Murder Pact



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Murder Pact

Note from the author


‘’When you look into the abyss, the abyss also look back into you’’

You can only be real to others when you are real to yourself’ ‘know what you’re not

Detective Bright was in his office, having his coffee and cigar, looking at some files on his desk, when Cooper his co-worker walked in.

‘’What’s seems to be the problem Cooper,’’ detective Bright said ‘’can’t you see I’m working’’

So am I thought Cooper. ‘’Sir, you have a visitor’’

‘’I thought I made it clear not…’’

‘’He said he knows something about the missing boy’’ Cooper explained.

‘’Mark Mbewe?’’ Bright asked, with his eyes wide open behind his spectacles.

‘’Yes sir’’

‘’Let him in’’

A blond boy, only aged fifteen or so walked in, looking nervous as Bright noticed when he told him to sit down.

‘’Said you’ve something for me?’’ Bright asked.

‘’Yes, I know who killed him and where the body is’’

It had been three weeks now since the boy had been missing, and who wouldn’t count the possibility that he might have died, probably killed by the beasts of the forest or something. It had been reported by the boy’s mother that the last seen of him was only when he had an argument with his dad.

When his dad discovered that his son was hanging out with a gang of bad guys and had a tattoo at only his fourteen years of age, he later told the boy that he will have his tattoo removed the next day. But the boy said no to him, run away and since then has never returned home.

‘’And how do you know of this yourself?’’ Bright asked.

‘’I’m the friend …….. I mean I was his friend’’

‘’What’s the name of the boy you say was your friend?’’ Bright asked, just to make sure the boy sitting next to him was talking about the exact reported missing boy.

‘’Mark Mbewe’’

‘’May I ask who killed him, and where the boy’s dead body is?’’

‘’I can only tell you what I know’’

‘’What would be that?’’ Bright questioned.

‘’The whole story’’

Bright said nothing, only sipped his now cold coffee eying the boy doubtful.

But the boy went on and said: ‘’we were really close friends, the four of us, Mary, Joe, Mark, Grey and me. A gang you might call it with only one girl in it.

‘’Wait, you said the four of you but mentioned five names here, with you included’’

‘’Yeah,’’ the boy said ‘’Grey wasn’t a part of us at first, he is a strong boy, who just walks in and get what he wants, including life itself’’

The detective nodded.

‘’It was early in the summer of October. Me, Mary, Joe and Mark where sitting under a tree shadow, to cool ourselves when along came a man in a leather black jacket and shine black shoes. He walked to us, introduced himself as Grey and then said that he wanted to be our friend. He was all brawn and strong, and we needed one in the group, so we welcomed him.

‘’We become really good friends, the five of us. Grey been the bigger one and experienced introduced us, to cigars, beer, girls and sexy magazines. But when the school principal found out that five kids in his school were doing drugs and sort of bad staff, to save the reputation of the school, we got chased, all the five of us.

‘’Aftermath was that everyone goes their own way and let their parents know the truth, but Grey said no, that we should stick to each other no matter what. He said that we should form a pact called the Murder Pact, in which anyone who betrays the group will lose his eyeballs, head, balls, and heart, in short his life. To seal this pact, he forced us to have tattoos on someplace of our body no one could see, not even ourselves. He forced us to have the tattoo on our ass.

‘’So it was just the five of us, lying to our parents every day that we were going to school, when the whole truth is that, we could meet up in the bush, sit under a tree, drink, smoke cigars and look through some naked magazines.

‘’A few more days past, and it became a routine and boring, especially the part where we get to look through some magazines, so we decided to chase on real girls. Mary had a boyfriend, I had my girlfriend, Joe and Grey had one too, all, except Mark.

‘’It was only a few days later after our starting of dating, when Joe’s girlfriend said she was going to have her sixteen birthday and invited us. At the party that’s where it all happened. Mark been single and drunk ended up kissing my girlfriend. I was really mad at first, called him a pussy and said to him not to be a wimp but go and get his own doll. But Grey wouldn’t have it, saying that Mark broke the pact and should be punished, we all knew he meant what he said just by looking at his face, so we decided to warn Mark of his plans.

‘’Grey became more obsessed each day that passed, about Mark’s breaking of the pact, so we decided to call Mark, telling him that Grey wants him dead. We told him to leave town or find somewhere safe for him to stay till Grey comes back to his senses. Mark told us he did not have anywhere to go. So we helped him by hiding him in an old house basement, in the woods. There we could take him breakfast, lunch and supper. But it wasn’t long before Grey knew of our secret.

‘’One night, when we had taken Mark supper in the old house basement. We were surprised to see Grey walk in behind us. He stood there at the entrance, eyeing us with those intent evil eyes of his and then called us all rats, saying we all deserved to die. And that the one who betrays first dies first, so Grey took a shovel that was leaning on the old house wall and hit Mark on the neck with it. We saw Mark drop to the ground, his eyes wide open, blood running from his neck, with his mouth opening and closing like a fish that has been taken out of water. But when we turned around to ask Grey why he had done it, he was gone, he wasn’t there anymore, he disappeared like vapor, leaving no trace of him, in fact he never existed’’

‘’Wait, what do you mean Mark never existed’’ Bright asked.

‘’He wasn’t there, he wasn’t real, he was just a figment of our imagination, he was just some guy we fabricated’’

‘’What are you saying,’’ Bright asked ‘’if Grey the main suspect doesn’t exist, then who killed Mark, who had the motive enough to kill him?’’

The boy looked down at his feet as if looking for an answer saying nothing, then looked up at the detective with a face that said ‘you are a detective, figure that one out yourself

The detective nodded and said. ‘’It was you, wasn’t it? You’re the Grey in this story’’



I wrote this short story with a lesson of how not knowing yourself can be the result of the end of you and your career. We see Mark in this story, get killed all because of how much he wanted to please his friends. When you don’t know yourself, someone can just come in your life and tell you what to do, but when you do know yourself, you’re always on guard of staffs you don’t want. These staffs can include, what course you want to study, the food you eat, religion and mostly importantly friends. If you don’t go ahead and follow your own right instincts, a few years from now you will be sitting on that armchair, old and only wishing death to come and get you. Your life wouldn’t be the life you wished for when you were only a child, and that’s when you will start regretting all the time you wasted by trying to please others. You’re unique and just right the way you are, there will never be another you.

Murder Pact

  • ISBN: 9781370216918
  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-05-18 04:50:08
  • Words: 1417
Murder Pact Murder Pact