Munch - the Super Intelligent Bookworm


Munch – the Super Intelligent Bookworm

Written by Roy Bentley

and Illustrated by members of Harpenden Arts Club

see ‘About the story’ below for Illustration credits.

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Published by n-Beta Limited

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Story copyright © 2015 by Roy Bentley

Illustration copyrights as listed in ‘About the Story’ below

Please see the Shakespir Edition, License Notes at the end of this book

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Munch – the Super Intelligent Bookworm

Munch started out as a very small and very ordinary caterpillar.

But then one day he found an old mouldy Children’s Dictionary in a forgotten corner of the local public library.

‘This smells nice to eat’, Munch thought.

The first page he came to was A for Apple.

He munched a bit and then turned the page to B for Banana.

He really liked that but when he had finished he turned the page to C for cake.

…and that was even better. On the next page was D for doughnut.

Oh, Munch thought. If I eat all this sweet stuff I will get very fat. But then, that’s what a caterpillar should do!

Next he turned to E for Egg. Is that better for him? He didn’t know.

But then the next page was F for frying; definitely worse!

I must stop all this eating, Munch thought. So he turned the page and there was G for Guitar.

He plucked the strings and made music. He was getting cleverer! Then he munched over to the next page which was H for Hats.

He tried some on. His head was definitely getting bigger! He was so excited!

So he turned over to I for Ice lolly to cool down.

All this learning things had made him hungry again, time for some Jam.

Satisfied he looked around and saw a door with a great big Key in it.

He opened the door and wriggled outside into a tropical garden where he saw Lemons,

… and Mango’s.

The Mango made him a bit ill, so he laid down on a comfy leaf and went to sleep under the stars in the Night sky.

He dreamt he was in a cold icy world and met a Penguin,

… and a Queen!

He dreamt he saw a huge colourful Rainbow.

Waking up he climbed up a long flight of Stairs,

.. up into a large garden growing Tomatoes.

It started raining, but fortunately there was a red Umbrella to keep most of him dry.

He found he didn’t mind getting wet, so went for a swim in the Water in a nearby pond.

He dried off and learnt to play the Xylophone.

Then ate some Yoghurt,

.. watched a Zebra gallop by,

… and then crawled all the way up a tree to visit a owl who was fast asleep.

The ZZZZ’s coming from the owl made Munch feel very sleepy. He crawled into a dark corner, spun a thick blanket of silk all round himself and went into a deep sleep.

In the spring, when it was warmer he woke up and munched his way out of his silken blanket….

… and guess what? He had changed into a beautiful moth!

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[]Illustration Credits

This eBook was created as the working demonstration of Illustration and eBook creation for the Harpenden Arts Club.

All the illustrations were created by HAC members as below:-

A and K = Peter Hoare; B = Jean O’Grady; C, E and the Cocoon = Peter J Brown; F and I = David Jennings; G = Eva Andersson; H = Eddie Targett; J and P = Debbie Prothero; L and N = Madeline Berger; M = Tsz Yan Lau; O = Marjolene Koster; Q and W = Gillian Goodwin; R and X = Roy Bentley; S and U = Susan Edwards; T and Z = Maureen Carr; Y = Yan Yan Liu; Z = Sarah-Jane Osbourne.

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[]About the Author

Please visit my on-line portfolio Roy Bentley Art home page

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I am a free-lance author, illustrator, artist and cartoonist working near London, England.

Currently published books on Amazon Kindle are:

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Munch - the Super Intelligent Bookworm

  • Author: Roy Bentley
  • Published: 2016-01-10 15:20:14
  • Words: 853
Munch - the Super Intelligent Bookworm Munch - the Super Intelligent Bookworm