My Granny Is A Witch


My Granny Is A Witch!©

By Tiffany L. Denton



























This story is dedicated to my beautiful Niece , Emberlyn





















Hi, my name is cookie, well that’s not my real name but that’s what everyone calls me. My real name is Willow. I’m 7 years old and I live with my 3 brothers and sisters. I live in a very weird town, I call it weird because a lot of weird and strange things happen here. Even the name of the town is weird it’s called spooky-shoes Illinois. I know strange, I’ve heard lots of stories about my town. My friend Tina, said that her brother told her about 3 kids who went fishing one day like they did almost every day during the summer. But they never came home, there was also a story about two little girls who were playing in their yard when they saw bubbles of all shapes in sizes floating in the air. They went to see where they were coming from and never came back. Or the story about the kids who went swimming and never came back. There is also a bell that makes a BONG! BONG! Sound every hour and sometimes it plays music. This is a strange place to live, our mayor walks around in his mayor’s hat and no shoes all day long. He gives out candy to everyone who passes by his office. Sometimes my sister and brothers go by his office twice to get more candy. Our town is really clean, the grass is very green and the trees all have fruit on them. Apples, oranges, peaches and grapes… well grapes don’t grow on trees, but they should. There are a lot of strange things here in spooky-shoes, some of the older kids roll by on boards with wheels. They wear huge earmuffs that has music playing out of them. There is a huge oak tree in the middle of town that looks really spooky, there is a large whole in the bottom of the tree trunk that looks like a doorway. I think it may be a doorway. On Halloween, all the weird things about are town get even more weird. Black cats talk to me, birds fly and land on my arm, water comes out of my ears and my toes tingle when I laugh. But only on Halloween and only when I’m at my granny’s house. My granny has lived in spooky-shoes for a very long time. She was a baby here and that was so long ago they didn’t even have TV.‘s at all. They just had radios and books, and when you wanted to play with your friends you had to walk over to their house. How boring is that? But my granny fits right in here in spooky-shoes because she is a little strange too. She mostly only wears all black clothes, with a round black hat. And on Halloween she wears purple..all purple. She has long white hair that she keeps up in a bun that looks like a ball of yarn. She wears clear glasses and she has a mole on the tip of her nose. She wears black pointy shoes and a coconut belt. Her house is one of the coolest in our whole town. It’s gray and yellow and it sits way up on top of a hill and there are long wiggly branches all over the side of the house. There is a big porch in front where my granny sits sometimes. She loves to knit and sew, she makes all of her own clothes. Sometimes she falls asleep in her rocking chair on the porch and when she wakes up her two cats are sitting in her lap. She has a lot of flowers in her yard and a great big garden in the back. She’s always planting vegetables and flowers or baking cookies and cakes. She likes to play games with us, like hide and seek where she makes spooky noises while she looks for us. And when we sleep over she will get on her hands and knees and crawl in our rooms and sit by our bed and make moaning sounds like, BOOOOO. We all scream and then laugh. She tickles are toes and then she will squeeze our nose. Right before she gives a hugs and kisses as we go to sleep. Sometimes on nights when the moon is shining bright, you will see granny outside with her friends sitting in a circle with their legs cross. And they have candles and sticks that smell like vanilla and cinnamon when they are burning. They dance and sing and laugh and and laugh, then they all eat because everyone brings something yummy that they made. Soups, salads, sandwiches, cakes, cookies, and pies. Sometimes when we are visiting a lot of different people come to see my granny and they ask her to help them because they are sick, or they lost something, or even if someone is being mean to them. My granny some how helps them and make them feel better. Because they always leave happy and smiling.

But you know what I think? I think my granny is a witch! Not a wicked witch but a good witch, a witch that helps people feel better and shares good food and happy secrets with them. When we go into town sometime, the people there laugh at her because she dresses weird. But everyone in town dresses weird but not as weird as granny. And Some people are a little afraid of her because they think she has magical powers. But to me she’s just granny, the granny who chases us around her house on a broom. The granny that hides in her attic and tells us to find her and when we do she jumps out in a clown costume. She’s so funny, and sometimes she takes chicken soup to her neighbors when they have colds or are not feeling well. And the next day they are all better. Her kitchen is so big she has huge black pots and lots of bottles with oils and powders. She has seasonings and herbs for cooking, along with crystals and stones all in a row on her shelf. One time I had a tummy ache and I came to my granny’s after school, she asked me how I felt and I said awful. She told me to close my eyes and think of something fun. And I did it, I thought of riding my bike in the summer with the wind blowing in my hair. As I was thinking I could feel my granny rubbing my tummy with something that smells like pine cones. She told me to open my eyes and asked how I felt. My tummy ache was all better and I smiled at her and she winked at me. I love my granny, she has so many weird old things in her house. She has things in the basement and things in her closets, things in her attic and things in her cupboards. Strange looking masks, and bug dolls with lots of feathers. She said she likes collecting all kinds of things. Yes, I think my granny is a witch, a good witch…a special witch who I love very much. Could your granny be a witch? Go and find out…and keep it a secret.


My Granny Is A Witch

This is a story about a 7 year old girl and her granny who she belives may be a Witch. In her strange and weird town you can join Cookie and her adventures to explore her town and her grandmother. Is her granny a witch? Or is she just a nice old lady?

  • Author: Nautica Bale-Fire
  • Published: 2016-01-23 21:50:10
  • Words: 1232
My Granny Is A Witch My Granny Is A Witch