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Mr Awesome and The Cheese Vs GLOBEX



Mister Awesome and The Cheese Versus GlobeX

“We have to act quickly,” Mister Awesome said. The Cheese was hunched over, her hands racing across a keyboard, firewalls falling like dominoes to her virtual attacks.

“Agreed. This is our priority mission,” she said, her pink bangs flopping in her face. “A fourteen layer, quantumated firewall can’t stop me. Nothing stops the Data Packet of Death!”

Awesome ignored her antics. “I made a recon of the area. The Chaco is mostly barren and the soil’s salinity makes farming in the area almost impossible. The population is mainly indigenous with a couple Mennonite communities. Interesting fact, Paraguay and Bolivia fought a war over the area in 1932, convinced by different American oil companies that…”

The thirteenth firewall fell to the Data Packet of Death. “Already knew it, Mister En-cy-clo-pedia.”

“I hate nicknames.”

“We’re in,” she said. “Now, let’s see who’s really taking over Paraguay’s Rhodium mining operation.”

The two heroes stared at the file directory, but the upside-down monitor vexed Awesome. “Stupid inverted…” His face reddening under his ninja style, red-striped balaclava, he levitated then rotated until he was upside down.

“Hey, be kind, my textual orientation affliction makes me a disabled American.” Cheese giggled. Awesome thought her philosophy on life was disabled.

They speed read through the company’s files. “Drammel Corp, an international conglomerate, is muscling out the Paraguayan collective,” said Cheese. “Rhodium is one of the most precious metals on Earth. If Drammel gets control, they stand to make billions.”

Awesome frowned. “And impoverished Paraguayans are left in the cold, exploited by international big business.” He rotated around and landed on his feet. “So, who controls Drammel Corp?”

As Cheese searched the files, Awesome’s thoughts drifted. The daughter of billionaire John Striker, Cheese had the wealth and privilege to accomplish anything. However, here she sat, surrounded by stacks of servers and monitors that enveloped her like an electrical cocoon. Before Awesome had found her, she had terrorized the internet, indiscriminately hacking sophisticated security systems for fun. She had been unstoppable until…

Cheese turned to Awesome. “Oh, no …”

In the dark expanse of the Striker Mansion basement, only the hum of the half-petabyte, virtual brain could be heard.

“It’s …”

He understood. “I knew it.”

Through his ninja mesh eye slits, he met her gaze.

“GlobeX,” they said together.

Twenty hours later…

Awesome flew near mach speed, his body impervious to the cold at thirty thousand feet. His noise cancelling, SlimSat headset made the howling wind a distant whisper as Cheese broadcasted from the Lair.

“Ok, Mister Astonishing, local news is reporting mysterious deaths and kidnappings of members from the indigenous community that owns the biggest mine. Satellite imagery shows extensive homestead destruction near the mine. I think the play is familiar.”

Awesome’s earpiece crackled. “We’re losing the link,” he said.

“Oops, sorry. Microwaving a burrito. Mmmm… ish reery goo – wha, no enfight foo fo yuh?”

“You antagonize me on purpose.”

“Of course. How else could you maintain the emotional state required for that super adrenal gland to do its work? If I didn’t bug you, you’d instantly stop flying and fall five miles to a most awesome splat.” He heard her smiling.

“Cheese, just thinking about falling puts me in an emotional state.”

“Touché, Senor Magnifico. Now sending coordinates for likely hostage locations.”

Super adrenaline poured into his veins and Cheese watched his velocity indicator climb as a result. He had broken the sound barrier once before, but only after discovering Cheese’s “kick me” laser etching on the back of his cape during his visit to Mrs. Davis’ fifth grade class. He had been super angry that time.

She pumped her fist as the indicator jumped into the red, blowing past the sound barrier. She cartwheeled and promised herself a new pair of purple suede boots.

“On the Chaco approach vector. Starting descent,” Awesome said. “Going silent… I’ll reestablish once the mining operations and the Intimidation Agents are neutralized.”

“Roger. Try not to create a huge mess this time. I’m still paying for a Shanghai building you knocked over six months ago. Oooh, and don’t forget, we need the site chief for interrogation. He could reveal the location of GlobeX’s covert headquarters.”

“I’ve got it, Cheese,” he said. “Talk to you in thirty five minutes. Mister Awesome, out.”

She grinned. His exit line needed some work. He had an incredible intellect, super strength and a heart of gold, but no theatrical flair.

As she waited, she worried. Experts estimated GlobeX owned forty-five percent of the world’s wealth. Founded by self-made billionaire Sully Cransky, GlobeX had grown rapidly in the shadows of the business world due to his smarts and uncompromising ruthlessness. Cransky was born in the body of a dwarf, but possessed a giant intellect; a true evil genius. The heroes had mixed it up with Cransky before, but each time he stayed one step ahead of them.

Thirty-five minutes later…

“Cheese, how do you read me?”

“Loud and cheesy. How’d it go?”

Awesome stood amid a vast debris field watching his mask’s thinscreen sensor display analyze the shattered remnants of a Caterpillar 797F Super Dump Truck. The seventy-foot-long, twenty-five foot-high truck, as well as the hastily constructed buildings around it, were unrecognizable. Scattered among the debris were the still forms of mineworkers.

Awesome winced. “Yeah… we’re good. I apprehended the Intimidation Agents and freed the community elders. I transported the agents to the mining site and shut down operations here – more or less.”

Cheese zoomed in on her satellite view. “This is … awesome!” She marveled at the destruction.

“Wait, are those dead bodies?”

“Um, ah, I can explain,” he said. “When I arrived at the site things got a little … out of hand. I just meant to grab the site chief by his neck and, you know, sort of persuade him to talk. But then his head popped right off.”

“Oh – my – gosh. You ripped his head off?”

“No, no, no. I gently grabbed it and, pop.” Mister Awesome made a puckering sound with his lips. “Like a firecracker. There were wires and everything hanging from his neck.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “All cyborgs?”

“Affirmative.” He strode through the debris. “I’m bringing the site chief’s head to the basement.”

“It’s called the Lair.”

“Ok, the Lair. Get what you can from its memory. It’s our best shot to locate GlobeX’s headquarters.”

“The memory drive’s in the head?”

“Hmm, wait one…” Grabbing a random cyborg head in one hand, he crushed it like a grape. Pink jellied flesh and circuitry squished through his fingers. “Can’t seem to find it. I’ll just bring the whole body.”

“Bueno, and drop an IOU for one giganto truck. I’m not footing the bill on this one.”

“Reimburse the bad guys for damages? They can…”

Her laughter fueled his rapid takeoff. He executed a low pass through the wreckage, snatched the site chief’s head and body, then blasted skyward.

Seventy-two hours later…

“I still don’t see why I had to come.” Cheese reclined on a lazy boy bolted to the floor of a lozenge shaped capsule. The capsule’s palladium based metallic glass was incredibly tough and provided omni-directional visibility. It housed a recliner, an oxygen system, and a computer suite comparable to the Lair’s. Strapped to Awesome’s back, they flew forty thousand feet above the Antarctic.

“I don’t trust the Lair’s satellite feed. I can’t have you off the network for even a minute on this one.” He melted ice crystals on his face with his super-heated breath. “Sorry if ten hours in a heated capsule was uncomfortable.”

“You should be. You know there’s no toilet in here? And when did my mad hacker skills ever let you down?”


“Geneva? You can’t use that as an example.”


“Hey – the monkey’s fault, not mine. I don’t work with animals.”

“On approach.”

Descending, Awesome reviewed the plan. “I’ll position you within line of sight of the glacier complex then move to secure the entrance. You guide me to the control room and I’ll neutralize any agents or guards along the way.”

He descended to a few feet above the barren landscape of Tierra Del Fuego, saw the granite foothills ahead and eased the capsule off his back. He positioned it, quick-tested communications, and flew off towards the glacier complex.

“Be careful big guy.” Cheese smiled. “And I said ‘big guy’ because I noticed you’re looking a little pudgy in those tights.”

“Ninja suit,” Awesome growled and shot off like an angry rocket at the glacier.

Ten minutes later…

“Entrance cleared,” said Mister Awesome, popping off the last cyborg’s head.

“Hacking blast doors now. Open in three, two, one, go.”

Five minutes later…

Awesome pulverized the control room’s glass doors into a glittering fog that settled over the empty workstations and vacant chairs.

Unfazed by a deserted room, he searched until he noticed a tablet lying on a conference table. A note stuck to its face read, “Gerald.” It came alive when he touched it.

A four foot, six inch Sully Cransky appeared on the screen, resplendent in a gold running suit. “Hello, Gerald,” he said.

Awesome held the screen up to his mask, adjusting his grip. “I’m Mister Awesome.”

“You know, your parents were intelligent scientists. Your mother even diagnosed her own condition following her covert Moon mission – too late, I understand – to prevent the alien virus from infecting her unborn child.”

Cransky had a Cheshire smile. “I thought it ironic how the virus didn’t harm the baby, but instead gifted it with an alien … adrenal gland? How unfortunate your mother died before anyone could study the virus.

“She’d have expected more from you than this. Did you really think you could fly in here with your little friend and confront me? Did Gouda think she could just bull around in my network without me noticing?” Cransky’s voice rose.

“How awful for you, to come all this way, only to uncover a simple research facility. And entering it without permission from GlobeX, I might add. Got a visa? No? Trespassing, vandalism, and illegal entry into a foreign country? Tsk.”

“Cransky, you and your Intimidation Agents, your cyborgs, and your soulless mining speculators won’t get away with this.”

“But we will. You delayed us in the Chaco for now, but…” Cransky waved dismissively. “By the way, the truck you obliterated? Not mine, Brazil’s. They rented it to the Paraguayan collective.” Cransky smirked. “Oops.”

“Cransky, you can’t hide from me. I’ll find you and when I do, I’ll make you pay for the filth and despair your evil corporation spreads. I’m gonna…” Mister Awesome noticed the tablet’s screen had gone black.

“Did you get it?”

“Got it, Gerry,” said Cheese. “I’ll need the Lair’s computers to analyze the data, but we definitely got it.” Cheese danced around the capsule in celebration, imagining how good she would look in purple suede.

Awesome pulled his finger from the tablet’s side port. Cheese recently installed a USB connector in his ninja glove. He had nonchalantly plugged it into the tablet during Cransky’s predictable villain speech. Then Cheese downloaded a tracer program into his network.

Earlier, at the Lair, Cheese had sniffed out the deception. The Tierra del Fuego location was too easily discovered in the cyborg’s memory. Furthermore, she knew Cransky fancied himself a world class foodie, loved eating out, and even wrote a Creole food blog under the alias ‘Gastro Shorty’. It’s a long way to the nearest eatery when you’re sitting on a glacier, Cheese observed.

The plan to play up the attack, set up Cransky for his speech, and then upload the trace had worked flawlessly. Awesome’s super gland pumped gleefully. He surged up through the control room ceiling, exploded through two hundred feet of glacier ice, and burst skyward.

Turning back to collect Cheese, he smiled. The destruction of GlobeX was finally within their reach.

He made a mental note to remind Cheese to send a check to Brazil for the truck.


Mr Awesome and The Cheese Vs GLOBEX

This is a 2000 word short story. Mr. Awesome, a super strong, super fast, and super uptight superhero, has pledged to protect the innocent people and endangered species of our planet. The Cheese, a teenage computer genius who loves hacking evil corporations almost as much as she loves her purple suede boots, creates networked mayhem in her fight for universal justice. Together, they form an unlikely partnership and face off against the most cunning villain on the planet, Sully Cransky, the evil CEO of GlobeX, as they attempt to end his reign of terror and greed in South America. Packed with action and adventure, you won’t want to mist this first installment of Mr. Awesome and The Cheese!

  • Author: MD O'FLYNN
  • Published: 2016-08-25 19:35:08
  • Words: 2008
Mr Awesome and The Cheese Vs GLOBEX Mr Awesome and The Cheese Vs GLOBEX