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Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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It is my first detective story. It is a murder mystery of housewife of a top bureaucrat which was solved by a lady police officer.

I do not know how my readers will react to it. Hope my readers will like it for encouraging me to have another try on this type of writing.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family members for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this small book along with my other books.



Chapter I: Shocking News


Dr. Pranab Saikia was attending a meeting when his phone started vibrating as the phone was on silent mode. He saw the number, it was an unknown number. He disconnected the phone. The phone again vibrated. This time he picked up the phone and before other party could say ‘hello’, he said with a very low voice, ‘Please call me later, the Minister is taking a meeting.’

‘Inspector, Rajesh is speaking. Sorry sir, there is a very bad news for you. Your wife has been murdered.’

‘What?’’ Dr. Saikia screamed.

The Minister looked at him with a question mark on his face. Everyone in the meeting turned their eyes on Dr. Saikia. Dr. Saikia putting his hands on his head started looking to the wall vaguely.

Everyone in the room realized, there was something horribly wrong with Dr. Saikia. The Minister hurriedly said, ‘We shall discuss the topic later on. What is the news, Dr. Saikia?’

But Dr. Saikia was yet to recover from his shock to answer the Minister. Someone took his mobile and rang back to the caller. From the other side the police officer repeated the same sentence, ‘Your wife has been murdered.’

Dr. Saikia murmured, ‘My wife has been murdered.’

The Minister patted his back but did not find any word to console Dr. Saikia.

Chapter II: Shocking Scene


It was indeed a horrible sight. The wife of the top-level bureaucrat was killed with a vengeance. The body was lying in a pool of blood. The murderer stabbed the victim several times. It appeared the culprit stabbed the victim even after knowing that she was dead. It appeared the murderer killed the victim out of immense anger and hatred.

The body was first seen by the maid who used to live in Dr. Saikia’s servant quarter with her family for last five years. The moment she saw the dead body of her Memsaab, she fainted. Her scream before fainting attracted the attention of Mrs. Gulati, wife of Dr. Saikia’s neighbour. On seeing the ghastly scene, she also screamed. But within a minute or two, she composed herself and dialled no.100 to inform the police. Then she called her husband and urged him to come quickly home.

Within five minutes, police party led by an Inspector reached the place. Then the inspector informed Dr. Saikia about the murder taking the mobile number from Mrs. Gulati.

Chapter III: Suspects


All over the world, whenever a wife is murdered, the first suspect is her husband. The next suspects are servants, robbers, other relatives and finally other acquaintances.

Since the murder was committed in a high security zone of New Delhi, the Assistant Commissioner, Miss Reena Kaur herself visited the crime scene after half an hour.

The lady was brutally murdered with some sharp weapon. The house was not ransacked and entry of the murderer was friendly one suggesting that the murder was known to the victim. So, suspicion of the police went to her husband first.

Ms. Kaur asked the Inspector Dutta, ‘What are your preliminary findings?’

‘The murderer and victim are known to each other. Multiple stabs on the body of the victim suggest that the killer was not a professional one and the killer hates the victim very much.’

‘Where is her husband? Have you interrogated him?’

‘No madam. He has been informed at his office. He is arriving at any moment.’ As the Inspector finished his words, Dr. Saikia appeared at the door.

On seeing the dead body of his wife, he almost fainted. He was offered a glass of water. He started weeping like a small boy.

‘Sir, I am sorry. But still I have to ask you few questions.’ Ms. Kaur told Dr. Saikia. He nodded his head.

‘When you left for office and had anyone visited your home at that time?’

‘I left at 8-30 AM. Today the Minister had to take a meeting with the senior officers, I being the concerned officer, was busy in arranging the meeting. The Minister arrived at 11 AM and while I was attending the meeting, at around 12-30 PM, one of your officers informed about the incident.’ Dr. Saikia composing himself answered.

‘Sir please check your house if anything valuable is missing.’ As Dr. Saikia went to the other room, Ms Kaur instructed her junior to verify the statements of Dr. Saikia at his office.

Before her junior could depart for Dr. Saikia’s office, Deputy Commissioner, V. K. Gupta arrived.

‘What is the progress of the case?’ Gupta asked Ms. Kaur. She almost repeated what her Inspector told her few minutes ago, ‘I am sending Mr. Dutta to verify the statement of Dr. Saikia’. She concluded.

‘You need not have to send Mr. Dutta to his office. Actually, the Minister called me to his office where his Secretary and other officers were also present. Dr. Saikia was present from 8-45 AM with the senior officers of the entire Ministry till he was informed about the murder. He cannot be present at the crime site. So, he is out of the rather, unless he hired someone.’ Mr. Gupta concluded.

‘No, sir. The murderer cannot be hired one. A hired professional murderer will not stab so many times. The murderer stabbed many times the victim to settle score, not for money.’ Ms. Kaur argued.

In the meantime, Dr. Saikia also confirmed that nothing had been stolen from the house.

Mr. Gupta agreed her argument. ‘Who saw the dead body first?’

‘The maid. She fainted after uttering a loud scream. Then Mrs. Gulati, Dr. Saikia’s neighbour came out of her house and saw the scene and telephoned the police.’

‘Have you interrogated the maid’

‘No sir, she is yet to recover from the shock. She is in her room. On seeing somebody she only screams, khoon, khoon (murder/ blood, murder/ blood). Her husband has been informed. He is coming. Only after his arrival, we shall try to take her statement.’

‘Any other family member of Dr. Saikia is staying here?’

‘No sir. They have two sons. The elder one is working in USA and younger one is in England doing his masters in law. They are yet to be informed.’

‘Very sad!’ Mr. Gupta commented.

After one hour, the dead body was sent for post mortem. Sons were also informed about the tragedy.

The key witness, the maid was not out of shock for the next few hours!

Though the police ruled out involvement of the close family, involvement of other relatives was not ruled out. Police took the names and addresses of all the cousins from both sides.

Chapter IV: Vital Information


The maid finally got her wits back and was ready to give her statement. According to her, a middle-aged man came to meet Mrs. Saikia at around 10 AM when the maid was working in the kitchen. The person was known to Mrs Saikia as she welcomed him inside and the maid was told to give tea and Mrs. Saikia went to the bath room. While offering tea, when the maid looked at the face of the person he scolded her for looking at him so intensely.

‘How was he?’

‘He speaks Hindi well but his facial appearance says that he is from the hills or from North Eastern Part of India. He spoke with madam in their language which I could not understand.’ The maid said.

‘Have you seen him earlier?’

‘No. I saw him for the first time.’

‘Was anybody visiting Madam in absence of her husband?

‘No, madam never allowed anybody inside house when Sahab is away. Earlier, when her sons were here, their friends used to come to meet them. But in the last four years, I have not seen anybody visited her except her brother who stays in Guwahati. He normally visits after three to four months and stays with the family two to three days on his every visit. I heard he is a senior officer there. He comes to Delhi on official tour.’ The maid told to the police.

‘Tell us, what happened on today.’ Ms. Kaur asked the maid.

‘After one hour, I finished my wok and left the house. In the meantime, madam joined her guest and talked to him in their language. They appeared to be good friends. At around 12 PM when I came from market, I saw the guest was rushing out from the house. To my surprise, he was wearing a different dress. When I peeped through the door, which was half open, I saw madam was lying in a pool of blood.’

As the maid finished her statement, Ms. Kaur realized, they lost some precious time in nabbing the culprit due to the shocked state of mind of the maid.

On the next day, sons of Dr. Saikia and brother of Mrs Saikia arrived. With due permission from the police the body of Mrs. Saikia consigned to flames. But before that, all present at cremation ground witnessed a heat-broken scene of weeping of the sons and brother of Mrs. Saikia. Dr. Saikia was seen consoling his sons and his brother in law.

Through a professional artist, on the basis of the maid’s description of the killer, police were able to draw the sketch of the murderer.

Police scanned the phone calls of Dr. Saikia and Mrs. Saikia for last three months. However, nothing unusual was found.

However, police were able to arrive some important conclusions. The murderer was from Assam from where Saikia-family originally hails. No close family member is involved in the murder. Character of Mrs. Saikia was clean and she had no love affairs before and after her marriage.

But in subsequent days, police came to know that, Dr. Saikia had a lover boy image when he was in college and University. Though Dr. Saikia has no steady relation with any lady after his marriage, he has some colours in his life. Therefore, police were concentrating their line of investigation on the brothers/ husbands of those ladies with whom Dr. Saikia had some relations before and after his marriage.

Dr. Saikia was cooperating with the police to nab the murderer of his wife. Though he had and still has colours in his life beyond his married life, he used to be a dotting husband and loves his wife. In his own words, he loves his wife because she had gifted him two wonderful sons and she always loved him. According to Dr. Saikia, she was not only faithful wife but also a good friend of Dr. Saikia. She stood by her husband during his thick and thin days like a solid rock.

Police scanned all the husbands and brothers whose wives/ sisters had even remotely involved with Dr. Saikia. Police looked at the financial angles from Dr. Saikia’s official dealings. There also police could not find anything wrong as Dr. Saikia had a clean image of financial dealings. Personal enmity with anyone of Dr. Saikia which could lead to killing of his wife was also found to be remote.

Then naturally the question had arisen, who might have killed Mrs. Saikia?

From the sketch, Dr. Saikia and his brother in law could not identify the person. When their sons also could not identify the person after looking at the sketch, the police lost hope to solve the case.

Chapter V: Track Changed


With no headway, Ms. Kaur started to think the whole case afresh. She was determined to solve the case at any cost. She thought she might have missed something which is vital for the case.

An idea struck her head. She blamed herself why she had not thought earlier in that line, might be because due to age of the victim.

The murderer cannot be close to Dr. Saikia.-because she invited the murderer into her home as her own friend. Was the murderer a spurned lover of Mrs. Saikia?

‘Had your wife told about some of her friends whom she met after a long time recently?’ Ms. Kaur asked Dr. Saikia.

‘No.’ After a thought Dr. Saikia replied.

‘Did she attend some social function which you did not attend?’

‘Yes, she attended one marriage ceremony at Guwahati six months before. But she said nothing special about that marriage.’ Dr. Saikia replied.

‘Whose marriage it was?’

‘It was her friend’s daughter. Actually, she did not go for the marriage. She went to meet her ailing mother. But as she was there, she attended the marriage.’ Dr. Saikia replied.

‘Now I am sure, she met her murderer there! You give the address of the friend of your wife.’

A police team led by Ms. Kaur went to Guwahati where Mrs. Saikia’s friend, Anuradha did not take even a minute to identify their common friend Bijoy Choudhury after looking at the sketch made by the professional artist on the basis of the maid’s inputs.

Chapter VI: I Killed Her


‘Yes, I killed her, because she ruined my life. I have no regret for killing her.’ Bijoy Choudhury told the police with a defiant mode.

She was my classmate in my college. I had a brilliant result in class twelfth and she had an ordinary result. I fell in love with her. I helped her in her studies. I had given sufficient indications that I loved her. I was sure she understood that. She took all my help and she was able to do a much better result in the final examination. Contrary to that I had a worst possible result. With that unenviable result, I could not get even a seat in the University. I went back to my village. My parent scolded me for my result, though they were not aware about my one-sided love affair.

I wanted to repeat my B. Sc. examination to improve my result. But when I returned to Guwahati, I was told by a friend that Anamika (Mrs. Saikia) married to a Direct Recruit Central Government Officer. After hearing that news, I left the idea of repeating my examination and went back to village and joined a school as science teacher. I did not marry and I did not think for taking any revenge either.

But six months before when I met her at the marriage ceremony of Anuradha’s daughter, my blood started boiling. When she told me that her sons were abroad, her husband loves her very much, I promised myself to kill her. However, I showed no anger before her and took her address and promised her to visit her at her Delhi home whenever I would visit Delhi. She took my assurance to visit her at Delhi with warmness of an old friend.

On that day, I bought a knife from a Gurudwara and visited her home after her husband left for his office. She did not suspect me and welcomed me as a good friend. She offered tea and started talking about our college days. But as long as maid was in the house I did not attempt anything suspicious. As soon as the maid left l told her to switch on the TV to see the news.

As she switched on the TV, I snatched the remote from her hand and increase the volume. She looked at me with a surprise in her eyes. Before she could realize what was going to her in the next few minutes I stabbed her repeatedly. After few stabs, she died. But my anger was not subsided. I stabbed her dead body many times before I realized that I should flee from the scene.

I changed my cloths which I was carrying as per my plan.

As I was rushing out of the house of Dr. Saikia, I saw the maid again. I thought to kill her also. But I did not take the risk as I saw few people on the road.

I took an auto rickshaw and went straight to the airport. I sat at the airport for two hours before I boarded my flight to Guwahati.

I thought I escaped from the clutch of the police. But the maid did all my efforts to a naught!


The author was a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He was presently placed at New Delhi.


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Murder Mystery

It was a gruesome murder committed by a non-professional murderer to take revenge for ruining his life by the victim. How, the murder mystery of a housewife of a top bureaucrat of Government was solved by a determined lady officer? The case was solved by the lady police officer after discarding some stereo types of thinking regarding one-sided love affairs.

  • ISBN: 9781370862511
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-12-01 13:20:10
  • Words: 3115
Murder Mystery Murder Mystery