Nails for a Billionaire

Nails for a Billionaire

By Evelyn Aster

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Welcome to Ma Charisse. Do you have an appointment today?

Awesome. You’ll love working with Kari. She’s new here, but her nails are dope. She did these for me last week, and they still look gorgeous. I swear she could work for J. Lo.


Nails and photo by Christine Marie Sanchez (https://www.facebook.com/lovelychristini?fref=hovercard)

I’m Mei by the way. Come on back and have a seat on the love sofa. Would you like some coffee? You can have it any way you want. Our specialty is cafe con leche. Raul taught us an easy way to make it here. He’s Conor Grishin’s assistant. You know who that is, right?

Of course you do. But did you know Mr. Grishin owned this salon briefly? That was a crazy week. He still sends us fresh roses every Tuesday. Oh wait, I was getting you coffee. What did you want?


Cafe con leche? I’ll get it started and go get Kari for you. Feel free to look at the magazines while you wait. We even have a copy of the first episode of The Beautician and the Billionaire .




Here you go then. A nice warm cup of cafe con leche.



And this is Kari. I’ll let her take over now. Enjoy your coffee and manicure!



1|Corporate Billionaires

Hi! Good to meet you. Come on back to my station, and be sure to bring that bit of heaven in a cup with you. You can set it there on that small table to your right. Now, what are you in the mood for today?

Excuse me? Nails for a billionaire? That’s a new one! I’m sorry I’m laughing; you just caught me by surprise. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but our work is not guaranteed to snag you a billionaire.

I know, I know, there’ve been a couple of tweets and maybe a few Instagram posts of billionaires getting their hair cut here and leaving with a customer, but that was pure chance. I mean, we don’t plan these things. Of course we record them, we just don’t plan them.

Let me see who’s stopped by recently.

Oh, here’s a corporate billionaire who was in here the other day:



He was a little douchey at first, but when he laughed at a joke, every woman in here turned and drooled like a she-wolf in heat. The laugh was just so deep, and it resonated right to your core. You know what I mean?


But those corporate types are so conservative on the outside. If you’re looking for someone like him, you might want your nails done in some of these simple styles:





A little too simple, maybe? Red is a classic and always a turn on. You’d catch a billionaire’s eye for sure with one of these:



Nails and photo by Christine Marie Sanchez (https://www.facebook.com/lovelychristini?fref=hovercard)





I don’t know if this billionaire is getting ready to go out or ready to stay in, but these nails would grab his interest either way:






Oh, how could I forget about this billionaire? Look at those eyes…he could hypnotize you into doing anything. And you know it’d be something naughty.



These nails are on the wicked side of things. There’s nothing a corporate billionaire likes more after a grueling day of making the bucks than letting loose in the bedroom.







Not so much the Fifty Shades of Grey type? Well there’s more than one sort of billionaire in the world…






2| Technology Billionaires

This cutie came to us the other day all the way from Silicon Valley. He was so young and shy, but he’d made a cool billion in the tech industry.




I was doing a woman’s nails at the time and suggested this little heart pattern. She left the salon with her arm in his.




But you seem more sophisticated than cutesy hearts. Colorful nails can be both eye catching and sweet at the same time:






Of course tech billionaires have an eye for detail. This man was in here a couple of weeks ago and made Letti work until she had every hair exactly trimmed and mussed to his satisfaction. I think he was aiming for a controlled relaxed look.





I designed some nails with his type in mind…detailed but pretty:








This techie has a big grin for one of my customers. I designed her nails while he was getting a style from Venessa.



Remember how I said tech billionaires were detail oriented? I really upped my game trying to make this design intricate:



And another customer that same day requested nails like these:



A little too fussy for you? I like using dots sometimes to blend intricacy and simplicity together:








Not looking for a tech guy? You seemed to prefer the classic style nails in the first section. Oh, I know. How about nails for a real estate mogul?




3| Real Estate Billionaires


This man was intense. He spent the whole time at the salon watching everything Sophia did to his hair like he’d fire her for one misstep. But he smiled when she was done and left a BIG tip.



I had the impression that perfectionism was important to him. These nails have an elegant look that would be appropriate for both the office and a date with him:









I’m so glad you like the “triple threat” as I call it. I enjoyed creating that design for sure.


Oh, check out this hottie:



He was a treat to have in the salon. He owns hundreds of luxury hotels across the world. I grinned bigger than a lottery winner when he complimented these nails:





And here’s another “triple threat” for you with softer colors. But the curve and point of the black gives it an edge.



I think of the next two styles as fun while still conservative:




Speaking of fun, billionaires need time for vacation like everyone else…




4| Vacationing Billionaires


Opal did this billionaire’s hair right before he left for vacation in Hawaii. We couldn’t believe when he texted her his picture in the ocean!




I created the next styles to keep you and your man in mind of the blue of the ocean:












This billionaire has more than the ocean on his mind.




How about some sexy nails on the beach:





And you know this billionaire is looking for a party.



You’ll want you and your nails to be prepared:






Oh, you’re too busy for a vacation right now? Who isn’t? The next billionaires have no time to do anything but make money. You’ll need some wow nails to turn their heads.




5| Entrepreneur Billionaires

This man is creative and focused. He went from selling Boy Scout popcorn to making his own gourmet popcorn and cashing in to start up another business. Then he sold the new business a year later, and on and on. He came in to get his hair cut, but a call came in, and he left. Maybe he’ll remember to come back in a few days.



You definitely need snazzy nails to snag his attention.









And a little body art is a unique first step to a successful seduction:






But there’s no denying that the hunt for money consumes all billionaires’ thoughts.



Jewels and glitter let him know that you’re worth a mint.










You could always just paint yourself in gold like you’re his treasure at the end of the rainbow.




You wouldn’t paint yourself in gold even for a billionaire? Fair enough. These next billionaires are the rarest of the rare…




6| Prince Billionaires


Can you imagine meeting a prince who’s also a billionaire? I never have. These photos are from Instagram because I could only dream of getting close enough to a prince to snap a shot.



With all their royal duties, you know they’re looking for someone with simple elegance. Here are some nails inspired by royalty:











This prince is rumored to be in Manhattan right now. If you ask me, he’s looking for someone with a little bit of flash.










Still not quite what you’re looking for? You’re a hard woman to please.

You’re welcome!

Honestly I think you need a bad boy…




7| Heir Billionaires

The world is a playground for heir billionaires. They’ve never had to work a day in their fabulous lives. This billionaire’s scruffy appearance is no work of Ma Charisse. Letti spied him at a party Charisse invited her to.





You know he’s looking to take a walk on the wild side:










And this heir is looking for some fun and games in the bedroom.










What’s that? I’ve completely misunderstood you. You don’t care what the men will think? But I thought you said you wanted nails for a billionaire.

You’re the billionaire? OMG how red is my face? Of course I can design nails strictly for you…nails that say you’re worth a billion bucks. How do you like these?



I’m so glad you like them! I hope you’ll let me put your picture in my portfolio. Have a fantastic day and come back soon!



Romance at Ma Charisse:

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Charisse is still reeling from a miscarriage that tore her relationship apart last year. Her only focus is making her beauty salon a hit in Manhattan.


Conor is still recovering from the death of his wife three years ago. He spends his days orchestrating corporate takeovers.


Charisse and Conor want nothing more than to be left alone.


But when Charisse’s dad loses three of Conor’s ships at sea, negotiations begin that land Charisse under contract to Conor.



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About Evelyn Aster


Evelyn Aster loves coffee, chocolate and romance. If she’s not at a cafe writing, she’s most likely out on a date enjoying a cocktail with St. Germaine in it. You can also find her at:

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Nails for a Billionaire

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Nails for a Billionaire Nails for a Billionaire