My Dream (The Passion Of Wrestling)

My Dream

My Dream was never to be a rapper, I loved music but it was not my calling.

I can remember as a child my dad told me about a thing called “Wrestling”.

The first day I laid eyes on the sports entertainment, I told myself I want to be a wrestler.

I studied the moves for years on how to be a wrestler.

I developed my speech and learned how to cut promos as a wrestler.

In middle school I wanted to wrestle so bad, and I was determined not fall.

I first learned the basics, so I had no choice but to crawl.

An emotional road block has always been in the way.

This issue of my birth defect has affected my life.

It crushed my chances to make it all way.

I will always be a fan, and will always support.

Regardless the criticism of pro-wrestling on it being fake.

There is nothing will ever stop me from watching that wonderful sport.

Wrestling help me with self-defense, and helped build my self-esteem.

Becoming a pro-wrestler was always my Dream.

My Dream (The Passion Of Wrestling)

This poem is based on a young man growing up watching wrestling. As a child he was once introduced to amateur and professional wrestling at a early age. He wrestled for 3 to 4 years, then realized that his time on the mat and the ring would come to end because of his birth defect which was a major road block. Read the poem to understand what happens next. Does He accepts the being sidle lined or no? This poem is based on the Author's life as a child that struggled to overcome a lot of obstacles in life.

  • Author: Stephane Roche
  • Published: 2016-02-08 00:25:06
  • Words: 183
My Dream (The Passion Of Wrestling) My Dream (The Passion Of Wrestling)