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More Journal Entries.. The Wedding!!


More Journal Entries… The Wedding!


By Cordia St. Clair





Dedication: To my friends and family who have encouraged me to write. To all those who encouraged me to keep reading. My imagination has taken me far and beyond. This is not my last book. And nor will it be thanks to you all.

To my sister, Katie, who has been there with me. We are there through thick and thin. Hoping to finish these all soon.

To Linda, a co-worker, and fellow writer who is really helpful. Hopefully she will take the time to read these.

To my CW family: You know who you are if you have made an impression, and you have probably read them. They have left an impression on you as well.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: The Wedding…

Chapter Two: The War Stories and the Family Stories Commence

Chapter Three: How Do I Love You? Let Me Count The Ways!!

Chapter Four: The Year 2015? What Am I Doing Here Again?

Chapter Five: Home Again With a New Bundle of Joy!

Chapter Six: Not Knowing When, How or Why.

Chapter Seven: A Mix of Emotions Settling in Tonight

Chapter Eight: Month 1 of my pregnancy Cravings, and the Big Reveal

Chapter Nine: The Story Continues, and So does the Funeral.

Chapter Ten: Baby Check Up 2

Chapter Eleven: The Baby, the Baby Shower, & the Date

Chapter Twelve: The baby is coming and what to do?

The little princess is coming, and she is on her way!

Chapter Thirteen: The Baby is here!

Chapter One

The Wedding… How’d we do it?

The day of the wedding was June 6th, 2039 and the time was five o’clock pm. The wedding was one with flowers and had a real guy marrying her. This guy named Brad was a wonderful guy.

Brad Holt Meyer and Mila Bernard

Parents of Mila are: Mister and Mrs. John Bernard

Parents of Brad are: Mister and Mrs. Doug Holt Meyer

Wedding: Five O’ Clock PM at the Rimmley Room

The Reception is to follow at the Reeve’s for Hope Room

Both the wedding and the reception were beautiful. However after that something happened, and made the new groom very uneasy. The honeymoon a trip to Cancun, Mexico. This trip was so lovely, the scenery was beautiful, and everyone could join them.

Their honeymoon was so perfect their first child was born nine months later. However, they both decided to name her Mila Bay Lee Holt Meyer. She was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

Born: Mila Bay Lee Holt Meyer

Date: March 16th, 2040

Weight: Seven pounds Eight and Quarter oz.

Proud Parents: Brad and Mila Holt Meyer

Proud Grand-Parents: Baylee and John Bernard and Doug and Sheila Holt Meyer

Proud Uncle and Aunt: Debbie and Chad Bernard

This baby girl was so beautiful that they wouldn’t give her up for anything in the world. She got very ill and sick all of a sudden, and had to be in the hospital. Mila Holt Meyer J.R. was put in the hospital with sickle cell anemia. Nothing fun at all for a little girl, and yet they did find a match for bone marrow in her family. This match was Baylee her Grandmother.

This shocked the entire family and made them so surprised. Losing the best part of the two of their lives would mean gaining a new life. Grandma, are you sure you want to do this? “Honey, you can’t put this child’s life off, by having one more.’ ‘Yes, absolutely I am sure! ’ ‘Now, step aside.” Yes, Ma’am I will, we will surely miss you. Don’t miss me praise the child and know that I live.

However, the plan of the grandmother’s worked and the child lived. The grandmother also lived through her grandchild. Thanks to grandma I lived and now I can love. I have more passion, and want to do more things. Grandma always said “Go for your dreams and reach for the stars.

A mother’s love for her child and a grandmother understands that life was more important for that child to live. That child needed to experience it to the fullest. No one knows that better than a mother, but first to be a mother/father, then grandparent. All the joys you will experience.

Mila’s First Journal about Her daughter Bay Lee…

Bay Lee’s First Power’s … What an Experience!

The date was May 16th, 2040; she is 2 months old today. She has a slight onset of the makings of a seer and telepathy along with kinesis. She has no idea what’s going right now but I encourage her to use the powers. I encourage her to use them for good and not evil. I always wish her grandma was here. Then I remember the strongest piece of her is around.

A marrow in a superhero is the strongest bone. We have that part of my mom around still. I was scared at first. However, I am glad she decided to do this very risky procedure to save our daughter. Then we got spend some most wanted time with our daughter. My husband Brad is making his way home from work, and he is a successful dentist.

He will most likely write his Journal tonight and tell all of his thoughts on his beloved daughter. She is his whole world besides me. We are the most loved in his life and we love him. However, did I get such a great man? I guess knowing his sister did help a lot.

Brad’s First Journal Entry about his Wife Mila and their daughter Bay Lee…

Mila and Bay Lee (The Only Love’s in My Life)

This journal entry was written on May 16th, 2040 as of 10:30 p.m. I usually let Mila write these but thought I’d write them for my daughter’s sake. She’s needs to have something from both of us. I am not a man of many words. But, I do love my girl’s and they are my entire world. I would want anything to interrupt that chain. I would like for Baylee to have a little bro or sis. But of course maybe it is not quite the time yet.

She is just two months old and still teething. Still on formula and beautiful as ever. I am kind of a loud one tonight. Baylee honey daddy loves you.


I have and will always love you. You are my special valentine always and forever. Hopefully, you forgive my ramblings.

Yours Truly,



Somehow they knew that she would get it after she was old enough. They gave it to her to finish with her memories on her thirteenth birthday. That’s great but what is it? Honey, open it and you’ll find out. They encouraged her to open it. So, she did and she really loved. Tears welled up in her eyes.

As she read all the sweet things her parents wrote. Then saw her birth and what her grandma did. That is why she’s not been here; can we visit her grave site? Yes, we sure can and that would be your heritage. Look, let us set aside time to visit your grandma’s grave. Things are starting to pull together here. It was always fun and yet alarming talking with her mother.

Grandma Bernard she passed with the love that one could give to everyone. They both went to the grave-site later that week. Her daughter had lots of questions and asked them fervently. The mother told her things that she could, and then took her to see the grandpa. He could answer the rest of her questions. What kinds of questions do you have about your Grandma? Bay Lee would have wanted you to know everything you could’ve known. When did you two marry? My grandfather looked at me with eyes of the deepest blue and said, “Honey, back then those were very different times and your grandmother was eighteen; I however was twenty-one and in the Navy.

Grandpa do you still have your Uniform? Oh, that old thing, that I am proud of, Yes. Come on if you want to see it, I have it in an old trunk. Alright I will be there in a few Grandpas. I made some hot water for hot chocolate, oh great! There it is my old uniform, blue, white and gold. This brings back some memories and some old war stories.


June 22nd, 2015

Oh No, she had returned on Prom Night! That dress mom had picked out. Was that reason dad was frustrated, and refused to let me go. I was going with my boyfriend, Justin Rendowski. She broke out into tears and sobbing. Dad had ruined her night with Justin. He didn’t get it, and Justin was a great guy. Not a guy that would get all touchy feely, and he was a nerd to the extreme.


We were supposed to share our first dance together. After going out for 4 years and 3 ½ months. This was such a long time. In the High School world it was serious, and it was very important to me. Mom gave me the leeway I needed. She took dad for Frozen Yogurt and I decided to sneak out for a while. I could be gone 45 minutes maximum.


He was still there and he was so handsome. He was in a Tuxedo that he had rented. He looked so dapper and so handsome, and I couldn’t have been more in love.


Chapter Two

The war Stories and the Family Stories Commence…

May 20th, 2040

Mila and her Grandfather were spending three weeks together, and she wrote about it in her journal. My grandfather and I have so much fun discussing his war stories and him marrying my grandmother. The first thing I asked him was how it happened that he went into the Navy. He started to tell me the whole story, and then he went off on another tangent. My grandfather said, “I remember the time that I was signing up to go to war, and it this was for Vietnam. Her grandfather is in his eighties now.

The remembrance of that was great, and then he remembered that he started to fight the war. I was in the Fourth Infantry. I was under the leadership of Senior Coronel Sean Partners. He told us that some of us would make it and some of us would die. That was a lot for some of us and that was great. There was an awkward silence and then she spoke to him saying, “Grandpa, I never heard such stories. Thank you for telling me yours and that is so nice of you.”

Her grandfather spoke,” Your welcome, I need to finish the stories.” Oh, ok grandpa, I will let you finish. Well, my infantry was supposed to go to the line first. Then times got really rough, we ran out of food and ammo for our guns. Things were getting really rough and times just got worse. What happened after that Grandpa? Honeywell after that I had come home to marry your Grandma. Boy she still as beautiful as the day I met her.

May 21st, 2040

Grandpa I am here where is you? I was walking in and up three flights of stairs. Those three flights were the longest flights of stairs. After those three fights I found him sitting in his rocker reading a book. Grandpa, I am here. Oh, my dear sweet child what are you doing here. I came to visit you Grandpa.

Tears welled up in his eyes now more than ever our monthly visits on Thursdays were the world to him. He spoke to her, “kneel down I want you to have something. This has been in my family for generations and whenever you have kids, I want them to have it.” Her grandfather opened his hand it was his timepiece dating back to the civil war era. His great-great-great grandfather handed it on.

He knew she was about to get married and possibly have a child. This child should know the heritage once they were old enough. They have a great traditional heritage and you should pass it on to them. Yes, I should grandpa thanks for doing that with me. Now she understood that he needed her and this was a long process of letting this world go for the next. Grandpa was trying to let go of his family and reunite with loved that had already gone. Well, for her that would be tough letting go but she knew she could do it.

May 25th, 2040

The Funeral and the dearly departed that was so close to our heart. There was one that made all the difference. They lost a son, father, husband, grandfather and even great-grandfather. He will surely be missed by all who loved him. As we this lovely day lay him to rest, we let God receive into the Holy hands. Take thy blessed servant and help him be free of all he isn’t. He must be all he and will be in heaven now.

Heaven could be crowded, right? No, I am afraid not Ms. Wells, you see people don’t want to get baptized. People do have choices and we can’t make them do anything. Yeah, that is true Mr. O’Hara. That is our priest and he said you can’t force someone into getting baptized it is not the way we work. What way do we work, Ms. Wells? She looked up very confused and didn’t know what she meant necessarily. Well, the fact that we try to teach them the way, and not burden them with more than they can handle.

Is it the kind of like having a surgery and then not being able to what you love for a few weeks? Sort of Kate, but what you have to understand what he needs right now is your love. You are constantly asking if he needs anything. That may be all for quite a while until he shows, or tells you what he wants you to hear. Kate, don’t push him into submission let go and let God. Talk with him and have fun, but no pushing now. She knew her and that is exactly the kind of talk Kate needed.

Kate and her husband Will were married for a year. It had been a rough year, and they were finally having twins. Yes, it was to be two boys and Will and Kate were so excited. Getting prepared was the hardest part. They got the bag together and threw a party for the twins. Oh, by the way the baby shower was exquisite. When she had the twins was when she least expected them. They were on their way to a basketball game, pro. And, this was no laughing matter his kids and wife came in first place.

Kate had always dreamed of this moment, and then no one expected what came next. They went to the hospital the doctor said, “She is in labor but, its quadruplets!” Congratulations, you two and who are the lucky grandparents. My parents and his, she was taken back by this. How could they have missed the other two babies? Four babies and they are healthy, wow. That is great news and then we got the devastating blow. Will’s mom had cancer and would not be able to make it.

Will’s mom had been such a sweetheart to Kate. And now it that Kate needed her she wasn’t going to get to be there. Neither was Will and she knew it was eating at him. She told him that it would be all right for him to miss the births of the kids. No, he said mom would want me here. He called her the next day and she said yeah I did. I wanted you there so you could be strong and tape it for me. Did you tape it? Yes, Ma.

Kate however could not believe her ears mortified she took the children out for a stroll. She let him talk to his mother. When you and the quads are feeling better can we go visit her? Yes, we all can, but as for right now I need to rest and so do they. Feeling very tired and sore she laid her head on her pillow and went to sleep.

May 26th, 2040

However when Will arrived the next day to pick up from the hospital he knew something was terribly wrong. He asked for room 216 and when rung she didn’t answer but her mother did. What are you doing here Will? I came to see my wife, Susan. This was her mother’s name. How dare you criticize me? I take of her and her of me why can’t we all get along.

Kate was sitting in her easy rocker and sipping some tea. The quads were wearing their name tags and little booties. Two pairs of pink and two pairs of turquoise booties which was great! It was a great feeling people were helping out. Her mother came in from uptown and so did his sister.

The sister and mother think the four tiny but healthy babies are the cutest things in the world. The four twins at five months started to gain interesting powers, and their parents wrote them down. They started writing them down because their parents would ask “has it happened yet, have they gained their powers?” The two parents could finally say yes, it had happened. While she was writing things down, Susan stumbled onto a photo.

However, it wasn’t quite her and the face wasn’t quite hers. What but wait who could is it? She flipped the picture over and read the inscribed portion on the bottom. Mrs. Jean Hollister who was born in 1899, and died in 1940 of the smallpox this is my great-grandmother. That had to be hard time and she was ancestor. This was one of her great-grandmothers and she hadn’t gotten to meet her. This woman had lived in the era with the wagon train.

Most of the pictures she found in a big box and they were marked “old photos but take out with care.” The first few she had pulled out were marked “Bay Lee and her husband fighting evil.” Wow, I had no idea great-grandma was a Super-heroine that’s news to me. However it’s rather awesome news and she did love us. She took great care of her family and had to be the grandma and great-grandma ever. There was always one thing I wanted to find out but that didn’t happen before she died.

Can’t you ask your mother and have her tell you. Sure mom has been in the children’s life for a while. Seen them grow, I take to my job, but what kind of information would mom have? She called her mother and sure enough she did have information. She had information about the great-grandma she never knew, but she wasn’t ready for the other information. Honey, we are all super-heroes and heroines as well. You mean I am a super-heroine then what’s my name you gave me? Killer Kate because of your stunning good looks, but no villain has ever won against our family. There have been problems with disease but never lost anyone to a direct hit. That is a family trait usually we heal.

May 31st, 2040

This was a really weird day and yet was awesome. It brought new things with it and had taken things with it as well. However she had to tell the quads that their grandfather was gone. She had to learn to be gentle with the boys. The girls however were dealing with losing boyfriends left and right; still she felt somehow this was different. Today would be her day with the kids and nothing would stop her from it.

She went and rented four movies had six pizzas delivered and then she along with children had a wonderful evening in. They talked about their grandfather passing and how it affected them. Then they talked to their mom about school. Kate and Will’s children were named by their basic power first, Sheila, Daphne, Donald, and Louie. Sheila their oldest had sonic yelling, and strength. Daphne could swim for miles and was as stunning as her mother. Donald was super smart and was handsome, but of course Louie the littlest one was handsomest, smartest, and held in the highest respect by their father, he got the rest of the powers. However, they were all loved equally by both parents.

School for Sheila well that went smoothly, and she had help from her brothers and sister. Shelia as it ended up was a straight A student. She ended up with full honors to any college. Daphne of course was not far behind her, and they both did not take anything except that was close to home. However with the boys it was a little tougher. Donald was a straight a student and accepted to Stanford, we let him go. Louie didn’t want to go but with his straight A’s was accepted to Harvard, because he had such great extracurricular activities.

Wow, Kate said to herself my kids are well rounded and know what to do. Kate was sitting with Will one afternoon and thinking about the kids. Then Shelia called to announce her engagement. Honey, that is so awesome and who is this young man? Bring him by so we can meet him. I will when he is in town and the only reason she said that, he toured with the theatre. Something she had wanted to do when she was younger.

Sheila, are you still there? Yes, mom I am still here. When will he be in town next?

April 24th, 2040.

Then it’s a date, let’s do a lunch. Should she dress more casual or elegant? Oh, dear me, just casual. Her

Mother was preoccupied with something and she knew it. What is going on Mom?


Chapter Three

How Do I Love You…? Let Me Count The Ways!!

June 01st, 2040

How was it supposed to me that understood the final farewells? My mother had drunk enough punch, and dad well there was one thing to be said, and it wasn’t that. Oh, dear gracious I thought they were pleasant people. What had happened all these years later? I was looking back on our years together and thought about calling or writing you. Then things just got out of hand with work and school. How did mom and dad take the news? They took it well and supposing that I went back the next semester.

The next semester I posed as writer on the college campus post news. They loved the column it was called “advice for the downhearted.” How did you come up with that name? Well I had dated a girl who didn’t care to really be with me, and she used me for who I was. I ended up having to expose her for who she was. Next I had decided to become who I was before just myself. What had happened to me? I had finally come to the end of my rope, and I couldn’t do anything about it literally speaking.

June 05th, 2040

I hadn’t thought that carefully in a while but it had made some sense to me. What I had been doing for so long and that which I needed to do were two separate things. When I needed you; you were there and on top of that nicer to me than before. Before we went to the altar as couple we had lots of work to do. Seriously speaking, there was a new girl in town but wait she wasn’t new it was his ex-girlfriend, her name was Star-Fire.

Star-Fire was beautiful but then again her powers were limited. She had long blonde hair and a star tattoo on her right shoulder blade. She has green eyes and is five foot eight inches tall. She is very beautiful and not hot just average, but does nice things for kids and families. Will you ever come home to me is the thing she asked him? He told her give me three years to think about it, and visit with my family along with my friends.

That took her by surprise but she gave it to him as it was his only wish. The wish was granted and he flew home as was one of his many tasks every year. Then when he got home his parents told him of grandfather’s passing. He was so sad and went to the funeral also went to visit an old friend. Her name is Ashley but her super-heroine name is Alasheena. Her super powers were mind-bending, teleportation, and telekinesis. They all came in really handy when she had to fight or wanted things from across the room and wanted to be lazy.

June 16th, 2040

How was I supposed to think of what I was feeling, or how I was acting my feelings out? There was a glad and simple time when he was dating Ashley, but that had been in High School. High School days he remembered as if they were yesterday. This was simply his memory restarting itself again. However he never knew why and when it would start again with the truth. Her feelings truthfully came out about an hour later.

She had been in a total state of shock and this wasn’t helping. What was she going to do? She thought for a minute and came up with a couple of solutions. However neither one of them seemed to help her out but how was she supposed to tell him “She was sorry.” Then he would always say,

“Sorry for what, clearly you don’t understand.” How did he get the better end of the deal, constantly not having to ask any questions? Well, she asked him numerous times and all he would say is, “Sure, answer your questions I will, and in the voice of Yoda from Star Wars.

Then about six weeks later he did answer them all. He just knew when I could handle it and that was amazing. How did he know but how was she to know then what kind of solace she needed. He picked up on all the questions and from there gave her solace. It was great but at the time she was mourning. Then thinking back to her super-heroine figure; he probably thinks that I am just not worthy of his help.

Dear Donald,

I don’t know how much longer you will want to help me, or be my boyfriend. This is hard for me to tell you. I had to find some way to get this off my chest. Hopefully you won’t give up. This last week my grandfather did pass but he has been a superhero. He was never in the Army that I know of but he fought villains. I am so sorry I had to tell you this, this way. I wanted to be honest with you a long time ago when I met you.

My parents said to wait and see how it went. I just let it ride because I thought we might not make it. I love you very much and I know you love me by the way you help me through some of the toughest times. My grand-father died and my parents left for Milan to take on the world’s toughest villain. He never fights fair of course I thought they went missing but they showed up. You got me through that and it was a great.

Donald it has truly been a blast with you and I would love to continue that. You have to know that I am a Super-heroine as well as regular student. I hope this only makes our bond stronger.



June 18th, 2040

My first letter from Donald and it was a great one. He accepted all of me and loves all of me. He also said, “He had some news for me as well, and it was some of the same news.” He said when he was little about ten, he found out he had super-hero powers. He also told her that the parents he thought he had were not his own but his best friends.

Donald also told her that he wanted to marry her. She said, “Oh my word, and yes. Sorry that I never told you, I love you.” The parents were so glad they had found each other. Their marriage date was soon set and they were so happy. The day was in a year, and in June on the 18th.

Even when they were getting married it seemed so far off. They needed the time to plan, do everything, and call people. It was going to be a great wedding but then her dress turned out to be a hot mess. She found one, some girl stole it and then she got sick. Oh no, she said what can I do about her? Just then she thought of the out of town doctor; wasn’t he coming in for a visit. Yes, he was and it just so happened that day was today. He would probably need to know her condition and vital stats. She could get those easily and admit her to the ward at the hospital.

How to do it exactly when her own medicine the young girl had found and ingested? She then had a brilliant idea. She dressed as the girl’s mother and pretended to portray everything that she could do. The address she gave ended up being her old one; wow she said. It all seemed to add up. For someone who knew nothing about this child. She knew everything about her, could it be this child was her. All of her memories of a life and childhood just painfully smothered. As she looked at the young girl and noticed the resemblances; the hair, skin, and eyes were hers. Then all of a sudden there was a smile, and the girl noticed too the similarities. They both had very similar smiles and structures.

Why am I here and where did I come from? I found you in an alley way and brought you here. It looked as if someone left you there to die. Could you give me anyone’s name or suggestion as to how you got here? I do have a father but he’s from the “Past.” He builds time machines. I asked him to bring me here so I could see it, and it’s beautiful. I mean the future is so awesome. So, you’re me in the future and you save yourself, wow. You seem awesome and you’re a super-heroine aren’t you? Yes, but don’t tell the truth I don’t want anyone to know yet. The truth is so great, and what I become is even better! All I can do is fly, that’s not so cool. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell everyone just the ones that matter. You do great work with children, and you helped me in my time of need. Yeah I sure do!

June 20th, 2040

It was time for her to show herself the ropes. Which was kind of fun and yet not the easiest thing either. She had to show her younger self how to pay attention, and that directions were useful. What had happened to her and what could be going on in her own my mind? Some days she wake up in the middle of the night and had a horrible nightmare. Other times it was just the opposite things were going great and then something would go so wrong.

It’s as if I can’t even picture what is going to happen anymore and I need to be able too. What is going on with my visions, and the other day my telekinesis was off too. This poor girl is me from the past she thinks I am awesome, but I am so damaged. Knowing that she is me from the past and what she went through oh wow. I couldn’t remember who I was when I woke up. Then she reminded me who and where I came from.

With your powers you can return there if you wish. I do wish to return and ask a few questions. Then she returns to the past and asks her father a few questions. She leaves the young girl with a friend. She then heads on her journey to the past, and it is a long one. The journey takes her through a lot of places she has never been. She remembered the old school and boy had it been that long. Yep, it sure had been that long, and it was a while she called her friend Reid. She needed a friend right now.

When she called him a guy answered, and said that he was out for the evening. He had a show to do and that he wasn’t interested in what she was selling. No, sir I am not a saleswoman she said, I am Ashley Finch but all grown up. You mean little Ashley, the one that almost passed away. Sure, Donald’s just down the Hall. Donald, phone its Ashley. Donald rushed to the phone and said you’re back in town. How have you been? How’d you know I was gone, but I am good? Other than that the younger I showed up in Shadow’s Ville, and I can’t bring her here until I know she’s safe.

How’s my dad escape from jail she said, “He escaped, and took her hostage.” Well, actually they freed him. Do you know of anyone that would release him on bond? My mother but she died we all thought. She was posing as his girlfriend from Chaville, and that was going great until I had picked her from the photo book. Dad said, “I will get you, and your friends too.” That wasn’t the best feeling. Did he hurt you? No, actually I am the one who put him in jail and then he got out on bond.

How exactly did that happen? We were sent a message via satellite that your dad got out on bond. That’s when we started another case against him, and that is when he pulled the younger you, took her to Chatlesville and disappeared. Sounds like my dad he was never very good as a parent yet neither was my mom. I was always at your house playing on the swing set. Then in High School the kiss behind the bleachers, yeah I will be there in ten minutes.


Chapter Four

[* The Year 2015...?? What Am I Doing Here Again….??? *]

April 13th, 2015

This is my Prom Night and I am trying to find out what happened. What is going on at this school? Our Rival game against La Mesa was last night. That is what most everyone was talking about, and the fact that we whooped up on them. We took our Shimmer back and there it sits. What happened to our mascot? Ron always wore his suit for the dances, and yet he was clean shaven also had a suit on, with a lady not just any lady either.

The dynamics for the evening were that songs were played in a mysterious order. What was soon to happen with that was out of our hands. My father shows up to take me but I had grown into a beautiful young lady instead of his sixteen year old daughter. He starts ranting and raving, saying “Where’s my daughter you moron’s?” The principal says, “This is your daughter you idiot, and then explains to him that she’s grown up.” Then gently asks, “Could you have left your sixteen year old somewhere else by mistake perhaps?”

The principal then proceeds on with the rest of the dance, and then the students picked their favorites for the yearbook. They picked Ashley she was successful and popular. Reid was voted successful and popular as well. How many times must I tell her we fit together? It wasn’t too long and they were married. Ashley and Reid married wow. They didn’t really have a choice. They were meant to be, but wait what was she doing out with her best friend Donna? Donna had been telling her that Reid was cheating on her. However Donald would never do that, and was trying to tell her that all along.

April 25th, 2015

Although she was slightly trembling and her thoughts were swaying. What should I do and who should I be? I am so young to be married but I do love him so. I wish I had never listened to my friend Donna. She’s pretty and has lots of guy friends. I only have one, and it’s my husband, and he loves me.

She then returned to his door and told him how she was feeling. He said, “I still feel that way about you as well. I wish you had called first and your friend is here. No, I never slept with her gross.” That is part of for better or for worse, and in sickness and health. I took my oaths so very seriously.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and that he still loved her. He would never sleep with her friend. The reason for that is he was still married and not divorced. Even because of that most guys would not have taken their vows so seriously. However, for him it was an impossible thing and she knew things were going to be different. He told her that always and forever that she would mean everything to him. How could she make it up to him?

Talking in the west wing of their big house they finally agreed to get back together. She said,” under what final terms and always lovingly?” He said,” Why of course and I always loved you.” There was nothing more to say in this situation. Everything else seemed to transmit anger, and even worse just made her angrier. Then someone told him that she had been faithful as well, and that made him love her even more.

He asked her if she had never cheated on him. She said, “Yes this was true.” She was very glad that it was. She hoped that since they were it would help her side of the story out a lot. Then he told her that he never cheated either. That only made her love him even more and they had a re-commitment ceremony.

May 2nd, 2015

This day was great because there was no more thinking about anything. There was only doing it for the rest of her life. This day was her wedding day and gearing up for it. Everything of that day had to be just perfect. The arrangements for the wedding were as follows: flowers, dress, her hair, and tuxedos, church or outside, the seating chart and invites. She was looking for her dress along with hairstyles, and found the perfect dress with the hairstyle. She had decided on Helvetica font, and size sixteen; it was perfect the cards were chartreuse. She then found the bridesmaids dresses and boy were they hideous; a blue taffeta with a yellow chiffon under skirt. Wow, I have found them what’s the price? A hundred and fifty dollars a piece was a great price for three dresses. She bought them and then took a walk down the veranda.

This was to their prom-a-node to the local store where the invitations were. She got there and saw the most beautiful chartreuse invites. How much for two hundred of those she asked. The guy said, “seventy-five dollars for two hundred invites.” That is a great price for two hundred. Let me go ahead and get them. Can I also get a return policy, just in case it we don’t go through with wedding?

Here are the invites and your return policy. Thank you so much, oh no thank you for shopping here. It was the only place with such a good discount and you have such great deals. She was looking for someone to do her hair. She found just that person and it was at a great price. Then she had to make two hundred invites along with her list of names. The big list of names included their family, friends and others. There were specific people that could not be sat next to each other.

There was her Aunt Prudence of all people couldn’t be sat with her ex. Then there was Cousin Jennifer Oh my here she was, and with her Ex! What I guess we can sit you two together then, yes and look we’re engaged. Yea, good for you, just don’t ruin my day. There was Trish and her ex-husband Steve. They were on opposite pages of their life yet even more opposite sides to their stories. I had every piece of gossip family wise, or so I believed; yet then in walked Tony my Cousin from Gibsonville, Iowa. Tony could not stand his own sister because of her newly married husband, and this was number four. Yeah, I know Christians aren’t supposed to part it’s forever right? Then there was Jennie and her husband Marcus she requested anywhere, and that it not be next to Marie. However only very few got their wishes.

The seating chart got posted but she really didn’t care who sat next to whom. This is her day and they needed to get over it. Their whole family was fighting with one another. That was just their way and I did not like for others to tell them how to do things. Ashley was going nuts and had butterflies in her stomach.

Her mother then told her the wedding story about her and her father. There was our wedding day, and I was at the alter I couldn’t get the walk down right. I wasn’t ever having second thoughts but there was another girl before me. Your father had gone on a bachelor’s night. Gotten really drunk, slept with one of the girls there, but even after that we were married. We learned to forgive and forget about a lot of common things.

My bachelorette party was so awesome, and things were going great until the girls wanted a stripper. The stripper was ordered, he knew who I was and then all heck broke loose. He told your father that I loved him and couldn’t even go through with the bachelorette party. Your father knew him and I were meant to be.

May 4th, 2015

There was one problem and that was that I was already pregnant. You would be on the way in six months. Six months later when you came along we were together. Your father and I really loved each other, and we knew how to show it. There was always something to buy, do, and get ready for that came with having a daughter.

Our wedding was beautiful and no one wanted out of any part of it. What was up at our wedding, oh my word what wasn’t up? All the flowers, the tuxes, the dresses; the church was so beautiful the way it was fixed. It was made to look like the Garden of Eden. The Bride was on left side, and her bridesmaids, then the groom was on the right side with his groomsmen.

When the Reverend got to the I Do’s then they both said their I Do’s. She had the most beautiful white gown on with a long train. He had a tux with tails on and so did his groomsmen. One bridesmaid was in pink, one was in blue, and one was in green. They were all wearing their favorite colors and on her days. I now announce Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bloomfield.

The day that they got married they got a two-week trip to Aruba. This trip was wonderful and had lots of great things to do. The swimming in crystal clear blue water, shopping, and eating. Their choice of amusement parks was in the resort where they were staying. The resort amenities were so awesome; the room was as nice as could be for five star condominiums.


Chapter Five

Home Again… With a new Bundle of Joy!

We didn’t tell anyone she was born on the trip because they would want full details. Our families are so out of the loop of how babies are born. It gets gross to tell them we had twins. The whole process we’d have to go through would just be twice as nasty. They understand what goes where it’s just that whole part about who or how many comes out of where.

Birth Announcement:

Deedra Ann Bloomfield

Seven Pounds Five and Half ounces

21 ½ inches long

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes

Hazel eyes and Blonde hair

Mother and Baby are both doing fine, and resting at this point. Please no visits requested at this time. Everything with the birth went absolutely perfect and no imperfections. She was looking at her daughter and thinking about when she was that young. Then she thought what will she be doing when she’s my age and how will she have the guts to start dating?

May 7th, 2015

One day I was watching her and then she rolled over on her own. I was doing the laundry, folding socks, and doing lots of things. She surprised me with the roll over, and I wanted her to do it again. She wasn’t having it and that’s when I gave in. I made her smile and gave her a bottle.

May 8th, 2015

I was in the bedroom and to my luck she has decided to start trying her first steps. She is so perfect still so small. But letting her try, and still holding her hand. She has decided to start talking as well. Such a proud parent after all.

Journals for my soul, and healing process. Due to what has happened.

May 28, 2015

I had gone to the doctor in light of my accident. I had been feeling great but my health wasn’t the best. Accident was back when the car, that makes my heart ache. I don’t like discussing this. But I suppose for the truth I will have too. She slows down and picks up a novel, and this has become my favorite book since the accident.

Shows the “True Life of Sarah Gardener.” By Betsy Baker. How is it that you find all this time to read? I have been doing some soul searching. I find out that he passes in the wreck and leaves our daughter behind. I wasn’t sure how I’d survive, but then I remembered how I was to live, and who for.

In the silence she could hear her daughter playing. But finding out the accident wasn’t an accident, and that his car had been sabotaged. I did cry for days and didn’t see family except our daughter. She is what brought me through this and back around. He was my ray of hope about others, and I lost it until I found it in our daughter.

May 30^th,^ 2015

The conversation with the paper was continued. I interview with them about my life, and how it seems empty. But I know it’s quite the opposite and having courage I am back on my feet. Through my twelve year old daughter. I am living a quiet and stylish life here; we’re living one.

Taking on the odds of raising a child alone in this town and doing it pretty well. We are on a fixed budget and having most of it be for food, clothes, rent and gas for my car. The general things that we needed to have and that was it. We need a place to live that was not too costly and food that came prepared most of the time.

Chapter Six

 Not Knowing When or How, and Why.

June 01, 2015

I was in the new car and about to take my daughter to school. When she brings up the most awful news. It would have been 6 months since dad passed away. Can we visit the cemetery and lay flowers on the grave? Sure, honey we can after school today.

She gives me the oddest look. What is it? Oh, my word it’s Saturday, and your recital is today. My daughter is so bright, and can play piano and speak 9 different languages. I love her so much and I wish he was here to see it. But I know he’s smiling down on me and her.

The interview with the paper, oh well it ended because of how busy we got. I can tell you all you want to know or hear. I know you probably don’t want to hear about a loving marriage ending in heartache. I was on the receiving end of the phone call.

June 10th, 2015

I received word that my volunteering with social media must end. I wasn’t sure as to why, and then they told me I was being followed. Followed by whom I asked, and a reply came within seconds. I was being followed by the mob. I had to finish the project I was working on in a place they didn’t know of. I had to take my daughter with me.

My daughter wasn’t willing to go, as she didn’t believe them. Deedra was in Varsity everything and in Jazz Band. Though the things and people that made her happiest she’d have to leave and move away from. She wasn’t thrilled and she was sounding so unhappy. She cried every night until they left.

June 16th, 2015

The day came for Deedra and Marie to move. Deedra was aware of what was going on. Marie was aware of the situation and the mess they were in. Getting out was the safest decision. Moving was the only way to keep the two safe.

June 18th, 2015

If I wasn’t so stubborn or in trouble. My Deedra could have stayed with her friends. I didn’t know what to do at this point. They know about all of us and even Deedra’s groups at school, but they can deal with the Mob. Preparing them for the worst news that the groups could get all year.

Then suddenly things changed. We got some great news, and she was so grateful. I was literally on the edge of my chair, and had no place to go.

Chapter Seven

A mix of emotions… Settling in tonight.

July 01, 2015

As detailed as I can be huh. Well, I was feeling like he was invading my free time and space. As I look up from my cup of coffee, and decide to take a walk. There he is again and it would be fine accept he’s right in my face. Not letting up and giving me a headache. His screams were growing louder and louder.

As I approached my door and his sidewalk I hadn’t found the way to greet my neighbor yet. My neighbor was a quiet recluse who lived just on the other side of that hedge. I wanted to get to know my neighbor well enough but he was just not letting up.

July 4th, 2015

I was settling into watch the Fourth of July fireworks on TV. Just as I was about to sit down to watch the fireworks. Relax and have some fun. What do you need Mr. Withers? Always needing help but never wanting to give any.

Oh, I came by to see if you needed anything. It occurred to me that you may need some and that I am quite a bit handy around the home. Thanks for your concern, and since the accident I haven’t had anyone ask if I needed help. You’re the first but it comes as a surprise. Why now and at such an awkward time?

He pauses for a moment and takes a small photo out of his pocket. Hands it to me and says, “This is my Claire, and she passed in a automobile accident. Keep yours close to you don’t let words tear you apart, and actions become the only things you care about.” I heard his words as they resounded in my head. I kept that promise as well, and did not let my family become the next thing in my wake.

Chapter Seven

Needing Some Help Here.. Pregnant Again, But Twins!

July 14, 2015

A little bit late but to make sure we were and we are, Pregnant! I had heard those words and so did he they just hadn’t sunk in all the way. We thought maybe one more baby on the way, but no Twins. Oh my word, twins we both exclaimed how will take care of twins. It was well after the news had broken, and we started receiving donations to help.

About 2 weeks in and I was getting bigger but the trouble was not that I was big, but that I was meaner. I had gotten for PTSD that was not very helpful to new moms with 3 kids and wasn’t taking the situation well. I was put on bed rest until my second trimester, and was not liking that.

July 20, 2015

About a month in now, and not a sign of morning sickness. A good sign though because I am not up vomiting every day. More sleep at night babies are sleeping and growing. Month checkup on the 14 of August. Hopeful the babies will both be growing to normal size, and weight.

Loving getting to be a mom again, and hopeful to see their faces. Hope one is a girl and one is a boy. I will love them no matter what they turn out to be.

Two weeks later, almost appoint time.

August 7, 2015

Almost my first month checkup for the babies. I have been having rocky days as of late, and couldn’t write this journal. I will try to keep up as best I can over the next few months. Hopefully these won’t be too short for you all.

I have been having all sorts of strange cravings as late too. My first one was really weird pickles and peanut butter sandwich. I am pregnant, so what if it’s weird. Second is not all that weird as it weird to put the two together, anchovies and ice cream. The third I’ve heard can move the pregnancy along and that’s chocolate and jalapenos.

I in this case have not been very forthcoming with him on why or how I obtained this information. I just said I got from an old wives tale. He believed and of course never asked another word be spoken. Got what asked for and here we are.

August 10, 2015

Really excited and elated about these two coming. About to find out what I am having. Can’t wait until the appointment, and to see the excitement on our faces. See you in the next chapter. It will be such fun.

Chapter Eight

Month 1 of my pregnancy, Cravings and the big reveal.

July 12, 2015

Almost my month checkup and excited 2 days away. Getting bigger every day and waiting for them to come. I don’t know who or what they will become but I know it will be good if we teach them that. I can’t help but think everyone is waiting for these two. Even their older sister, and she’s super excited.

My husband can’t wait either, and when I told him it was two he hit the floor. I wasn’t sure what I’d do. I wasn’t sure if he’d make it but he did. And we are doing fine. Budget will be tight but I am sure we will be taken care of.

July 14, 2015

Going to the Doctor’s today for the big reveal! Yay, so excited to see what they are! I have had no clue up to this point. I am sure we will be elated either way. We got to the office and I didn’t feel right. I felt as if my water broke.

It seems as if one of the babies couldn’t handle the pressure. While in the office with the doctor we notice other people staring at us but why? Were they trying to figure out what we were doing in a downtown free clinic on a day like today?

The doctor’s nurse came out and said, “Everyone there is nothing to see here please get back to your lives.” As soon as she had everything went back to normal. Hustle and bustle came back too. Checkup was great except we lost baby 2, and it was girl. Aww, that was sad.

July 15, 2015

Arrangements for Baby Jeanie!

I had called ahead to the funeral parlor. They weren’t booked and it looked to my surprise as if they were barely running. Honey, this doesn’t look good, can we just find another funeral parlor. A safer funeral parlor, and one that looks open.

Just about that time I hear the door creak open. A woman standing on the other side peers out and says, “wait you two come on in but watch the cracks and paint.” I have just painted over the love and just loved it more. We love this room but what was it used for? It was used for the constant births that happened in this house.

You mean to tell me this funeral parlor was once a home. And now it’s used for a funeral parlor, and they didn’t restore it to a home why? It has a grim history this home. They thought it best to leave a funeral parlor. How many died here and what happened?

We talked to her about the three decades of the Milton’s. The family that had owned the land since the 1900s. She said they all loved the home and the land until one day. It was dark and dreary they had started settling in for their favorite games and all of a sudden… the lights go out.

When the lights go the family gets shifted to the little girls room. Wait, we were in the family room what brought us here? The glowing orb in the corner might be it, and might want us to leave the house. It’s not white it’s black like a dark entity. We need to find out what happened to our family before us.

Chapter Nine

The Story Continues, and so does the funeral.

July 16, 2015

Baby Phoebe’s Burial. This was not a pleasant for Daniel or his family especially his wife. She wasn’t feeling up to looking out at the burial. I was looking at my wife, who was pregnant, and my daughter as she was turning 16. My life then flashed before my eyes. Wasn’t the Milton girl no more than 16 when the youngest daughter vanished?

We wondered what happened with the family to make that entity dark. We also wondered why we buried our daughter at the oldest house/cemetery in town. We went to City Hall of Records to find out more about the Milton’s and what happened.

We go inside City Hall and ask where the records room is located. The lady behind the counter says, “Down the hall on the left, and the number is 417.” We get there and a guide is there. But we have an unsettling feeling about the whole thing. We go inside to look. There are 20 books for 100 year period wow, and look this guy looks a lot like the guide.

We both utter in such shock, and he is good. It says,” Cyrus helps everyone he comes across that day. He died saving a friend in need.” Cyrus, if you are still here with us can we ask you a question? Cyrus looks about 20 and he’s very handsome, built and just a lady killer. But we both notice he is using Sign, and cannot speak at all.

July 17, 2015

Our Second day at the hall of records. Cyrus has been a big help to us figuring out about the house. Who is there with our little girl, and the good natured and the bad natured ones. We also figured out what the black orb wants. It wants Cyrus to go with him back to wherever that orb is. And Cyrus is saying, “No, he can’t go there, and that’s because he’s a good lighter.” This other orb is a dark lighter. Cyrus who is the dark lighter?

Cyrus tells a story of his grandma and grandpa. Which happen to be the first owners of the land. They had a son, but their son was always angry. He took things out on animals first, then slowly graduated to humans. First the family line and then outside the family. He hurt so many too. His name couldn’t be spoken, and yes I do know it. Cyrus, whispers the name. Oh, we can’t say it either okay for when we do our white lighter guide shall be taken.

Cyrus: Story goes one chilly October day the dark lighter was playing with some children. He didn’t like the way they looked at him so he took them out one at a time. Slowly his friends list wasn’t many, and it dwindled down to not any. For his family tried to help him, and they were slowly killed.

Since, they were all killed they became white lighters and he became the dark lighter orb. To tell the difference in the house and on the land between good and evil.

Chapter Ten

Baby Checkup 2.

August 14, 2015

It’s two months and my two month checkup is here to check up on baby Nicholas. Nicholas should be kicking and moving. As he is in my stomach right now. It’s such a special thing, and since baby Phoebe died I have been a little depressed. I wake up and want to cry wanting my daughter in my arms. She is no longer here.

Seeing the doctor here at her office. Trying to decide whether or not this baby has special meaning and significance. Don’t know what that would be yet hope to find out soon. My feelings are stronger with this little one, and my first daughter. The doctor says it’s because of the looseness of my mind.

I have been put in that coma state feeling as though free. But when you wake up you want to know where everyone and everything is. Then you remember that they are all there. But where is your Husband or is he just out for coffee. Then you remember slightly hearing someone say, “Sugar, you made it but Daniel is not going to.”

August 15, 2015

Just waking up literally and wondering without my family where I’d be. I lost my dear Daniel on July 14, 2015. Woke up and he was not there he wasn’t doing much fighting. I made the decision to pull the plug last night. As no brain activity registered for more than five minutes. With a new baby on the way and my daughter away at school. My parents have decided to come in and help out.

August 20, 2015

Burying Daniel and doing the same place we buried Phoebe. That was a losing situation and how do we bury them both? I was at loss for words and yet my daughter writes a beautiful speech. A eulogy fit for a King and he was a King, but my King is still my Savior first.

Losing hope I gain Strength through my Lord.

Chapter Eleven

The Baby, the Baby Shower and the Date.

August 31, 2015

The Baby is halfway to being here, and I hope that I will be strong enough. Not sure how I am going to do this and how I am going to remain strong. But I will save the 17th of November as my Due date. I will be glad this baby is getting to live.

Living through the pain and becoming a part of this family. I want this so bad and another child will fill my hole in my heart. But just as she said it she felt another panging, and another longing. I will start going to church again and devote more time to him.

September 3rd, 2015

Getting closer to my Due date and can’t wait. I am also attending church this weekend and could not be more nervous but also excited. The date just a few weeks away and I can’t help but be excited but nervous. Daniel is super excited and wants all of us there. Our daughter is flying in from college, and is brilliant.

September 6th, 2015

Our daughter came for a visit this weekend and has told when she will be back next time to help. We are so excited to hear the news. I was elated because I needed the help, and am very pregnant. My feet are starting to swell. I am not wearing my old shoes and can’t exactly wear any. My head is always hurting due to the size of my feet.

September 15, 2015

New symptoms have arose but I haven’t told anyone. I am so very pregnant and my feet are so very swollen. I can’t seem to do anything and I drop everything. I am hoping that he will take care of me. Soon I hope to be able to walk normally again.

This little girl has to come out of here. I feel like a convection oven. She is cooking in there, and it’s been a long time. I just feel so bad for her. But I love her, and that is all that matters.

Chapter Twelve

The Baby is coming, and what to do?

The Little Princess is coming, and she is on her way!

September 25, 2015

I hadn’t even thought about the repercussions of having her here. The same place we were both born, and raised. We were both country kids, but now city folk. Our accents hadn’t out-grown either one of us. We were proud of them, and taught our children to be proud of themselves.

Our own little girl and she was on the way. Coming into existence loving every moment was daddy. He’s taping every moment and crying. Hoping for a moment with him soon.

September 25, 2015 (5:35 pm)

I had about cold clocked the nurse, and she deserved it. My husband was trying to keep me from doing it. I was in severe pain and wanted to do something to dull it. I’m not in my right mind and thinking he says. The baby was coming and she was in so much pain, and wanted to be out of it.

My baby is coming, my husband is down the hall getting me pain meds, and I need ice lots of ice. Where did time go, and this nine months has gone incredibly fast. I was doing lots in the first two trimesters. But my stomach was so huge, and my feet were the size of watermelons, and this was no fun.

Chapter Thirteen

The Baby is here.

Jeanie Rene Bloomfield

Born: September 26, 2015

Blonde hair, blue eyes, and weighing in at 7 and ½ pounds.

She was the most beautiful thing we laid our eyes on, and she was ours. Our new baby girl. Just right in every way and some perfect little baby we had. She would coo and gaggle. We would make a fuss and

We are so happy to introduce Jeanie to the whole family. That will happen soon, as she right now cannot be out in the cold, wet weather. What happens next is soon to be discovered.

October 15th, 2015

My baby is playing with her feet and hands. She is finding her colors well. She is finding her life before her and we are so proud she is so beautiful and smart. This baby is smart enough to find her favorite parent, and crawl to them.

How many children could crawl at a month old, and we were so proud of her. She was just like her parents truly exceptional. The girl is looking at her toes and fingers.

November 15, 2015

Our daughter is growing and making progress with her crawling. She is very attentive and active with us right now. Knowing that she was the most beautiful, smart and talented baby. We had her tested to see how she ranked and performed.

As of now she is in the right class. 50 percentile and she is bright enough to enter school when they start. She will be 5 and the others will be 6. She will also be smart enough to get through with homework quickly.

December 15, 2015

At 3 months she had started to sit and pull up. This was an exciting day and a very big one for Jeanie. She was growing and getting bigger, and bigger.

Living and growing learning what new foods she could handle. Being her parents pride and joy. Yet something bothered her parents and it was the fact that they could take her out into the harsh elements.

January 15, 2016

At four months she was standing and trying to walk. Sitting on her own and becoming a fast learner. I had set my tea on the table to take her hand and walk with her. She is amazing and such a great learner. I was not surprised though.

January 20, 2016

It is a great thing and her checkup went well. I have so many questions. I want to ask the doctor. The doctor did not let me though. All I wanted was some real answers.

More Journal Entries.. The Wedding!!

This book features a romance & a wedding. Also a birth and then some more journal entries to explain the twists and turns.

  • ISBN: 9781370456819
  • Author: Cordia St Clair
  • Published: 2017-04-24 18:50:13
  • Words: 11684
More Journal Entries.. The Wedding!! More Journal Entries.. The Wedding!!