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Never Cheat a Cheetah

Never Cheat a Cheetah

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Tawret

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  • Chapter Three*

Donna “Swift” Linton

[_“Oh, my Isis! George! Somebody call an ambulance quick, please!!” I nearly retched and lost just about each and every ounce of the pure bile and acid present in my fortunately empty stomach at the site of my one and only kin laid out like a broken ragdoll on the curb of that church gravesite; damn near soaked from his head to his toes in blood pouring so fast and so thick the spots in his usual brightly tinted yellowish coat were now dull and matted with crimson. Who in the ungodly, unholy Egyptian name of fuck could do this to an innocent and sweet young at heart cheetah, and one of the best possible older brothers that any living being still inhabiting this planet could ever dream of asking for? “It should’ve been me, Sekh.” I had said back at the restaurant in Philly, sometime or two after his tragic passing. “I should’ve been the one to take the fall. Not George.” “Careful now, darling.” The snail brained one time disgustingly spat. “You don’t wanna end up like that little brother of yours do you?” _]I sat up briskly in my bed with one hell of a start; my heart pounding and my stomach muscles tightening as I struggled to regain control of my more than rapid gulps of air as I sprung quickly to my feet in attempt to readjust to my surroundings. Before I could make an attempt to collect any of my thoughts however, there was a sudden brisk knock on my bedroom door and Jenni gingerly stepped in, still dressed in only her bra top and bed robe before stating urgently, “Donnie, Dad just walked in. He wants all of us to come downstairs to the dining room as quick as we possibly can.”

Never Cheat a Cheetah

  • ISBN: 9781370571383
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-23 09:20:05
  • Words: 361
Never Cheat a Cheetah Never Cheat a Cheetah