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My Erotic Virgin Life: Why'd I Agree to go Camping?

My Erotic Virgin Life: Why’d I Agree to go Camping?

  • My Erotic Virgin Life: Why’d I Agree to go Camping?
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My Erotic Virgin Life:

Why’d I Agree to go Camping?

Akira Battles

Copyright 2016 by Akira Battles

Shakespir Edition

All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental.

My Erotic Virgin Life:

Why’d I Agree to go Camping?

Danny was hopelessly and utterly gone on Ty.

He’d taken to showing up everyday at the coffee shop with his algebra and history textbooks in hand. He’d sit for hours at one of the tables and sneak glances at Ty as the older boy worked. Ty was a night person—he only worked mornings when absolutely no one else could come in for the shift. He also always had a sketchbook within reach and spent most of his free time doodling in it. Danny had been lucky enough to get a glimpse of the art inside once, and he’d been impressed; Ty liked to combine landscapes with surrealism to create dream-like worlds on paper.

Bridget also hadn’t been lying about Ty being the kind of guy who would rescue a kitten from a tree. Danny had gotten to witness first-hand Ty do just that. Of course Ty ended up stuck in the tree himself when he couldn’t find a safe way down, but it had all worked out in the end; Jimmy had saved Ty.

Danny liked to think he wasn’t stalking Ty, but his stomach churned with the knowledge that short of actually following Ty around, he stalked Ty in every other way possible. Heck, he knew Ty’s class schedule, and Ty had never told him it. He’d just picked it up by eavesdropping in on Ty’s conversations with Jimmy.

“So when are you going to work up the nerve and ask my brother out?” Bridget snuck up behind Danny and whispered in his ear.

Danny squawked and flailed. Out of instinct he threw his body over his textbooks and glared petulantly over his shoulder. “Don’t scare me like that.”

Bridget snickered and took a seat across from him.

Her dark curls were limp and frizzy from a long day of work, and her shirt slipped off her shoulders. She rested her chin in her hand and poked Danny’s book. “You hiding an adult mag in there?”

Danny straightened and flipped his math book toward Bridget. “Of course. Look at all these sexy numbers. I get hot just knowing that two cubed is eight. Oh, and don’t get me started on the number eight and its symmetry. I might need to take a cold shower otherwise.”

“Oh, well then, I definitely want to hear all about the number eight.”

“You couldn’t handle the number eight.”

“What are you two talking about?” Ty’s shadow fell over the table. He smiled brilliantly at Bridget and Danny. He held two beverages in his hands. A third cup was tucked in the crook of his elbow.

Danny sputtered. He covered his textbook and looked anywhere but at Ty.

“We were just talking about how the number eight is sexy.” Bridget made grabby hands at the drinks.

With a fond eye roll, Ty surrendered one of the coffees to his sister. “Is that because of what eight looks like when you flip it on its side?” Ty pulled up a chair and plopped himself between Danny and Bridget.

“Oh my god, Ty. No. Jeez, you had to take our innocent joke and make it perverted.”

“It couldn’t have been that innocent if you were calling eight sexy.” Ty carefully removed the drink hugged in the crook of his elbow from its precarious location and set it in front of Danny. Chocolate and caramel syrup drenched the insides of the plastic cup, while whipped cream crowned the top; it was Ty’s specialty: a Tooth Rotter.

“Thanks.” Danny picked up his mechanical pencil and clicked it.

“No problem.” There was a slight chuckle in Ty’s intonation, and it sent Danny’s insides cartwheeling with delight.

Dear Eros, he had it so bad; it was an illness.

“So why are we talking about sexy number eight?” Steam wafted around Ty’s face as he sipped his coffee.

“Because Danny is very protective of his math book.”

“I’m not protective. I just don’t like it when people read over my shoulder. It’s a habit, okay? You try having a hundred brothers who will find any reason to tease you and see how paranoid you end up.”

“A hundred?” Ty whistled low. “I knew you had a lot, but that many?”

Danny flushed and tugged on the baseball cap he was wearing to hide his horns. Ty knew he wasn’t human, but Danny hadn’t come out as an incubus yet.

It probably sounded silly to most people, but if Danny ever got up the courage to ask Ty out, he didn’t want Ty to have any expectations for the relationship’s pace.

The guilt his secrecy caused felt like he’d swallowed a handful of rose thorns, but he couldn’t ignore the insecure voice in his head that liked to point out most people didn’t even think incubi were capable of romantic relationships. The average person would assume all Danny wanted was sex and nothing more.

As much as Danny wanted to believe his first crush wouldn’t be one of those types, he was too scared to reveal himself and find out.

“Jimmy’s been wondering if you’re going up to the cabin with us this weekend,” Ty directed at his sister.

Bridget wrinkled her nose. “Why would I want to lock myself in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere with you two? Besides, I’m still young enough that the woods is a no-no.”

“What does your age have to do with anything?” Danny asked.

“Do you not watch horror films? Teenagers to mid-twenties always end up getting murdered by serial killers. I have to wait another two years before I’m safe.”

“C’mon, Bridge, you went up there with us when you were eighteen, and everything was fine.”

“Pure luck.” Bridget slurped her coffee.

Ty sighed, he folded his arms on the table and leaned his torso against them.

Temptation gnawed at Danny like a dog with a bone, and he was unable to stop himself from ogling Ty’s tattoo sleeve. It was a boisterous design of color. At the top Ty’s shoulder a white tiger wrapped it’s claws around the sun as it swallowed the star whole. The tiger’s tail wrapped around his arm and transformed from white fur to green scales until it became the tail of a serpent dragon. Chains imprisoned the dragon all the way down its body until they reached the head. Flames burst from the dragon’s mouth and swathed a charring moon. Little details were scattered up and down the arm in places where the dragon and tiger didn’t touch. Danny’s favorite of those details was the Camilla blossom just above Ty’s elbow.

“All right, all right, I’ll go, but only if Danny comes along too.”

Danny snapped out of his reverie when he heard his name. “Huh?”

Ty pursed his lips and furrowed his brow. He side-eyed Danny. “I suppose…”

Danny held up his hands. “You really don’t have to. I don’t want to intrude.”

The frown was wiped off of Ty’s face, and he was beaming as brightly as the stars on a clear night. “No, it’s fine. You tagging along is actually perfect; you should come with. I’ll even bring the ingredients for the Tooth Rotter. You can have one at every meal.”

Danny’s heart gave a flutter at the thought of having at least three Tooth Rotter’s a day. “Why must you know my weakness?” he mock whined.

Ty chuckled and patted him on the back. “So then it’s settled. Jimmy and I don’t have class on Friday, so we’ll swing by Thursday night to pick you up.”

“You know,” Bridget began, “I work Friday.”

“So?” Ty arched a brow. “You’ve never needed a reason to call out sick before. Now you have a reason, so I really don’t see the problem.”

“I am a responsible adult, I’ll have you know.”

Danny and Ty hit her with deadpanned looks.

Bridget huffed. “Fine. I’m at least sixty percent responsible adult though. I’ll make certain to do a lot of coughing and complaining about a dry throat the day before.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night. Hey Jimmy,” Ty hollered. “You get all that?”

Jimmy looked up from where he was pouring espresso shots. “I knew you couldn’t resist me.” He winked at Bridget.

Bridget scoffed and leaned back in her chair. “Boy, you haven’t even reached the starting line. Don’t get cocky.”

Danny sucked on the straw of his frappuccino and hummed delightedly to himself. He was nervous as all get out, but it’d been so long since he’d gotten to go on a vacation without his family, his insides were tap dancing with excitement.

“You better pack sunscreen. Dad’s genes are not going to be enough to protect your skin from the sun.” Taka swiped his finger across his tablet.

Mr. Biggle purred in Taka’s lap, and Taka scratched the cat behind his ears.

Danny huffed as he picked up his knapsack and tested its weight. “I really don’t think I should add anymore.”

Taka glanced up from his tablet and shrugged. “Fine with me, I’m not the one who will have to deal with oversensitive and irritated skin. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the person I’m crushing on seeing me look like a boiled lobster.”

“I never said anything about a crush.”

“You didn’t have to. You’ve spent the last few weeks hanging out at some café from nine at night to three ‘o clock in the morning. Suddenly you’re invited on a camping trip? There is only one explanation.”

“Hey, I have a friend, you know, and she’s the one who invited me camping.”

“Is this the same friend who is related to your crush? Or is she just a friend to your crush?”

Why did Taka have to be so perceptive?

“Your silence speaks volumes.” Taka closed his eyes and reclined against the sofa.

Mr. Biggle meowed and stood up. He pressed his paws on Taka’s chest and headbutted Taka in the chin.

Taka huffed and stroked the cat. He cracked open one bronze eye to glare at the cat. “How many times a day am I expected to feed this thing?”

Danny headed to the bathroom to search for sunscreen. “He usually wanders in whenever he is hungry.” Danny crouched in front of the sink and rifled through the drawers. “I’m not sure I have any sunscreen. I think I borrowed it from Arlo last time.”

“Arlo doesn’t need sunscreen. The Italian in him makes him impervious to the sun.”

“I think I’ve seen him use it.”

“Was a pretty girl involved?”


“There you go.”

There was a shuffling sound and an annoyed meow from Mr. Biggle.

Danny turned in time to see his brother join him in the bathroom.

Taka flung open the drawers directly under the sink and dug through the clutter until he retrieved a bottle of lotion. “Here.”

“How do you know my apartment better than me?”

“Because other than Dad, I’m the one who checks up on you the most. Now be honest with me,” Taka pinned Danny down with a hard stare, “do you need any other kind of lotion?”

“Another kind of lotion?”

Taka kept staring at Danny, as if willing Danny to understand.

Danny blinked and looked down at the sunscreen in his hand. “I think I’m fine for now.”

“Right.” Taka massaged his scalp. His face was tight with frustration and confusion. He pursed his lips and stood, crossing his arms over his chest as he pondered the problem that was occupying his head.

Danny feigned ignorance. Taka was easily one of his favorite brothers, but Danny had learned early on in life that sometimes it was better not ask what troubles were running through his brothers’ minds when they got contemplative.

As Danny shoved the sunscreen into his knapsack, Taka rejoined him in the main room.

“Danny, I know you are aware of the mechanics of sex between a man and woman, but what of your knowledge between that of same-sexed couples?”

Danny shrugged and tried to shove down the memory of himself trying to figure out how he’d take off Bridget’s bra when he still thought of her as a potential sex partner. “I was practically raised at Crescent Grin’s studios. I think I got the gist.”

“Then you should know most porn is fantasy and that things don’t always go as smoothly as depicted in those films.” Taka smirked. “Also, I recall you preferring to hide your nose in a book during filming. You only really explored the area before and after sets.”

“Considering I was only there when one of my brothers or my dad was filming, can you blame me for preferring not to watch? I really did not need to know how you guys have sex. I still don’t.”

“It’s not really sex. Just enough to keep us well-fed.” Taka strolled over to the corner of the flat where he had deposited his rucksack when he’d arrived prior. He scrounged through the bag until he found his desired object. “Here.”

Taka tossed something at Danny.

Danny dashed two steps and caught it.

A tube of lubricant lay innocently in Danny’s palms.

“I know you probably don’t plan to do anything extensive, but I rather you be prepared than not bring anything.” Taka reached into his back pocket and pulled out three condoms. “I should probably give you more, but I’m trusting that if you need more you’ll get your friend to drive you to a drug store and pick up a pack.”

“Taka…” Danny’s mouth hung open. He was torn between thanking Taka and vehemently refusing Taka’s offer while reprimanding his brother for even suggesting that something was going to happen between Danny and Ty.

As embarrassed as Danny was though, Taka’s support was like a security blanket Danny hadn’t known he wanted but that he very much needed.

Taka stuffed the condoms into Danny’s bag. “Also, I don’t know what cell connection is going to be like up there, but if you have any questions, call me. And…” Taka pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “And if something does go wrong and you can’t get in contact with me just remember—and I can’t believe I am going to say this, but: boys are stupid.”

The statement was unexpected and confusing. “But I’m a boy.”

“Yes.” Taka nodded. “You are, but trust me. If things get frustrating, that is a good mantra to have to calm yourself down.” Taka went over to the couch and picked up his tablet. “If you want, I can even pull up articles that prove the brains of human males are not as well developed for handling emotions as their female counterparts.”

“Human males?”


“So then you…” Danny found himself speechless again. He’d brushed off Taka’s inquiry about same-sex coupling before because such questions weren’t odd coming from his family, but this was different. Taka was trying to help Danny handle any emotional fallout that came from being interested in a human male.

Danny wasn’t sure how or when he tipped Taka off, but his emotions were a swirl of horror and elation.

It wasn’t unheard of for incubi and succubi to go after people of the same sex, but ever since Danny had developed, every discussion about him and sex had always been about having sex with women. He’d never contradicted his family, and truthfully Danny wasn’t ready to rule out women as sexual partners either. He had never planned on revealing his sexuality to his family so soon though.

“Danny, unless you plan on giving someone a blow job, shut your mouth and get over your surprise.”

Danny snapped his mouth shut. A second later he burst out with, “So you really don’t care if I’m interested in a guy?”

“As long as you’re getting proper nutrients, I really don’t care who or what you date, Danny.”

Danny couldn’t believe it.

It was such a relief to know Taka accepted him. It was like a two-ton weight that had been strapped onto Danny without his knowledge had fallen off and he felt like he could fly. “Can I hug you?”

“No. I just washed this shirt and you smell like a cotton candy machine and an espresso maker exploded next to each other.”

“All the more reason.” Danny flung his arms around his brother and hugged Taka until he could feel Taka’s ribs.

Taka pushed Danny’s head away. “You limpet. Let go of me!”

“Make me!”

“I got some dirty socks in my bag, and I will use them to suffocate you.”

“Just try, old man.”

“Damn it.” Danny struggled to pick up the last of his sesame seed chicken and rice with his chopsticks. He failed splendidly as each and every time he tried to grasp the food it slipped out of his utensil.

Taka took the bowl from Danny and plucked out the last of the chicken with no trouble.

“That’s just not right. I eat food everyday, and you only do it to get girls and socialize. How can you be better with chopsticks than me?”

Taka waved the piece of chicken in Danny’s face. “Do you want it or not?”

Danny huffed, but leaned forward and accepted the meat. He grumbled as he chewed.

“And to answer your question: I was raised by my mother, who never did understand that by age eleven I no longer needed food—at least not the kind she was serving.” Taka grimaced. “I can still remember the sting of her slap the day she learned I’d been feeding off women twice my age.”

Danny winced. It wasn’t the first time Taka had told Danny about his mom. Taka’s stories always made him thankful that his mom had abandoned him. It seemed like there was a fifty-fifty shot of most incubi’s mothers rejecting their children once they came of age. Danny was grateful that he’d never had the opportunity to get attached then burned by his mother.

There was a knock on the door.

Danny perked up. He sprung from the coffee table and tugged on his jacket’s hood as he hurried to the door. He flung the door open, just stopping it short of slamming it into the wall.

Ty smiled down at Danny. A brown leather jacket that came with a whiff of smoke and coffee covered Ty’s tats. A black beanie with an ACDC pin hid all of Ty’s hair except for the blue tips that curled just above his ears. “Awesome. Found the right apartment on the first try. You ready to go?”

Danny nodded and stretched out his arm to grab his knapsack. “Yeah, got everything packed and ready.” His fingers laced through the arm strap of his bag, only for the digits to slip free when Ty slid the bag out of Danny’s hold.

Ty tossed the knapsack over his shoulder. “Anything else?”

“I can carry it.” Danny tried to get his bag back, but Ty hoisted it high into the air.

“Nope. The bag is mine now.”


“So, you’re my little brother’s friend.” Taka had appeared behind Danny like a ninja.

“My sister Bridget and him are probably closer, but yeah. He’s my Tooth Rotter drinking buddy. I’m Ty.” Ty extended his hand.

Taka stared at the offering until Ty hesitantly retracted it.

Taka pretended to examine his nails. “I hope you realize if anything happens to Danny this weekend I will hold you personally responsible.” He leveled Ty with an icy glare that promised retribution. “He is the baby of the family. I’m sure he mentioned how many brothers he has.”

Ty’s eyes drifted to the top of Taka’s head where Taka’s horns were showing. They were sharp and black, and a good few inches larger than Danny’s. They gave Taka a devilish appearance, and not the kind that would make women swoon at his bad boy image, but the kind that made Christians and their ilk swerve out of Taka’s path as he walked down the street.

There were very few species with such horns.

Danny swallowed down his fear at the realization that Taka might have revealed what Danny was to Ty.

Ty nodded curtly. “Nothing is going to happen to your brother.” The corner of his mouth curled. “Not only would my sister skin me alive, but I’d feel like a real piece of shit for letting one of my favorite freeloaders come to harm.”

“Freeloader?” Danny repeated, mock offense in his voice.

“When’s the last time you bought a Tooth Rotter?”

Danny didn’t think he’d ever bought one.

Shame filled Danny. “I can pay for—”

Ty held up his hand to silence Danny. “It’s cool. I’m just giving you a hard time.” He shifted his attention to Taka and became serious again. “Now, may I whisk your brother away on my chariot of free frappuccinos, or do you still have some shovel talk in ya that you want to get out?”

Taka made a show of mulling the question over. “I suppose your answers have been satisfactory.” He waved at Ty to go. “Take my brother away. I have plans for his apartment tonight.”

“What do you mean plans?” Danny squawked. He did not want to comeback to find that his apartment had become a den of iniquity.

“If you want to take my brother, you better do it now. If I’m forced to answer his question I’m canceling your weekend together.”

Ty grabbed Danny by the bicep. “Come on, Danny. He’s just messing with you. It’s what older siblings do.”

“You don’t understand the kind of damage he could wreck!” Danny protested.

“Do I need to throw you over my shoulder?”

The circuits in Danny’s brain fried. “You… Can you really do that?”

Ty scrutinized Danny. “You have some muscles on you, but otherwise your pretty compact compared to me. I probably could.”

Heat flowed through Danny.

Taka coughed and covered his nose. “Danny, stop stinking up the place and get out.”

Danny’s shoulder blades sprang together. He glanced at Ty who was looking a little dazed and confused.

Danny cursed. He’d released his pheromones. It wasn’t a potent enough amount to make Ty want to jump him, but Ty would be in a happy haze for a little while.

Danny shoved Ty away from the apartment and shut the door behind him.

Ty grinned at the paint on the wall.

Heaving a deep sigh, Danny grabbed Ty’s wrist and ushered him toward the stairwell. “C’mon, big guy, let’s get you out of here before Taka changes his mind.”

Bridget had parked the car with engine running in front of the stairwell exit. She blew a pink bubble of gum as she blared pop music from her speakers. Jimmy lounged in the passenger seat with his body angled toward Bridget. He gestured like he was talking, but Bridget stared ahead like he wasn’t there.

She touched something on the dashboard and the trunk popped open. “Took you two long enough,” Bridget shouted over her music.

“Blame my brother.” Danny tried to take his knapsack from Ty again, but Ty dodged Danny’s hands and danced around Danny so he could stuff the knapsack in the trunk.


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My Erotic Virgin Life: Why'd I Agree to go Camping?

"Danny was hopelessly and utterly gone on Ty." First crushes are twice as frustrating, painful, and maddening when you're an incubus who has never had a first kiss, let alone a date, and the guy you're interested in constantly sends out mixed signals. So why Danny had thought it would be a good idea to accept Bridget and Jimmy's invitation to join them and Ty in a cabin in the woods, where he'd be around Ty for more than two days, was beyond him. Really, he should have known better. He just couldn't resist that damn smile of Ty's, could he?

  • Author: Akira Battles
  • Published: 2016-03-18 08:05:08
  • Words: 25189
My Erotic Virgin Life: Why'd I Agree to go Camping? My Erotic Virgin Life: Why'd I Agree to go Camping?