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Mr. Grant, You Called?

Mr. Grant, You Called?


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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Daniel Grant had written many e-books. At first, writing e-books was not easy for him. He would need to spend a lot of time thinking about a story that he intended to write. After having written it, he would go over it several times to correct typographical errors and awkward language.

However, after having written several books, he began to get good at it. He would be able to dictate a book using Dragon Naturally Speaking, then following with one or two passes of polishing. The fact is he became so good at writing e-books that they practically wrote themselves. He said to me one day, “It’s amazing, if I want to write an e-book, I’ll find a picture that that I know would yield an interesting story, then I would start the story, and, as I wrote, the words would begin to automatically come to me. It’s almost as if the story would write itself.”

One day, he found a picture that was especially intriguing to him. You can see it on the cover of this book. He was so fascinated by it that he decided to try an experiment. Could he write the story so well that he could actually create the woman that was in the picture” he wondered. Yes, the picture was not of a real woman; it was a drawing, but to him it represented the ideal of what a woman should look like, and what a woman should be doing. It was the kind of woman he would want to marry.

He wrote the story and the results were amazing. What you see below is the actual story that he wrote. As far as he got. He didn’t finish it. I would leave it up to the reader as to whether his experiment had actually worked.

My name is Daniel Grant, I’m thirty-six and I have never been married. I write a good deal and have gotten rather good at this. At times, my stories actually seem to write themselves. I wonder if the skill that I have with writing can be used to create real people and things. I will make an attempt now and, with this book, I will report the result of my experiment.

I yearn for the love of a good woman and for what she could provide for me. It is my belief that a woman that would suit me perfectly does not exist in real life; therefore, I will try to see whether my talents at writing are capable of creating a woman that would satisfy all of my dreams!

As I sit here at the computer using Word to write this story, I visualize an elegant kitchen like the one that I have in my house. Its location is not more than a dozen steps from where I am sitting now. In that kitchen there is a lovely realization of a beautiful woman. She has dark hair neatly arranged, is wearing an attractive top and an apron. She is at a table working with several items of food. Her name is Bella Jones. She is, not only beautiful, but also highly intelligent. As I walk in to see her, she will be smiling at me and she’ll say, “Mr. Grant, you called?”

Mr. Grant’s story ended abruptly here. I don’t know a great deal more about what happened after this point, but I do know this much: I was called to Mercy Hospital yesterday to visit with Doctor Henderson, a psychiatrist. He told me that Mr. Grant was a patient there, and since I had been a good friend of his, he wanted me to know that he was going to reside at the hospital for a period of time to be evaluated.

I asked the doctor how it happened that he was there. He said to me, “Mr. Grant was brought here by the police. Apparently he had gone into the kitchen expecting to find a beautiful woman there, which he did, but he was also hoping that the woman would fall in love and marry him. Apparently the woman that he found there already had a boyfriend and all she was willing to do was make a ham and cheese sandwich for him. Mr. Grant became very upset and went on a rampage which alerted the police who needed to put him into a straitjacket in order to calm him down and bring him here.”

“He is completely out of his mind. According to his fantastic story, she had said, ‘Mr. Grant, you called?’ Imagine, believing that one could create a woman by writing about her!”

Mr. Grant, You Called?

  • ISBN: 9781370959532
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-08-20 08:20:07
  • Words: 846
Mr. Grant, You Called? Mr. Grant, You Called?