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Nature's Law

The author of Simple Boy


Nature’s law “Everybody comes naked in this world”

Nature’s law

Everybody comes naked in this world”

When I was kid, my father told me his love story. How he fell in love with my mom? How he fought with his family and mom’s family? My grandfather threw him out of his house. He was under graduate and unemployed. But he got the support of my mom. They married and my mom became pregnant. My father was eager to have a baby that he could not wait for 9 months. Every day he called many times in a day and asked my mom how many days left “When I have my baby”.

Sometime he used to ask stupid questions like why not we could have a baby now. That time mom was just four months pregnant. My grandmother was with my mom at last, her motherhood woke up. She told my dad about all this baby and 9 months’ pregnancy theory.

The baby theory: A woman needs 9 months to make a baby from a small egg. That egg is so small that no one can see from their eyes. Woman eats food and baby slowly slowly takes some food from his/her mom to grow. It is a process of nine months. Sometime woman can conceive 2 to 4 months earlier. But those infants face problems like less weight of the baby or baby conceives through operation or sometime miscarriage etc.

Baby takes 9 months for growing himself. He takes food, blood, breathes and soul from his/her mother. It is a process. Mother is not a machine. She is a human being.

Just think if baby would happen in a day from the mother. What effects would be on the mother. Just think for a moment. She conceives baby after becoming used to of the pain. She connects herself with the baby in this process. She takes the baby in her worm.

She omits and sometime feels the pain too. She takes her in her life. Baby becomes her life. Slowly slowly a small egg grows and become the infant and human being. You start love him/her. You know he is your blood. He is your DNA. Your blood is your blood. You know that.

Just think if all these things happen in a day with a woman. How she will manage to have a baby in stomach? How she will give the baby all his/her needs to grow? If somehow baby will grow, can you imagine the process of his growing and the pain she will bear? How she will conceive baby with the pain of wisdom? How? She will die in next moment.

Baby will be your blood. He will be part of your body, if he will come like cake. You will take him like a cake. Just buy it and eat it and throw the rapper.

That’s why baby takes 9 months to come and the story does not end here. You have to love him. You have to take care of him because he is a part of your life. He will cry. You will run to understand his needs. You will do something to make him happy. You have to sacrifice your time, your work and your love. Your love will be divided from your mother to wife to your baby. When he will cry in the middle of the night, you have to wake up from sleep or from making love with your wife. You cannot procrastinate at that particular time. Otherwise he will cry more and make more problems for you.

After some time, he will grow. He will start walking first on his knees and one day he will try to walk on his feet. He will fall first but stand again and fall again and again but one day he will stand on his feet and walk on the floor. That moment will bring smile on your face. One day he will go school too. He will hesitate first but he will have to go. Slowly slowly he will become young and will start playing sports. He will get injured. That will hurt you. But these same injuries will make him strong. One day he will start romancing girls. And after few years of that you will get him married.

You have to live the life the way you chose. You chose to live your life against your father’s wishes. That’s why you are not getting his love but same is with your father. He chose other way than yours that’s why he is not getting your love. My son it is all process of life. Life is a dream. Death is the destination. We all born and have to die. So why not die today because life is a process. It is a natural process. You have to enjoy it if you want happy in your life.

Baby comes in a 9 month. It is a process. Everything has its time to occurring life. If woman conceives baby in four month or fifth or sixth or seventh month, baby will not come out alive.

The same happens with your life. You dream something and you try to chase them. If somehow you get that dream fulfilled in a day, then it will give you happiness for a day only or you can fantasy every day and make yourself happy. This does not happen.

Your dream has the value because it is important to you and you only make it important for yourself. It has a process. It has some time limit. Then only you will get your dream fulfilled.

You will get happiness in starting then slowly slowly you will become impatience because you can’t wait. You are so eager to get that dream that you forget if you will stop chasing it will go away from you. If you stop caring about it, you will not get it. You have to enjoy it. Falls and downs will come. You should have to think that your dreams are giving you problem to see how much you care or you can care or not. It wants to give you lesson “how to value your dream”. It gives you opportunities to connect yourself, to connect with your dream and love your dream and know the value.

Nature tells everything to us. It gives many opportunities to give lessons.

Take the tree as an example. Tree takes the time to grow. When tree is few months old and some branches come. We have to cut it because for its growing. It has to sacrifice its branches for future growth. Then only it will grow long and its more branches will come with much stronger next time. When it becomes few years old it has big leaves. It all falls down and come again in sprint. When they fell down, don’t think it will die soon. It means it will come with new and strong branches and leaves and fruits.

If you put more water in its roots, it will die. You put less water it will die then too. If you put more urea on its root, then it will die too. You have to take care of the tree for many years. Sometime has to cut some of its old branches. When one day it will grow, you have to take care less because at that time it will become stronger in its own.

A tree takes lots of time, care, energy and sacrifice. Patience is core.

Your dream is like the tree only. You have to plant the seeds first. It will take time to grow. You have to be patience. Give time and space to your dream. Let it breathe. Let it grow.

It is a natural process. We are part of the nature. One day we will leave this world and go in this nature itself. Be patience with your dream. It will take time as the processing time. You can’t go against the nature. Nature is the only truth of this world.

The end…

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Nature's Law

When I was kid, my father told me his love story. How he fell in love with my mom? How he fought with his family and mom's family? My grandfather threw him out of his house. He was under graduate and unemployed. But he got the support of my mom. They married and my mom became pregnant. My father was eager to have a baby that he could not wait for 9 months. Every day he called many times in a day and asked my mom how many days left “When I have my baby”.

  • ISBN: 9781370675470
  • Author: Chanchal
  • Published: 2017-07-29 05:50:08
  • Words: 1927
Nature's Law Nature's Law