My Barbecue In Front Of The House

My barbecue in front of the house

Sebastjan Videtic

2017, Shakespir Edition

Grandma ate lard and died of cancer. This was in 1900. Nothing changed. His habit was inherited by his daughter, then by his grandson and then …. oil and lard are energy, life-threatening. Look at how fast they grow on children with this type of food. This food is not for adults. Who feeds on lard and oil drinks too little water. The body perceives the fats as if they were thickened water, but it is not. Lack of water, hydration leads to fatigue, all due to the fatty foods, oil and lard. Grandma was eating the lard together with garlic, but it also died of early cancer. You have to understand that during adolescence, this food is good but never during adulthood. Now you should drink plenty of water, eat healthy soups to live for 100 years or more. For adults, only the fast-digesting food would be adequate. And you should take magnesium, which facilitates digestion. Saturated fats such as oil and lard accumulate in the body, and not necessarily obese. Get energetic until you get sick of the tumor. To be relaxed, the ideal food is soup, because water does not swell. Today it is fashionable to have a wood oven or a barbecue in front of the house and so eat all the fat-fleshy weekends. To get sick of cancer. You certainly do not need to eat as much food as you eat. Maybe the body is still thin but too saturated with fat. You may see a sense of eating so in the company, but we must also make sense of health, and continue to live in the advanced age. People, elderly people who live more than 80 years, buy antioxidants, and vitamins in pharmacy, and these people are not familiar with the disease. An old saying says, do not live to eat, eat to live. At a party we eat too much food that hurt us. If you go that way every day, for 30 years, you get cancer and die. Money, fun, a rich daily menu, do not hate yourself. Lard and oils act like narcotics, they let go of sleep. You may only need sleep, you are asleep. Surely you do not need so much food and more harm to your health. You are likely to be well off your children, the fact is that you are the example with your habits. Consider a bit what you could do with your money. Probably a lot of things that are nicer than destroying oneself with the wrong food. You may think that there is no risk of injury, but there is a risk of dying premature death. Another question to ask yourself is that it deserves your health: you’d rather see yourself on mountain peak as healthy as a hiker, or seated every week at parties. The choices of how to live 100 years of healthy life are so many and worth the effort.

My Barbecue In Front Of The House

  • ISBN: 9781370458356
  • Author: Sebastjan Videtic
  • Published: 2017-08-31 18:35:07
  • Words: 502
My Barbecue In Front Of The House My Barbecue In Front Of The House