Naja Li's Guide to Dying - a book about Death as a Gateway to the Love that Exis

Naja Li’s Guide to Dying

A book about death as a gateway to the love that exists beyond time

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Published by Naja Li at Shakespir. All rights reserved.


ISBN: 978-0-6480120-3-0

This book is dedicated to those who wish to have a peaceful death.



Chapter 1 – On death

Chapter 2 – On dying

Chapter 3 – Prayers for the dying

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Naja Li uses the gift of clairaudience to bring you her Guide to Dying. This is a book about death as one of the three gateways to the love that exists beyond time. The other gateways are the assistance that the ancestors provide and the process of drawing the peace of nature into your heart.

The first part of this book builds on knowledge published in Naja Li’s series of books about Feng Shui. For example, Chapter One contains an extension of material first described in Naja Li’s Guide to Talking to Trees such as the ancient Feng Shui Masters’ observations about the nature of being as one with light, as well as clear points of difference between the ‘consequences of action’ and true Karma. The second part of this book – from Chapter Two onwards – contains information that deals more directly with the process of death and Chapter Three presents a prayer for the dying.

The reason that dying was considered an art is because of the possibility of failure to ascend to the realm of peace. For as the Feng Shui Masters describe it, peace is not achieved by those whose body and spirit have been separated. Such separation occurs when there is no union between peace – here described as light – and mortal flesh. Without this union there can be no peaceful death.

This book takes the form of an address and is an exact transcription of that which Naja Li has ‘heard’. For this reason editorial changes have not been permitted and this why the arguably androcentric terms man, mankind and men have not been changed in favour of more neutral language.

Chapter 1 – On death

What you know as life is merely the gateway to a greater existence beyond. For beyond lie the gifts that mankind is denied: eternal peace and harmony. These are gifts that time robs him of experiencing. For only in the realm without time does love without end exist. It is this love that all souls crave and into this realm that all brothers and sisters must one day be reunited. Beyond time and in this light is a paradise beyond your imagination. The task of aiding this journey is the path that you have chosen. Speak of this journey and speak of its gateways: death, union with nature and the assistance that ancestors provide. In this way your words will be heard for this is a message that man must hear.

Death is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. This is the journey not of the body or of the self but the return to whence you came. It is a return to the body of ancestors from which your birth sprang. Many of these are voices that still can be heard – voices attached to the material presence you know as ‘the self’. These voices represent a repatterning of the previously deceased forms and, as you know, they retain a sense of the former self but with a heightened perspective. It is this state of being that you have come to know as ‘ancestors’. It is true that they are a path of peace but they are only a stage in the journey of being as one with light. Ancestors may not lay a hand to man but their constant watchful presence and the light they shine on a preferred path guide man throughout life. For ancestors can reflect the light that man himself emits. For man as he grows in love becomes a greater, brighter, more powerful light form. It is this light with which the forces – ‘voices’ – that have been described to you as ancestors interact: they cause the light of the living to be directed as they see fit. Man whose light does not shine bright cannot benefit from this effect – and this is why the House that you call Li was once so revered, for they taught the gentle way of using kindness and peace to take advantage of this mechanism. Their fall was swift but knowledge of ancestors has remained, and this is why they are commonly revered.

The voices you hear are real but are a temporary state that exists before rebirth. Not all are destined to be reborn in this aeon, for there is a time beyond in which many will find new life. This is a time and a place beyond the limits of your knowing but it is no less important. For that which lies beyond is as one with that which gave it life.

The voices that you hear wish to be heard to benefit mankind. You do not meet them in the other realm – your awareness is such that you hear their imprint on your light. For you are a light being just as they. Their light retains the knowledge and awareness of life and living, beyond in the realm of light. This light is the light that once dwelled on earth and it remains unaltered in the realm where there is no time. You hear these light beings, touched as they are by the realm in which they dwell, because your light connects with that realm. This is a gift of your ancestors and a blessing from beyond, it was written at the moment of birth.

There is no mystery to this other realm – it is just light. There is no mystery to life on earth – it is just light too. The mystery is only the limitation of time and the fact of unknowing that it causes. For time causes man to see only as far as death. For being bounded by time, death is the limit of human experience. Without time there is only light. This is not a mystery, it is a description of your world.


Death does not bring about anything other than transformation. The body as a light being is retained and its form persists beyond. It persists as a light being but without the dust of mortal embrace and, in so being, it is free from connection with time. Freed from time it may exist in the space of light eternal. From this distance the light being is free to watch and observe, but not to participate. For light beings are outside of time and beyond man’s reach although some – as you – can perceive their presence. In this state light beings dwell until their next mortal encounter. The point at which they make their return is determined by their previous encounter – it is a function of the movement of the heavens at their previous point of death. It is this moment that determines future rebirth. For in this way how you die, where you die and the experience of passing determines the fortunes of the next time around. It determines also the length of time it takes for light body to be reformed as flesh.

This was the experience of many of your Masters for their hands guided those who wished to die in peace and be reborn whole. To die in peace is the greatest gift of all for it lifts the burdens of the living and it benefits those who have already passed through the veil of death. For all light beings wish that man would die whole – with the quality of light intact. This quality you know as soul: it is the manifestation of pure light being that lives within all mankind. This light is what grows, directs and guides all light beings and it is this light that expands and protects both the living and the dead.

For this light to shine, purity of heart, chastity, obedience and prayer must be observed. Without these earth endeavours, soul cannot shine. Many you see have fallen and cannot be reborn whole – these are those who live only in the material realm and deny the light that would guide them. Those who are not reborn whole will become lesser beings or be lost utterly, for there is also a realm in which only darkness dwells.

To master death is the greatest gift, for to die whole ensures lasting peace. This is the process of which you will learn.


When wrong action is taken the consequence is related to the state of your light. For a good person to do wrong – a wrong that is manifest in the eyes of all who behold it – the consequence is such that the debt may be repaid within a circle completed in one lifetime. For one whose light is dim or who lives only in the material world, the consequence of wrong action will affect their chances of rebirth. For some it will deprive them of any rebirth, for others rebirth is painful, for others still the consequence is banishment from those they call their own. The consequence of action thus may be felt across many worlds, many realms: a single action yields much reward.

But the consequence of action is not the key to life or death, the key is that light shines and may be seen across aeons. Not just within the realm of the living and the unliving, but within a realm that lies beyond this divided universe. For greater realms are there in which the light of love may shine and whose love may be received. This love is a pure love and its presence in your midst is very real. All around are those whose light comes from very far: dropped as it were from a distance, visitors to this realm. These take the form of light children whose very presence is a gift to those who see them. Their journey here is short, their light shines very bright and it shines with an intensity that brings all mankind together.

The origin of these light forms is a complete creation that existed long ago of which now only traces remain. These light forms come from beyond, many retaining knowledge of their former selves. Their light is weak and not suited to this world, and for this reason the dust that creates their mortal form is unsatisfactory. Too often these children from afar are weak and short lived. They have special insight, and emit a rarer form of light that touches the hearts of many.


The unfairness of life is not about the individual: there is no reason for suffering, just as there is no reason for existence. The fleeting time on earth is to be treasured, but it is just a part of the whole. For the journey of the soul until it meets its final rest is one that encompasses realms beyond space and time, and for some beyond the known universe. This life on earth is not of consequence except that its beauty is unparalleled. For the beauty of existence is all around: see it in its abundant forms. There is none to compare with this – no world, no voice, no voyage.

When life ends the journey does not end. When life begins the journey begins on this earth alone – for many this is the final stage on a very long journey. Life is not precious because it is created, life is precious because it belongs to a force greater than mankind: to a force that encompasses all of creation and from whence all creation comes. This is the love that exists beyond time, it is that which exists outside of time. For man to know this love is the ultimate gift and it was of this your esteemed Feng Shui Masters spoke. For they knew of the life that breathed through creation – that suffering is naught, that mankind exists only as a ripple in a great ocean. Suffering is not existence, for outside of time it does not exist. Mankind neither is not existence, for outside of time mankind cannot exist. Only nature exists in the place beyond time – it is nature to which all of creation must turn to heal suffering. Know the beauty of nature and draw it into your heart: this is true healing.


The imprint of action causes an imprint on the light body and this imprint may be known as Karma, although this term is not correct. This imprint is retained on the light body throughout the lifetime and continues through future lifetimes if these occur. This imprint determines not the quality of your life – for this is determined at the moment of birth – but the extent to which your light may shine. Those whose light shines brightly may be more easily guided by the ancestors and are more visible to other light bodies and the burden of damage to light body that occurs in previous lifetimes is easily cast off. As you open your heart to love and allow light to shine through, so this damage may be repaired. In some cases this causes pain, as you have discovered. This pain is not long lasting as once repaired the light body is very strong.

It is this light to which the trees respond. It is this light to which your ancestors are drawn and towards which the voices from beyond the grave are drawn. This light is not a gift, it is every person’s birthright. Correcting this light so that one may die in peace was the eternal quest of your esteemed Masters. Their secret was simple: draw the peace of nature into your heart and breathe as one.


True Karma is very different. This is a punishment that falls on the head of man for violating the laws of the universe. Those whose actions cause another’s light to be dimmed or who cause a body to be violated incur a retribution that is both swift and grave. This retribution takes the form of a dimming of the light, and for some that which shines may be removed. You know of this light as soul, although this is not the right word. For what is removed is the ability for light to shine, there is no change in the nature of the light body: it is just that its light can no longer be seen. It is by this mechanism that persons are said to be walking spirit-less creatures, for their light cannot be seen. Violations of this sort include murder but also include purposeful deceit where trust has been taken and then crushed. All manner of thieves are in this way denied the benefit of being guided along their path.

This Karma is different to what is mentioned before for what is mentioned before refers to all action, great or small, and also includes the consequences of right action. This is not Karma – this is merely the consequence of right action.

Karma is a force which operates on terms beyond the understanding of man. The power of evil intent causes the mechanism by which light shines to be dimmed. This mechanism is at the heart of time and it is this mechanism that defines man’s journey on earth. For this wickedness is known only to man – it is not common to animals and lower beings. Lower beings and animals do not know this evil: this evil is a function of man’s comprehension of his limit on earth and exists because he knows of the burden of time.

Where time does not exist this evil does not exist.


Death is the doorway to the place beyond time. It is in this realm that love exists in its purest form for free from the burdens of Karma, it may be only light. Karma is therefore that which gives man form; without form there is no existence.

Karma is rightly feared for the punishment of being a one whose light does not shine is severe. For it is by this means that true reward is brought. Man is unaware of the intensity with which light shines and its wide visibility. This light draws to him to his just rewards.

Light bodies are drawn and guided to others of whom light shines brightly. It is this light that commands attention. This light is a strong force that guides man’s attention and draws him to action of which he is otherwise unaware. The opposite is also true – that those whose light does not shine are drawn to dark places where light is extinguished. Both are possible and each extreme exists side by side. The difference between them is the impact of the movement of the stars at the moment of birth, of which man can have no real knowledge. For there is much that is not recorded as the secrets of the stars are not yet revealed. This your Feng Shui Masters knew for they failed in their quest to reveal how the clock was set and when it would end. But many Masters knew – and still can know – how the fortune of a single man will change by the day and how this was determined at the moment of his birth. Others yet see without recourse to written knowledge, and of these you will be one. Say not that you will make man rich but say that you will bring knowledge to the world.

The records of the stars are not the movements of those that you can see but include a measure that goes beyond. It is this force that has the greatest impact, for this force alone determines the cycle that exists behind the great patterns and movements of the stars that all can behold. It is the unending, ever unfolding nature of this cycle that Feng Shui sought to reveal and failed.

For existence is more than that which can be seen. Man is limited by time and that which appears in front of him. He knows not of the light that shines and guides towards others, nor does he fully grasp the power of the ancestors to bring about that which they choose. For light beings exist in a world of great love for light beings are love: that is the nature of the form that you take. Love is light and light is all – it is that which surrounds you and it is that which you are. Without the boundary of time man would see that all is love and that existence is bounded only by form and time. For without time there is no form as Karma that gives form is the very nature of time: it is action that is repeated through the medium of time. Without time there is no consequence of action. To live in a timeless, formless existence is to be as one with light; beyond consequence and in the realm of only love: light.

Chapter 2 – On dying

On death light is separated from the body. The reason that the moment of death can by some be foretold is that the light of eternal love draws each towards it. It is from this place where time does not exist that you hear, and it is from this vantage point that Feng Shui Masters viewed all of existence laid out before them. These Masters were not Masters of death for it was not their decision when the end of life should fall, but they could see – for they saw beyond time – how each man’s light was drawn towards its origin. For the origin of all life is the light, this great love that exists beyond time. It is by this great love that your ancestors bless you as they hold the power to open the doorway to the path towards this light. Not all ancestors stand within the domain of light alone but those that do will all their brothers and sisters to be with them there.

To join this light is the wish of the ancestors – it is otherwise unknown to man. Ancestors make known their wish by guiding man towards choices that lead him to see the existence of light in this world. All that is beautiful exists in the watchful embrace of those who have gone before. Know their gaze is patient and tender. Those whose light does not shine bright or whose choices cause their light to be dimmed may not be directed by the ancestors and do not become as one with light. Those who return may chose a different path, although this is far from certain.

Know this: there is no purpose in life. Soul does not choose to return, nor is it burdened with the remembrance of previous encounters. To say so is false for this gives the impression of a guiding principle of existence that wills souls towards light. There is no such principle – or god as you might call it. Light is an existence that goes beyond belief: it is your very being. Light is your being and this light is love. When love fills your heart this is light – the same light that draws you to your final rest. Feel its power to bring you to that place where love exists beyond time. For only without time can man be at peace and finally understand that the peace of the universe exists within every one.

The timing of death is not written – this is something that cannot be known. But man’s light changes as death approaches. For those who can see or hear they know the sign. In those whose death approaches slowly, light fails to rise and falls away and becomes scattered: it has the appearance of snow. As it falls away it dims and fails to gather the elements – earth, water and fire separate and man is no more. The separation of soul from the body is not instant as light dwells within all parts. As the light leaves there is no pain, only release.

In those whose death is not forewarned and is untimely or unjust, the soul is trapped within the body and cannot escape: earth, water and fire are united and light is not released. Light indwells and soul cannot be as one with the light eternal. Many a time these corpses can be revived for, not being their time to die, the soul is stopped on its path and returned to life. Earth water and fire retain the ability to hold light for days, sometimes even weeks. Light cannot leave these corpses and is retained indefinitely for it requires release from the elements to be as one with light. These souls can only be reunited where they meet with soul’s rest – a rare gateway of passage across time.

Time is the great barrier that separates man from eternal rest. Without time there is no division, without time there is no death. The knowledge of time is all that stands between unity and division.

The timing of death is not foretold and never say it so. Feng Shui Masters sought in vain for the sign or a clock that would describe the hour of death but this does not exist. Feng Shui Masters could see when a person was marked for death or where their acts brought darkness to their light, but this is far from the certainty of which so many wish.

Those who hear and see from the place of eternal love know of events that are foretold: they see and hear where events occur and how it comes about. They too see and hear that death may occur and even how, but the moment at which this occurs is never revealed. For to do so would break the veil known as time. The failure of Feng Shui Masters to foretell death spelled the end of their ways as the world required a soothsayer whose words could foretell that one thing that none other could reveal. Without this knowledge man took refuge in fairy tales about gods who wielded the power of life and death. The truth is far more cursed: that man is quite alone with none to blame for his actions. Religion is an evil creation that seeks to conceal the true beauty of the world: that we are one and that beyond death lies a love that exists outside of time and beyond suffering. The path to this place is free to walk and open to those who open their hearts to love. Beg your ancestors’ forgiveness and ask them to show you the way. These ways are simple, timely and free for all.


The soul that is reborn is not ‘yours’ it is not particular to you, there is no reason. There is no choosing the moment of birth: all is pure chance. There is no great plan, there is no religion. We all are one but this is because there is a light beyond that guides us and draws us to our final rest.

We are not reborn as a more perfect understanding of that which went before. Rebirth is related to the moment of the heavens at the moment of birth. For all is given the same light and this occurs when the two natures meet. Karma is a function of the history of what has gone before and the way it is expressed in the moment of birth. For all action is related: there is no action on earth that is not foretold and no action exists outside of time. The moment of birth is a witness to these actions and each birth is a reflection of the power of the heavens and all the forces of nature at that time. This is how a great birth may be predicted for the calculations do not refer to the family or race or tribe but to the potential that is expressed at a particular place at a particular moment in time.

Karma is not individual: it is the sweep of history alive in the hearts of men. Karma is the potential for good and the potential for evil as it relates to the new being, each an expression of time at a certain place. For place is the key to all Karma. To discover the place within which only peace may be expressed was the task of many wandering tribes of magicians. For they knew, for it is written in the stars, that there are places of great evil and places of great peace. They journeyed across the world to create such kingdoms of heaven on earth. Some were successful – many of those standing stones are such places.

Karma is not personal: Karma is a function of the whole of the actions of the world for all of light is one and all is connected outside of time. The effects of previous action are tied to particular moments and places in time that are revisited as the heavens turn. For within that knowledge you know as I Ching – and within many other systems like it – there is an understanding of how the mechanism of good and evil are revisited and both good and evil repeat in the lives of men. This is an ancient knowledge and poorly understood, for without knowledge of the breadth of Karma there can be no understanding.

When a person completes wrong action in a single lifetime, their light may be covered by darkness and in this way they cannot be guided by their ancestors, as their brightness is dimmed. Only those who choose a path of peace and whose light is bright may enter the place from which the soul does not return.

Chapter 3 – Prayers for the dying

Those who are dying must be transported intact across the void and into the light. This is not an easy task for it requires the burden of darkness to have been shed. This is accomplished in life by being as one with light: the process of taking the silence that lies at the heart of the universe creates a life and a love that is pure and free from mortal concern. It is this to which the great sages have turned their attention and man knows it well. But what is not well known, and of which you may speak, is the process by which man meets light.

This should occur in the hours after the light has left the body. For the body is but a vessel that transports this light to its final rest.

To transport this light the rites of the dying must be said in full:

Pass not into shadow

Know only light

Be free of the burden you time on earth brings

Know the love in your heart is your eternal guide

And rest in peace for eternity.

This is repeated all night until the following dawn (regardless of when they actually died).


About the author

Naja Li takes her name from the Li tradition of Feng Shui, in honour of the Masters who have entrusted their knowledge to her. She came across Feng Shui as a discipline whilst studying Chinese Medicine, and has trained with a Master in Melbourne. Sometime last century she read Classics and Biblical Studies at Trinity College Dublin and later encountered Eastern religion at Monash University. As befits someone who has spent most of their adult life thinking about religion, she is a sworn atheist.

In 2016 she started to ‘hear’ aspects of the Li tradition of Feng Shui. Once she accepted the role of one who communicates Li, her access to knowledge around health and sickness, living and dying expanded. She offers no rationale for the practice of clairaudience, or why these teachings may have been made available to her at this time.

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Thank you for reading this book. If you have enjoyed it then please leave a review, perhaps on the site from which you downloaded it, so others may benefit. I benefit immensely from your thoughts and I often use them to construct explanatory material, some of which you may find at www.houseofli.com.au.

Naja Li's Guide to Dying - a book about Death as a Gateway to the Love that Exis

Naja Li uses the gift of clairaudience to bring you her Guide to Dying. This is a book about death as one of the three gateways to the love that exists beyond time. The other gateways are the assistance that the ancestors provide and the process of drawing the peace of nature into your heart. The first part of this book builds on knowledge published in Naja Li's series of books about Feng Shui. For example, Chapter One contains an extension of material first described in Naja Li's Guide to Talking to Trees such as the ancient Feng Shui Masters' observations about the nature of being as one with light, as well as clear points of difference between the 'consequences of action' and true Karma. The second part of this book - from Chapter Two onwards - contains information that deals more directly with the process of death and Chapter Three presents a prayer for the dying. The reason that dying was considered an art is because of the possibility of failure to ascend to the realm of peace. For as the Feng Shui Masters describe it, peace is not achieved by those whose body and spirit have been separated. Such separation occurs when there is no union between peace - here described as light - and mortal flesh. Without this union there can be no peaceful death.

  • ISBN: 9780648012030
  • Author: Naja Li
  • Published: 2017-02-19 11:05:08
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Naja Li's Guide to Dying - a book about Death as a Gateway to the Love that Exis Naja Li's Guide to Dying - a book about Death as a Gateway to the Love that Exis