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Movement Memory - Behold Your Energy!


Movement Memory – Behold Your Energy!


By Barbara M. Schwarz


An intro to what I do


I decided to …

break out anew


I decided to clean

the cupboards, fresh and gleam


I decided to see

a new world open up for me


I decided to mop up every clue,

and serve it back to you

(for you never knew, just what might hit you in amongst the staple stew)



On the front cover: “Staple Stew (is all around you)” 2017.


The ink well – a final source to sound my bell : an open empty shell (now Orion fell) – A hunter no longer dwell (on what there is to sell) – aka a mishmash as the seasons start to hash.



Please enjoy for free, contented energy, to let the journey be: an open allegory!




Movement Memory – Behold Your Energy !

The world now ever free

From what had carried me


A final conjugation

A final word of exaltation

Just the flow of generation

Brings its own live sensation

And seasons, it is true,

Enfold at once in you.


I decided now to wipe it clean

Mesmerised by what has been

Is no longer so serene

To simply preen away

At what the future say

Or to return to yesterday


The silence in my house

A temple now of nous

And understanding :

Further journeys now



‘Life to be upstanding!’


And I left it there

Ribbons tracing in the air

Of what goes where


Tied up in a show:

What would you know?


Splashed out to see

A stapled sense of history


Movement memory

A former thought -

No enemy


Movement memory

A stapled form

Of history


Movement memory

Returns productively

To furnish life

With credibility


A stapled sense, I see,

Of what stuck with me

And an allegory moved now

Swiftly to declare…

“Why, there’s the odd piece there!”


These moments that I share

Just hang in the air

Wher’er the light return

And brand new memory burn


So see me now just cast away

Thoughts that came my way

On another day


Easy motion

Life’s new ocean

Life and fealty through

The simple thing we do

When the Earth is brand and new


Summertime you mark the sign

Of Spring now on a rhyme

Architecture to design

So, ready steady go..


Open now to brand new flow!

Heave ho – the journey show

How an ocean grow


Movement memory

Behold, your energy!


Disengaged from constellation,

Disengaged in thought creation,


I no longer see

‘That’ world in front of me


Stapled life of endless phase

All is now a muddy haze

All released all ways

It is the light that sways

Away from former days


And in a daze of sunshine

I knew this life so fully mine

(A prime to dine I do design

An architecture of rhyme)


And stapled on for free,

the odd thought or three

of what I used to see

(when my soul stared back at me)


After the storm,

the brightness of a fresh new morn

The brightness of the earth that warm

After the storm

blew such debris forlorn

After the storm

my heart now simply warm

in ever-increasing dawn

After the storm

clouds with light are borne

upon the freshest wind

when the earth rescind

from ever really knowing

where fresh air is blowing

After the storm

I clapped my hands and heart grew warm

After the storm

I stood at peace

with my own dawn

After the storm

what more was there to warn

After the storm

the creases now forlorn

that danced and raged till dawn

(For) I often had a flash of light

(the nature of pure insight)

And as my shoes shone oh so bright

I knew the way my path alight

upon such keen insight

that knew no simple right

or wrong

but knew the way to carry on

and find a way that could prolong

the element of my new song

‘to keep on moving on’

and though I once thought to stray

back to former play array

I really just knew

that all of life was coming through and danced the rhythm blue

the passion that fresh joy anew

and though I really did not care what had once lain there (so bare) I knew that in a flash

the element that crash

is sense of fortune wide

the joy with earth collide

and I am fully rounded

and in perception grounded that as I run along

all my paths grow strong

and I reach out to see

a tree in front of me forever budding free sweet

Springtime energy cataclysmic flee

the new that brought to be a life’s own harmony

what finer allegory

than embrace the sun

in me by growing as a tree to greater destiny.

Nearer once ‘My God to Me’ (Spoken once possessively)

Sought now so successively

Once so wistfully

Clickbait spiritual reality

Nearer now what ‘Once to be’

Open sense and clarity

Open quarter searched and free

All that was progressively

Nearer once and evermore element of life that caw

open now in death’s door what would last forever more

And a lion paw and infinity draw

shore upon shore of interaction

endless sense

of endless traction without the words of satisfaction

without the birds of detraction

sonorous silent still

Nearer Once

my heart now fill

and a little bird

that trill

“See your fortune

shine now sill,

you have left all former

drill – that endless need

of knowing, that endless hope

of showing – that endlessness you do,

when you haven’t got a clue

(that infinity waits for you)”

dragonfly – dragon sigh

and all at once my wings now fly

Nearer Once you said

with dolphin in your head

Departed ways – the future sways

Nearer once, I see: a new reality

Seated dignity – a truth revealed reality

Seated dignity – more elaborately

Seated dignity – an essence now of harmony

Seated dignity – once more you revere me

Seated dignity – the keyboard tapped so lightly

Seated dignity – the words that sought so slightly

Seated dignity – what more to add, what more to be

Seated dignity – the spacious a reality

And as I moved in each groove see me rock smooth

And so I stroked all I poked see I stoked the heated coke the burning embers wide

a memory now a pure landslide

Seated dignity – what mattered once much more to me and worlds appear as if to be calm collected energy

Seated dignity – behold the spacious free a quiet harmony


I ripped apart,

And then drew blood


I did the best I could


I see it all now bud

Merged desire

Turned to cud

Simple memory flood ‘ought’ and ‘should’

the lessening of every ‘Would’

Tangle blood:

The merged

That did the best

It could

An accurate reflection – the sun is in connection

Peeping sun – let’s start the fun – the heating up of everyone

An accurate reflection – the sun is in connection

Hallowed shadowed name and to the earth proclaim ‘the sun arise again!’

Simple sense and view

The sun that shone right through

All you seek to do

See, I welcome you !

A morning fresh and new

To worship life anew

An accurate reflection

A ripped anew direction

The sun is in reflection

The tangled a perfection

Steady sense now growing

The sun is always flowing

An accurate reflection

The sun in all direction

An accurate perfection

The quiver of deception

The arrow in my eye

And now my chance to fly

The tangle wood deny

But now, no longer shy

I touch the very sky

An accurate reflection

The sun a source injection

An accurate reflection

My soul a life’s connection

I thundered through

I didn’t mind the things I do

to liven up a crew

into a sky so blue

and although, I know

the journey’s got a way to go

I hardly ever care

when chancing fine fresh air

the moment now to share

that movement energy -

a bounce around to get me free

from all I once sought to see

melds so perfectly into

Springtime’s destiny

Purple Eyes Publishing

May new worlds accrue, a Springtime that is fresh and new (cleared and free from hearsay memory: open energy to – delightful ’staple stew’).


Movement Memory - Behold Your Energy!

Movement allegory - and all that stapled liberally on what we used to see - now dislodge for free - a brand new Springtime energy : the force with every course to strength and renew the source of joy and inspiration is a pure Springtime creation. Movement energy - the will to set free a launch-to-life memory.

  • ISBN: 9781370169542
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-03-02 15:20:10
  • Words: 1394
Movement Memory - Behold Your Energy! Movement Memory - Behold Your Energy!