Motive (A Mystery Comedy)








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Eva varney as her name had changed a few months ago when she got hitched with Alex varney had her eyes popped on the tv set screen as she watched the woman brag about how to catch a cheating husband. She gave the woman all ears when it occured to her that her husband might as well be the culprit according to her collection of cheating husband list of clues, she got up from the couch dashing up the stairs to retrieve her phone and called her friend Lasey who lived a mile from her place in chelston.

‘‘Wildcat’‘ Lasey answered by the second ring.

‘‘Don’t call me that,’‘ Eva said ‘‘you know am not that anymore’‘

‘‘Don’t tell me your husband has you staying put now’‘

‘‘And don’t tell me yours,’‘ Eva said ‘‘allows you to sleep around’‘

‘‘Ha! correct he does’‘ she jested.

‘‘You can’t be serious’‘ Eva said.

‘‘Correct, so whats with the call?,’‘ Lasey said ‘‘I know you don’t call unless there’s emergency, so whatsup?

‘‘when did you figure that one out’‘

‘‘Since high school,’‘ Lasey said ‘‘now tell me whats wrong?’‘

‘‘Its my husband Lasey’‘

‘‘What about him?,’‘ Lasey said ‘‘is he abusing you? I know he can be so callous sometimes’‘

‘‘No….. you close but its something worse’‘

‘‘And I should take a guess?’‘ Lasey said.

‘‘He’s cheating on me Lasey’‘

‘‘What! so soon’‘

‘‘He no longer touches me Lasey, nor does he eat anything I cook for him, what does that tell you huh?’‘

‘‘That he’s stressed?’‘

‘‘Cut the crap Lasey stressed with food?, put yourself in my shoes for christ sake’‘

‘‘You’ve been watching that show again’‘ it wasn’t a question.

‘‘This is not about the show Lasey, I know for sure Alex is bonking someone’‘

‘‘Anyone in mind?’‘ Lasey asked.

‘‘No, that’s why am hiring a detective’‘

‘‘You mean one of those private investigators like Brian wolfe?’‘


‘‘My God, Eva! that’s more like spying on your husband’‘

‘‘Yeah, a spying worth taking,’‘ Eva said ‘‘I do everything for him Lasey, cook, do laundry, used to make love with him three days in a week, just like the bible says’‘

Lasey chortled. ‘‘What verse is that?’‘

‘‘I don’t know, genesis something?’‘

‘‘Alright, do it all you like, but don’t come crying for my shoulder if he comes upon you hiring someone to spy on him’‘

‘‘Don’t worry, he won’t find out,’‘ Eva said ‘‘the only time he’ll know is when I catch him’‘

‘‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you’‘ Lasey said

‘‘Lasey you not helping’‘

‘‘That’s it go for it babe, catch that’s sonofabitch, make him pay right to the arse’‘

‘‘Very funny, I didn’t mean that kind of help’‘

‘‘Am with you babe, if you think he’s really cheating on you, then its better taking the risk to find out’‘

‘‘Thank you, Lasey’‘

‘‘Aye’‘ They both hang up.














‘’Oh yeah, huh!…..’‘ Jessica said getting off on top of Alex, covering herself with the bed sheet as if the man hadn’t seen it all.

‘‘Jessica, you rock girl, or should I say woman’‘ Or that offensive word, Alex thought.

‘‘What? my sister doesn’t give you any of that?’‘ Alex and Evas wedding took place only three months ago, and he couldn’t believe he was already cheating on his wife, much less with her sister Jessica. It all started when Eva dicided on introducing Alex to Jessica. When Jesssica saw the man was world best seller author she couldn’t help but think why her sister had kept such a secret from her but guess this was the reason. Yes of course the man was well off, but that didn’t justify his unfaithful.

‘‘Not in my life time’‘ Alex said.

‘‘You welcome,’‘ She said ‘‘just can’t believe my sister tried to hide a candy from me’‘ but who’s keeping the candy now thought Jessica.

‘‘And can’t believe I never met you first’‘ He lied. Or believe you came to my room right before your sisters wedding pretending to be looking for a place to take a leak, when its really my penis you wanted to lick. He smiled at his rubbish thought.

She gave him a kiss jumping up from the bed ‘‘Wolfish me’‘ she said heading to the kitchen, grabbing a package of crisps, took some out and wolfed them down, heading back in the bedroom. ‘‘You going already, I thought you were going to stay the night’‘

‘‘Maybe some other day,’‘ Alex replied stooping down in search of where he might have thrown his trouser ‘‘I don’t want my wife to get worried or have any hunch of me cheating of her,…..have you seen my trouser?’‘

‘‘Just go the way you’re, you look fine to me in that boxer’‘ She jested turning to the door picking up his trouser ‘‘Am not really sure what the excitement was about, I mean you throwing your trouser at this distance, wow’‘

‘‘You sex talk to me baby’‘ or is it, sex talks?. He gave her a kiss on the cheek as if saying thank you and headed for the door.

‘‘Oh, Alex,’‘ she called after him smiling ‘‘say hi to Eva’‘

‘‘I promise’‘ He shut the door behind him.

Outside he saw a man in a hoody, likely on drugs trying to open the door to his HYUDAI. Is he trying to steal my car? Alex thought. He started running towards his car in attempt to arrest him in fear of him breaking his car window. ‘‘Bejesus! what’re you doing to my car’‘ Alex said to the man in his english idiom.

The man turned to him startled but made no attempt to run. ‘‘Nice car you have here Alex’‘

Alex was cought off guard. ‘‘How do you know my name?’‘

‘‘Your books are all over town my friend,’‘ the man said ‘‘now tell me, is that how you come about to writting good books huh Alex Varney, by cheating on your wife’‘

Alex face reddened with both rage and fear. ‘‘What’re you talking about?, this is her sisters place’‘

‘‘Oh like I didn’t know’‘

‘‘Get lost you pry on stealer’‘ he pushed the man climbing in the drivers seat.

‘‘Your wife will hear about this’‘

He drove off leaving the man cursing by himself. God how did he know that, does my wife know already? his mind ran wild at the mans confrontation. He reached his place in woodlands and awaited for the electronic gate to open. The gate finally slide itself and he pulled in the garage. He used the kitchen door in the garage to go in like he usually does. He looked at his watch on the wrist, only 9pm right on time he thought as he headed to the lounge room were he usually find his wife watching her favorite tv shows which he never got his head round on.

‘‘Hey darling,’‘ he found her seating on the couch ‘‘What’re you watching?’‘

‘‘A show’‘

‘‘Doesn’t have a name?’‘

She ignored him.

‘‘Hey,’‘ Alex turned her face by the chin to face him ‘‘whats wrong, did I do anything wrong?’‘

‘‘Its not about you having to do something wrong’‘

‘‘Okay,’‘ Alex jested ‘‘what didn’t I do wrong’‘

Eva looked him in the eye. ‘‘Alex, why don’t you ever touch me these days?, you have changed Alex, you no longer the loving, charming you I met a couple of years back, don’t I look attractive to you anymore?’‘

Alex frowned. ‘‘That again’‘

‘‘Yes, this again’‘

‘‘Things have changed Eva, people grow, don’t tell me you expect me to be the same me five years from now’‘

‘‘No, I don’t expect that, but you don’t have to change on me, because that only means one thing,’‘ she said ‘‘you cheating on me Alex’‘

He managed to grab her arm. ‘‘Don’t say that Babe, you know I would never do such a thing,….if its sex you want, we can do it right now, right here on the couch’‘

She shook her head in disbelief. ‘‘Its like you can’t even hear yourself..’‘ she withdrawn her hand from his standing up ‘‘over the years I have learnt that sex is just plain pleasure’‘

‘‘Then what is it?, whats the problem’‘

‘‘All I want is for you to love me Alex..’‘ he stood up next to her and draw her closer to him to kiss her ‘‘not that kind of love Alex, I mean the real definition of it’‘

‘‘Well, I never attended high school,’‘ he jested ‘‘me and my buddies wagged school if I remember very well’‘

She slapped him on the cheek, not very hard to redden his face leaving him rubbing. ‘‘Its like am banging my head against a brick wall talking to you, am off to sleep,’‘ she started heading for the bedroom when she caught him walking behind her ‘‘and one more thing, you’re kipping down on the couch tonight’‘












She woke up to find Alex sleeping beside her snoring, she pushed him from her and rolled her eyes at him. Shit the man is a glutton for punishement, I feel like hitting your face right now, she mumbled under her breath. Getting off from bed, she found herself ravenous but decided on taking a shower first as she recalled she had penciled herself in for that private investigator. From the bathroom she got herself to wear no makeup, but wore blue jeans, white shirt , no earings and let her hair down. She walked down to the kitchen and grabbed the first thing she could find in the fridge and went running towards the door as she didn’t want him to see her leaving. Outside she got in the drivers seat of her opel and sped off.


She walked in the building and saw a brunette marked by extreme lack of restraint and control with red hair at the receptionist area. She walked to the desk. ‘‘Hi,’‘ Evas eyes rested on her name tag ‘‘ashley, am here to meet the detective’‘

‘‘Just a minute,’‘ she said dialing some numbers on the telephone ‘‘Detective Booth you’ve a visitor’‘ a minute she put down the receiver turning to her ‘‘he says you should meet him in his office’‘

‘‘Am sorry but its my first…….’‘

She cut Alex off. ‘‘Walk straight the passageway, first room, you’ll see the name on the door’‘

‘‘Thank you’‘ She said walking to the room, she knocked and heard a come in.

‘‘Hello,’‘ Booth said ‘‘Take a sit miss’‘

‘‘Thank you, and its Mrs Varney’‘ she corrected.

He gave her a simile that quickly faded. ‘‘What brings you here, Mrs Varney?,’‘ he said pouring himself a cup of coffee.

‘‘Its my husband…..’‘

‘‘Coffee?’‘ he offered.

‘‘No thank you, had one before coming here’‘ she lied.

‘‘What about your husband?’‘

‘‘I think he’s cheating on me’‘

‘‘Intereting,’‘ Booth said ‘‘you want me to prove it?’‘

Evas mouth twitched. ‘‘Exactly’‘

‘‘Good call ma’am, whats the info on him, I mean his name, picture, anything’‘

‘‘Well,’‘ Eva started ‘‘You don’t need a picture for this one because you already know the man,….Alex Varney’‘

‘‘Oh shit, is it every author now’‘ Booth said.

‘‘Who else?’‘

‘‘Mark penny,’‘ Booth said ‘‘can you believe the man, cheated on his wife with five women in one town just to get himself a good write?’‘


‘‘Don’t worry ma’am, you’re at the right place, a woman as elegant as you shouldn’t be cheated on’‘

Oh my God is he hitting on me now? wow men are dumb. ‘‘So, when do you start?’‘


‘‘Today?’‘ she asked.

‘‘Yeah, you’re my first client today,’‘ Booth said ‘‘what’re his movements?’‘

‘‘Well, I dunno, but he’s likely to be at his publisher, as he’s trying to corner the market’‘

‘‘Thank you very much miss, I mean Mrs Varney, I promise to keep you posted’‘

‘‘Thank you’‘ She arose, walking to the door,shutting it behind her.

Leaving the building she walked past the receptionist, and caught her staring at her as she made for the exit. Whats wrong with her? Eva thought as she walked to her car. She got in and drove off home praying she won’t find Alex at the house.













Alex before pulling in the garage saw something at the front entrance of his home, he got out to check what it was only to find his luggage. ‘‘Eva,’‘ he called as he walked in through the front door ‘‘what is my luggage doing ouside’‘

Eva emerged from the kitchen. ‘‘Ah, you no longer live here’‘

Alex grimaced ‘‘What’re you talking about, this is my house’‘

‘‘No,’‘ she said ‘‘your house is my sisters place’‘

Dammit ‘‘Your sisters place?’‘

‘‘Yeah, where you bonk her while I stay here starving,’‘ she said ‘‘What explanation do you have for that’‘

He brushed a finger through his hair. ‘‘I wasn’t thinking, am sorry Eva,’‘ he walked towards her and she took two steps back ‘‘I love you Eva’‘

‘‘Oh go and love yourself Alex, because we’re through, you hear? through’‘

‘‘No Eva, you’re a christian and you and I know you have to forgive me to be forgiven’‘

She shook her head. ‘‘No, not this time, do you know what humans greatest gift is? freedom of choice, and you chose on cheating thats leaves you with no excuse, so get out!’‘ she said unaware that someone will soon make the choice of ending her life.

‘‘I was_’‘

‘‘Bored,’‘ Eva said ‘‘is that what you’re trying to say’‘

‘‘No, was going to stop’‘

‘‘No need to Alex you have her, you should marry her, do all you like with her I don’t care, just leave me alone, let me be,’‘ she said ‘‘Tomorrow morning, am getting a lawyer, you should too and a good one, because am filling for a divorce’‘

‘‘No Eva, it hasn’t come to that, we can do the counseling thing together, it worked for Mark Penny, it’ll work out with us too’‘

‘‘You still talking bullshit, just get out, leave Alex leave’‘

Alex was surprised as no tear streamed down her face and thought maybe she had anticipated this will happen. ‘‘You not crying…’‘

‘‘Its called stamina,…. just go!’‘

‘‘Alright, but this isn’t over yet am going to fight for whats mine, you mine Eva’‘

‘‘Oh go to…..’‘ she stopped remembering the word calm.

He drove off leaving his luggage at the door.





9PM the same day. ‘‘Hello, 911, I have a dead body in my house, its my wife she’s dead,’‘ Alex said through the phone ‘‘covered in blood, 6535 down sun street’‘ He put the phone down breathing heavily.













Alex sat down leaning against the wall of the kitchen breathing hard. Down on the wood tiles laid his wifes body in a pool of blood. Sweat dripped from his face, hands trembled as he knew the police won’t buy any of his excuse. He heard the engine of a car roar outside, he sat up and peeped through the kitchen window to see who it was. The police, he ran to the front door to let them in.

‘‘Detective Carol, these are my colleagues’‘ Detective Carol said addresing to the two police officers.

‘‘Please come in’‘ Alexs voice cracked.

He lead them to the kitchen, detective Carol stopped in her trucks, surprised at what she saw. ‘‘What happened?’‘ she asked still looking at the scene.

‘‘I don’t know, I was having a couple of drinks with my friends, I told them I’d have enough and came home,’‘ Alex said ‘‘only to find my wife dead’‘

The detective gave him a hard stare not believing any word he had said. ‘‘Who do you think must have done this,’‘ she asked ‘‘any enemies?’‘

Alex shook his head not wanting to say a word, something told him he was already in trouble.

‘‘You’ll have to come with us for questioning Mr varney,’‘ detective Carol said while the two officers took some pictures of the scene ‘‘we need to know everything prior our investigation’‘

What now? Alex thought. ‘‘Its a blow out of water, my wife dead and now questioning?’‘

Detective Carol looked at him. ‘‘I understand this whole thing has left you in a daze Mr varney, it won’t take long its just some questions thats all’‘

‘‘Can’t it wait till tomorrow?,’‘ Alex said ‘‘I need to inform the family’‘

Detective Carol looked at him nodding. ‘‘Sure, tomorrow, central station’‘

He turned away from her leaving the room. ‘‘Oh,’‘ Detective Carol said after him ‘‘this place is marked a crime scene now, so you’ll have to find yourself a place to stay, just a couple of days’‘

He nodded and made his exit.

Outside he got in his hyudai and dicided on heading to Jessicas house in bolleston, it wasn’t much of a distance between woodlands and bolleston, he was at her door in thirty minutes.

She opened the door in her pink pyjama. ‘‘What do you want Alex, to kill me? you have killed my sister, now you want to end me as well’‘

‘‘What, you know already,’‘ Alex said ‘‘I did not kill your sister Jessica, so why don’t you just let me in and explain to you what happened’‘

‘‘No, my sister called me this morning confronting me about the affair and how she wished me well, she also said something about divorcing you, I did not know you had plans on ending her life,’‘ Jessica said ‘’ If this is how you prove you love me Alex then you probably screwed up’‘

‘‘You have got to believe me Jessica, I did not kill her’‘

‘‘She’s the only family I had you bastard,’‘ she said tears streaming down her face ‘‘now get out before I call the police’‘

‘‘No, am not going to leave till you hear me out’‘

‘‘Whats there to tell,’‘ Jessica screamed at him ‘‘how you killed her? the excuse of you not meaning it and how you plan on killing me too if I go against….’‘ She sobbed ‘‘it all sound too well planned to believe’‘

‘‘You have got to believe me Jessica, I did not kill anyone nor am I planning to’‘

‘‘And I should believe what’‘

‘‘Just like she had told you earlier, we had a fight not phycally just with words exchange, she chased me out to you, but I didn’t want to come to you Jessica, I love your sister despite the whole cheating thing you know I do, so I left the house to go and have a couple of drinks with my buddies, I said to them I had had enough remembering that I’d to sort out some things with Eva….’‘

Jessica cut in. ‘‘By killing her’‘

‘’….No by talking her into the counseling thing,’‘ Alex continued ‘‘but when I reached home, I found her dead in the kitchen, believe me am as shocked as you are’‘

Jessica felt like laughing instead she shook her head. ‘‘And who should believe that?, a six year old, C’mon Alex we both know thats just a story you’ve made up to cover your arse’‘

Alex buried his head in his hands, looked at her and knew she wasn’t going to budge, he started walking to his car when she said. ‘‘Hey Alex, I believe you’‘

She stepped away from the door and walked to him. ‘‘I think you were framed Alex, you in big trouble’‘

‘‘I know,’‘ they hugged ‘‘thank you for believing me Jesssica’‘

Jessica withdrawn from the hug looking at him. ‘‘But who?, who would dare kill my sister, its just not on you know’‘

‘‘nor was betraying her’‘

‘‘Who ever did it Alex,… knew that your marriage was at stake’‘

‘‘You’re right’‘










Alex and Jessica sat at the bench next to the interrogation room waiting for detective Carol to invite them in, for the interview.

‘‘My God,’‘ Alex said ‘‘did you tell her?’‘

‘‘Her, who?’‘ Jessica inquired.

‘‘The detective’‘

‘‘Tell her, what?’‘

‘‘About the affair’‘ Alex asked.

‘‘Heck no,’‘ she said ‘‘I thought you did’‘

‘‘What! me? you the one who went over the top about the not believing me thing’‘

‘‘Yeah, that was before,’‘ she said ‘‘do you think its part of why we’re both here’‘

‘‘Apparently….’‘ Alex saw detective Carol walk out from the room.

‘‘You first Mr Varney’‘ detective Carol said to him, walking back in as Alex followed behind her.

Detective Carol sat next to a police officer. ‘‘Take a seat’‘ she told Alex gesturing to the seat opposite her with a desk in the middle. He sat down looking at them both.

‘‘Alex,’‘ Carol started ‘‘where were you the day your wife was murdered’‘

Alex hands laid on the desk. ‘‘I don’t know when she was killed, I reached home and found her dead’‘

‘‘You said you were having a couple of drinks with your buddies on last night interview at your place?’‘ she asked.

‘‘Exactly’‘ he confirmed.

‘‘May I ask why?’‘


‘‘Why?’‘ the detective asked.

‘‘Well,….’‘ He hesitated before continuing ‘‘She’d found out that I was shagging her sister, so I went out to……’‘

‘‘Did she ask you for a divorce?’‘ Carol asked.

OH Man Am in Big trouble. He brushed a finger through his hair. ‘‘Ah….she did but I’d suggested counselling would be great’‘

‘‘And when you saw that she won’t budge,’‘ detective Carol said ‘‘you went fury and killed her, and in attempt to cover it, you called 911 and made up the story of you drinking with buddies and finding her dead body in the kitchen’‘

‘‘I object, I mean thats not true’‘

‘‘Where the fuck were you bastard!’‘ the officer barked.

Detective Carol looked up at the officer surprised. ‘‘I’ve got this officer’‘

‘‘Oh sorry detective,’‘ the officer said ‘‘my apologies’‘

‘‘Thank you,’‘ Alex said ‘‘because I thought I’d answered that one, only the previous one didn’t carry any F word in it’‘

Detective Carol gazed at Alex and knew this wasn’t going to be any easy. ‘‘No Mr Varney the question keeps coming back to you, because you still haven’t told us the truth, If you claim you did not kill your wife, then how do you explain your DNA found at the scene’‘

Alex was taken aback. ‘‘DNA?’‘

‘‘Explain to us’‘

‘‘I don’t know,’‘ he brushed some sweat from his face ‘‘and what did you find to extract my DNA from?’‘

‘‘No Mr Varney, am the one who asks questions here’‘

‘‘I don’t know’‘ he banged his head on the desk in despair.

Detective Carol arose. ‘‘Hey officer, watch him, I need to interview the other one’‘

‘‘Yes,’‘ the officer said ‘‘Sir’‘


Detective Carol tramped out of the room, walking to were Jessica was seated. ‘‘Come with me’‘ she said to her. Jessica followed as she lead her to another interrogation room. She sat down and told Jessica to take a seat as well.

Carol looked up at Jessica. ‘‘Where were you when Eva was murdered?’‘

‘‘Home?’‘ Jessica said.

‘‘Sounds like you not sure’‘

‘‘Home, I was home taking a nap’‘

‘‘Any alibi?’‘

‘‘No I was alone’‘

‘‘Tell me why I should believe, you did not drive to your sisters house and kill her?’‘

‘‘What do you mean kill her,’‘ Jessica said ‘‘am her sister for christ sake’‘

‘‘Yeah a sister,’‘ Carol said ‘‘who is capable of betraying her’‘

Jessica looked down to her fingers as if they are going to give her an answer. ‘‘Look, I may have done that, yes, but I did not kill her’‘

‘‘You’re in an affair with Mr Varney, and I believe you were in cahoots with him to kill her’‘

‘‘You have got to believe me detective,’‘ Jessica said ‘‘I did not kill her nor was I in cahoots with Alex’‘

‘‘Then Alex did it alone huh, tell me’‘ Carol said ‘‘look, before I became a detective my dad was killed….’‘

‘‘And I bet thats why you became a detective’‘

‘‘Yes,’‘ detective Carol continued ‘‘I became a detective to put the man who killed my father in his place, where he belongs….’‘

Jessica looked up at her in sympathy with the news.

‘’…….and you will never believe what I discovered’‘

‘‘That he wasn’t dead?’‘

‘‘No,’‘ Carol frowned ‘‘but that it was my husband who did it,… it was my husband who killed my father and you can guess how I felt, I was left with the choice of locking up the man I love or loved…’‘

‘‘Why? why did your husband kill your father?’‘

‘‘I’d discovered that both my husband and Dad did sell drugs for a living, by that time I had never met him, I got married when my father died,’‘ Carol sighed ‘‘I discovered the two of them where real rivals, it was a hard decision to make and then I thought hell, a killer must be put to his right place and you can almost guess what I did’‘

‘‘Am so sorry’‘ Jessica touched Carols hand.

‘‘So if you trying to protect him don’t,’‘ Carol said ‘‘Because if he was capable of killing your sister, only time will tell before he ends you too’‘

‘‘Well…,’‘ the detective face light up, thinking Jessica was about to make a confession ‘‘Its what I said, I don’t know who killed my sister’‘

Detective Carol stood up angry and made her exit leaving Jessica alone in the interrogation room. She walked back in where Alex was. ‘‘Leave us officer’‘

‘‘Yes Sir’‘ He walked out closing the door behind him.

Detective Carol sat down. ‘‘Alex look, there’s no excuse you can give, so just confess and count your prison days minimized’‘


‘‘Yeah yeah but you did not do it,’‘ Carol said ‘‘I understand you’re trying to save your reputation, but I think you’ll even save it more if you just confessed,… that will mean it wasn’t intentional and that you feel sorry for doing it, so what is it going to be?’‘

Alex banged his head on the desk again, and looked up at her. ‘‘No, I did not do it, if only I could prove myself wrong’‘

‘‘Well,’‘ Carol said ‘‘I give you twenty four hours to prove yourself wrong’‘


‘‘Yeah, and if you won’t, then better count yourself a toasted bread’‘

‘‘A toasted bread,’‘ Alex asked ‘‘who came up with that?’‘


‘‘What does it mean anyway?’‘

‘‘It means you’re in big trouble and very close enough to be eaten’‘

‘‘You like toasted bread, don’t you?’‘

She pursed her lips ‘‘Yeah…’‘

‘‘And the part where I get to be eaten?’‘

‘‘Means you’ll be thrown in jail’‘

‘‘With no toilet?’‘

She smiled at his joke. ‘‘No escape, so you better be going’‘

‘‘Yeah….’‘ He walked out and met with Jessica at his car parked outside. ‘‘Get in’‘ he said to her.

She climbed in. ‘‘Where are we going?’‘

‘‘To find clues’‘ Alex answered.


‘‘I don’t know’‘












Alex was driving looking out the window. Looking for any being who would dare look like a suspect.

‘‘Stop the car Alex’‘ Jessica said.


‘‘Pull over, we’re going nowhere’‘

He banged his head against the steering. ‘‘If this is a punishment for not being going to church lord, am sorry okay’‘

‘‘Stop the damn car Alex!’‘

He pulled over along the street. ‘‘I don’t Jessica, I don’t know where to start and only got 24 hours or less’‘

‘‘Calm,’‘ Jessica said ‘‘down, think, there has got to be something in your brain’‘

‘‘What?, like that man I ran into from your house the other day’‘

‘‘What man?’‘ Jessica asked.

‘‘He confronted me about cheating on Eva and how he was going to tell her’‘

‘‘Do you think he did it?’‘

‘‘No,’‘ Alex said ‘‘he didn’t look any close to a murderer’‘

‘‘Then think again’‘

Alex tried to wrap his head around all that had happened. Connect dots. Put two and two together. The math refused to add up.

Then a glimmer of clarity came and pierced the murk. ‘‘Yes, thats it’‘

‘‘Thats what?’‘ Jessica asked.

‘‘The cameras,….’‘

‘‘What cameras?’‘

Alex looked at her. ‘‘The cameras at my house, they will show me who killed my wife, heck, how did I not think of that’‘

‘‘What’re you waiting for, start the car’‘

Alex pulled in the road, and luck for him no serious traffic was there. In twenty minutes, he was at his place. Parking the car along the street, he climbed out and walked to his house with Jessica behind him. The place was no longer marked a crime scene and that at least gave a relief to Alex. Inside the kitchen was tidy, he walked in the room next to the master bedroom and sat at a chair next to a desk top computer.

‘‘Oh my God,’‘ Alex screamed.

‘‘What is it?’‘ Jessica walked to him.

‘‘Look,’‘ Alex said ‘‘the cameras, they show nothing’‘

‘‘What!’‘ Jessica looked at the screen.

‘‘Oh my God, am a toasted bread’‘

‘‘Toasted bread?’‘

‘‘Yes, it means soon I will be thrown in jail’‘

‘‘Don’t say that,’‘ Jessica said ‘‘look it looks like the cameras have been off for a while’‘

‘‘Do you think the killer switched them off’‘

‘‘I don’t know, do you keep records?’‘


‘‘Try rewinding the play, anything, rewind, lets see when the cameras where switched off’‘

‘‘Wait…’‘ Jessica stopped him ‘‘Isn’t that Eva, forward the play…..right there’‘

‘‘Holy crap,’‘ Alex said ‘‘they’re kissing, Eva and this guy are kissing’‘

Jessicas hands rested on her head as she tried to make out anything of the man. ‘‘Do you know him?’‘

Alex shook his head. ‘‘Not in my life time, I’ve got to show detective Carol this one, this could be one of the missing piece to finish the puzzle’‘

Alex burned the video on a DVD. Done that, he left the house with Jessica and drove off to the station.

















They found detective Carol talking to a police officer. ‘‘Hey detective,’‘ Alex said ‘‘I’ve got something to show you, have a minute?’‘

‘‘Sure, what is it?’‘

‘‘You’ve a DVD player here?’‘ Alex asked.

‘‘Yeah,’‘ Carol said ‘‘come with me’‘

They walked in the hallway and walked in door three. Alex handed her the DVD, she slide it in the DVD player. ‘‘I know this Guy’‘ detective Carol said.

Both Alex and Jessica looked at her. ‘‘You do?’‘ Alex asked.

‘‘Yeah,’‘ she said ‘‘he used to be one of us, detective Booth, he left because he thought he wasn’t making enough ends meet here but the question is what the hell is he doing with your wife?’‘

‘‘There’s only one way of finding out….’‘ Carol said.

‘‘You know where he stays?’‘ Alex asked.

‘‘Yeah,..’‘ The three of them walked out from the building and drove off in Alex car to detective Booths place. Turned out Booth lived only blocks away from Alexs place and he marveled how he never knew the man. They knocked at the door and a woman in her thirties came out.

‘‘How can I help you?’‘ she spoke in a french accent.

‘‘Ah..detective Carol,’‘ she showed her the badge ‘‘we’re here for detective Booth’‘

‘‘Am the wife,’‘ she said ‘‘he’s not home’‘

‘‘Anything,’‘ she asked ‘‘I should let him know when he comes back from work?’‘

‘‘Did your husband seem any strange this past days?’‘ Carol asked.

‘‘Not that I remember,’‘ she said.

‘‘Am sorry to say this,’‘ Carol said ‘‘but he was cheating on you with Eva Varney’‘

‘‘What!,’‘ she said ‘‘the woman that was found dead in her kitchen?’‘

The detective nodded. ‘‘If you don’t believe us, then come at central station I show you the video’‘

‘‘That sonofabitch,’‘ she said ‘‘I’ve given my whole life to him at this is how he pay me’‘

‘‘What is the name of the place where he works?’‘ Carol asked.

‘‘Its called the last resort,’‘ she replied ‘‘just along great east road’‘

The three of them turned to leave. ‘‘Oh detective,’‘ she stopped her ‘‘I’ve got something to tell you’‘

‘‘Is it helpful?’‘


‘‘Am listening’‘

‘‘The same day,’‘ she started ‘‘Eva was killed, Booth came home stained…’‘

‘‘What kind of stains?’‘ Carol asked.

‘‘Blood stains,’‘ she confessed ‘‘and when I’d asked him about it, he told me something about having run into an owl but it was daytime so I didn’t believe him, do you think he did it?’‘

‘‘With that news,’‘ Carol said ‘‘he’s now our top suspect…’‘ This is the first time Alex ever felt good not being number one. ‘’……I really appreciate you being helpful, thank you’‘

They left leaving her both gobsmacked and unhinged about the whole news of her husband cheating on her and being a murderer.












Booth sat facing detective Carol and the officer that Carol was with earlier when they were questioning Alex and Jessica in the interrogation room when she said. ‘‘Booth, we know you were having an affair with Mrs Varney’‘

Booth was taken aback but tried to play it safe. ‘‘Exactly’‘

Carol was stunned by his no hesitant answer. ‘‘How did you two meet?’‘

‘‘Its none of your business’‘

‘‘Of course it is,’‘ she said ‘‘your wife said something about you reaching home with a blood stained shirt and when she asked you about it you told her you ran into an owl, but from the info it was in daytime, explain that?’‘

What now?, play smart, play smart. ‘‘Scientists discovered a new species of owls, I guess one which flys in daylight could be a part of that new discovery’‘

‘‘You not the only one who watch national geographic you know,’‘ she said ‘‘why did you kill her?’‘

‘‘I did not kill anyone’‘

This is going to be difficult Carol thought. ‘‘Hey officer, get me that medical instrument its seems like our friend here won’t budge, we’re going to do a polygraph test’‘

Polygraphy test, that will have me behind bars for long, if I don’t tell the truth. ‘‘Wait….’‘ Booth stopped the officer as he was about to leave the room.

Detective Carol looked at Booth with a smirk, knowing that the nature of the beast has kicked in. The officer returned to his seat.

‘‘I went to her house,’‘ Booth confessed ‘‘with the news of her husband cheating on her with her sister, hearing the news and seeing the pictures I brought along with me made her go frenzy and threatened to kill herself. I tried to comfort her and talk her into not doing it, when she asked me if I could help her get even with her husband, I’d asked her how and she asked me to make love to her. We started on the floor round one, on the couch round two, back on the floor still round two, bedroom round three, bathroom still round three, in the….’‘

‘‘Will you stop!’‘ the officer screamed.

Detective Carol gave the officer a hard stare that said I warned you eariler about you butting in.

‘‘Sorry,’‘ the officer said to Carol ‘‘its just that he was making me create wrong pictures in my brain’‘

‘‘Please continue’‘ Carol said turning to face Booth again.

‘’…..In the kitchen we made it four times in a row when she accused me of raping her, I told her WHAT! but the bitch continued saying I raped her and that she was going to file a suit against me, and then I thought, maybe it was a better idea wanting to kill yourself, I quickly grabbed a knife from the counter and run it straight to her stomach, she fell down hands on her belly, when I stabbed her in the stomach again, the last one I aimed for the heart and I watched her take in her last breath, I run to her bedroom in the bathroom and removed hair that wasn’t hers from a comb, and run back to the kitchen and dropped it on her body, so that the DNA points out to her husband. I grabbed the knife and freed the scene’‘

Carol said a big ‘‘WOW’‘

‘‘But,’‘ Booth started ‘‘I didn’t mean it alright, It was only self defence’‘

‘‘No,’‘ Carol said ‘‘self is defence is when she raped you and not the other way round’‘

‘‘But she accused me of….’‘

‘‘Officer, arrest him’‘

The officer cuffed Booth while Carol walked ouside to surprise Alex with the news. She found him outside the building in his hyudai. He climbed out when he saw detective Carol and walked to her.

Alex turned, hands behind his back offering the detective to make the arrest. ‘‘No,’‘ Carol said ‘‘You’re clean’‘

‘‘Holy cra…..I thank you lord,’‘ he screamed ‘‘I past the test!, he confessed? all of it?’‘

Carol nodded.

‘‘So, how many years is he going to get?’‘

‘‘I don’t know,’‘ Carol said ‘‘its up to the judge but since he got himself to confess, I don’t think he’s going to get a life time, only a 125, lucky for him huh’‘

‘‘Thank you detective,’‘ Alex said ‘‘had it not been for that 24 hours, I would’ve been eaten by now’‘

Carol blushed. Alex looked at her and noticed she had a nicki minaj tush. ‘‘Look at me with those bed eyes again, and see who dies next’‘ Carol said to him.

‘‘Can I at least give you a hug?’‘ Alex asked.

She looked at him and hesitated before. ‘‘Yeah…’‘

Alex hugged her and squeezed her ass. She pushed him away from her. ‘‘You’re never going to change, are you?’‘

Alex smiled. ‘‘I’ve never seen any of the monkeys in zoos changing into a human being’‘

She chortled. ‘‘Evolution?’‘

‘‘Yeah…,’‘ He said ‘’….Saying thank you isn’t enough, how about I buy you coffee and that toasted bread’‘

She smiled at him. ‘‘If you say so’‘

They both got into Alex car and drove off leaving the author behind not making out anything of what they exchanged next. What! no, he couldn’t chase the car either, so………



















Motive (A Mystery Comedy)

A woman distrusts his husband and hires a private investigator. She's only shocked to know that the woman her husband was cheating on her with is her sister, but confronting and asking him for a divorce only sends her to her grave. She's found stabbed and dead in her kitchen, body in a pool of blood. When her husband is interviewed, he denies having anything to do with the homicide. Is he telling the truth?, did her sister kill her to have the man all by herself?, or is there a burried secret that awaits to be discovered? Download and find out!

  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2016-11-03 09:05:17
  • Words: 6464
Motive (A Mystery Comedy) Motive (A Mystery Comedy)