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My Brother's Memory Box



E.E. Evans
Shakespir Edition
Copyright 2017 E.E. Evans

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It was the 3 years anniversary of his death in battle. Nolan, my sister and I were sitting in his room at our house. Our parents died years ago, both of us move to the bigger house and since I was too a widow my sister thought it was good the help and since we both work from our house it was the best thing to do with the 4 bedrooms two story house.

And after so long the room was getting boxed at would become the new room of my two-year-old boy. I was married to Noah for 9 years when he died last year on the field zone doing what he loves, fighting for his country. Now being in this room all the memories of both of them it was too overwhelming. I let the tears fall and my sister gave me a side hug and both of us were to sitting the bed.

Nobody since he dies touch this place, mom never let anyone come here. After all, he was his baby boy. And after they pass away here we are laying down n, nothing smelled of dust. His scent still lingered in the spacious room. We looked at each other smile and very so slowly walk to his price memories. A keepsake of his life. We each had a camera to keep the place on an album and let him live on. And one day my son who was named after him would get to know his uncle.

Almost 3,000 pictures later we started to change the room. Some things were for charity some would be placed in the attic and some would still be here for my son. My sister was slowly dancing to the music and made her way o the closet to get the clothes out when suddenly a box fell from somewhere and it landed on her head. I looked and on the floor as a box spilled and a lot of things surrounding the floor.

“This box almost killed me “

Said my sister rubbing the spot said box made its mark.

“I think that is too much to say. It looks like his box of keeps sake”

“Omg, Sarah there is a letter to us.”

We sat beside the box and I took the letter with our names on the envelope. It wasn’t thick felt like a single page. I looked at Dallas and she had tears in her eyes. I slowly opened the envelope to not tear it so much and a penny fell out. I stared at the penny, Dallas gasp and said to me really sad.

“This was his lucky penny, he told me the day he found it the day we were born. He said it gave him so much luck starting with getting twins baby sisters.” That was 29 years ago. He was almost 6-year-old. I can’t believe he kept it for so long. I started to read the letter. “Dear Dally and Sally, (that was our nicknames he got us when we were born along with Twinkies our favorite, not.)

If you are reading this either I am death or you are too snoopy of my stuff. So if you are snooping around close the stupid box, I will haunt you both in your sleep.

Ps. I am dead read the other letter in the envelope and sorry about the latter.

I love you Twinkies”

We both looked at each other and started to laugh like idiots to our brother words. He sure was weird. I looked in the envelope and sure enough, another page neatly folded.

“Dear Twinkies,

If you are reading this is that I am dead, I am sorry I am writing this but I didn’t have another way. I know you are sad I sure would be if my brother was dead. Anyway, sorry getting off topic. I have to tell you something really important. This tour I am going, I feel something bad is going too happened. I don’t know how but I just do. You know me the superstitious one. First I love you guys so much. I thank God I get stuck with such pretty and awesome baby sisters. Tell mom I am so glad that she is my mom; I could not have picked a better lady to be my mother. Dad, I love him too he knows.

I need to tell you both something really important. This box you have in your hand holds the most precious thing to me. Look for the photo of the baby boy. “We looked and sure enough, a baby with the eye so blue we could drown in them. He looked so happy he was in the arms of my brother. We could see they were happy.

Last year I was in Alabama and met this girl. She was so beautiful; I fell right there in love with her.

I didn’t tell you or our parents because she after 3 months said she could not handle that I was going on tour and leave her behind. I was so heartbroken but we part our ways. I never saw her again. That was today 11 months ago. Yesterday I got a letter. Is in here too you can read it, but to keep this short. You both have a baby nephew. I didn’t know. But I called her and she said she was hoping to meet with me. I met them today. He is so beautiful I cried. I did. I told you I don’t think I will return from this tour. And if I did this letters has no sense, man I am going crazy writing this. Whatever. I love you both and I just want you too to know that 9 doors down our parent’s house he lives with his mom, Lilly. Her mom I am so sorry that you found out this way. I’m leaving tomorrow and I just hope you don’t have to read this letter. I such thing like death happened. Do not cry so much be happy and go find lily. Tell her I love her and my son too. I love you again so much.

Love, Nolan.

Ps. can you believe she name him Nolan too, poor kid!”

“Omg, we have a nephew. Sarah, we have a nephew.” “Dallas you have a nephew if you forget and is upstairs napping. You act like is the first one” “Sarah is Nolan’s baby, we have him!” Now I understand her happiness, it was like a new discovery. We sat there looking at the box, there were a lot of photos, letters he got from us when he was away and a lot of things that one time meant a lot to Nolan. Then I remembered he said she lives some doors down our parent’s house and we were here in the same house.

“Oh my, Dallas, I just realize something,” I said really excited.

“What?” she asks without a clue.

“Nolan lives a couple doors down the road.”

“Sarah, Nolan lives here with us dummy.”

“You dummy, OUR nephew Nolan,”

“Oh….OH Sarah, let’s go!”

“Wait, Dallas, I have to get MY Nolan. I can’t leave him here alone”

“Ok, let me get rid of this dust on me. I’ll wait on the steps.”

I got the letter from Nolan change and got my son and met with Dallas on the front door. And very nervous we began our walk to the address on the letter, 9 doors down we came up to a nice little house. Baby blue paint with a picket fence. We went to the door and Dallas kick on the door. And suddenly the door opened and a cute girl with brown shoulder length hair answered. “Oh God, you are the Twinkies!”

Yeah, this was her, we rolled our eyes, and stupid Nolan told her the stupid nickname. She started to smile and very so quickly got sad. She knew what led us to her house. We sobered up and out of the blue she hugs us and invites us inside. After we told her about the letter she began to laugh, she was happy but sometimes she showed she was sad about our brother.

“Actually, his name is not Nolan is Adam Nolan, he just said the Nolan part was ‘’ ’‘too bad for the kid’‘, his words not mine. I call him Adam so to not have further confusion with this little guy” she said tickling my son, “is better you call him Adam too.” We heard crying and we felt silent. She passes me the giggling boy to me and excuses herself and went to the baby. We were so excited. She entered the how and it was like seeing a baby Nolan. He had his blond hair and blue eyes. He was so precious. We had him back.

“He’s not a shy one I’ll tell you that, the first time he saw him, just jump to his arms like the new Nolan from the beginning. He laughs so much that day, which afterward he came with me home and after a week, I was living in this how. He bought it and told me that this was his gift to us. He was sorry to give up on me but he was doing the best thing he could for Adam. Since the day I move here he would come here all the time he was free. This was almost every day until he went to that last tour.” We smiled at both toddlers, sitting on a blanket in the floor playing and talking like best friends.

And that is how we discovered we had a nephew and a bit of our brother in our life. We lost some very important people in our life, and for a moment felt like we were lost in this big place call earth, and then we are a whole complete family. Three girls and two baby boys. They were our only reason to exist. They say things happened for a reason and maybe we have to go tough bad things and experiences, losing the ones we love and sacrificing love to have a happy life. We never expected that in a memory box from our dead brother we would find our new life, one that had a piece of our brother. And after so much sadness and sorrow we find the reason to love despite every bad experience. We found out the start of our life. Our little soldier Adam Nolan.

My Brother's Memory Box

When these two sisters move into a new house, the last thing they would find was their brother's secret box and a secret worth finding out.

  • ISBN: 9781370219186
  • Author: E.E. Evans
  • Published: 2017-06-13 10:27:30
  • Words: 1834
My Brother's Memory Box My Brother's Memory Box