Never Can Say Goodbye

Never Can Say Goodbye

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Emma Vardaman

“This is the place.” Mixy pointed out with a finger to Donna as she

turned the bus van steadily up the small gravel paved road to an equally

diminutive and rinky dink McDonald’s type establishment by the name

of, “Lone Star Diner” splattered widely with huge Southern Pride

confederate flag style lettering all across the front like a neon sign.

Leslie was the first to file out along with Jera and Sekhmet at her side.

“Alright, listen up.” She began in her usual authoritative motherly tone.

“This fool we’re getting ready to run into is a straight up sadist. I need

us all to be on our best alert and heads on a swivel. She gives us shit,

boom. We’re giving her lead. And if anything happens, don’t at all stop

coming at her with the most and absolute full on force animally

possible.” “Shit, I’m alright with that.” Taniel said, smugly pumping her

SPAS-12. “Amen to that, sister girl.” Penny said to my left, cracking her

knuckles in anticipation. I nodded quickly in agreement. “Hopefully, we

can also grab a bit of quick bite or two while we’re in.” I said, as my

stomach let out a throaty growl right up along with Gevo’s to my near

right. “Strictly just business and business alone this time around, my

kamrats.” Jera dejected sweetly in her usual tingly Swedish way. “Well,

guess we really don’t got nut tin else ta lose here, now do we?” Karmen

chimed in. “Let’s get ta rockin, rafiki’s.” We all filed in slowly into the

establishment behind our elder lieutenant, Leslie’s graceful lead as she

silently held wide open the old western era style saloon door until

Wendy, as usual, was the very last one entering before letting it softly

thunk close behind her as she steadily approached the receptionist

behind the front counter. “Would you ladies like a table or two?” She

asked, surprisingly genuine, and not at all even a bit phased by all the

open carried weapons displayed visibly in plain sight around the room.

“I can set you all up with a good old govern mentee discount.” That’s

when Leslie almost immediately went into motherly overdrive and

flipped all of her shit right then and there. “So, you all are the sick,

twisted, bigoted motherfuckers my poor panda friend Mixy’s been

telling me and all the rest of my crew about ungratefully disrespecting

her business here due to the simple fact of you cowards thinking she

quote, unquote, “Don’t belong here”, huh? Well, we got more than a

little something for ya here, ya fucking jive turkeys.” “Oh, I sincerely

think you’ll think at least a bit more than twice before doing that, Officer

Thompson.” “Try me.” Leslie chuckled darkly with a sadistic grin. At

that very exact moment after all was said and done, the rattlesnake’s

once calm and friendly looking gold tinted eyes suddenly went of bright

shade of pure danger red and before any of us could even ponder upon a

proper reaction, a blood curdling howl escaped from the muzzle of

Leslie and the acids of my stomach churned in utter disgust, rage, and

horror as this bitch whom I now formidably knew as the crazed redneck

music producer, Eliza Evans, clamped her deceitful fangs down hard on

the fellow she-wolf’s exposed right arm. I growled ferociously before

raising my Chi-raq slugger. “You insolent asshole!” I screamed before

letting her fully have it with each heavy Jackie Robinson style swing.

When I was just about completely sure she was sincerely down for the

count and Wendy confirmed it with a tiny bit of overkill, we both rushed

quickly back over to Leslie; who’s strikingly brilliant mud brown fur

was now dulling rather quickly to a shade of sickly leafy oakre. Her

breath was coming out now in slow, rasping wheezes and her usual

vibrant golden yellow eyes had now lost their vivaciously vibrant glow.

“Stay with me, sister.” Nikki ensured, holding her head steady in a

sisterly like cradle in her arms as Jessica began shuffling her feet in an

edgy half pace around the room at her side. “Fire and Rescue’s steadfast

on their way. You hang in there and fight goddamn it, all the way until

they get here. You hear me?!” “You…” She forced out. “You all

remember what I said during the fire back at Mwezi’s place?” “Be the

strongest.” Sekhmet began to steadily repeat, tears welling heavily in her

ruby red eyes as she and Leslie both began to chant it slowly in unison.

“If one of us just so doesn’t happen to make it back out before help

arrives, I want you to know that that someone will always be smiling

upon you from somewhere else here on this earth forever, always, and

eternity.” “Yes. You got it, my sweet little sis.” Her breathing began to

rapidly slow just as the loud and clear sounds of sirens could finally be

heard howling up the little Patuxent street corner in the distance.

“Kwaheri, my kin.” She exhaled out in almost a low whisper. “See you

all in the next chosen life.” My heart nearly stopped right dead in its

very tracks and a chrous of sobs, howls, and mournful cries could be

heard all around the room as Leslie’s fluttering eyes closed one last time

and one could literally feel her very spirit escape from the mortal body

of its former owner as it continued its journey fertililly onto the very

next stage of reincarnation, known as what we all are familiar with as

the life selection stage.

Never Can Say Goodbye

  • ISBN: 9781370236237
  • Author: Mixy Boothroyd
  • Published: 2016-08-04 03:20:06
  • Words: 992
Never Can Say Goodbye Never Can Say Goodbye