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My Zombie Mate (Flash Fiction)

My Zombie Mate


A Flash Fiction story


Kevin J. Kennedy


Ebook edition

Copyright 2015 by Kevin J. Kennedy


The flat was a mess and I couldn’t see it getting any tidier, cleaning was one of Scott’s duties and he was absolutely useless now. He hadn’t been working for a while so he had been doing the household chores while I went to work which didn’t really bother me because I hated all the household shit. Our evenings were spent watching old zombie movies and smoking weed or playing zombie games online and smoking weed or doing pretty much anything else zombie related and smoking weed.


Scott and I had met at an after school club we were forced to go to as we skipped class so often and done nothing when we did go. It was boring and the teachers that stayed behind to take the club couldn’t have given a fuck, they just wanted to get home to their own lives. We clicked straight away both loving two things more than anything and I’m sure you’ve guessed that was smoking weed and literally anything zombie related.


When we were sixteen we had both got jobs and rented a shitty flat together, it was a wreck but we had what we needed and life was an endless cycle of work then chill so it covered our needs for the chilling portion of life.


Here’s the thing, Scott’s a zombie now. He’s sitting tied up in the corner of our living room watching me. I had to sew his mouth closed so he wouldn’t bite me and I managed to get him tied to a chair but he struggled like crazy. He was much stronger that I would have expected a zombie to be. He watched my every move and I knew he was just waiting for an opportunity to sink his teeth into my brain. I knew I should get rid of him or ‘it’ as I suppose I should say now or do something but I just couldn’t bring myself to because it was Scott.


He wouldn’t stop going crazy in the chair and he was always moaning through his sewn shut lips. It was a pain in the ass because any time I sat down to have a smoke and watch something he would be there moaning and banging the chair around. He used to always be so chilled too.


He had started to fade away like all zombies, his skin clinging to his bone, his eye sockets hollowing out. The strange thing was he didn’t stink, well not like a dead person. Zombies were meant to stink but he didn’t, he had more of an unclean smell. I had read so many zombie stories where the zombies were created by different events happening and I supposed maybe he wasn’t the living dead kind, maybe he was more the brain been taken over by a parasite type or something like that.


I had watched the news and couldn’t find anything about a zombie apocalypse. I assumed most people had done what I had and restrained there loved ones. Ever since we watched Sean of The Dead we had both agreed if one of us ended up a zombie we would keep the other around anyway just like Sean did in the movie but when I was trying to restrain Scott I could tell it wasn’t what he wanted now. Before I managed to get his mouth sewn shut he kept screaming that he wasn’t a zombie but I knew that if I was a zombie that could talk that’s what I would say too.


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My Zombie Mate (Flash Fiction)

  • Author: Kevin J. Kennedy
  • Published: 2015-10-23 11:20:05
  • Words: 769
My Zombie Mate (Flash Fiction) My Zombie Mate (Flash Fiction)