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Network Romeo


Acknowledgements and some thoughts

First of all I thank my creator and my loving God for giving me this talent of writing a book. Here’s thanking all those who helped me with the book.

Shalini Raolot ,My Rajasthani friend for inspiring me to write this book. I show my thanks by giving her name and her profession to the heroine of this story.

Secondly, my close friend Raj because he was indirectly my inspiration and I wrote the character Mara keeping him in mind. Also my school friend Sudarshan, the character Roshan is dedicated to him and also my College band “Fascinating five” and “Pitch Perfect”. I thank my friends Lakita, Shiney, Dakshina for being a support to me whenever I needed help. My juniors Abirami and Ragunath for always supporting me in whatever I do.

A special thanks to my dear friend Mithun for helping me with the cover picture of this story.

All the charcters in the book are purely fictional and does’nt mean to hurt anybody in any way.

Thanks for reading this book



Every boy’s wish is to get a girlfriend, get settled, achieve his dreams and lead a happy life. Well I’m also one of them. My name is Yash Davidson. I’m a typical south Indian guy!! Music is my passion and thank God I got my career based on it!! I’m actually a middle class citizen from Coimbatore and I too had a love story and a life!!! I want to share these beautiful moments with everyone! I did my schooling at a famous boy’s school, so generally I don’t know how to deal with girls! This is a story which happened when I was completing my final year engineering studies. In this story you can see two girls who made a difference in my life. ”Why is the book titled network romeo?” Simple reason is the fact that I did most of the romance in the network than in person .How I met my princess and my childhood Hollywood idol is still a medical miracle!!!

This story is about My Shalini, My Past life, and My Career.

“Life isn’t winning your Love,

It’s losing to the one you love”

My story is pretty simple! Romance is possible even if you are separated by a distance!! When there’s a love factor!!

In my case it’s social networking

Well here it begins!! My network romance!


My dad called “Idiot, why are you not getting ready for the Christmas function”

“How horrible!! My holiday starts and dad wakes me at 8 am in the midnight”

Sluggishly half angry and half afraid that my dad’s temper may rise I got ready for the Christmas function. Since my dad is working in a social organization, he had to attend all social oriented functions. Since it was a Christmas function organised at one of the biggest slum areas in Coimbatore, he needed my help in distributing necessary goods for children as Christmas gift. As many important people will come to that function, I put on my favourite Peter England shirt with an Allen-Solly jacket. Well wearing such branded dress gives me lot of happiness but my parents can’t afford much of them. I rushed in to my Maruthi car as dad was already waiting for a long time. In ten minutes, we reached that slum area in Coimbatore. It is generally not a beautiful place, but that day it was stunning with Christmas decorations. After sometime the function started with some beautiful performances from small children. Well!! If they had an opportunity they will really be stars. Then when the function was getting over, I distributed the gifts for them. Well that smile from child’s face I will remember forever. I felt so happy!! A cute little girl came to me hugged me tightly and kissed me. I really felt ashamed! I would have missed such a beautiful day if my dad hadn’t called me. When my mind was crowded with these thoughts I saw a girl staring at me. She had a fair complexion, bright eyes, and pink lips wearing a casual pink top with a simple black jeans. I was stunned because I had never seen such a beautiful girl in my life!! Then suddenly I heard my dad shouting to me!!! I had to leave it seems. When I was leaving the place I saw my friend Maradona chatting with that girl. If Mara knows her then it will be easy to find who that girl is. After I reached home, I called him.

Hey Mara!!

Ya da tell me

Today morning did you come to come to the slum area’s big Christmas function

Yes!! Did you come there?

Ya!! Hey I have a favour to ask you.

You always call me only when you need my favour!!Tell idiot!!

Hey this morning u were chatting with a girl on function today, who’s she?

I always chat with many girls machi!! Which girl are you talking about?

Dey that girl was wearing a pink shirt black jeans?

Oh! Ya ya I know! She’s my cousin in a way!!

Hmmm…! What’s her name?

Sola mudiyadhu poda! I won’t tell you that


Set aagadhu da!!It won’t work!! U have already been in a big trouble once! Listen to me!!

Please da? At least tell her name!

Ok fine!!! Give a treat at McDonalds tomorrow then I will tell you! I have some work catch you later bye!!!

Dey!!! Just say the name!!!!

Before I could reply, the phone beeped! That idiot ended my call!!How dare he asks me treat for knowing a girl’s name!! Wait till I get to know the girl!!

Next day that crazy goose was eating chicken burgers and French fries more than usual! After all it’s my money!! I got myself a coke and sat next to him.

Dey Mara! Please tell about that girl! I gave what you asked!

Her name is Shalini da!! A girl from Rajasthan but She’s studying in Bangalore!

Hey! Is she in any social network?

Ya! Her Facebook ID is Shalini Rajput Hima! But believe me she has protected her Facebook profile da!! U can’t send her request!!

Then what’s the use of you!! Introduce me idiot!!

Ya like I have no other thing to do

Please please please?

Yash! She is my relative and her parents are North-Indians so they don’t stay in contact that much. She just came to the function yesterday because she had a little project work it seems!! We chat rarely.

Oh! I see!! Any other way of communicating her?

Ya she often put posts on instagram! Since I follow her I get notified!!

Ok thanks!!

“Yash! It won’t work out”

Why Mara, Is she bad?

No da!! She’s very good!! But she doesn’t like the south Indian traditions and cultures I think.

Ok! I can try to change that!

The next important thing is that she is filthy rich!! She has about five cars in her home!! Even if she agrees, I don’t think her parents will be happy about you!!

Well!!I will marry only Shalini Idiot!!Not her parents or her money!!

I can’t debate with you!

Ha ha that’s right!!

Are you sure this is the girl you want in your life?

Yes da! I know! She has an aura of mystery surrounding her!! I want to live in that!!

You are blabbering idiot!!

Yeah! Perhaps I am!

You have already failed in love once??

So what!! I’m trying to forget that!!

Ok Yash!! I’ll help you anytime on this!!But please be careful.

I will da!!Don’t worry!

And don’t ever tell that I only gave you the details

Ya sure!! U can count on me

Ok da! Thanks for the treat!! Gotta go!!

Well!! I got all the information that I needed!!Giving that idiot a treat was not a bad idea after all!! So Shalini is a rich girl from Rajasthan huh? Well I may not be rich but I do have a certain something in me which keeps me apart from everything!!

Well there’s no harm in trying a beautiful girl!! Is it?


I rushed home opened my instagram account and searched for Shalini Rajput Hima. I found her profile and liked all the pictures that she had uploaded “Wow she’s really a beautiful girl! Hope she likes me” .I thought of finding her in Facebook also! So I searched and found her profile. “She has protected her profile as Mara said, but still it has message option” I smiled. I left her a hello message on both Instagram and Facebook.

(SPOILER ALERT: Colloquial chats are replaced with a narrative format for better understanding)

It was night of 23rd December. I received a facebook message from Shalini!

Hi may I know who this is?

I’m Yash! I’m close friend of Mara, I saw you day before yesterday on the Christmas function. I just want to be your friend!

Oh! Ok ok!!

Well Advanced Christmas wishes to you and your family!!

Oh I see, hmmm…..

So are you from Rajasthan?

Ya, but I’m not Shalini!! I’m her sister Avni!!


She’s not at home, I’m using her profile.

Oh okay

So are you South Indian?


Do you have girlfriends?

Ya I have many girlfriends Avni!! After all “A girlfriend a day keeps sorrows at bay “

Ha ha so funny! So all your girlfriends are South Indian huh?

No Avni!! I have different girls from different states!

Huh! So who’s your recent girlfriend?

I forgot!!

So you are not serious for them huh Yash?

Hey girlfriends in my context refers to friends who are girls!! Not what you think!!

If u don’t mind! Can I know your age?

Ya sure Avni! I’m twenty!


What? You think my age is great?

Ha ha no!!Your mind is great plus totally wierd

Ok Avni! How old are you?

You think a girl will tell you that?

Fine Avni!! Atleast your birthday?

Ya june 14

Ok tell me about your sister


Well I just saw her yesterday and she was beautiful.


Nothing! It’s not often that I get to see a beautiful girl

Hmm so what you going to propose her or something

No not like that that

Then what all the boys will say the same thing first

Not like that awni just tell Shalini that I want to be her friend!!

Hmm ok but I don’t think she will react to anyway

Hmm ok leave that


Why the weird name awni?


You don’t understand English also?

Arey mental you trying to make fun of me huh?

Yes obviously! Ha ha!

What about your name? You think that’s the most beautiful name in the world?

Of course! It’s the most beautiful-er-est name in the entire Milky Way galaxy

Gosh! You are too much

Ha ha just kidding

Hmm so what are you doing in these holidays?

Cartoons and stuff

Grow up kid!

We’ll have you watched batman

Ya the movies I saw and it was nice

Great I love Batman!! So how do you pass time awni?

Eating shopping and sleeping

You are kind of fun like me


Ya I would like to see how you look

Actually Yash…………………..

Tell me?

I’m Shalini!!

Huh? You played with me?

Boring that’s why

That’s silly

Ha ha not more silly than you


So you lied to me till now?

After that I didn’t get any reply from Shalini. My mind was filled with thoughts about why she had played with me. Anyway on the other hand I was happy that she had replied me. And without my knowledge I fell asleep!!

The next morning!! I looked at phone as I had slept unknowingly yesterday!! I saw lots of sorry messages from her fb profile!

So everything you told is false huh? U lied to me huh?

Only my name Avni was a lie Yash!!Everything else I told was truth only!

Why did you lie to me? You could have directly said I don’t know you and blocked me?

Well actually I wanted to make fun of you. But I found that it’ll be really great to have you as my friend!!


Ya of course Yash!!!

Ok then add me as a friend in facebook. I can’t send friend request you know.

Yup wait a second ill give you request.

Hmm ya accepted thanks!

Na don’t mention it.

Then? Where are you now?

I returned to Rajasthan!!

Hmm oh I see

Do you know Hindi?


Bikul Bhi ni aati??

Un manasula ena di nenachitu iruka????


Ha ha!! Tit for tat!

Ha ha!! You are a funny weirdo!!

So what are you currently studying?

I’m doing a course in fashion Designing

Oh wow that’s great!! Which coll?

ICAT Bangalore.

Hmm!! So do you really have a sister named awni or……..

Na I just made that up

Ok so you do designs and make dresses?

Not exactly. But yes that also

Great I would love to see some designs you made

Ya sure…………………………….. (pic)(pic)(pic)

Hey the skirt and the top of the dress is not even 10cms!!

Ha ha!! You are funny!!My model said that the dress is too big for her. So I’m going to alter it!

That’s weird!!

I have my Fashion show on Jan 23!! Please pray for me ok?

Ya sure!! I have a doubt Shalini?

Yeah what is it?

You mean the dress you sent me now is what the model will wear for fashion show? Really?

Ha ha yeah!! I will send you the pic after the photo-shoot!

Sema!!! I’m waiting!!

What does sema mean?



What? Is that a bad word?

No silly!! Its means a different way of saying thank you!!!

So this continued for a long time!! We don’t know what we talked!! We just said things whichever came in mouth!! We chatted like ten year old friends!! It was really magical.


At last it was Christmas!! It was a beautiful day!! Went to church at 4am in the morning!! It was a small church but it was beautifully decorated and full of happy faces. After the service got over, I left a message for Shalini that she was my beautiful Christmas present which I didn’t expect!!! Then I had no time for my phone because my dad and wanted me to help them in distributing sweets to the neighbours .After I got free I checked whether she was online but she had not seen my previous message itself so I carried on with my work. Later at night I received a message from her on Facebook

You call me christmas present Yash?

Ya why?

How dare you compare me with a non-living object?

Ok you are my beautiful Santa

Huh? There is a lady Santa claus?

Ha ha no ok!!

Tell me what you want for Christmas. You said that I am your santa

Will you be my best friend forever Shalini??

Of course I will

Do you like songs?

Ya! My favourite song is tum hi ho from Ashiquii movie!!

Oh I see!! Do you sing? I am a musician you know

That’s great! So what you play instruments or just sing?

Both actually! I play guitar and piano

Hmm sounds interesting ok so you are studying?

Ya obviously otherwise they won’t give food at home

Ha ha!! What are you studying in college?

Computer science engineering!

Oh! Engineering huh!! That will be difficult na? I hate everything which has maths in it!!

Ya I agree!! I have two arrears in that paper!!

Seriously Yash! Before college I was dumb at maths!! Luckily I passed.

Ya very difficult! But my parents said that girls will marry only boys who has that BE or MBBS degree!!

Ha ha!! So you are studying BE to get married somehow?

Not like that! I’m studying for my parents wish.

Awww!! Cho chweeet!! So what are you doing?

Actually, I’m drinking Horlicks Shalini.

So you will be Einstein soon!!

No!! I always wanted Horlicks as powder. I like to steal it from my house at night.

Ha ha!! So cute!! Wish I could join you!!

You can join anytime!

I’m enjoying talking to you!!

That’s really sweet of you.

You know why, Yashie baby?


You are like a mirror!! You don’t have a selfish motive in talking to me!!

Actually my nature is my biggest disadvantage!!

Why? I don’t feel so!!

I got rejected by a girl once because of that!!

Awww!! That girl is the most unlucky person in the world!!

Thanks for saying that!

That girl will realise one day!! This world is full of betrayals and you are far away them.

Really? Thanks a lot!!

Stop it pagal!!!

What does pagal mean???

Means you are mad!! Pagal

Ok Shalini! How did you believe I am good?

You are somewhat good compared to other guys I have met.

Me? Good guy?

Ya pagal!! According to me you are very cool!!

Hmm……ok Shalini!! Are you in what’sapp Shalini?

I am in all social networking sites!!

So you are also a network paithiyam huh??


Mad I mean!!

Give me your number. I will text you in what’sapp if I trust you completely.

Well okay. My number is 9357128468.

So this continued till the end of December. Shalini always liked to chat with me on something. And I too loved it. Tomorrow, it was going to be a new year! So I thought of surprising her by doing something to make her smile. I called my friend Serene to give me some ideas to impress her.

“Serene!!!!Please help me!! I want to surprise Shalini somehow! Tell me what a girl will like?”

A girl has likes for many things unimaginable

Huh okay but how can I impress her on fb?

You draw and sing well Yash so why don’t you draw a picture of her and maybe even compose a song for her?

But I can’t send her songs in Fb na?

Ya ask her whats’app number

I gave my number but she hasn’t given her number yet but anyway thanks for your help Serene!!

You are always welcome!!

After that I downloaded her image from Facebook and started sketching her. It took about two hours, but it was worth it. I took my guitar and tried to compose a song. I don’t how to frame lyrics in a song, but somehow I managed to get a melody in guitar. I tried to put the things she said and did into the song and the song goes like this

“Shalini! Shalini!

Thanks for being a friend with me!

You’re my Santa and Avni,

Thanks for being with me!

You made me smile and I made you wild

Thanks for bringing the best in me!!”

This song is the first song I ever composed for someone! I recorded the song and took a photo of the sketch. I sent it to all my close friends and they said that it was cool. So I was excited to surprise Shalini for the New Year.

At 9pm, I received a Facebook call from Shalini. I was surprised and didn’t know whether to attend the call because my parents were sleeping in the next room. But I couldn’t reject Shalini’s call!!

“Hey Shalini!! Kese ho?”

Hey Yash!! I am fine!!

The voice was delayed due to the Facebook call, but her voice was so sweet. And I could hear some other girl’s voice giggling nearby!

Your voice is delayed Shalini. I think it’s due to the Facebook call. But, I can hear your voice and it’s so sweet.

Ahhhhh!! Stop it Yash!! Don’t lie too much!!

No it’s true!! Hey I can hear some girl’s voices nearby! Who are they??

That’s my friend ujhu bujhu!! She is just teasing as always!! Don’t mind her!!


Her name is lakita but we gave her the grand title of ujhu bujhu

Nice!! So when will you go back to Bangalore?

Next week Yash!

We chatted in phone for an hour, but unfortunately my parents had woke up to get ready for the midnight church service.

“Hey Shalini!! My parents woke up just now. I have to get ready for the midnight service at church!”

Okay!! Advanced New Year wishes baby!! Will see you next year!!

Thanks so much and wish you the same!! I have a surprise for you tomorrow!!

Oh!! What surprise??????

Wait till tomorrow sweetheart!!Good night!! See you next year!!

Before she could say anything I cut the call. I got ready for the midnight service and went to church. Everyone I know wished me for New Year and the service got over at 3am. My phone was filled with messages and texts that I had to reply them for an hour!!Even Shalini had messaged me exactly at 12am.

Next morning, I received a whatsapp message from some new person.

“May I know who this is???”

Hey Pagal!!

Shalini?? So you trusted me so soon??

Yeah!! This is also my New Year surprise for you! Now you are happy la?

Yeah more than that!! But I too have a surpise!!

I sent the image which I had drawn.

Hey I look very cute in this drawing of yours!! Thank you so much!!

Actually I have another surpise I was worried yesterday because I could’nt send that.

What surpise?

I sent her the song which I composed. After sometime she replied.

“Hey Yash!!its amazing. You really are the best!! So sweet of you to do something like this for me!!!

Don’t mention it Shalini. Im glad you like it!!

So you really did both of these just to surprise me???

Yeah of course!

Ok so do you have any girlfriend? I know you lie very well!

No not now!! I’m serious!! I don’t! Do you have a boyfriend???

So you had before huh? Ok! I have a boyfriend his name is Ranveer Sharma!!

I got a picture message from Shalini!! In that was a boy who was looking greater than a Bollywood hero!! I regretted myself for asking that!! I look good but I’m nothing when compared to the boy in the photo. I felt horrible! I chatted with her, but I was not normal as usual. She said a lot of things about her boyfriend. But I didn’t notice that much.

Next morning I received a lot of Facebook notifications!! It showed Shalini liking my profile pic and also a message

Yash? So found your love of life atleast now huh?

No. After I got rejected by her I lost my interest in love!!

Tell me what happened then!!Please!!

It’s actually a long story so it will take a lot of time to type! So ill message you the full story at night!!

OK! No problem! I’m eagerly waiting!!

“Get ready for my blockbuster love failure story Shalini!


“Wow I’m so excited about the culturals tomorrow! Lots of girls from different schools will come!!! Fancy playing a guitar in front of my school with all the girls looking at me!!!” with my head filled with such happy thoughts I cycled to school with guitar on my back.

“Hey!! Yash School Culturals is tomorrow!! Why are you so late!! Get serious dude!!”

“Roshan we’ll rock and roll don’t worry! Take your mike!! Hey Muneer! Give me the music score! Arun are you ready with the drums??”

Well playing guitar with my dear friends was always cool!!! That too for culturals!!It was such an awesome feeling!!We practised for hours till it was evening and then left home tired!

And the big day came! It was really cool to see different schools in Carmel Garden Boy’s school!! Interestingly, my school was filled with beautiful girls at each corner!

“Hey Yash! The function is about to start soon!!Stop looking at the girls over there you idiot”

I turned to see my friend looking angrily at me

“Sorry Roshan!!I was looking at the decorations!!

I know what you were looking at!! Now come with me fool!!

He grasped my hand and made me walk directly to the Auditorium and the speech was given inside by The Deputy Commissioner! After an inspiring speech and announcements the culturals began!!Many boys and girls came to stage and performed!! Well many songs were ridiculous and horrible!!But some schools rocked the stage!!After sometime I heard my school name getting announced! My heart was beating fast!!

“Can we win Roshan?”

Just give your best idiot!!! We will be friends even if we didn’t this culturals!!

Well I didn’t know why he said that! But I felt cheerful!! My friends looked at me with a smile in their face!!” I can even give up this entire culturals for this friendship”

We hurried to the stage and did our best!! The entire auditorium cheered for our band!!

Hey you rocked on stage Yash!! Luckily you didn’t look at a girl as usual ha ha!!

Stop it Roshan! And you sang well today than in practice!!

Just as I was speaking with my friends, I heard the most beautiful voice!! I looked at the stage and found a beautiful girl singing with a guitar in her hands!!

“Dey Arun which school is this?”

Stanes school da!!!

Oh!! Nice na?

“Ya awesome!!” Muneer replied.

Just as the song ended, All the Stanes School girls and boys shouted “Fiona rock on! You are the best!!”After she came from the stage I rushed to congratulate her for such a beautiful performance!!But she was surrounded by her school friends! After sometime when she got free I called her name.


Who are you?

I’m Yash! Awesome performance up there!!

Oh thanks! You are that guitarist and singer from this school aren’t you?

Yes! And I’m pretty excited to know the winner of the culturals

Yeah! Hey Yash! My friends are waiting for me at the canteen! See you later! Bubye!!

Saying this she left, Time passed away and culturals came to an end.The organiser came to the mike and announced the winners

The runner-up of this culturals is


…………………………………………Carmel Garden

That moment I don’t know whether to feel sad or happy! We made it so close yet we didn’t win! My friends also felt the same I think!! We went to the stage and got prize from the Deputy Commissioner!! I just smiled at him and said thank you. He came close to my team and whispered that he actually wanted us to win!! That comment made me blush with pride for having such a wonderful group and when I saw my school friends and teachers shaking their hands! I cried with joy!! I really didn’t feel bad after losing!!

When I came down the stage, the organizer shouted

“And the winner of the State Culturals is


…………………………………………….Stanes school!!

Fiona went up the stage with two of her band members and got the first prize of the Culturals!! I saw Fiona looking at me from the stage!! I fell for her that moment she smiled and looked at me from the stage!

She was soon surrounded by her school friends the moment she came down stage. The Culturals got over with a National Anthem and everyone started leaving my school including Fiona! I rushed to her!

“Hey Fiona!!Congratulations for winning the prize!!Happy for you!!

Hey you too man!!

Can I ask you something?

Yeah sure! But be quick! I have to leave soon.

Are you in Facebook?

Yeah! Fiona Richards!

Cool!! See you in Facebook Fiona!!By the way, you have an amazing voice!!

Ha ha thanks!! Bye Yash!!

She left immediately in her school bus. I was still standing at that place looking at the empty space!!Just then Roshan shouted

“Dey fool? When you came you were looking at the girls now looking at the empty area where girls stood!! What happened to you? Stop daydreaming and let’s go to KFC! My treat!”

After the treat I went home. Since I was preparing for my board exams, my parents didn’t get me a mobile!! So generally after everyone slept, I go to my computer and view my Facebook page!

I searched Fiona Richards in the search box and I got her profile! I sent her a request! Left a message!!

“Hey Fiona nice to see you in Facebook!! At which time will you be free? Coz I’m not allowed to use mobile at home!!It will be great to chat with you!!Waiting for your reply”

After that I closed my Facebook profile thinking about her and eventually I dozed off soon!!

Next Day was a local holiday, so I decided to go to my close friend’s home! I did the work which my parents wanted me to do and then came to Roshan’s house.

“Hello aunty! How are you? Where is Roshan?

I’m fine Yashu kuti!! Roshan is sleeping!!

Still huh? Ok aunty!! Don’t get me wrong if I wake him up

If you do that you’ll have your favourite bajji!!!

Ha ha yeah sure thing!!

I went to Roshan’s room and saw him sleeping like a log on the bed and his sheet scattered on the floor!! I caught his leg and pulled him to the floor!!He woke up with a start and started to beat with me his pillow!!Silly Guy!! He scolded me and then got ready in ten minutes. He had breakfast and I had aunt’s special homemade bajji!!After we finished we both sat in front of computer

“Hey Roshan can I browse in your laptop for some time? In my house it’s strictly prohibited because they say it will affect my studies!!”

Ha ha then study at night like me and browse in the morning!!

You are not human!!!Since you are the topper of the class, doesn’t mean you have to give bad advice like this!!

Ok ok!! Stop the nonsense and browse in my computer. I’ll go to the shop nearby and come soon.

After he left I logged on to my Facebook profile and saw a message from Fiona

“Hi!! Mostly I’ll be free in the evening after 4pm! Nice to see you in Facebook!”

Just perfect! I have a browsing centre opposite to my school! I can chat with her daily. I replied her “ok Fiona see you tomorrow!”

School was always fun!! Except waking up of course. I spent all my free time in the music room. I even bunked too much of the classes just because I didn’t like it. My teachers really didn’t like me that much because I didn’t have good grades!! Everyone thought of me as a dull lazy student. “Let them think whatever they want, I know I’ll rock one day”.

Classes were really boring that day! Somehow I managed to pass time and rushed to the net café browsing centre

I got a system and logged on to my Facebook profile and saw that Fiona was online

Hi Fiona!!

Hey Yash! Tell me!!

What are you doing?


So do you play guitar daily? You really played guitar well that day!

Oh! Thanks! No Yash I’m not interested in music that much. I played guitar and sang only because it was a dare I promised to someone.

I was upset why girl with such talent didn’t like music. I was really disappointed

“Then what’s your interest Fiona?

Well I love modelling and like to hang out at parties and clubs

Oh I see! What is your favourite food Fiona?

Pastries and noodles

Oh great! Do you like batman?

So this went on daily for a month until the day came when everything changed!!


“Hey Yash!! You have failed in three subjects!! U have destroyed the reputation of our school!! I also heard that you are bunking classes! If you continue like this you’ll be suspended from school” my principal shouted. My parents were called and every teacher complained about me “My mom was crying so much that I was ashamed!! In spite of what my school said, my parents supported me and didn’t scold me! They treated with me love!!

I was ashamed. How can I be such a jerk? Well my parents supported me even when the whole thing was my fault! So I decided to study for them and I did study hard of course!! I stopped going to the net café from that day. In fact, I forgot Fiona! It was almost three months and public exams started!!

I studied day and night before the exams!! And hard work really did pay off! I got 80 percent in my board exams!!My parents were really proud of me!! The teachers who said I won’t even pass were not ready to look at me!! During the Holidays my parents got me a mobile phone and was looking for a college. Since I was idle at holidays, I remembered Fiona and thought of messaging her from my phone.

So I installed Facebook, when I logged into the account, I saw that I received lots of messages from many friends, but Fiona didn’t leave a single message. “She must have waited for me to chat” I thought! So, I left her a message and after sometime I received a message.

May I know who this is?

Hey Fiona!! This is Yash! Don’t you remember me?

Sorry! I don’t know!!

Hey we met in culturals remember? The guitarist guy?

Oh Ya! Sorry I forgot Yash!

Well it’s ok. How are you?

Ya awesome.

How was the public exams?

Ya passed all the subjects.

So we started again chatted often during the holidays. My Parents got me a seat in PSG Tech, which is one of the leading institution in Coimbatore. All my friends got a good institution! My only close friend Roshan left to Madras for his higher studies.

It was the first day of college and I was really so excited!! I waited for the college bus at the stand. When I saw my bus I was astonished!!It was like a super deluxe A/c bus. Lots of boys and girls were chattering at top of their voices! They looked at me in a weird manner, but everyone smiled! Even some of the girls smiled. I sat in a seat which was empty. After sometime a pretty girl came inside the bus. The senior students in the bus were whispering that she was a first year! “Well, I must be her friend somehow” I thought. After I reached college staff approached me and showed me my class. I went inside the class and saw that there were more of number of girls compared to the boys. It was really new for me since I had studied in Carmel Garden Boys School for more than ten years. I saw a guy waving and smiling at me. I went near him. He introduced himself as Maradona and asked me to sit near him and we both shook hands. He’s the first and also the best friend of my life! We both had fun in college and everyone liked both of us. After a week, I went inside the college bus and was most astonished to see a familiar face looking at me.

“Holy comoly!! It’s Fiona Richards!!

That whole day I was thinking about her inside the class. When college got over, I saw her walking outside my class. I rushed behind her.

“Hey Fiona!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Yash!! You are studying in this college huh? Cool!!

U really don’t know how happy I am to see you here

Ya me too!!

I saw you today morning inside the bus and was really shocked!!

Oh! I didn’t notice you in the morning. I was too excited about coll.

So made any friends?

Yeah! Everyone is kind here. Ok Yash please don’t talk with me inside the college bus because my seniors have already started to rag me

Ok Fiona! Then we will walk together to classes. You are which department?

EEE. What about you?

Computer science!

We chatted till we reached the bus, and I saw her waving to me when she reached her home!!That was totally awesome! I walked with her daily when I reached college and also when it got over! My friends in class started teasing me.

“Ha ha so you have found your girl huh? So awesome!!Fancy saying that you don’t know to behave with girls huh?”

Stop it Mara!! I know her when I was studying in school!

How come she studied in a boy’s school?

You fool!! How can you think weird like that! It’s a big story!!

My life in college was very much similar compared to the school except for girl domination!! My class had a strength of fifty students in which there are thirteen boys and the remaining were girls. Somehow I got to know everyone in my class. One day, a staff came to my class and told that there was an Annual day culturals to be held in college. “Wow! That’s awesome!! I must participate somehow” but I don’t know how I can! Because all my school band members were in different colleges. I asked my class friends including raj whether he is willing to come. But, everyone had stage fear it seems!! Then a brilliant idea came “Why not ask Fiona?”

After college got over I met her in the bus. She was busy talking over the phone with someone. So I waited outside the bus. She had ended the call in her phone.

“Hey Fiona! I would like to ask you something!”

Yeah tell Yash! What can I do for you?

Annual day is going to be held at college it seems! Are you participating?

Ya!! I was talking with in the phone with seniors just now. They wanted me to join in that so…….

Can I join too……?

No! I don’t think they will let you in the band because already their band has two guitarist

I really want to perform with you Fiona!!!

Sorry Yash! Maybe next time!

I was really upset! It was like an entire mountain falling on my head! My heart broke! I sat in my bus and was about to cry. I heard a girl calling my name inside the bus. I looked and saw that it was actually the pretty girl I had seen on the first day of my college. She came near my seat.

“Hey Yash!”

Hi! Do you know me?

Yeah very well!! By the way I’m serene and I have a favour to ask you!

Ya tell me Serene.

I know you play guitar and sing very well can you join with me for performing at the culturals?

I was really surprised! The pretty girl who I wished to be my friend comes by herself and asks me to join her band when Fiona rejected. It was all God’s plan I think! I saw Fiona staring at me from her seat! I didn’t know why! But I laughed that moment.

“Well I’ll be happy to join with you! But how do you know that I play guitar Serene?”

I have seen you at the school culturals last year! You were rocking!! I just didn’t have time to appreciate you that day.

Oh! I didn’t remember seeing you?

Well you were looking at my schoolmate Fiona!! Ha ha!!

So you are from Stanes School huh! Then why are you not talking with her in the bus?

Hey idiot! Lower your voice! That dumbo will hear what we speak! Give your mobile number!!

9357128468! So tell me about Fiona!!

We’ll speak about this later!! Happy to know that you are one of us!!! My place has come so bye Yash!

Bubye!! Nice to be your friend!!

She waved her hand and smiled. Well it was really an interesting day!! Wasn’t it?


I reached home filled with happy thoughts! The girl I wanted to be my friend asks for my number and starting my own band at college “Woah man you are the best”. Evening I received a phone call. I attended it.

Hi Yash! This is Serene!!

Think of the devil there comes! Ha ha!!”

Shut up! We have our college annual day culturals in two weeks! Do you know any musician from our college?

Well no serene!! What will you do for the culturals?

Ill sing of course. I know some friends who know music in our college! So we can perform together as a team!

Oh that sounds great!! Why don’t you invite Fiona also?

Always blabbering that idiot’s name!! Hey Yash Fiona is not good as you think! She may play guitar and sing well but she doesn’t have a heart!

Why? She chatted well with me that day Serene!!

Ya!! She flirts with any boy in the world!!

Hey don’t talk wrong about her!!!

Why? Do you love her?

Not exactly!!

Then shut up and listen to me. I know her well Yash!! We both studied in the same class. She thinks she is the best in everything so shows lots of attitude!!

Oh! But I don’t think she is bad at heart

Then why didn’t she let you join with her?

Seniors have already invited before I asked it seems

Your head is blocked!! I can’t help you Yash!! Anyway! I feel happy to have you in my team. Ill introduce you to people who know music tomorrow!!

Thanks for inviting me Serene!! Great to have you as a friend!

Ok bye Yash! See you tomorrow at college

The next day as I went inside the bus, Fiona avoided seeing me and pretended to sleep. I was disappointed just then Serene waved and smiled at me. After reaching college I waited to walk with Fiona didn’t notice me instead she walked alone to her class. Just then someone grabbed my hand.

“Hey!! I told you don’t mind her! Just come with me there is plenty of time to introduce to people who know music!!”

It was Serene of course! She took me to a class and introduced a girl named Sowmya .She smiled at me and said that she sings and plays violin also. Then she introduced me to a good looking guy named Sam. He said that he was a keyboardist.

“Hey Serene!!We have only four members in our team!!The eligible criteria for participating in culturals should be five or six members!!And my friends said that we don’t have a chance of winning them. Plus, Fiona is on their side!!

Don’t worry Yash! Believe yourself! I really loved your performance which you did in school!! I’m ready to teach Fiona a lesson!!

My head was crowded with thoughts. What if Fiona stopped speaking with me? But I really want to perform at the culturals! If I join with Serene, Fiona may even forget me. But she didn’t invite me to her band or join with me. Oh god! I’m so confused right now!

“Dey mandaya ena da peraku paathutu iruka!!Class will start soon!!”

It was my friend Mara scolding from a distance. I got to my class and sat with no peace of mind

“Dey what happened to you?”

Nothing da!

You are worried about something. Tell me da?

I told him my situation. About Fiona, school culturals Serene’s invitation and everything else. He listened everything patiently. I felt happy that some people did really care for me.

“So you want to perform in college but afraid of Fiona avoiding you huh?”

Yes!!What can I do?

If you ask me, the seniors who are performing in the stage with Fiona are talented, but they think everyone is inferior to them if you perform with the first years and win, it will teach them a lesson!!But since Fiona is involved, you make the decision

Thanks for advice buddy! Do you know someone who plays music?

Ya I know a guy named Kaushik from Mechanical department. I have seen him play Drums at a function somewhere.

Drums???Perfect!! I badly wanted a drummer for my band. I reached home and called Serene.

“I’m ready for the culturals Serene. Fiona may be the person I like but I won’t easy go on her this time!!And you know what I found a drummer for our band. We’ll start our practice from tomorrow evening at my house! Ok?

Cool Yash!! Let’s Rock this!!

We Practised in the evening every day and it sounded way too cool than my previous school band.

“You know what? This team is even better than my school team because the female voices in team blend with male voice and give a refreshing feel to it!!You all should have been in my school at that time!!

Ha ha where is the drummer you told about?

I too was thinking the same! Just then he arrived.

“Why are you late Kaushik?”[
**]Sorry dude! I was blocked by the seniors of our college!


They told me that they wanted me to play drums for a single portion of the song. I told I’m not interests in the band!!For that they mocked at me and said we had had no chance of winning them!

So rude. Don’t worry Kaushik we’ll teach them who is boss!!

So we practised sincerely every day!!Sam played the keyboard Sowmya played violin and sang. Serene sang wonderfully and Kaushik rocked on the drums!!All my team members sounded so amazing to me!!MY school band was good but my college band is more than awesome!!Fiona avoided me and didn’t reply to my messages I sent on Facebook! I know that she was very angry with me!!But I can’t give up such a beautiful opportunity of participating in culturals for a girl who didn’t even want me in her team

And Finally the Biggest Day of my college life came!!!

“Hey Yash they are asking us to decide a name for the Team”

What about Five stars or Famous Five?

No both of the names are funny Serene!!

Then what about “Facinatin’ five”?

Well it sounds nice Sowmya! Ok! It’s decided. Our Team will be from now on known as the Fascinatin’ Five!!

Ha ha ok ok I’ll register our team for the competition! Everyone don’t forget to put black shirts for the culturals tomorrow.

Ok Serene!!

It was Annual Day at last. I put on a Black shirt, ate a nice breakfast and rushed to the bus stand. My College bus came filled with a lot of people with different kinds of costume. Most of them will participate in different culturals it seems. When I was about to take my seat, I saw Fiona. She was wearing a white kurta and looked stunning. At that moment I fell for her again!! I went near her seat and called her but she pretended not to be listening. I tried again.

“Hey Fiona!!You look awesome today.

Oh sorry I didn’t notice you Yash!!

Are you angry with me on something?

Na! I was busy practising with the seniors Yash!

Okay! All the best for the culturals.

Thanks Yash! You too!!

Can I have your mobile number?

Sorry Yash!! My mobile will be monitored by my parents.

So if you are not angry on me will you message me atleast on Facebook

Ya sure Yash!

Great! So I had a chat with her. She’s not angry with me I think! Ok let the best performer win!!


The college auditorium was twice the size compared to the school Auditorium. All The seats were filled. I was really nervous because mostly the people who participated were seniors to me in the College. “God! Please let me win this Time! I badly want to win this”

The culturals started and many teams participated in my college!

Just then after some performances, a girl from MC desk announced

“Ladies and Gentleman!! Get your hands together for the Demolition six”

I saw Fiona and the seniors on the stage. And, she really looked like an angel!! The performance started, and the seniors really played very well and her voice filled the auditorium!!The whole crowd was cheering for her team. I felt nervous! “Will there be any chance for the fascinatin’ five to win?”

After their performance, some of the other teams participated and finally it was our chance to perform on the stage. My teammates walked on the stage, everyone was pretty nervous! From the stage I saw Mara Jumping on the chair shouting my name

“Machi! Come on you can do it! Kalakku da”

I just smiled and then remembered something that my friend Roshan said to me at the school culturals

“Hey Sam Serene Sowmya and Kaushik! Even if we don’t win this it doesn’t matter we will be friends no matter what! So give your best and I have that gut feel of winning this!!”

My team performed at the stage. Everyone in my team did their best!!I too gave my all! I really need to win this! When we were performing, there was a perfect silence. After our performance got over, the crowd cheered my team! When I got down the stage, some seniors came near me shook hands said that it was an awesome performance. I really felt proud of my team!!

“Hey Yash! You really rocked the stage. We may even win this competition!!”

Hope so Serene!!

The culturals followed with some dance and some rocking performances! And finally, it was the time for results.

And the second runner up goes to

………………………. “Girl Domination!!!!!!!!!”

A group of seven girls went to the stage! They really did sang well that day!

“Now the remaining two teams are Fascinatin’ Five and Demolition six!! Who’ your favourite guys??”

The crowd shouted both the names of team! I was excited to hear many people shouting for my band. I looked at my teammates. They too were really excited! Even Fiona was smiling with her teammates.

“And the winner of the annual day culturals is

…………………………….Fascinatin’ Five!!

The runner up of this competition goes to Demolition six!”

I could have cried at that moment. Me and my team went to the stage and got the prize. The team members of the demolition six got the prize and came near us and congratulated every one of us. Fiona shook hands with my team. Except for Serene!

“Hey guys!!That was an awesome performance! I missed you in my team Yash!”

Thanks Fiona!! It means a lot!! But it was a really good competition!!

You were great today!!

Thanks Yash!! Can we hang out together tomorrow?”

Yeah sure! Why not!!

She smiled and left. I was really happy!! It was even great than winning the culturals!! Serene sulked!

Yash don’t go!! She is just trying to pass time with you!

Stop it ! She congratulated every one of our team for performance and you didn’t even smile at her!

She dumped you before and just because she congratulates everyone doesn’t make her an angel!

You are rude Serene!!

Ya I’m only rude!! I feel sorry for introducing you to this team. Get lost! Don’t ever talk with me Yash

Before I could say anything, she left. I know I was too harsh on her but why doesn’t she get along with Fiona!! We’ll make up for this sometime Serene!!

The next day, I and Fiona went to The Brookfields mall and watched movie together! It was so much fun. She gifted me with a keychain from the Archie’s store. I was really happy!! I don’t know what to gift her so I got a Teddy bear for her

“Fiona!! Thanks for the keychain”

Ha ha and thanks for the teddy bear it was really so sweet of you!!

So I and Fiona spent most of the time together at college. And it was Valentine’s Day. I told Fiona to come to race course. Mara also told that he’ll come….oh! There he is!!

Dey mandaya!!

Hi da! Why did you invite me on Valentine’s Day? Do you want me to be your girlfriend?

Stop the nonsense you fool! I called you to help me with my love problem

Why do I look like a love-broker?

Shut up dude! Will Fiona accept me as her boyfriend?”

I don’t know da. We can’t understand how a girl feels! They are unpredictable!

Oh! I am afraid da. We both hangout often, but I don’t know whether she is interested on me

Just try your best! Any girl will like a weird guy like you! Ha ha!!

Stop laughing ……………..There she comes!!

All the best buddy!!Tell me what happened later! My work is done here!!

After he went, I looked at Fiona again. She was wearing a pretty red T-shirt with a black jeans!!She was always stunning in whatever kind of dress she wears.

“Hey Yash! Sorry to make you wait for a long time!!

It’s ok Fiona! I need to tell you something

Ya what is it?

I ………………….


I love you and I want you be my girl!!

There was a long pause! She didn’t say anything!!After sometime she started crying.

“Sorry! If I told anything wrong Fiona”

I love you too Yash. I fell for you the moment you won the annual day culturals! But……….

But what???

I came to tell that I’ll be leaving for Delhi tonight and won’t be able to see you for two months.

What??? You didn’t even finish your first year!!

Ya I know!!But my Dad is transferred to Delhi for a higher position in the company! He wants me to see someone there!

So you won’t be coming to the college from now?????

Ya!!I won’t come for two months. I got special permission from college just today! I know you were inviting me to tell your love Yash!!But will it be possible?

It’ll be possible Fiona!!Don’t worry!!You really love me .do you?

Yeah Yash I really do!

She came near me and gave me her sweetest hug, I started to cry. She made me stop crying there and made me sit on her scooty.

“Hey Yash! Don’t worry. I will return to you in two months!!We will keep in touch through Facebook!

Ok Fiona! Where are you taking me to?

Just relax!!

She took me to a club and we both danced together. She made me forget my sadness and I was really happy!!

“Hey Fiona you know what? This is the best day of my life!!!

Ha ha!! Funny guy!! We’ll be like this forever Yash!! But you must wait for me. Will you?

Of course my dear!

We spent time happily and as always time really flew fast!

Yash! It’s time for me to leave.

Will miss you like hell Fiona

Me too Yash! Just two months!

She came near me, hugged me tight and kissed me. I Blushed.

“Leave me a message in Facebook after you reach Gujarat ok? And Happy journey!!”

Ya sure Yash! Bye take care!

I left home, my mind filled with the magical words Fiona!! The scene of Fiona kissing me repeated continuously in my head. After that I left a message on Facebook and slept. I didn’t receive a message from her for two days. I told Mara everything. He listened and said that everything will be fine soon. I was restless in college! Serene still didn’t talk with me, so I went to her and apologised and told that Fiona accepted me. She smiled and said that she was for happy for me. But she warned me to be careful with her.Everything was fine except the fact that I missed Fiona. Two days later, I received a Facebook message from her

“Hi Yash! Sorry I was busy with some work here! Hope you are fine?”

Yeah I am fine now Fiona!!

Fiona didn’t chat often but whenever she chatted I felt happy. Everything was going fine till one day she didn’t reply my messages. I waited a week for her to reply my messages. Then one night,

“Hey Yash! Please do reply me quick!!”

Ya, I’m online now. Tell me, why didn’t you reply my messages?

Just listen to me! My dad lied to me. He didn’t get transfer or anything.


Actually my dad has got me here to introduce to Rahul Sharma’s son tomorrow! I think he wants me to marry him.

Oh God!!

I don’t know what to do Yash. My dad says that he’s wealthy and will take care of me like a queen

I too can take care of you like a queen Fiona!!Please don’t!!

I won’t idiot!! I am just going to see him tomorrow. If my dad tells something, I will tell about our love and will avoid him of course!!

Will you really do that?

Yeah of course! No matter what. I’ll be yours!!

Ok Fiona when will you come to Coimbatore?

Next week!!

We chatted for some time, and then I didn’t get a reply. She must have slept. I couldn’t sleep that night. What will happen tomorrow?

Next morning, I went to college. I was not in my usual self. I couldn’t listen to the class. I didn’t eat that day. I told Mara about what happened. He told everything will get fine soon.

After college got over, I opened my Facebook profile and was waiting for a message from her. I waited for five hours but still didn’t get a reply from her. At night, I could see that Fiona read my message, but she didn’t reply me.

“Hey Fiona please tell me what happened!! I am not my usual self today”


I continuously messaged her for about an hour but still didn’t get a reply. I was heartbroken. I don’t know what happened in Delhi.

What did she tell to that delhi guy? Did she really tell anything about me? What would have been her father’s reaction? My mind worried over these questions. Maybe she was busy that day I thought.

Next day I woke up and checked my Facebook profile, but still not a single reply. I went to college. My head was paining severely due to less sleep. I fainted in college. Somehow my friends and teachers helped me to get myself up.

I went home, after sometime I felt a better after some medicines which my mom gave. I opened my Facebook profile and got a shock. Fiona blocked my profile!! I couldn’t leave a message. I got really confused!! Days and time started to crawl like a horrible nightmare

Why didn’t she reply me yet??? My headache got worse after that. I got admitted in the hospital the next day. I told Mara that she blocked my profile. He told me not to worry because Fiona will be returning to the college in two days.

“Ok Fiona will be back in two days. I will know the reason why she didn’t reply my message and block me”

Two days later, I saw Fiona in my college bus. She didn’t look at me. I called her name, but she didn’t seem to notice me. After I reached college, I pulled her hand.

“Hey Fiona what happened to you? Why did you block my profile? What happened in Delhi?

Let go of me Yash!! I don’t have the need to tell you what happened. Now, leave me alone in peace.

I won’t let go of you until you give me the answers!!

She scolded me with bad words and slapped right on my face. The boys and girls surrounding me knew something went wrong and pulled her away. Just then I saw Serene coming towards me.

“You fool!! I already told you to be careful with her”


I couldn’t stop crying. Serene left me in my class and told that shell call me in the evening. I told everything that happened to Mara.

“Hey Yash!! Don’t worry. I’ll find out why she behaved like this!! Cheer up”.

At the evening, I saw Mara talking fiercely to Fiona. I couldn’t go there because already everyone looked at me like a criminal after I got slapped by her. I could see that Mara shouted something and left. Fiona came to my bus crying gave me an angry look and sat down. I didn’t know what was happening. I called Mara in the evening, but his phone showed a busy tone. Serene called me in the evening and I told her everything. She told she’ll find out why Fiona reacted that way. I was confused over everything that happened. I called Mara again but no reply from him. This is really the worst day of my life. Was Fiona really bad as Serene said earlier? Why didn’t Mara attend my call? Is this really the end for me and Fiona? I should wait till tomorrow to get the answers for my questions.

Next day morning, Fiona was not seen in the college bus. After I reached college, some seniors from the college approached me. I could recognise some of their faces as they were part of demolition six.

“Hey Yash! You better be careful with Fiona next time!! Otherwise you will have same fate of your friend Mara!

Why? What did you to do to him?

He scolded her harshly yesterday. Fiona told everything to me through the phone. So we taught him a lesson and now he is admitted in the hospital!!Poor guy.

I snatched the collar of that senior and was about to punch him. But the other boys nearby pulled me and that senior away from each other.

“Don’t you dare touch my friend again. If you do then you will be trouble!!”

Ha ha!!Don’t make me laugh! If I see you again with Fiona!!You won’t be alive!!Even your puny friend Mara!!

I didn’t attend college after that. I jumped out of the college fence and called Mara’s parents. They told me he had an accident but now he was resting at home. I rushed to his house.

“Dey Mara what happened to you? Your parents told that you had an accident! Tell me what happened!!”

Nothing da!! I’m fine. I want you to do a favour for me.

Yes, tell me da!!

Please forget her

Who da?


What happened yesterday? Tell me in detail!

After college got over I asked her why she ditched you. She told that she is already engaged to a Delhi guy. I scolded her. So she must have told to seniors about me. They pushed me from my bike and started hitting me luckily hostel boys came to my rescue.

It’s all because of me. Isn’t it?

No da!!The fault is not in your side. She betrayed you and I can’t stand that creep. I know how much you loved her. But she’s not really worth it dude!!

I didn’t expect this from her. She was so close to me and now…………I can’t control my tears. I poured my heart out to my friend. He consoled me and I felt better. My heart was still in anger and pain. The next day I pulled Mara and went to the seniors who had hit him

What do you want idiot? Wanna get thrashed like him?

No I demand an apology for hitting my friend

He shouted bad words and they all started to beat me

Suddenly the Principal came from nowhere and shouted at the seniors and told that they were suspended.

“Thank god yash the principal arrived otherwise u would have also got beaten up!!

You stupid! Have you seen the prinicipal appear so early? I called him yesterday and said that they were ragging.

Huh I expected Heroism from you.

Well I’m not good at martial combat or karate or kung-fu or WWE!! All I have is a good old big mouth!!

Ha ha anyway the taste of vengeance is sweet!!


I dropped Mara in his home and later in the evening, I received a phone call from Serene.

“Hey Yash!! How are you doing?

Ya I am fine. Just now came home after meeting Mara.

Is he fine??

Ya he is!! He told that Fiona was the reason behind this

I was also trying to make you understand that from the first. But you didn’t listen!!

So you know anything about Fiona’s behaviour??

Ya I know! It’s all because of her trip to Delhi. When did she stop texting you?

She told me that she was to meet a Delhi guy her father told about. After that only she didn’t reply me. In fact she blocked me.

Actually the guy she met on that day was one of the richest person in that area. She must have been flattered on seeing his wealth.

So this is the end for me and Fiona??

Unfortunately!!It’s a yes. I asked her close friend why she avoided you. She told some nonsense that Fiona had told.

What nonsense??

She said that you were not up to her standards in being modern and also that she likes only milk skinned boys.

Oh ya that’s true im not good looking and modern!

Cheer up Yash!! You are awesome. She is not the girl for you!! You will find your queen soon!!!

After that conversation, I understood what might have happened in Delhi that day. I was heartbroken and still that pain hurts me whenever I think of her.

After two months Fiona didn’t come to college. I got information that her father had told her to stop studies and get settled in Delhi. I was still hoping that Fiona will change one day and return to me. But after my fourth semester I heard news from my friend that she got married. So it ends like this. My relationship with her was for three years starting from school to college.


The next morning, I received a message from Shalini

“Hey Yash!! I really feel sorry for you. So have you got over Fiona???”

Yes!! You know what, I improved myself a lot after that!!


After Fiona left me, I was not happy, my face lost its brightness. But my friends Serene and Mara somehow made me come back to my senses!! I’m mad now but I’m perfectly fine.

Such good friends you have in the south. In my place you can’t expect such friendships!! I really want to meet your friends Mara and Serene!!

You know Mara!! He’s your cousin!!

Oh? That was the friend you were talking about?

Yeah!! He is one of the best friend I ever got!!

Ha ha!! So that dumbo Maradona played an important role huh? I thought he was a quiet guy!! So he only told about me to you!!

Just then I realised my mistake. Mara had told me not to tell Shalini about him. What a big mouth I am!

Reply me Yash! Why are you not replying me??

Nothing!! Mara told me not to tell you about him!!But I did!!

Hey! Relax. I will keep that a secret. I didn’t know Mara had so much kindness in him.

Oh ok ok!!

So Fiona is gone and married to a rich Delhi guy!! What are your plans in the future??

My plan is to eat and sleep daily!!

Pagal! You are such a good guy. She really didn’t deserve you!!

Ha ha thanks

What will you do if a girl proposes you? Will you accept??

Ha ha depends on that person Shalini!!

I love you.

What? Don’t play with me. I already got played once.

I’m saying this from my heart Yash! I really love you! I haven’t spoken much with you but yet somehow I feel secured with you.

But you already have a boyfriend

I lied to you sorry!!! That’s my friend Ranveer!!

So next you will say that your love is a lie isn’t it?

No Yash!! I really love you .Will you be my Boyfriend??

You know what Shalini? The moment I saw you, I fell for you. I somehow wanted to be your friend. But now it’s like a dream come true. You asking me to be your boyfriend?? That’s silly!!

So you are not interested on me.

No Shalini. I mean that you shouldn’t have asked me to be your boyfriend. I must only do that first!! “I love you my princess!!! Will you accept this pagal as your boyfriend??”

You are so sweet!!

Are you really Shalini??

Ya I am Pagal!! Why asking such weird questions?

Ila I still now can’t believe that you proposed me!!It’s like a dream come true.

Well the dream is true! So stop dreaming.

I love you Shalini.

Love you too dear Yash!

So can I call you princess??

Whatever you want! I don’t mind.

After that I got a text in what’sapp. We chatted for a long time. In fact I got the feeling of being loved and that is so special. I hope she stays me with me like this.

So when will you come to Coimbatore?

I don’t have plans for that Yash!! But I will try to come one day!!

It would be great to spend some time with you

Yeah! Me too!! Let’s hope it happens.

So when will you have your college??

It starts next week! The Fashion show is the only way of proving myself!! Please do pray for that okay?

Yeah sure Shalini!!! And thanks for everything. I know I have someone to love me now.

Ya you have!! I love you baby!!

This is the happiest day of my Shalini!! I am waiting to see you sometime soon!! Let’s hope that happens!!

Yeah! That will happen one day!!I will also be waiting to see you soon!!!


It’s already a week since Shalini proposed me. I told Mara about everything. He just laughed and said “Have fun da mandaya”. In the evening I got a what’sapp text from Shalini.

“Hey Yash are you free tomorrow?? Reply me quick!!”

No Shalini!! I have college tomorrow. What is the reason?

My friend Gayathri is coming to the Brookefields mall tomorrow. I want you to meet her.

How can I recognise her??

I’ll send you her image. I have a surprise for you!!

I just now received her image? Have you sent something for me to her?

Ya you can say like that!!

But my friends won’t be free tomorrow!! I haven’t bunked classes alone!

Won’t you do that for me???

Yeah I will don’t worry!! At which time will she be coming??

At 10am.Ok ill inform her about this ok?

Ya okay Shalini.

I called both Mara and Serene. They were not ready to bunk college because semester was about to start in two weeks. So I decided I must go alone somehow!!But I haven’t travelled to that mall in bus!! Just then I remembered by bandmates. I called Sam and Sowmya, They both said that they’ll come and gave me the directions to reach the mall.

Next morning I somehow found the mall by asking people on the road. Later after sometime, I found Sam and Sowmya in the entrance and we waited for Shalini’s friend to come. Till 10:20am there was not a single sign of her. I was just about to call Shalini when a girl waved at me from the distance.

“Hey Yash I am Gayathri!! Nice to meet you”.

She shook hands with me and I introduced her to my friends. She also gave them a handshake with a smile.

“Gayathri, Shalini told that she had a surprise for me?”

Ya she has a very big surprise. Go to the Archie’s shop over there. I will hang out with your friends for some time!

She left with Sam and Sowmya!! I was really surprised. Maybe Shalini want to surprise me by coming here?? I went into the Archie’s store and there was no one else except for the shopkeeper. He gave me a love greeting card. Maybe I expected too much the greeting card was empty just as I was staring at that card somebody hugged me from behind!! I could clearly see that it was a girl and someone very familiar. She was wearing a white gown and was looking really beautiful.

“Shalini!!! It’s really you!!”

“Yeah it’s really me” she giggled

I didn’t expect you to come like this!! I was lightly upset when I saw the empty greeting card

Ha ha I told you na it was a surprise. I was trying to look at how you react in the store so I was watching you from the opposite shop the whole time!

Really? You came just to see me?

Of course I want to spend the whole day with my prince!!

“Prince? Who me?” I laughed.

Ya you are!! If I’m your princess then automatically you will be prince right!!

I can’t stop smiling. I have never been in such happiness. It was like being in a dreamland. She held my hand and gave me a miniature boy with a guitar in his hand. I just kept looking at it and started crying.

“Why are you crying Yash?? I hope you like the present”

Yes Shalini this means a lot! Thank you so much. She wiped my tears and made me smile.

“I thought you wouldn’t come to Coimbatore in a thousand years!!

Ha ha actually when I left from Rajasthan, I called Gayathri and we both made plans to surpise you before going to Bangalore!!That’s all!!

That’s all????? You are telling me like it means nothing?

Yeah of course baby!!

I am not worthy of such love Shalini!

Hey stop it pagal!! I know you love me a lot! And this is how I show my love in return!!

As we were speaking, Suddenly Mara and Sam came rushing to the Archie’s store.

“Hey Yash!! Look who’s there!!”

I got out of the shop and was surprised to see Fiona. She was at the food court eating with some Delhi guy. Her dress looked different but she was still looking the same. I came back into the shop.

“Let’s get out of here!!”

Hey stop it!! I want you to come with me.

No Shalini you don’t understand.

She just dragged me and made me sit with her in the table near to Fiona. Gayathri and my friends sat near other table closeby. Fiona looked at me with a shock. I pretended that I didn’t notice her!! Shalini wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Hey Yash I want you to know something. I don’t like guys who are milky white and are filthy rich. You are the best thing that happened to me!!”

I stammered. I didn’t know what to say. Fiona was looking at all of this. Suddenly Shalini gave a dirty look to Fiona and turned to me.

“You know what? You are the best thing that ever happened to me!! I know that a girl rejected you, but thank God she did!!Otherwise I would haven’t got you as my prince.

My friends Sam and Sowmya smiled. Even Gayathri gave a smile. After all, they all know what happened to me. Fiona said something to her Delhi guy and left.

This is how ill defend you when someone tries to hurt you. Are you alright baby?

More than that!! You are really my angel!!

Ha ha!! Forget her now will you?

Of course my princess!!

After that we all roamed in the mall, eating and laughing. We only got thirty rupees ticket for English 3D movie called “Guardians of the Galaxy” as it was the first day but since no one was inside we watched it by sitting in the hundred rupees area!!It was so fun! Shalini was always near and most of the time she hold my hand, looked at me and smiled. After movie we all planned to go to racecourse. Most of the people were looking at me and Shalini.

“Hey Shalini! Did you notice many people seeing us? One said Korangu kaila poomaalai.”

Ha ha!! What does it mean??

U are like a flower garland and I am looking like a monkey that’s why!!

Pagal!! Stop it!! You are handsome to me and isn’t that enough??

We went to Racecourse chatted about everything in the world. We all ate the food which we got from a shop under a tree. After sometime the sky darkened and I was shocked to see the time as 6pm.I didn’t notice that time flew so past.

“Hey Yash!! I will be leaving to Bangalore tonight. I just came here to see you!! Hope I made you happy today!!”

Yes of course Shalini, This is really the best day of my life.

After I said that, she came near me and kissed me in the lips. We kissed for some time and then Gayathri came and told it was late for Shalini. Sam and Sowmya had left earlier so I gave both of them company up to the bus stand and bid goodbye to both of them.

“Shalini!! This was really a wonderful surprise!! Hope we meet like this again!! Chat in what’sapp ok? Bye princess!!

After that Shalini returned to Bangalore and was trying to focus on her college. She was gearing up for her Fashion show. And always gave me updates on the things which happened there. One day she called me on the phone!

Hey Shalini! I didn’t have much much balance in the phone plus there’s roaming charges can you please call me in whatsapp.

Before I could say anything the phone beeped. I received a facebook call instantaneously.


Hey princess how are you????

Im not fine Yash!!

Why? What happened?

The girl who promised to stay with me for the fashion show has left me and now I am alone!! I don’t have anyone to help me. All are busy with their projects!

Oh! I see!

There’s a lot of work to be done and I have only a week left for the fashion show!

Don’t worry everything will be fine! Can I suggest a friend from Bangalore to help you out?

Yes it will be great really!!

But he doesn’t have any ides on Fashion designing

It’s okay!! I need just someone to help me with the cutting and stitching work!! I’ll teach him of course

Okay I’ll call him and inform you within tomorrow!!

After that I phoned Mara and told him everything about Shalini and her Fashion show next week because I knew his house was in Bangalore.

What are you trying to say Yash? You want my parents to help them?

No silly!! Let’s go to Bangalore! I want to surprise Shalini!

Idiot!! You are crazy! Arive ilaya unaku!! How will you get permission from your home?

I told my home that I will have to attend an industrial visit in Bangalore.

How did they accept? They won’t believe that easily!

I told you only have invited me and that you’ll take care of me at your home in Bangalore!!

So you have made all the plans and informing me now???

Yeah! You can say like that!

Ok I’ll call my parents and let you know tonight.

Night, I received a call from Mara and he told that it was not a problem because his parents did really want to see him. I said my thanks to him.

Three days later, we both left together to Mara’s home in Bangalore. It was a wonderful place. I really enjoyed my stay with him. I called Shalini and told that his friend was coming to his house that day. I got the address of the place where she was staying.

“Who is your friend, that you are sending Yash?”

He said that he knows you wait till the evening

We both reached the place where she was staying and knocked the door. Shalini opened the door and was surprised to see me along with Mara. I smiled at her.

“Hey Shalini! How are you? Do you remember my face!! Ha ha!!”

Pagal!! Whats this?? I really didn’t expect you! Hey Mara nice to see you too.

She went inside to bring snacks. It was a really sweet home decorated neatly with purple and pink items everywhere. She told that she was staying with her friend Keerthi. But her friend had left her in the middle of the project due to some silly fight it seems. She told the problems and showed the design of the work she was doing. I and Mara clearly didn’t understand anything. She gave us easy work like cutting clothes and taking measurements. Rest of the work she did alone. I was worried about her because she was straining herself too much. We did the work at a quick pace and she was really pleased with the work we did.

“ Yash thanks so much for coming!! U are really so cool baby”

No princess im hot!!

Stop the nonsense pagal!!ha ha!

Ok ok im just telling the truth!

Hey Yash where will you be staying tonight?

I and Mara will leave after sometime to his house.

So you mean that you won’t stay with me here?

Ya Shalini! I really want to see his parents. U can also come to his house tonight?

Mara stared at me for sometime and then he too invited Shalini

“Hey Shalini. What Yash told is great! You are always welcome to stay at my house!

No dear! Thanks for inviting me but I have other plans. Hey Yash come inside the room for a minute will you

I went inside the room and shalini closed the door and stared at me with her killer eyes.

“Hey Yash! Please will you stay with me tonight? Im alone at this home”

Shalini I did invite you to come to Raj’s home today!

Pagal! He invited me just because you asked him.

Ya even told that long back. Why you don’t like his family?

No not like that. I like that crazy guy but we don’t stay in contact with each other that much.

Oh! I see! Okay Shalini we will be leaving together tonight to Mara’s home. Get ready!

Pagal! Shut up! I will stay alone here!! You are trying to force me?

Ok Shalini Bye! I’ll be going any minute now take care.

I left the room and sat alone. After sometime Mara told that it was late to go his house.Shalini still didn’t get out of the room. She was crying inside. I told Mara to leave and said that I’ll be staying there with Shalini and will come to his house the next day. After he left I hid under the sofa. After sometime Shalini came out of the room scolding me to the glory. I couldn’t stop laughing because she was jumping with angry. It was lovely to look at her even when she was angry. Just then someone grabbed my legs and pulled me.

Hey you stupid shut up your laughing big mouth I found you now come out of the sofa

Ha ha Shalini why are you scolding me like this!! I couldn’t stop laughing

You are mad pagal!! You thought of leaving me alone??

No mam I’m still here at your house. Still angry??

No, And I’m sorry for scolding you. I didn’t realise you were hiding under my sofa

Just wanted to play with you and you looked beautiful even when you are angry

Stop it pagal. Can we go for a walk??


It was a small children park. There were two slides and swings also a roundabout shining brightly under the moonlight. Two or three people were there sitting and discussing something. We sat under a tree in the park. She held my hand and rested her head on my shoulders.

You know what Shalini. This feels awesome!

Ya me too Yashu

Oh ok Shalu. Tell me about your family. You haven’t spoken much about them.

Well My dad is working in Dubai and my mom is a music teacher.

Your mom is a music teacher?? Cool!! I didn’t know that. So you know to sing or play instruments??

I sing sometimes but I don’t have any voice as you think.

Hey come on sing a song for me Shalini.

Ok don’t shout at me if dogs bark behind you.

She cleared her throat and sang some hindi song. I still don’t know whether it was beautiful or not. But it was much more magical than Fiona’s voice. As she was singing she pulled my hand and gestured me to sit in the swing with her. I put my hand over her on one side and grabbed the rope of the swing on the other and started swinging.

Hey Shalini! That was really wonderful!! You can be a singer if you want!!

Ha ha I love music but fashion designing means a lot to me.

Oh ok I can understand. You seriously don’t have any boyfriends till now ?

Ha ha why Pagal are you afraid someone will impress me more than you??

Not like that. You are beautiful, sweet and a dream girl,many guys will fall for a girl like you

Yes there were many guys trying to impress me. You know what a guy named Prathik proposed to me at school?

Then??? What did you do?

I told him that I was not interested on him. But he was really sweet you know!


I could see a hint of jealousy here!!

No nothing

Hey come on Yash! Prathik was a good guy but I didn’t have any feeling for him really.

Ok I thou…………………….

Before I could finish my sentence. Shalini grabbed my face and started kissing.I could feel her cherry lipstick gushing through my veins. It was like taking a hot chocolate drink in the top of Himalayas.

Now what do you say??

What say?

You still think I don’t love you?

No not at all I am not used to this

Huh then you think I’m used to this silly pagal??

Ha ha stop it you mad girl let’s go home

After reaching home we both had some snacks and discussed on the fashion show

Your show will be a success Shalini. I can see your hardwork. You will win this for real!

Hope so my dear prince

Hey I feel sleepy. Where is my bed?

We can sleep together in the bed over there maybe even have fun in the night.

Sorry Shalini but ill sleep in the sofa tonight.

Why? We are lovers remember don’t you want to sleep with me?

Not like that! I love you but I am not ready for this. I haven’t even finished my college

So what?

We will sleep together Shalini but not now. I don’t feel right.

I made the right decision in choosing you yash

Pardon ??

If it was some other guy in your place, he would have just enjoyed me and may be even leave me after that. But you??

I expect only love from you Shalini.

I love you yash

Love you too my dear princess!!

The next day morning Mara came and we all worked hard for Shalini’s fashion show till noon and the work was almost complete.

Hey Mara Yash told about you! U seem to be more important to him

What else did the buffoon say?

Don’t call him Buffon you idiot he’s my lover

Stop it both of you!! You both really mean a lot to me. Stop playing with each other. Let’s go out!

After that we all went to movie. I understood that it was difficult to watch a movie with lover on one side and friend on the other. They were both fighting always and it was good to see both of them fighting for me. Then Mara left and I came back to Shalini’s home. In the evening I packed my things and told her that I will be leaving.

I thought you would stay with me during the fashion show Yash

Sorry my dear my parents may find out that something is wrong if I don’t go today.

I will really miss you

Me too, I may be at home and college but my heart will be always here.

Ok ill drop you at the bus station at night.

No Shalini, I have to thank Mara’s parents and also apologize that I was not able to spend the night with them.

Ok ill come with you.

Not a problem Shalini. I know that you are uncomfortable with mara’s parents.

Na na I haven’t spoken with them that much so they must think bad of me. It’s time to get out of that bad impression

Ok how are we going?? Bus or?


OMG! You have a car?

Of course I have

Then why is not at your house?

Well I don’t use car that much so my house owner use it and in return I don’t have to pay the rent for the house

Weird!! No rent for lending a car?? This is the first time im hearing this

She told me to lock the house and went to get her car. I got the packed things out I saw a black jaguar car before the house. It was the most beautiful car that I have ever seen in my life. The mirrors opened and inside was the face I know.

Shalini? Are you kidding? This is your car?

Why you don’t like it?

Are you mad? Not like this car! My dream was to get one like this.

It is yours also pagal so stop staring at it and get your luggage inside it

I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad. I was upset because I was nothing compared to her. Mara had told that she was rich, but I didn’t imagine that she was a Richie-rich. She was driving the car beautifully.

Why are you upset my dear pagal prince?

Nothing shalini.

Come on! I know something is wrong

You have a higher standard of living. But I am nothing compared to you. Even if I earn for more than five years I won’t be able to get a jaguar.

So what are you trying to say? I would reject you since you don’t have money?

Not like that but your parents will not like me na because I’m not upto your standards

Stop saying that Yash. If a girl really loves you she won’t see the money you have but will do anything in the world to get her love.

So you will do anything in the world just for me?

Of course pagal now get out. This is your friend’s house.

As soon as we got out, I saw Mara running to welcome me.

Hey Yash whose car is that?

Well it’s mine my dear Maradona

Shalini??? Your car? You also came?

Yeah I came along with Yash just to visit your parents.

My parents? I thought you didn’t like them.

Not like that Mara. I just wanted to change that bad impression. Hope your parents will like me.

Of course. They will happy to know that you are here.

After that Mara’s parents welcomed both of us. They spoke many things with Shalini and they were really happy to see her.

We spent time there and it was time for the bus.

Uncle and Aunty thanks for your hospitality I enjoyed time with you. Mara is one of the best friend that I ever had.

We too loved your company dear! You are always welcome here. Just phone me and inform that you’ll be coming and Shalini dear thanks for visiting us. Convey my regard to your parents.

Thanks aunty ill inform them take care care of your health. Bye uncle!

After that Mara said goodbye to his parents and we all got into the jaguar and Shalini dropped us at the bus station.

The Station was more crowded than usual. Maybe it’s due to the festival times. Shalini gave a cute little smile to me and went to speak with Mara.

Hey Maradona!

Ya whats up Shalini?


For what?

For everything! You helped me in lots of ways. You are such an awesome person

Ya you too take care Shalini. Anyway Yash will daily tell stories about you so I would get updated daily.

I was seeing all of this. It was really hard for me to leave her.at that moment I could have said to Mara that I will be staying with Shalini and not return to Coimbatore.

My dear prince pagal? Why you still sad

I am going to miss you my dear shalini. I had a wonderful time with you and now I don’t feel like returning at all!

Hey come on here.

Saying that she hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek. I could see her crying. Her tears were wetting my shirt. I kissed her on the head.

Shalini, I love you! Will meet you soon ok?

Love you too baby bye take care!!

She was standing outside the car and waved me bye till the bus started to get out of her view. I closed my eyes and thought of every beautiful things that happened there.


After that incident, you can say that my life was changed completely!! I was more cheerful and I decided to concentrate on my college life.

It was my final year and many campus interviews were coming to my college. All the companies which came expected Cgpa above 8 and no history of arrears. I had one arrear so I was not eligible. Everyone ridiculed me why I didn’t get placed except my parents. I prayed to God.

“My dear God! You have been so gracious to me till now! You have fulfilled all my desires till now. Everyone is ridiculing me for not getting placed. Please help me to get placed in at least a single company so that I can prove myself to others!!Thank you! Amen!

After this short prayer I felt better. SSI Company came for recruitment drive and somehow after some efforts from the college, I was allowed to participate for the placement. First there was a written test, and after that a group discussion. I got selected in two rounds. The face to face Hr interview was difficult. But I tried to be confident and believed in God. After a week I got information that I got selected in the placement drive. Not only that, I got selected in six more companies after that. My parents were happy, and the staff who didn’t like me started to like me. It was like a complete changeover. The Final year of college flew so quickly. I always texted Shalini regularly and she also found the time for me. After her small chats I felt very better. Her Fashion shows were success and she told that she was now working as a Fashion designer in Bangalore for a modelling company. I too cleared three arrears I had, and finished college successfully. I missed college a lot and even many juniors who I don’t much care for told that they will keep in touch with me. It took sometime to get over it. Shalini told that she was returning to Rajasthan for a month to visit her parents.My parents wanted me to work in that company I got selected, but I wanted my career to be based on music. Somehow I convinced my parents that I’ll find job myself. So I headed to Bangalore in search of a job.

I wandered in the streets of Bangalore, went to Mara’s house often and visited all the places I went with Shalini and remembered the fun we had. My dad had called my aunt about my stay in Bangalore so she readily accept me in her home. I was a paying guest but I loved the stay at my aunt’s house. Shalini mostly called me through facebook or whatsapp call option. She always laughed hearing my voice and I will always smile after hearing hers. I got a job in residential school named Amir’s international for the post of a music teacher and it was fun to teach the children.It was not like a job at all. First the kids were uncomfortable but after they got to know me they were following wherever I go. I informed my parents and they were happy about it. Shalini came often to visit me in the morning at the school because I could not come out of the school since it was residential and i had some kind of work to get occupied. Years passed and I built my own recording studio near the school. One day my school Principal called me for an important meeting.

Mam!! Did you call me?

Yeah please sit down.I hear that you are doing a great job in the school. Next month there is a big Event in Taj hotel in which Hollywood Director and its music composer will come to select a few children for his next film.

Great mam! Do you know the names of the director?

Ya it’s Zack Synder and Hans Zimmer

Hans zimmer? You mean the music composer of pirates of the carribean and batman movies??

Ya exactly! I want my school children to perform some musical drama and I want you to in-charge of that.

Well sure mam that’ll be my honour. I will select the children and give you updates on them whenever possible mam! Thanks for the opportunity mam.

They say sometimes Miracles happen. I thanked God for the opportunity and went to my recording studio and started working on the drama. I called my friends Serene Sam and other members of my school band and they said they’ll help me with the recording work. I composed a musical score keeping Hans Zimmer in mind and played it to the school children. Just then, a girl in pink saree smiled and approached me

Shalini!! OMG you are stunning!!

Hey Pagal stop it! Did you do this music score?

Yes! You like it?

Of course baby! What are you going to do with the children? Some kind of drama?

Hmm yeah but I don’t have any idea about what Drama to teach them.

Include your fantasy in the Drama!!

Like what Shalini?

Since both the directors have influence in superhero and fantasy films, Why not take their genre to our advantage!

Good point there.

You are crazy about Batman I know. Why not get the basic theme of it

Like “why should we fall?? Coz we learn to pick ourselves up?”

Exactly baby!!

Shalini will you help me with the costumes for the drama?

Of course I will! That’s why I came here. I got leave for a week from my company and I need to stay here if you want me to do it because you know this is too interior and I can’t go out often.

Well you can stay in my music studio!


No silly! I will do the composing and you can do the stitching!!

Sounds like a plan.

Shalini worked hard on the designs and also helped me to teach the children. She even helped me with the planning and gave me new ideas every day. Days passed and everything was ready. Children did their best and as usual Shalini rocked with the costumes. The principal was happy and congratulated me on the musical drama.

The big day came and I went with Shalini, children and other school representatives. Children from different schools came and performed well. Since there was time, I gave the children a rehearsal and chatted with Shalini.

You know what, this is the biggest day of my life! I am going to meet my hero Hans Zimmer.

Ya ya I know and you know what I have a little surprise to give you.

What surprise princess?

You always want to know everything immediately huh?

Before I could say anything she pulled me towards her car and opened it. Inside was a costly electronic Fender guitar. I saw her smiling at me

Happy ? How’s the surprise?

Are you mad? How much does this guitar cost?

Just 60k!! I saved some of the money from my salary.

You sound like that doesn’t mean anything!!

I couldn’t control my emotions. I hugged Shalini and started crying. I don’t know what to say to her. She patted me on my back gently

Hey Yash! Stop crying like a baby, our performance is nearing we should be with children.

Princess, I haven’t gifted you anything but you…

Hey you love me truly do you? That’s more than enough for me.

She wiped my tears and we both went into the place where the children were standing. After sometime Shalini went to adjust some of the children’s clothes and I went to give the performance music to the audio department .After sometime, the stage screens were closed and my school name got announced. I made the children to stand in their positions and told them not to be afraid and have fun. They all smiled at me. After sometime, the screens were opened, and the music began to play. I was hiding behind the screens with Shalini and started praying. I could see Hans Zimmer and Zack Synder noticing my school children’s play. They didn’t give much of any reaction but smiled at the kids. The children performed the drama well and the screens got closed. All the children came towards me and hugged me tight.

How did we do it sir?

My dear little angels you really rocked!!Even if you are not getting selected, I will give you all treat at Baskin’ Robbins today!! Also you must thank this Shalini mam for making you wonderful dresses, right?

Shalini mam thanks a lot!!

Before she could say anything, the kids hugged her and started to play with her hair. She smiled, tried to cover her tears and kissed all of them. It was beautiful to see her with the children. After some programs, the organizer of the event came to me.

Are you the one who’s in-charge of the Amir’s international school?

Yes sir!

Two kids Raj and Deepi from your school have been selected for the film. The director Zack Synder also asks wants you to answer some questions.

When sir?

Now, and on the Stage. Come with me.

I walked along with him to the stage. I don’t know what to speak. There were many cameras before me and the press people also were trying to make notes of me. I took the mike and greeted both of the Hollywood personalities. Zack Synder took his mike

Your name is Yash right? The drama was good!! Can you explain who are all involved in this?

First of all it’s a great honour to meet and speak with both of my childhood idols. I thank my school principal and authorities for giving me this opportunity. I should thank my school and college friends for helping me with this music score. But, most importantly it was Shalini who gave me the idea of involving the superhero and fantasy elements with a theme. She is also the one responsible for the costumes and the other Fashion props.

Very good! You have a Bright future as a music director

I saw Hans Zimmer smiling at me. Shalini was looking at me without taking her eye. The children were shouting my name.


It was surely the most memorable day of my life. I felt like I have achieved something.

And you know that we have selected two kids from your school how do you feel?

Proud sir!! I feel like I achieved something impossible. Can I introduce you to Shalini?

Yeah of course. Carry on! I would love to see the girl behind the beautiful designs.

I called Shalini on the stage. Her face and the black gown shined in the camera light. She was growing beautiful day by day. I smiled at her and gave the mike to her.

So you are the master brain behind these huh?

No sir! It was Yash and it was his hard work alone that made me stand here. All the Credit goes to him.

You both look great together! I and Hans have got both of your information. We will contact you if needed in the future.

Saying that we both got off the stage. I shook hands with both Zack Synder and Hans Zimmer. He still didn’t say anything about me or my music but smiled at me. The other kids and their teachers who were selected got into the stage.

So Shalini!! Thank you! For everything you have done for me. I don’t know how to repay you!!

First repay the children by giving them the promised treat. I could see all of them waiting for you pagal!!

Why? Are you not coming?

I will be leaving for Rajasthan tonight and well……


I have something important to say to you. But you shouldn’t get angry.

What is that Shalini??

U know the guy Prathik who proposed me in school?

Ya I remember

He had come to my home with his family for asking me to be his bride. My parents phoned and told me to return.


And worse still my parents like him and they also want me to marry him. They have fixed our engagement this week.

After hearing that I couldn’t speak. I didn’t reply. I was shocked to hear that.

“Hey reply me Yash!! Why are you not saying anything!!?”

What to say? You are going to get engaged and now you tell me?

I itself know about this now only pagal!! You think I will accept him?

Fiona said the same thing to me one day.

Pagal!! You think that I am cheap as her???

No Shalini! What I meant was….

What you mean?

You once told that Prathik was a good guy so…….

Ok fine

Before I could say anything she went inside the car and drove quickly without looking at me. I was not able to open my mouth. I regretted what I said!! I didn’t know what to do. I phoned Mara about this, he told he will help me out. After sometime he called and said that Shalini was angry on me and didn’t want me to disturb her. I couldn’t sleep that day. My mind was filled with only one thought “Shalini please don’t leave me!” The next day I went to Mara’s home.

Dey Mara she told that her Engagement is in this week. I am afraid da! Please give me a solution.

Ok it may seem mad but that’s the only way to calm her and stop the Engagement.

What da please tell me!!

Go to Rajasthan and tell to her parents about your love for her. That’s the only way.

Can you come with me?

No dude my company won’t give me leave I think.

Do you know the address where she lives?

I don’t have. But I’ll ask Gayathri to help you find her in Rajasthan.

Ok thanks da. I’ll go tonight itself then!!

Flight huh? Okay! Take care and congratulations on getting two kids selected from your school.

Thanks da gotta go now! Bye!

I booked my ticket in the net and got a 3am flight reserved. I was restless and sat alone in the airport like a mad man. After sometime it was time to board the plane. I called my parents that I had some work for a music album in Rajasthan. I was travelling in the plane for the first time, but I was not at all excited. After three hours of travel, I reached Rajasthan. I phoned Gayathri and told that I had reached Rajasthan. She came after fifteen minutes.

Sorry for making you wait so long! Since it was not planned, I had to cancel some commitments.

Really I don’t know how to thank you Gayathri. Where is Shalini’s residency?

Nearby only! That’s my car. Jump in!

So did you know about Shalini’s engagement?

No yesterday only after Mara called, I got to know the information. I went to her home yesterday, she was fighting with her parents for arranging her engagement suddenly.

Oh! ok!

So you came to stop the Engagement?

Not like that! I want to tell her parents that I love her.

Ha ha vaalthukal machi!!

You know tamil??

No Mara chats daily na, He wants me to learn tamil!!

Huh? You guys are in love or something??

He didn’t tell you huh?

I always tell only my problems to him. I haven’t listened to his problems or know what he was facing. I’m so selfish!

Cha not like that!! Anyway he is shy and he always knows that you will be there for him.

The car drove through grassy lane and I could see a beautiful mansion on the end. Gayathri helped me out with the luggages and came along with me to the Mansion.

A servant came and opened the door. It was a magnicificient house with all the shining lights and carpets. I saw a man wearing specs with a pipe in his mouth and was seeing a news channel.

Hello Ramkumar uncle! Nice to see you. This is my friend Yash and he wants to speak with you.

Ok Gayathri! But first you go and see Shalini. She is in a bad shape since yesterday. I want you convince her somehow for the Engagement.

Ok uncle you chat with Yash. I’ll go and see her.

Saying that she went upstairs to a room. I greeted uncle and sat down.

So Yash! What do you have to tell me?

Uncle actually I love your daughter Shalini. She means a lot to me. I heard about the engagement so I came to speak with you.

Just then a woman appeared from a room with a horrific look in her face. She was likely the mother of Shalini

What? You kidding me? Get out of the house! Watchman……

Hey Priya relax!! He wants to say something. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Aunty I love your daughter, I know that she also loves me. I didn’t come to stop the engagement but I want you to know that I and Shalini are in love.

How can I trust my daughter with a guy from the south? I and Ramkumar have given all the riches in the world for her!! What can you do?

I didn’t know how to answer her question. I was praying inside to get a solution for this. Just then Uncle stopped her and told her to look at the news.


The news channel showed the children who were selected for the Hollywood film. I was also shown on the TV standing with Shalini. The news reporter said that Zack Synder and Hans Zimmer has selected some people other than the children to work on his film. After that Hans Zimmer gave his speech.

“I saw the program and selected six children for our film and we are happy with their performances but I didn’t expect some teachers and staffs to put so much efforts for this little selection. Many teachers wowed me with their ideas but especially I have to say about a couple named Yash and Shalini. Their performance was somewhat different compared to others. I was afraid to congratulate the guy Yash just because he was much more talented than me so I’m going to make him as a secondary music director for my film. And I must specially say about the girl Shalini. Her Designs were futuristic and she may even make it big as an actor in the film industry. The most important thing is that both of them complemented each other and that’s what I loved about their team. Also the kids from…………”

As I was seeing this, I saw Shalini and Gayathri come down from the stairs. Shalini’s parents sat down with their faces now looking at me.

Dear Uncle and aunty, I may not have the riches in the world. But If Shalini is near me then

Hey shalu! Do you love this guy?

Yes dad I do!

But we have fixed the engagement and invited our friends and family.

I told you I was not interested Dad.

Is there any other way in which we can be together uncle?

Shalini’s parents went into the room to decide. I thanked God for saving me the moment because if the news channel was not broadcasting that, I would have missed my princess forever. Just then Shalini came near me and sat down.I saw tears brimming from her eyes.

You came for me?



I know you can’t live without me

Smiling, I gave her a hug. She didn’t speak but was crying like anything. I put my hands on her hair and tried to console her.

You know what, You are now unofficially a Hollywood actor and I’m an international music director.

You silly pagal!!

Me silly??

As I was speaking, I got a phone from Hans Zimmer and he told about the project and said that he was excited to work with me and that he will send the tickets and the other charges within next month. Similarly, Shalini received a call from Zack Synder and he had told her that she was going to be the fashion designer for his next film. We both were overjoyed, Just then Shalini’s parents came inside the hall.

Hey Yash! We have informed Prathik that you are going to be Shalini’s bridegroom. But, there’s a small problem.

Thanks a lot!! What is that aunty?

Since we have arranged the engagement, we can’t postpone it because that will affect the prestige of our family.

So you want me to get engaged this week??

Just then I received a call from my parents. They congratulated me and said that they saw me on TV and were really proud to be my parents. I thought it was the best time to say about my princess.

Mom! I will tell you an important thing but you should not get angry.

What da?

Ma I love a girl named Shalini.

You mean the one who was standing near you during the program?


Now you tell me? I saw her speech about you in the program and I was about to ask you that.

I’m now in Shalini’s home.

What? You told you had gone there for some musical album?

No mom! I came here to stop Shalini’s engagement

Dey enada solra!!!!

Shalini was getting engaged this week so I don’t know what to do ma! I’m really sorry.

Ok! Anything else?

The worst thing is that her parents want me to get engaged this week because they can’t stop the engagement.

My mom scolded me first but later she told that she will speak with my dad. And in the evening, she said that they all be coming for me to Rajasthan. I called Serene and Mara about this and they said that they will be arrange the tickets for my family and come with them. The Engagement was held in a grand fashion and guess what?

We both are getting married!!!!!!


Shalini entered the room wearing a pink saree with flowers on her head and holding milk in her hands.

Hey pagal? Are you trying to act shy now? Come here and sit near me.

What? After a girl gets married and immediately you call her mad???

No princess not like that. It’s like a dream come true na!!

Aiyo!! A girl comes and sits near you during first night and you tell stories! You are too much!

Ha ha not like that!

Now you want me to sleep in the sofa as you did five years back?

Guess we can sleep together in the bed over there and have fun in the night.

I love you but I am not rea………

Before she could say anything, I pushed her in the bed. She smiled at me. We embraced, we kissed, we touched, we caressed, and our lips never stopped kissing. Our hands never stopped touching. Every moment was special as we made love. I saw tears in her eyes.

We did it Yash! You are mine now!

Yes my dear dream girl!! No one can separate us now. Whether it’s Prathik or Fiona

Stop it you …………………………………………

And well as the stories usually end, the prince and the princess lived happily ever after!!

Network Romeo

Every boy’s wish is to get a girlfriend, get settled, achieve his dreams and lead a happy life. Well I’m also one of them. My name is Yash Davidson. I’m a typical south Indian guy!! Music is my passion and thank God I got my career based on it!! I’m actually a middle class citizen from Coimbatore and I too had a love story and a life!!! I want to share these beautiful moments with everyone! I did my schooling at a famous boy’s school, so generally I don’t know how to deal with girls! This is a story which happened when I was completing my final year engineering studies. In this story you can see two girls who made a difference in my life. ”Why is the book titled network romeo?” Simple reason is the fact that I did most of the romance in the network than in person .How I met my princess and my childhood Hollywood idol is still a medical miracle!!! This story is about My Shalini, My Past life, and My Career. “Life isn’t winning your Love, It’s losing to the one you love” My story is pretty simple! Romance is possible even if you are separated by a distance!! When there’s a love factor!! In my case it’s social networking Well here it begins!! My network romance!

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