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Mysterious Woman







This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.



Sometimes I wonder if I would allow my daughter to date a guy like me. Would you, I mean allow your daughter to date a guy like you?

I woke up to find Harrison making himself breakfast in the kitchen.

‘’How did last night go with you and Sally?’’ He asks me as he put his bacon between the two slices of bread.

I ignored him, instead I opened the fridge and grabbed myself a Mosi bottle of beer.

Harrison chuckles and says. ‘’Heard your willie went dead,’’ more chuckles ‘’guess the videos you’ve been watching are now taking effect’’

‘’What? No,’’ I said a little embarrassed ‘’It’s just that I don’t have any affection for the girl’’

‘’If you say so’’

He continued. ‘’Hey, how about I help you find one, a date I mean. Look I’m your friend and I care about you, I mean you can’t go on living like this, you’re almost 25 for sex sake’’

‘’Didn’t know you cared, but I think you’re right about my going on of living like this’’

‘’Welcome.’’ he said leaving the kitchen and coming back with his laptop, and setting it on the table ‘’So, here is the thing, I will open you a dating online account and see if you will find yourself one that suits you’’

‘’Great’’ I said wondering how he knew all about this, because it can only mean he has been seeing other women behind my sisters back. Yeah yeah go on judge me, I know it’s the worst mistake one can ever make (allowing your sister to date your best friend).

After a few minutes, he said. ‘’All set”

‘’Found a match?’’ I asked him.

‘’Let’s see,’’ he said ‘’Here is one, Name; Suzan, Age; 22, cute face, nice lips…. Oh oh’’

‘’what oh oh?’’ I asked.

‘’She’s a college dropout’’

‘’Pass’’ I said.

‘’We got another one, 6 feet, psychiatrist, age 23….’’

‘’Let’s see the profile…’’ I said peeking on the screen.

‘’Eww’’ in unison.

‘’Looks like she’s the one that needs a psychiatrist’’ Harrison said joking.

‘’OH, so this is Michele, aged 23, black, say she likes watching and reading comedy, eats a lot of meat and don’t mind about obesity, correction I meant she was once diagnosed with bulimia and now wants to make up for what she’s has lost, so the first step to her change is finding a man who will love, understand and take her home….’’

‘’Take her home?’’ I asked.

‘’Isn’t that what happens after you find each other compatible’’

‘’Whatever’’ I said.

‘’Looks like she’s online,’’ Harrison said getting off the chair to let me sit ‘’make your move man, I’ll be in my room’’

‘’We didn’t see the profile for this one’’

‘’She has no profile, but who cares everyone has flaws’’


What should I write? I told myself. Yeah that will do.

Me: ‘’I like your profile…’’

I cursed upon realizing she had no profile.

Michele: ‘’I like yours too…’’

What! I have no profile, anyway.

Me: ‘’You seem interesting, tell me about yourself’’

Michele: ‘’You first’’

Me: ‘’Well, nothing much to say here. My name is Marcus, lives in Emmasdale and looking for a date…’’

Michele: Me too…

Me: I’ve dated once…

Michele: Me too…

Me: Never ended well…

Michele: Me too…

Me: I mean she didn’t give me the chance to prove to her that I was worth…

Michele: Me too…

Me: I’m a virgin…

Delete message….

Me: Would love to see you in person…

Michele: Me too…

Me: When, I mean when and where should we meet?

Michele: I don’t know, this evening?

That was fast…

Me: 8PM works for you, Pizza In, Manda Hill?

Michele: Deal…

I closed the laptop and run straight to the bathroom.


I have got good friends, and Harrison just offered to help me. He has given me this device that I’m putting in my ear to enable him hear and tell me what to say in our conversation with my new to be Bae.

I sat on one of the chairs of Pizza In restaurant outside waiting for her. Well, she told me she will be wearing blue jeans and a pink top while I told her I will be wearing a blank trouser and white shirt.

A few minutes and I saw someone in a pink top and blue jeans walking towards me smiling.

‘’Hi,’’ she said to me ‘’I’m Michele’’

‘’Harrison,’’ I called in a small voice ‘’the girl has a moustache’’

I heard Harrison chuckle from the other end. ‘’Great, then tell her she’s handsome’’


‘’Tell her she’s handsome’’

‘’You look handsome’’ I said to her as she sat down.

She frowned. ‘’Have you ordered anything?’’

‘’Yeah, pizza’’

‘’I love pizza’’

‘’Me too’’ I said.

Just then a guy walked to our table and said. ‘’Good to see you Michele’’

‘’And who’re you?’’ I said to the man.

I heard Harrison from the other end say. ‘’I didn’t say that’’

‘’I’m Levy McKenzie, a police man,’’ he showed me his badge ‘’I’m investigating the Mister here called Michele’’

‘’Excuse me’’ Michele said.

‘’You are a man disguising yourself in a lady just so you can get away with your crimes’’

‘’How dare you call my date a man’’ I said to the officer.

‘’Then how do you explain the moustache sir?’’ he asked me.

‘’What? A lot of ugly….I mean handsome ladies have those’’

‘’Right, will it be okay to say a lot of handsome women have dicks too’’ he said eyes fixed at Michele.

‘’What’re you talking about officer?’’

‘’We have been investigating serious murders, were the man gets to be on a date with a lady, and if that man decides on taking the woman home with him, he’s found dead the next morning.

‘’And all our findings points Michele here as the suspect’’

‘’And you expect me to believe that?’’ I asked.

‘’Believe it or not, I’m just trying to save your life here’’

He continued. ‘’Now tell me, weren’t Me Too most of her replies to your texts’’

How did he know? I nodded.

‘’She does that to show you that the two of you are compatible, you meet, take her home and then she makes the kill’’

‘’Is that true Michele?’’ I asked her.

‘’What! Of course not, do you want me to strip down to show you that I’m not a man’’

Even I couldn’t resist that offer. ‘’Yes, prove to us that you are not what this man is saying…’’

And so she did, right in front of everyone and we saw….

‘’What kind of a woman wears boxer shorts?’’ The officer said.

Without a second wasted, I saw Michele make a sprint as the officer run after her.

The officer managed to grab her by the boxer short, exposing part of her black ass before she slipped away.

The next thing I saw was her willie flying in the open as she was running and I knew immediately that she was a man.


Well the officer failed to catch him, as he had ended up fainting during the chase.

What an awful day, I almost shagged a man. Lying on the bed, I promised myself never to look for girls online. But hey…. I’m still not giving up…you know what I mean…..


Mysterious Woman

  • ISBN: 9781370397716
  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-02-24 00:05:08
  • Words: 1275
Mysterious Woman Mysterious Woman