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NASA and the Mars Gold Rush



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Published by Eero Tarik

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This is a work of fiction – none of the characters are real. Any resemblance to any person living or a current situation is mere coincidence.

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On the 26th of September, 2015, NASA declared that it would hold a press conference on Monday the 28th of September to announce a “Mars Mystery Solved.”

Immediately the world’s media and UFO lovers went into overdrive as they guessed what the announcement might be about. Over the course of two days, most reasonable commentators suggested that it might be about finding free flowing water on Mars. The irrational knew it would be about life on Mars and aliens – they were considered to be idiots. The world waited politely for the moment to arrive on Monday.


The room was packed; the guest speakers arranged themselves for the conference. The NASA officials looked confident, and smug. This was their big moment, time for one of the greatest announcements in scientific history – according to them.

The media manager made his way to the microphone, the room hushed.

He addressed the gathering politely and proceeded to bore them all with over technical background information. The journalists yawned. Then he made the announcement – they believed they had found evidence of flowing water on Mars!

He waited for the adulation, the journalists yawned. What? No aliens? Flowing water was hardly going to get the public to leap for joy. Let’s face it, with nobody going to Mars any decade soon it was irrelevant to most people if there was water on Mars or not. Who cared?

Then a man at the back of the room stood up and changed the course of history.

“Hello, I have a question.” Before the media manager could respond the man continued.

“I work at NASA, I want to know why you aren’t telling the world the rest of the information. Why don’t you tell them about the huge gold fields and the ancient artefacts we found?”

The media manager blushed and indicated to the security guards to take action. The guards rushed to the man and tried to bundle him out of the room.

“You can’t silence the truth!” he screamed as he was dragged from the room.

The media manager looked at the stunned group.

“Sorry about that, there is one in every crowd. Now, where were we?”

A journalist stood up.

“Hey, tell us about these gold fields, tell us about the artefacts. Did you find evidence of life on Mars, are there people living there? Have people lived there in the past?”

The questions caused a commotion as the other journalists suddenly sensed a really hot story – regardless as to whether it was true or not.

“Who was that guy?” shouted one.

“Bring him back,” screamed another, desperate to gain the media manager’s attention.

The room had erupted into complete disorder, NASA unable to calm things down.

Finally, the security detail worked around the room and ushered the journalists back into their seats, slowly order returned. A now flustered media manager resumed the conference.

“I am sorry about that interruption; I have no idea who that man was and haven’t seen him before.” The NASA man stood with his hand in his pocket, and his fingers crossed. He was superstitious like that. He did know the man and was sure someone in the media had taken his photo and his identity would be revealed later, but the government security forces would take care of that, removing all trace of the man’s existence at the organisation.

The assembled media only wanted to talk about one thing, the revelations of the mystery man whilst NASA only wanted to NOT talk about one thing – those same revelations. The conference soon broke down, the media rushing off to post their stories and to try to get an exclusive with the mad man. The media man slipped from view and made straight for a meeting with his managers. There was a lot of work to be done, quickly.


When it comes to the subject of Mars, humans will believe anything, especially if it is outlandish. There is something buried deep in the human psyche that knows the truth about Mars. We know life has existed there, we suspect it still does, underground, somehow. We suspect humans came from there; we know our truth lies there. And we know that the government lies to us –most of the time.

So when someone suggests the government is hiding the truth about gold fields on the surface of Mars and ancient artefacts belonging to some other civilisation on Mars, of course we will believe it, it is our duty to believe. When the government announces that this information is not true it only reinforces how it must be true – because the fucking government LIES!

And so it was that on the 28th of September, 2015, the Great Mars Gold Rush began. Humans wanted to get their hands on the gold on the surface and others wanted to get their hands on the artefacts – which would also be like gold, or better.

Governments around the world accused the American government of lying. Being governments themselves and knowing how all governments lie, they didn’t trust the Yanks for a moment.

Big business didn’t trust the government. They knew the government always lied, as they did. They knew there was no way THEY would tell the truth about anything, so it must be a lie and the gold must exist. Being big business they knew there was only one group of people on Earth who could be trusted with the wealth on Mars – and that was big business!

And the people trusted neither the government nor big business and they knew it must all be true. They knew there would be gold on Mars and they knew there would be proof of life and ancient life on Mars.

Overnight projects appeared on crowd funding sites to raise money for missions to Mars – overnight the people of the world instantly poured millions, at first, and then billions into these private adventures. Hundreds of people offered to go to Mars for a one way trip, knowing they would never return but wanting to find out the truth, for themselves and for humankind.

The US government announced a ban on all privately funded travel to Mars.

The people of the world told the US government to go fuck itself.

Highly suspicious of the US government, the other governments of the world took the US to the United Nations and demanded it uphold the treaties that banned the commercialisation of the solar system.

Secretly the Russian, Chinese and European space agencies planned urgent missions to Mars.

Humankind had gone crazy- everyone believed there was gold on Mars, and evidence of an ancient civilisation.

The Mars Gold Rush was on!

The man who had claimed there was gold on Mars was never seen again.


The Martian Dawn spacecraft slowed into its orbit around Mars. Even though it had only been a dream 13 months ago, the huge spaceship now settled into its planned orbit, the crew getting ready for the descent to the surface below. It had been a difficult journey, all of the difficulty being on Earth before the craft had been rushed into space 2 months earlier. It had only taken 11 months of preparation to design and build the amazing ion powered spaceship. At first the governments of the world had ignored the privately funded adventure, but the organisers had been clever, building a demo model in the desert to distract the authorities whilst building the real thing on a remote Pacific atoll.

The spaceship had been launched successfully on what was a suicide mission for the crew. Most considered the mere act of getting on the rocket to be suicide as very few people expected the craft to successfully launch into space at all.

A series of four cheap rockets had sent the crew and supplies into space where they had rendezvoused and survived a US threat to blast them out of the skies. A public backlash had stopped that idea.

Once on the mother ship the crew had blasted off for Mars and all the world watched every day to get the latest on their progress. Where it had once been estimated to take 6 months or more to get to Mars, the Martian Dawn would take only 8 weeks.

The unique project was breaking every record.

The crew knew they would never return to Earth so many long term safeguards had been ignored. All the crew had asked for was enough food and supplies to last them 12 months on the Red Planet.

The day had now arrived, the Martian Dawn lander taking half of the 12 crew down onto the surface of Mars. The other 6 would travel to the surface the next day.

Failure was still possible, the risks were huge. Humankind desperately wanted the crew to succeed. Humankind wanted to see humans walking around on Mars, picking up gold and artefacts.

Surveys conducted by the media showed that 90% of all humans wanted artefacts to be found on Mars. Those opposed tended to be religious fanatics who considered the whole thing an assault against God and the bible.

Eight billion humans held their collective breath as the Martian Dawn Lander 1 dropped down through the thin atmosphere or Mars. So far, so good. The strategy was simple. The lander was surrounded by a series of big balloons – as it hit the ground it would bounce and then roll along the red dusty plain until it came to a halt. Hopefully the crew inside would survive the rough and tumble of landing.

A high res camera on the mothership in orbit focussed on the lander as it approached its destination. The seconds counted down and then it hit. A huge cloud of dust erupted from the surface as the impact was made. Those watching on Earth thought the craft had crashed and exploded, but could then see when seconds later the craft bounced high into the air.

It was a high drama moment. The craft bounced, turning over slowly as it gracefully tumbled through the air before hitting the ground again in a cloud of dust and ascending into a slower bounce. For seconds the drama unfolded, the craft bouncing and spinning until finally it came to a stop on the surface of Mars.

Inside the capsule the first communication was made back to Earth. They announced they were all well, and would test the craft before making the first footfall onto the surface of Mars.

Humankind waited, desperate for some news.


The six members of the Martian Dawn Lander stepped down, one at a time, onto the surface of Mars. They had agreed to make no announcement until they were all standing there together. It was a team thing.

They assembled for a team photo, the first humans on Mars, smiling at the camera, jubilant. Video of the event was also being beamed live back to Earth.

What the team members couldn’t see, as it came from behind them, was a bright, intense light, moving out from the nearest ridge, and heading towards them. The light grew closer, and closer, moving in on the humans.

Those on Earth wouldn’t see the transmission for another six minutes, the time it took for the digital signal to travel back home. But when they did there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that there was life on Mars and that it was most likely playing by the same rules as those on Earth.

The beam of light that had radiated out from the ridge slammed into the back of the assembled team from Earth, causing them to cook inside their spacesuits and then turn to dust as the microwaves blasted them into non-existence.

Those in orbit around Mars looked on in horror at the scene below and then noticed a beam of light heading from the planet towards them.

Seconds later they, too, died a gruesome death.

Nobody from Earth ever returned to Mars – the locals clearly didn’t like their neighbours.


Eero Tarik is one of the world’s most prolific short story writers with over 700 works published under a variety of pen names, in a number of genres.

You can find out more about him by visiting his website – eero.me

Here is an extract from his ebook, Avatar Gods…

“The crowd spread out before the glass triangular temple, they were occupying all of the Plaza of Freedom, men and women gathered by the thousands for the weekly pilgrimage to the Temple of the Avatar Gods. Music blasted across the gathering, the sun beating down upon them, the same temperature as it was every day.

The palm trees surrounding the plaza afforded shade to those who sought it, some rested on the sofas and chairs available under the trees. In a distant corner, a couple made love in the lagoon, oblivious to the crowd, and expressed themselves with complete freedom.

They all watched the clock counting down, they knew the moment was nigh. The High Priestess was due to make her appearance.

Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel” played out over the crowd as the seconds ticked over.

4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – the crowd erupted in a deafening cheer as the huge glass doors of the massive triangular temple opened and the High Priestess Afroditee stepped forth onto the elevated platform at the top of the stairs.

A stunningly beautiful woman, Afroditee elegantly moved forward, and then stopped, patiently waiting for the crowd’s noise to subside, gratefully acknowledging their existence with a majestic wave of her hand in each direction.

She was an extraordinary woman.

She stood 7 foot tall by human standards, but of course these didn’t really apply as she was an avatar.

Normally blonde, on this occasion she wore shoulder length pink hair, with streaks of silver and white, the fringe falling down and just stopping over the top of her rimless glasses. Her dark pink lipstick set off her perfect skin, her grey/ blue eyes revealing her calmness, her intelligence. She wore a heavy plumage of pink feathers on her headgear and on her arms, she was renowned for her spectacular outfits and on this occasion did not disappoint.

She wore a pink bra and skimpy pink bikini bottoms and her warm tan set off the look, her hands in long pink gloves.

She was adored by her followers, for both what she stood for and represented, but also for her appearance and the pleasure she gave through her natural beauty. She was a one in a million woman, and completely unique.

She was worshipped by millions, and loved by more, and she was the undisputed leader of the largest group in their world, she was the High Priestess of the Temple of the Avatar Gods. She was revered as though she was one of the Gods, some believed she was.

Afroditee stood there, waiting for her moment to begin speaking.

She hated these events, which surprised those who knew her, but deep down she much preferred the company of a small gathering, she much preferred speaking at community meetings. She sighed as she waited, knowing this part of her role was critical and she had no right to escape it.

She was the leader of this religion, and the leader of all those who stood for freedom and hope, she couldn’t let them down.

She turned to her left, Saffo had joined her.

Afroditee smiled at her, and dropped her hand to hold Saffo’s, giving it a little squeeze of reassurance.

Saffo leant forward and gave her lover a little kiss on the cheek. The crowd erupted and cheered more.

“Afroditee – Afroditee – Afroditee – Afroditee – Afroditee,” they chanted, their voices echoing around the plaza and creating a booming crescendo of noise.

Afroditee had enough. She released Saffo’s hand and held up her arms to silence the crowd.

She waited, the din subsided respectfully. This was now a time for prayer and reflection; it was time to be serious.

Afroditee looked out over the crowd; everyone hushed and lowered their heads, ready for prayer and contemplation.

Afroditee began, “We are gathered here today to thank the Avatar Gods for delivering us from authoritarianism and oppression, for delivering us from a world of violence into a world of never ending peace, for delivering us from a world of want and greed, to a world of plenty.”

She paused, “We pray to the Avatar Gods to give us strength to uphold the values that our society was founded on, to give us strength to be open minded, to respect the rights of others and to give us strength to love and care for each other.”

She could hear the crowd repeating her words.

“We pray to the Avatar Gods to give us strength to develop and cherish true democracy, to give us strength to respect the equality of all irrespective of status, gender and ability.”

“We ask for your guidance to build our society into the greatest community of freedom and equality in existence.”

“On this day, we reaffirm our love for Utopia, our love for one another and the rights of all to political, sexual and intellectual freedom.”


The crowd repeated her words and finished with Amen.

Afroditee opened her eyes and looked upon the congregation.

“Now, please join me in your own private minute of reflection as we assess our own strengths and weakness and promise to make better in all our endeavours.”

Afroditee lowered her head in solemn reflection and considered her week.

She had always tried to be open and honest in all her dealings, she always tried to be a sincere lover and friend. Of course, in a society of free love, that sometimes made things a little tricky but they were all still learning, she was not an expert in perfection. She had her faults and weaknesses and knew them well.

The minute was over; she lifted her head and addressed the crowd.

“I pray to the Avatar Gods to give me strength to be a better person, to be a better lover, to be a better member of society. Amen.”

She heard Saffo mutter her own Amen and then looked to her lover and held her hand again.

“Thank you everyone, thank you for coming today and thank you for your support and strength. You all make it very easy for me through your own spiritual strength.”

She motioned to clap the audience, they collectively cheered themselves.

“Now, as is usual, I am open to any questions from you on our activities in Utopia. Please direct your questions to my staff who will then filter them to ensure we have time for everyone.”

This was an important tradition in Utopia; everyone in the Temple had the right to question the High Priestess about her work or to make suggestions. If a suggestion had merit it was not unusual to have a public vote right there and then. The Utopians believed strongly in the power of true democracy and the direct power of the people to rule every aspect of their society. It was one of the two primary reasons why people emigrated to Utopia. The other was sexual freedom.”



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NASA and the Mars Gold Rush

NASA and the Mars Gold Rush

  • ISBN: 9781311284341
  • Author: Eero Tarik
  • Published: 2015-09-28 09:35:07
  • Words: 3789
NASA and the Mars Gold Rush NASA and the Mars Gold Rush