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Music Poetry - The Birth Of Destiny

Music Poetry – The Birth of Destiny

© 2015 Barbara M Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-47-2


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “Coiled, an anima – birth of music (dreams)” 2015 – the final strokes unaccompanied (detail).


Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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For those who keep encouraging me – I thank you most gratefully.


May the wind blow fair and free, life’s own melody !

A quiet interlude for music to exude


Xylophone – The Music Tone (Life’s vibrating home)


Life’s Design Luxury – A Music Constancy


A serenade dance – the joy of chance


Life now unafraid (from the swish a staid life trade)


Stringed intricately – a life’s symphony


Purple Eyes Publishing The Value of Knowing

Xylophone – The Music Tone (Life’s vibrating home)


A simple thing to see – vibrating energy

A single thing to hear – the humming atmosphere

Each beat draw near

And then fade away

Music sounds and symbols play

A percussion institute


Out of our lives

The music flute

Enchant a sweet terrain

To lift to higher plain


A wistful repose

The music gently goes

Whispered shows

Simplicity flows

Sweetest scent of rose


Lingering on – the voice grows


Lingering clear – the attached become


And sheer voice of accolade

The music played and played

A heart felt serenade


Draw in aid

Draw in light

Draw with memory

All shadows ignite

A simple frisson power

The tingle shower


A heart drawn note

A heart felt spoke

In the wheel

Whispering higher accord

The music broad

The music far

The music close

A simple host


And determinedly

The music tree

Shook elementary

Drawing every fibre

Repeating every whole


I conjure now your soul

With music just to flow


(whispered life of me, my heart sings free)

Life’s Design Luxury – A Music Constancy


If I heard no more words

I would wish still the birds

I would wish still the sea

I would wish frantically


If I heard no more the sound

Would I be buried in the ground?


If I, echoed, no more heard

Snap of twig and flight of bird

What would the world be to me?


Cold and still and silently

A remembrance of life’s constancy


The words I no longer heard

Gone were all the birds

The sound I no longer see

Echoed free


“I am primacy:

The life of life

And yet to be

Soul of life

And heart of tree -

Journey to your vibrancy!”


And my head held,


Music as life’s constancy


Luxury – the frivolous free

For life is grander entity

Than all the things we see


A humming vibrancy

Design’s own ecstasy


Music poetry – a call of destiny

Inspiration mark divine

A wholly space – a gap in time.

A serenade dance – the joy of chance


The music bore me away

Slowly on a carefree sway


Why worry anyway

Why lessen

Why create

Why energise

Why cogitate

Why hesitate

Why remake

What made your heart ache?


And the music swiftly

Hung around me

Moving in a lightness dance

The beat of circumstance

A strong drum

Overlaid the lightness

I have become

In wisps of air left free

To roam entirely


Again you entreat me

Just to meet me

Just to fleetingly exude

A subtle brood

Of lift and air

The sway of magic there


The beat that cause my rhyme

Rejoice after a fashion

Rejoice now align

A simple music sign

Petering out to divine

A space in memory time


Gloriously, the voices constantly

Raise to higher energy

Humming infinity

Within the life of me


A simple serenade – life with music overlaid

(the joy of which I prayed, reverently allayed)


And all around my green – a vibrant music scene

With every wing’s desire, my memory flew much higher

Of when we danced with chance –

The joy of circumstance

Life now unafraid (from the swish a staid life trade)


Your voice broke through

As you told it to

Softly and so strong

Recounting every right and wrong

The tragedy of operatic melody


And with each crescendo rise

You told your life

And you grew wise

To what would energise

Your life’s meaning -

Your worth screaming

To be heard in amongst

The dulcet tones you spurred


Onto higher dreams

The opera, so it seems,

Lifts the soul to opening scenes

And dies clean away

Remembrance of a yesterday

Remembrance of a year

Remembrance of heart and loss

The jilted now cross and clear

Where stars appear


And yet in final throes

It is life that flows

As twinkle toes lift to ignite

The ballerina flight

Stringed Intricately – a life’s symphony


The plucking of the strings

Of how my life wings

As a heart beat sings

In regular tone

The music bone

My vibrant home


And each flutter cause to utter

Precisely played note

Float the refrain further



Accompany me now firm, now strong

The discipline of ecstasy

To feel entirely

The humming as reality


Lost to circumstance

The music as a dance

That overflow

A symphony now whole

When with each ebb

I know the tide shall

Rise as the melody hypnotise

A final plucking rings

And the keys pressed, (all) sings

To me of perfect harmony


Delicately the swell echoes

From within – a reverent moment,

A eulogy of hymn – a life in total

Swing with a symphony that

Has no ears or heart to see

Except breath’s infinity

Extending intricately


“Captured, I am free

To music’s mercy…

Purple Eyes Publishing the Value of Knowing

Thank you for reading through until the end: may it enrich you.


PEP logo creation


The logo for PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing) was part of a personal quest in art and design. The two spirals represent eyes opened when pivoted on a peak that has a steep side and a sloped curve. This portrays the delicate balance between hard-earned (steep-sided) understanding and sliding into familiarity (sloped curve). The overarching wave recognises the far-reaching potency of individual receptivity. Purple is often used to denote power or spirituality, and a particular mysticism or greater understanding is attached to purple eyes.


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purple eyes publishing the value of knowing

Music Poetry - The Birth Of Destiny

A heart-felt risen plea - the music deep in me - chimed eternity: soon I will be free to live life gloriously: music poetry, when the soul can see the glistening of the river, the heart atremble, aquiver - music life's shiver down my spine for this is divine.

  • Author: PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing)
  • Published: 2015-10-16 17:20:16
  • Words: 1086
Music Poetry - The Birth Of Destiny Music Poetry - The Birth Of Destiny