deny that we had anything to do with these natural effects that are taking place in our world. Because our memory is faulty, we do not remember.

“There is a moment in every day,” said Blake, “that Satan cannot find, nor can his watch fiends find it. But the industrious find this moment and it multiply and when it once is found, it renovates every moment of the day if rightly placed.” Now, by the word “Satan,” he simply means doubt. Doubt cannot find it. I desire a certain state in this world. Reason tells me it’s difficult; my friends tell me it’s impossible; and so if I doubt that I could ever realise it, that’s the voice of Satan speaking to me. He’s always challenging God. God is my own wonderful human imagination.

That’s God. So the protagonists are God and Satan – simply faith and doubt. Can I imagine that I am the one that I would like to be and remain faithful to that assumption as though it were true. If I can and remember that assumption and when I did it, then I will see when it happens in my world the relationship between the natural effect and its spiritual cause. The spiritual cause was that moment of assumption.

Now let me share with you what was given to me this past week in the form of a letter. He’s here tonight. His barber was the low man on the totem pole when he first encountered him. There were four in the shop. Well he was the fourth man. If you’re familiar with the barbershop, and maybe you ladies do not know, and so the boss always has the first chair; and so if it’s a slow day, he gets the man. By the time he’s through, he gets the second one.

He doesn’t share it. If three should come in, then they go to the different chairs. Well, four chairs, the fourth one waits for his customer. Well, this friend of mine one day happened to sit in his chair. And he liked the way he cut his hair and gathered from what he said that he liked cutting hair. He was proud of his profession as a barber, proud of it – not making excuses as so many barbers do. He was proud to be a barber and wanted to be the very best barber and win competitions. So having heard this man express this desire, my friend imagined that he was tops.

Well, in a little while he bought out the boss barber and then dismissed him and rearranged his staff and then from then on began to proceed to the top. Well, three weeks ago, while sitting in his chair, which is his now – the boss barber is his barber for he was the low man but now he’s the top man. He said to him, and in a very exciting way, that there was a contest to be held in San Francisco. And he would like to enter this contest for hair styling and cutting of hair. Well, my friend said when “I discovered that he really wanted it, and no one goes into a contest unless he wants to win, I saw on the wall the trophy that would be his. And I heard him tell me how he won.” Well, there were four men in the shop. One was committed for that weekend and so, this past weekend, he took two with him. So there were three from that shop of four men.

There were only nine trophies given in the State in this competition and that one little shop won four. The boss barber won first prize and a second prize, and his two men that went with him each won a second. So they came back from San Francisco bearing four out of nine. Now he said to me, you’ve often said from the platform, “I will tell you before it takes place that when it does take place you may believe.” Well now, I’m going to tell you, Neville, before it takes place. There’s going to be a contest in Southern California and I have seen his trophy as the first one on that wall. And so, I will tell you before it takes place that when it does take place, you will know that I am putting this into practice. I know he lives by it. “Then there will be another contest,” said, he, “in Miami and one must win in Miami to be eligible for that which will be held in Brussels which will be international.

I am putting him there in Brussels as first among all contestants.” Well I know that he will win. For every natural effect has a spiritual cause and not a natural. A natural cause only seems. It’s a delusion of man’s perishing, vegetable memory. He doesn’t remember. Well now, he will remember what he did. And I have his record at home in his letter.

Now he said to me in this letter, “I had a dream. I repeated the dream and then I had a third dream, all in the same night.” So, the first and second was simply the same dream, repeated. “I do not bring back the details,” said he, “of the dream but it was all about, in detail, strangely enough, about my birthday. But I cannot recall all the things that happened. I only know, here stood a man in a white robe with a book in his hand, opened in the middle, it was gilt-edged, and he had a quill in his hand (or it could have been a scythe).

He looked almost like a cartoonist’s concept of Father Time. And he was insistent that my birthday was a certain day and I was equally forceful in stating that it was not because I knew my birthday to be the 19th of September, 1927, and he was insisting, over my protests, pointing all the things out in the book. And then I woke. In spite of his insistence and my protest, for I knew my birthday, at least that was my physical birthday.” I’ll call his attention to the 87th Psalm, “And the Lord records as he registers the peoples. And he said this one was born there.” It’s all about birth.

There are only seven verses in it. It’s a small, short psalm. But this is the birth, not of a physical birth, this is a spiritual birth, “and this one was born there.” I can say to him, you did the perfect job as I knew you would in challenging the Lord’s angel, the recording one. For to sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards of us all. And no coward can be used in his stable of studs. I can say from the way you worded your letter that you have been born; but the perishing, vegetable memory has not brought it back. You have been born from above.

You have had other experiences which would imply an adumbration. But from this letter, I would say you have been. But memory has not brought it back. I am convinced of that from your letter. For it’s all in the past; it’s not present and it certainly is not future the way you worded the letter. For you know your birth date which is physical, and you said the 19th of September, 1927, and he denied that was the day of your birth. To deny that was the day of your birth would imply you were born in the spirit world because he represents not the physical world but the spiritual world. So I would say of you, you have been born from above.

So, here, take these moments, every moment in time. It’s a special moment, a precious moment, a moment where you can actually use it to plant what you want planted in this world and, remembering that moment, well then, it has to come out. For every natural effect has a spiritual cause and not a natural. Well, that spiritual cause is that moment when you dare to assume that you are the man or the woman that you would like to be or that another man, in his case the barber, that he is the top as he desired to be. So, you can do it not only for yourself, do it for another or do it for many as he did. And these are these precious moments in this wonderful world of ours, but our memory fades and we do not remember.

So when the whole thing rises in our world, we do not relate it to our own harvest. We can’t remember when we ever did it. But not a thing could happen in my world that comes by accident. It couldn’t. All things come because I planted it, either wittingly or unwittingly.

I either did it knowing what I’m doing or I did it not knowing because I was lost in some emotional state, and I felt intensely about a state. It might have been a lovely state or an unlovely state, but the seed was planted and I will reap it. And the whole thing will come into my world whether I recognise my harvest or not. So, if I know this to be the law of life, it is entirely up to me now to select and plant only what I want to reap in my world.

So, everyone in this world is here for a purpose, and the purpose is to fulfil scripture. There is no other purpose. And the fulfilment of scripture brings me out of this world where I must remain until I awaken. Well, I can’t awaken until I fulfil scripture, for scripture is the plan. Now, another lady wrote this one.

She said, “I found myself in this glorious mansion, high, high up. And they had the most beautiful gardens and perfectly kept. And a man and a woman left in a white car and someone said to me, ‘give me two names and they’re names of two relatives of mine.’ But I knew that it was you who had left and I also knew that you would return. Now, I have no memory whatsoever of what transpired between knowing that it was you who left and that you would return.

But I awoke saying, ‘now I know that I have experienced what Neville said that I would.’ Then my throat was parched as though aflame and I went and got myself a nice cold drink of water, went back to bed and had this dream. I’m in a department store and there I am with all these Bibles for brides, Bibles given out for weddings. And, in a strange way, all the brides were dressed in their bridal white gowns and the department store supplied the grooms. They were all being married by proxy. And the department store supplied all the grooms that they may have a wedding picture taken with the groom supplied by the department store.

Then I turned to one and, speaking to her, she said she’s going to Paris. And then I said to her, ‘I’m getting married next month.’” Well, this vision that you had, my dear, is a beautiful vision because, as you’re told in scripture – the Book of Isaiah – “Your maker is your husband, and the lord of Hosts is His name.” So that what you saw is the perfect symbol of what the depth of our own being revealed to you, that you will have union with the Lord and union with the Lord means that that which is in you, like an egg, will be fertilised and then it will erupt within you. And the whole thing said of Jesus Christ will unfold within you, and you will be He. So I can say, you had the perfect vision.

Then another lady wrote. “So, I took my son into the backyard and here was the fish pond that I had. It wasn’t yet stocked with fish, but with clear water and about twelve inches deep. And in it was a little shaggy white dog lying in the water with its little black nose right above the water. I took the dog out and dried it off and took it into the house. And it romped and played all over the place and then I missed it and, searching for it, I went back into the yard and here was the dog in the pool again. But this time, when I walked by, it wagged its tail as though, ‘leave me here, I like being here.’ And it was quite satisfied to be submerged in the water minus the nose above. But the tail wagged as though it was happy to be in that water.” Well, may I say to you, in the Bible, we speak of stone, the water, and the wine.

The stone is the literal story, the allegory. And man must discover the fictitious nature and character of a story. And when he discovers the fictitious character of the story in scripture and then learns its meaning, he has found water. He has struck that rock like a Moses and water flowed out of it. Now, the first miracle or sign in the Book of John is the turning of water into wine. And so, you’re told, “Fill the stone jars with water and when they draw it out of the stone jars, that water that was in the stone jar, it was wine, perfect wine, lovely wine. So, first we have a story and man takes the story and accepts the story literally and so he goes through life with the literal meaning or the stone. When he discovers the fictitious character of the story and then it reveals itself to him, the true meaning, he has the psychological water.

Now the little dog is the symbol of faith. Your faith is now in the psychological meaning of these great truths. If you apply what you know, you will convert it into wine. If you apply it. If you will take what you now know, that imagining creates reality, and dare to imagine that you are now what you would like to be, then you are turning this water into wine.

As told us in the Book of Genesis when Jacob brought the flock into the field, the well was covered with a stone. And he rolled the stone away and watered his flock and then he put the stone back again. He didn’t turn it into wine but he did withdraw water. But a stone covered it and hid the view of the water.

So the story is told to man, because it’s a parable, the whole thing is a parable, the whole thing is an allegory, and if you take it as factual and not as what it really is, the most wonderful parable in the world, well then you’ll never use your imagination to extract from that stone, the water. Therefore, you cannot feed the flock. But if you can actually get from any story in scripture, its psychological meaning and tell it to the world as when Isaac brings his son, and Isaac is blind and can’t see, and he has two sons.

One is called Esau and one is called Jacob. And Jacob covers himself in the skins of a goat to give himself the feeling of hair. For the first one was Esau and Esau was hairy all over. And so when Jacob deceived his father into believing that he was Esau, Isaac gave him his blessing. So you take the story, and as I stand here now, reason tells me that I am not where I would like to be, that I am not the man that I really desire to be. So I shut out what reason is suggesting. I deny everything that reason dictates. I close my eyes to the facts of life, the obvious things, and I clothe myself mentally in all that I would like to be. I imagine that people see me as they would see me if I were the man that I want to be. I imagine that I am actually standing where I would stand if I were that, and that I’m actually doing all the things I would do, normally and naturally, if what I am assuming were really true – if it were a fact.

Well now, when I do this, I am clothing myself in the outer garments of naturalness of the facts. Now when I open my eyes on the facts of life, it denies everything that I’ve done. But I remember what I did. I caught that precious moment. For there is that moment in each day that doubt cannot find, and his helpmates cannot find it. But the industrious find this moment, and so become the industrious. You find this moment and you clothe yourself in all the lovely things that you want to be in this world and, having done it, you can break the spell.

Open your eyes upon the facts of the world and the facts will deny everything that you did. But you’re told in scripture that Isaac, having done it, having given the blessing to that moment, he couldn’t take it back. He could not retract it. And so when Esau comes into the world and tells his father, “but you’ve been deceived; first of all, he took from me my birthright. Now he’s taking from me my blessing.” He’s rightly named.

You named him Jacob which means “he supplants.” He’s a supplanter. But the father Isaac said, “even though he came through deceit and deceived me into believing that he was Esau, I’ve given him your blessing and I cannot take it back.” So that moment cannot be called back. It’s on its way and it will move towards what? The fulfilment of itself. And when it appears in this world, suddenness is only the emergence of that hidden continuity.

So it was moving, unseen by the world and suddenly it erupts in the world. But having remembered what I did, I can relate now that spiritual cause, the thing I did, unseen by others, to the thing seen now, that the whole vast world will share with me.

So, in your case, my dear, having seen the little dog which is the symbol of Caleb or the hound of faith, the one that goes with him, goes with Jehoshua across the river into the promised land. No one else could go. So, you walk in faith in this. And the day will come, you will turn it all into wine. In other words, you will find yourself fulfilling scripture.

The whole thing will unfold within you. Now we told you last Monday the story of Moses and that he did not cross into the promised land, but Jehoshua went over. You may not be familiar with scripture but Jehoshua’s original name was Oshea as told us in the Book of Numbers. You’ll find that in the 13th chapter, the 16th Verse of Numbers. And Moses called Oshea, the son of Nun, Jehoshua. So when you take the prefix, “Je” and put it before Oshea, you turn Oshea which means saviour or salvation, into He by Whom Jehovah Will Save. So it becomes that creative power that actually, I would say, fertilises what Moses represented. Moses represented the pattern man. See that you make everything according to the pattern as it’s being shown you on the mountain. So here, you’re seeing everything clearly.

That is a pattern. Don’t alter one little thing. Make it just as it’s shown you on the mountain. But I can’t go in. That is the egg, the perfect egg. That’s the ovum. But an egg remains just an egg until fertilised. It must be fertilised by the sperm. So that sperm must penetrate the surface of the egg. It leaves no hole, either before or after penetration. And no one understands how it happens. Because no one knows, it’s all imagination.

I do not need to go through any door to put myself in a closed room. Seal the room, and I can imagine that I’m in it and I didn’t open a door to go through and I didn’t break down the wall to get through and when I depart, I didn’t go through an open door and I didn’t go through by breaking down the wall. I entered without leaving any hole and I departed without leaving any record of my entrance and departure. So, a little sperm penetrates the surface of an egg and it leaves no hole, either before or after penetration. But unless it penetrates, that egg remains just a perfect pattern of what should be or could be but could never by itself, ever unfold.

It takes the sperm to penetrate it to make it unfold. And so, it is Jehoshua, which is the Hebraic name of Jesus – the word Jesus and the word Jehoshua are the same thing. So, He by Whom Jehovah Will Save. And so, man awakened from the dream of life, if he is a powerful man, a man like the one I spoke of earlier tonight, one who would defy the angel of the Lord and over his protests, he still is insisting that it’s not the right date. And here he’s pointing to the book of God and showing him that it is.

But in spite of that, he didn’t sin by silence. And because he didn’t sin by silence, he can be used perfectly in the stable of the Lord. To actually impregnate those who have accepted the word of God and have it within them as a pattern. The perfect pattern that must one day, having been impregnated, erupt within that one and unfold within him.

So I congratulate him on his accomplishments. For everyone who is awakened if they are of that spirit, they are members of the stable of the Lord, used for impregnation, to inseminate the brides of God. For he’s God. Everyone in this world is God. But as the lady wrote, she said, “I wrote this letter. I don’t quite understand it but I wrote and I was repeating, the thing is we are bifurcated, divided beings.” Well, who is the divided being but the Lord Himself. The Lord and his emanation, a divided being. And out of Adam comes Eve, a divided being. And that emanation of the first. Well, here we are emanations. But now these contain the pattern of God’s plan of salvation. And it has to be, I would say fructified, fertilised. And, may I tell you, it seems strange in this world to make these statements, but I know from experience that they’re true.

I know how we play these parts after we have been awakened from the dream of life. When man is twice born, and he’s born from above, if he’s of that school, that spirit, that you re-enter like a serpent. If you go up in this small little way like this, that’s not it. But when you go up as though you are a bolt of spiral lightening and you vibrate the entire skull and you’re still vibrating it trying to get out, and finally you subside. That’s the power it can use. And that’s the one He uses in the fertilisation of his bride.

But tonight, you test it on this level and come down to this level and try it. There is a moment in each day and not just a moment, every moment of time is such a moment if you have a desire. You could actually isolate that moment and then clothe yourself with the feeling of the wish fulfilled whatever that wish is until you actually feel all the tones of reality, all the things that you would normally feel were it true.

Now, don’t forget that moment. That moment is productive. And in its own good time, that moment will appear in this world properly clothed as an objective fact. If it takes the whole vast world to aid its birth, it will take the whole vast world. If it takes an army of men to bring it to pass, an army of men. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to guide it.

All you have to do is simply do it. And then let it alone as you would put a seed into the ground, confident that it will grow. Well, so you simply drop this, knowing what you did so that you aren’t surprised when it happens in your world. So you want to be a man of wealth; all right assume that you’re a man of wealth. Not that it has any purpose in this world other than that you desired it. Because the man of wealth and the poor man are the same being. The poor state, the wealthy state are only states. The man who occupies the poor state is an individual that never ceases to be that individual. But if he falls into the state of poverty, well then you call him a poor man. But he doesn’t differ from the man who falls into the state of wealth.

For the man in the state of wealth; he’s not any better; he has money, lots of money if he’s a fabulously wealthy person. But that doesn’t put him in a spiritual sense beyond the man that is poor. But the man that is poor doesn’t know he could get out of the state of poverty. All these are states, infinite states and man blindly falls into states. If he knows they’re only states and he dislikes the state he’s in, he’ll get out of that state by now planting one of these moments, these heavenly moments by assuming that I am now secure.

Security is a relative term. It may be that someone feels, well, insecure with a hundred thousand a year income. I’m quite sure that if you take any of the fabulously wealthy men of our world and say, “your income as of now will be only a hundred thousand a year,” they would instantly have to sell their yachts, their homes, all these things, and give up membership in certain clubs because they couldn’t even pay their servants. If they had a full complement of servants in their many homes, and you said a hundred thousand a year, well, they’ll feel poor. And the average person, if you said,” you have a hundred thousand,” he would feel fabulously wealthy.

So wealth is a relative term. It hasn’t a thing to do with the spiritual growth of a being. None. Because all these are states. So, I can put myself into any kind of state in this world. And so if I don’t enjoy poverty, well then, don’t get into the state. I, on the other hand, have no desire for fabulous wealth because I do not wish the responsibility of fabulous wealth and thinking about it. I can’t see how anyone who is fabulously wealthy has any time whatsoever for thinking about spiritual matters.

He is so concerned about his wealth, his portfolio, and he watches it morning, noon, and night. And the first thing he does in the morning when he gets the morning paper, he turns to that section. And he reads it, as some ladies turn to the social section and they read it, as though it really mattered. But they do it. There are some who only read the obituaries and they make a living out of reading that and notifying all the people who are recorded as dead that he knew them.

I know that when my father-in-law died, he was a very prominent man in New York City. And when he died, why Mrs. Van Schmoose got unnumbered letters from people who claimed that they knew him and he had promised them so much and that he died before he could execute his desire. Some even went so far as to print up all kinds of things and said he ordered these before he died – and then misspelled his name. Printers will send you all kinds of personal cards, saying that Mr. Van Schmoose ordered these before he died. And when we saw them, why, the name was misspelled, and so her lawyer said, “just ignore it, just forget it. And ignore all these requests because people make a living reading the obituary column.”

You’d be surprised how many fall for it because in that emotional moment, they are carried away, well, if my husband did this, I wouldn’t want not to make good, and so they will send off the check for what he had ordered, which he didn’t tell me. And so they send off a nice hundred dollar or two hundred dollar check for these stupid cards. And her lawyer said, “Just simply forget them.”

This happens every moment of time. Well, you can hardly believe that people live that way, but they do. You can’t conceive of something in this world, that someone isn’t doing it. And all these things are done in our world, so I ask you to try it.

On this basis, imagining creates reality. That is my premise. And don’t think for one moment you can imagine idly because the record is there. And so, as a man plants, so he’s going to reap. There isn’t a thing in this world that comes into your world that comes by accident. But you don’t remember the moment in time when you actually did it. And so you can’t relate it to the natural effect. But the natural effect always has a spiritual cause and not a natural cause.

The natural cause only seems. It is a delusion. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can trace it to some physical cause. The physical cause, which is the natural cause, is not a cause. It’s only an effect. All causes are spiritual and by spiritual I mean imaginal. For man is all imagination and God is man and exists in us and we in Him. The eternal body of man is the imagination and that is God Himself. And God is the only source.

There is no other source. In that 87th Psalm that I quoted tonight, “when this one was born there,” it ends in a very lovely note. “And the singers and the dancers alike said, you are our springs.” There is no other spring, no other source, no other cause. Whether you be the dancer or the singer of the world. You are our springs. We have no other source. So the only source of all causation is found in man as man’s own wonderful human imagination. So you take it to heart and then you never can pass the buck.

You can’t blame anyone in this world for anything that happens to you. There isn’t one in the world you can turn to and say, “well now, you are the cause of it.” Don’t let anyone turn to you and say that.

If they do, just ignore it. Because they’re bringing it into their own world by what they imagine morning, noon, and night. So, one sits down to imagine unlovely things of another, unlovely things of a group, well then they’re going to simply produce it. Not in the group, but in themselves.

So, you go home and live it. Live it as that lady, by her vision tells me she’s living it, because the little shaggy dog was in the water. Her faith is in the psychological knowledge of these stories. I only ask her not to just continue drinking water. As you’re told in the Book of Timothy, “Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your many infirmities.” So, it’s good to know what to do but we are the operant power. And, therefore, we must do it, not just know what to do but we must do it.

So when I do it, I stop drinking the water and I drink wine. Because the minute I begin to apply it, I’m using wine. But if I know what to do but don’t do it, well, I have the water but I’m not turning it into wine. So, let everyone here, practice it and put it into a daily practice. And, may I tell you it cannot fail you. It cannot fail you.

Now let us go into the silence.


Now are there any questions?

Question: …a physical upset? Upset when something goes wrong?

Answer: Well, as far as I am concerned, my body is an emotional filter and bears the marks of my prevalent emotions. That’s what bodies are, they’re filters. Emotional filters. And so if you persist in a certain emotion, one of despondency, one of this, one of that, eventually it will take its toll and you’ll find it leaving its mark on these filters. For they are emotional filters. To know, first of all, to know that it is so. And then to stop or try to change these prevalent emotions. You know you have friends who, whenever you meet them, they complain, always complaining. Well, that is almost a permanent state with them. Now, discriminate between the state that they occupy and the occupant. The occupant is not that. But if they remain in a state long enough, they feel at home in that state. If you pull them out, they’ll feel ill at ease. They want to actually feel that no one understands them, that they are this, they are that. And they delight in feeling that they’re misunderstood. If you try to pull them out, they don’t want it. They revel in it. And there are people who live that way. Well, don’t you follow suit. Tell them what to do, and if they do it, they’ll come out of it. There are people who will call you on the phone and who will say, “Now look here, I want so and so.” Thank you, that’s enough. Oh no, but wait, “I must tell you the facts.” And they’ll hold you there, if you let them, for one solid half hour, giving you all the facts why it can’t be done. So they voiced what they wanted and then they proceed to tell you why it’s impossible. And so they live that way. They go through life that way.

Question: (Inaudible)

Answer: Well, I wouldn’t say they should not be in the Bible. We have 66 and it’s good enough. The 27 of the New and 39 of the Old, forming the 66 Books of the Bible, I find it quite complete. But the Gospel of Thomas is a marvellous Gospel, perfectly marvellous. But nothing is lost in scripture by not including it in the Cannon of Scripture. There are many glorious works that are not included in the Cannon. And you can buy them under one copy called the Apocrypha. Thomas is only recently discovered, but you can buy that as a single copy. But the Bible hasn’t lost anything by even the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. They’re beautiful, wonderful, dealing mostly with Isaiah, but it hasn’t changed anything in the Isaiah that we have, only confirms it. At one time, the Book of Hebrews was not included in our Bible. But it’s a glorious Book, but now it’s part of the bible.



[] Faith, Hope and Love

Scripture makes the most profound statements in the world. You can believe them or reject them, but you will never know their truth until scripture is experienced. When it is once experienced, you can no more deny it than you can the humblest evidence of your senses.

I make the claim God is love. Scripture tells us God is faith, saying: “Through faith the world was made by the Word of God.” And we are told to “Put your hope fully upon the grace that is coming to you at the resurrection of Jesus Christ in you.” Now, I can tell you that his name is I AM and that God’s first revelation to man is that of the Father. I can tell you that all this is true of yourself; that you are God the Father; that you are infinite love, infinite faith, and infinite hope, but you will not know this truth until it becomes your own experience.

After you have experienced scripture, there is no power in the world that can persuade you that you were hallucinating, for when you experience this truth you are on a far greater level of awareness than anything known to man on this level. Whether he be an Einstein, a great financial giant, or a famous doctor, he is aware only of this level and what I speak of here is on an entirely different sphere. What you experience is separate from this world, and that experience is what I call “religion”. Religion is a devotion to the reality of an exalted experience, (the reality) of which reason and the senses may deny, but you will know you had the experience.

Now let me share with you three letters I received this week. One lady – who is very much a lady – writes, “On the night of January 24th I was sitting quietly, meditating, when suddenly something turned or opened in my head and I heard a voice say: ‘I am faith, hope and love.’ A moment later a deep, gloriously masculine voice added: ‘I am the Father.’ Those words touched me with such emotion that I burst into tears and cried and cried.”

The shortest sentence in scripture is “Jesus wept”. At the very end of the drama, one who was supposed to be the rock on which the whole would be established denied the story three times before the cock crowed. Then, remembering all that was foretold, he wept bitterly. Now, to embrace an experience one must have an experiencing nature, for it is only from an experiencing nature that the furnaces of affliction can refine the essence of faith, hope and love.

Here is a statement from the 48th chapter of Isaiah: “Now you will know; now you will hear things that you have never known before. From of old your ears have not been opened, but I tried you in the furnace of affliction. For my own sake, for my own sake I do it, for how can my name be profaned. My glory I will not give to another.”

You may think that because you have perfect pitch and can hear the slightest sound that your ears are opened, but they are sealed to the heavenly voices, completely sealed to the heavenly world. But now I tell you: God is love, he is faith, and he is hope. His initial hope was “Let us make man in our image.” Having the faith that it could be done, it took love to do it. It is love who is put through the furnace of affliction and – although it seems to be hell while experienced – love turns Man into a living soul so Man can respond, for without response there is no action.

In the silence this lady heard the words: “I am faith, hope and love” followed by a deep, masculine voice saying: “I am the Father”. Now she knows that she incarnates God and that he radiates from her own wonderful human imagination. Having had this experience, there is no priest, no minister or archbishop who could persuade her out of it. This lady is unknown to the world, yet she has experienced that which is unknown to its intellectual and financial giants.

I tell you scripture is true, and the day will come when the voice will reveal her as the Father. That is when God’s only begotten Son stands before her and calls her “Father.” Then she will know and say: “I have found David; he has called me My Father, My God, and the Rock of my salvation.”

You might think that a lady could not have the experience of being the Father, but in this dimension of which I speak we are the Elohim. We are not male or female, but God, yet God made up of many. The word “Elohim” is a compound unity, one made up of many. We are all the one Father of the one and only begotten Son, the quintessence of man’s experiences, personified as David. The voice who spoke to her declared eternal truth, and when you stand in the presence of the Risen Christ and hear the words, “God is love,” you will know its eternal truth. And when he incorporates you into his body, you will not be two any more, but one. Then, as he incorporates himself into another and still another, we will all be gathered back into the one body, the one Spirit, and we will all know we are the Father. There aren’t numberless Fathers. We all fell from the one Father, and we are all gathered together back into the one Father, who said to the lady: “I am the Father.” I can’t tell you my thrill when I received that letter.

Now, to have a great experience you must have an experiencing nature, for only by an experiencing nature can you devise the essence of faith, hope and love. And when it happens the tears fall. Peter was not emotionally moved when the truth was intellectually heard, but when it was experienced and the whole thing came to pass in him, he wept bitterly. One day you will experience scripture and know how true it is. I am speaking from experience when I tell you that I stood in the presence of the Risen Christ and spoke the words of Paul: “Faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.” Then I was embraced by Man who is infinite love, who is God. And what I have experienced you will experience also.

There are those who speak of God as an over-soul, or impersonal force. They have become so abstract in their concept of this creative and redeeming power. But God is not an over-soul or intangible force, but Man, and he speaks with a voice as I speak to you now. You hear me in the tongue in which you were born. When God speaks to you, you will hear him in your natural tongue. And when you stand in the presence of Infinite love it is Man, and yet you will know he is all love.

Now let me share another experience. We are told in the Book of Genesis that when a dream is doubled, God has fixed it and it will shortly come to pass. This lady had three dreams of elephants. In her first dream she said: “It was the mating season, and I saw many elephants, all in the creative act.” This dream was followed by a dream in which she found herself standing by a river, surrounded by mountains. On the river’s bank stood three stone elephants, and as she looked at them they became animated, entered the river, and swam downstream. Watching them she said to herself: “This is the second time I have seen stone elephants. The last time was when they came out of the mountains.” Then she added: “When I awoke I realised what I had said was true.”

There is a language of symbolism that is universal. Regardless of whether you are in Africa, in China or here, in the depth of the soul the elephant is the symbol of God’s creative power and wisdom, which is defined in scripture as Jesus Christ. In her dream she remembered another dream, so this dream is bordering on self-revelation, which is God revealing himself in her.

God’s creative power has made itself known to her and she will, in the immediate present, have tangible proof of the fact that her own wonderful human imagination is Christ Jesus. All things are possible to God, and by the exercise of this power she can prove that she is the creative power of the universe. Symbolised as in the creative act, this power appeared as stone which has not been made alive. Something was seemingly dead in her world, but it doesn’t matter, the power is not there. It’s not in space, in the stars, or teacup leaves. Power is not in anything outside of the human imagination. All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a shadow. To prove this to herself, she saw the elephants as dead, all made of stone. Is there anything more inanimate, more dead, than stone? Yet the moment she beheld them they became animated and entered the stream of life.

She was in a wonderful mountainous area, and all through scripture revelations took place from the mountaintops. Jesus was on the mountaintop when he transfigured himself, and now, here in this mountainous area, her own creative power was revealed. So I repeat: God the creator and your own wonderful human imagination are one and inseparable; therefore, he will never be so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation. Now she knows – as does the other lady – that she incarnates God, and God radiates from her as her own wonderful human imagination.

What are you imagining right now? Is it something disastrous? Or is it a wonderful thought that has caught fire within you? No matter what your thoughts may be, they will come to pass, for there is nothing in this world but that which was first imagined. In the January issue of a magazine called The National Observer, there is a picture of a demolished railroad threshold. You see a large section of the train broken, with many cars demolished and one suspended over the edge of an embankment. It is a photograph of an accident which happened recently in Rubin, Idaho. This same picture had appeared in their December issue, and when a reader in Springfield, Virginia saw it, he thought it strangely familiar. Then he remembered that nineteen years ago he had been sketching, and a scene just came out of his imagination, a scene that was a duplicate of the accident that happened this past year. Sending a picture of his sketch to The National Observer, he asked: “Is it fate that my picture so closely resembles the actual accident?” He thought the train wreck was the actual event, but it was the effect. He was the cause. This is a world of shadows. He drew the accident, even to the trees surrounding it, and what he called the actual event was only the effect in the shadow world.

So I say to this lady: you have touched the depth of your soul, the creative power of God, and no one is going to take it from you, for your power has grown to the point of revelation. You can’t turn back now and believe in any outside God. Those who have not had the vision can still turn back. They are those on whom the seed fell, and although they eagerly took it, the cares of the world took them away. Or those that, because the seed fell among thorns, it was cast off. Or those that, travelling the highway of life, they tried and proved their creative power but decided that it would have happened anyway, or that it was just coincidence. But in your case, my dear, you can’t turn back. There is no power on earth that can turn you back to any orthodox belief, for you have seen the symbol of the creative power of God. Starting as the creative act, you turned stone into something alive and it has entered the stream of life. You know now that you have the power to take something that is dead and barren as stone and in your mind’s eye resurrect it, breathe upon it, and make it alive.

Now, the other letter was from a gentleman. His is on another level. In his dream he sees a house from which a glow radiates from its windows and doors. Someone near asked: “When you enter the house, how will we know you are doing it?” And he answered: “I only do what is necessary, but no matter what I do you will still say it is a trick.” Then a voice spoke from within him saying: “I have power I know not of.” This gentleman has the power to create, but he has not entered the state of consciousness to exercise it. He knows that when he enters this house and things happen, it is he who says it would have happened anyway. There are no others, there is only God in this world. Although he answered the question, there was doubt, and he always takes it with him as he enters a new state of consciousness, therefore never quite sure that his imaginal act was the cause of the phenomena of his life.

Here we see various levels of the revelation of God within Man. The first one was the fantastic “I am the Father” and in the not distant future she will know this truth in the most intimate manner. No longer will it be as a voice coming from the depth of her soul, but she will know she is the Father when God’s only begotten Son stands before her and calls her “Father.” In the meantime God is radiating from her own wonderful human imagination. She knows that I am Faith, I am Hope and I am Love. She has read it in the 13th chapter of Corinthians. She has heard it from the platform, but she knows it now from revelation. She heard the words coming from within herself and when David, in the Spirit, calls her Lord, she will prove to herself that everything I say from the platform is true.

So I repeat: We will not know scriptural truth until it is experienced, and then we cannot deny it any more than we can the humblest evidence of our senses. God’s first revelation to Man is Power, Almighty God, El Shaddai. His second revelation is I AM. “My name is in you, listen, take heed, harken to my voice, for my name is in you.” And his final revelation is that of Father.

In the 40th Psalm it is said: “Thou hast given me an open ear.” This is repeated in the 10th (chapter) of Hebrews in this manner: “Sacrifices and offerings thou hast not desired, but a body thou hast prepared for me.” The open ear of Psalms has now become a body, an immortal body that cannot die. Something turned and opened, and although from of old the lady had not heard, now she hears. Your garment of flesh and blood has ears, but I speak of an entirely different body. I speak of the body which has been put through the furnaces, which has been prepared for the heavenly kingdom. So judge not from appearances, for although they may be famous and extremely rich they are still asleep, and when they depart this world they will enter another world of the dead. But she – although unknown here – will enter the world of life, for her body has been prepared for the age that is to come.

Your faith is justified not by any argument, but by an experience. Tell me what you believe and I will hear your confession of faith. Tonight, believe the words the lady heard. Say within yourself: “I am the Father” and you will hear your own confession of faith. That is where the true spirit of scripture is – all within self. And God’s creative power is in you. So if tonight you want something, know it is contained within you and you have the power to animate it and make it alive. Then have faith, have confidence that in its own good time what you have imagined will come to pass. You need not tell anyone or devise the means of its fulfilment. All you need is faith. Through faith we understand that the world was created by the Word of God. So set your hope fully upon this grace of God which is the hope of Man. God gave himself to you as though there were no other, and when his Son stands before you and calls you “Father” you will know that faith has transformed itself into vision, that hope has been completely realised, and that love endureth forever.

Now let us go in to the silence.



[] Family Portrait

Tonight’s title is: the Family Portrait. Thirty-odd years ago a play appeared on Broadway called the Family Portrait. It was a study of Jesus, and starred Margaret Webster and Judith Anderson. They played the parts of Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother. The central figure – Jesus – never appeared on the stage, just as it should be. The brothers appeared, bringing the news of what he had said and the reactions of the crowd, and the concern of the two Marys. This went through the entire play for its two and a half or three hours.

I do not know if it ever came on the road – if you ever saw it, but it was a perfectly wonderful presentation of this greatest of all mysteries; and in keeping with the story, He never appeared, because Jesus Christ is not what the world thinks he is.

Jesus Christ is the Pattern Man. It’s a pattern buried in every child born of woman. There is no description of Jesus in the Bible, because everyone, one day, will experience the story of Jesus in a first-person, singular, present-tense experience; and he will know that he is the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, you cannot pinpoint it and take one face and say, “That is Jesus,” because that would not be Jesus. Everyone, wearing the same face that he has now, will realise:“I am He.” Then, before others know it, they will witness to the one who knows it. When you are “born from above” and have experienced the entire story, and you tell it, there will be those who believe you and those who will not believe you.

Those who will believe you will see you cast in the role – not in this world – no, not here; but they will see it in the world where it really does take place. For, in the depths of consciousness the Gospel is still extant. It is an eternal story, the story of Redemption, and everyone is going to experience it.

So, in the story, the Mother would ask, “What is he doing now?” and they would come back and say what he is doing and what he is saying now. They bring back the story of what he is saying.

“And how are the people reacting?”

“Well, they are very excited. The people are speaking in terms of revolution. The people are thinking in terms of all kinds of violence, over what he is saying.”

And then the two Marys are frightfully concerned, because spiritual growth is the gradual transition from a god of tradition to a God of experience. They had a god of tradition, and he is now turning the whole thing over, and showing a God of experience.

“Well, what did he say to the crowd?”

“He told them that he came out from Heaven and came into the world, and he’s leaving the world and returning to Heaven.”

“What else did he say?” said Mary.

“Then he told them that God was his Father. He also told them that he and his Father were one. He also told them that his brothers were those who did the will of Him who sent him, and that his Father sent him, and his Father is himself, and the Father never left him.”

“Did he say that?” said Mary.

“Yes, that is what he’s teaching. The people are going wild. And he’s telling them that we are all brothers, and that he is ascending to his Father and my Father, and he is ascending unto his God and my God. And the people are all for him, but the authorities are against him; but he does speak with authority. He speaks not like the Scribes and the Pharisees; he speaks just like anyone who is speaking with authority.”

He is knowing, and he knows what he is talking about, for he has experienced it. Now, when I tell you that I have experienced in detail the entire story, I must say to everyone who hears me: Believe it or not. Those who believe it will see me cast in the role – not here; and those who know me very well here know my weaknesses, know my limitations, they say of me just what is said in Scripture: “Why, I have seen him under the influence of wine; he’s a wine bibber and a glutton. He’s a friend of sinners, harlots, tax collectors.” And they will think that is superior insight, and yet it is pure blindness to read into the life of God’s elect some littleness with which one is in some peculiar way familiar.

The intimates know you well, and they knew you occasionally take one too many, that you indulge sometimes as a glutton, and that you do have friends that are questionable. They are harlots. They are, possibly, thieves; and yet you will tell them how to use God’s Law to free themselves from the clutches of law. They have broken the law of Caesar, and you will come to their assistance and tell them how to pray, as your Father taught you how to pray, and it will not fail them. They will free themselves from what Caesar would impose upon them if he caught them. And, so, you are a friend of sinners, a friend of the harlot.

Those who know your friendships and know your physical weaknesses – you’ll hear them say, “Well, now, I know him”; and they will read into the life of one they know well the littleness with which they chance to be familiar, and think that is superior insight. That’s the story.

But, here, in my own case – New York, here, and in Los Angeles, but because I am in Los Angeles more often than I am any other place, I find more witnesses there.

So, “What else did he say?”

“Well, he said to them that all that is written in the Scripture about me, even through the Prophets and the Law of Moses, and in the Psalms, must be fulfilled. And then he told them, ‘You are my witnesses.’”

Now, here is the story of a lady at the turn of this year, the first week of January. She said: “I found myself, seemingly awake; yet reason tells me it was a vision. At the moment that I experienced it, I seemed so much to be awake. I found myself in an ancient Roman seaport in Biblical times. It was almost midnight – a very, very hot summer’s night. There was an enormous crowd in their tunics bearing these lights. They all had these tapers, moving towards an enormous temple; but I was moving in the opposite direction. I was struggling and fighting through this enormous crowd trying to reach the beach, where I knew I had an appointment with someone on the beach.

“I am fighting and struggling, and when I got clear of this enormous crowd, all moving in the opposite direction, I found – and felt – myself on the beach. I could feel the sand. And here a group of fishermen, darkly clad, and they were all discussing. In the distance farther on were three fishermen and a man dressed in white, and they were urging him to get into the boat and rest. Then he stepped into the boat and sat down and placed his head in his hands; and he seemed so weary, so very tired. And they began to push the boat into the water, and I tried to scream out to wait – ‘wait but one minute for me’, but I was so tired that I couldn’t get even a squeak out of my voice, and I thought, “I have utterly failed!”

“Then the man clad in white said something to the three fishermen, and then he got out of the boat, and then he looked up to the starry heaven, and then he turned and faced the east; and as he faced the east, Neville, it was you! There you were. You were the man with whom I had the appointment! Then you turned to the fishermen and you said, “No, I will wait until the dawn, for there are others to come.”

“Then the relief that I felt that I had not been too late was so overpowering that I woke.”

Well, that’s Scripture. We read that in the book of Mark. (Mark 3:7, 9) I tell you honestly that you are going to have that experience. Others will believe you and see you in the role, and everything said in Scripture concerning Jesus Christ, you are going to experience. And when you tell it, as you will, those who believe you when you tell it will see you in the role, and those who do not believe it will not see you in the role. They will continue their journey, believing in an external Jesus Christ. They will see Him as someone “other.”

She saw Him, naturally, as someone “other”; but she also heard me tell her she, too, would have the experience of not only seeing her in that same role and they too would be coming through that crowd moving in the opposite direction – they are moving towards some man-made temple, made with human hands, and she’s moving toward a temple not made with hands. And the temple is the Risen Lord.

One day you are going to have this experience. So, all the things said of Him, you will – one day – know it is said of you, and you will experience it.

So then, John, who was the witness, said: “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our own eyes, which we have looked upon and touched with our hands concerning the Word of Life, we proclaim also to you;… and we write this that your Joy may be complete.” (1 John 1:1, 3) He’s telling you, “I witnessed the truth of what He said.”

So, His face did not appear upon the stage, because no one person can claim, “I am he, and I alone.” The “I AM” in everyone is the He who will have all the experiences as stated in the Gospel, and it begins with the Resurrection. It begins with this rising within you, in the sepulchre of your own skull. And, then, out you come from that sepulchre, “born from above” – born just as told in Scripture, with witnesses to bear witness to this fantastic supernatural birth. That’s your birth. And then, you go through the entire story; but not only the four major events as I have recalled them for you, but all the things said of Him will be said of you and witnessed concerning you by those who believe you when you tell the story.

So, we are told the one who first heard it and first recorded it – his name was Paul. And Paul’s day ended in his own home teaching from morning to night, trying to persuade others concerning the story of Jesus Christ, using only the Bible to support his arguments; and some believed, and others disbelieved. And that is the story.

Today I had a very dear friend of mine to lunch. She was born in the Mormon faith, but married outside of the faith; and her parents, to save her soul – they are very good Mormons – had her married by proxy to a Mormon who has been deceased, because without a Mormon marriage, she could not go to heaven. So, they have a heaven where there is marriage, and you have a mate. So, she’s now mated to someone that she doesn’t know and doesn’t care for. But she has her own mate, who sired her child. She’s mad about her son – they are mad about their son; and here she is now, by the Mormon tradition, married to another by proxy, to save her soul!

She gave up that faith and joined the Christian Science faith, and became a very good practitioner. She still is a practitioner. But she said to me today: “Neville, you know, you frighten me. You have taken from me my traditional Jesus. You speak of the human imagination as the Lord Jesus Christ. Can’t you say ‘Divine’ Imagination?”

“Well, I speak of my own wonderful human imagination, and it is to me divine, yes. If that is going to satisfy you, I will call it divine. But, do I not say that the human imagination is the Divine Body of the Lord Jesus Christ? Well, that should aid you to believe I mean divine, for that’s the Immortal Self, which I call ‘human imagination’, that I may make it easier for the whole vast world to feel the reality of the Jesus Christ who is buried within him, for Scripture teaches that ‘Jesus Christ is in you’ (II Corinthians 13:5), and challenges man to prove it or disprove it.”

“Do you not realise,” asks Paul, “that Jesus Christ is in you, unless of course,” said he, “you fail to meet the test.” (II Corinthians 13:5)

Well, if he is in me – or if I have an external Christ, where is he? I tell you that He is your very Being. That’s why you can’t see Him. You don’t see Him as you see objects. You are the Reality that is named ‘Imagination’. You don’t see imagination. You see the fruit of an active imagination. You see it in action, and you see the fruit of that activity; but the reality – you are the Reality named that “Imagination.”

“If I say, ‘Jesus Christ,’ because of the traditional concept, you think of a man, and think of him as something external to yourself, and you get on your knees and you pray to a false god. There is no external god to you. God literally became you, that you may become God! And the God that became you is your own wonderful human imagination; and that is the Divine Body of the Lord Jesus Christ, so, if that does not offend you, then take that, My Dear.”

Well, she was filled to overflowing with questions. She said, “At lunch I was only going to ask you two questions.” Well, the two became two hundred. It was perfectly all right – just one after the other. It is perfectly all right, for I love her dearly. She was so hungry for all the answers concerning what I am saying here that are in conflict with her traditional concept, which she gave up and then accepted the Christian Science faith, which now she practices as a practitioner. And she loves it; it gives her a great comfort.

I said to her, “You know, it is a positive way of thinking, and it’s a wonderful way to go through life. You help unnumbered people who will turn to you, but may I tell you, it is neither science nor religion. It is certainly not scientific, and certainly it is not religion. Religion is devotion. Religion is a tie to the most exalted Reality that one has experienced. So, what have you experienced to which you can tie yourself and say that that’s religion? The only true religion – you will find it in the Gospel. That is the fulfilment of God’s promises to man. The Gospel is His plan of Redemption. When you have experienced the Gospel, then you have religion. Now, hold onto it just like a tail. You’ve held onto it so far. And, as the poet said:


Truth embodied in a tale

Shall enter in at lowly doors.”


“You hear it, as I heard it as a child. My Mother taught me the story. I went to school, and they repeated the story; and it became the story that I accepted as my faith until it happened in me. Then I had to reinterpret Scripture in the light of my own experience of Scripture, and then I go out to tell my own experience. And that is the story of the Gospel.

“And, so, it happens, and will happen, to every being in this world. There isn’t a man born into this world who will not, one day, experience it.”

Well, then, she said to me, “But suppose I die now and I don’t experience it?”

You don’t die. You really don’t die! I will experience it if you go now and I don’t go with you. I will experience your death, but you will not experience your death, because you won’t even know you’re dead. You are ‘dead’ only to me, but not to yourself, because you are very much alive in a world just like this – just as real as this with the problems that now confront you. You may find yourself in an entirely different role as far as environment goes; but, may I tell you – you are not going to find yourself married to that one who is now your husband by proxy. You are not going to find yourself there at all. The average marriage in this world, if it had to be perpetuated forever – wouldn’t you be living in hell forever? Why do you think we have divorce courts and are making it easier and easier every day of the world all over the world, because without that to help man here, it would be hell – really hell. By man, I mean generic man. It’s just as bad for woman as for man.

So, you desire to live and you want to be perpetually tied to someone you don’t even know, and yet know you are tied to one that you’ve been tied to for years and years” – she’s a lady my senior by quite a few years, and here she has been happy; but it wouldn’t be that one by their concept; it would be a proxy she had never met before. But she will not meet him. She will find herself in this world, and she may not find herself in the environment where she makes the contact with her present husband. She may be married again to another, because in the world into which we go we marry, as told us in Scripture. If you want to find the passage, read the 20th chapter of the Gospel of Luke.

Those who do not marry are only those who are resurrected, because the resurrected are above the organisation of sex and they marry no more. Why? Because they cannot die any more. “They are now sons of God, being sons of the Resurrection.” (Luke 20:36) And they do not create under a divided image.

So, anyone who is resurrected here, at that moment in time when he departs this section, others see him go and call him “dead.” He is not dead; neither will he be restored to life in a world like this. He will be in the New Age, and that age is entirely different. He will be clothed with the Divine Body. That Body is Heaven itself; for wherever he is, clothed, as he will be then, is Heaven, for nothing can remain imperfect in his presence. He passes by, and everything that is imperfect as he walks by becomes perfect – it can’t remain imperfect. He is Perfection, and everything in his world must be perfect without raising a finger. He doesn’t raise a finger to make it so. No – he walks by, and the blind see, and the lame jump. Arms that are missing come back into their sockets. Everything is made perfect, because he is perfect. That is Heaven, for “heaven” means “harmony”; and wherever he goes, he turns hell into harmony – hell into Heaven.

But those who are not resurrected are restored to life, and everyone is restored into lovely bodies – nothing imperfect. If you are blind here, you are not going to continue blind. You will see perfectly. If your limbs are missing, they will not be missing there. You will be young; not a child – young – about twenty, and perfect, but to continue the aging process. All the problems that confront you here, they are going to confront you there.

“For he, who began the good work in you will bring it to completion at the unveiling in you of the Lord Jesus Christ,” AS you. (Philippians 1:6 RSV)

So, He unveils you as the Lord Jesus Christ; and He is your own wonderful human imagination, and the body that you will wear will be that Divine Body of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the picture. So, here, the family portrait is the Gospel. It is eternally true, and now, at this moment and forever it is extant in the depths of your own soul. And one day it will unfold in you; and everything said of Him in the Gospel, you are going to experience – not as a spectator seeing it of another, but as yourself. And when you experience it, you will tell others, and they will see you in that role. They will see you; and then one day, because they saw you and you’ve told them, they themselves will experience all that you’ve experienced, as told you in the 14th chapter of John:

“All that I have done, you will do, and ever greater things than these you shall do.” (John 14:12), because “I am going to send the Holy Spirit, and He will bring to your remembrance all that I have told you.” (John 14:26)

“He will bring to your remembrance,” – the whole thing unfolds within you. And then, you will tell others, and they will see you in the role, with all its side issues. Then they themselves become witnesses to the Truth, and in them the whole thing unfolds. And eventually, everyone is the Lord Jesus Christ. So, in the end, there is nothing but God!

But while we are here, we can use the Law that was given us. It’s a simple law, and it will not fail you. But you must believe in Him. And you cannot believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, believing in someone other than your own wonderful human imagination – not the real Lord Jesus Christ. If you want results, believe in the true Jesus; and the true Jesus is your imagination. And all things are possible to the human imagination, therefore, all things are possible to Jesus Christ, So, imagine yourself (and you name it). Believe in the reality of what you imagine. Persist in that assumption; and that assumption, though at the moment that you made it, it is denied by your senses, if you persist in it, it will become a fact. It will actually harden into some objective state.

Now, you test Him and see if this is not true concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Well, if it works that way, why then, who did it? Well, you can’t deny you did it. Well then, “If all things are made by Him, and without Him not anything is made that is made,” (John 1:3) and you know honestly that you did it, aren’t you Jesus Christ?

If I now assume that I am elsewhere, and reason denies that I am, my senses deny it, my pocketbook denies that I could even make the trip; if all of a sudden things change and compel me to make the trip, and what I did in imagination I am then compelled to do in the flesh, and I find myself actually there in the not-distant future – I didn’t devise the means, I didn’t build the bridge of incidents; I went across that bridge and I came to the point where I actually was in imagination before the physical trip – well, then, who did it? Well, all things are done by Him and I remember what I did, and so memory doesn’t tell me, I remember exactly what I did, and then here I now do it physically, well, haven’t I found Jesus Christ?

So, when you read in Scripture, “I have found him” (John 1:45) – found what? “I have found him of whom Moses in the law, and the Prophets wrote”; Jesus, the Messiah. Well, then, where is he now? Well, “Come and see.” (John 1.46) And then they went up unto the place, “and it was the tenth hour,” (John 2:39) and so they remained with him.

Now, the modern translation of the Bible tells us it was 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. What nonsense! It hasn’t a thing to do with any 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. I know the day, in the Hebraic language, starts at 6.00 a.m., and it goes through, but, it isn’t 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The Prophet meant exactly what he said when he said, “It was the tenth hour.”

Well, in the language of the Bible these hours are significant, and “ten” does not mean four in the afternoon. “Ten” is the letter “Yodh,” and the letter “Yodh” has the symbol of the hand. It’s the creative hand, and the symbol is a seed; it’s the creative seed. They speak of him as a carpenter. What is a carpenter? You and I think of a man with a hammer and nails, and he builds a house, or he builds a chair; he’s a carpenter. Not in Scripture! A carpenter means “one who produces from seed,” just as a mother, as a plant, as the earth; to be born, to be delivered, to bring forth; bringing forth from seed.

Well, “ten” means “seed”; so, he was at the creative point, and they remained to learn the story of creation. So, they came to him, and because it was the tenth hour, they remained, and did not depart. And they say it’s 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon! It hasn’t a thing to do with any 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon! This comes to the point where now they are going to discuss the creativity of God. It is ten; the hour is ten. And here is the seed, and this is how it works.

What’s the seed? Tell me what you want. That’s a seed.

Well, how do I plant it?

How do you plant it? What would it be like – what would the feeling be like if it were true that you had it? That’s how you plant it.

Then I become a carpenter, and I build from scratch. I actually build from the seed, the seed being my desire, my hope, my longing. I assume that I am what at that moment of assumption my reason and my senses deny. But I dare to assume it! Well, that’s the carpenter. So, they went to the carpenter’s house, and it was the tenth hour; and he shows them the secret of bringing things out as you would out of the earth, out of the woman, out of the plant. Well, there must be a seed there. The seed is your want, your desire.

And, so, in the modern version they have it translated into what is called the modern English and call it 4:00 p.m. or 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. You will miss the entire mystery of Scripture if you start doing that with the words of Scripture. These meanings are unique, and they are forever. And you can’t change them.

Here is one told in the book of John. They say John did not tell of the birth. They say that only Matthew told it, and then Luke told it; so Matthew and Luke tell us of the birth of God, with the symbol of a child signifying that God was born. But, where is it in the other Gospels? Well, here it is in the end of John. They came to the tomb, and they found not the body of the Lord, for he was risen. The Lord was risen, but they found the linen clothes; and then they found the napkin, lying not with the linen clothes, but lying apart from the linen clothes. (John 20:3-7) When you read that and start to translate it into modern English, they don’t know what they are talking about.

The “linen clothes” symbolise the physical body, out of which he departed. You will see it when you come out. But, now, what is the “napkin”? The “napkin” in ancient times had very many more meanings than today. We speak of a dinner napkin, a cocktail napkin, a sanitary napkin; but in the ancient world, the “napkin” meant the placenta – the afterbirth. If I see the symbol of the afterbirth, then a birth took place!

What took place? I see the evidence of a birth; I see the napkin. What was born here? God was born! Where was He born? Out of that thing that you call now “linen clothes.” That wrapped Him. Well, where was the “napkin”? Well, the napkin was not around the loins of a woman; the napkin was around his face; that’s where He was born. He came out of his skull; He came out of his head. He didn’t come out of the loins of a woman, out of the womb of a woman. So, here we find the “napkin”, the placenta, the afterbirth, signifying that something great was born here this day, and because it was a napkin, and the napkin covered his face, it was out of the skull that that birth took place.

If you try to change that into modern English, you are going to ruin it. This whole story is everlastingly true, and it’s all about you!

He said to them, “Everything that is written about me in the Law of Moses, and the prophets, and the Psalms, must be fulfilled,” (Luke 24:44); and, “You are my witnesses.” (Isaiah 43:10) Then he said, “We are going up to Jerusalem, and all that is written about the Son of Man will be accomplished,” (Luke 18:31); “… but they did not understand this.” (Luke I8: 34) It was beyond their grasp.

He’s going up to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is above – the skull. “I” am going up now; and all that is said about me, in the Law of Moses, and the Prophets, and the Psalms, will be accomplished – but in time. He explained to them the mystery of Scripture.

So, here, I tell you: Jesus Christ is the Pattern Man. Don’t expect to see him on the outside. He is the pattern – a pattern that is buried in every man; and that pattern contains the plan of redemption. So, when the pattern begins to erupt in you, like a seed erupting in the earth, then the whole thing is beginning to unfold, and everything said there you are going to experience.

So, Paul warns the people to whom he writes, especially his friend Timothy, and he said: “Follow the pattern of the true words that you have heard from me. Guard the truth which has been entrusted to you by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.” (II Timothy 1:13, 14)

You guard this truth, which you have heard. It’s all within you; and if you are tempted to turn on the outside to some external god, remember these words and go back and turn to the Only True God; and the Only True God is your own wonderful human imagination. That is the Immortal You that cannot die! That survives every blow in the world. That survives the grave. It survives everything; it cannot die.

If you died tonight at the age of one hundred and you were completely gone physically and demented, you will not be demented after the departure of the Immortal You. It will restore Itself in a new body, a young body, with no loss of faculty, no loss of anything, but still continuing the journey that is necessary until you reach that point in Jerusalem where the thing erupts within you, and then you are “born from above.”

So, “What is he doing now?” asked the mother.

And, then, James, the brother, answered; and then Simon answered, and Peter answered. And they all brought back these many reports. But HE is never seen, for “He” is the Invisible You.

Can you see your imagination? You can see the fruit of its efforts, but you can’t see Imagination. Look around you. Everything here was once only imagined. So, you see the results of an imaginal activity, but you don’t see imagination. He is the Invisible God. So, He comes to us as one unknown, one that is invisible, yet one who, in some mysterious manner, lets man experience Who-He-Is. So, when you experience who He is, it’s your Self, and there is no other.

As we are told: “Unless you believe that I am he, you die in your sins,” (John 8:24) unless you believe that I AM is He, you die in your sins.

He also said, “Before Abraham was, I am,” (John 8:58); and then they stoned him with the “facts of life.”

“You are not yet fifty, and you are before Abraham?”

No; this script has no punctuation in the original script. Read it with punctuation; put the punctuation differently:

“Before Abraham was, (he put it) “I am.” Put it now: “Before Abraham” – “Before Abraham, (comma) was I AM.” Nothing precedes Him. Nothing precedes “I AM,” for that is the name of God forever and forever and forever. Nothing came before it, because He has no precedent. He is without father, without mother – no father or mother; He is the Origin of all. He has not originated from something other than Himself. He is the Origin of all. So: “Before Abraham, (comma) was I AM.” (John 8:58)

Now, we can make it more “sensible”: “Before Abraham, was I am.” All right, that’s perfectly all right, but this changes it somewhat. “Unless you believe that I am is He, you die in your sins.” (John 8:24) That is, you remain to miss the mark. Well, if you believe that I AM is your own wonderful human imagination, then you can’t miss the mark, because: “All things are possible to Him,” (Mark 9:23) and you simply imagine the state desired, persist in that imaginal state, and it will come to pass.

So, the story, as told us in the Scripture, is everlastingly true. No one can change it. Do not add to the words of this Book; do not take from it or add to it. Yet man goes on forever and forever changing it, adding to it, trying to make “sense” out of it. It does make sense, if you have had the experience. I have had the experience, and I would not try to alter one word. I have tried to put it back into its original frame when I find translations that are not true. You find insertions in it. You find interpolations that should not be there. But some try, overly zealous, to put his own beliefs into it – what he thinks the scribe should have said.

The “Family Portrait” is your portrait. It is all about you, as told you in the 40th Psalm: “In the volume of the book, it is all about me.” (Psalm 40:7) “I did not refrain my lips; I told the great congregation. I told them all; that it was all about me.” (Psalm 40:9)

And now, you write it; and, may I tell you, you can’t restrain the impulse to tell it either. When it happens to you, you cannot restrain it. You become like Jeremiah; and then you say: “I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name. There is in my heart as it were a burning fire set up in my bones. And I am weary with holding it in, and cannot.” (Jeremiah 20:9)

You can’t hold it in. You will simply spill over, and you will tell it. No matter where you are – you can be standing at a bar – the occasion will arise for you to tell it. You will tell it while you are drinking at a bar. You can’t keep it in. It’s like a “burning fire,” and you will tell it; and you do not care where you are.

You go to church to tell it? That’s no more holy than standing at a bar! If anyone tells you that is a more holy place, forget it. Wherever you are is holy. And when you are born from within and “born from above,” where on earth could you go that is holier than where you are? You don’t have to go into a church to feel more holy, or into some temple. Wherever you are is holy ground.

So, the great story – this “Family Portrait” – was right in its place, because the One of Whom they spoke was not seen. They only heard the story about Him.

“And what is he saying now? What is he doing now?” and they brought the report of what he was saying, and the mother wrung her hands. She was concerned that it was told in that manner, because it must be told in a way that it can “enter in at lowly doors.” So, you tell it in the form of a story, but eventually you’ve got to find out the truth of that story, and take off the covers. Are we not told in Scriptures: “Abraham had two sons; one by a slave and one by a free woman.” (Galatians 4:22) “Now,” said Paul, “this is an allegory.” (Galatians 4:24, RSV)

An allegory is a story told as if it were true, leaving the one who hears it to discover its particular character and learn its meaning. For, if it is an allegory, and Abraham begins the genealogy in the story of Matthew – well, then, if the origin is an allegory, what is the end? The end of the entire genealogy is Jesus.

You start with Abraham. Abraham was the father of Isaac, and Isaac the father of Jacob, and Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers; and all the way down, culminating in Jesus. Now, Paul, the earliest of all the writers of the New Testament, tells us that the story of Abraham and Sarah is an allegory. Well, if that is an allegory, then all the way down it has to be. Therefore, find out what the story is all about. For, an allegory is simply a great truth concealed; therefore discover the fictitious character of the story and learn its meaning.

Whatever it is, an allegory – to begin with, all ends run true to origins: if the origin is an allegory, the end is. So, find out what it is trying to tell you. Well, it’s trying to tell us our own story. And the whole drama unfolds within us, and you are the Lord Jesus Christ!

Every little child born of woman – his true identity is the Lord Jesus Christ. And he is taught, in the beginning, to turn on the outside for his own true identity; and he worships a shadow, because he has to turn within to find it; and it can’t even be near, for nearness would imply separation. It isn’t even near. It’s his very Being! Now, what is so near that it isn’t even near to man? Where could you go that you are not in Imagination? Where on earth could any man go that he is not in Imagination?

I have seen this body apart from myself; but no matter where I go, I cannot get away from my imagination. I have stepped out of this body and seen it on a chair; I have seen it on the bed in a state of catalepsy, and seen it as something distinct from myself. But I can’t go any place where I am distinct from Being; wherever I am – well, that’s where I am; that’s my Reality; and that is my imagination.

I can’t even claim “my” imagination. I am the Reality named “imagination”. And, so, I can’t go any place and get away from that Reality. Well, I can get away from this (indicating the physical body); and if I can get away from this, this isn’t my Reality. Anything from which I can move and see it as other than myself cannot be that basic Being that I am.

A man can be poor today and rich tomorrow; therefore he’s neither poor nor rich. These are attributes that he can apply a law toward being: identify himself with wealth, and become wealthy. But tomorrow, by a change in attitude, he can become poor. Therefore, wealth wasn’t his Reality. It wasn’t a true Being; it was only an attribute. Therefore, poverty is not true, because he can get away from poverty; but he can’t get away from his true Being, which is I AM.

He can’t get away from imagining. No matter where you go in the world, “I” am there; therefore you can say, “I am with you always, even to the very ends of time.” (Matthew 28:20) You can’t get away from it.

I can be a great anything: banker, artist – anything; but I can get away from it. Therefore, that is not my Reality. But I can’t get away from this Reality that is named “Imagination”.

Now, I tell you from my own experience that the eternal story – that “Family Portrait” – as given to us in the Gospel, is eternally true and still extant in the very depths of consciousness; and that is the Being that You really are. That’s your story. That is your real, true autobiography. And you come into this world of death to overcome death; and the overcoming of death is the re-enactment within you of the story as told in the Gospel concerning your true identity, who is Jesus Christ.

Now, let’s enter the Silence.



[] Fulfilment Of God’s Plan

Edited by Jan McKee

I think you’re all aware that this is the most dramatic week in Christendom and yet I dare say that not an nth part of one percent of those who call themselves Christians really understand what it is all about. It’s the story of the fulfilment of God’s purpose. That’s the week, the triumphant march into Jerusalem, the crucifixion and then the resurrection. And it’s told as though it took place on earth. That’s how the story is told.

For as Tennyson said, “Truth embodied in a tale shall enter in at lowly doors.” So, man cannot think abstractly so it’s told in the form of a story. And man has mistaken the story for the reality. Let us now look to see who the one is spoken of in scripture. They say his name is Jesus. You may not believe me but I’ll tell you who Jesus is. Say, “I Am,” that’s Jesus. Don’t say, I am man or John or Peter or anything, just I Am.

That’s Jesus. That’s God. That’s the Lord God Jehovah. The crucifixion is already over. It was in the beginning of time, a deliberate act on the part of God – all over. The resurrection took place and is taking place and will continue until everyone is awake. So, you say, “I Am,” that’s Jesus.

Now, it begins with the march. Mark tells us that He took the twelve and then He walked ahead of them. The way Mark states it, it is as if he were one whom a dream had possessed and who went forward to fulfil all that the prophets had foretold. For he said, “I have come to fulfil scripture.” The only purpose. Now, not a man on the outside fulfilling scripture.

This one, which is God, is buried in you when you say, “I am.” You may not be aware of it aside from dreaming the dream of life which is this. He also is dreaming the fulfilment of His purpose. And the day will come, you are going to reproduce within yourself all that is said in scripture concerning Jesus. Then you will know who Jesus is.

It is said that he told them, “we’re going up to Jerusalem, and all that was written of the son of man by the prophets will be accomplished.” And the evangelist adds, “They understood none of these things.” This saying was hid from them and they did not grasp what was said. Only the Risen Lord can interpret scripture.

Only His finger could trace the ambiguous phrases of scripture and extract their heavenly meaning. It’s a pattern in scripture. That only when He rises in you as you, can you take the Old Testament and simply follow the pattern. You know what the pattern is because you’ve experienced it. And the whole thing unfolds and the whole thing is told you in the Old Testament.

But it’s a pattern. It’s told you as though it’s history, ancient history. It’s divine history and that history, not page after page, but a pattern goes through the entire thing and then that pattern unfolds within you. And when it unfolds within you, you actually gain that certainty that, “I Am He.” There is no other way you’ll ever know it until it unfolds within you.

Now, God came and comes into human history. And now we’re going to give Him a name – in the person of Jesus, but the Jesus in you, in me, in every child born of woman. That’s the only Jesus in eternity. I Am that Jesus. Well, now He’s a father. When God is born within you, for that’s the beginning of it all, you first awaken within you and you do not know you are God.

You only know that you have awakened from the most profound sleep ever and it seemed like eternity. You did not awake on the bed where you fell asleep the night before. You awoke in a tomb and the tomb is your skull. And you awake within your skull and you’re all alone with no one present. But you have a built-in innate knowledge what to do. And you do it and you come out of your skull as a child comes out of the womb of woman.

But you’re coming out of your own skull and you pull yourself out of your own skull. And the imagery of scripture concerning the birth of God surrounds you, including the little babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and three witnesses to the event. So, you’re told, “When they came, they saw the heavenly being but Him they did not see.” It’s the birth of God.

God actually took upon Himself the limit of contraction, which is man. Now He is born, the birth being an expansion. There is no limit to expansion. God is forever expanding and then, at a moment of expansion, He then has a new venture of contraction. Then He expands beyond what He was. Then He contracts. Then He expands beyond what He was and that is God’s play. There is no limit to expansion. He puts a limit to contraction. The limit is man.

So, when you break the tomb, you come out and you are God. Therefore, no one can see you. The heavenly hosts who were present to witness the event can’t see you, for you are spirit; you are God. But you see them and you see the babe and you see everything round about you just as described in Luke and Matthew. But you do not know that you are God.

That comes later, and you’ll not in eternity know you are God until God’s son calls you Father. And God’s son, the Christ of Scripture, is not Jesus. It’s David. Jesus is the Lord. Jesus is the Lord God Jehovah in you when you say, “I Am.” That’s Jesus.

That’s not David. Who then is Christ? The Son of God. David then comes and when David comes, there is no uncertainty as to who you are. For he calls you Father. And before he utters the word Father, you know you are his Father. And he knows he is your son. And this relationship is now what every heart is aching for. When this is established by an actual experience, the drama is over. Everything is over that you came to perform – to find the son who, in turn, will reveal you as God the Father. For He is sound asleep in humanity and man doesn’t know that he is God. And when he is born from above, he still doesn’t know he is God. And not in eternity can he find out who he is until the son appears.

So, we are told in Scripture, “No one knows who the son is except the Father and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom He chooses to reveal Him.” So, hey do it because “They know neither my Father nor Me. Had they known my Father, they would have known me also. But they know neither My Father nor Me.” So, you find, you’ve got to actually feel between the words. For He’s speaking one moment as Father and then speaking, in another moment as Son. It’s a mystery and how are you going to tell it unless you tell it in the form of a story that it may enter in at lowly doors.

But man, hearing the story, learns to feel behind the story and feel what it’s trying to convey. But when you actually experience the story, then you know the mystery. It’s the mystery that everyone one day will unfold within himself and he’ll know that he is God. So this is what confronts man this week as it’s dramatised but not told. For they do not know it. They do not know the story. Let me turn now to the 55th chapter of Isaiah. “I will make a covenant with you.” Now he’s speaking to all of us, “I will make a covenant with you,” and this is his covenant, “my steadfast, sure love for David – I have made him a witness to the peoples.” That is my witness to the peoples. Now what is he going to witness? The truth of God’s word. So God’s word is Scripture and the Scripture spoken of was the Old Testament, “and the word is truth,”

I make him now a witness to the people and He has my steadfast and sure love forever. Now, “That is my covenant with you,” said the Lord to us. We turn now to the trial, and here we find one called Jesus standing before Pilot, and he turns to Pilot and he said, “For this I was born. And for this I came into the world to bear witness to the truth,” Now He tells you He is not of this world, “unless you are born form above, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” He’s not speaking of the birth from the womb of a woman in spite of all the priesthoods of the world. He is speaking of an entirely different birth, “born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” He said, “I am from above, you are from below.” Now, He’s not speaking to you, the being who is God. He is speaking to this body here. This is from below.

This came out of the womb of my mother. But there is that in me which is “I Am” that no woman can bear. That must be born from above. It is now entombed in my skull, entombed in your skull. But the skull of which I speak is a divine skull containing all of us. That is the skull. And it is said in the 87th Psalm, “And this one was born here and that one was born there.” All within the one grand skull and it’s called Zion – another name for Jerusalem. So, when Paul said, “The Jerusalem from above is our mother and she bears children into liberty.” The Jerusalem from below bears them into slavery.

Well, my physical mother bearing her ten children that she raised, she wove garments of flesh. And these garments of flesh came from below, from her womb into slavery. For we’re all slaves of the bodies that we wear. But housed within that, from above, there is another Jerusalem and she is our mother who bears us into liberty, into freedom.

You come out of your own skull, that divine skull. And you’re set free. Well, then you come into this world to bear witness to what? To the truth. So, “I made him a witness to all the peoples.” Well, what is he going to witness now? The truth of Scripture, that God is a Father and that He did say to me, “I will tell of the decree of the lord,” said David in the 2nd Psalm. “He said unto me, thou art my Son. Today I have begotten thee.” If Scripture cannot be broken, what other Son are you holding up now before me that I may see? You may see all the hallucinations in the world as artists have painted dozens and dozens of different portraits of one they call Jesus. And they said they saw him.

Ask the artist, “When you saw him in your imagination and you painted on the canvass or you sculpted, did you know then you’re looking at the Son of God.” If they say, “yes,” well then you must know that you are God. Because no one can see the Son but the Father and no one knows the Son but the Father. Therefore, if you are looking at the Son of God and only God can see the Son, well then you must be God. What are they going to say to that? And Scripture cannot be broken. Read it in the 11thChapter of the Book of Matthew. “No one knows who the Son is except the Father and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom He chooses to reveal Him.

So, I know in my own case, raised in the Christian faith as I was, and I call myself a Christian from my own personal experience of this great mystery, but I did not know from my mother’s knee or in my school (because we had Bible reading and Bible study when I was a child, it was part of our schooling). We had to go to Sunday School. I was taught the Bible, raised with the Bible. And there it is but I didn’t see it and my teachers didn’t see it.

My mother didn’t see it; my father didn’t see it, and no one that I ever met ever saw it, so I didn’t know it until it happened. It happened in me and then I could not then make it fit in with what they taught me. I had to go back and re-read Scripture and there the whole pattern was there all along but only the Risen Christ can interpret Scripture.

Only when David rises within me and calls me Father. Now, listen to the words, “When the time had fully come, God sent forth the spirit of his Son into our hearts crying Father.” What time has fully come? When you have borne the great fardel, the great load, the burden the allotted span. Not before you’ve borne it the allotted span can He come. And when you get to the end of the road and you’ve borne that burden, then the spirit of His Son comes into you and here he rises in you. You resurrect your own son and that son is God’s Son; therefore, you are God.

That’s when you gain the certainty that you are God. Yet, while you wear the little garment, you are still in a straight jacket. And all you can do while you wear it is to tell it. Try to clarify the atmosphere and scrape off the barnacles from the ship that gathers them over the centuries. Far from belittling Jesus, I have placed Him where He actually is. He is God.

He is not the Son of God. He is God. He is the Lord, a symbol of God, that you may say, but He wasn’t born of any woman. The only woman of whom He was born, “I Am.” That’s the Jerusalem from above. “I am Mary and birth to Christ must give if I in blessedness for now and ever more would live.” So each must bring forth the Son and it’s the same Son. Only one Son. And when you look at Him, no uncertainty; no one need tell you anything. There you are, looking at your Son as though memory has now returned and you have suffered from total amnesia up to this moment in time and suddenly, your memory returns and you know who you are. You’re God, the Father.

It’s going to happen to every child born of woman. Not one will be lost. Not one. I don’t care if you’re a moron today, if you’re brainless. That’s only a temporary experience in this world. That brain that you have really, the true brain, is not really addled at all. That’s only some distorted aspect of life for a little while. Maybe you’ll go through life, spending fifty, sixty years in some distorted brain, but it’s still not the brain of which I speak. Not that divine brain. If your child is not a balanced child, a demented child, I know it’s a hard thing to bring up and a hard thing to face in life, but that’s not your responsibility.

That little thing there that you call your child that is demented, behind it all, behind that mask it is part of the burden that it bears, is the perfect being that is Jesus and that Jesus in there is, “I Am.” It was never tarnished. It was never soiled, no matter what it has done in the world, it was never soiled. And one day, it will awake. And when it awakes, it comes out of the tomb. So Paul could say, “I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live, not I. Christ lives in me and the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me.” And that Son is David.

Listen to the words, “I have found in David, the Son of Jesse, a man after my own heart who will do all my will.” Well, the word “Jesse” means “Jehovah exists.” That’s what the word means. So Jesse is the Father. Whose Father? David’s Father. And who is Jesse? Jehovah. And who is Jesus? Jehovah.

He is the Lord. But no one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. And who is the Holy Spirit? The remembrancer. When the Son stands before you and memory returns and you are his Father and He is your Son, then only by this return of memory will you ever know. And so, no one can say that Jesus is Lord and Jesus is the Father. For in spirit, David called him, “my Lord.” Why did he call him, my Lord? Well, that’s a title of Father.

So he called Jesus, My Lord. He is the I Am in you, the I Am in every being in this world. So, we’ll go up to Jerusalem and all that was actually written about the son of man, which is the title that he used of self, will now be accomplished. So, I’m going up to Jerusalem, because everything is going to happen in the skull. That’s where Jerusalem is, the Jerusalem above. I’m going up to Jerusalem, not down. And all things said of the Son of man will now be accomplished. So, he goes up and the whole thing unfolds within the skull.

That’s where you awake. That’s where you explode. When David comes out, it’s an explosion in your head as though you had put some dynamite to your head and the whole thing explodes. And when it all settles, here stands David before you.

He was buried in you. And when he said to me, “I laid myself down within you to sleep,” who said that? The depths of my own soul, the Lord said that. “I laid myself down within you to sleep and as I slept I dreamed a dream. I dreamed, and I knew exactly what he was dreaming. He’s dreaming that He’s I. And when the dream is over, we aren’t two. We are one. No longer will he simply treat me as something on the outside, an emanation of His. No more the emanation,

He cleaves to me and we become one being. So when a man leaves this world, his father, his mother, and cleaves to his wife, and this is the wife, the emanation of God. Yet, though His emanation, it’s his wife until the dream is over. When the sleep is over, we aren’t two. We’re one. And I know that when I awoke within me, I wondered, “How did I get here? Who put me here?” For this is a tomb. This is a sepulchre and only one who thought me dead could have put me here. For this is a tomb and only the dead are placed in tombs. So someone, I didn’t realise then, that it was a deliberate act on my own part.

So, you’re told in the 10th chapter of John, “No one takes away my life, I lay it down myself. I have the power to lay it down and the power to take it up again.” And yet, over the centuries, we have condemned a race of people for taking away the life of one who never, as an individual, walked the face of this earth. He is in man or you couldn’t even breathe.

He’s not on the outside of man that someone can take his life. He is in man. He’s the breath of man, the spirit of man, the I Amness of man, man’s own wonderful human imagination. That is Jesus. That’s God. And so to blame a race of people for doing what no one ever did, listen to the Bible, the 10thChapter, “No one takes away my life. I lay it down myself. I have the power to lay it down and the power to take it up again.

For I am the resurrection and the life.” So he entered death’s door, the human skull, and laid down in the grave of man and there he dreams the dream of life, and this is the dream of life. And one day, it comes to the end and he awakes. Where? In the tomb where he entered to find himself there. It was a long dream, thousands and thousands of years he has been dreaming this dream. You didn’t begin in your mother’s womb seventy years ago or whatever year you may be. That’s only a garment woven for you. You are eternal. You have no beginning and you have no end.

Never was there a time when you were not. Nor shall there ever come a time when you shall cease to be. Beginnings and ends are all dreams. It seems so real, but they’re all dreams. But you have no beginning, no end. You are and that being is called in Scripture, God the Father.

But, may I tell you something, you will not actually feel, I am Jesus, I am Father. That’s not what you feel. You don’t feel Jesus. You don’t feel God. You don’t feel Jehovah. These are names given by man. But what you do feel is Father. So the great revelation of the New Testament is God is Father. That is the foundation of the entire thing.

If you were not a father, then there is no child. So the relationship of father/son is fundamental to the Christian faith. Without the Son, there would not be a Father. And if there is a Father, there must be a Son. And it’s a search for the Son. And when the Son is found, the Father knows who He is. But not until the Son is resurrected. So, in the Old Testament, in the 2nd Psalm, the 16th Psalm, and the 110th Psalm, they are identified with resurrection. In the 16th Psalm, David is speaking and is made to say, “Thou wouldst not leave my soul in Hell.” In confidence, he knows he would not be left in Hell, that he would be raised up. Because, “I will not take my steadfast, sure love from David.” That’s my covenant with the peoples. I have made him a witness to all the peoples.

I will not take my love from him. So, he dies and is buried but I will raise him up. And when the Father raises up the Son then the smile is on his face because his Son has returned from the grave. And David is the eternal Son of God, the resultant state of all the experiences that you, as a man, which is God as man, experience in this world. So God became as I am that I may be as He is.

This is the story of scripture and it’s all in the Old Testament but not understood. There it is, a blueprint. It’s an adumbration. The New interprets the Old, not the other way around. And when it happens in you, well, what a joy. I can’t tell anyone the emotion that possesses you and then you really are like one possessed. You walk in the dream of what happened and you can’t think of anything but, really. You may be diverted for a little while, a small party.

A big one would bore you. A few friends, yes. A large crowd, no. It doesn’t interest you. A dinner party of a few chosen friends, yes. But to have an enormous crowd, no that’s nothing more than noise. Everyone is trying to, well, monopolise the entire picture. But a few chosen friends for a party, a delightful evening with words where you are discussing reality, wonderful. But after it happens to you, may I tell you, you can’t think of anything but. And your dreams are not dreams any more. Your nights are not what they were before that waking.

You wake and it’s entirely different. And I can’t explain to anyone who wakes every day of their life after a night of good sleep, that that waking in the morning doesn’t compare to this. It’s something entirely different, as though you had never awakened before in your life. That’s what actually you feel like. Something entirely different. And you look at all these things round about you and here, a thousand years , two thousand years, three thousand years ago, it was written there and it was all about you and you didn’t know it.

So we’re going to go up now to Jerusalem, said he, “and all that is written of the Son of man by the prophets will be fulfilled.” All will be accomplished. Then he began to explain to them Scripture and said, “Beginning with Moses and the Law and all the prophets and the Psalms, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures, the things concerning Himself.” Now this coming Friday, if you do go to part of the service, you will hear the words on the cross.

Everyone is taken from the Old Testament. And you will know who you are in that sense. They are the words of David. For David is going to commit himself now to his Father. “Into thy hands, I commit my spirit.” This is now the 31s Psalm. “Thou hast redeemed me, Oh Lord, Faithful God,” yet that is the final cry on the cross when you read it in this little Book of Luke. “Into thy hands I commit my spirit.” And he commits it into the hands of the Father. He calls him now Father, “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.” And these are the identical words of David in the 31st Psalm. Now here, the entire thing unfolds within man.

But, something was said to me just before I took the platform by a very dear friend of mine who is here tonight although he will admit to me and to everyone in the world, he is one hundred and one percent

American but he cannot deny the fact that he has one hundred and one percent of the Irish background in him too. So, he gave me the definition of an Irishman. An Irishman is one who does not know what he wants and there will be no peace on earth until he finds it. Not exactly his words; he told it much better than that, but that’s the essence of it. He does not know what he wants and there will be no peace on earth until he finds it. Well, that’s the whole vast world. Ask, what do you want.

He doesn’t really know what he wants because what everyone wants is to find the Father and you can’t find the Father without the Son. Basically, we’re trying to find the cause of the phenomenon of life. What makes things happen in my world? He told me, “You know, years ago,” before he met me, “he had these sorts of daydreams of, well, talking to a crowd – maybe going on radio, maybe on T.V.” Here out of the blue, someone came into his restaurant in Ojai and offered him a series of lectures here, in New Mexico, possibly sending him into Arizona. She can arrange other things for him, and the whole thing is done. But he remembered these daydreams.

Most of us don’t remember and when we are confronted with our own harvest, we deny it’s our harvest. So, I tell you there is no such thing as an accident in this world. No. There is no such thing as a natural cause. Every natural effect has a spiritual cause, that is, an imaginal cause and not a natural. A natural only seems. It is a delusion of our fading memory.

We can’t remember when we set it in motion. He remembers that long before he met me in San Francisco, that this happened back East, this daydream of his. And now, suddenly out of the nowhere a seeming stranger comes into his world, listening to him in his restaurant , carried away with what he had to say and the way he said it and is moved to arrange this thing for him. He doesn’t have to lift a finger to do it. It all will be done for him.

So, I say, dream noble dreams, wonderful dreams. If they don’t come to pass tonight, tomorrow, or next week, you keep on dreaming them. But try to put yourself into the dream as though it’s taking place and try to live in it. Be possessed by the dream and see the whole thing unfold within you in this world of Caesar, always bearing in mind, the real dream. It must come to an end only when it’s fulfilled. And the story is the fulfilment when you awake. For resurrection is waking. It’s not gathering dead bones together and putting flesh on it. It’s simply awakening.

You are sound asleep and you awaken like a man out of a deep, deep sleep to find yourself in a tomb. But you have the strength to break the bonds of that tomb and to come out of that tomb. And when they come to search for the body, they have taken away the body. They only knew you by reason of the body that you wore and that’s taken away and they can’t see you. “Him they could not see.” But he was fully aware of everyone round about him. And, here, all the symbolism of Scripture is unfolding before him. And he is the central character in the entire drama.

They’re talking about him. They aren’t talking about Jesus. They’re talking about you. You are individualised and you tend forever and forever toward ever greater individualisation. They didn’t call me by any other name. They didn’t call me God. Didn’t call me Lord, didn’t call me Jesus. They spoke of me as Neville. It’s Neville’s baby. I was aware of being “I.” No loss of identify whatsoever. But then when David comes, here is Neville. In this century I was born, the year 1905. Here we have a recorded, so-called history, of one born 1000 years B.C. and he stands before me and I know I’m his father. And here we have words put into his mouth that the Lord said to him, ‘You are my son.” And I know that I am his Father and only then did I gain the certainty as to whom I am.

So, you will not lose your identity, yet you are God the Father. It is Father that is being revealed, the sweetest name there is in Scripture. He is a loving Father, may I tell you, in spite of all the pain you’ve gone through and all the horrors of the world. For this is a nightmare. Can’t confine it only to the night; it’s a daymare too with most people.

So, I tell you, at the end – it’s not a reward – it’s simply victory. You have plotted and planned the whole thing before you entered the tomb. You prepared a way for your own return to whom? To yourself. I came out from the Father and I came into the world. Again, I am leaving the world and I’m returning to the father. And that’s the story of this week. So as far as Friday goes, Good Friday, save your tears. The crucifixion is over. And it was a voluntary act on your part, which is God’s part.

You laid yourself down in a tomb for the purpose of dreaming the dream of life. And in that dream, you suffered. You knew you would. As you’re told in the 24th chapter of the Book of Luke, again you’re told it in the 18th, for that matter. But the 24th,”Oh foolish men and slow of heart to understand all that the prophets have written and said about the Christ. Was it not necessary that Christ suffer these things and then enter into his glory.” It’s part of the training.

These are the furnaces. “I tried you in the furnaces of affliction.” Why? For my own sake. “For my own sake I do it, for how should my name be profaned. My glory I will not give to another.” And my name is Father. That’s my name. That’s my name. That’s the name truly that is God’s name in the world. And so the word “God” which makes the mind jump on the outside is not truly the name. You take the word “Eloheim” and we translate it “God.” Take the word, “Jod He Vau He” and translate that “Lord.” But the name that is revealed is Father. That’s who this being is. This creative being is Father. And everyone is in search of the Father.

And one day, He’s going to find the only one who can reveal Him as Father. And when He finds Him, He finds His own Son David. Now that will come as an awful shock to the majority of people in the world. And I would not take back one little iota. It’s true. I’m not speculating. I’m telling you exactly what I have experienced. It’s not theory with me. This is all that I know from my own personal experience. It was always there in that Book called the Bible but I had not experienced it so I couldn’t see it. “You have eyes and you see not. And you have ears and you hear not.” Because they’re not yet bored. And it takes the furnaces to bore these eyes for you and to bore the mouth for you, to bore the ears for you that you may experience Scripture and then the whole thing unfolds within you.

It’s all about you because it’s all about God and you are God asleep. And the day is coming and may it not be too long when He will awake in you as you. And then you will find your Son that Scripture claims to be God’s Son. And because Scripture claims it is God’s Son and you know it’s your Son, then you must be God. That’s the story of the Bible.

Now let us go into the silence.



[] He Is Dreaming Now (2)

Tonight’s title is: He is Dreaming Now. God’s name – His real presence – is within us, in the very midst of us, for His real presence is concentrate in His name.

“Come, let us go and look at him,” said the brothers, and each took one of Alice’s hands and led her up to where the king was sleeping.

“He is dreaming now.” said Tweedle-Dee, “and what do you think he is dreaming about?”

Alice said, “Why, nobody could guess that.”

Then Tweedle-Dee said, “He is dreaming about you; and if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you would be?” (from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll)

Now, to us, that seems a fairy story; and, yet, it is so altogether true. If the Dreamer in you left off dreaming anything that you now entertain, where do you think you would be? Is not the Dreamer and the “I” of waking a pair of identical twins?

We think this is the real world, and then we speak of the “dream world.” To us, that isn’t real, and yet we are told in Scripture: “God speaks to us through the medium of dreams, and makes Himself known through vision.” (Numbers 12:6) And, yet, we say that is not real, and yet: “God speaks to man through the medium of dreams”; and He is the Dreamer in man, identical with the “I” of waking.

When we really wake, we will not be God and man. It will just be you; and you will be God, who was the Dreamer. The whole will simply awaken within you. it will not be a twin. The wall of separation will be broken down. It will only be God; and God-and-you will be the One.

“God becomes as I am, that I may be as He is.” (from “There Is No Natural Religion” by William Blake)

When the promise was made that God and an Angel would lead Israel, this promise was given special force by Jehovah’s assurance that “My name is in him.” That is, Jehovah Himself would lead them. Well, who is Jehovah? In Scripture we are told His name really is “I AM.”

“Go, say to them that I AM hath sent me unto you…This is my name forever, and by this name I will be known throughout all generations.” (Exodus 3:14-15) “There is no other name.” (Acts 4:2)

Now, here in this room – take this simple little object here. My simple apprehension of this corporeal object we call sense. It is now a “sense” object. It is “real,” for I can see it, I can touch it; if I strike it, I can hear it. So, this is called “sense” because it’s present. If absent, it’s imagination.

What I want to teach everyone who will listen to me is to tell them – to convince them – that the so-called “absent” states are just as real as the present states. If man, the spectator, could only enter into these so-called “absent” states – these images in his imagination, – “approach them on the fiery chariot of his own contemplative thought” (from A Vision of the Last Judgement by William Blake) – if he could enter into these states and give to the state the sensory vividness that he now gives to this, and give it all to his imagination; if he could give it all the tones of reality we now give to this, using our senses, it would clothe itself in what we call “objective” reality.

Here in this audience tonight there is a gentleman. He started a business in Chicago in March of this year. If you knew the market in the month of March as you know it today, it was at the lowest point in years. Stocks tumbled and tumbled day after day, many dropping ten or fifteen points a day; and on paper billions and billions were lost. As far as the mind goes, they were lost. There was no market to raise money for business. He needed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to launch this business. It is a manufacturing business, manufacturing special instruments – technical. No one had any money, – no individual, no group.

He went through the month of March, April; and then in May he called me from Chicago to tell me he was too close to picture. He couldn’t use his imagination because he was too close to it, and all the negative arguments the papers gave you, the brokers gave you, friends would give you, – everything printed that the financial situation gave you looked forward to a greater and greater depression. He couldn’t stop it. So, I heard what he had to say: he wanted two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I said, “All right, I will hear it for you. I will now reverse the entire conversation from you wanting two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to a conversation that tells me that you have your two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and I will persuade myself of this so-called ‘invisible,’ and therefore unreal state. When I am self-persuaded of the reality of what the world would say to be unreal, it’s done, and it will not fail! I will do it now.”

So, he hung up. I did not leave the ‘phone until I was self-persuaded that he had called me and told me of the good news that he had his two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to launch this new venture in these special things that he is making.

Well, he is here in the room tonight, and last night he gave me a letter setting forth the highlights of this entire state. I have given you the first three: it was incorporated in the month of March. The need was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. March and April went by; and in May he didn’t panic, but everyone simply turned him down. There was no such thing as a money market.

Then he called me, and I’ve told you the exact conversation between the two of us. He is here in this City now; and in this statement he said: “Out of the blue, a broker called me and told me he heard of this new venture, he had investigated it, examined it, and he would like to underwrite it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” which he agreed to.

As he agreed to have this company underwrite it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, friends then called and asked if they could buy a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of shares when he had shares to sell; and to that, he agreed.

So, his need was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and he has raised between the call in May and this day three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And they say because of the market, because of this, or because of that, it can’t be done.

“All things are possible to God” (Matthew 19:26), but man worships a false god. Man hasn’t the slightest concept who God is! “God is not a God afar off”; God is not even near, for nearness implies separation. And He is in the very midst of me. He is my own true identity! My own I-AM-ness, – that’s God! He actually, literally became as I am with all of my weaknesses – with all of my limitations, that I may be as He is without limitations, without weakness. So, He is not pretending that He is me. He is not pretending that He is you. He literally emptied Himself of His infinite wisdom and power, and assumed the restrictions of man; and then finally He awakes within man, and Man is the one that awakes within Him. God and man are One. That little line of demarcation between the two when man in his dream worships a false god is all removed, and then hen knows who God really is.

So, He’s dreaming now – dreaming your life. One day He will awake from the dream of life, and then you will know Who-You-Are! You will know that you are that central figure in Scripture called the Lord Jesus Christ, for the name will unfold itself within you, and the ultimate revelation of that name is “God the Father”! And because He is God the Father, you will see His son in your presence calling you, “Father.” You will know you are his father, and he will know that he is your son, and there will be no uncertainty as to this relationship between you and the Son of God, whose Son is your son.

Now, until it happens, test it. We are invited to test Him. “Come, test yourself and see. Do you not realise that Jesus Christ is in thee?” (Second Corinthians 13:5, Revised Standard Version)

Does man realise it? If he is honest with himself, he will say, “No, I don’t realise it.” But nevertheless, he is invited to test it to see if he really is in him. Why? Because “all things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1:3)

Well, if that is true and someone tells me that my own wonderful human imagination is God, and that what is imagined is as real as what my senses now dictate; that I can give to that unseen state a reality that will project itself upon the screen of space and become as real as anything now on the screen of space, and share that reality with others, can I do it? Well, I did it in this case. I did morning, noon and night; and I am not different from any person born of woman. I have found the True God!

As we are told: “Choose this day whom you will serve.” Joshua answered himself: “I have chosen the Lord, I and my household.” (Joshua 24:15) Then Israel said, “We, too, will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:18) He said, “You are witnesses against yourselves. You will serve the Lord?” (Joshua 24:22)

You cannot bow your knee before anything in this world when you have chosen the True God. The True God is within you, and that Being within you is your own wonderful human imagination.

Now, give to your imaginal acts tones of reality, and see how they project themselves in your world and become real. But if they do it and it will become a fact, well reason tells them, No, it would have happened anyway.

A friend of mine, my dentist, bought his home seventeen years ago. It was his first home. he got it for twenty thousand dollars in the hills of Hollywood. It was a lovely home; it was once owned by Kaiser’s son. In fact, I think he built it. it was very, very big, nicely constructed; not a large area, but – oh, what a view! A beautiful view. He did improve it somewhat; he put in a swimming pool and made a few structural changes, but he didn’t spend in excess of ten thousand dollars in the seventeen years that he lived there in making certain changes. That meant he had a home of thirty thousand dollars.

Then came the present moment that he wanted to unload it; but, like all people, they read the papers and make concepts of what a thing is valued at. He paid twenty and spent ten; but he lived there, and naturally he paid taxes and these things, but he didn’t have rent to pay. So, he began to put more and more value on the house, and he finally got it to seventy-five thousand dollars. That’s what he wanted for it.

Then he spoke to me about it. I said: “I haven’t the slightest concept of the value of a home. the only home that I have called ‘my home’ was really my Mother’s home. I left home when I was seventeen and a half; it was the only home I’ve ever really felt was home, for I’ve only rented since then. I have rented apartments, rented homes; but they have never been my ‘home.’ So, I have no concept of the value of these homes. You are asking seventy-five thousand for it.”

Well, for one solid year he gave it up to this party, to that party, to the other party; they all showed it, but no one came up with anything near seventy-five thousand. I said to him one day at the pool, “Do you really want to sell it?”

He said, “Deep down in my heart, no. it has been a lovely home.”

I said, “Do you sleep in it every night? I know you do physically, but do you sleep elsewhere in your imagination, and view this home from that assumed state? Well, if you had sold it, you couldn’t sleep in it, – you would have sold it. And if you sold it, you would be sleeping elsewhere; and because you had had the experience of this house, you would view it from the place that you now occupy, and see it as something you had formerly owned that is now owned by someone else. If tonight you sleep in a state other than this state and view this house from that state, you will sell it. But you must, first of all, want to sell it. You want to let it go.”

Well, the husband wanted to sell it. I said, “Where would you go?”

“Well, at our age we would not get another home. We’d move into an apartment. It would be cramped for us, but nevertheless we would move into an apartment.”

So, they went down to see the Le Brea apartments, and they saw one they liked on the tenth floor, and it was just the answer to their prayer, but they wouldn’t move unless they sold.

I said, “Well, now, sleep there tonight. You’ve seen the place. You can’t take all of this furniture, but you are going to take the best pieces; you’ll make a lovely job of it, and you will sleep in that place. There are two bedrooms and two baths, and it is adequate for the two of you. You have no offspring. You can’t take your animals there. That, I do know. So, you will have to let go of the dogs, let go of the turtle, let go of the parrot, – let go of all these things that you have around you. You will find homes for them. But you must sleep there tonight and view this home from that place.”

A total stranger, within the month, – no agent came, – a total stranger (he didn’t have to pay an agent) came and saw it, like it, and paid him in cash to get out within thirty days. Now he is in the new apartment where I saw him and dined with him just about a month ago. He unloaded the house within one month at seventy-five thousand dollars in cash; and this is supposed to be a depressed market where you can’t find people with cash because all the things have gone down. He found it!

You will find it first in your imagination. That’s where you find it. And then you clothe it with the tones of reality, and you clothe it with all the sensory vividness that you can give that image.

“ If the spectator could enter into these images in his imagination, approaching (that image) on the fiery chariot of his (own) contemplative thought, (as if he made) a friend and a companion of one of these images,…then he would rise from his grave,”- Well, this is a grave, - “then he would be happy in it (his new choice, his new state).” (from A Vision of the Last Judgement by William Blake)

So, in one month he sold it for the seventy-five thousand and moved out. He had to give up half of the things he had, because he couldn’t use them in the smaller area. Now in seventeen years you know, if you have a home or even an apartment, what you accumulate. We accumulate and accumulate like a pack rat! Well, that’s what he did. Now he has this lovely apartment, and he’s blissfully happy, so he tells me.

So, my friend here tonight, he got his three hundred and fifty thousand, and Jim unloaded his home that he only paid twenty for, for seventy-five thousand. I don’t question people’s right to ask seventy-five thousand or a hundred thousand or a million. I only ask that they do it within the frame of the Golden Rule. Would you have it done unto you? Well, then, you can do it.

When I start a business – I have no desire to start a business; but if I had a desire to start a business and it needed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, I wouldn’t’ think that strange. I would go into a bank, if I had confidence in what I could do, and try to raise the money. Well, he couldn’t raise it. But, “out of the blue,” a broker now underwrites the whole thing for two hundred and fifty thousand. And then friends want to buy; and they have investigated the nature of the business, and they want to buy another hundred thousand dollars’ worth of stock, which he agreed to. He has this three hundred and fifty thousand pledged.

So, I say the Dreamer in man is God, and He is the dreamer, – not one with the “I” of waking. The “I” that wakes is confined to the senses, and he thinks this is the real world, and he rationalises everything in the world; when, really, everything you see in the outer world was first only an image in the imagination. There isn’t a thing that is now true as fact that was not once only imagination – not a thing in the world. Every external so-called concrete fact has a spiritual cause, and not a so-called physical cause. The physical cause only seems; it is a delusion of the fading memory.

Now today, even after a month, Jim now thinks that it didn’t happen because he slept in his apartment before he physically occupied it. He thinks it would have happened anyway. Well, he thinks, now this man – out of the blue – he heard of this thing – he wanted to get away from Bel Aire, – he wanted to leave that environment and come to the hills of Hollywood all by himself because the place is all alone right up on the very top of these mountains. Now he justifies it, and he thinks that this thing would have happened anyway, “in spite of what Neville said.” And it’s only a month!

Well, you give him six more months and he’ll be convinced beyond a doubt that what he did in imagination and what his wife did had no bearing whatsoever upon the sale. But that is the story told throughout the Bible.

“Were there not ten of you, and only one has returned to say thanks?” (See Luke 17:14-18) Well, the other nine thought it would have happened anyway. No, not a thing could cure them of their leprosy; and one spoke and it became a fact. And he kept on going. It wasn’t done because he did it, – it would have happened anyway.


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Neville's Lectures, Volume Eight, 26 Undated Lectures, Australian English Editio

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Neville's Lectures, Volume Eight, 26 Undated Lectures, Australian English Editio Neville's Lectures, Volume Eight, 26 Undated Lectures, Australian English Editio