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Network Marketing Online

How To Achieve MLM Success Through Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Matt Hall

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[] Introduction

SPECIAL BONUS: Learn the exact system and training that top MLM earners (including myself) use to take their business online. Go to www.YourMLMOnline.com. Powerful video training included.

If you are not involved in network marketing yet, you are really missing out. There is in my opinion, no simpler way to start your own business today than to get involved in network marketing. There also is no more morally correct business model in the world. This is the only business model I’ve found where you literally cannot have success without helping other people succeed. It’s very much a business of collaboration instead of competition. If I don’t help the people on my team make more money, I can’t make more money. If I can’t empower more people with the products or services of my company, I won’t make any money. At the same time, the business model also enables you to create your own team of distributors and earn a commission off your organizations production.

The profession has been around for years and has many multi million even billion-dollar companies. In short, if you’re not involved in the industry, get involved. If you are, I’m here to teach you how to take your business online and expose your products or opportunity to the masses.

Table of Contents:



Who is Matt Hall?

Why should I take my Network Marketing business online?

Are you prepared to invest?

Prospecting vs. Marketing

So what is attraction marketing?

Where do I put my content and what tools should I use?

Online Business Blueprint

Why you should be blogging!

Get your mind right!

What should your domain be?

What topic should I blog about?

Some Technical Tips

—Visual Appeal is Important

—Content Ideas.

SEO and Ranking Basics

Take a peek at our online business

Create a daily blogging routine!

How to Support Your Team Online

I’ll predict the future!


[] Welcome!

Hello and welcome. My name is Matt Hall and I’m excited to share this ebook with you. Before I get started, I want to tell you exactly what to expect from this book. My intention is not to tell you story after story and share fluffy vague ideas of how you can talk about your business and do online prospecting. I do also do prospecting online, but the focus of this book is attraction marketing which I will define in a minute. My goal is to help you have the right mindset as you take your business online and give you some of the tools as well. Realize that you can’t learn all the tactical stuff from a book. You’re going to have to invest your time into watching video trainings of how to create a blog, a profitable facebook page etc… Also know, this will not be a long book! Why? Cause I’m out there busy doing exactly what YOU are, or should be doing – building a thriving team of raving fan customers, and supporting the business builders on my team in achieving their goals. So, with that being said i’ll just take a quick second to introduce myself before we dive in together.

[] Who is Matt Hall?

Well first and foremost I’m a Christian, a husband and father and someone who is obsessed with improving himself and adding value to the world. =)

I found network marketing at the age of 22 while in college and was quickly able to earn a full time income within our profession. I built successfully offline, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars before I ever took my business online. I decided I wanted to leverage the internet and really master attraction marketing and now a short time after am already generating hundreds of leads per week and bringing more people into my primary business than ever before! I’m not saying any of that to impress you, but to impress upon you that this simple ebook contains some actionable advice that can truly help you take your business to the next level.

Now I’m not going to lie and tell you that I couldn’t be happier with my life and I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I doubt there are many people as ambitious and committed to constantly growing and progressing as I am. I feel intense gratitude for where I’ve been, where I am, and for where I’m going, but this is only the beginning for me. If you want to connect with me and either watch my journey or be a part of it, check out www.MattMindset.com. On this blog, I teach network marketers how to master the mindset for success in our profession.

I’m excited to share in this book some of the techniques and concepts that have changed the game for the Hall family and the way we approach our business.

[] Why should I take my Network Marketing business online?

Okay my silly friend, if this is the question you’re asking then you need to open up those eyes of yours. ;) I’m playing with you a little, but seriously the online world is where the largest pool of people congregate! Do you realize you can connect with specific target markets of people looking to lose weight, improve their skin, save money, make money, and get anything else your company might offer. Do you realize that there are people searching every single day for the exact solution that you have to offer? They are looking on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked In etc… How would it feel to be the person they find? How would it feel to reach and serve those who WANT you to reach and serve them?

Now as a quick disclaimer I am NOT saying that online is better than offline. It’s just different. In fact for most of you I really believe that offline will be better! My wife and I have built a thriving team offline and love the culture and connection we enjoy with our team. In fact I would say that for 80 or 90% of you reading this book right now, you should stick to offline marketing. Maybe just have a team facebook group etc… I’m actually a firm believer that if you can’t have success plugging into your company's system offline (the way that most people in your company are having success) it’s probably going to be hard for you to succeed anywhere… Sorry if that’s blunt. But if you are going online out of weakness than you’ll only find more frustration. If you are going online because you’re afraid to look people in the face and offer them your product, I would actually recommend that you master in person connection first. Go online out of strength, not weakness. Those other 10 to 20% of you are doing yourselves a disservice by not already setting up your attraction marketing machine online. So let’s move on.

[] Are you prepared to invest?

You need to come into the online world with the right mindset. If you’re scared to invest funds into your business initially, and then back into your business as you grow then you’re not looking at it as a business. You’re still in the hobby mentality. You really HAVE to invest. Investing helps you scale!

Now, I’m not saying that you have to have a huge budget to get started online. That’s one of the benefits of the online world, it’s lean! Honestly most of your budget for reinvesting should go into learning from the experts WHAT you should be doing. I’ll talk more about this later.

Also, while I do generate many many leads for absolutely free online, we are moving more and more into a pay to play world. Having some funds set aside for advertising will exponentially grow your business. Just make sure that you’ve first invested to learn HOW to run those ads so the rest of your money isn’t wasted! I spent hundreds of dollars on ads before I realized that I should have spent hundreds of dollars learning ABOUT how to run ads from the masters out there, before I wasted my money running them.

Am I the expert? Actually, no I’m not. I’m really really good, but that’s because I learned from people better than me. I will, however, hook you up and connect you with the best of the best in every element of online business! Just keep reading.

[] Prospecting vs. Marketing

This is an important difference to understand. I have other books (like a network marketing and facebook book) where I teach you how to do prospecting on social media. Prospecting is really like fishing with a fishing rod. You are casting your line out and reeling one fish in at a time in a targeted way. This is great! However, the goal of Marketing is to cast out a net! When you cast a net, you can pull in large numbers of people quickly.

Should you do prospecting online through social media? Absolutely! Give it a try and see if you like it. We’ve signed up people this way, but this book is more for you to learn marketing! I want to open your mind to the evolution of using a NET. The most powerful net in my opinion is attraction marketing on the interNET ;). And my favorite marketing channel for attraction marketing is blogging.

[] So what is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is now a very widely accepted and systematic approach to delivering valuable content to a targeted audience for the purpose of building trust and credibility with them. That audience then becomes loyal customers or business builders without you having to chase them down. While attraction marketing has become popular on the internet, it can actually be done through other mediums as well. That being said, we’re here to talk about leveraging the internet.

So think about it this way. You need to brand yourself. You should be putting valuable content into the marketplace that both serves others, and leaves them hungry for more. You want to become someone that people WANT to buy from and WANT to work with.

[] Where do I put my content and what tools should I use?

Let me give you an overview of what your online business could look like and also a glimpse into what our online business looks like right now. Keep in mind that it’s growing and evolving every single day!

[] Online Business Blueprint

So to summarize this picture (before we dive into the details) you produce valuable content for your audience through blogging or any of the other social media sites above. People who connect with you on social media get driven through a call to action at the end of the content back to your blog – your home base. In multiple places on your blog you’ll have lead magnets where people enter in their name and email to get some kind of free training. You then refer them after more great content to your sales page where they can decide to get your products or participate in your opportunity. Because you’ve been providing valuable content at every stage they are more than educated on your products and are excited to buy. =) Cool right?

[] Why you should be blogging!

When people ask me what strategies they should use online they usually ask about social media, advertising, webinars etc… And all of those things are awesome! But hands down if there was one platform that I would not sacrifice it would be my blogs. If I could encourage you to seek to MASTER one platform. It would be blogging. If you are going to invest your time, energy and money into learning 1 thing to grow your business online. It should be blogging. Are you feeling how serious I am about blogging yet? lol

You only truly OWN two 2 things online. Your blog and your email list. That’s why in my opinion these are the two most important topics out there on the subject of personal branding and building your MLM online (really building any business online)..

Your blog will also become the hub for all of your other marketing efforts. This is your most valuable piece of real estate online! Your home base. Every video, article and lead magnet you create should ultimately lead people back to your blog, where you provide them with the solutions to their greatest problems. Eventually you want people to think of your blog as their ‘go to place’ for their questions about your niche or topic. Over time people are going to ASK you to sell them more premium content on their subject of interest. When you get to this level, things get really fun!

[] Get your mind right!

Before I share some really important tips for your blog, I want you to go into this with the right mindset (I know, I know, here I go on mindset again haha). I want you to know that IF you wait until you have the perfect website up with the perfect design, perfect lead magnets, and a bunch of content already up, you simply won’t get launched. Some of the best advice I ever received was “anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first” so dive in, do your best, but try to get things rolling ASAP. You can always tweak things like design as you go. There are platforms that can literally help you set up your blog in a couple hours. Visit www.YourMLMOnline.com to check out my favorite.

The essentials of a blog = hosting + domain name + wordpress theme.

You can see some of my other recommendations for hosting, themes, webinar platforms etc… at www.mattmindset.com/resources

[] What should your domain be?

I can’t really answer this question for you to be honest. It depends on what you want. If you can get yourname.com I recommend you do so. It is so powerful to brand yourself. but it also depends on what you want to blog about. Maybe you’d want LoseFatWithJohn.com. So I guess the real question to ask yourself is:

[] What topic should I blog about?

Well, what can you see yourself LOVING to write about consistently for a long long time? You see, blogging takes time. It is not an overnight deal and you will need to create a LOT of content over the long term to really make it successful for you (luckily you will make money and recruit people at every stage of your online growth). So what would you enjoy writing about? I love talking about network marketing and I also love talking about personal development so I started a blog about personal development for network marketers (www.MattMindset.com). My wife loves learning about and talking about yoga so guess what? She has a blog about yoga (www.HigherLivingYoga.com) both of these blogs feed our network marketing business while also being their OWN sources of additional income. Why not multitask? What would you enjoy talking about? A subject around your product or opportunity? You can go in either direction honestly.

[] Some Technical Tips

[]Visual Appeal is Important

While I don’t want you to stress too much about the quality of your blog I do want you to make sure that you at least have the basics covered.

Header –

Do your best to have a really high quality picture at the top of your blog, preferably of yourself. You want people to immediately connect with you! Don’t be afraid to put some money down for a good photo shoot.

Content –

I’ll talk more about this in a little bit, but you want your content to reflect who you are! It should ooze your personality. There are people who will connect with the authentic true version of you and those are the people you should want to attract as customers and business builders. Don’t mind the haters. You will have them no matter what you write about! =)

Connection Element –

You need a way to get their email. The most effective way to get someones email is with a Lead Magnet. A lead magnet is something that answers your ideal readers main problem. Maybe it’s a free video training, audio training, pdf cheat sheet etc… Making this transaction (value for email address) is one of the most important things for you to do. Email is the most effective way to communicate with your audience and continue to bring them value long term. A social media post might fade before they see it or might get filtered out by a facebook algorithm or something, but we all have to go through our emails. Every pro internet marketer out there will agree that email is the most precious and profitable way to communicate with your audience.

[]Content Ideas.

Do not try to please everyone. If you appeal to everyone you will be an expert to none. Think “what kind of person do I want to be my raving fan?” and wright for THAT person. What kind of jokes would they like? What would serve them best?

Do videos! Video is SO powerful and the most high touch form of content we have right now outside of live streaming.

Have a call to action at the end of every piece of content – tell them to do something; get your lead magnet, newsletter, cheat sheet, watch another video, share with a friend etc…

Also as a general rule I would create content at least once a week. I try to do at least 5 per week personally.

Where can you go for content ideas? Realize that you don’t need to be an expert to provide valuable content. You need to be one step ahead of whoever you want to serve. Just put your spin on what you are learning! What are you learning in books that is valuable? I love going through the table of contents of books on amazon that are on the subject that I talk about just to generate some ideas. Read other blogs/websites on your subject. And of course keep your eyes open! There are probably ideas of what you could write about all around you.

[]SEO and Ranking Basics

Keyword Research – I’m going to keep it pretty basic in this book because honestly you’re going to want to watch some more advanced videos (available through www.YourMLMOnline.com) to really understand how to do keyword research. But if at the very least you created a Google Adwords account and used the Google Keyword Planner to see how many people are looking for the phrase you are targeting you’d be doing more than most people. Target one keyword phrase per blog post. There is no need to write about something you’ll never rank for or people aren’t searching for. Every topic out there is searched, you just need to find out what specific term the most people are searching for and go for that. There are much more complex strategies than this, but I’ll leave that to the blogging pros in the video programs.

I also recommend that you use the Yoast SEO plugin on your wordpress site. This will help you cover your bases. It’s pretty straightforward and simple to use.

Google will also want to see that you have an official site for you to rank well.

Create at least these 3 pages to start on your site, to make your site more official in Googles eyes: A privacy page, terms page, and contact page. Search on google for a privacy and terms generator and you can just plug in your info and these sites will spit out a good option for you to copy and paste into your website.

[] Take a peek at our online business

My wife and I have a couple different websites/blogs, but I recommend that you start with just one. (we have content creating super powers ;))

Again, a blog = Hosting + Domain Name + Wordpress Theme (go to www.yourmlmonline.com to see what system I use to set this up and learn all the ins and outs of marketing you network marketing business online. Remember you don’t have to try to set all of the technical stuff up yourself to have a great blog and online business).

Our blogs are really the hubs that all of our different content creation methods feed. For example we use social media, ads, videos etc… to drive traffic to our blog where we offer a lead magnet (free offer – see www.MattMindset.com for an example) to get people on our email list where we can share more content with them.

Where and when do we sell? Honestly in just a few places. It might be hard for you to see at times. The bulk of our content is intended to just provide value! We sell at the end of some webinars and whenever people request more information on a specific subject. We have really set ourselves up as consultants as it were. And guess what? A LOT of people reach out to us.

You see, we are past the days when hard pitching and salesy tactics were the most powerful and profitable techniques. Of course closing is still an important skill, but the way you close really does matter.

Back to what our business looks like: A lot of our regular content leads people into automated webinars that we recorded once and set up to play every single day of the week! (Check out www.MattMindset.com/resources to see what service we use for this) We also do live webinars and broadcasts. Anytime we post our content we are aware of Search Engine Optimization practices and what will help our content reach the most people organically over time. Does this sound like a lot?… I actually hope it does because part of my goal here is to really give you a glimpse of what it will take for you to be successful online. I only want you to enter this world of online marketing if you are willing to learn. Sadly, most of you won’t invest the time to even get things set up, let alone consistently create value for people.

For those of you who do commit and stick with it, you will see that the benefits are so worth it. So why does setting all this up serve me? Thousands of people are consuming my content every single day! Of those thousands, some of them have never bought anything from me. Some of them buy my products or coaching! Others are getting so much value that they decide they want to partner with me in my personal network marketing opportunity. People look to work with leaders! How are you setting yourself apart? Why would someone choose to work with you over someone else?

The goal here is that you are providing so much value to so many people, that you literally have people reaching out every day to join your business or be your customer. This is my goal for you!

Now I’ll tell you a secret: You don’t need to start with everything.. You need a couple of these elements put into place and then you need to master ONE skill at a time. Can you do this by googling around and trying to learn everything from 100 different amateurs? Yes… I’ll see you in a few years when 1 out of 5000 of you will be successful and the rest will have quit.

What you really need is a university!

A place where you can learn the most basic steps of getting started as well as the most sophisticated techniques for success from the experts who have made millions of dollars because of their skills. Do these people teach these concepts for free? Of course not. You will need to invest a small amount, but making that decision is an easy one to make. At least I know it was for me, and it has payed off big time.

To check out the university I plugged in to, go here: www.YourMLMOnline.com

[] Create a daily blogging routine!

Monday through friday I am creating a video of myself teaching something (offering value). I upload that video to my blog and promote it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…

What will your daily routine be? It’s not as important how often you blog as it is that you are consistent and stick to a routine for years! Yes, years. I recommend at least once per week, but everyday would be the best.

[] How to Support Your Team Online

One of the biggest advantages of the online space is the support you can give your team online. If you have a little group of loyal tribe members on your team, start a Facebook group!

Keeping people engaged in a community is one of the best things you can do to drive customer loyalty and retention. It can also promote a good business building culture. We like to offer team incentives, competitions, text blitz’s and things of this nature online for our team. If you need more ideas of how to support your team online feel free to reach out.

If you want to offer training for your team (which I think you should) try blogging, using Periscope or Facebook Live trainings, YouTube videos etc… This training content might even attract new people to your team through attraction marketing. ;)

[] I’ll predict the future!

A few of you are going to get the education you DESERVE and start raking in leads. When you do, you’re going to come back to me and say “Matt, I’m getting a lot of leads and bringing some great people into my business, but a lot of my leads are already in and happy with another company. Do I just forget about them?”

Let me give you two tips on this topic.

1. Continue to provide value to these people because you never know what is going to happen with someone’s company. They might decide to work with you later down the road.

2. Here is a VERY important question for you: Do you have a way to make money off of the people that say “no” to buying into your products or opportunity? Is it even possible? Absolutely! and that’s one of the things that the training program I use teaches. You CAN make thousands of dollars a month off the people saying NO to your network marketing products and opportunity. You just need multiple ways of monetizing your blog. The average millionaire has over 7 streams of income. Again you can learn more about how to do this at www.yourmlmonline.com.

[] Conclusion

Okay my friend! Ready. Set. GO! Whether you decide to plug into a system or not, get out there and start pumping value into the marketplace. You will see your marketing efforts, the energy it takes to cast that net, absolutely pay off!

I really hope this ebook has served you. Anything you choose to do with this information will serve you as long as you DO something. I honor you for being an entrepreneur and for striving to create a better life for yourself and others. As a fellow traveler down that road, I would love to stay connected to you. We are, after all, networkers. =)

Feel free to reach out anytime on my website www.mattmindset.com and I’ll talk to you real soon!


Network Marketing Online - How To Achieve MLM Success Through Blogging, Social M

Network Marketing Online - How to Achieve MLM Success Through Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Have you struggled in your network marketing business? Well you wouldn't be the first! Are you ready to make money online? With a refreshing perspective, Matt Hall teaches the concepts and principles you are going to need to know about if you want to successfully build your MLM online. The truth is, attraction marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build your network marketing business. But you have to have the mindset and the consistency to see results. What if you had pre qualified leads coming to you every single day asking to work with you or learn more about your business?! Is that even possible? Absolutely and in this book you'll learn how. In this book you are going to learn... Why you should take your network marketing business online MLM prospecting vs marketing Basics of blogging How to choose a blog topic Where to get unlimited content ideas for your blog Creating a daily blog routine How to support your team online How to create cash flow from the 90% who say no to your opportunity Affiliate marketing How to learn from top earners in the industry without investing a fortune and so much more! Download your copy today, and dive in!

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Network Marketing Online - How To Achieve MLM Success Through Blogging, Social M Network Marketing Online - How To Achieve MLM Success Through Blogging, Social M