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My Erotic Virgin Life: A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus

My Erotic Virgin Life: A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus

  • My Erotic Virgin Life: A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus
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My Erotic Virgin Life:

A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus

Akira Battles

Copyright 2016 by Akira Battles

Shakespir Edition

All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any

means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental.

My Erotic Virgin Life:

A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus

Rotten cabbage and tomatoes assaulted Danny’s nostrils when he opened the refrigerator in his apartment. Black splotches peppered the vegetable and fruits like bruises. A lone can of Red Bull squatted behind the spoiled food. Danny grabbed the drink and hip-checked the fridge closed with a mental promise to clean out the fridge once he was done with his dinner.

Danny’s stomach grumbled and he hoped his father would arrive soon with groceries. His father had been due to replenish Danny’s supplies hours ago, but the man only ever followed a schedule when it came to work and dates.

Danny’s stomach growled as he downed half the can of Red Bull. He grimaced when he felt the sugar and caffeine combination slosh in his belly.

He petted his stomach in sympathy.

Even if his dad was a horrible keeper of time, his dad should arrive soon with food. If not him, then perhaps one of Danny’s one hundred brothers; his father sometimes delegated the task of caregiver to them.

Danny finished the last of the can and meandered across the small flat. He kicked his algebra and chemistry books aside as he wandered through the dark.

“Depressing” was one word his family used to describe his apartment. Small and efficient were the words Danny preferred.

A meow at the window stole his attention.

Danny grinned and tripped over his sleeping bag and pillow to open the window.

Mr. Biggle, a long haired tabby, climbed inside and purred as he dropped down into the apartment. He circled Danny’s ankles and headbutted him.

Chuckling, Danny swept the cat up into his arms. “And how are you Mr. Biggle?” Danny took a whiff of the cat and caught traces pheromones—sweet, but not as sweet as a human’s. The feline pheromones would do in a pinch though. Danny breathed the chemical in, his hunger abating. “Ah, so you made a lady friend today? You should be pleased.”

He set down Mr. Biggle.

Mr. Biggle stared up at him imploringly with large almond-shaped eyes.

Danny bent down to scratch the cat’s ears. “Sorry, buddy. No food today.”

Mr. Biggle turned up his nose at Danny then launched himself at the window. He paced the windowsill, glaring at Danny.

“Hey, I’m serious,” Danny defended himself.

Mr. Biggle jumped out the window, landing on the fire escape below.

Danny sighed. He rested his elbow on the windowsill and breathed in the smoggy air of the city. Sirens wailed as cars roared and blared furious horns. Mixed in with grind of metal and the slap of rubber on pavement were sprinkles of laughter. The joyous noise ranged from faint sounds of shy and excited giggles that were like soft music to raunchy and boisterous bellows.

They were the voices of the red light district, and they pleased Danny in a way nothing else did.

The door to his apartment flung open with a bang.

Danny whirled, arm raised to protect himself.

A hulking, silhouette outlined the doorframe. The shadowy figure radiated masculinity and was perfumed in so many pheromones Danny was torn between soaking in the smell or recoiling. He knew who the figure was and would rather not feed off their sex pheromones or that of their partners’, even if Danny was starving.

“Daniel,” his father’s voice boomed, and the man stepped into the small beam of light the window offered.

His dad—Andreas—flicked the light switch on. “Are you trying to lose your eyesight? Or is this a teenager thing?” Andrea scoffed. “I remember when ‘teenager’ wasn’t even a word. You were a child then a man. This century is ridiculous.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Danny grumbled.

Andreas possessed a physique of muscles that fought to burst out of his shirt, which was always two-sizes too small so as to show off every indent and curve. Modeling agencies lusted after Andreas as strongly as the women he bedded. Especially agencies that catered to the romance industry; Andreas had been featured on many a romance novel’s cover.

Apparently borderline body-builder types with a devil may care smile and small black horns on top of their heads were the female fantasy. Oh, and the retractable black wings that were only there for show on incubi.

Danny seriously questioned the romance and erotica industries statistics sometimes. Women had to realize just what a pain the wings were during sex. His brothers complained about it whenever they got a partner that demanded to see their wings. At first the women were into it, but the second the wings started batting them in the face they got offended and pissed off. Half the time, they refused to continue sex afterward.

Danny massaged his shoulder at the thought of it. He could feel his wings twitching under his skin. He’d only brought them out a few times in his life, and he rather not do so again any time soon.

“This is terrible.”Andreas clicked his tongue in disapproval as he peered into the fridge. He slammed it shut and beamed at Danny. “However, it is also excellent for me, and will be for you too.”

Warnings went off in Danny’s head like bombs. He looked at his father, really took in the man’s appearance.

There were no groceries in the man’s hands. “Dad,” suspicion quivered Danny’s voice.

Andreas strode up to Danny and clamped a large hand on his shoulder. “My son, it is time.”

“To eat? I know. Please tell me you’re taking me out for pizza?”

Andreas musical laughter that was designed entice his victims filled the room as he swatted Danny on the back. “Oh, my son, how delightful it is to hear you jest. No, it is time for you to bed a woman and feed off the carnal energies and pheromones the two of you will produce.”

“You know I would love to, Dad, but being a scrawny fifteen-year old makes it kind of hard and illegal—”

“Nonsense. You are fifteen, but compared to a human you look to be twenty-three or so. An athletic type. You can easily get a woman.”

Danny cringed. “But my age—”

“Daniel,” his father sounded mildly horrified. “Have you spent too much time with humans? Yes, to them you may not be of adult age, but the moment your body matured you became an adult in incubi and succubi culture.”

“I know, Dad.”

“Then why question legality? There have already been so many court cases, and—”

“I know,” Danny snapped. He ran his hands through his hair, which he hadn’t washed in days, yet it was still silky smooth and smelled like apples. It was such a small thing, but at that moment Danny hated that his body couldn’t even do something as simple as produce hair grease.

“Daniel, I have been patient with you, but it is time.”

“But, Dad—” Danny started only for his father to silence him with a dramatic arm cutting motion. 

“No more ‘but, Dad.’ You have been of age for years now. It is time you fulfilled your destiny like a true incubus.” 

Danny winced. “But by combining human food and being in proximity to those having sex, I can get enough nutrients that I don’t need—” 

“Daniel.” Andrea clasped a hefty hand on Danny’s shoulder and squeezed. “It is unnatural, and the amount of nutrients you will get from sex will last you longer than what you get by stalking your peers through the park at night and watching them do exactly what it is you should be doing. Also, sex is better than pizza or chocolate.” 

“That’s not what I heard,” Danny grumbled. He fiddled with the leather band around his wrist. How could he explain to his father that he just wasn’t ready? He was fifteen, and most incubi were no longer virgins after their thirteenth year. The few who waited longer than that usually did so because they hadn’t fully developed yet.

Danny had finished puberty at age twelve. It was why he had to take online classes and basically be a shut in most of his days. Even in a world where the supernatural was known and there were schools that catered to the needs of the supernatural, it was difficult to find a school that would allow someone who looked like an adult attend classes with kids—especially when aforementioned adult was a literal being of sex. No parent wanted their kid around him.

Andreas wrapped his arm around Danny and maneuvered him so he faced the window. “Look, down there is a land of lust and debauchery. Go have your pick. I’ll even pay for a prostitute if one catches your fancy.”

“No!” Danny’s voice cracked like he was going through puberty again. “I mean…” Danny cleared his throat. He shuffled his feet against the hard wood floor. “I rather my first time be with someone who isn’t paid to have sex with me.”


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My Erotic Virgin Life: A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus

Danny is an incubus who doesn't want to have sex. Correction: he wants it, but he's waiting for someone special. At least, that was his plan. The fridge is empty, he has no money, and his only source of food is his dad who won't get him groceries until Danny has sex. Danny could deal with that--a few days of hunger wouldn't be that bad--except he has a cat, and he's not about to let the little fuzz ball starve, so it's off to the strip club. Of course things never go as planned.

  • Author: Akira Battles
  • Published: 2016-01-29 09:05:08
  • Words: 11755
My Erotic Virgin Life: A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus My Erotic Virgin Life: A Tale of Woe and a Starving Incubus